Note on errata

Pages 499-500

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying. All rights reserved.



This Reprint contains the following alterations on and additions to the original volume issued in 1876:—

Original vol., p. 6, last line, for "dhe" read "heid"

"p. 13, line 4, for "be dounfallyng" read "the dounfallyng"

" p. 36, line 16, for "Crapint" read "Crubbis"

" p. 100, line 17, for "wntractit" read "wncoactit"

" p. 107, footnote to 2nd paragraph: "By a note written on the margin, dated 22nd August 1584, William M'Litster acknowledged the redelivery of the 'guidis and gear,' and the above act was deleted."

" p. 116, line 22, read with continuation as follows:—"Renfrew, maister Andro Poluart, subdeine of Glasgu, Mr. David Wemys, persoun and minister thairof, Mr. Thomas Jak, William Conynghame, Mr. Adam Wallace, Robert Steward, baillies, and als be Sir Barthilmo Sympsoun, maister present of the said hospitale, and be consent also of the puir men, is ordanit to be registrat in the toun buikis of Glasgu and to have the strenth of ane decreit of the proveist and baillies thairof, that executoriallis may pas thairupon as effeiris. At Glasgu the foirsaid xv. day of Februar 1583."

" p. 155, line 13, for "Knitlady" read "Kinclady"; line 18, for "annuall" read "master"

" p. 172, line 25, for "[etc.]" read "and the nixt daye all the inhabitantis of the north syde of the Troynegate upe to the Stable Greyn and Rattounraw, the thrid daye the haill inhabitantis fra the east syde of the Hie Kirk, with Drygate and [north] syde of the Gallowgate to St. Mongois Kirk; and the ferd day the haill inhabitantis of the south syde of the Gallowgate and the east syde of the towne fra the croce to the brig inwith and outwith";

" p. 184, line 17, for "induring" read "inducing"

" p. 187, line 7, for "how to pas" read "Howtopas" [Haultpoys]

" p. 203, line 3, for "staffry" read "scaffry"

" p. 216, line 9, for "for Ewing Myr" read "Skellingsmyr". Footnote to this paragraph:—"The rental is printed in Glasgow Charters, vol. ii., pp. 570–3."

" p. 227, line 15, for "Peddert" read "Geddert"

Original vol., p. 279, line 24, for "iiij" read "iiijc" [400]

" p. 343, line 16, for "thair" read "thrie"

" p. 350, line 11, for "boris" read "boxis"

" p. 353, footnote, for lines 3 to 7, both inclusive, read "in progress, the meetings of council, which, both before and after that period, are usually stated to have been held in the 'counselhous,' were held in the 'New Kirk,' otherwise called the Trongait Kirk; with the exception of those"

" p. 377, delete footnote and substitute the following:—"Extracts from the records from 18 December 1630 to 21 May 1636, inclusive, are printed in Glasgow Records, 1630–62 (Scottish Burgh Records Society) pp. 1–43."

" p. 393, last line, for "the toweir" read "[they] to weir"

" p. 459, line 18, for "mureis" read "nureis". See p. 49.

" p. 461, line 33, for "Stot" read "Scot"

" p. 463, line 31, for "intenementis" read "inconvenientis"