Letters and Papers: Miscellaneous, 1539

Pages 303-358

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 14 Part 2, August-December 1539. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Miscellaneous 1539

MS. 97.
f. 56b.
B. M.
Household expenses of Henry VIII. in the year 1539 (continued from Vol. XIII., Pt. II., No. 1280.)
[These payments were made by the Treasurer of the Chamber on the authority of Royal warrants, orders of officers of the Household, &c.; the majority are "by the King's commandment certified by my lord Privy Seal's letter," and such items are, in the following pages, indicated by an asterisk (*) prefixed to them.]
January, ao 30o.—Wednesday, New Year's Day at Greenwich, Sunday [5th] at Greenwich; offering on Twelfth Day 33s. 4d., and to the heralds-at-arms for their largess, 100s. Sundays [12th, 19th, and 26th] at York Place. Offerings of 6s. 8d. are entered under each of the above dates; and weekly alms of 37s. 11d. under each Sunday.
f.57 b.
f. 58.
Wages of the yeomen of the Chamber at 12d. each, for January, 114l.9s. Walt. Vaughan, John Anthill, Edw. Standbanke, John Northcote, and Ph. Wilde, yeomen and grooms of the Chamber, riding by command of sundry of the Council, as appears by sundry bills signed by the Council, 17s. Wages of the Almain armourers at Greenwich, from 9 Jan. to 5 Feb., 28 days, 28l. 16s. 9d. Sir Ric. Longe, for hay and oats provided for the King's deer in the park of Greenwich, ao 30o, viz., 10 loads of hay at 5s., 6 loads of oats at 9s., and carriage 9s., in all 113s. *Robt. Broune, servant of the bp. of Chester, reward to him and his fellows, 10l. *Sir Chr. Morice, master of the Ordnance, "towards his charges and expenses, at this time sent unto the town of Berwicke," 20l. *Fras. Picher, sent in post "with diligence, with the King's letters of importance," to Mr. Wriothesley and other ambassadors in Flanders, going and coming, 7l. 10s. *Geo. Grenlegh, servant to lord Leonard Grey, coming from Ireland with letters and returning with the King's letters, and "for the time of his attendance" 100s. *Thos. Barnaby, "riding in post from St. Quintin's hither, sent with letters of importance to his Highness," 100s. Piro Doux, yeoman cook for the King's mouth, on a warrant dormant for 10l. yearly reward given for his apparel, 10l. *Steph. Vaughan, ambassador in Flanders, prest for diets of 20s., 50l. *Dr. Kerne, ambassador in Flanders, prest for diets to be appointed, besides 100l, paid Oct. and Nov., 50l. *Nic. Pelley, "sent at this time in great diligence with the King's letters of great importance" to Sir Thos. Wyatt, ambassador with the Emperor, 30l. *John Harrywell, sent in post with letters to Venice and other parts for "affairs of importance," 30l. *Fras. Pitcher, courier, sent in post, "with letters of importance," to Mr. Wriothesley, ambassador in Flanders, going and coming, and for attendance here and there, 10l. *Chr. Mounte, "sent at this time to the duke of Saxony, Lantgrave and Hissen for his Grace's affairs of importance," 66l. 13s. 4d. *Mr. Thos. Pannell, clk., sent to the same, 33l. 6s. 8d. *John a Boroughe, of Calais, "to be by him employed for certain his Majesty's affairs," 5l. *Mons. Chapuy, "for so much money paid and disbursed at my said Lord's (Privy Seal's) request to George de Athea, late bishop of Llanda[...] of this realm, by way of his Majesty's reward, to the hands of Baptista Montisse to the use of the said Mons. Chapuy, the Emperor's ambassador," 60l. *Nich. Hacker, for conveyance of "letters of importance, with all diligence, to the lord elect of Hereford," ambassador resident in France, 50s. The Commissioners in the Marches of Wales, on warrant dormant, part payment of 218l. 18s. 11½ d., for the quarter ended at Lady Day next, 100s. The earl of Anguishe, on warrant dormant, part payment of 500l. for the half year ended 1 March next, 66s. 8d.
f. 58b. Wages in January ao 30o:—Twelve trumpeters at 16d. a day, 24l., and four other trumpeters at 8d. a day, 4l.; Philip Welder, luter, 66s. 8d.; Peter Welder, luter, 31s.; John Severnake, rebeck, 40s.; Thos. Evans, rebeck, 20s. 8d.; Wm. More, harper, 31s.; Thos. Bowman, minstrel, 20s. 8d.; Andrew Newman, the wait, 10s. 4d.; Noyall Zale tabret, 33s. 4d.; Hans Highorne and Hans Hosenet, viols, 33s. 4d. each; Mark Antony and Pelegrene, sagbutts, 40s. each; Nic. Vorcifail, sagbutt, 55s. 6d.; Ant. Symond and Nich. Andrewe, sagbutts, 20s. 8d. each; Guilliam de Trosshis and Guilliam Duwaite (Dufaite, Duvant, Dewayte), (fn. 1) minstrels, 53s. 4d.; Maurice Dufresne, a writer, 33s. 4d.; John Madison, 31s.; Wm. Rolt., serjeant-at-arms, 31s.; Wm. Lambert, nihil quia mortuus; John Poole (Pole), yeoman, 10s. 4d.; Wm. Poole, yeoman, 15s. 6d.; Wm. Turnour and Hector Pirton, of the Toils, 32s.; Wm. Lee, yeoman, 15s. 6d.; Alex. Gingham, board-wages, 16s. 8d.; Hanyball and Fraunces, board-wages, 33s. 4d.; Paul Freland, feather maker, 22s. 2d.; Luke Hornebaud, 55s. 6d.; the children of the Chapel board-wages, 26s. 8d.; Thos. Walter, a hunt, 10s. 4d.; Barthill and Hans, dromslades, 33s. 4d.; John Harison, yeoman, 20s. 8d.; Sir Hen. Pynnago, 31s.; falconers:—Mathewe, 21s. 8d., Gerrard Brode, 30s., John Aprichardes, 6s. 8d., Wm. Barker, 31s., Chr. Walleson (Welleson), 20s. 8d., John Shirwood, 20s. 8d., Ric. Ellis, 41s. 4d., Ric. Brandon, 31s., Thos. Farnall, 31s., Ph. Clampe, 62s., and Ralph Aphowell, 31s.; Edw. Hawkyns, 20s. 8d.; Robt. Stoner, 15s. 6d.; keepers:—John Node, 20s. 8d., John Stonerd, 15s. 6d., Oliver Rigby, 20s. 8d., Rowland Rampson, 20s. 8d., John Holland, 20s. 8d., and Ric. Johnson, 15s. 6d.; Wm. Paget, clerk of the Signet, 41s. 4d.; Ric. Baker's (Barker) board-wages, 6s.; Wm. Awbury, yeomen of the Crossbows, 20s. 8d.; Giles Churchill, groom of the Crossbows, 10s. 4d.; yeomen Ric. Wither, john Browne, and Sampson Clayton, 10s. 4d. each; Wm. Welshe, yeoman, nihil; Ric. Wourston, clockmaker, 20s.; Sir John Wolfe, priest, devisour of herbours, 20s.; Thos. Chartres, yeoman, 10s. 4d.; Matthew de Johanna, caster of the bar, 20s. 8d.; Wm. le Craunt, crossbow maker, 10s. 4d.; John Bonntanns, tabret, 41s. 4d.; Arth. Dewez, luter, 10s. 4d.; Sebastian Lesney, clockmaker, 20s. 8d.; the grooms of the Buckhounds, for finding them meat, 22s. 2d.; Ant. Denny, of the Robes, nihil; yeomen at 15s. 6d. each, viz.—John Willat, Thos. Johns, Wm. Borras, _ (fn. 2) (Here a page or more is lost, the manuscript continuing "Yet payments in February anno xxxo.")
f. 59.
f. 59b.
