Extracts from the records: 1588

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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'Extracts from the records: 1588', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642, ed. J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1914), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp118-126 [accessed 22 July 2024].

'Extracts from the records: 1588', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Edited by J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1914), British History Online, accessed July 22, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp118-126.

"Extracts from the records: 1588". Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Ed. J D Marwick(Edinburgh, 1914), , British History Online. Web. 22 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp118-126.

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22 October 1588. (fn. 1)


Heir follovis the names of the counsell: Sir Mathow Steward of Mynto, knycht, proweist; James Flemyng, Robert Rowat, James Steward, baillies; Andro Baillie [and twenty others].


Lipper gevin vp be the watter baillie: Andro Lawsoun, merchand [and seven others, two of them being] vnder suspicioun.

23 October 1588.

Statutum, pest.

The quhilk day, it is statut and ordanit be the baillies and counsall, in consideratioun of the apperant danger of the pest now in Paislay, that na persone indwellar within this toun, becaus of the mercatis of Paislay and Kilmacolme approcheing, pas or repair furth of this toun thairto, vnder the pane of fyve pundis to be tane of ilk persone repairing thairto and banisched furth of the said toun for yeir and day, without leif askit and gevin be the baillies.

Brig port.

And als it is ordanit, that ane man be placit for keiping of the Brig Port quhill farder ordour be tane, and to be satisfeit for his pains at the discretioun of the baillies.

26 October 1588.


The baillies and counsall haifand consideratioun of the wrang done be James Cochrane contrair Robert Rowat, baillie, for invading of him with ane quhingar at ten houris at evin, requeistis the provest to ressave him in the castell and thair incarcerat him during the baillies and counsellis will.

Statutum pest.

The baillies and counsall, haifing consideratioun of the present perrell of the pest now being in the toun of Paisley, hes statut and ordanit that the brig port be kepit be twa honest men of the Briggait, and the officeris to wairne thame nichtlie; and quhatsumevir persone kepis nocht the said port, being warnit be the officeris, sall pay xx s. money; and als the said baillies and counsall ordanis that Hectour Stewart and Johne Mwdie sicht and visie everilk day the said honest men swa that the statut be keipit; and ordanis Williame Stobo, officer, to warne the saidis personis.

29 October 1588.

Lyall, Robensoun, wrang.

Dauid Lyll and James Robesoun, flescheouris, ar decernit in amerchiament of court for breiding of mairtis contrair to the actis maid thairanent, and dwme gevin heirupoun.

31 October 1588.

Statutum, pest, portis.

The provest, baillies, and counsall, haifing convenit and foirsene the grit apperand danger of pest lik to ensew throw the infectioun of Paislay and vtheris placis thairabout, and being maist cairfull to sie the samyn preventit, hes thairfor statut and ordanit, first, that the haill commoun portis of the toun be repairit, and that twa honest men of the toun be appointit, according to the auld ordinance maid thairanent, for keeping of euerie ane of the saidis portis, to wit the Briggait port, the [Stokwel] gait portis, the Stabill-grene and Castill portis, and the [saidis portis] to be keipit be the indwellaris thairof according to the [actis] sett doune for that effect, and the personis keparis of the saidis [portis] to be nichtlie warnit be the officeris as wes appointit.

Statutum, portis.

Siclyk, it is statut that Lindsayis port, the Stinking Vennall, and the Gray-freir port to be all closit; the Scuile Wynd to be likwayis closit and keipit daylie, as vse wes, be the maister of the scule; [the] wickit of the Grayfreir port to be patent to the nichtbouris besyd, and they to be ansuerable for the same; and the Rottin Raw port to be lokit nicht and day, and the kie thairof to be keipit ather be maister Andro Hay or maister Harie Gibsoun.

Statutum yaird endis.

Item, it is statut that euerie persone repair and hauld clois thair yaird endis and bak sydis, swa that nane may repair thairthrow to the toun bot be the commoun portis, vnder the pane of fyve pundis to be taikin of ilk persone quha contravenis the same.

Statutum, strangeris.

Item, it is ordanit that na indwellar within this toun ressaue ony strainger or passinger within thair lugeing without the knawlege and licence of the baillies or quarter maisteris appointit for taking ordour in that mater, vnder the pane of fyve pundis euerie fault, vnfoirgevin.

