Extracts from the Records: 1585, Jan-Mar

Pages 382-406

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1585, Jan-Mar

1 January 1584–5.

Rin of the Sowth Loch.

Ordanis the thesaurer and Jhonn Watt to prepair certane flag staynis to be layet at the clowse of the Burrow Loch and to gett warkmen thairto, and that ilk bailyie send xxx persouns of his quarter to cast the eird swa that the rin be nocht lattin owt as it hes bene of before.

Librarie, Hammiltoun.

Inrespect of the obligatioun maid be the towne to the executouris of vmquhill maister Clement Littill, fynds that the buiks of the commoun librarie aucht nocht to be lent furth to ony maner of persoun, bot grantis and permitts that maister James Hammiltoun, minister, sall haif access thairto in the place appoyntet for custodie of the samyn.

4 January 1584–5.

Edmistoun, minister.

The bailyeis, dene of gild, thesaurer, and ane pairt of the counsall, being convenit, in consideratioun that the toun is scant of ministers and vpoun the pruif quhilk thai haif had of the doctrine of maister Jhonn Edmistoun, minister, thai lyke weill of him and agreis that he be ane of thair ministers; and gevis commissioun to Henrie Nesbet [and four others to] intreat and agrie with him vpoun his stipend.

6 January 1584–5.

Harvie, travill in Leyth.

Ordanis William Harvie, bailyie, to pas to Leyth and thair to serche, seik, and apprehend Jhonn Luif, William Allane, Dauid Cant, and the rest quha wes at the tumult in Leyth yisterday, and to bring thame to waird within this burgh.

Collectioun for St. Jhonestoun.

William Fairlie, merchant, resauet of the collectioun grantet to the support of St. Jhonestoun, for the sowth eist quarter lx li. viij d., for the south west iiijxx li. xiij s. vj d., for the north eist xlix li., and for the north west lxxij li. iij s.

Commissio, malt men.

Gevis commissioun to James Nicoll [and five others] to travell with my lord provest in favouris of the maltmen of this burgh quha ar callet before the justice vpoun the acts of parliament, and to desyre that thai may be remittet to the town and ane lettre obtenit of the Kings Grace to that effect.


Vpoun the report of the persouns nominat to confer and agrie with maister Jhonn Edmistoun, minister, vpoun his stipend for his seruice in the ministrie of this burgh, grantes and consentis to gif vnto him ane yeirlie stipend of foure hundreth merke, with the lugeing sumtyme occupeit be maister Walter Balcanquell, induring his seruice.

Statute, gildrie.

The foresaid bailyeis, counsall and deykins, fyndis expedient, statutes and ordanis, that nane sall be resauet gild brether within this burgh, nother the gild brether bairnis nor vthers, except thai be of honest, discreitt, and guid conversatioun, swa tryet and fund be the provest, bailyeis and counsall for the tyme, and the said gild brether bairnis and the prenteissis to friemen within this burgh being fund sic as said is sall be resauet, paying onlie the awld dewtie, that is to say the eldest lawfull sone for his gildrie threttein schilling foure penneis, the rest of the lawfull bairnis twenty schillings, having obseruet the lawes according to the act maid the 4 of August 1562, and sic as hes bene prenteissis dewlie according to the law of his gildrie ten pund, and all vtheris that sall happin to be resauet to pay the dewtie of fourtie pund to the dene of gild without preiudice of vther dewteis; and nane to be resauet gild brether in tymes cuming bot sic as sall haif the qualiteis abone writtin; and he that sall be of the merchant vocatioun sall be estemit in movebill guids worth ane thowsand merkis of frie geir, and the handie lawborer vsing his craft in movebill guidis to be estemet worth fyve hundreth merks of frie geir, by his craft; and quhatevir he be that vsis nocht the craft sall be worthe ane thowsand merk of frie movebill geir. Quhilkis haill gild brether sall be subject to vnderly and obey the particulare lawes and statutes contenit in the forme of the gildrie sett owt be the provest, bailyies, counsall and communite.

8 January 1584–5.

Ministers yaird.

Ordanis Nicoll Vddert, dene of gild, to caus repair the dykes of the nether yaird of the ministers lugeings with the nether kirk yaird dyke.

Dene of gilds counsall.

The foresaid bailyeis, counsall and deykings, vnderstanding that it appertenis to the dene of gild to haif ane counsal of sex persouns, thre of thame merchants and thre craftismen, conform to the decreitt arbitrall, thairfore electis and creats the persouns following to be of the said counsall, viz. Henrie Nesbet, Alexander Vddert, Dauid Williamsoun, merchants, and Alexander Owsteane, tailyeour, James Inglis, skynner, Jhonn Watt, smyth, of the craftis; and thai with the dene of gild to trye the qualeficatioun of all persouns quha ar to be admittet burgessis and gild brether, and to devyse and sett down in writt lawes and statutes for the weill of the burgessis and gild brether of this burgh to be sene and allowet be the counsall of the town, and to vplift the vnlawes and penalteis thairof, to be bestowet the ane halff be the greitt counsall of the toun and the vther half to the said gild counsall. And ordanis thame to be wairnet agane the nixt counsall day to accept the said office and gif thair aythis for lawfull administratioun thairof.

13 January 1584–5.


The bailyeis, dene of gild, thesaurer and maist pairt of the counsall, being convenit, hes agreit and condiscendit to pas the morn at viij houris to the abbay and to speik my lord provest concerning the abbacie of Paislay and to seik his lordschips avyse gif thai sall gif the sam ower, and that thai all convene at William Nesbetis buith, vnder the payne of xl s.


Appoynts James Ros and William Fairlie to pas to Jhonn Young, writter, and caus mak ane supplicatioun to be gevin in to the secreitt counsall in the name of the town aganis the persouns quha hes exemp tiouns fra extents, and to present the samyn to the counsall the morne at thair passing to the Abbay.

Losing and laidning at Bruntiland.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to caus Michaell Crystesoun to pas to Bruntiland and thair to tak vp the names of thame that losis and laidnis at the sam, it being ane vnfrie port, and speciallie of thame that schips thair hering thair vnjadgeit at Leyth or Carraill, contrar to the acts of parliament, and present the said names before the counsall that ordour may be tayne thairwith.

Hog, wyne in Birston.

Ordanis the pvnscheoun of wyne tayne fra Jhonn Hog in Birsto to be delyuerit to him, he fyndand cawtioun nocht to vent any wynes thair vnder the payne of je li.

Nesbet, Lord Seytoun.

Ordanis Henrie Nesbet, bailyie, with any of the counsall quhom he plesis to tak with him, to pas to Seytoun and requyre and resaue fra the Lord Seytoun or pryour of Plascardo, his brother, the writtings quhilk wes delyuerit to thair vmquhill father for his informatioun in his imbassage to France toward the effaires of the burrowes, and that lettres be direct with him to the said lordis to that effect.

