Archdeacons: Man

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857: Volume 11, Carlisle, Chester, Durham, Manchester, Ripon, and Sodor and Man Dioceses. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2004.

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At some point the archdcnry was annexed to the island rectory of Andreas (or Kirk Andreas). The actual date this took place has not been located but would appear to be the case by 1544 (see Gilbert Latham entry, below). An undated document written in the 18th century indicates that there had been a suggestion to transfer the archdcnry to the benefice of Malew, but that this had been rejected on financial grounds (MNH, MS. B.H. 4612C: 'Reasons why KK. Andreas cannot be mad a vicaridge and KK. Malew the archdcnry as was proposed').

M. John Walles 1513.

Occ. as archdcn. 1513 (MNH, MS. 510C p. 20).

[–] Gostellaw 1534.

Occ. as archdcn. 1534 (MNH, MS. 510C p. 29). (fn. 1)

In 1541 it may be assumed that the then (unnamed) archden. was absent from the island, since it is recorded that the archden. (and the parsons of [Kirk] Bride and Ballaugh) ought to stay 'in this land and spend their livings there' (MNH, MS. 510C p. 29; ibid., MS. 1358B).

Gilbert Latham B.D. ?–1552.

Presumably was archdcn. by 4 Oct. 1544, when he made his will and left a bequest to 'my church in Man named Kyrke Andrewe'; d. as archdcn. by 21 June 1552 (P.R.O., PROB 11/35, PCC 18 Powell).

Richard Gorstyllaw 1558.

Occ. as archdcn. 11 March 1558 (MNH, Liber Placitorum 1543–69 f. 11; ibid., MS. 510C p. 36– said to be dated 1559 in MS. 510C, but this is clearly the same document).

Hugh Holland 1577, 1582.

Did homage to Henry, earl of Derby, 13 July 1577 (MNH, Liber Placitorum 1570–9, unfoliated; ibid., MS. 510C p. 46). Occ. as archdcn. 1577 and 16 July 1582 (ibid., MS. 151A p. 22; Liber Scaccarii 1582 p. 15; MS. 510C p. 54).

John Phillipps M.A. ?–1605.

Henry Curwyn M.A. 1594, 1595.

Phillipps said to have been appointed to archdcnry in 1587 (biographical memoir of Phillipps prefacing The Book of Common Prayer in Manx Gaelic, ed. A.W. Moore and J. Rhys (Manx Soc., xxxii, 1893) p. ix), though no documentary confirmation has so far been found. Curwyn, vicar of Burton, Westmld., nominated to archdcnry by Sir Edward Stanley (on the authority of William [Stanley, 6th] earl of Derby): series of letters between 12 Aug. 1594 and 20 Oct. 1595 from the earl of Derby, Alice, countess of Derby, his sister-inlaw, and Bishop John Mericke about the disputed archdcnry (MNH, Liber Cancellarii 1595 pp. 40–6; ibid., MS. 510C pp. 71–3). Phillipps found to have been displaced without due course of law and restored. Bp. of Sodor and Man 1605, but held archdcnry in commendam to d. (Athenae Oxon. II 883; BI, Inst. AB. 6 p. 49). D. 7 Aug. 1633 at Bishopscourt and buried St. German's cath., Peel (biographical memoir p. xxi).

John Broxop 1634–?

Pres. by William [Stanley, 6th] earl of Derby; instit. by abp. 9 Jan. 1634 (BI, Inst. AB. 6 p. 49). Occ. 15 June 1635 (ibid. p. 114). Possibly the John Broxop who d. by 25 Dec. 1643 (burial, Ormskirk, Lancs.) (J. Croston, Hist. Lancs. (Manchester, 1888–93) V 256).

Samuel Rutter ?–1661.

Occ. as archdcn. 6 Nov. 1646 (MNH, Liber Causarum 1659–1704, unfoliated in entry copied in 1685). Bp. of Sodor and Man 1661 (P. Barwick, Life of the Rev. Dr. John Barwick (London, 1724) p. 300).

Jonathan Fletcher M.A. 1663, 1669.

