Prebendaries: Thame

Pages 101-103

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 3, Lincoln. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1977.

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Church of Thame (Oxon., bp.'s manor T.R.E. and 1086, D.B. I 155b) conf. as preb. by pope 6 Feb. 1146 (R.A.L. I no. 252 p. 199) and 5 June 1163 (ibid. no. 255 p. 207); portion of tithes belonged to Eynsham from before 1109 until 23 Oct. 1266, when exchanged for appropriation of Brize Norton (Cart. Eynsham I no. 7, II no. 722). Vicarage ordained May 1254 × May 1255 (Bodl., MS. Archd. Oxon. c. 141 pp. 125-6), (fn. 1) and c. Feb. 1274 (Rot. Gravesend p. 225).

Chapels of Sydenham and Tetsworth (Oxon.) and Towersey (Bucks.) first mentioned at ordination of vicarage 1254 × 55 (cited above).


1254 £35; 1291 £112, vicar £8 (Taxatio p. 30b)


? Ralph de Waravill (fn. 2)

Called can. of Wells, not yet can. of Lincoln, 22 Nov. 1221 (Rot. Welles II 194). First occ. as can. of Lincoln 27 March 1222 (ibid. p. 197). Also bp.'s datary, 1225-32; can. of Wells. Last occ. 14 Jan. 1240 (H.M.C. Wells I 32). Had a house at Thame, 4 Aug. 1234 (Close R. 1231-4 p. 490), and therefore perhaps this preb.

John Maunsel

Papal prov. of preb.; occ. in possession of this preb., with royal favour, 8 Aug. 1241 (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 257) and 2 Sept. (R.A.L. I no. 242). Dispute between bp. and king over bp.'s coll. of M. Simon of London; Maunsel res. 1241 (Chron. Maj. IV 152-4; cf. Mon. Franc. I 185-9). King's clk., keeper of seal 1238-42, 1246-7, 1248-9 (Tout, Chapters VI 4, 5). Provost of Beverley, chanc. of St. Paul's, London, treas. of York; d. c. 20 Jan. 1265 (see Fasti 1066-1300 I 26). Not to be confused (as in D.N.B.) with M. John Maunsel preb. Fenton in York (see York Minster Fasti I 25, II 26-7).

M. Simon of London

Bp.'s clk. (Rot. Grosseteste pp. 454, 487). Coll. by bp. to this preb. 1241, and retained it on res. of John Maunsel (Chron. Maj. IV 152-4; cf. Mon. Franc. I 185-9). Occ. as this preb. July 1252 (VC 2/1 nos. 203-4), and as M. Simon de Valenciis, this preb. May 1254 × May 1255 (Bodl., MS. Archd. Oxon. c. 141 pp. 125-6; for date see below n. 1). Last occ. 8 July 1259 (Cart. Osen. IV no. 33A).

M. Richard de Mepham

Archdcn. of Oxford from between 15 Jan. and 27 Sept. 1263 (list 11); dean from 1272, after c. 8 Sept.; prob. d. Oct. 1274 (list 2). Occ. as this preb. shortly before 26 Feb. 1274 (Rot. Gravesend p. 225).

William Ferre

D. as this preb. some time before 11 Sept. 1292 (Reg. I fo. 355v; cf. Reg. Sutton IV 38, 48, 71, 137).

[Peter of Savoy

Preb. Marston, coll. 30 Dec. 1291; papal prov. of another preb. 6 March 1292 (list 49). Took possession of church of Thame after d. of William Ferre; not recog nized by bp., who issued admonitory letter 23 Sept. 1292 (Reg. Sutton IV 37-8). Savoy presum. soon withdrew, as church in possession of agents of Edward de Sancto Johanne by 17 Nov. 1292 (below). Savoy transf. from preb. Marston to Langford Manor, coll. 23 Dec. 1292 (list 42).]

Thomas of Sutton

Archdcn. of Northampton, coll. 9 Jan. 1291 (list 9). Transf. from preb. Leighton Buzzard to this preb., coll. by bp. 11 Sept. 1292 (Reg. I fo. 355v; list 44), but Peter of Savoy already in possession of this church (above) although he presum. soon withdrew, as Edward de Sancto Johanne in possession by 17 Nov. 1292 (below). Preb. rest. to Sutton 1 Oct. 1294 (C.C.R. 1288-96 p. 370). Last occ. as this preb. in year Sept. 1316-Sept. 1317 (Bj/2/4 fo. 125v), but evidently already d. by 8 June 1316 (Reg. II fo. 292v).

[Edward de Sancto Johanne

Claimed this preb. by prov. of pope Nicholas IV (1288-92); his agents in possession, and bp.'s mand. for his excomm. 17 Nov. 1292 (Reg. Sutton IV 47-9). Bp.'s appeal to king to eject Sancto Johanne's agents 2 March 1293 (ibid. p. 67), and renewed excomm. 19 March (ibid. pp. 70-2). King's mand. to sheriff of Oxford to take preb. into king's hands, 6 July 1294 (C.C.R. 1288-96 p. 355). Settlement reached whereby bp. promised to Sancto Johanne next vacant preb. worth 110 marks, 25 July (ibid. p. 390). Preb. rest. to Sutton 1 Oct. (above). Sancto Johanne res. claim and obtained preb. S. Scarle 23 Sept. (Reg. I fo. 357r; cf. list 58).]


  • 1. This undated ordination is presum. that referred to as belonging to the first year of bp. Henry de Lexington, in C.U.L., MS. Dd. 10. 28 fo. 105v.
  • 2. ? Varaville (Calvados, arr. Caen, cant. Troarn, France); cf. Pat. R. 1225-32 p. 45.