15 January 1584–5.

Proclamatio, hostillares, strayngeris.

Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid chairgeing all persouns that resaues any strayngeris in lugeing with thame to delyuer in writt to the bailyie of the quarter ilk nycht at 6 houris at evin the strayngers ludgeing with thame, vnder the payne of v li. ilk persoun swa oft as thai failyie.

Hammiltoun, extents.

Fynds that Thomas Hammiltoun of Preistisfield, burges of this burgh, dwellis to landwart, leving vpoun his awin rent thair, vsing na maner of tred nor trafficque, and hes bene stedabill to the toun in sindrie of thair effairis, thairfore grantes and consents and be thir presents declaires and ordanis that the said Thomas sall nocht be extentit with the inhabitants and nichbouris of this burgh bott allanerlie in the extents rayset for raids and in the extents sett vpoun the lands within the burgh, dischairgeing thair extentouris present and to cum of all inrolling or extending of him bot for the caussis foresaidis; and that inrespect the lyke benefite is grantet to Alexander Acheson of Gosfurde, Thomas Marioriebankis of Ratho, and dyuers vthers burgessis of this burgh dwelling to landwart.

Annuell to the hospitall furth of the mylnis.

The foresaidis bailyeis and counsall and James Wod, baxter, ane of the remanent deyknis of crafts, vnderstanding that the ministers, eldares, and deaconis of the kirk hes in their hands the sowm of twa hundreth merks left to the puir of the hospitall be dyuers zealous godlie persouns and wald imploy the sam vpoun land or annualrent, and seing that the town hes dyuers vther sowmes gevin to the puir, thairfore amangs the rest ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to resaue the said sowme to the vse of the town, and grantis that infettment be gevin to the maisteris of the hospitall of this burgh and thair successouris imputt and electet be the town of ane annuelrent of sextein merkis to be tane furth of the commoun mylnis of this burgh and payet to the said maisteris of the hospitall and bestowet be thame vpoun the said puir, vnder reuersion alwayes, contenand the said sowm of twa hundreth merkis, to be maid to the town in communi forma. [The following is written on the margin.] Nota.—This tuik na effect be ressoun the kirk imployet thair money vpoun vthers.

Precept, gild, hospitall.

Ordanis Nicoll Vddert, dene of gild, to caus repair the glas wyndois of the hospitall.

20 January 1584–5.

Heid court of Leyth.

Ordanis James Nicoll, bailyie, to pas and hald the heid court or Leyth and to caus proclamatioun to be maid wairning the inhabitants thairof to compeir and to pay thair few maillis.

22 January 1584–5.

Statute, speking in counsall.

Statutes and ordanis, for keiping of ane guid and decent ordour in counsall, that nane sall talk or speik bot as thai ar requyret be the moderatour, vnder the payne of viij d. ilk persoun swa oft as thai sall failyie.

Charterhous, vnfriemen, Bruntiland.

Ordanis the kepares of the keyis of the charterhous to pas and serche the townis euidents and lettres gif thai can fynd any decreits or writts aganes vnfremen or aganis thame of Leyth and Bruntisland, and to mak report thairof on Wedinsday cum aucht dayes; and in the meynetyme William Nesbet and the thesaurer to raise lettres aganis thame quha losis and laidnis at Bruntiland, speciallie with hering and quheitt.

27 January 1584–5.

Paislay, Quenis Ferrie.

Appoyntis Henry Nesbet, bailyie, William Fairlie, and Jhonn Watt and Thomas Myller to speik the Kings Maiestie and my lord provest for getting of forther securitie to the town of the abbacie of Paislay or ellis to mak renunciatioun thairof, and to schaw that boits passis daylie at the Quenis Ferrie, contrair the proclamatioun, quhairby daynger of pestilence may follow, and thairfore to craif remeid thairof.

Mairtene, St. Pawles werk.

Gevis and disponis, induring thair willis, to Barbara Mairtene, relict of vmquhill Thomas Penny, ringer of the bellis in the kirk, ane pensioun of fourty schillings yeirlie to be tane furth of the beidmanschip in St. Paulis Wark, vacand in thair hands be deceis of the said Thomas, last possessour thairof, inrespect the said Barbara is relict of the said vmquhill Thomas, quha wes thair commoun seruand, and befallis, the sam according to the fundatioun of the said hospitall, and thairfor ordanis the maisteris and collectouris thairof to mak hir thankfull payment thairof ay and quhill thai be discharget of the samyn.

3 February 1584–5.

Statute, ayth of burgessis.

[The bailies, council, and deacons of crafts] statutes and ordanis that the ayth of all burgessis to be maid in tyme cuming be consauet in forme following and inlairget with the band and obligatioun vnderwrittin, viz.:—I sall be leill and trew to our Souerane Lord and to his Hienes successoures, to the provest and bailyeis of this burgh. I sall vnderly and keip the lawis and statutes of this burgh. I sall obey the officeris of the burgh, fortefie, and menteyne thame in executioun of thair offices with my bodie and my guids. I sall nocht cullour vnfriemenis guids vnder cullour of my awin. I sall nocht purches lordschips nor authoriteis contrare the fredome of the burgh. In all taxatiouns, watcheing, wairding, and all vther chairges to be layet vpoun the burgh, I sall willinglie beir my pairt of the commoun burding thairof with the rest of the nichtbouris of the burgh as I am commandet thairto be the maiestrats and officeris of the burgh, and sall nocht purches exemptiouns privilegeis, nor immuniteis to be frie of the sam, renunceand the benefite thairof for euir. Fynallie, I sall attemp or do nathing hurtfull or preiudiciall to the libertie and commoun weill of this burgh. And swa oft as I sall brek any poynt or article heirof, I obleis me, my aires, executouris, and assignayes, to pay to the commoun warkis of this burgh the sowm of ane hundreth punds as ane interest and damnage liquidat, and sall remayne in waird quhill I mak payment of the samyn. Swa help me God, and be God him selff, etc. And ordanis the said ayth and obligatioun to be tayne and resauet of all new admittet burgessis in tyme cuming and to be insert in the gild buik, and to be obseruet and kepet and contraveneris thairof pvnist with rigour.

5 February 1584–5.

Statute, sermonis.

Statuts and ordanis that all persouns hant and repair to the sermouns and preicheings on Wedinsday and Fryday, steik vp thair buith durris, and that nane be fund in the tavernis or passing vp and down the streits induring the tyme thairof, vnder the payne of xviij s. the first falt, the secund xl s., and the thrid v li., and that proclamatioun heirof be maid throw this burgh.