Occ. as archdcn. Oct. 1663, 1665, 17 Feb. 1669 (MNH, MS. 10206, archidiaconal wills 1663, 1665, 1668). Certificate of induction of 'Archdeacon Fletcher' as rector of Andreas 3 June 1665 (ibid., MS. 10206, archidiaconal wills, 1665 – presumably he had been instit. to the rectory earlier but not formally inducted).

William Urquhart D.D. 1679, 1685.

Occ. as archden. 3 Apr. 1679 (BI, Conv. Bk. 3 f. 2), n.d. 1680 (MNH, MS. 10206, archidiaconal wills 1680) and 6 Apr. 1685 (MNH, MS. MD. 335, bishops' installation file 1683–98). Still alive, as curate of Friston, Suss., to 1687 (East Sussex R.O., PR Friston, ex inf. R.O. staff).

John Lomax M.A. ?–1695.

Occ. as archden. 11 June 1690 (MNH, MS. 10206, archidiaconal wills, 1690) and 4 Aug. 1693 (ibid., Liber Causarum 1659–1704, unfoliated). Archdenry vac. by d. of last archden. (unnamed) by 2 May 1695, when John Christian and Samuel Wattleworth apptd. to act as vicars-general (ibid., MS. 799C p. 5; cf. MS. MD. 355, John Woods file), although also said to d. 12 Apr.; buried Bury, Lancs., 15 Apr. (Reg. of Parish Church of Bury, ed. A. Sparke (Lancs. Parish Reg. Soc., 1905) p. 131).

Archippus Kippax M.A. 1696–1700.

Occ. as archdcn. from 23 Nov. 1696 (MNH, Liber Causarum 1659–1704, unfoliated; ibid., MS. 799C p. 2). Res. by 7 June 1700 (ibid., MS. 799C f. 18r).

Christopher Marsden M.A. 1700–?

Letter of pres. to archdcnry and rectory of Andreas by William George Richard [Stanley, 9th] earl of Derby, 7 June 1700 (MNH, MS. 799C f. 18r). Marsden subscribed to Articles 10 June (ibid., Liber Causarum 1659–1704, unfoliated). Occ. 11 Apr. 1701 (ibid., MS. 799C f. 22r).

Samuel Wattleworth ?–1718.

Occ. as archdcn. from 24 June 1703 (MNH, Liber Causarum 1659–1704, unfoliated; ibid., MSS. 802C, 799C f. 26r). D. 20 Dec. 1718 and buried St. German's cath., Peel, 23 Dec. (ibid., PR Andreas).

Robert Horrobin 1719–1727.

Inducted 18 Oct. 1719 (Keble, Life of Bp. Wilson I 417, cf. 425). Suspended by bp. on doctrinal and other matters; appealed to abp. of York, 1721–2 (BI, Bp. C&P XV/6, cf. XV/4; Keble, Life of Bp. Wilson I 425–33, cf. 454–63). Occ. in York Convocation 18 May 1722– 20 Jan. 1727 (BI, Conv. Bk. 6 ff. 30v, 49). Res. 25 May 1727 (Keble, Life of Bp. Wilson II 664–5).

John Kippax M.A. 1727–1760.

Instit. 6 Oct. 1727 (Keble, Life of Bp. Wilson II 665). Occ. regularly as archdcn. (BI, Conv. Bk. 6 f. 53; MNH, MS. 10216, Archidiaconal wills 1719/24, 1728/24; ibid., MS. 9309 (GT)). D. 11 May 1760 (Gent. Mag. 1760, xxx 249).

William Mylrea 1760–1787.

Pres. to archdcnry and rectory of Andreas by James [Murray, 2nd] duke of Atholl 17 June 1760 (MNH, Atholl Papers X/10/29); letter of thanks to duke for his appointment 29 July (ibid., X/10/36). D. 14 Sept. 1787 (m.i., Andreas old graveyard) (S. Feltham and E. Wright, Monumental Inscr. ... in the Isle of Man, ed. W. Harrison (Manx Soc., xiv, 1868) p. 28); buried 18 Sept. (MNH, PR Andreas).