Actum consilij, commons.

The quhilk day, the provest, baillies and counsall, togidder with the deaconis of the craftis, viz.:—deacone of the hammermen, Johnne Hammilton; deacone of the baxteris, William Heriot; deacone of the cordineris, James Braidwod; deacone of the tailyeoris, Johnne Dalrympill; deacone of the wobsteris, Mathow Blak; deacone of the masonis, Robert Burne; Mairtine Petticrew, deacone, in absence of George Esdaill, of the wrichtis; deacone of the cowperis, Phillan Snyp; deacone of the skynnaris, Alexander Cochrane; and Mathow Wilsoun deacone of the flescheouris, for thameselfes, and in name and behalfe of the communitie of the said toun; wnderstanding altogidder that it behuiffit thame to tak the myln sumtyme pertenyng to vmquhile Archibald Lyoun in titill and few fra my lord priour of Blantyre, lord fewar of the baronie of Glasgow, or ellis to tyne the samyn and incure grit expenssis, labour and pley thairthrow, in the law and vtherwayis, and that they and the commoun guidis of the toun, maid and debursit be thaim throw the occasioun of the last pest being in the toun, and vtheris grite stentis and chargis cumit vpon thame sensyne, quhairthrow the commoun guidis is nocht able to releiff the samyn, and that the compo[sitioun] of the myln man be instantlie haid and uthir chairgis [with quhilk] they ar burdenit, and als throw this present pest appeirand, quhilk as they trewlie suppone will surmount to the soume of sex hundreth pundis money, quhilk the said toun, throw occasionis foirsaidis, ar unable to furneis at this present; thairfoir they, all with ane consent, condiscendit and aggreit to gett samekle siluer as may perfurneis the samyn, to latt furth and sett in few to sik personis, burgessis and indwellaris of Glasgow, as thai can aggrie with, samekle of thair east and west commoun landis of thair commountie leist hurtfull and that best may be spareit in baith or ane places as salbe appointit on, for samekle interes siluer as may satisfie the said sowme and yeirlie dewtie that may be haid thairfoir, eftir the sicht and consideratioun of the saidis provest, baillies and counsall, as thai can aggrie thairupoun; and to that effect they haif appóintit the provest, baillies and counsall, or the maist pairt of thame, with the foirsaidis haill deaconis, and foure of the honestest of euerie ane of thair craftis, with twa fischearis, viz., Niniane Schyre and Mathow Mure, and foure meilmen and maltmen, viz., Johnne Mudie and Peter Patersoun, to convene vpon thair saidis commoun muris and landis vpoun sic ane day as they salbe warnit thairto to sicht and visie quhair the samyn may be spareit best and laist hurtfull as said is, and to stob and merche the samyn that the quantitie may be knawin, and thairefter to convene in the counsalhous to conclude thairupoun for putting the same to the maist availl may be haid thairfor, swa that the samyn may be rowpit as salbe sett doun be the act maid thairefter.

16 November 1588.

Statutum, bread.

It is statut and ordanit be the saidis provest, baillies, and counsall that the sex penny laif salbe of xij vnce wecht, and that the same be of guid and fyne flour, weill baikin, vnder the pane of sextene schillingis the first fault, the nixt fault dealing of the same to the pure, and the thrid fault the contravenaris to be dischargit of baiking for the space of yeir and day. Siclyk

Statutum, bread.

is statut that the baiking of wastellis be dischargit, conforme to the auld statutis maid thairanent of befoir.

Candill, talloune

Item, it is statut and ordanit, that the stane of candill be sauld for threttie schillingis and na derrar, vnder the pane to be injoynit to the contravenaris thairof contenit in the auld statutis maid thairanent of befoir. Siclyk, it is statut that the prices of the talloun be obseruit conforme to the ordour set doun in the samyn statutis.

19 November 1588.

Wrang, flescheouris.

Anent the wrang done be the flescheouris in bowbreding of flesche, Johnne Mure, flescheour, for him selfe and in name and behalfe of the haill bretherin of the said craft, is cumin in the baillies will for the bowbreding of flesche contrair the actis and statutis maid thairanent.