The desperat damosell.

Ordanis William Nesbet, William Fairlie, and Jhonn Watt to pas and visie the estaitt of the damosell that wes in dispair and report the sam to the counsall.

Entres to the hie schole.

Ordanis the thesaurer and Jhonn Watt, with the procuratour fiscall, to persew the occupeares of the howssis on bayth the syde of the entres to the Hie Schole, for making candill, slaying of nolt and scheip, and raysing filth thair, contrair to the awld infeftments of the said lands and contrair to the statutes of the town.

Coist syde.

Ordanis lettres to be rayset aganes the townis on the coist syde of Fyfe, for taiking and raysing of new customes vpoun the inhabitants of this burgh for the quhilk thai haif na warrand.

Procuratour fiscall.

The foresaid bailyeis and counsall and James Wod, baxter, Cudbert Cranstoun, furrour, Jhonn Stevinsoun, wobster, of the remanent deykins of craftis, electis, creatts, and constituts maister Alexander Guthre procuratour fiscall of this burgh, induring thair willis, and disponis vnto him all fies and casualiteis belanging thairto and dischairges thair former procuratour fiscall of his office. And ordanis the collectouris present and to cum to gif the said maister Alexander lawfull wairning xxiiij houris before the making of any billis or dittayes with sufficient informatioun agane the day appoyntet.

Wod vnlawet.

Decernis James Wod, baxter, in ane unlaw of xx s. for speiking in counsall aganis the townis acts concerning the hedder stakis, in presens of the pairteis, he beand ane of the counsall, and the said unlaw to be gevin to the puir.

Officeris, precept, collectouris.

In respect of the awld and lang seruice done to the town in tyme past by Patrik Barroun, Jhonn Barroun, Alexander Cuik, and Jhonn Smyth, ordinar officeris, and that thai ar now decayet, failyeit, and nocht swa habill to do all seruice belanging to the ordinare officeris, and neuirtheles nocht willing to cast thame of in thair aige, thairfore grantis, gevis, and disponis vnto thame and euerie ane of thame, induring thair lyfetymes, ane yeirlie pensioun of aucht punds vsuall money of this realme, to be payit vnto thame be the collectouris of the vnlawes, vpsets, and owlklie penneis of the reddiest of the said collectioun and incais the said collectioun be nocht sufficient ordanis the thesaureris of this burgh for the tyme to mak thame payment of the said sowm at the termes foresaidis furth of the reddiest of the commoun rents, and forther grantis and gevis licence to the said persouns to beir and vse thair halberts and exerce the office of extraordinare seruands induring the townis will, makand and constitutand thame officeris of the burgh in that pairt.

10 February 1584–5.

Vnlawes, absents in airmour.

Ordanis the bailyeis to caus vnlaw the nychtbouris quha convenit nocht yisterday in thair airmour, ilk persoun for the soum of fyve pund, and that thai be lykwayes vnlawit quha convenis nocht this day with all rigour.

12 February 1584–5.


Ordanet ane ansuer to be maid to the lettre cum fra Dundie, declairing that thai will desyr the officer to stay the executioun of his lettres for the said towns extent of the wynes quhill his bakcuming, quhilk be about xij dayes, and to desyr tham to mak him payment at that day; and als ordanis ane vther lettre to be direct to the said officer agane to that effect.

Commissioanent the maltmen, meilmen and baxteris in Leyth, customes, thair.

Appoyntis and ordanis William Harvie, bailyie, the dene of gild, thesaurer, and William Fairlie, Alexander Owsteane, Jhonn Watt, Henry Blyth, to pas the morne to Leyth and call in before thame the maltmen, baxters, and meilmen of Leyth, quha laitly had particulare furlets of thair awin quhairwith thai mett thair victualls at hame, occupeis nocht the townis mesoures, nor will pay to the townis customers thair customes and mettage, and thairfore to schaw vnto thame that it is fund be the guid town that be the ancient priveleges of this burgh the towne hes had custome and mettage cummand be land to Leyth, inrespect the townis liberteis beiris that nane suld be howset in Leyth, and thairfore the sam wes presentet of awld to the Beir Hill quhair Leyth payet thair custome and mettage; and for this caus ordanis the saidis personis to intimie and decerne the said maltmen, meilmen, and baxters in Leyth to pay thair custome and mettage according to vse and wont; and forther to schaw to thame that, besyde the acts of parliament and decreitts of the lords, the town hes reycht and privelege that nane within Leyth suld baik breid, vent wyne, girnell guids, mak merchandice, nor hald buithis within Leyth, quhilk the town intendis to se be putt to executioun.

Precept, collectouris M'Calaw.

In consideratioun that Allane M'Callaw, taverner, is daylie trublit and molestit be taikin his pvnscheouns to be skaffalding, thairfore and for vther caussis moving thame ordanis the collectouris of the vnlawes, etc., to pay to him the sowm of fyve pound.

17 February 1584–5.

Precept, Gourlaw, customes, wynes.

Vnderstanding that thair is ane generall precept direct be the Kings Maiesties comptroller to the takkismen of his Hienes customes and to Robert Gourlaw, generall collectour thairof, commanding thame to ansuer Jerome Bowie, sumlyer, of all wynes that he sall desyre to the Kings Maiesteis vse, and that the sam sall be allowet in the dewtie of the said customes of the yeir of God jm vc foure scoir fyve yeir, as at lenth is contenit in the said precept of the daitt the xij of Februar instant, thairfore ordanis the said Robert ot accept and obey the samyn swa for as the said four thowsand pund will extend, and caus the said Jerome be ansueret of twelf tunis and ane halff of wynes and to be guid thairfore to the merchant bringing the said Jeromes ticquet of the precept thairof; and be vertew of the said precept to pay and satisfie William Lermonth, in St. Androis, for ane twn wyne four scoir punds, and to James Lentrone thair for half ane twn of wyne fourtie pund, tayne fra thame be the said Jerome Bowie, sumlier, to the Kings Maiesteis vse, the first yeir of the said taks, according to the foresaid precept.

Anent the kirk ruif.

Appoyntis Henry Nesbet, bailyie, [and seven others], to pas and visy the failyeit pairts of the kirk ruif and report the sam to the counsall that ordour may be tayne thairwith.

Anent the setting of the mwk.

