Archdeacons: Ely

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 2, Monastic Cathedrals (Northern and Southern Provinces). Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1971.

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Archdcn. of Cambridge, Huntingdon and Hertford (Lincoln dioc.) (Hen. Hunt.p. 302; cf. Rob. Torigny 1 145). Occ. at Ely 17 Oct. 1106, called archdcn. of Lincoln(Liber Eliensis p. 229), and also called archdcn. of Cambridge (ibid. pp. 125, 276). Prob.continued as archdcn. after creation of see of Ely, 27 June 1109 (ibid. p. 403). Prob.father of the historian Henry of Huntingdon, and d. 1110 (Hen. Hunt. p. 237; cf. ibid.p. xxxiii).

William Brito

Appd. soon after 1110 (Liber Eliensis p. 276; cf. E. Miller, Abbey and Bpric. of Ely(Cambridge, 1951) p. 282). Last occ. [1145 × 50] (cart. of Thorney: C.U.L., Add.MS. 3020 fo. 172v), and 1144 or 1145 (Liber Eliensis p. 335 and n. 9). Possibly d. by1150 (Miller, Ely p. 168 n. 3; cf. Liber Eliensis pp. 403-7), but more prob. suspended,22 Dec. 1150 (Liber Eliensis pp. 349-50; also pd. in P.U.E. 11 no. 64), and deposed by1152 (Liber Eliensis pp. 345, 403-4). Nephew of Hervey, bp. of Ely (1109-31) (Miller,Ely p. 280; also Regesta 11 no. 1502).

William of Lavington (fn. 1)

Occ. at Ely without title 1144 or 1145 (Liber Eliensis p. 334). First occ. as archdcn.before 1151 (cart. of Thorney: C.U.L., Add. MS. 3020 fo. 168r-v), (fn. 2) and [1152, soonafter Feb.] (Liber Eliensis p. 354). Called archdcn. of Cambridge [1152] (Saltman,Theobald nos. 100-1). Last occ. 1156 (Pipe Rolls 2-4 Hen. II, ed. J. Hunter (1844)pp. 16, 59) and c. 1158 (Ely, ch. 53(1)). (fn. 3) Possibly d. by 1158, when his sister Matildaocc., perhaps as his heir (Pipe Rolls 2-4 Hen. II pp. 134, 135; cf. ibid. pp. 16, 59).

Richard Fitz Neal

First occ. [c. 1158] (Ely D.R., Liber M (C.U.L., MS. G.3.28) p. 159). Alreadyking's treas., from c. 1158 (see Liber Eliensis pp. lvii-lviii, 372 and n. 1). Also preb. ofLondon and dean of Lincoln from 1184 until became bp. of London, el. Sept. 1189,cons. Dec. (fn. 4)

Richard Barre

Archdcn. of Lisieux, in which office last occ. 1188 (Diceto 11 51). First occ. as archdcn.of Ely 4 July 1190 (Reg. Holme 1 nos. 297, 299). Last certain occ. 9 Aug. 1202 (cart.of Eye: Chelmsford, Essex R.O., D/D By.Q.19 fo. 35r), but perhaps occ. after 1208(Lancs. Pipe Rolls and Early Lancs. Charters, ed. W. Farrer (Liverpool, 1902) p. 330).An unnamed archdcn. of Cambridge occ. 9 Apr. 1205 (Innocent III, Cal. Lettersno. 614).

Stephen Ridel

Occ. at Ely without title after March 1198, together with his predecessor in office(Ely, ch. 61). Occ. without title as late as 21 Jan. 1208 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 78b). Said tohave held office c. 1210 (J. Le Neve, Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, corrected by T. D.Hardy (Oxford, 1854) 1 350, citing 'Letter temp. Joh. no. 28'). Presum. to be identifiedwith Stephen Ridel, formerly chanc. of John as count of Mortain (Howden 11 137, 153;cf. Pipe Roll 1 Ric. I, ed. J. Hunter (1844) p. 18), who is said to have been imprisonedand exiled by the king, c. Aug. 1212, and to have returned after some years (Ann.Dunstable p. 34). (fn. 5) Occ. as archdcn. [1215, late Feb.] (Diplomatic Documents 1, ed. P.Chaplais (1964) no. 18). Said to have res. archdcnry. after June 1215 into hands ofRobert of York, bp.-el. (1215-19) (ann. Thorney: C.U.L., Add. MS. 3021 fo. 442r),to have been a kinsman of Geoffrey Ridel, bp. of Ely (1174-89) and to have d. temp.Robert of York, bp.-el. (Hist. Eliensis p. 634). Also preb. of Lincoln and Salisbury.

M. Adam de Tilneia

Clk. of abbot of St. Albans (Ben., Herts.), and then (c. 1213) of Stephen Langton,abp. of Canterbury (Gesta Abbatum S. Albani, ed. H. T. Riley (Rolls ser. xxviii) 1 243).Said to have been appd. archdcn. after June 1215 by Robert of York, bp.-el. (ann.Thorney: C.U.L., Add. MS. 3021 fo. 442r), but first occ. as archdcn. apparently beforeApr. 1214 (Acta S. Langton no. 9). (fn. 6) Presum. to be identified with unnamed archdcn.who occ. 19 May 1216 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 183b(ter)). D. 6 Nov. 1219 (ann. Barnwell,in Hist. Collections of Walter of Coventry, ed. W. Stubbs (Rolls ser. lviii) 11 241 n. 5).

