Prebendaries: Bartonsham

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 8, Hereford. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2002.

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Bartonsham, now part of Hereford, formed part of the manor of Bertune in the 11th cent.; in 1086 4 clks. held 4½ hides of the manor, and this preb. is perhaps a survival of one of these holdings (DB I 181c; discussed by J. Barrow, 'A Lotharingian in Hereford' pp. 37-8). By the late 13th cent. the preb. of Berchomesham, whose endowments consisted of a car. at Bartonsham, was assessed at £19 19s in the taxation of pope Nicholas c. 1291 (Taxatio p. 169b) and at 18m in a list entered into bp. Swinfield's register in 1294 (Reg. Swinfield p. 305, where referred to as Berthonesham). Valor III 10 assesses the preb. at £17 18s 10½d.


M. William de Ria

Can. of Hereford, preb. unspecified, by 1206 × 1215 (Gloucester Original Acta no. 37, where dated 1205 × 1215, but must be later than 1206 because William of Kilpeck is referred to as prec.); archdcn. of Hereford by a point between 18 Dec. 1216 and 16 Apr. 1219 (see archdcns. of Hereford, list 6). Occ. as archdcn. of Hereford and preb. of Bartonsham 27 Oct. 1221 × 26 Oct. 1222, in the third year of Hugh Foliot's pontificate (cart. St Guthlac fo. 74v, no. 315), and 1216 × 1230, prob. 27 Oct. 1221 × 26 Oct. 1222 (ibid. fo. 75r, no. 316). (fn. 1) William had been succeeded as archdcn. by 1234 (see archdcns. of Hereford), and must have d. between 1224 and 1234. Commem., as archdcn., 22 Oct. (app. 1 fo. 42r).

Thomas de Fauconberg (fn. 2)

Archdcn. of Essex and preb. of St Paul's from before Oct. 1228 to 7 Nov. 1243 × 1 Aug. 1248 (1 Fasti I 13, 62-3); he occ. as archdcn. of Essex in a Hereford ch. of 1234 × 1239 (Hereford ch. no. 1409), which suggests that he was already a can. of Hereford; he was certainly a member of the chapter by 26 Sept. 1241 (Reg. Swinfield p. 91). His preb. is specified in 1243 as the one previously held by M. William de Ria, and is clearly Bartonsham, since there is a reference to a dispute over a weir with William Devereux (Curia Regis Rolls 1242-3 p. 323, no. 1653). D. before 23 March 1266 (1 Fasti I 13).

M. Tedisius de Camilla (fn. 3)

Royal clk.; ineffective gr. of archdcnry. of York 1266 (1 Fasti VI 35); can. of Salisbury by 1272 (ibid. IV 109). Received a gr. of the preb. of Bartonsham in episcopal vacancy, 9 Dec. 1268 (CPR 1262-72 p. 306). Became dean of Wolverhampton 10 June 1269 (ibid. p. 310 and cf. VCH Staffs. III 330), holding the office until his d., which occ. before 15 Sept. 1295 (CPR 1292-1301 p. 147), in which case the Thedisius de Camilla, can. of Wolverhampton, who occ. 26 Apr. 1298 (ibid. pp. 346-7), must presumably be a younger kinsman.

? William de Sarreta (of Gruyère) (fn. 4)

Can. of Hereford (list 36); res. a preb. at Hereford cath. by the hand of William de Bonevile before 2 Oct. 1277 when it was gr. by bp. Cantilupe to M. Adam de Fileby (Reg. Cantilupe p. 136). This preb. may have been Bartonsham which Adam held at his d. William occ. as cantor and chanc. of Lausanne cath., offices which he held simultaneously, between 1242 and 1272 (Helvetia Sacra I/4, Archidiocèses et diocèses, La diocèse de Lausanne (VI e siècle-1821), de Lausanne et Genève (1821-1925), et de Lausanne, Genève et Fribourg (depuis 1925), ed. P. Braun (Basel and Frankfurt am Main, 1988) p. 217; cf. also reference to him as chanc. of Lausanne cath., Reg. Cantilupe p. 138). The reference to him as treas. of Lausanne (ibid. p. 136) is prob. an error.

M. Adam de Fileby

Can. of Hereford by 16 Oct. 1275 (Reg. Cantilupe p. 17), preb. not specified (see list 36). Bp. Cantilupe coll. him 2 Oct. 1277 to a preb. previously held by William de Sarreta, treas. or chanc. of Lausanne cath. (Reg. Cantilupe p. 136): this may have been the preb. of Bartonsham. Coll. to the deanery by bp. Cantilupe in or before Jan. 1280 (Reg. Cantilupe p. 253 and cf. Yates, 'Bishop Peter' p. 314), but dean John of Aigueblanche won his case to hold on to the deanery and Fileby's coll. was therefore void. By 31 Aug. 1280 Cantilupe had appd. him archdcn. of Shropshire (see archdcns. of Shropshire, list 7). D. by 15 June 1287 when his preb. of Bartonsham was gr. to M. Gilbert de Swinfield (Reg. Swinfield p. 526). Also parson of Aldech in the dioc. of Lincoln, where Edward I presented his successor in late June 1287 (CPR 1281- 92 p. 271).

M. Gilbert de Swinfield

Previously preb. of Woolhope (i.e. Gorwell and Overbury) (see list 16). Coll. to chancellorship 20 Jan. 1287 (Reg. Swinfield p. 526; and see list 5). Coll. to the preb. of Bartonsham, vac. by the d. of M. Adam de Fileby, 15 June 1287 (Reg. Swinfield p. 526). Royal protection to go abroad to study, 6 Sept. 1290 (CPR 1281- 92 p. 384 and cf. p. 381). Occ. as preb. of Bartonsham c.1291 (Taxatio p. 169b, Berchomesham), and 2 March 1297 (Cal. Chanc. Rolls 1277-1326 p. 25). D. by 4 Aug. 1299 when his preb. of Bartonsham was given to Richard de Swinfield (Reg. Swinfield p. 531); his house was also given to Richard, 30 Sept. 1299 (ibid. p. 547).

[M. William de Sardene

See list 11.]

Richard de Swinfield

Previously preb. of Hinton (list 18). Coll. to the preb. of Bartonsham by bp. Richard de Swinfield, 4 Aug. 1299 (Reg. Swinfield p. 531). D. by 3 Aug. 1311 (2 Fasti II 14).


  • 1. The case referred to in these documents, a dispute between Stephen Devereux and M. William over a weir in the river Wye belonging to William's preb., was heard in Hereford in 1221 (Curia Regis Rolls 1216-25 p. 342).
  • 2. For the Fauconberg family see list 36 n. 29.
  • 3. Sometimes rendered by English scribes as Theodosius. See 1 Fasti IV 109 for his kinship with pope Adrian V, who was a Fieschi (CPL I 450-1).
  • 4. William was the son of Rodolphe III, count of Gruyère, and of his wife Cécile or Colombe of Belmont (Helvetia Sacra I/4, Archidiocèses et diocèses, La diocèse de Lausanne (VIe siècle-1821), de Lausanne et Genève (1821-1925), et de Lausanne, Genève et Fribourg (depuis 1925), ed. P. Braun (Basel and Frankfurt am Main, 1988) p. 217); La Sarraz lies to the north of Lausanne in Switzerland. He was presumably related to Aymo II, bp. of Geneva (1215-62), the son of Ebalus of Sarrata and Grandison (Gallia Christiana XVI 407).