The foresaid bailyies and counsall and [the deacons of crafts,] vnderstanding that of awld the commoun mwk gadderit in the hie streitts, vinells, and oppin closes, was rowpet and sett to the townis vse for dyuers sowmes, and has been neglectit this lang tyme bygane, thairfore ordanis the sam now to be rowpet throw the towne and sett to thame that will bid maist for the samyn, and gevis commissioun to Henry Nesbet and William Fairlie to sett down the forme and ordour with the conditiouns of the setting of the samyn. Quhilkis persouns convening thairafter sett down in writt thir heids and articles concerning the said mwk, to witt:—First, that na mwk be collectet nor gadderit bot be friemen, thair wyffes or seruands, and this mwk to be onely within thair staibills, closures, and howssis, and thai to be bund to haif ane particulare closet place quhairin thai sall gadder the sam, and at the tyme and seasoun appoyntet for owtputting of the samyn it sall nocht be lesum to lay it vpoun any passage of the towne without ane speciall licence of the bailyie of the quarter, and that licence to be bot to remayne fra the sone rysing to the sone ganging to; quhateuir he be that failyeis in ony heid or article heirof sall pay xviij s. vnlaw swa oft as he failyeis. Item, that it sall nocht be lesum to na inhabiter within this burgh till gadder any kynd of mwk or fuilyie or posses or nureis swyne bot sic as sall haif the sam in tak and assedatioun of the towne, except friemen as saidis, vnder the payne of xl s. Item, that the haill mwk and fuilyie of the towne sall be sett to him that will gif maist thairfore (except the friemen as before is expremit) with the twa pairt of the vnlawes of sic as sall contravene the statuts of the towne anent myddings, fuilyie, closets, red, awld wallis, swyne, jurdanes, privies, and siclyk concerning the filth of the towne. Item, quhateuir he be that taks the mwk of the towne sall be subiect to clenge the haill streits twyse in the owlk and gadder his filth of the sowth syde of the gaitt to the Grayfrier port and of the north syde to the Daw Well, and gif he failyie to clenge the gaitt or lay his fuilyie in ony vther place, or beis nocht diligent in taking vp of the said vnlawis, swa that the towne may be keipet clene, sall pay ane vnlaw of xl s. swa oft as he failyeis.

19 February 1584–5.

Hammiltoun, minister.

The bailyeis and counsall appoyntis James Nicoll, bailyie, Nicoll Vddert and Alexander Vddert, to pas to Mr. James Hammiltoun, minister in the westland, and to rander him thankis in name of the toun for his remaning and teacheing, and to requeist him to remayne yitt aucht dayes on the townis chairges.

Home, licence to transport heiring.

Siclyke, appoyntis William, Nesbet, [and seven others,] to pas to my lord provest and schaw the inconvenients to follow vpoun the licence purchest be Frances Home to transport his heiring vnjadgeit contrair the acts of parliament and beand ane vnfrie persoun havand na power to tred and vse merchandice, and thairfore that the said licence be discharget.

24 February 1584–5.

Hammiltoun, Spens, ministeris.

[The bailies, council, and deacons of crafts,] vpoun the pruiff had of the doctryne and qualeficatioun, lyfe and conversatioun of maister James Hammiltoun, younger, minister at [Kenmure] in the westland, thocht expedient and consentet that it be travellit and agreitt with him to be ane of the ministeris of this burgh, and gevis commissioun to Henry Nesbet, baylie, [and five others] to intreat and agrie with him thairvpoun; and siclyk that they travell with maister [David] Spens, minister, to remayne in this burgh on the townis expenssis and teache for the space of fyfteen dayes.

Teynds of the mwre.

Appoyntis William Nesbet, Alexander Vddert, Jhonn Bannatyne, Alexander Owsteane, to pas and confer in name of the town with Jonet Adamesoun, the laird of Cumislie, and Nicoll Cairncros, vpoun thair rychtis swa far as thai ony haif to the teynds of the burrow mure, and as thai fynd be thair report or sicht of thair writs to schaw the samyn to the counsall this day aucht dayes.

Precept, thesaurer, wellis, proclamatio.

Forswamekill as the commoun wellis of this burgh ar for the maist pairt dry and the town lyke to be scant of watter this somer seasoun, and that becaus ane pairt of the said wellis ar nocht deip anewch, and that the watter thairof is careit to the browster, litsters, and maltmen and vthers be the burnemen and watter berers; for remeid thairof ordanes the thesaurer to caus synk swa mony of the said wellis as neid is ane faddum deper, and to reform the keyis and alter the keperis thairof be the avyse of William Littill, Alexander Vddert, Alexander Owsteane, Jhonn Watt, and the expenssis thairof to be allowet to the said thesaurer in his compts; and ordanis proclamatioun to be maid dischargeing all browsters, litsters, maltmen, baxters, or siclyke, to tak ony of the said well watter to thair occupatiouns, vnder the payne of xviij s. swa oft as thai failyie; and that na burnmen or watter bereris to presume to tak, carie, or transport the sam to ony of the said vses, vnder the payne of banisement of the town.

Precept, collectouris Adamsoun.

Ordanis James Merchell or Jhonn Watt, collectouris of the vnlawis, vpsets, and owlklie penneis, to pay and gif to James Adamsoun, masoun, lyand seik and hydropik, the sowm of ten merk for support of him and his puir bairnis.

26 February 1584–5.

Moresoun, partement of a rob royall.

Comperit Jhonn Moresoun, merchant, and exhibit and produceit the partement of ane rob royall of clayth of syluer, borderit with gold with the ordour of the cokill of France, in the lyke estaitt as he resauet the samyn, quhilk wes delyuerit to Henry Nesbet, bailyie, and he ordanet nocht to delyuer the samyn to any persoun quhill it be produceit and schawin to the Kings Maiestie and his Graceis speciall command and warrand obtenit for delyuerance thairof.

Quhyte, collectouris.

In respect of the povertie of Alexander Quhyte, browdester, quha had of the kirk almous, owlklie, vj s. viij d., quhilk now can nocht be spaireit to him, throw the inlaik of the said almous, and in consideratioun that he is habill to do sum seruice in the kirk, thairfore at the desyre of certane of the elders and deaconis direct frome the sessioun of the kirk requyring the guid town to mak him sum support, thairfore thay grant and gevis vnto him, induring the townis will allanerly, the sowm of twenty sex merk to be payet to him be Jhonn Brown, collectour of the kirk rent, quarterlie, the first terme begynnand at the first of Marche nixttocum, for the quhilk thai ordane him to tak vp the psalme in the Eist Kirk and to reid ane chapter, and to begyn at the secund bell, and lykwyes to ouesie the said kirk that the sam be kepet clene. And ordanes Henry Nesbet, the dene of gild, and George Hamiltoun to gif him his iniunctiounes heirvpoun.


Ordanis William Nesbet, bailyie, Henry Blyth, and Allan Bryntoun to assist and concur with the maisters of the hospitall, elders and deaconis of the kirk, in putting ordour to all inormeteis within the said hospitall and depryving and putting furth of sic puir as trublis the rest.