Lord George Murray B.A. 1787–1801.

Pres. to archdcnry and rectory of Andreas by Charlotte [Murray], dowager duchess of Atholl and Baroness Strange 22 Sept. 1787 (MNH, MS. MD.355). Instit. and inducted 5 Nov. (ibid., Atholl Papers 136/(2nd folder) /15–16). Bp. of St. Davids 1801. (fn. 2)

Daniel Mylrea 1801–1832.

Occ. as archdcn. 17 June 1801 (MNH, MS. 10216, Archidiaconal wills 1801). In York Convocation between 17 Nov. 1802 and 15 June 1831 (BI, Conv. Bk. 8 pp. 80, 159). Occ. regularly as archdcn. and rector of St. Mary, Ballaugh, from 28 Feb. 1803 (MNH, MS. MD. 335, files of Robert James Hoar, Henry Maddrell, Thomas Harrison and Thomas Stephen). Letter from him to duke of Atholl, asking for the rectory of Andreas 26 Apr. 1813 (ibid., Atholl papers 107/32); subscribed to Articles on appointment as rector 16 Apr. 1814 (ibid., MS. 9309 (GT), subscription book 1804–27, unpaginated). D. 29 March 1832 (The Manx Sun, 3 Apr. p. 3; The Manks Advertiser, 3 Apr. p. 3).

Benjamin Philpot M.A. 1832–1839.

Pres. by king to rectory of Andreas pubd. 14 Apr. 1832 (Lond. Gaz. no. 18927). Coll. by bp. to archdcnry and rectory of Andreas 22 May, with note that afterwards Philpot was appointed as archdcn. by the Crown and was sworn in by the Lt. Governor (MNH, MS. 9309 (GT), subscription book 1828–64, unpaginated). Res. 25 June 1839 (ibid; and MS. MD.335).

John Cecil Hall B.C.L. 1839–1844.

Pres. by queen pubd. 11 June 1839 (Lond. Gaz. no. 19741). Instit. to archdcnry and rectory of Andreas and subscribed to Articles 19 Sept. (MNH, MS. 9309 (GT), subscription book 1828–64, unpaginated; ibid., MS. MD.335). D. 8 Feb. 1844 (Gent. Mag. 1844, new ser. xxi 550).

Joseph Christian Moore M.A. 1844–1886.

Pres. by queen pubd. 22 March 1844 (Lond. Gaz. no. 20307). D. 26 Feb. 1886 (The Times, 1 March p. 7).


  • 1. The occurrence of an archden. Gostellaw in 1534 and archden. Richard Gorstyllaw in 1558 raises the question as to whether they are the same person, or two persons, or indeed whether the compiler of MNH, MS. 510C had miscopied the date (although it must be said that any dating errors that have so far been found in this precedent book are relatively slight in range).
  • 2. Lord George Murray ceased to be archden. but continued to hold the rectory of Andreas to d. 3 June 1803 (Gent. Mag. 1803, lxxiii (1) 601–2). At this point, probably on account of non-resid., the archdenry appears to have been temporarily separated from the rectory of Andreas, as Lord Charles Murray Aynsley M.A. was pres. to it by Charlotte, dowager duchess of Atholl and Baroness Strange 29 June; mand. to induct him directed to Daniel Mylrea, archden. and rector of St. Mary, Ballaugh, 16 July; instit. 18 July (MNH, MS. MD. 335). Aynsley, who was also deal of Bocking, d. there 5 May 1808 (Gent. Mag. 1808, lxxviii (1) 468) and was succeeded as rector of Andreas by Hon. George Murray, who became bp. of Sodor and Man in 1814, at which date Daniel Mylrea was instituted to Andreas (see Daniel Mylrea's entry, below). Both Aynsley and Hon. George Murray are noted to have been absentees (J.D. Gelling, Hist. of the Manx Church (1698–1911) (Manx Heritage Foundation, 1998) p. 47) and this probably accounts for the administrative need to separate the archdenry from the rectory, and to appoint a resident archden.