Archdeacons of Winchester diocese

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 2, Monastic Cathedrals (Northern and Southern Provinces). Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1971.

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It was not until the second half of the twelfth century that territorial titles were used regularly by the archdeacons of the diocese of Winchester. The archdeacons who occur before that time are listed in chronological order. After William of Chichester, however, two lines of succession may be conjectured, corresponding to the later titles of Winchester and Surrey:

Winchester Surrey
Henry, 1107-?1116 Stephen, 1107-c. 1128
Richer or Richard, c. 1128
Jocelin de Bohun, 1139-?1142
[Hugh du Puiset, ?1142-?1153] [William, 1148]

A useful list of the archdeacons of Surrey before 1400 is to be found in A. L. Browne, 'The early archdeacons of Surrey', Surrey Archaeol. Collections xlvi (1938) 68-97.

William of Chichester

Occ. as bp.'s archdcn. [1078 × 87] (Regesta 1 no. 270).


First occ. [1107], together with Stephen, archdcn. (Cart. Winch. no. 9). (fn. 1) Bp. of Verdun, nom. 1114 or 1115, cons. 1116, res. 1129 (Rec. Hist. France xiii 634-6, 641). Called bp.'s archdcn. 1114/15 (Chron. Abingdon, ed. J. Stevenson (Rolls ser. ii) 11 111-12).


First occ. [1107], together with Henry, archdcn. (Cart. Winch. no. 9), (fn. 1) but occ. perhaps earlier, [1100 × 9] (Anselm, Opp. 111 ep. no. 51). Occ. again together with Henry, archdcn., 1114/15 (Chron. Abingdon, ed. J. Stevenson (Rolls ser. ii) 11 111-12). Last. occ. together with Richer, archdcn., [c. 1128] (Mon. Ang. v 241). Called archdcn. of Surrey [1117 × 40] (Cartularium Monasterii in Colecestria, ed. S. A. Moore (Roxburghe Club, 1897) 11 512).

Richer or Richard

Occ. as Richard, archdcn., [1115 × 28] (Ang. Sac. 1 279; cart. of Winchester: B.M., Add. MS. 29436 fos. 26r-v, 26v-27r) and [1126 × 28] (Cart. Winch. nos. 1, 2). Presum. to be identified with Richer, archdcn., who occ. together with Stephen, [c. 1128] (Mon. Ang. v 241), and alone, perhaps earlier (Reg. Pontissara 11 621, 622, where c. 1124 suggested, perhaps a little too early). (fn. 2) Richer, archdcn., held land in Sutton (Hants) (V. H. Galbraith in E.H.R. xxxv (1920) 399). Richer archdcn. became Ben. monk of Hyde (Winchester) before his d. (Liber Vitae of New Minster and Hyde, ed. W. de G. Birch (Hants Record Soc., 1892) p. 30).

Jocelin de Bohun

First occ. as archdcn. [Jan. × Aug. 1139] (Regesta 111 no. 417). In office until became bp. of Salisbury, cons. 1142. Presum. archdcn. of Winchester, because occ. in connection with two chapels in archdeaconry (cart. of Southampton: B.M., Add. MS. 15314 fo. 118r).

Hugh du Puiset (fn. 3)

Occ. as Hugh, archdcn., [1139 × 53] (Cart. Winch. no. 5). Also treas. of York until became bp. of Durham, el. Jan. 1153, cons. Dec. (see above p. 30). Called archdcn. of Winchester by Gervase (Gerv. Cant. 1 157). Presum. to be identified with 'Hugo de Pusat' who held land in Winchester in 1148 (Liber Wintoniensis in Domesday Book 111 552). Nephew of Henry of Blois, bp. of Winchester (1129-71).


Occ. as William, archdcn., 1148 (Liber Wintoniensis in Domesday Book 111 548, 555).


  • 1. Temp. William Giffard, bp. of Winchester (above p. 85) and Godfrey, prior of Winchester (p. 88).
  • 2. Cf. above p. 88.
  • 3. See above p. 30 n. 4.