Durham: Suspension of prebends, 1848-63

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857: Volume 11, Carlisle, Chester, Durham, Manchester, Ripon, and Sodor and Man Dioceses. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2004.

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Table to illustrate suspension of prebends at Durham, 1848–63

Stat. 3 & 4 Vic. c. 113 s. 8 enacted that six canonries were to be suspended: the 1st and 2nd vacant canonries were to be suspended, the 3rd to be filled; the 4th and 5th to be suspended; the 6th to be filled; and the 7th and 8th to be suspended. Stat. 4 & 5 Vic. s. 9 sanctioned the annexation of prebends to archdeaconries.

The Orders in Council of 4 June 1841 (annexing the 11th prebend to the chair of Greek and Classical Literature in University of Durham) and of 27 Aug. 1842 (annexing the next vacant prebend to the archdeaconry of Northumberland) took precedence over this sequence of suspending prebends (Lond. Gaz. nos. 19986, 20135).

Vacancy How occasioned Prebend Outcome
[– S. Smith d. 9 Jan. 1841 XI annexed to chair of Greek and Classical Literature in University of Durham. J. Edwards apptd. to both
[– T. Gisborne d. 24/25 March 1846 I annexed to archdcnry of Northumberland. G. Bland apptd. to both]
1st J.B. Sumner trans. to Canterbury 10 March 1848 II preb. suspended
2nd G.V. Wellesley d. 21 Oct. 1848 V preb. suspended
3rd D. Durell d. 15 Jan. 1852 VIII H.J. Maltby apptd.
4th J.S. Ogle d. 1 Apr. 1853 XII preb. suspended
5th W.S. Gilly d. 10 Sept. 1855 IX preb. suspended
6th G. Townsend d. 23 Nov. 1857 X R.C. Coxe apptd.
7th H. Douglas d. 15 July 1859 VII preb. suspended
[– J. Edwards d. 1 Apr. 1862 XI preb. already annexed to chair of Greek and Classical Literature]
[– C. Thorp d. 10 Oct. 1862 IV annexed to archdcnry of Durham]
8th H.J. Maltby d. 24 Nov. 1863 VIII preb. suspended