Extracts from the Records: 1534

Pages 66-68

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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9 January 1533–4.

[Freighting of ship.]

Henry Cairnis hes lattin his schip, callit the Jhone, commonly till fraucht till the nychtbouris of the towne for thair guidis to be furit in France, for the fraucht of v souse and xlv sowse the mortchairge, frie of all vther expenssis except prymegilt, and that the owerloft be frie, and als sone as the said schip passis till the raid that the maister and the haill kippage remayne still intill her for suir keping of the same quhill scho depairt, and that the said schip be weill furnist with ankers and cabills and vittale to sustene thame in the menetyme, and gif ony skayth cummis to the merchandis or thair guidis in thair default in the nocht fulfilling of the thingis aboue written, the said maister to refound and pay the same to the merchandis, and forther this frauchting is maid after the forme, etc., soluto decanoxiiij s.

17 March 1533–4.

The toun and commissaris of burrois.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale of the burch of Edinburgh, togedder with thair commissaris of burrois vnderwrittin, viz., Dauid Rook and Henry Richertsoun for Dundie; Alexander Lindesay, Adam Ramsay, for Perth; Dauid Grahame and James Lausoun for Sanctandrois; Walter Cousland and Duncan Patersoun for Strieuling; granttis till pay the sowme of iiijc l li. greit to the men of Myddilburch and that the burrois be stentit for the samyn.

Commissaris of burrois.

The quhilk day, it is auisit and concludit be the prouest baillies and counsale of the burch of Edinburgh, togedder with the commissaris of the burrois of Dundie, Perth, Sanctandrois, Strieuling, that all the burrois within this realme sall send thair commissaris to this toun, and convene the morn efter Sanct Iames day in somer and thair till avise and decerne anent all maner of thingis conter the commoun weill of burrois and of merchandis, and to find remeid for taxationis and stenttis that may happen to cum aganis thame, and that ilk burch bring with thame sic articlis and writingis in quhat things thai ar hurt in, sua that reformatioun and help may be put thairvntill for the vniuersal weill; and qubat toun sendis nocht thair commissioun the said day for the effect aboue written sall content and pay to thame that comperis the sowme of fyve pundis but fauouris; and this is ordanit to be done yeirlie in all tymes to cum sua it be thocht expedient be the saidis commissaris at thair meting.

19 March 1533–4.

Nota—Sanct Rokis akerris.

The quhilk day, Alexander Spens ane of the bailies of the burgh of Edinburgh, with ane certane of the counsale of the toun, past at the command of the prouest and baillies of the said burgh and, be the virteu of ane act gevin the xxiiij day of Nouember the yeir of God jm vc xxxiij yeris, assignit and lemyt to Sir Jhonne Young chaiplane, and his successouris, thre akerris of land of thair Burromwre, betuix the landis of James Makgill on the west pairt and William Hendirsoun on the eist pairt, Braidis burne on the south pairt, and the commoun passage of the said mwre on the north pairtt, and till ane aker of land till big his hous and yaird vpoun betuix the land of Dauid Drouer on the eist pairt and the litill syke on the west pairt,the landis of Thomas Borthrane on the south pairt, and the kirk and kirkyaird of Sanct Roke on the north pairt, till be broukit and joysit peciablie be the said Sir Jhonne and his successouris induring the said prouest baillies counsalis and communiteis will, efter the forme and tenour of the said act gevin thairupoun, the said Jhonne and his successouris vphaldand the said kirk wattertycht in sclatis glassin windois and all vther necesser thingis as efferis, conforme to the said act.

21 March 1533–4.

The gyft off Sanct Eloyis alter.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies counsale and communitie gevis and granttis [to] chaiplane, the chapellanrie of Sanct Eloyis alter within Sanct Gelys kirk, vacand now in thair handis as patronis to the samyn be the deces of vmquhile Sir Dauid Frissell, with all and sindry landis annuell renttis and proffittis pertenand thairto.

4 August 1534.

Woll arreistit. The prouestis ansuer.

The quhilk day, in presens of the prouest and baillies, Alexander Mowbray desyrit the arreistment maid vpoun vij polkis of woll to be lowsit, and offerrit souertie till do thairfor as accordis vpoun the law, and the prouest ansuerit that he could nocht lowse the arreistment for sundry caussis, ane wes the said woll wes pakit vtouth this burgh in the laird of Nudreis place, and thairfor it apertenit to the King as escheit, and als the said woll is vnfremennis guddis and thairfor thay sould nocht vse the samyn in merchandice bot the samyn sould be sauld to fremen and to merchandis, thridlie the dewtie and customes thairof wes nocht payit to the toun.

6 October 1534.

Ane alterage in Leyth disponit be the prouest.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies counsale and communitie gevis and granttis to Sir Dauid Lausoun the chaiplanrie and seruice of the Magdalen alter in Sanct Anthonis kirk in Leyth, vacand in thair handis be deceis of vmquhile Sir Jhonne Henrisoun last chappellane thairof, with all and sundrye proffittis, etc. for all the dayis of his lyfe, efter the forme of the fundatioun, etc.