February.—Mr. Edm. Peckham, cofferer, on warrant of 18 Dec. ao 30o, for 1,270l. 6s. 0½ d. for surplusage of the Household ended at Michaelmas last, part payment, 210l. *John Apboroughe, "sent at this time in post beyond the sea for certain his Highness' affairs," 100s. Dr. Bonner, lord elect of Hereford, ambassador resident in France, on warrant of 7 April ao 29o, diets at 40s., and post money, 66l. 13s. 4d. *Sir John Russell, comptroller, part payment of 500l. given to him by way of reward, 233l. 6s. 8d. Jas Nedeham, on warrant dormant for 100l. a month, for buildings in the King's castles and manors, part payment for January last, 29l. 5s. 6d. *Albert, servant to the King of Denmark, reward, "for his charges coming from the said King and for his return again with the King's letters," 100s. *Thos. Knight, "coming and going with all diligence: from the ambassadors in Flanders, 10l. Robt. Lorde, paymaster of the King's manors of Hampton Court, Oatlands, Nonesuch, Chercey, and Busseham, 800l. *Robt. Goughe, sent at this time, with letters of importance, to the lord elect of Hereford, ambassador in France, 112s. Wm. Gouson, on warrant of 4 Feb. ao 30o, for 410l. 14s. 6d. to be paid for "75 masts of divers sorts and prices," part payment, 362l. 9s. 1½ d.
f. 60b. Wages in February:—As in January. Wolf is styled "devisour of harbours and graftes." Denny is omitted. The list continues with the yeomen at 6d. a day, from the point where that of January breaks off, as follows:—Robt. Axe, John Skreven, John Apprice (nihil), Ric. Sandell, Roger Boxwell, John Kinge, Hen. Johns, Geo. Edwardes, John Powez, Wm. Totill, John Hickeman, John Brampton (Brumpton), Adam Betton, Fulk Langley, Lionel Borras (Lovel Barrons), Armell Grene, Edw. Fox, John Scarlet, Jas. Kinston, Thos. Cowper, Ric. Rocke, Amyas Hill, John Bettes, John Wevant, Jas. Stanford.
Total payments in February ao 30o, 3,168l. 4s. 2d. (an amount which leaves 1,310l. 9s. 11½ d. to be accounted for in the portion lost.)
f. 61. March.—Sunday [2d] at York Place, the bp. of St. Davis for preaching before the King the 2nd Sunday in Lent, 20s. Sunday [9th] at York Place, the vicar of Stepney, preacher 3rd Sunday in Lent, 20s. Sunday [16th] at Dover, the suffragan of Worcester preacher on Midlent Sunday, 20s. Sunday [23rd] at Gravesend, offering on Lady Day, 6s. 8d., the bp. of Rochester preaching on Passion Sunday, 20s. Sunday [30th] at Greenwich, the bp. of Durham preaching on Palm Sunday, 20s. Offerings and weekly alms as usual (see January).
f. 61b.
f. 62b.
f. 63.
f. 63b.
f. 64.
f. 64b
f. 65.
Wages of Yeomen of the Guard, 113l. 19s. 6d.; of Almain armourers, 6 March to 2 April, 28l. 16s. 9d. Hugh Rogers, Nic. Collens, Thos. Swollowe, John Aphowell, Wm. Hawarde, Ric. Clerke, John Appulby, and Jas. Sall, yeomen, grooms, and messengers of the Chamber, riding by command of the Council, as appears by bills signed by the Council, 5l. 2s. 8d. John Piers, "hire of a house in London for the standing of the great standards with the rich coats of the Guard," for one quarter ended at Lady Day, 8s. 8d. Ric. Cecill, yeoman of the King's Wardrobe of Robes, on a warrant of 17 Jan. for 12d. a day from 31 Dec. last to 1 April next, "and so afterward to be paid monthly," 4l. 10s. John Norris, gentleman usher of the Chamber, Jas. Joskyn, clerk of the Wardrobe of Beds, and Wm. Tildesley, of the said Wardrobe, "riding from Gravesend to Windsor, by the King's commandment, there to take a view of the wardrobe stuff late in the custody of Robert Litle, and charging William Tildesley with the same, by the space of iiij days," on the Vice-Chamberlain's bill, 29s. 4d. Robt. Draper, John Halelie, and John Kirby, of the Jewel House, board wages when absent from Court attending in the Tower for ordering the King's plate there, 50 days in Jan., Feb., and March, at 8d. a day each, 100s. *Thadeus Bonela, sent in post with letters of importance to the lord elect of Hereford, ambassador with the French king,6l. *Wm.Harvy, servant to Mr. Wriothesley, sent, with letters of importance, to his master in Flanders, 100s. The earl of Anguishe, on warrant dormant, in full payment of 500l, due for the half year ended 1 March, besides payments in January and February, 396l. 13s. 4d. *Sir John Russell, comptroller, in full payment of the King's reward of 500l., besides payment in February, 266l. 13s. 4d. Edm. Peckham, cofferer, on warrant of 18 Dec. ao 30, part payment, beside that in February, 500l. *Sir Wm. Kingston, "for the diets of the lady Marquis, the lord Mountegle (sic) Sir Geffrey Poole, my lady his wife, with their servants, and other, late prisoners within the Tower of London," as shown by a bill of particulars, 28l. 12s. 8d. Jas. Nedeham, on warrant dormant, in full payment for January, 70l. 14s. 6d. The same, for February and March, 200l. *Jas. David, for conveyance "of his Grace's letters of importance to the King's Majesty from Chr. Mounte, the King's orator in Franckford," 60s. *Mr. Wriothesley, ambassador in Flanders, prest for diets to be appointed, 500l. *Wm. Bucstede, the King's bowyer, "for the emption of 2,200 new bow staves of yew," 100l. *Thos. Barnaby, the King's servant, sent "in great diligence with the King's letters of importance to the lord elect of Hereford," ambassador with the French king, going and coming, 12l. *Fulk Powell alias Lancastre herald at arms, prest for diets "after the rate accustomed, at this time sent with His Highness' letters of importance to the king of Scots, so long as he shall be forth," 10l. *Nic. le Pelle, courier, "sent at this time with the King's letters of importance to the King's ambassador resident with the Emperor," 30l. *Rayner Wolf, conveying the King's letters "at this time being sen to Chr. Mounte, his Grace's agent in High Almayne," 100s. *Wm. Gonson, "to be by him employed about his Highness' affairs upon the sea," 500l. Dr. Wotton, "the King's ambassador being now sent into the parts beyond the sea," on warrant of 10 March, for diets at 20s. from 11 March, and post money, 94l. Ric. Beard, groom of the Privy Chamber, "being now sent in ambassade into the parts beyond the sea," on warrant of 10 March, for diets of 10s. from 11 March and post money, 52l. "Item, to be allowed here in this book of payments the sum of xlij li. out of a sum of CC mks., overcharged in the book of Receipts upon my lord Sandes, for lands recovered the xth day of May ao xxviijo; which said sum of CC mks. the said lord Sandes promised to have fully paid it the said xth day of May, but, contrary to his promise, paid not so much by xlij li., wherefore issue is to be taken of the said xlij. li. now here," 