Extracts from the records: 1582

Pages 93-99

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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9 January 1581–2.

Anent bannyng and suering.

The subdene, with the minister and otheris memberis of the Kirk, convenand with the baillies in the tolbuith, producit lettiris direct be act of Secreit Counsall, constitutand the said prouest and baillies coniunctlie and seueralie to hald court or courtis vpoun bannyng and suering and thais quha heipis nocht the Sabboth day, quhilkis commissioun and lettiris the saidis baillies acceptit vpoun thame and appoyntit euerie first Thuirsday of ilk moneth for halding of courtis to the effect abonwrittin, and the first Thuirsday of Februare assignit to begyn the first court, and in the menetyme to tak inquisitioun of the banneris and suereris, and to that effect hes chosin the inqueist vnderwrittin:—Inquisitio: Rattounraw, Drygait and to the croce, Jhonne Robertoun [and nine others]; Gallogate and Troyngait, and to the Barrasyet, Robert Mure [and eight others]; for the Briggait, Williame Howie [and five others].

1 May 1582.


Anent the ordinance to be vptakin anent the lippir folkis quha contempnatlie contrair the auncient statutis of the toun repairis thairin as thai wer haill, and that na infectioun nor euill suld cum of thair repair, off the quhilkis lippir sum hes speciall freindis within the toun quha resauis thame and gifis thame intertinement by the auld ordour, and without remeid be prouidit and the auncient ordour tak effect grit hurt and inconvenient sall cum thairthrow, thairfoir the baillies ordanis the auncient aith to be obseruit and that thay repair bot twa dayis in the oulk and that in quiet and secreit maner, and gif ony of thair friendis resavis thame in thair houssis thay to [be] puneist at the sicht of the baillies, and ordanis the officiares and watter baillie to cherce this act.

5 June 1582.

Court of Perambulation. Lonis.

The court of the perambulatioun of the burgh and cietie of Glasgu, haldin at the mylndam . . . . Ordanis visitouris to be appoyntit to visie the haill lonis and to sie thame reformit and mendit and stanis infixt be the possessouris, and this to be dewysit be the counsall.

Ladle, brig, mills.

[The casualties of the ladle set for 360 merks, and those of the bridge for 80 merks. The old common town mill set for £100 money and 50 bolls victual.]

Treasurer, master of work, menstrallis.

[From a leet of eight, William Bornnis, elected treasurer; from a leet of six, Dauid Hall elected master of work. Menstrallis continewit, Archibald Bordland, Johnne Corbart.]

16 June 1582.

College, bosting.

Comperit Hectour Stewarte and presentit to the baillies and counsall ane lettere directe to thame fra the duik as ane sufficiente warrande to the baillies and towne to resiste the violence and bosting of the college incace thai incure ony skaithe be the toun throw thair awin occatioun, quhilk wrytting Johnne Grahme ane of the baillies hes in keiping for the townes warrande.

Using weapons against bailies.

The baillies, with aduyse of the counsall and deaconis, ordanis the particular persownes burgessis of the toun quhilkis contrair thair aythis hes wsit wapounes aganis the baillies and toune to be callit and warnit to Tyisday the xix of this instante to heir thair accusatioun, and the commoun procuratour be thair accuser.

The tenour of the Dwikis lettere:—

College, Dukis litter.

Baillies, being knawin to the Kingis Majestee and ws, be the tenour of the lettere that ye haue sende to the larde of Mynto your proueiste, the truble maid laitle into your toun of Glasgw be the colleigis mouit be the ministeris, it hes pleasit his hienes to gif ane charge to the said college nocht to do the lyke of it agane under the pane of disobedience, and to yow nocht to suffir that sick motiownes haue place in your proweistis absence. (fn. 1)

30 June 1582.

Bow bridge.

Waltir Gray, of his awin confessioun and consent, is oblist himselfe his airis and assignayis to big ane bow brige, of ten quarter breid and sax elnis of calsay at euery end, wpoune the gote and burne that passis throw the commowne bog besyde his awin lande quhilk he presentlie occupyis, and to begin to the labour in Merche in the lxxxiij°, and to perfyte the samyne betuixte and Midsimmer nixt thaireftir, and in the meanetyme to mak the samyne passable, for the quhilk the baillies and counsall is content to pas ony burges he pleissis present gratis; and oblissis him and his foirsaidis to wphalde the samyne in all tymes cuming.

3 July 1582.

Merchants, president.