M. Giles

First certain occs. [June 1225 × Dec. 1228] (cart. of Waltham: B.M., Cotton MS.Tib. C. ix fo. 155v) (fn. 7) and 10 Aug. 1228 (Pat. R. 1225-32 p. 200), but perhaps to beidentified with unnamed archdcn. who occ. Oct. and Nov. 1220 (C.R.R. ix 266, 378).Last occ. 14 Aug. 1233 (reg. of see of Ely: B.M., Cotton MS. Tib. B. ii fo. 251v). Alsopapal chapl. (cf. Close R. 1227-31 p. 118).

M. Robert of Leicester

First occ. 19 Feb. 1238 (cart. of Thorney: C.U.L., Add. MS. 3020 fo. 173r). Lastocc. 21 Apr. 1246 (cart. of St. Andrew, Northampton: B.M., Cotton MS. Vesp.E. xvii fo. 208v). Possibly to be identified with M. R- of Leicester who occ. asofficial of Ely 16 March 1264 (cart. of Thorney: C.U.L., Add. MS. 3021 fo. 445v).

An unnamed archdcn. of Ely occ. 22 Dec. 1248 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 4274).

M. Nicholas of Ely

First occ. 6 Aug. 1249 (C.P.R. 1247-58 p. 46). Also preb. of London and papalchapl. Royal chanc. 1260-1, 1263; treas. of Exchequer 1263. Archdcn. until becamebp. of Worcester, el. May 1266, cons. Sept. (see below p. 101).

John de Balsham (fn. 8)

Occ. once only, 9 Sept. 1267 (C. H. Cooper, Memoir of Margaret Countess ofRichmond and Derby (Cambridge, 1874) p. 175). Said to occ. 18 Aug. 1267 (Bentham,Ely 1 274, citing 'MS. vet. Chartular. penes D. & C. fo. 54').

M. Ralph de Walpole

Prob. already archdcn. when occ. 6 Feb. 1272 (Rot. R. Gravesend, ed. F. N. Davis(Canterbury and York Soc. xxxi) p. 175; cf. ibid. pp. 176, xxv), but first certain occ.12 July 1272 (Ely D.R., Liber R (C.U.L., MS. G.3.27) fo. 212r-v). Archdcn. untilbecame bp. of Norwich, el. Nov. 1288, cons. March 1289 (see below p. 58).

M. John de Oseville

First occ. as archdcn. and papal chapl. 13 Feb. 1291 (Reg. Nic. IV no. 4178). Lastocc. 31 Oct. 1291, in dispute with his successor in office (Reg. O. Sutton, ed. R. M. T.Hill 111 (Lincoln Record Soc. xlviii) 162-3, cf. ibid. p. 113).

M. Ralph de Foderingeye (fn. 9)

Occ. without title, in dispute with his predecessor, 24 June and 31 Oct. 1291 (Reg. O.Sutton, ed. R. M. T. Hill 111 (Lincoln Record Soc. xlviii) 113, 162-3). Occ. as archdcn.of Ely 7 Apr. 1292 (Ely, ch. 949). (fn. 10) Occ. as R- de Fadr', archdcn. of Ely, n.d.(Camb., Gonville and Caius Coll. MS. 204/110 fo. 42v). Perhaps to be identified withM. Ralph de Fodringeye who occ. without title, as parson of Wilburton (Cambs.)18 Oct. 1294 (C.P.R. 1292-1301 p. 124), and with Ralph Fodringhey, preb. of Lincolnfrom 1313 to c. 1317 (Fasti 1300-1541 1 (1962) 76).

M. Adam

Occ. [Apr. × Oct. 1302] (cart. of Ely: B.M., Egerton MS. 3047 fo. 28v). (fn. 11)


  • 1. Prob. West Lavington, Wilts.; see Liber Eliensis p. 354 n. 3.
  • 2. Temp. Robert, abbot of Thorney.
  • 3. Temp. Richard Fitz Neal, king's treas. (see Liber Eliensis pp. lvii-lviii, 372 and n. 1).
  • 4. John of Oxford occ. as archdcn. of Ely [1185 × 1207] (Canterbury, Reg. A fo. 270r, temp. Walterof Coutances, abp. of Rouen), but perhaps a mistake.
  • 5. Prob. West Lavington, Wilts.; see Liber Eliensis p. 354 n. 3.
  • 6. Temp. Robert, abbot of Thorney.
  • 7. Temp. Richard Fitz Neal, king's treas. (see Liber Eliensis pp. lvii-lviii, 372 and n. 1).
  • 8. John of Oxford occ. as archdcn. of Ely [1185 × 1207] (Canterbury, Reg. A fo. 270r, temp. Walterof Coutances, abp. of Rouen), but perhaps a mistake.
  • 9. ?Fotheringhay, Northants.
  • 10. In a copy of this charter in cart. of Ely, B.M., Egerton MS. 3047 fo. 53v (cited in Fasti 1300-1541iv (1963) 17), his name is wrongly given as Robert.
  • 11. Temp. Robert de Orford, bp.-el. of Ely.