Extracts from the records: 1644

Pages 66-75

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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2 January 1644.

Porterfeild, commissionar.

George Porterfeild being electit commissionar to convein with the conventioune of estaits at Edinburgh the third of this instant, vpon the xxv of December last, he is ordanit to buy in Edinburgh fourtie muscats for the tounes vse to be gevin to the sojours going out.

[18] January 1644.


Colein Campbell and William Neilsone ar electit to attend the meiting of the burrows the tuentie twa of this instant and the meiting of estaits the tuentie fyft day therof, and ordains the clerk to geve out ane commissioune to that effect in ample forme.

Warrand, commissioner, arms.

Ordains the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of eightein scoir punds moneye deburst be him to George Porterfeild for fourtie musquets he hes bought for the tounis vse and ar sent with the tounis companie, and for threttie twa punds deburst for ane ansinyie, and for threttie sex punds deburst to the said George for his charges fourtein dayes in Edinburgh as commissionar for the toune and his hors hyre.

3 February 1644.

Wilsone, commissioner, minister.

Johne Wilsone is electit and choisine to ryd to the sessioune of Mawchlein and presbiterie of Air with twa letteres to be direct from the toune to them anent the transportatioune of Mr. George Young to this burghe.

10 February 1644.

Warrand, musquets.

Ordains the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of eight scoir twa punds moneye gevin out for eightein musquets for the tounis use and for fourtie schilings was gevin to ane man for keiping of them efter they war bought in Edinburghe.

Charge, thesaurer.

Memorandum of the money collectit be these who quarterit the sojours who went first out. Colein Campbell and William Neilsone hes gottin thriescoir eightein pund for ther charges in Edinburghe, and the thesaurer hes gottin vp fyftie thrie punds twa schilings eight penneis money that was restand therof, together with ane thousand pund was awin be Coline Campbell and ffourtie merkes of annualrent.

17 February 1644.

Act anent the breking of salmound.

The forsaid provest, bailleis and counsall, taking to ther consideratioune the great wrongis and abuissis done be Williame Andersone, breker of the salmount, not onlie in taking far greater and moir exorbitant pryces for the tails of salmount nor hes bein done heirtofor or allowed be the counsall, as also for buying of salmount from these who brings them in to sell, keiping them vp for ane derthe and not suffering the inbringers to sell the samyne as the mercat rolls to the great hurt and prejudice of the inhabitants of this burgh; and the said William Andersone being conveinit this day theranent he denyit the buying of any salmount in manner as said is, but grantit that he had taken greater pryces for the salmount tails nor is allowit to him conforme to the act sett doune theranent vpon the threttein day of Aprill 1638; and the saids provest, bailleis and counsall, knawing both the saids alledgances to be true, and that therfor they might justlie have depryvit him of his said charge and benefeit [he hes] therby, yet they having compassioune towards him and, for the many promisis mad be him in keiping of good ordour in tym cuming, hes continuit him in his said place and charg, he fulfiling the conditiounes fallowing and no other wayes, viz.:—that he tak no moir for the taile of ilk salmount he breks of the pryce of twentie schilings and benethe but twelff penneis Scotes moneye allanerlie, and for the taill of ilk salmount he breks that is of the pryce betuixt twentie and threttie schilings, sextein penneis, and for the taill of ilk salmound that is above threttie or fourtie schilings, or above, of his breking, twentie penneis Scotes moneye, swa that the dearest tail of salmound that he sall brek sall not exceid the said soume of tuentie penneis moneye. And, to the effect the said Williame may better observe and keip the haill premisis and pryces above written, he sall be heirby bund and astrictit to lay the tails of the salmount to these partes that he sall brek that gif it be the buyers will and desyr to have the tail with that pairt of the fische they buy, that the persone sall have it to whom it shall fall be lot or cavill, the said Williame sall rander the samein vpon payment of the pryces on the tails as is above writtin having respect to the pryces of the salmound as is above specifeit. Nather sall it be leasum to him to cutt the salmound above the crumbe or any pairte therof; nather sall it be leasum to the said William to presume or tak vpon hand heirefter to buy any salmound ather in haill or in pairte fra these who brings the samein to the mercat to be sold. And gif it sall happen him to contravein in any of the premisis heirefter he is heirby content presentlie to be dischargeit of his said charge and haill casualities he hes therby, and never to be readmitit therto, notwithstanding of any requeist or solicitatione sall be mad for him in the contrair. In witness wherof the said William hes subscribit thir presentis with his hand. (Signed) Wm. Andersoun.

24 February 1644.

Warrand, hors, sojours.

Ordains the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of fourtie punds moneye deburst be him for the horse James Kinkaid raid vpon with the sojours to England.

Warrand, outreiking of the sojours.