42l. Wm. Gonson, on warrant of 4 Feb., besides payment in February, full payment, 48l. 5s. 4½ d. Dr. Barnes, "sent in ambassade to the king of Denmark," on warrant of 10 March, for diets at 10s. from 10 March, and post money, 89l. George Seyntleger, "now being sent as the King's orator to the king of Denmark," on warrant of 10 March, for diets at 10s. from 10 March and post money, 47l. Commissioners in the Marches of Wales, on warrant dormant, part payment for the quarter ending Lady Day next, besides 100s. paid in January, 20l. *Thos. Knight, sent with letters from the ambassador in Flanders to the King, and returning again with letters "with all diligence," 10l. *Ric. Harman, "to accomplish certain his Majesty's affairs, 10l. *Nich. Fellowe, "sent at this time in great diligence with the King's letters of importance to the lord elect of Hereford," ambassador with the French king, 6l. *Ric. Morisine, "for the charges of the ambassadors of the duke of Faraye (Ferrara) from Ash Wednesday at night till Tuesday at night next after," as shown by a bill of particulars, 10l. 3s. 2d. *John Godsaluve (sic), one of the clerks of the Signet, "for so much money disbursed unto a courier which brought letters unto the King's Majesty from Chr. Mounte," 10s. Sir George Lawson, on warrant dormant for 20 gunners "in a crewe" in the town and castle of Berwick, wages for one year ending Michaelmas next, 182l. 10s. Sir Chr. Morice, on warrant of 10 March, "to be employed for the finishing of the new buildings and reparations of certain houses to lay in ordnance within the Tower of London," 200l. The same, on warrant of 10 March, "to be by him employed for the new feathering of 'lyverey sheffe arrowes' in the castle of Windsor and for making of new bowstrings, and for drawing, heading, and burning of spears called demi launces," 200l. Philip Hobby, gentleman usher of the Privy Chamber, on warrant of 4 Feb., for 33l. 6s. 8d. a year from Christmas last, one quarter ended this Lady Day, 8l. 6s. 8d. Ant. Knevet, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, on warrant dated _ (blank), ao 30o, similarly, 8l. 6s. 8d. Sir Hen. Knevet, and Peter Meautis, gentlemen of the Privy Chamber, on warrants of 4 Feb., similarly, 8l. 6s. 8d. each. Maurice Barkely, gentleman usher of the Privy Chamber, on warrant of 4 Feb. for 20l. a year from Christmas last, one quarter ended this Lady Day, 100s. Ralph Stanmowe, schoolmaster to the henchmen, on warrant of 14 Jan., for 20l. a year from Christmas last, similarly, 100s. John Curwen, on warrant of 18 Jan. for 12d. a day from 14 Jan. as one of the King's falconers, payable quarterly, up to 31 March, 78s. Thos. Darby, clerk of the Signet, advance of "his whole year's fee of clerkship of the Privy Council beforehand, the same year to begin primo Januarii ao xxxo," 20l. Jaques de Garnado, "one of the escuyers de escurye of the King's stable," wages at 40l. a year, three quarters in advance from 1 Jan., 30l. Sir John Gaage, advance of fee for the half year ended Midsummer next, 33l. 6s. 8d. Edm. Peckham, cofferer, on liberate dormant of 26 Feb. ao 29o for 21l. a year from 14 Jan. ao 28o, full payment of two years ended Christmas last, besides 15l. 15s. paid at Lady Day ao 30o (sic), 26l. 5s. John Glover, on warrant of 11 March for 4d. a day, payable quarterly, from 28 Feb., for March, 10s. 4d. Edw. Leighton, clerk of the Closet, on warrant of 14 April (sic) ao 30o, for 30l. a year to him and his successors, to be distributed "to certain prestes synginge at Our Lady of Pew Sayncte Edwardes shryne at Eaton and Windesour," half year from Michaelmas last ended Lady Day ao 80o, 15l. The yeomen of the Guard at 4d. a day, for the quarter ended 31 March, 282l. 6s.; those at 6d. a day, 92l. 19s. 6d. Peter Meawtis, who, on the King's liberate, heretofore received 20l. a year as a gentleman usher of the Privy Chamber and was so paid by Sir Brian Tuke, treasurer of the Chamber, until Christmas last, when he was admitted to 50 mks. a year, payment for the Christmas quarter at the old rate, 100s.
f. 65b. Wages in March ao 30:—As in February down to Wm. Barker, falconer. The second item is "five other trumpeters." Mathewe, falconer, is omitted. Dewes and Bonntanns appear near the beginning of the list and a new name, " Anthony Mary, sagbut," 41s. 4d., also appears.
A leaf lost here.
f. 66.
f. 66b.
f. 67.
f. 67b.
f. 68.
"Yet quarter at our Lady Day, ao xxxo":—Austen Clero, of the Stable, 20s.; Fras. Sidney, of the Stable, 66s. 8d.; Fras. de Rege, of the Stable, 5l.; Hannyball, a farrier, 50s.; Alex. Gingham, a rider, 5l.; Matthew de Mantua, studman, 4l. 11s. 3d.; his servant under him, 60s. 10d.; Hen. Sell, a hunt 45s. 6d.; old Mrs. Knevet, annuity, 22l. 8s. 4d.; Ant. Lowe (Loo), yeoman, 22s. 10d.; Eleanor Hutton, annuity, 33s. 4d.; Ric. Bawdewin, priest, 45s. 8d.; Ric. Bream (Breham), of the Stable, 50s.; his board-wages, 22s. 10d.; Beatrix Apprice, 16s. 8d.; John Dei (Day), groom of the Chamber, 50s.; John Evans and Hugh Harris, falconers, 50s. each; Luke de Lyarke, gunner, 4l. 11s. 3d.; Edm. Mody (Mowdy), footman, 15s. 2d.; Wm. Armorer, footman, 10s.; Balthazer de Bolla, "millever," wages, 6l. 20d.; Sir Wm. Paulet, master of the wards, 25l., a clerk under him, 50s.; Hugh Pigot, cook, fee, 30s. 5d.; Wm. Lewes, instrument maker, 50s.; John Haywood, player on the virginals, 50s.; Lovell, gardener, wages, 15s. 2d.; Nich. Clerke, keeper of Hatfelde Brodoke, 30s. 5d.; Jenyns, of the Pastry, wages, 30s. 5d.; Wm. Croughton, the King's hosier, 35s.; Ric. Warde, for the oversight of the harness at Windsor, 30s. 5d.; Wm. Hastinges, "with the old lady of Norfolk," 25s.; John Erington (Erringham), yeoman, 30s. 5d.; Thos. Morton, wages, 25s.; Fras. Blake (Blacke), wages, 30s. 5d.; John Johnson, messenger, 25s.; Wm. Forde, keeper of the mastiffs, 30s. 5d.; John Parker, of the Stable, board wages, 45s. 6d.; Irion Brereton, of the Privy Chamber, 50s.; John Penn, barber, 66s. 8d.; John Demayne, graver, 5l.; Wm. Hamond, of the Leish, 20s.; Thos. Woodall, sewer, 30s. 5d.; Chr. Hawte, falconer, 33s. 4d.; Thos. Welden, for keeping Windsor butts, 15s. 2d.; Webbe, of the Stable, for carriage of dung, 15s. 2d.; Hen. Romains, King's locksmith, 13s. 4d.; Alex. de Bolony, a rider, 7l. 10s.; Ellis Carmillion, "millyvor," 33s. 4d.; Mich. Frozard, "moyle harnesmaker," 45s. 6d.; Wm. Suillyard, esquire, 25l.; John Fitzwater, clock keeper at Beawliewe, 13s. 4d.; Thos. Vicary, surgeon, 5l.; Sir Nich. Carewe, nihil quia mortuus, Thos. Hennage, esquire, 8l. 6s. 8d.; Wm. Pennyson, of the Stable, 66s. 8d.; Wm. Philip, writer, 50s.; Thos. Cowper, falconer, 4l. 11s. 3d.; Sir Brian Tuke, Treasurer of