3 March 1584–5.

Precept, collectour, Broun, Hammiltoun.

Ordanis Jhonn Broun, collectour of the kirk rent of this burgh, to pay to James Nicoll, baillyie, the sowm of sex pund deburset be him in name of the towne for the expenssis of maister James Hammiltoun, minister in Galloway, in remaning in this burgh at the townis desyre the space of auchtein dayes.

Archidene of Lowthiane.

Ordanis William Fairlies, factour of the archideinrie of Lowthiane, to putt maister Alexander Betoun, sumtyme archidene of Lowthiane, to the horne for nocht obseruing to the guid toun of his pairt of the contract maid betuix the guid towne and him, and first to pas to himselff and speik with him thairanent.

Repairing of the kirk ruif.

Appoyntis Henrie Nesbet, bailyie, [and nine others], to pas and visy the ruif of the kirk and pairts falteis thairinto, and to convene with thame James Nesbet, Thomas Baldranie, Robert Tailyiefer, Jhonn Thomesoun, Gawin Perrie, Allane Roger, masouns, and tak thair awyse vpoun the reparatioun thairof in maist substantious maner, be sclaiting or thak stayne, and to report the sam this day aucht dayes.

Commoun wellis.

In respect of the greitt abusing of the commoun wellis be the burnemen, watter berers, and the kepars of the keyis, directis ilk bailyie to tak ordour with the said wells in his quarter for keping of the same, viz., James Nicholl for St. Michaellis well, Henry Nesbet for the new well, William Nesbet, bailyie, and in his absence Jhonn Wat for the Mwse well; ilk persoun vnder the payne of xx s. that failyeis to do his dewtie thairinto; and the thesaurer as of before to mak and furneis new lokis and keyis.

Articles of the dene of gilds counsall.

The foresaid bailyeis and counsall and [deacons of crafts] having hard and considerit the articles vnderwrittin concerning the dene of gild and his counsall, after resoning vpoun euerie poynt thairof, fynds the sam to agrie with the ancient liberteis of the burgh and privelegeis grantet to the gild brether for the singulare weill and commoditeis of the commoun weill of this burgh and haill inhabitants and friemen thairof, als weill craftismen as merchants, and ratefeis, approveis, and authorizeis the said articles and interponing thair authoritye thairto, decernis and ordanis the samyn to be obseruet and keipet in all tymes cuming. Followes the saids articles:—

1. Electioun of his counsell.

First, That the dene of gilds counsall, now chosin be the bailyeis, counsall and deykins, conforme to the act of thair electioun maid the aucht of Januar last, to continew quhill fyftein dayes after the electioun of the maiestrats at Michaelmes nixt; and the said dene of gild and his said counsell, vpoun the Fryday nixt preceding the said fyftein dayes, to cum in before the provest, bailyeis and counsall, and remember thame vpoun the day of the electioun of the said dene of gilds counsall, quhilk provest, bailyeis, counsall and deykins of crafts, with the dene of gild and his counsall of the yeir preceding, sall, at the said day, yeirlie, elect and chuis the new counsall to the dene of gild, quha sall be men of guid fayme, knawin experience, cair, and zeall toward the commoun weill, and quha ar gild brether and hes bene thre yeiris vpoun the greitt counsall of the towne of before; and that the said new counsall may be the better informit of the things done be thair predicessouris that the awld dene of gild be ane of the said new counsall for that yeir to cum.

2. Convening.

Item. The said dene of gild and his counsall sall conveine euerie Tysday at twa houris after none and ofter as the necessitie of the commoun effairis vnderwrittin committit to thair chairge sall requyre, being wairnit thairto be the dene of gild or his officeris to be gevin to him and electet be him and his counsall quhen thai think guid, and the persouns absent the said day and hour, owlklie, but further wairning, and at vther tymes being lawfullie wairnit, quha ar nocht seik or sex myllis furth of the towne, sall pay ane vnlaw of sex schilling aucht penneis swa oft as thai failyie, but gif thai be absent twa dayes togidder to pay the second day threttein schilling foure penneis, and the absents thre dayis togidder to pay the thrid day twenty schillings ilk persoun; the deyne of gild being absent, and nather seik nor sex myllis furth of the town, to pay twyse als mekill ilk tyme as is payet be his counsall.

3. Nichtbourheids.

Item. The said dene of gild and his counsall to beir the haill burding in decyding all questiouns of nichtbourheid. and na nichtbouris wark to be stayet bot be him, quha sall caus the complener consing in his hand ane pledge worth the sowm of twenty schillings vnlaw and the damnage of the pairtie, and than sall stay the wark to ane day to be assignit be him to the complener to gif in his complaynt and wairn the pairtie, quhilk sall be within xlviij houris after the consignatioun, at the quhilk day the dene of gild and his counsall or maist pairt of thame sall convene vpoun the grund, and the complener nocht comperand or beand fund in the wrang sall pay ane vnlaw of xx s., with the pairteis damnage for hindering his wark, to be instantlie taxit and modefeit be the dene of gild and his counsall and payet furth of the said pledge; and the pairtie fyndand him grevit be the dene of gild and his counsell, vpoun consignatioun of the dowbill vnlaw, to be hard befor the ordiner counsall, and gif he haif complenit wranguslie to pay the said dowbill vnlaw.

4. Anent vnfriemen.

Item. The said dene of gild and his counsall to dischairge, pvneis, and vnlaw all persouns vnfriemen vsand the libertie of ane burges, gild brother, or friedome of craftis, as thai sall fynd guid, ay and quhill the said vnfriemen be put of the town or ellis maid frie with the town and thair craftis. Siclyke, persew before the juges competent all persouns dwelland without the burgh and vsurpand the libertie and fredome thairof, obtene decreits aganis thame and caus the sam be put to speidie executioun.

5. Metts, mesoures, wechts.

Item. The said dene of gild and his counsell to owersie and reforme the mets and mesouris greitt and small, of pynt and quart, pek and furlett of all sortis, with the elvand, and with the wechtis of pund and stayne, and to pvneis and vnlaw the transgressouris as thai sall think expedient.

6. Cawsis of compt and rekning.

Item. In all questiouns of compt and rekning anent merchandice quhilk may happin to fall owt betuix twa gild brether and burgessis, the pairtie refusand to submitt his caus to the dene of gild and his counsall to pay ane vnlaw of xl s. The caus beand submittet the pairtie fund in the wrang to pay ane vnlaw of xx s.

7. Making of burgessis, gild brether, prenteissis.

Item. Na burgessis nor gild brether to be maid nor prenteissis buiket bot in presens of the dene of gild and his counsall, and gif any beis vtherwayes maid or buiket the sam to be of na effect to the resaver quha sall lykewayis lose his money gevin thairfore.