Ordains the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the soume of twa thousand twa hundrethe fourscoir sextein punds money deburst be him for outreiking of the sojours, baggage men and horsis, in the lait expeditioune, quherof ilk sojour, baggage men and horsis gott conforme to the ordinance of the committie of estats and was deburst as fallows: In the first, for outreiking of eight scoir nyntein sojours, nyne hundrethe fiftie four punds threttein schilings iiij d.; item, for outreiking of other threttie thrie sojours, seavine hundrethe and ffour punds; item, to sex baggage men, threttie twa punds, and the seavinthe man the toune payit; item, for fourtein baggage horsis, at fyftie merkes the peice, ffour hundrethe thriescoir sex punds threttein schilings iiij d. money; item, for thrie other baggage horsis, quherof the toune bought twa for fourscoir eight punds, ane hundrethe and twentie punds; item, to the last twa baggage men, to the thrie last horsis, fyve pund vj s. viij d.; item, to twa cariers that helpit to carie the armes of the first companies to Lawder, thretein punds vj s. viij d. money.

2 March 1644.

Flesche mercat sett.

It is condiscendit and aggreit vpon be the forsaids parsones that the fleschours sall have the vse of the new fleshe mercat, conforme to old vse and wont, for payment yeirlie of the soume of thrie hundrethe merkes money and no chepper, to be payit yearlie at Martinmas and Witsounday proportiounallie, beginand the first termes payment therof at Martinmas nixttocum; and the counsall hes not onlie quyet them the soume of four scoir thrie punds vj s. viij d. that was restand awand be tham, conforme to the clois of Thomas Pollok, lait thesaurer, his compt, but also the haill bygaine mails therof sensyne, they paying thankfullie in tymcumming, beginand at Martinmas nixt as said is.


Ordains ane watche to be keipit nightlie heirefter of the halff of ilk quarter of the toune fra sex hours at evining and to cum af at fyv hours in the morning.

16 March 1644.


Ordains the fleschours to bring ther act book heir this day eight days, and in the meane tyme dischargis them to monopolize the slaying of flesche, and nan of them to have power mair nor ane other.

23 March 1644.

Payment for sojours.

Ordains the haill hoislar wyfes to be payit this efternoone the sowmes awand be the sojours to them.

Borrowit moneys, Johnesones legacie.

Ordains the dean of gild and deacon conveinar to lend to the thesaurer ane hundrethe punds sterling out of the moneys that ar in ther hands gotten in of Mr. Johnsones legacie.

Warrand, Lord Sinclairs regiment.

Ordains ane warrand to be given to the thesaurer for the soume of seavin hundrethe fourscoir twa punds sextein schilings iiij d. money, deburst be him for the enterteaniement of the Lord Sinclairs regiment the tym they war quarterit in this toune.

30 March 1644.

Intimatioune of ane act of borrowis.

Ordains ane act to be mad to intimat the act of borrowis mad againes these who dois any thing againes the magistrats and counsall of the toune and relative to the said act of borrowis and to the act mad be the toune thairvpon, and ordains the samein to be putt to executioune with diligence.

Warrand, sojours.

Ordains a warrand to be gevin to the thesaurer to pay to James Kinkaid the soume of tuentie punds threttin schilings iiij d. for his charges in going to Ingland with the sojours in Februarij last, by and attour the pryce of the hors and vther moneys receaved be him.

5 April 1644.

Warrand, charges to Edinburgh.

Ordains the thesaurer to have ane warrand to pay to Coline Campbell the soume of fourtie nyne punds vj s. viij d. money for the charges warit be him and his companie to Edinburgh with the Marqueis of Argyll and the chancellars bairnis.

6 April 1644.

Commissionars, provest and baillie.

Givis commissioune to James Bell, provest, and Coline Campbell, baillie, to goe to the conventioune of estats to be holdin at Edinburgh the tent of this instant to treat of the effairs of this meiting, and to represent to the meiting the supplicatioune gevin in be these quho ar chargit with horning to lend money to the said committie.

Warrand, synod, minister.

Ordains ane warrand to be givin the thesaurer to pay to Gawin Neisbit, baillie, the soume of fourtie fyve punds vj s. viij d. deburst be him for the charge and horse hyres of the commissioners that went to the synod at Dumbartane for Mr. George Young his transportatioune.

4 May 1644.

Warrand, horssis and baggage.

Ordains ane warrand to be givin to the thesaurer for the soume of thriescoir sevintein punds money, deburst be him for twa horsis sent out with George Mitchelsone, chirurgian, to the lait expeditioune, to him and ane of his twa men to ryd on; and for the soume of twentie four punds money, deburst be him to Johne Lykprivick for twa hors cariage to Dumfreis with the said Georg his chists and baggage and ane hors to his other man to ryd on.

Warrand, preaching.