22 November 1588.

Elphinstoun. Reidis, trublance.

Anent the trublance persewit be James Scott, painter, burges of Glasgow, aganis Adame Elphinstoun, glasinwrycht, Dauid Reid, Thomas Reid, Arthur Fischeour, and Andro Bucklis, the said Adame is fundin in the wrang and amerchiament of court for the streking of the said James Scott on the breist with ane pistolat, throw the force quhairof he dang the said James to the eird, and effusioun of his bluid in grit quantitie; and siclyk the said Adame is fundin in the wrang and amerchiament of court for cumin to the said James Scottis hous at Lambes last or thairby, and sutting of George Scott, sone to the said James, with ane drawin sword, and saying, gif he had him he suld lay his pudenis about his fute, and biddin of the said George Scott cum furth or ellis he suld haif ane cauld armefull of him; and the said Dauid Reid is fundin in the wrang also for cumyng to the said James Scottis dure with ane drawin sword and making provocatioun to him thairwith, and als for taking of the said James and drawing of ane quhingar to him on Twysday last; and siclyke And [ro Buclis and] Arthour Fischeour foirsaidis ar fundin in the wrang for assis[ting and being] in cumpanie with the saidis Dauid and Thomas on Monu [nday] last wes; as also the said Adame fund in the wrang in [injuring of] James Andirsoun and Williame Stobo, officeris; and dwme gevin thairupoun.

23 November 1588.

Elphinstoun, Reidis, Scottis.

In presens of the baillies and counsall, Adame Elphinstoun, glasinwricht, Dauid Reid, younger, George and Michaell Scottis, sone to James Scott, painter, Thomas Reid, Andro Bucklis, Arthour Fischeour and William Reid, youngar, ar decernit and ordanit be the saidis baillies and counsall, with consent of the foirsaidis personis, that gif ony of thame be fundin in the gait heirefter walkand thairon with waponis and schwting of gunnis in trubling of the toun, ather day or nicht, ilk persone contravenand and brekand this present act sall pay ten pundis of vnlaw vnforgevin; and to that effect ordanit the saidis personis to find cautioun for the said vnlaw, and for obseruyng of this present act and siclyk for satisfactioun of euerie persone offendit to be the saidis pairties.

26 November 1588.

Wrang, Kirklandis,

Johnne and Richie Kirklandis ar decernit in ane wrang and amerchiament of court, for cumyng to George Kirkland thair fatheris hous, with swordis, boisting thair father thairwith, and gevin of him injurious words than and at sundrie tymes, and dwme gevin thairupon.

3 December 1588.

Campbell, Lyoun.

Colein Campbell and Margarete Lyoun, his spous, ar decernit and ordanit, be aith of partie referrit thairto, to content and pay to Archibald Campbell the soume of threttie nyne markis money, and that for ane silver piece and ane ensenzie haid in keipin be him in thair handis, and als fiftie fyve schillingis restand awin be thame to him of ane hogheid of beiff.

10 December 1588.

Gibsoun, burges, gratis.

Robert Gibsoun is maid burges and frieman of the burgh and citie of Glasgow and hes gevin his aith of fidelitie, and his fienes gevin to Williame Reid, wricht, as bounteth [promeist] to him for reparatioun of the Blakfreir Kirk, as ane act maid by the saidis provest and baillies thairupoun beiris.

13 December 1588.

Absoluitour, Kneland.

Thomas Kneland is absolvit fra the soume of fyve markis sex schillingis, allegit promittit be the said Thomas Kneland to Thomas Myln, chirurgane, for the cureing of William Dowglas, sone to Johnne Dowglas of Harwod, and that in respect of the said Thomas Knelandis aith gevin thairupon, referrit thairto be the said Thomas Myln.

18 December 1588.

Statutum, commoun landis.

The provest, baillies and counsall, with the haill deaconis, being convenit for taking ordour with the commoun landis of the toun to be lattin furth in few, ordains the Peitbog, Mylndame and Greneheid to be viseit likwayis as the commoun mures alreddy hes bene; and to resolue thairefter vpoun the sicht of all quhat may be best spareit for releiffing of thair necessitie, and that vpoun the xxiiij of this instant of December, with the provest, baillies, counsall and deaconis and the remanent appointit in the former act of befoir.