8. Schips frawchting and entering.

Item. That na schips be frauchtit owtwart nor resauet inwart bot be the dene of gild and his counsall, at the leist be the dene of gild and twa of his counsall, the ane beand ane merchant, the vther ane craftisman, with the fermorer of the wyld aventures for the tyme, vnder the payne of payment of ane vnlaw of fyve pund to be payet to the commoun clerk for resaving of the entres. And the skipper and the merchants to be obleist to keip the townis acts and ilk ane of thame, with the acts of parliament concerning thame, vnder the payne of ane vnlaw of ane hundreth pund.

9. Skipperis and merchants of schips.

Item. The said dene of gild and his counsall to haif power to executt the acts of parliament, lawes, and statutes of this burgh, and vplift the penalteis thairof, vpoun the skippers of schips, merchants, and thair souerteis, contravenand the sam, and nane to haif power to saill at Leyth or within the jurisdictioun of this burgh without the tikket of the said dene of gild and his counsell.

10. Taxatiouns of gild brether.

Item. The dene of gild and his counsall to haif power to raise taxatiouns vpoun the gild brother for the weilfair and mayntenance of thair estaitt and the help of thair failyeit brether, thair wyffes, children, and seruands, and quha refussis to pay the said taxt be vnlawet in the sowm of xl s. swa oft as thai failyie; provyding the sam exceid nocht the soum of ane hundreth pund at anes.

11. Penalties, lawis.

Item. The dene of gild and his counsall to haif power for observing of the premissis to sett paynis and vnlawes thairvpoun, and the sam to mitigatt or inlairge, according to the tyme, place, persoun, and qualitie of the trespas, and forther to sett doun heids and articles, mak lawes and statutes for the weilfair of the toun, and the provest, bailyeis, and counsall to approve the samyn.

12. Imployment of vnlawes.

Item. The haill vnlawis mentionat in the articles before written and contenit in the lawis to be sett down be the said dene of gild and his counsall, for the ane halff thairof to be imployet be the said dene of gild and his counsall as thai sall fynd maist expedient, and the vther halff to cum to the townis vse, except the vnlawis nocht exceiding the soum of fyve pund quhilk sall haillie pertene to the said dene of gild and his counsall.


Item. The dene of gild and his counsall to haif power to creatt ane of thair awin number thair thesaurer for inbringing of the said vnlawis, and all the townis officeris to assist thame and thair officeris in wairding and poynding for the samyn, vnder the payne of xx s., to be payet to the said thesaurer be the officeris refusand, and the said thesaurer to mak his compts swa oft as he sall be requyret vpoun aucht dayes wairning.

Substitute of the gild.

Item. In absence of the dene of gild, quhilk sall nocht be without he be seik or sex myle furth of the toun and that for ane verray necessar and urgent caus to be knawin and tryet be his counsall and obtenand thair licence, thai to elect ane of their awin number to supplie his place as his substitute.

Conventiouns of dene of gild and his counsall.

Item. In all the conventiouns of the dene of gild and his counsall, that the townis thesaurer, commoun clerk, and collectouris, sall be present, and quhat bailyeis, counsalouris, or deykins, sall pleis to assist to be welcum to gif thair opiniouns.

Gift of escheitt of Haistie.

Grantis, gevis, and disponis to William Fairlie the gift of the escheitt of all gudis, geir, detts and soumes of money, quhilk pertenit to vmquhill Alexander Haistie, fallin and pertening to the guid town throw being of the said Alexander convict before the provest and bailyeis of this burgh and execut to the deid for certane crymes of thift.

5 March 1584–5.

Watsoun, minister.

Gevis commissioun to Henry Nesbet, bailyie, Dauid Williamsoun, Alexander Owsteane, to intreatt with maister William Watsoun, minister, for his remayning a xv dayes to teache in the kirk vpoun the towns chairges, and to tak sic ordour with him that he mak conditioun with na man quhill the toun be at poynt with him.

Spens, minister.

Ordanis Jhonn Brown, collectour of the kirk annuellis, to refound and pay to Henry Nesbet, bailyie, the soum of ten pund deburset be him for the expenssis of maister Dauid Spens, minister, in remaning and teacheing within this burgh at the townis desyre.

10 March 1584–5.

Conseruatour, leid vre.

The bailyeis, dene of gild, thesaurer, and [council,] for guid consideratiouns moving thame, grantes licence to maister George Hacquet, conseruatour, to tak the trone wechts to Leyth and wey certane leid vre thair, he payand his dewties to the toun for the samyn.

Commissio, repairing of the kirk.

Gevis commissioun to Alexander Clerk … and swa mony of the counsall as will assist, to convene and consult vpoun the maner of reparatioun of the ruif of the kirk, quhidder it sall be mair expedient to theik the sam with sclaitt or thak stayne, and to calcul the chairges of bayth swa neir as may be, and report the sam to the counsall.

Commissio, gild counsall, awld seruands, burgessis.

The saids bailyeis and counsall and … deykins of craftis gevis power and commissioun to Nicoll Vddert, dene of gild, and his counsall, vpoun consideratioun of the qualiteis of sic persouns as hes bene awld seruands within the town to burgessis and friemen thairof, to resaue and admitt thame burgessis of the sam vpoun ane ressonabill dewtie, with power to transact and compone with thame thairvpoun at thair discretioun.

12 March 1584–5.

Gairdner, yetling, Harvie.; Townis ordinances

Ordanis Jhonn Gairdner in Leyth, of his awin consent, to bring and delyuer vpoun the schore of Leyth to James Ros, thesaurer, in name of the towne, ane greitt irne yetling pertening to the town, and that betuix and this day aucht dayes, wynd and wedder seruand, vnder payne of wairding of his persoun. And gevis commissioun to William Harvy, bailyie, to tak tryell of thame that hes ony of the townis munitioun, and to resaue and inbring the sam to the townis vse.

Statute, preicheings, hanting.

Haveand sufficientlie provydet for ministers in the twa kirks, and foreseying the misbehaviour and indiscretioun of certane men and wemen within this burgh quha can nocht be content to heir the ministers appoyntet for thair instructioun bot ather vpoun malice or in contempt of guid ordour absents thameselffis in thair howssis, going to thair pastyme or ellis passis to vther kirks about and adiacent this burgh, quhairvpoun can nathing insew bot confusioun and contempt vnles speidie remeid be provydet in tyme to cum. Quhairfore it is statute and ordanet thatt all friemen and friemenis wyffes in tymes cuming be found in thair awin paroche kirks euerie Sonday, as alswa at the tyme of the communioun, vnder the payne of payment of ane vnlaw for euery persoun beand fund absent, to witt, the maister or maistres of euery howse ane merk for the first falt, the secund falt ten merks, and the thrid falt ane hundreth merks, to be collectit be the collectouris of the toun vnlawis for the vse and sustentatioun of the puir; and for the fourt falt thair bodeis and haill guids at the Kings will. And na excuise to be admittet heirvpoun except onelie to be tryet seik and diseaset or ellis sex myle of the toun. And ordanis publicatioun to be maid heirvpoun, to the effect that nane pretend ignorance in tyme cuming.