Ordains ane warrand to be given to the thesaurer for the soume of ane hundrethe merkes money deburst be him to Mr. Gawin Hammiltoune for the causis fallowing, viz., fyftie merkes money for preaching within this brughe fra Martinmas last to Candelmas thairefter, now last bypast, conforme to the aggriement maid with him thairanent, and the other fyftie merkes money therof is to him in full satisfactioune for preaching at vther occasiones, sewintein tymes as he alledgis, and of all bygaine serveice done be him to the toune preceiding the dait heirof.

18 May 1644.


The counsall, all in ane voyce, ordains Peter Johnsone, ane of the capitanes who went out in the last expeditioune, to be writtin for to com back againe.

6 June 1644.

Deputatioun Yair.

[The bailies and council "vnderstanding the necessitie that Mr. Harie Gibsone, ther clerk, hes to doe now in Edinburgh," gave commission to William Yair to exercise the office during his absence.]

11 June 1644.

Common good.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—Mills, 8650 merks; ladles, 3910 merks; tron, 720 merks; pecks and meal market, 815 merks; bridge, 900 merks; grass of the Green, 64 merks; grass of Little St. Mungows Kirkyard, "ane dollar gevin to the officers to buy ther denner."]

25 June 1644.

And Ladils.

It is to be remembred that the ladillars hes gottin seavin ladils. ther is ane new ane ordanit to be mad farder to them to mak vp eight.

18 July 1644.

Preaching, communion.

[Ordained the treasurer to have warrants for payment to Gawin Forsyth of £100 "for his service in preaching" from 1st January to 1st July last; and to the dean of guild of 100 merks "for ane hoghead of wyne to the lait communion."


[Ordained that ale be sold not dearer than 1s. 4d. the pint.]

10 August 1644.


Ordains these persones who hes lent out ther musquets in the last expeditioune to have musquets gevin to them and these who hes bought musquets to give out to have the pryces therof restored to them.

24 August 1644.

Beir measouring.

Forsameikle as the lait conventioune of burrowes hes ordanit all beir to be mett and measured be the sellers of the samein, therfor the saids counsall ordains the said act to be observed be the haill maltmen of this brughe, vnder the paine of ten punds money, toties quoties; and ordains the said act to be publictlie intimat on Weddinsday nixt.

Overtur anent the ministers preaching.

The provest, bailleis and counsall, taking to ther consideratioune that now be the mercie and providence of God the wholl kirks of this brughe ar provydit, they did think it fitt they sould preache in the places and at the tymes vnderwritting, viz., Mr. Edward Wright vpon the Sabbothe in the Hie Kirk befor and efternoone, Mr. Robert Ramsay in the Blakfrier Kirk befor and efternoon, Masters Hew Blair and George Young in the New Kirk, and vpon the Tuysday and Thursday ilk weik; and what help the forsaids ministers getts be Masters David Dicksone and Robert Baillie they doe think it expedient the samein accres to all ther behuiffs per vices. And this to be presentit to them as ther overtur.

26 August 1644.

Teinds sett.

[The drawn teinds of the acres about the town for the present crop set to three persons for £1126 13s. 4d.]

31 August 1644.

Jowsies letter.

The counsall having considered ane letter sent to the provest be Johne Jowsie anent master Johnsones sister, shall stryve to tak notice of the meannes of her estate, and desyrs that other burrows of the lyk kynd be delt with to sie what they will bestaw vpon her.

Commissioners for the excyse.

Be pluralitie of votes, Johne Andersone, elder, and James Hamiltoune chosen commissioners for the excyse quhill the first of November nixttocum, and David Boyd and Alexander Wilsone chosen surveyors of the samein quhill the samein tyme.

Proclamatioune, armes, watche.

Ordains ane proclamatioune to be sent throw the toune comanding all manner of persones betuixt sextie and sextein to be in readines with ther best armes, and to this effect to come out presentlie with ther severall capitanes with matche, powder and lead, and also to provyd them selves with tuentie dayes provisioune to marche, according as they sall gett ordours, vnder the paine of deathe; and siklyk that no maner of persone presume or tak vpon hand to goe within any hous to drink or stay ther in tyme of the night watche, vnder the paine of warding of thair persones in the tolbuithe.

7 September 1644.

Warrand, calsey.

Ordains the thesaurer to have ane warrand to pay to James Colquhoune the soume of fourscoir merkes money in pairt of payment for the paines taken be him in his attendance vpon the tounes calsey and his advyse casting of the syers and laying of the said calsey.


Ordains Colein Campbell, baillie, to buy with all diligence ane hundrethe bols of meall and to send away the same for the vse of the Marqueis of Argyll, according to the desyr of his lordschips letter sent to the magistrats to that effect; and the saids provest, bailleis and counsall, be the tennour heirof, binds and obleisis them and ther successours in office to releive the said Colein Campbell theranent and to repay to him at Martinmas nixt what he debursis for the said hundrethe bols of meill.