the Chamber, 25l., "his clerk under him for Christmas and our Lady Day," 10l.; hunts:— Geo. Node and Geo. Grenefelde, serjeants, 5l. 14s. each, Wm. Howell, John Burne (Bourne), and Ralph Mody, 33s. 4d. each, Jas. Maperley, 45s. 6d., Humph. Raynsford, 25s., and Nich. Purfrey, 30s. 5d.; Geo. Sutton, late gentleman usher, 50s.; John Cockes, footman, 10s.; Sir Fras. Brian, fee, 8l. 6s. 8d.; John Miston, yeoman, nihil quia prius; Robt. Hobbes, keeper of the wardrobe at the More, 45s. 6d.; Thos. Sincke (Spincke), wages, 15s. 2d.; Eliz. Darrell, 50s.; Ant. Toto and Barth. Penn, 12l. 10s.; John Welsbourn, fee, 8l. 6s. 8d.; Geo. Dodsworth, keeper, wages, 45s. 6d.; Sir Thos. Seymer, of the Privy Chamber, 8l. 6s. 8d.; Wm. Harbert, annuity, 11l. 13s. 4d.; Peter Mighen, a writer, 66s. 8d.; Thos. Wolward, fee, 30s. 5d.; yeomen:—John Lewes, 30s. 5d., and John Amadas, 45s. 6d.; Robt. Fowler, deputy keeper of Greenwich, 15s. 2d.; Alice Filmer, widow, 7s. 7d.; Wm. Long, arrowhead maker, 30s. 5d.; Wm. Philip, board wages, 30s. 5d.; Geoff. Bromefeld, buckler maker, 15s. 2d; Sir Thos. Palmer, 5l.; Ric. Bolton, of the Leish, 10s.; Edw. Burges, a farrier, 50s.; Massy Willard, fee, 5l.; Sir Wm. Windesor, fee, 5l.; John Pitcher, of Totnam, 20s.; Thos. Darby, clerk of the Privy Council, nihil quia solutus; Ric. Atzile, polisher of stones, 5l.; John Worthe, of the Stable, 66s. 8d.; John Vaughan, sewer, 57s.; John Griffith, yeoman, wages, 30s. 5d.; Dr. Tragonnell, fee, 10l.; Thos. Decon, porter with the Lady Mary, 60s. 10d.; Thos. Dulsace, fee, 13s. 4d.; Giles Everson, wages, 30s. 5d. Thos. Gilbert, late gunner, 33s. 4d.; Wm. Orwell, messenger, 30s. 5d.; Thos. Carewe (Care), sewer, 5l.; Wm. Tolley, yeoman, 45s. 6d.; Simon Burton, wages, 50s.; Steph. Vaughan, 5l.; Walter Dodsworth, a hunt, 33s. 4d.; Chr. Mountabourn, fee, 5l.; John Curson, groom of the Chamber, and Wm. Uxley and John Reynolde, yeomen, 30s. 5d. each; Leonard Storry and Launcelot Stocker, riders, 50s. each; Robt. Hinstocke and Geo. Mayler, players, 22s. 2d.; Owen Dodsworth, a hunt, 33s. 4d.; Sir Wm. Pounder, 5l.; Sir [Ric.] (fn. 3) Longe, of the Privy Chamber, 5l. 6s. 8d.; John Yerdley, and Ph. Chute, yeomen, 45s. 6d. each; Owen Lloide (Floid), dawkeeper, 15s. 2d.; yeomen:—Edw. Hudswell. Geo. Mountjoy, David Morgan, Robt. Kyrke, and Ric. Keys, 45s. 6d. each; Thos. Smyth, page of the Chamber, 50s.; John Brome, yeoman, 30s. 5d.; yeomen:—Ric. Lewes, Edw. David, Ric. Sentlowe, Ric. Fissher, John Turner, and Thos. Walton, 45s. 6d. each; Wm. Willis, yeoman, 30s. 5d.; Sir Ric. Longe, master of the Buckhounds, 8l. 6s. 8d.; Walter Godson (Goodson), a hunt, 33s. 4d.; Sir Ric. Long, master of the Hawks, 10l.; Robt. Boucher and John Jenyns, of the Privy Chamber, 50s. each; Ric. White, yeoman, 30s. 5d.; Dr. Mighell (Mighell de la Soo), physician to the Lady Mary, 16l. 13s. 4d.; John de Sodo, poticary to the Lady Mary, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Mich. Stanhop, of the Stable, 66s. 8d.; John Care, paymaster and surveyor at Hunsdon, 4l. 11s. 3d.; Nich. Hare, esquire, 25l.; Thos. Paston, annuity, 11l. 13s. 4d.; Hans Holbyn, painter, nihil quia prius per warrantum; John Yonge, annuity, 30s. 5d.; Chr. Erington, annuity, 50s.; John Aylif, surgeon, fee, 5l.; Mrs. Eliz. Uxenbridge, 66s. 8d.; Hugh Lee, of the Leish, 10s.; John Wolf, armourer, 45s. 6d.; Thos. Hutton, yeoman, 30s. 5d.; Wm. Armorer, yeoman of the henchmen, 35s.; Wm. Beton, organ maker, 5l.; Thos. Davy (David, Danny), yeoman, wages, 10s.; Thos. Dodsworth, a hunt, 33s. 4d.; John Davis, wages, nihil quia mortuus; Laur. Cooke, yeoman, 30s. 5d.; Thos. Culpeper, keeper of the Gallery at Greenwich, 16l. 13s. 4d.; Philip Hobby, fee, nihil quia prius; Edm. Hoggeson, 45s. 6d.; John Sydnan, wages, 30s. 5d.; Anth. Sentleger, of the Privy Chamber, 8l. 6s. 8d.; Ant. de Basson, instrument maker, 4l. 11s. 3d.; Alex. Penix (Pinx), dromslade, 45s. 6d.; Thos. Welden, clerk, 15s. 2d.; Ric. Warde, 30s. 5d.; Walter Delenns, 5l. 6s. 8d.; Jas. de Garnado (Garnago), a rider, nihil quia prius; Nicholas de Modena, 50s.; his livery, 5s.
Half year's wages at Lady Day ao 30o:—
f. 68b. Firewood for the yeomen of the Tower, 26s. 8d.; Sir Hen. Pynnago, wages, 10l.; Sir Anth Broune, 16l. 13s. 4d.; Sir Fras. Bryan, master of the Toils, 33l. 6s. 8d.; John Parker, of the Stable, 10l.; Sir John Nevell, 10l.; the lady Anne Grey, annuity, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Robt. Fowler, 10l.; Robt. Seymer, 5l.; Mr. Leyton, clerk of the Closet, "for the wages of certain priests," 60l.; Sir Thos. Spert, clerk of the King's ships, 16l. 13s. 4d.; John Clement, physician, nihil; Nich. Sampson, yeoman, 50s., Bastard Falconbridge, 10l.; Wm. Morraunte, fee, 5l. John Till, annuity, nihil quia mortuus; Mich. Mercator, organ maker, 11l. 5s.; Lord Russell, fee, 11l. 6s. 8d.; Archangell Arcan, gunner, wages, 9l. 2s. 6d., his servant, 60s. 10d.; Sir John Gifford, 5l.; Sir Laur. Stabernes, 17l. 10s.; John Myn, clerk to the General Surveyors, 5l.; John Rydley, groom of the Longbows, 20s.; Nich. Fytton, annuity, 10l.; Austen de Augustinis, physician, nihil quia prius in "dec." (December ?); John Slye, player, 33s. 4d.; Robt. Forde, annuity, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Edw. Conysbe, groom, nihil quia suspensus; John Hynd, surveyor of the King's livery for lands, 25l.; Peter Meawtes, of the Privy Chamber, nihil; Thos. Mynto, King's scholar, 5l.; Ric. Candishe, annuity, 5l.; John Norris, yeoman, 20s.; Robt. Reignoldes and Thos. Glyn, minstrels, 66s. 8d.; John Wille, rattaker, 60s. 10d.; Barnard de Mola, wages, 35l.
Total payments in March, ao 30o, 5,677l. 18s. 1½ d. Total since 1 Jan.:— 9,554l. 14s. 1½ d.
f. 69. April:—The King's offering this Good Friday, 20s. Forty-nine poor men at the King's Maundy on Maundy Thursday, each 49d., 10l. 1d.; and 4 doz. purses for the same, 2s. Easter day [6th] at Greenwich, the King's offerings "at resurrexion," 6s. 8d., at "taking his rights in the morning" 6s. 8d., and at high mass, 13s. 4d.; the heralds at arms, 100s.; the cooks of the Kitchen, 6l. 13s. 4d.; officers of the Pastry, 20s., of the Squyllary, 20s.; porters of the Gate, 53s. 4d.; "thenxmen (the henchmen) for their hoslingmoney," 20s.; offerings on Easter Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of 6s. 8d. Sunday [13th] at Greenwich. Sunday [20th] at Richmond. Wednesday, St. George's Day, at Richmond, day's offering and offering at requiem mass of 6s. 8d.; fraternity of St. George, 13s. 4d.; the heralds at arms, 5l.; offering on St. Mark's day, 6s. 8d. Sunday [27th] at York Place. Sunday offerings and weekly alms as before.
f. 69b.
f. 70
f. 70b.
f. 71.
f. 71b.