Fische merkett.

In respect of the monefald abuses in the fische merket, fynds expedient and ordanis that twa bailyeis, thair owlk about, attend and visit the said merket and pvneis the transgressiouns thairof, speciallie vpoun the multitude of the regratouris and forestallers, als weill flescheouris as vthers.

Bell, College.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, with the dene of gild, William Littill, Androw Sclater, to pas and visite the bell quhilk is in the Potterrow to be sawld, and the said thesaurer to tak the bell in the Hie Schole and place the sam in the College.

13 March 1584–5.

Watsoun, minister.

Gevis commissioun and full power to Henry Nesbet, bailyie, [and four others,] to entreat and fynallie agrie with maister William Watsoun, minister, for his remaning heir and seruing in the cuir of the ministrie.

17 March 1584–5.

Statute, fische merket, flescheoures.

[The bailies, council, and deacons of crafts,] considerand the nouatiouns and greitt abusis rayset be the flescheouris within this burgh in the fische merket, speciallie in regraiting and forestalling all sorts of fysche, thairby raysing ane greitt derth, thairfore statutes and ordanis that na flescheoures sall haif any fische to top and sell agane, vnder the payne of escheitt thairof and payment of ane vnlaw of xl s. swa oft as thai failyie. Siclyke, that thair be na ma bot twa stoks allanerlie in the mercatt haldin for brekin of the greitt fische sawld be the cuntriemen and fischeris and thir stokis, with the persouns flescheoures seruing thairto, to be appoyntet ilk owlk be the bailyeis, visitouris of the said merket for the tyme, vnder the payne foresaid. And this ordinance to be proclamet throw the town that nane pretend ignorance.

Precept, thesaurer, Rollok, mylnes, bell.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to refound and pay to maister Hercules Rollok, maister of the Hie Schole, the sowm of thrie pund thrie schillings deburset be him for ane littill bell and hinging thairof in the Hie Schole; als to pay to him fyftie schillings deburset be him vpoun the dressing and ordoring of the studie in the Hie Schole; als fynds it maist expedient for the weill of the toun that the new mylnis quhilk ar in bigging be jestet and haif girnells for serving the baxteris and gevin of maill to the toun. Alswa ordanis the said thesaurer, be avyse of the deyne of gild, William Littill, George Smyth and Jhonn Bannatyne, or ony twa of thame, to by ane bell of sextein stayne wecht to be hung in the bellhous at the Hie Schole.

Lipper howse.

Appoyntis the thesaurer [and six others] to visy the rowme of St. Pawles Wark and consult and fynd owt ane commodious place to be ane lipper hous and report the sam on Fryday nixt.

Repairing of the kirk.

Vpoun consideratioun of the report maid be the persouns quha wes appoyntet to visit the decayet places of the kirk ruif, quhilk maist necessarlie requyris the first and reddiest beitment, and to the effect the wark thairof may be the mair substantious and indure the langer, fynds it expedient and concludes and ordanis that the ruif thairof bewest the steipill, quhilk is nocht watter ticht and apperant to decay, sall be first voltit and thairafter coverit with thak staynis, conform to dyuers vther pairts of the said kirk.

Statute, burgessis, gilds, howsis setting, metts.

The foresaids bailyeis, counsall and deykins, hes thocht expedient, statute, and ordanet that na maner of persouns quha ar nocht burgessis and friemen of this burgh tak vpoun hand fra this day furth to vse the libertie of ane burges and friemen thairof, vnder the payne of fyve pund the first falt, ten pund the secund, and banisement of this burgh for the thrid. Siclyke, that na vnfrie persouns or syngill burgessis vse the libertie of ane gild brother, vnder the payne of x li. the first falt, twenty pund the secund falt, and fourty pund the thrid falt. Attour, that all persouns quha hes thair lands or howssis sett to ony vnfrie persouns, men or wemen, quha ar nocht awaitting on the law or attendants on the sessioun, remove the said vnfrie tennents furth thairof at the feist of Witsounday nixt, and thairafter that thai sett nane of thair saidis howssis to vnfrie persouns vnder the payne of xl s. to be tayne for ilk howse vnforgevin. And siclyke, that na maner of persouns haif or vse any maner of fals wechts of pund or stayne, fals balances, fals mesoures of pek and furlett, fals elvand, or fals stowpes, or ony kind of fals wechts, mets, or mesures, les or mair, vnder the payne of escheitt of the said wechts, mets, or mesouris, payment of ane vnlaw of xl s., and pvneissing of thair persouns conform to the lawis of the realme.

Extent, kirk, college.

Forswamekill as vpoun the xviij day of December last thay grantet to ane extent of sevin hundreth and twenty pund for payment of the Kings Graces wynes and vther caussis specifeit in the act maid thairvpoun the said day, and now in consideratioun of the necessitie of the wark of the kirk and of the college, quhilk requyris necessarelie to be incloset, thairfore hes thocht expedient, statute, and ordanit that the said extent be augmentit in the sowme of ane thowsand pund for the kirk wark and thre hundreth and foure scoir punds for the wark of the college, makand in the haill the sowme of twa thowsand pund, to be vpliftet with diligence of the inhabitants and burgessis of the said burgh that may be addettit in payment thairof.

Trinitie College.

Ordanis Thomas Aikinheid and Alexander Owsteane to pas, intreatt, and confer with maister Robert Pont anent the title of his benefice of the Trinitie College and dimissioun thairof in favouris of the toun and to report his ansuer thairupoun.

19 March 1584–5.

Knok in the Hie Schole.

Fynds expedient that at the taking down of the awld knok in the steipill and placeing ane new knok in the rowm thairof, that the said awld knok be tayne and sett vp in the belhous at the Hie Schole quhill ane mair commodious place be preparet for the samyn.

Commissio, court in Leyth, lipper hous.

Appoyntis Henry Nesbet, James Nicoll, bailyeis, the dene of gild, thesaurer, Jhonn Bannatyne, Bartelmo Someruell, Alexander Vddert, William Littill, Henry Blyth, Jhonn Watt and maister Alexander Guthre, to pas to Leyth the morn for halding of the court for calling of the precept rayset aganes the inhabitants of Leyth for schawing thair euidents, and be the way to visy the rowm of St. Pawlis Wark quhair ane lipper hous may be commodiouslie bigget.