The proweiste, baillies, and counsall, being conuenit, comperit the haill bodye and number of merchandis of this toun and be thair ernist requiste and petitioun effectualie craiwt that they mycht hawe nominat and electit out of thair hale number ane of thair vocatioun to be preferrit to clame in the office of ane presedent, according to the aulde obserwit custome and wse haide in this toun of befoir, and as wtheris honorable borrowis hes, quhilk desyre the proueist and baillies, with the aduyse of the counsall conuenit, thocht reasonable and ordanit that for lytis soulde be electit ane of the four nominat as presedent to indure for the space of ane yeir, and ane autentek euident and write to be maide heirvpoun contenyng the speceall heidis of the office to laste and stande in all tyme cuming; according thairfoir to thee fauorable and willing consent of the said proweist, baillies, and counsell, the bodie and number of merchandis conuenit electit the persounes following as lytis to be nominate for the said office;—George Elphinstoun, Hectour Stewarde, Johne Lyndsay, Robert Adame. President for this present yeir:—George Elphinstoun.

Mettis and furlottis.

The proweiste, baillies, and counsall decernis and ordanis that all the heipe mettis and furlottis of this toun be brokin and in na tyme cuming to haue place nor wse in this toun bot onlie the straike furlate, and ordanis publicatioun heirof to be maid wpone Mounovnday nixt.

Merchandis president.

Compeirit Georg Elphinstoun, in presens of the proweist, baillies, and counsell, and bodie of merchandis, and requirit that the proweist, baillies, counsell and remanente soulde concur, assist, and fortefie him in all and sindrie thingis perteining to the office of presedent as salbe specealie contenit in the lettere and write to be extendit thairvpoun, and to caws him be obeyit according to the same, quhilk the said proweiste, baillies, and counsell promiste faithfullie to do, be the extentioun of thair handis; and thaireftir the said George acceptit glaidlie the office and gaife his aythe to wse the same trewlie to the Kingis Majeste seruice, honour and proffeite of the towne, and fortificatioun of the said proweiste and baillies.

20 July 1582.

Richie, protest.

Comperit James Richie, in name of the rest of the deaconis, and protesit that na thing that beis done in absence of the prouest, or thame that ar deaconis, tuiching the office of presedent preiuge nocht thame in na thing belanging to thair libertie.

27 July 1582.


It is dewysit, statute, and ordanit be the provest, baillies, and counsell that the anseinyeis of the toun, ane or maa, with the palyeoun and wther lyk ordinances perteining to the commowne-schipe of Glasgow in commown, for weirfair, be yeirlie presentit and delyuerit to the intrant baillie wpoun the morne eftir Michaelmes and his electioun to preserue the samyne quhill that tyme tolmunt, and that baillie or balyeis to preserue and delyiur tha saidis anseinyeis to the intrant baillies of the nixt yeir, and sa contineualie in all tyme cuming yeirlie to be delyuerit to the intrant baillies be the former baillies.

Burges fynes.

The proueist, ballies, and counsell hes grantit and permittit to the haill deacones of this toun ane burges fynes for the powlder thay spendit in the townes effairis, thay findand thame self the burges; and siclyk thair is grantit and permittit ane wther burges fynes to the yonkeiris and wther yung men of thair rank.

3 August 1582.


Comperit Michaell Wilsoun, sone to James Wilsoun, masoune, haveand be gift of the proueist and baillies of Glasgow the preuandrie of Sanct Christopher for the space of sewin yeiris and yeiris thairof to ryn, hes resignit and renuncit his title thairof in the said baillies handis as patrons of the said preuendarie in fauouris of Johnne Wilsoun, his brother, beand blinde, quha is ressauit and admittit thairto be the space of further sewin yeiris.

16 August 1582.

Burges gratis.

Gavane Wilsoun is maid burges and freman of this guid toun at the raqueist of Archibald Hegaite, court clerk.

19 August 1582.

Statute, mercats.

The baillies and counsell, convenit, ratifeis and appreuis the act and constitutioun maid anent the gers mercat, and ordanis the samyine to be transportit to the new Kirk yarde besyde the bell hows, and als the hering and fische mercate to be haldin and keipit at the fische corse at the Weste Porte conforme to the said act, and to be intimit at the mercat cros, and that under the pane of escheting of the gers and hering that beis fund selling in ony wther place and prissonyng of thair persownes that dois in the contrar.

