Journal, December 1732: Journal Book J.J

Pages 325-326

Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations: Volume 6, January 1729 - December 1734. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1928.

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Journal, December 1732

December 5. Present:—Mr. Docminique, Mr. Bladen, Mr. Brudenell.

South Carolina.

Letter from Mr. Walpole.


A letter from Mr. Walpole, dated this day, was read, and the papers, therewith transmitted, were laid before the Board, viz:—
A letter from Mr. Whitaker, Deputy Surveyor of the Lands in South Carolina, to Mr. Walpole, dated the 22nd September, 1732.
Mr. Whitaker's letter to Governor Johnson, in answer to a charge against Mr. St. John, Surveyor of South Carolina, about demanding fees, dated 21st September, 1732.
An account of fees.
The Governor's warrant for surveying lands.
Resolutions of the Assembly of South Carolina.
Proceedings of the Assembly against Edward North.

And the Board resolved to consider further thereof to-morrow morning.

December 6. Present:—Mr. Walpole, Mr. Docminique, Mr. Bladen, Mr. Brudenell.

The letter and papers from Mr. Walpole, mentioned in yesterday's Minutes, being again considered, the following papers were read, viz:—
A letter from Mr. St. John, dated the 6th of April, 1732.
A list of the lands taken up in South Carolina since the 1st of October, 1731.
The South Carolina Gazette.
Copy of the bill for ascertaining the Surveyor General's fees, the 10th of February, 1731–2.
The case of the patents granted to the landgraves and (fn. 1) cassiques in South Carolina.
Observations on the proceedings of the Governor, Council and Assembly of South Carolina, concerning the granting His Majesty's lands, and the payment of quit rents, etc.

A letter from Colonel Johnson, Governor of South Carolina, dated the 26th of June, 1732, with the Naval Officer's accounts, commencing the 29th of September, 1731, and ending the 25th of March, 1732.

Attorney General summoned.

Their Lordships then gave directions that Mr. Abercromby, Attorney General of South Carolina, should be desired to attend the Board on Wednesday next.

South and North Carolina.

Validity of laws.

Mr. Attorney and Mr. Solicitor General's report upon queries, relating to the validity of laws passed by the Proprietor's authority in Carolina, before and after notice of the purchase by the Crown, was read, and directions were given for sending attested copies thereof to Colonel Johnson and Captain Burrington.

December 7. Present:—Mr. Docminique, Mr. Bladen, Mr. Brudenell.

Herring fishery.

A letter from Mr. J. Drummond, dated this day, relating to the herring fishery at Hamburgh, was read, and the Board resolved to consider further thereof at another opportunity.

December 12. Present:—Mr. Docminique, Mr. Bladen.


Governor's additional salary.

An Order of the Committee of Council, dated the 11th instant, directing this Board to prepare an additional instruction for the Lord Viscount Howe, Governor of Barbadoes, to receive an additional salary in that island, was read, and the draught of an additional instruction for that purpose, being agreed, a report to the Lords of the Committee thereupon was signed.

December 20. Present:—Mr. Docminique, Mr. Bladen, Mr. Brudenell.


Governor's salary.

The Board taking again into consideration the Order in Council, relating to the salary of Mr. Belcher, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay, read the 11th of August last, a representation to His Majesty was thereupon agreed and signed.


  • 1. N.B. rectius caciques.