24 December 1588.

Statutum, consilij, common landis.

The provest, baillies, counsall, and haill deaconis of the craftis, with the haill personis contenit in the former act maid of befoir, being convenit within the counsalhous, efter they haid viseit the Peitbog, Milndame, Greneheid, and utheris thair comoun landis, quhat micht be best spareit thairof for releveing of thair necessitie to sett the samyn in few, and being resolvit thairintill they, all in ane voce, findis and consentis that the landis wnderwrittin of thair said commountie may be best spareit be thame, viz.:—The Mylndameheid, as the samyn salbe stobit (reservand ane passage to be the rowme of ane cargait); and als the Peitbog and Dassiegrene (reservand the like passage); and siclyke the Greneheid betwix the gavill of the lands of Johnne Mudie, passing to the Brigend, reservand ane rowme for ane port passand to the watter of Clyd, as salbe stobit; as als ane vther peice of land foiranentis Williame Muris sydwall of his hous to the hie calsay, reservand ane passage betwix the said William Muris sydwall of his said hous, and the houss that salbe set doune and biggit nixt the said Williame [Muris] houss; as als, the haill wall of the Westport on baith the sydis of the samyn, and swamekle thairof in breid and lenth as salbe stobit; and siclyk the scuile sumtyme callit the Sang Scuile, togidder with the foir front thairof and swamekle mair of the samyn as appertenis to the toun, [nocht] sett in few be thame of befoir as salbe stobit inlikwayis, with the foirfront of the meilmarkat, as the samyn salbe stobit in like manner. Quhilkis landis particularlie foirsaidis the saidis provest, baillies, counsall and deaconis hes condiscendit all in ane voce that the samyn be sett and lattin furth in few for payment of the yeirlie few maill vnderwrittin, and to be ropit within thair tolbuith to quhatsumeuir persone or persones wil bid maist thairfor, burgessis and friemen, indwelleris within the said toun: Provyding that the houssis quhilkis salbe biggit betuix the said John Mwdies hous and the Brigend, and the houssis quhilkis salhappin to be biggit on the wall of the said West poirt, that nane of thame haif frie ysche nor entrie on the baksydis bot onlie lichtis and windois, and the stanis of the said West poirt to be ropit with the ground thairof; and the saidis landis of Mylndame to pay of few maill yeirlie for ilk aiker thairof sex schillingis viij d., togidder with swamekle teind yeirlie for euerie aiker of the samyn as the landis of Gallowmuir payis, and the saidis landis of Peitbog and Dassiegrene payand of few maill yeirlie sex schillingis viij d., and siclyk euerie ruid of the Greneheid on baith the sydis thairof, and euerie ruid of the West Poirt, Meilmarkat and Sang Scuile payand tuentie penneis ourheid yeirlie of few maill. And for stobing and mesuring of the saidis landis the saidis provest, baillies, counsall and deaconis hes nominat electit and chosin the personis following, viz., James Flemyng [and twelve others], togidder with ane metstar, and the saidis personis to convene heirvpoun for stobing and mesureing of the saidis landis on Thurisday nixt to cum, and thair names to be gevin to ane officer to wairne thaim agane the said day, and the persone absent to pay sex schillingis viij d.

28 December 1588.

Statutum, consilii, Westport.

The baillies, counsall, and deaconis, convenit within the counsalhous, and calling to mind how necessar, profitable, and comlie it wilbe to the decoratioun of the toun to transport the West-port, presentlie ruinous and to be repairit of new, to the Stokwalheid, and [sua] to includ the haill rew and houssis betwix and thair inwith the toun, condescendit, all in ane voce, that the samyn salbe done with all convenient speid, provyding the provest at his returning be content thairwith.

31 December 1588.

Wrang. Wilsonis.

Patrick Wilsoun and Mathew Wilsoun, of their awin confessionis, is decernit in ane wrang and amerchiament of court, for bying of wyld foulis and uther pultrie in grit, contrair the actis and statutis maid thairanent, and taping of the samyn ouir againe, and dome gevin thairupon.


  • 1. The records from 27 April 1586 to this date are awanting.