Craig, Hammiltoun, ministers.

The foresaid bailyeis and counsall and … deykins of crafts fynds it maist expedient and necessar that maister Jhonn Craig and maister James Hammiltoun, younger, sall be twa of the ministers of this burgh; and thairfore gevis commissioun to Henry Nesbet, bailyie, Alexander Owsteane, Jhonn Watt, to intreatt, confer, and agrie with the said maister Jhonn Craig thairvpoun and with the said maister James at his first cuming to this burgh.

Tend fische in Leyth.

Ordanis the sercheouris, customers, and bailyeis, and vthers the townis seruands at the port and town of Leyth to suffer na teynd fische to be payet be any persouns within the towne watteris quhill the town tak farder ordour thairanent.

Watter bailyie.

Fyndis and declaris that of all boitts cumand within the heavin of Leyth with victualls and fische, and haveand na greitter foircast nor the ferry boitts, that the watter bailyie to the town awcht to haif na forther dewtie be rycht of his office nor is payet be the said ferry boits, and gif thai haif any gritter foircast tending to the foremast that he suld tak his dewteis thairof according to the townis infeftments.

Commissio, gild counsall, wobsters, walkers.

Gevis commissioun to Nicoll Vddert, dene of gild, to resaue and admitt the vnfremen, walkers and wobsters, dwelling at the West Port, and vtheris vnfrie persouns of the said crafts, to be burgessis and fremen of this burgh, with power to compone and agrie with thame for the dewteis alsweill of thair burgesschip as vpsetts, takand alwayes souerteis that thay sall cum, remayne, and dwell in this burgh at Whitsounday nixt, vnder sic paynis as thai sall fynd maist expedient. And the deykins of the said crafts wer content to be guid to thame and to resaue thame friemen to their crafts.

24 March 1584–5.

Precept, lipper hous.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, be the avyse of the persouns quha wes appoyntet to visy St Pawles Wark, to cans big ane lipper hous in the place maist commodious for the sam at the said hospitall.


Ordanis maister Michaell Chisholme, vnder factour and chamerlane of the abbacie of Paislay, to sell and dispone the fermis and victuall of the said abbacie to the behuif of the guid toun of the darrest and hieest pryces that he can obtene for the samyn.

Hammiltown, minister.

Appoyntis Henry Nesbet, James Nicoll, Jhonn Watt, George Hereott, to speik my lord provest and the laird of Lokinwar for maister James Hammiltown, younger, that he may be ane of the ministers of this burgh.

25 March 1585.

Pont, Trinitie College.

The baillies, [council and deacons of crafts,] vpoun the declaratioun of the persouns quha wes direct to confer with maister Robert Pont anent his rycht of the provestrie of the Trinitie College, fynds it maist expedient to appoynt and agrie with him for dimissioun thairof in the townis favouris, and thairfore gevis full commissioun and power to Henry Nesbet, William Littill, Alexander Owstean, to pas and mak ane fynall end and agriement with him thairanent.

Pont, Trinitie College euidents.

For dyuers consideratiouns moving thame, renunceis the instance of the actioun and precept persewet be thame and thair procuratour fiscall aganis the beidmen of the Trinitie College, for productioun before thame as superioures of the town of Leyth of all infeftments and euidents that the saidis prebendares and beidmen hes of any lands within the town of Leyth, and passis fra the persute of the said actioun intentit be thame pro loco et tempore; and ar content that the commoun kist of the said College and euidents contenit thairin sall remayne in custody and keping of maister Robert Pont, provest of the said College, till forther ordour be tayne concerning the said mater be commouning betuix him and thame. And this continuatioun to indure for the space of ane yeir quhill maters may be amicablie composit amangs thame but proces of law.

26 March 1585.

Pont, Trinitie College.

Appoynts Henrie Nesbet, bailyie, Alexander Vddert, Alexander Owsteane, or ony that thai pleis to tak with thame of the counsall, to pas to my lord provest and schaw the procedings betuix the town and maister Robert Pont, and to desyre his lordschips help and fortherance at the Kings Maiesteis hands.

New heavin of Prestoun.

Inrespect the office of customarie at the new heavin of Prestoun is vacand in the burrowes hands, thairfore fynds expedient and ordanis that the customer of Edinburgh, Robert Gourlaw, and William Makcartnay, coquetter, resaue the customes of the said heavin quhill forther ordour be tayne thairwith.

Dunkeld, Achesoun bureing.

For obedience of the Kings Maiesties lettre direct to the guid toun, grantis and permitts that vmquhill [blank] Creychtoun, Bischop of Dunkeld, be bureit within the Hie Kirk of this burgh. Lykewayes, at the desyre of my lord provest and be his lordships lettre, and for the caussis specifeit thairin, grantes and permitts that vmquhill Helene Aichesoun, relict of vmquhill Archibald Stewart, sumtyme provest of this burgh, be bureit within the said kirk besyde her vmquhill spous; and Thomas Aichesoun, maister cvngyeour, promist to mak hir legacie to the puir ane hundreth merk.

31 March 1585.

Paislay, Hammiltoun, precept Chisholme.

Fynds that Jhonn Hammiltoun, alias Blacksmyth, and Alesoun Bayne, his spous, being now aiget and decrepit persouns, ar lawfully provydet of awld to ane pensioun of sex sowmes girs in the mos of Paislay, with the twa acres of land callit the Fawlds, togidder with twa chalderis of meill furth of the girnellis of Paislay, betuix Alhallomes and Candilmes, to be payet and thankfully delyuerit be the grainter of the said abbay for the tyme to the saidis persons during thair lyfetymes, as at lenth is contenit in their gift maid thairupoun be vmquhill Jhonn archbischop of St Androis, off the daitt the fourt of June 1558 yeiris, schawin and producet before the said bailyeis and counsall; and thairfore ordanis maister Michaell Chisholme, vnder factour and chalmerlen to the guid toun of the said abbacie, to mak the saidis persouns thankfull payment of the said pensioun according to thair said gift and provisioun for all the yeiris and termes that the said abbacie hes bene in the townis hands or sall be in tyme cuming.

Decreitt aganis the comptroller, Blakfreires.

Jhonn Robertsoun, merchant, producet the decreitt of the lords of counsall obtenit at the instance of the town aganes the Kingis Maiesties comptroller vpoun the dewtie quhilk the Blakfreires of this burgh had of awld furth of the burrow maillis thairof; quhilk decreitt wes delyuerit to James Ros, thesaurer, quha is ordanet to caus the sam be writtin ower and subscryuet in perchement.