14 September 1644.


Item, ordains ane visitatioune to be mad of the Grammer Scholl vpon Mononday cum eight dayes the 23 of this instant, and nominats the provest, bailleis, [and eight others] to attend thervpon and be present.


Ordains ane guaird to be keipit at all ports of this brughe in the day tyme.


Ordains the Salt Mercat port to be taken doune and to be buildit of new nearer the water, at the end of vmquhill Colein Campbell his hous.

1 October 1644.


[From a leet of three persons named by the magistrates, the bailies and council elected James Bell to be provost for the year to come.


[Johne Andersone and Mathow Hammiltoune, merchants, and William Neilsone, craftsman, elected bailies.]

4 October 1644.


[Thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen chosen to be on the council.]

5 October 1644.

Beir, Capitan Kerse.

Ordains eight tun of beir to be presentlie furneised be the toune for outreiking of that schip wherof Capitan Kerse is capitan, conforme to the act of the committie of estats.

9 October 1644.


[The following office bearers elected:—Harie Glen, dean of guild; Manasses Lyill, deacon convener; John Flemyng, treasurer; Walter Neilsone, visitor of maltmen; John Wilsone, water bailie; John Andersone, master of work.]

19 October 1644.


Ordains Walter Duncan his pensioune to be yearlie in tym coming twa hundrethe merkes money (being but ane hundrethe punds befor) beginand the first termes payment therof at Martinmas nixt, provyding he keip ane scholl and attend the samein cairfullie.

Ale, candle.

[Ale to be sold at 1s. 8d. the pint; candle 48s. the stone.]

26 October 1644.

Warrand, minister, transporting pleneishing.

Ordains the thesaurer to have ane warrand to pay to Mr. George Young the soume of ane hundrethe merks money for the charges of his transporting of his pleneishing from Mauchlein.

Ordinance, Officers.

Ordains the officers of this brughe to weir in tym coming everie man his sword and halbert.


Ordains the master of wark to send to Holland for sex scoir sword blaids.

2 November 1644.

Warrand, beir furnished to ship.

Ordains ane warrand to be gevin to the thesaurer to pay to Colein Campbell the soume of nyne scoir twelff punds for the pryce of eight tunes beir furneised to the Kings Eight Whelpe quherof Capitane Kerse is capitane.


Ordains the dean of gild, John Barnes, Colein Campbell, and master of wark to aggrie with the maissounes for biging of the Southe Port.

9 November 1644.

Proclamatioune, pestilence.

The [provest, bailies and council,] haveing considerit that it hathe pleased God to visit the southe countrie with the plague of pestilence, doe ordain ane proclamatioune to be sent throw this toune commanding all the inhabitants fence and build vp ther close foots and yairds that no passage be had throw ther closes, and lykwayes that no inhabitants within this brughe suffer any strangers to enter the samein or recept them to ther housis, but testimonials to be shawine to the magistrats, and that non of the inhabitants that ar now furthe of this brughe in these bounds be receavit within the samein to ther owne houssis quhill they shaw the magistrats ther testimonials.

2 December 1644.

Campbell, commissioner.

Be pluralitie of votes, Colein Campbell is electit and choisen to be commissionar to the nixt ensewing parliament.


Grants commissioune to the provest to complein to the committie of parliament vpon the wrang done to Georg Porterfeild, in his absence be reasone of his seiknes, be imposing of ane new capitane vpon his companie.

7 December 1644.

Charge, Adam againes Neisbit.

Ordains ane report to be maid to the committie of estats of the bussines recommendit to the counsall to tak tryall therof, viz., of the bill gevin in be Patrik Adam against Gawine Neisbit, quherby the haill counsall hes fund, in ane voice, that Gawine Neisbit was clearit in presence of the counsall of that challenge againes him be the said Patrik, and that in ther presence the said Patrik acknawledgit his fault and craved the said Gawin pardoune therfor. And ordains this report to be drawne vp be the clerk at lenthe and to be subscribit be them all and the clerk and sent to the said committie.

Warrand, supplies to Eight Whelpe.

Ordains ane warrand to be gevin to the thesaurer for the soume of fyve hundrethe thriescoir fyftein merkes payit be him for the vse of capitan Kerse his schipe, viz. fyve hundrethe merkes for ten hogheads beife and thriescoir fyftein merkes for candell for the said ship, being the Eight Whelpe, belonging to the King and parliament.

Huchesones Hospitall.

Colein Campbell is chosen thesaurer to Hutchesones Hospitall for ane year to cum.

21 December 1644.

Warrand, Eight Whelpe.

Ordains ane warrand to be gevin to the thesaurer for the soume of four hundrethe eight punds money gevin out be him to William Hyndschawe for the pryce of seavintein tunes of beir for the Eight Whelpe.