Wages of the yeomen of the Chamber, 110l. 17s., and of the Almain armourers from 3 to 30 April, 28l. 16s. 9d. The king's offering on Monday, 28 April, at Westminster, "at the mass of the Holy Ghost," 7s. 6d. Wm. Rainsford, gentleman usher of the Chamber, "for himself, iij yeomen and iij grooms making ready the King's Parliament chamber at Westminster by the space of vi days in the month of April," on the Vice-chamberlain's bill, 56s. Edw. Scarlet, yeoman, on warrant of 21 Feb. for the 6d. a day which Thos. Lewes, dec., of the late Queen's chamber, had, from 1 Feb. to 1 May, "and so afterward to be paid monthly," 44s. 6d. Hans Quere, one of the King's dromslades, on warrant of 8 March for 8d. a day, from 1 March to 1 May, "and so afterwards to be paid monthly," 40s. 8d. John Pretre, one of the King's "viffers," on warrant of 8 March, for 8d. a day from 1 March to 1 May, and so monthly, 40s. 8d. Thos. Clyff, keeper of the King's wardrobes at Nottingham, riding to the Court at Westminster and sent home again in the King's business, "so going and coming and living at the Court upon his despatch by the King's commandment by the space of xlti days, as appeareth by a bill signed by the Fitz-chamberlain," 40s. John Belson and Ralph Holfford, yeomen of the Chamber, "riding from Otlande to London for the standards, with the rich coats of the Guard, to serve the King against St. George's Day at Richemounte," and for cartage from London to Richmond and back being 7 miles, 4 days, as appears by the Vice-chamberlain's bill, 13s. Robt. Smith, Ric. Clerc, Ralph Holford, Walter Vaughan, Edw. Bigge, Thos. Batersbye, and Robt. Langdon, yeomen and grooms of the Chamber, riding by command of sundry of the King's Council, on bills signed by the Council, 3l. 20d. Edm. Peckham, cofferer, on warrant of 18 Dec. ao 30o, for surplusage for the year ending Mich. ao 29o, besides 710l. paid in Feb. and March last, part payment, 100l. John Skippe, clk., the King's almoner, on warrant of 28 March, ao 30o, "to be by him distributed in alms upon Good Friday," 133l. 6s. 8d. Mr. Ric. Tate, "being sent now as the King's ambassador to the Emperor's Court," on warrant of 25 March ao 30o, for diets at 40s. from 26 March, 165l. Dr. Boner, elect bishop of Hereford, ambassador now resident in the French Court, on warrant dormant of 1 Oct. ao 30o, for diets at 53s. 4d., and post money, 300l. *Thos. Barnaby. "being now sent with the King's letters of importance" to the bp. of Hereford, ambassador in the French Court, for his voyage thither, 9l. 6s. 8d. "Item paid to the King's highness to the hands of Sir Thomas Hennage, knight," on warrant of 2 April ao 30o, "for his Grace's own affairs," 3,333l. 6s. 8d. *John Godsalve "for so much money by him disbursed to certain posts for sundry dispatchments," 4l. 15s. *Thade, courier, sent with letters of importance to Sir Thos. Wyat, ambassador in Hispaine, 30l. *Leonard Skevington, captain of the garrison at Nottingham, for wages of himself and men, 5 months, 2 Dec. to 8 April, 71l. 3s. 4d. *John Skegge, the King's servant, reward, 6l. *Hen. Middilton, reward for "bringing of certain letters from his Grace's agents with the duke of Cleves, sent hither in post," 11l. 4s. *Nich. le Pelly, courier, sent in post with letters of importance to Toledo to Sir Thos. Wyat, ambassador in Spain 30l. *Mr. Ric. Tate "now sent as ambassador to the Emperor's Court" for his charges riding in post with his guide and two servants, 75l. Wm. Frankelin, dean of Windsor, King's chaplain, on warrant of 7 April, "to be by them (sic) for certain oraisons, suffrages and masses to be said for the soul's health of th'erle of Wilts, late deceased," 16l. 13s. 4d. *John of Andwarpe, for "charges in causing certain the King's letters of importance to be conveyed with all diligence to Xpofer Mounte and Thomas Pannell, his Grace's servants and orators in Jarmayne," 50s. *Edm. Baker, servant to Mr. Stephen Vaughan, ambassador resident in Flanders, sent in diligence with letters to his master and returning with "letters responsals," 7l. Petir Vann Colan, King's servant and gunner, on warrant of 9 April "for twoo erigyns for mountinge of ordenaunce xiij l. vj s. viij d. and for xxti smaill basis of iron after the rate of xviij s.a pece," 31l. 6s. 8d.
Wages in April ao 30–31o:—The same names as in the list for February, with the alterations noted under March. "Richard Cecill, yeoman of the Robes, xxxs." and "Richard Barnes, keeper, wages, xxs." are new items. Ric. Rocke, yeoman, has nihil, quia mortuus.
Total payments in April, 4,667l. 2s. 2d.
f. 73. May, ao 31o—Sundays [4th, 11th, 18th] at York Place. Whitsunday [25th] at York Place, the King's offering at taking his rights in the morning 6s. 8d.; the heralds at arms, 100s. Offerings on Sundays (and also on SS. Philip and James' Day, Whitson Monday and Whitson Tuesday) and daily alms as usual.
f. 73b.
f. 74.
Wages of the yeomen of the Chamber, 113l. 18s., and of the Almain armourers, 1 May to 28 May, 28l. 16s. 9d. Geoffrey Johnes, John Nashe, and Adam Gaskyn, yeomen, grooms and messengers of the Chamber, riding by command of the Council, on bills signed by the Council, 6l. 6s. Morgan Wolf, one of the King goldsmiths, on warrant of 26 Feb. ao 30o for 964l. 18s. 9½ d. for plate "delivered to the King's use of new years gifts on New Year's Day last, ao 30o, and for the amending and gilding of certain other plate in offices within the King's Court," part payment, 400l. The King's offering on Whitson Wednesday, 6s. 8d. *Mr. Writhesley, ambassador in Flanders, for diets and post money, 37l. 6s. 8d. *Mr. Vaughan, ambassador there, diets at 20s. and post money, 50l. 3s. 4d. *Geo. Collins, "at this time sent unto the parts of beyond the sea about his Grace's affairs," 10l. Edm. Peckham, cofferer, on warrant of 18 Dec., besides payments in Feb., March, and April, full payment, 460l. 6s. ½ d. Jas. Nedeham, on warrant dormant, for the month ended 30 April, 100l. Mr. Vaughan, ambassador in Flanders, "post money prested to him upon his own letters," 18l. *Wm. Harvey, "charges, bringing letters of importance from Mr. Vaughan" and returning with the King's answer, 9l. 6s. 8d. *Woulf Bamberigk, reward, 40l. Commissioners in the marches of Wales, on warrant dormant, full payment of 218l. 18s. 11½ d. for the quarter ended Lady Day ao 30o, 193l. 18s. 11½ d. Dr. Boner, lord elect of Hereford, ambassador in France, on warrant dormant, diets at 53s. 4d. and post-money, 133l. 6s. 8d. *Thos. Palmer, "for his charges in this journey in post with his Majesty's letters of importance," 10l. *Francis Burgatus, vice-chancellor to the duke of Saxony, and Lodowicus a Bambrige, rewards of 66l. 13s. 4d. and 50l. respectively. Mr. John Briket, master cook for the King's mouth, on warrant dormant of 13 Dec. ao 30o, part payment of 50l. yearly for the apparelling of 33 "gallapynes," for the year ending Christmas next, 30l.
Wages in May, ao 31o—As in April. Additional items are Hans Quere, drumslade and John Pretre, vyfer, 20s. 8d. each, and Edw. Skarlet, yeoman, 15s. 6d. Ric. Rocke, yeoman, is omitted.
Total payments in May ao 31o, 1,918l. 16s. 1d.
f. 76. June:—Sundays [1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th] at York Place. Sunday offerings and daily alms as usual and also an offering on St. John's Day.
f. 76b. Wages of yeomen of the Chamber, 110l. 17s. 6d. John Piers, hire of a house in London for the great standards and rich coats of the Guard, one quarter ended Midsummer, 8s. 8d., Fraternity of St. Dunstals (sic) in the West for one year ended St. Peter's Day ao 31o, 40s. The grooms of the Hall, reward at Midsummer, "as hath been accustomed," 10s. Wages of the Almain armourers, 29 May to 25 June, 28l. 16s. 9d. Francis Queblaunche, guilder and graver of the King's harness, on warrant of 11 May ao 31o for 36s. a month for himself and servant from 1 April last to 1 July (and so afterward to be paid monthly), 5l. 8s. Ric. Ansham, groom porter, "for the carriage of five loads of bows for the King's Chamber and for two labourers at every load to cut and carry the said bows together, besides his own man," on Mr. Vice-chamberlain's bill, 11s. 8d. Nich. Foskewe, groom-porter, like charges, carrying 8 loads of bows, 18s. 8d. Wm. Gilman, of Gravesend, Edw. Standbanke, and Thos. Battyesby, riding by command of the Council, as appears by bills signed by divers of the Council, 40s. Wm. Temple, the King's fletcher, on a warrant of 10 June, for 77 sheaf of arrows with cases and girdles for the yeomen of the Guard, 20l. 10s. 8d.
Wages in June ao 31o:—As in May. John Aprichardes, falconer, has nihil, quia mortuus.
f. 78.
f. 78b.
f. 79.
f 79b.
