Archdeacons: Carlisle

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 2, Monastic Cathedrals (Northern and Southern Provinces). Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1971.

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The archdeaconry was probably established at the same time as the diocese. Duringthe long vacancy in the bishopric, between 1156 and 1204, the archdeacon acted ascustodian and head of the diocese. (fn. 1) A list of the archdeacons of Carlisle was printedby J. E. Prescott, 'The officers of the diocese of Carlisle', Trans. of Cumberland andWestmorland Antiquarian and Archaeol. Soc. new ser. xi (1911) 90-117.


Occ. once only [1133 × 56] (Cartularium de Whiteby, ed. J. C. Atkinson 1 (SurteesSoc. lxix) 38, 260). (fn. 2)


First occ. [c. 1151] (Early Yorks. Charters v no. 169), and perhaps earlier, [1133 ×56] (Reg. Wetherhal no. 28). (fn. 3) Last occ. [c. 1166] (Mon. Ang. vi(1) 236-7), (fn. 4) and perhapsas late as [c. 1174] (Reg. Holm Cultram no. 53, cf. ibid. no. 49). Presum. d. by 1191(Pipe Roll 3 and 4 Ric. I (Pipe Roll Soc., new ser. ii) p. 55), and perhaps by 1186(see J. Wilson in Victoria County Hist. Cumberland 11 119-20).

Peter de Ros

Royal justice. Occ. without title 1 Feb. 1189 (Yorks. Archaeol. Jnl. xl (1962) 89;cf. Pipe Roll 1 Ric. I, ed. J. Hunter (1844) pp. 139-40). First occ. as archdcn. 17 June1190 (Reg. Holm Cultram no. 71; cf. Early Yorks. Charters 11 no. 1105). Last occ.26 Nov. 1194 (cart. of Holm Cultram: B.M., Harley MS. 3891 fos. 43v-44r, of whichdate not fully given in Reg. Holm Cultram no. 190). D. 1196/7 (Howden IV 14).


Appd. before Apr. 1197 (Howden IV 14), apparently by king (Rot. Chart. p. 119b).Last occ. after Apr. 1208 (Durham, Cart. Elemos. pp. 115-16). (fn. 5) Also archdcn. ofDurham from before Apr. 1197 to Dec. 1217 or later (see below p. 38). Nephew ofPhilip of Poitou, bp. of Durham (1197-1208) (Howden IV 14).

[Alexander de Lucy

Had royal gr. of bpric. 8 June 1203 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 30b), and described as officialof Carlisle about the same time (ibid.). Royal gr. of archdcnry. 18 Nov. 1203 (ibid.p. 35b), but evidently ineffective, because Aimeric occ. as archdcn. 10 Feb. 1204(Rot. Chart. p. 119b) and later (see above p. 23). Lucy does not occ. as archdcn.]

[?G- de Lascy

Occ. as archdcn. temp. G-abp. of York, i.e. [1191 × 1212] or [1215 × 55] (CarlisleR.O., Cart. Wetherhal fo. 35r).] (fn. 6)

An unnamed archdcn. occ. 20 Aug. 1223 (Pat. R. 1216-25 p. 382). The official of anunnamed archdcn. (fn. 7) occ. after March 1224 (Chartulary of Fountains, ed. W. T. Lancaster (Leeds, 1915) 1 200).

M. Gervase de Louther (fn. 8)

Presum. not appd. until after Dec. 1223, when still bp.'s official (Chartulary ofFountains 1 46, 201). (fn. 9) First certain occ. as archdcn. before 26 March 1228 (C.Ch.R.1 77), but perhaps occ. earlier, [1223 × 29] (Reg. Wetherhal no. 54) and [1223 × 31](Carlisle R.O., Mounsey-Heysham deeds no. 6). (fn. 10) Last occ. 1234/5 (Reg. Holm Cultramno. 20, cf. no. 25).

M. Robert de Otrington (fn. 11)

Occ. without title 25 May 1235 (Close R. 1234-37 p. 91). Papal disp. to hold thisarchdcnry. in plurality with another benefice, 12 Apr. 1238 (Reg. Greg. IX no. 4259).Occ. [1236 × 47] (Reg. Wetherhal nos. 137, 217).

Walter de Ulceby

Bp.'s official (Mon. Ang. v 607). First occ. 3 Apr. 1244 (C.Ch.R. 11 124). Papal disp. toretain church of Lowther (Westmld.), (fn. 12) together with this archdcnry., 7 May 1245 (Reg.Innoc. IV no. 1282). Last occ. [Feb. 1255 × Oct. 1256] (Reg. Holm Cultram no. 34). (fn. 13)

M. M[ichael] de Hamsted

Occ. as M. M- de Hamsted, archdcn., 18 June 1263 (Cartularium de Whiteby,ed. J. C. Atkinson 1 (Surtees Soc. lxix) 279). Occ. as M. N- (sic) de Hamsted,archdcn., 23 March 1265 (Carlisle R.O., Cart. Lanercost xiv no. 12). Prob. to beidentified with M. Michael de Hamsted, rector of Sculcoates (Yorks., East), who 2 Aug. 1269 (Reg. W. Giffard, ed. W. Brown (Surtees Soc. cix) p. 54).


Occ. 27 Aug. 1267 (Carlisle R.O., Cart. Lanercost xiv no. 14).

M. H-

Occ. [c. 1275] (Reg. Holm Cultram no. 35).

M. Nicholas de Lewelin

Occ. [c. 1276] (Carlisle R.O., Cart. Lanercost x no. 7). Occ. as M. Nicholas, archdcn.,n.d. (ibid. xiii no. 8).

M. Richard de Lyth alias de Wytebi (fn. 14)

The following occs. prob. all belong to a single individual:

M. Richard, archdcn., 21 Feb. 1285 (document pd. by J. Wilson, in Scottish Hist.Review v (1908) 301-3).

M. Richard de Lyth, in office before 10 June 1291, when he had already beensuspended, excomm. and depr. of archdcnry., and absolved and restored (Reg. Nic. IVno. 5346).

M. Richard de Wytebi, archdcn., Dec. 1292 (Placita de Quo Warranto (RecordComm., 1818) p. 116).

R-, archdcn., 19 Sept. 1299 (Reg. J. Halton, ed. W. N. Thompson and T. F. Tout(Canterbury and York Soc. xii, xiii) 1 132).

Archdcnry. vacant before 15 Nov. 1302, when next coll. made (ibid. pp. 176-7).


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  • 2. Temp. Adelulf, bp. of Carlisle (above p. 19).
  • 3. Temp. Adelulf, bp. of Carlisle (above p. 19), but the charter has suspicious features, e.g. the reference to 'archidiaconalia' which seems anachronistic.
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  • 7. The archdcn. was not M. Gervase de Louther, who occ. in the same deed without title.
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  • 13. Temp. Thomas de Veteri Ponte, bp. of Carlisle (above p. 20).
  • 14. Lythe is only 4 miles from Whitby (Yorks., North).