2 October 1582.


Lytis to the baillies:—Johnne Grahme, elder, William Cunynghame, master Adam Wallace, Hectour Steward, George Herbertsoun, Archibald Lyoun, Johne Wyse. Quhilk lytis being presentit and direct to the castill fand na bischope thairin, and thairfoir reportit the lytis to the remanent counsell quha nominat the persownes wnderwrittin to be baillies for this yeir, and ordanit thame thair commissioun conforme to the ancient style and wse obserwit of befoir. Baillies for this yeir:—Johnne Grahme, master Adam Wallace, Hectour Stewarde.

3 October 1582.


Compeirit Johnne Grahme and Hectour Stewarde, nominat baillies, and war content gif the counsell quha hes nominat thame baillies for this yeir to come walde be thair wotis tak fra thame the said office thay walde dimit the samyne, wtherwayis the said Johnne protestit for his parte that that quhilk he haide at the requeist of the rycht honorabill Sir Mathow Stewarde of Mynto knycht, proveist, soulde na wayis tend to the alteratioun of the libertie of the towne in his former electioun nor be na preparative in tyme cuming to do the like, quhairvpoun hee requirit instrumentis; thairfoir the said proveist, be the aduise of the priour of Blantyre, his brother, direct from the Kingis Maiestie with commissioun to the nominatioun of the baillies for this yeir, nominat thee persownes following to be baillies for this yeir to cum, and ordanis thair commissioun to be selit:—William Cunynghame, master Adam Wallace, Robert Stewarde.


Thaireftir the said pryour requeistit the said Sir Mathow, his brother, conforme to his credeit and commissioun of the Kingis majestee, to accept the provestrie wpoun him for this yeir to cum; quha ansuerit he walde be aduysit.

4 October 1582.

Baillies, protests.

Compeirit Johnne Grahme and Hectour Stewarde and protestit that na thing done heir sould preiuge thame in nominatioun of baillies, becaus thee maiste parte of the pluralite was wyth theme in woting, and siclyk that the towne be nocht preiugit in thair libertie in tyme cuming, and siclyke protestit that this present act for remeid of law quhen tyme and place soulde serue.

Protestit likeuise William Coninghame and Mr. Adam Wallace, in name and behalfe of the haill toun, that quhatsumevir thing is done contrar thee libertie of the toun at this instant be nocht preiudiciall to our auld ancient libertie in tyme cuming.


Consilium pro presenti anno: maister Andro Hay [and twenty-two others].

Master of work, procuratour.

Master of Work, Dauid Hall; commoun procuratour, James Flymyng.

Statuta pro presentianno.

[Acts passed in terms similar to those of October in previous years. Ordained that no higher prices than the following be charged: ale, 8d. the pint; tallow, 16s. the stone; candle, 1s. 2d. the pound; the fourpence loaf to weigh 12 ounces.]

8 October 1582.


It is statute and ordanit that na burges be maid be the bailleis without the thesaurer and ane sufficient number of the counsell be present, to witt iiij or vj, wtherwayis he sall nocht be haldin as lawfull burges, and the names of the counsell and the thesaurer to be contenit in the act.

16 October 1582.


It is statute and ordanit be thee proveist and baillies, with the aduise of the counsell, that all malt bocht and saulde wythin this toun be met, delyuerit and ressavit wyth thee auld heip furlat as was wsit of befoir, and wther stufe to be met and ressaifit be the new straik furlot, and that the commoun metstar met the malt as he wsit of befoir.

13 November 1582.


Compeirit maister Patrik Scharpe, maister of the grammer schole of Glasgow, and demittit his office, togidder with the chapellanrie of Alhallow alter and all wther annuellis and deweteis perteining thairto, in the handis of the proveist baillies and counsall and communitie for ane new maister to be prowydit to the said grammer schole be thame, quha incontinent, becaus the samyne may nocht vaik, hes instantlie, be mature deliberatioun be aduise of the maisteris of the Vniuersitie and wtheris haifand power be act of parliament, hes chosin and electit maister Johnne Blakburne to be maister to the said schole and wse the office thairof in tyme cuming, quhome to thai haife conferrit the said chaplanrie with wther dewteis perteining thairto during his teiching thairin, ordanand ane gifte to be maid thairvpone in forme as effearis baithe of the office and chappillanrie; and the said maister Jhone comperand acceptit the said office vpone him on the said [condi]tioune of stepande and scolledge as the said maister Patrik had of befoir, and sall nocht remove fra the teicheing of the said schole vnto the tyme he mak warneing to the proveist, bailleis, and counsell ane quarter of yeir of befoir; vpone the quhilk the commoun procuratour askit actis of court.


  • 1. There is here a considerable space left blank in the original record, apparently for the insertion of the Duke's letter, which is incomplete.