"Yet payments in June," ao 31o:—Thos. Bill, doctor of physic, on warrant of 1 April ao 30o, for 10l, a year from Christmas last, for two quarters ended at St. John's Day ao 31o, 100s. Robt. Huicke, doctor of physic, on warrant of the same date, likewise, 100s. Nicholas Bacon, on warrant of 1 June for 10l.a year, payable from Easter last, quarterly, during pleasure, one quarter ended St. John's Day, 50s. Hierome Benall, carver of precious stoues, on warrant of 18 April ao 30o for 10l. a year and 22s. 6d. for livery, from 1 April ao 30o, one quarter, 55s. 7d. Robt. Grene, footman, on warrant of 24 April ao 31o for 4d. a day from Easter ao 29o, payable quarterly, five quarterly, five quarters ended 30 June ao 31o, 7l. 12s. 1d. Ric. Morisine, of the Privy Chamber, on warrant of 15 (altered from 25) April ao 31o (sic) for "his annuity of 20l.," during pleasure, from Easter last, one quarter, 5l. Fras. Blake, on warrant of 6 April ao 30o, for 2d. a day, payable quarterly, from Lady Day, during life, 91 days ending 30 June, 18s. 10d. Thos. Darbie, clerk of the Privy Council, advance of his fee from 1 Jan. next, besides 20l. advanced to him for his whole year's fee at Lady Day from 1 Jan. ao 30o, 10l. Ric. Bearde, groom of the Privy Chamber, on warrant dated _ (blank) for 10l. a year payable quarterly from Christmas last, two quarters, 100s. The yeomen of the Guard at 4d., for the quarter ended 30 June, 286l. 13s. ; those at 6d. a day, 91l. *Sir Thos. Wyat, ambassador in Spain, diets at 54s. 4d. and post money, 250l. Cornelis Johnson, on warrant of 11 May ao 30o for 200l. "by way of prest for the new making of hawlis of gonnes and old chambres, and for new chambres for old hawles, belonging to his Majesty's ships," part payment, 150l. *Thos. Barnaby, "returning from the King's ambassador in France at Sens in Champayne, with letters of importance," 10l. *Mr. Gerom Vidman, servant to Bernard de Mela, reward, 20l. Sir Chr. Morice, master of the Ordnance, on warrant of 11 May ao 31o for 200l. to be employed upon "provisions in the said office of Ordnance," part payment, 133l. 6s. 8d. Sir Anth. Broune, master of the Horse, on warrant of 26 March ao 30o "for the payment of certain stuff, workman ship and carriage," as appears by a book of particulars, 80l. 10s. 11½ d. *Wm. Harvie "sent in post from Mr. Vaughan with letters of importance" and returning with the King's letters to Mr. Vaughan, 9l. 6s. 8d. *John Parker, similarly, 7l. *Chr. Mounte and Thos. Panell, "for so much by them laid out and disbursed at the time of their abode in Jarmane, as the King's orators, 10l, 8s. Jus. Nedeham, on warrant dormant, for the month ended 31 May last, 100l. Thos. Byston, clerk of the Stable, on warrant of 4 Jan. ao 30o "for stuff and workmanship by him provided, to the King's use, of Mighell Burset," 62l. 5s. Robt. Acton, King's sadler, on warrant of 11 March ao 30o, " for certain work-manship of stuff and other necessaries provided for by the commandment of Sir Nicholas Carewe," 89l. 9s. 9d. Master Doctor Barnes, ambassador in Denmark, diets at 20s. advanced to him beforehand, 63l. *Geo. Sayntleger, agent with the king of Denmark, coming from the said King in post with letters of importance to the King, 11l. 2s. 8d. "and also for bringing of a gentlewoman of the king of Denmark's to the King's Highness," reward, 4l. ; and also diets at 10s. a day, 6l. *Nic. Lesner, reward, 40l. *Mr. Ant. Hugume, one of the king of Denmark's gentlemen, "sent from the king of Denmark with letters to the King's Majesty, and now likewise despatched thither again," reward, 40l.
f. 80. Quarter's wages in June ao 31o:—Sir Edm. Walsingham, fee, 25l., and "for finding of prisoners," 25l.; yeomen of the Tower, wages, 36l. 10s. 7d.; Wm. Pennyson, fee, 10l.; Percival Hert, fee, 100s. ; Ant. Chabo, surgeon,nihil; Thomas Palmer, fee, 50s.; Nich. Crazer, astronomer, 5l.; Dr. Buttes, physician, 25l.; Dr. Bentley, physician, 10l.; Piro, the French cook, 66s. 8d. ; Robt. Draper, John Halelie (Alelye), and John Bedill, of the Jewel House, 33s. 4d. each ; Robt. Kirbe of the Jewel House, 26s. 8d.; John Barwicke of the Leish, 10s.; the Stable:— Hen. Webbe, 66s. 8d., Thos. Ogle, 50s., Ant. Imers, 50s., Robt. Webbe, 15s. 2d., Ric. Longe, 66s. 8d., Austen Clerc, 20s. And so on as at Lady Day, except that Sir Nich. Carewe, John Davis and Ric. Warde are omitted, and the following are additional items:—Maurice Barkley, of the Privy Chamber, 5l. ; John Curwyn (Corwyne), falconer, 4l. 11s. 3d. ; Sir Hen. Knevet, of the Privy Chamber, 8l. 6s. 8d.; Anth. Knevet, gentleman usher, 8l. 6s. 8d.; Ralph Stannop (Stannowe), schoolmaster to the henchmen, 5l.; Philip Hobby, gentleman usher, 5l.; Peter Meawtes, gentleman usher, 8l. 6s. 8d. ; John Glover, yeoman, wages, 30s. 5d.
Total payments in June ao 31o, 2,691l. 13s. 1½ d.
Total from 1 April, 9,277l. 11s. 4d.
f. 82b. July:—Sunday [6th] at Hampton Court. Sunday [13th] at Oking. Sunday [20th] at Guildford. Sunday [27th] at Petworth. Sunday offerings and daily alms as usual; also an offering on St. James' Day.
f. 83. Wages of the yeomen of the Chamber, 113l. 5s. ; and of the Almain armourers from 26 June to 23 July, 28l. 16s. 9d. Ric. Skidmore, one of the yeomen of the Toils, on warrant of 7 July, for 16s. a month from 30 June last for exercising the room which Hector Pirton, dec., late had, and so afterward to be paid monthly, 16l. John Belson and Ralph Holforde, yeomen of the Guard, "costs by the space of one day going to the Tower of London to fet out bows and javelins for the Guard to serve the King in his Grace's progress, and for a barge to convey the same bows and javelins and 77 sheaves of arrows from the Tower to the clerk of the Check's lodging at Straundbridge," on Mr. Fitzchamberlain's bill, 3s. John Aphowell, John Antill, Wm. Hawarde, Thos. Horsley, Wm. Hall, and Thos. Batersby, yeomen, grooms and messengers of the Chamber, riding by command of the Council, as appears by bills signed by divers of the same, 13s.
Wages in July ao 31o.—As in June. Hector Pyrton of the Toils, and John Aprichards, falconer, are omitted.
f. 84.
f. 84b.
f. 85.
f. 85b.
