Prebendaries: Moreton Magna

Pages 49-50

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 8, Hereford. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2002.

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Moreton on Lugg formed part of the estates of the church of Hereford in the llth cent. and in 1086 the manor, assessed at 4 hides, was held by 3 clks, from the bp. Two of these holdings appear to have survived as later prebs., occ. as such in the mid 12th cent. (see entry for W. below and list 24). In c. 1291 the preb. of Morton, endowed with two cars. and some rents, was assessed for pope Nicholas IV's taxation at £20 (Taxatio p. 169b); in 1294 the preb. of Mortone major was assessed at 20m in the list entered into bp, Swinfield's register (Reg. Swinfield p. 305). Valor III 9 assessed this preb. at £20 12½d gross, £19 14s 4½d net; its endowments were made up of demesne, rent from customary tenants, perquisites and payment of small commons.



A tenant called W. occ. holding Moreton together with David (de Aqua) c. 1160 × c. 1170 (Herefordshire Domesday p. 28); there is no proof that W. was a can., but it seems likely. If so, he would have held the preb. of Moreton Magna, since David's preb. can be identified as Moreton Parva (list 24). W. may be identifiable with the Walter who occ. as one of two episcopal clks., the other being a certain David, 1144 × 16 Apr. 1148 (EEA VII no. 28); it is unlikely that he is identifiable with M. Walter de Aqua, since the latter appears to have become a can. only after 1173 (list 36).

[ M. Ardicio de Comite (fn. 1)

Occ. as can. of Hereford, preb. unspecified, 18 Jan. 1268 (Hereford ch. no. 2930, and cf. C. R. Cheney, Notaries Public in England in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries (Oxford, 1972) p. 21; see also list 36). Occ. as primicerius of Milan and collector of papal taxes, not specified as can. of Hereford, 25 Apr. 1279 (Reg. Cantilupe pp. 208, 290-1). He res. his preb., which is not named but is described as nearer Hereford and better endowed than Inkberrow, 12 Aug. 1280, requesting that it should be given to his nephew Philip (Reg. Cantilupe pp. 248- 50). Bp. Cantilupe wished to give Ardicio's preb. to William de Montfort and William's preb. to Philip, but since William ended up retaining his preb. of Inkberrow, Ardicio's wishes may have prevailed. In that case it is possible that Ardicio's preb. was Moreton Magna, which was better endowed and nearer Hereford than Inkberrow, and which Philip is recorded as holding c. 1291 (see next item).]

Philip de Comite (fn. 2)

Occ. holding preb. of Morton c. 1291 (Taxatio p. 169), which he may have held since Aug. 1280 (see previous item and list 21).

The next known holder of the preb. was Edward de Monte Martini who was admitted 5 June 1307 by virtue of prov. (Reg. Swinfield p. 440; 2 Fasti II 34).


  • 1. Perhaps a member of the Conti of Anagni family.
  • 2. Kinsman of his predecessor.