Prebendaries: Beminster Secunda

Pages 49-50

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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See above, under Prima.


1220s 20m.; 1226 20m.; c. 1284 10m.; 1291 £13 6s. 8d.



In 1226 stated to have held preb. before Valentine (cf. below). Perhaps to be identified with Elias of Bristol, who occ. as can. 7 Jan. 1213/14 (Nova Const. p. 52) and 15 Aug. 1222 (Sar. Stats. p. 70, also pd. RSO II 18), but if so, either he or Valentine must have held a different preb. as they occ. together on latter occasion.]


First occ. as can. 19 Feb. 1222 (Sar. Chs. p. 122). (fn. 1) Occ. together with Elias of Bristol 15 Aug. 1222 (Sar. Stats. p. 70, also pd. RSO II 18), so if Elias is to be identified with Elias of Bristol, either he or Valentine must have held a different preb. at that time. Valentine occ. as successor of Elias in preb. Beminster, perhaps this preb., Oct. 1226 x Feb. 1227 (app. 1). Preb. called 'Beymenistr' Valentin' in 1220s (C. 462, pd. Sar. Chs. p. 207) and c. 1284 (C. 511). Fined for non-residence Feb. 1227 (RSO II 77). Absent 9 Sept. 1228 (ibid. pp. 104, 109). Occ. frequently as can. before last occ. 16 Apr. 1237 (Reg. Robert Hallum, Bishop of Salisbury, ed. J. M. Horn (CYS lxxii, 1982) no. 1020). Not to be confused with Valentine, clk. of bp. Richard Poore, with whom he occ. 26 March 1222 and 25 June 1226 (RSO I 322, II 29; cf. IV/C.4/5, of 31 Dec. 1219).]

M. William of Ewell (fn. 2)

Occ. in possession of his uncle Walter of Merton's houses in Salisbury 29 March 1276, so perhaps already can. (Early Rolls of Merton p. 82; cf. ibid. p. 83). Occ. this preb. May-June 1284 (app. 2), and as can., voting by proxy, 10 May 1288 (app. 3). Does not otherwise occ. as can. Also preb. of London (1 Fasti I 50) and of Bishop Auckland. Still alive 1 June 1301; certainly d. by 29 Dec. 1311 (ibid.). but had been succeeded in this preb. some time before 31 Aug. 1304 (below). Nephew of Walter of Merton, bp. of Rochester (1274-7), previously can., prebs. Yatesbury and Charminster (Early Rolls of Merton pp. 40, 82, 83; lists 62, 26).

M. John de Bestane (fn. 3)

D. by 31 Aug. 1304 (Reg. Ricardi de Swinfield, episcopi Herefordensis, ed. W. W. Capes (CYS vi, 1909) p. 536 and n.), as this preb. (Reg. Gandavo II 637). Archdcn. of Salop (Hereford dioc.) 1286-9; preb. of Hereford to d. (2 Fasti II 29). Clk. of abps. Pecham and Winchelsey; auditor of causes in court of Canterbury (Reg. Pecham II 33; Reg. Winchelsey I 62, 101; I. J. Churchill, Canterbury Administration (1935) II 242). Still alive, but infirm, 21 Aug. 1302 (Reg. Winchelsey I 442-3). Dispute over execution of his will (Reg. Gandavo I 294-6, 318-22; Reg. Winchelsey I pp. xxx. 484).


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