Yet payments in July.—Wm. Raynsford, usher of the Parliament Chamber, "for certain reparations done there by the King's commandment," as appears by a bill of particulars, 16l. 2s. 7½ d. *George Hennage, "sent with the King's letters of importance to the court of France, " 7l. *Mr. Anthony, a servant of the king of Denmark, "for his expenses here in his lodging during his abode here," 66s. 8d. *John Baker, King's attorney, and Mr. Horewood, solicitor, " in reward for their pains in penning and writing of sundry Acts in the time of late session of this Parliament," 30l. apiece and to their clerks, 6l. 13s. 4d. to be equally divided. Sir Chr. Morice, master of the Ordnance, on warrant of 11 May, besides payment in June, full payment, 66l. 13s.4d. Robt. and John Owen, gunfounders, on warrant of 8 June, "for casting and making of certain pieces of ordnance at Calice," 98l. 9d. The Commissioners in the Marches of Wales, on warrant dormant, diets, &c., for the quarter ended at Midsummer, 218l. 18s. 11½ d. Ric. Tate, ambassador with the Emperor, on warrant of 25 March ao 30o, diets at 40s. and post money, 333l. 6s. 8d. *Mr. Walsingham, lieutenant of the Tower, "for the diets of Gertrude Courtney, and her women, as for her apparel, fuel, and other necessaries," 25l. 5s. 4d. *Fras. Philipe, reward, 20l. Cornelis Johnson, on warrant of 11 May ao 30o (sic) " for the new making of bawles for guns and old chambers, " besides payment in June last, full payment, 50l. *Sir Chr. Morice, master of the Ordnance, "to be employed upon certain ordnance and other provisions to the King's use," 320l, 19s. 5½ d. *"To a gentleman called Strocius," reward, 25l. Sir John Dudley, master of the Armoury, on warrant of 13 June, for 21 armourers' doublets, gowns, and hoses, 27l. 6s. Jas. Nedham, on warrant dormant, for the month of June, 100l. *Ric. Lecheman, "sent at this time with the King's letters of importance" to the bishop elect of Hereford, ambassador in France, 7l. *Ric. Bearde, a groom of the I'rivy Chamber, and Hans Holbyn, painter, "sent into the parts of High Almain upon certain his Grace's affairs," for their costs, 40l.; and "to Hans Holben for the preparation of such things as he is appointed to carry with him," 13l. 6s. 8d. The said Ric. Bearde, ambassador " in the parts of beyond the sea," on warrant of 10 March ao 30o, diets at 10s. and post money, 9l. 8s. *Mons. Petro de Baba, servant to king John of Hungary, reward, 40l. Stephen Vaughan, ambassador in Flanders, "for the despatch of a post, with letters of importance," to the King, 46s. 8d. *Mr. Dr. Peter, "appointed to have gone into the parts of beyond the sea, for putting himself in a readiness for the same, and to Geo. Collyns sent in post for his attendance in that voyage," 36l. 6s. 8d. Mr. Dr. Bonner, elect bishop of Hereford, ambassador in France, diets at 53s. 4d. and post money, 224l. *The countess of Kildare, arrearages due for her jointure, 40l. *"Jamys son of Mawringe, claiming to be rightful inheritor of therle of Desmond," "to return at this present time into Ireland, for his better furniture in the said voyage," reward, 40l. *Edw. Charleton, John Heron and John Thomson, reward, 10l. *Mons. Damporte, one of the French king's gentlemen, 40l. *Sir Chr. Morice, master of the Ordnance, "to be employed about certain munitions and conveyance of ordnance appointed to be conveyed into Ireland," 40l. *Thos. Fowler, of Calice, "to be employed about certain fortifications at Calais, and by him thither to be conveyed," 1,000l.
Total payments in July, 3,217l. 13s. 2½ d.
f. 86. August.—Sunday [3d] at Bishop's Waltham. Sunday [10th] at Wolfall; offering at Our Lady Day, 6s. 8d. Sunday [17th] at Shefford. Sunday [24th] at Woodstock. Sunday [31st] at Grafton. Sunday offerings and daily alms as usual.
Yeomen of the Chamber, 114l. 16s. 6d.; Almain armourers, 24 July to 20 Aug., 28l. 16s. 9d.; John Severnake, King's minstrel, on warrant of 11 Aug., for a year's wages in advance from 1 Aug., 24l.; John Aphowell and Hugh Rogers, grooms of the Chamber, riding by command of the Council, as appears by bills signed by the Vice-chamberlain, 10s.
Wages in August ao 31o—As in July. Severnake has nihil, and John Holland, nihil, quia mortuus. Ric. Skidmore of the Toils, is a new name.
f. 87b. Yet payments in August:—Wm. Gonson, on warrant of 20 June ao 21o (sic) in prest for wages and victuals due to the keepers of the King's ships from 22 Dec. ao 30o to 23 June following, 78l. 4d. *Mr. Stephen Vaughan, ambassador in Flanders, diets at 20s. and post money, 150l. *Mons. de Mensoille, reward, 20l., *Walter Cromer and Augustinus de Augustinis, "reward for their late charges sustained following the King's Majesty in his progress," 10l. each. Wm. Levet, clk., on warrant of 11 Aug. "for divers sundry iron work by him wrought and made, and also delivered to Sir Christopher Morice, knight," 84l. 13s. 4d. *Chr. Mounte, the King's servant, "sent at this time beyond the sea," diets at 20s. from 4 Aug., 60l. *John Heron, of the Halle Barnes, "sent with letters of importance from the North parts," reward for coming and returning, 100s. Wm. Hunt, King's gunmaker, on warrant of 8 Aug., "for iiixx di. basses of iron new made," 70l. 13s. 4d. Henry Johnson, surveyor of Ordnance, on warrant of 14 June, "to be by him employed about the making an end of all such business like as the King's Majesty hath given him in commandment to do," 100l. *Fraunces Piamountis, King's courier, "for his expenses in this journey, sent in post with all diligence with his Majesty's letter of importance beyond the sea," 7l. Jas. Nedeham, surveyor of works, on warrant dormant, for July, 100l. The earl of Anguishe, on warrant dormant, for the half-year ending 1 Sept. next, 500l. *Mr. Dr. Wotton, ambassador in High Almain, diets at 20s. and post money, 100l.
Total payments in August ao 31o, 1,616l. 8s. 6d.
Sept.—Sunday [7th] at Grafton, offering on Lady Day, 6s. 8d. Sunday [14th] at Ampthill. Sunday [21st] at More. Sunday [28th] at Windsor. Sunday offerings and daily alms as usual.
Yeomen of the Chamber, 110l. 14s. Almain armourers, 21 Aug. to 17 Sept., 28l. 16s.9d. John Piers, hire of a house in London, for the standards and rich coasts of the Guard, one quarter ended Michaelmas, 8s. 8d. Ric. Grenway, gentleman usher of the Chamber, himself, 4 yeomen, and 4 grooms, making ready the King's lodging at Ampthill, 4 days, on a bill signed by Mr. Vice-chamberlain, 33s. 4d. Wm. Rainsforde, gentleman usher, with 3 yeomen, and 3 grooms, similarly making ready at Grafton, 16s. 8d. Humph. Orme, an officer of the Wardrobe of Beds, riding with his man, from Grafton to More, for stuff to serve the King at Ampthill, 5 days, on a bill signed by Mr. Vice-chamberlain, 10s.
Wages in Sept. ao 31o—As in August. John Holland, keeper, is omitted.
f. 90b.
f. 91.
f. 91b
Yet payments in September.—Markes Erle, on warrant of 1 May, for 4d. a day, payable quarterly from Michaelmas ao 30o one whole year, 6l. 20d. *Hans Holbenne, painter advance of his whole year's wages from this Michaelmas, 30l. Nic. Leysure, a German, on warrant dormant of 4 July for 200 cr. soleil, for life, payable half yearly, _ (blank). The yeomen of the Guard at 4d. a day, for the quarter ended 30 Sept., 286l. 14s. 8d.; those at 6d., 94l. 6s. Wm. Oxenbridge and Ric. Keys, on warrant of 6 Sept., to be delivered to Ric. Heringe and Thos. Warke, at Dover Castle, "there to be employed upon the King's works at Sandgate and Wincheley," 1,000l. The Commissioners in the marches of Wales, on warrant dormant, for the quarter ended this Michaelmas, 218l. 18s. 11½ d. Morgan Wolf, King's goldsmith, on warrant of 26 Feb. ao 30o, besides payment in May last, part payment, 128l. 11s. 7¾ d. " Wages of posts ordinary laid for conveyance of the King's letters, and passages of the same by the sea, with charges of messengers sent to divers places with the King's letters, and wages of the master of the posts, and other charges for conveyance of letters accounted and reckoned in post book and not as any parcel of letters despatched at the Court by the King's Council," for one year ended 30 Sept., as shown by "the book of posts, "76l. 5s. 4d. Paid "for sundry things requisite to the sure order keeping and inning of the King's money, that is to say for paper, ink, wax, and for faggots and coals sitting in the treasure chamber, and rewards for making clean the tower and chamber every term, and for rushes and bags of canvas to put in money, for counters, packthread, candles, hampers, and for necessaries appertaining to the same" for one year ended 30 Sept., as shown by a book thereof, 4l. 13s. 10d. *Lewes à Bawdekyn, "for his costs and expenses for the bringing out of Wales the body of George Constantyne "peached of rank treason," 66s. 8d. *Fras. Pyamountes, sent in post with "letters of importance" to the ambassador in Flanders, 4l. 13s. 4d.; also sent to the ambassador in France and from thence to Brussels; after that sent with diligence to Mr. Vaughan, ambassador in Flanders, and returning with answer, 15l. Mr. Ric. Tate, ambassador resident with the Emperor, on warrant dormant, post money, 30l. *John à Boroughe and one Couche, " sent at this time into the parts of beyond the sea about his Grace's affairs," 10l. John Travers, serjeant of the Tents, for money by him laid out about the King's tents sent from London to Grafton, Ampthill, and elsewhere, 9l. 19s. 3d. *Humfrey's wife, "for the diets of the Lady Marquis, late prisoner in the Tower, and of her gentle-woman and chaplain," as shown by a bill of particulars, 9l. 10s. 2d. Sir Chr. Morice, master of the Ordnance, "for conveyance of certain preparation of artillery and munitions of war unto Chester and from thence into Ireland, for the King's affairs there, " 30l. Jas. Nedeham, surveyor of works, on warrant dormant, for August and September, 200l.
