Archdeacons of Worcester diocese

Pages 104-105

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 2, Monastic Cathedrals (Northern and Southern Provinces). Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1971.

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Although there were two archdeacons from bishop Sampson's time (1096-1112), the division of the diocese into two territorial archdeaconries did not take place until about the 1140s. The first four archdeacons of the diocese occur without territorial titles and it is not possible to see two clear lines of succession. For a discussion of this, and for details about the individual archdeacons to c. 1240, see Cart. Worc. pp. lxiii-lxvi.


First occ. 1086, as tenant of bp. of Worcester in Worcs. (Domesday Book (1783) 1 fo. 173, 173b; cf. the Worcester relief of [Jan. 1095 × June 1096] (J. H. Round, Feudal England (1895) p. 312)). Last occ. [1100 × 8] (Cart. Worc. no. 259). Occ. together with Hugh, archdcn., n.d. (ibid. nos. 148, 165). Presum. d. or res. before Feb. 1114, because Hugh and Richard occ. as archdcns. before that date (I. Atkins in Antiquaries Jnl. xx (1940) 224-5).


Said to have been appd. before 1112 (John Worc. p. 18), and this is supported by his occ. together with Ailric, archdcn. (Cart. Worc. nos. 148, 165). Occ. [1109 × 1114] (Yorks. Archaeol. Jnl. xxxvi (1944-7) 132). Perhaps succeeded to senior archdcnry. on Ailric's d. (see Darlington, Cart. Worc. p. lxiv). Occ. together with Richard, archdcn., [1115 × 23] (cart. of Lanthony: P.R.O., C.115/K2/6683 i. 100). (fn. 1) Also occ. together with Thurstan, archdcn., 24 Sept. 1122 (cart. of Kenilworth: B.M., Harley MS. 3650 fo. 46v). D. 21 March 1125 (John Worc. p. 18).


Occ. twice: [May 1112 × Feb. 1114] (I. Atkins in Antiquaries Jnl. xx (1940) 224-5); and [1115 × 23], together with Hugh, archdcn. (cart. of Lanthony: P.R.O., C.115/K2/ 6683 i. 100). (fn. 1) Possibly to be identified with Richard, archdcn. of Gloucester, who occ. [1139 × 48] and [1151 × 57] (cf. below p. 107).


First occ., together with Hugh, archdcn., 24 Sept. 1122 (cart. of Kenilworth: B.M., Harley MS. 3650 fo. 46v). Last occ. after 1138, [prob. c. 1140] (Cart. Worc. no. 85) and 1140/1 (H. A. Cronne, in University of Birmingham Hist. Jnl. ii (1949) 207, and cf. ibid. p. 202).


  • 1. Temp. John of Coutances, bp. of Worcester (above p. 100).