Quarter's wages at Michaelmas, ao 31o:—The same as at Midsummer down to Nich. de Modena. (The next leaf containing the few remaining items of quarterly wages and all the half year's wages, is lost.) Jenyns, of the Privy Chamber, is omitted. Dulsacy has nihil, quia mortuus.
A leaf lost here.
f. 94. October.—Sundays [5th and 12th] at Hampton Court. Sundays [19th and 26th] at York Place. Sunday offerings and daily alms as usual, and also offerings on the days of St. Luke, SS. Simon and Jude, and "Corpus Christi day, the vth of June," the King's "offering at taking his rights in the morning the same Sunday," and Michaelmas Day at Windsor.
f. 94b.
f. 95.
The Almain armourers, 18 Sept. to 15 Oct., 28l. 16s. 9d. "The King's offering at Windsor to St. George and to the high altar, at his Grace's coming away from thence the xjth of this month of October," 15s. Wages of yeomen of the Chamber, 114l. 19s. Noyalle Sale, King's minstrel, on warrant of 3 Sept., a whole year's wages in advance from 30 Sept., 20l. Nicholas van Wittenbrughe, Peter Neve, Jas. Welder, Henry van Suttenfend, Lyoberd Stockeman, Matthew van Swalloe, Chr. Hane, Henry van Enildin, Matthew van Satin, and Henry Yonge, gunners, on warrant of 24 Aug., for 6d. a day from Lady Day last to 1 Nov. next, " and so afterwards to be paid monthly," 55l. John Belson, and Ralph Holforde, costs for two days, "riding from Windsor to London for the great standards with the rich coasts of the Guard, against the coming in of the strangers before Michaelmas ao xxxjo," and for cartage, 20 miles, and a house to set them in, 8d., and costs of returning them to London, as appears by Mr. Vice-chamberlain's bill, 28s. 8d. Wm. Johnson, Thos. Cotton, and Thos. Hilton, grooms of the Chamber, riding by command of the Council, as appears by bills signed by the Council, 37s. 4d. John Norris, gentleman usher of the Chamber, for himself, 5 yeomen, and 4 grooms, "making ready of lodgings at Hampton Court for the ambassadors in the month of September," 4 days, on Mr. Vice-chamberlain's bill, 49s. 4d. David Vincent, an officer of the Wardrobe of Beds, riding from Windsor to Greenwich and the Tower of London, with his man, "to fet stuff to make ready for the ambassadors at Windsor," 4 days, and riding from thence again to Greenwich, the Tower, Westminster, and Richmond, "for stuff to make ready for the same ambassadors at Hampton Court by the space of six days in the months of September and October," on Mr. Vice-chamberlain's bill, 20s. Walter Vaughan, with 3 yeomen, and 3 grooms, similarly making ready for the ambassadors at the College of Windsor, 14s. The Almain armourers, 16 Oct. to 11 Nov., 28l. 16s. 9d.
Wages in October, ao 31o.—As in September. Noyall Sale has nihil.
Yet payments in October:—*John Gedge, "money disbursed for the King's affairs," 48l. 15s. 4d. *Mr. Vaughan, ambassador in Flanders, diets at 20s. and post money, 200l. *Sir Anth. Sayntleger, "at this time sent with diligence unto the Queen Dowager of Hungary," 50l. *Fras. Pytcher, sent with "the King's letters of importance to the Emperor," going and coming, 60l. *Dr. Wootton, ambassador in Jermayne, diets at 20s. and post money, 100l. *Ant. Hogan, reward, "and for his return with letters to the king of Denmark," 20l. *John Aboroughe and Ric. Cootes, reward, " and for money by them disbursed, as in the said letter (my lord Privy Seal's) is expressed more at large," 22l. 20d. *Mrs. Guilmyn, " for his (sic) costs and charges sent at this time upon the King's affairs," 40l. Roger Smyth, the King's_ (word omitted), on warrant dormant, advance "towards his exhibition" for one whole year ending Midsummer next, 6l. 13s. 4d.
f. 97.
f. 97b.
*Wm. Arden, John Stokes, and Laur. Burnell, servants to Sir Wm. Pikeringe," for their costs and charges sent at this time for the apprehension of certain lewd persons calling themselves Egyptians," 6l. 13s. 4d. *Gabriel Master (? "Mr."), " sent at this time with the King's letters unto the ambassador resident with the Lady Regent in Flanders," 4l. 13. 4d. *Wm. Wilkenson, tailor, "sent at this time to the duke of Cleves about the King's affairs," 10l. Chr. Mounte, "in full payment of all his diets," at 20s. from 4th Aug. last to 15th Oct., besides payment in August, 13l. *John Gedge, "money by him disbursed to Nich. le Pelle and other sent about the King's affairs," 56l. 8d. *Hen. Corbeke, reward, 10l. *Ric. Bearde, of the Privy Chamber, sent to the duke of Cleves, 60l. *Nich. Ratclyf, "sent with the King's letters to his Grace's Council in the North," going and coming, 6l. 13s. 4d. *Leonard Skevington, captain of the soldiers at Nottingham Castle, wages of himself and the garrison for seven months ending 2 Nov. next, and for certain repairs of the Castle, as shown in a bill, 101l. 14s. 11d. Mr. Dr. Bonner, bp. of London, ambassador in France, on warrant dormant, diets at 53s. 4d. and post money, 200l. *John Heron, "for money by him disbursed for the deliverance of Reignolde Carnyby, and also, by way of the King's reward, for taking of certain thieves and outlawries (sic) in Tynnesdale and Ridgedale," 46l. 13s. 4d. John Breket, master cook for the King's mouth, on warrant dormant of 13 Dec. ao 30o, for the "galapyns," besides payment in May last, full payment, 20l. *John Gedge, "for so much money by him disbursed to sundry persons," 49l. 13s. 4d.
Total payments in October, ao 31o,1,385l. 12s. 5d.
f. 98. November. _ (blank, doubtless All Saint's Day), the King's offering at taking his rights in the morning, 6s, 8d., at high mass, 13s. 4d., the herald's largess, 100s., and "the children of the Chapel, for singing Audivi vocem on Alhallondaye," 20s. Sundays [2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th] at York Place. Sunday offerings and daily alms as before.
f. 98b. Wages of the yeomen of the Chamber, 111l. 9s. Roland Rugeley, yeoman of the Wardrobe of Beds, riding to Nottingham "to peruse the King's stuff there, "eight days riding to More, and lying there four days, "to send such stuff as should serve at Calais to make ready there," and lying at the Tower of London 10 days, "to make ready all such stuff as belongeth to the Wardrobe, as dryvinge (qu. drying ?) of beds, making of sheets, with other necessaries there to be done," on the Vice-chamberlain's bill, 40s. 8d. The Almain armourers, 18 Nov. to 10 Dec., 28l. 16s. 9d. Thos. Cotton, John Taylor, John Antell, and Benet Billingrewe (sic), grooms and messengers of the Chamber, riding by command of divers of the Council, as appears by bills signed by them, 27s.
Wages in November ao 31o.—As in October. Wm. Poole, yeoman, is omitted. The following are additional:—Nic. van Wittenbrughe (Whitenbrough), Peter Neve, Jas. Welder, Hen. Suttefende (Suttenfend), Leobard Stokman, Chr. Hane, Hen. van Enilden, Matth. Satten, Hen. Yonge, and Matth. Swollowe, (fn. 4) gunners, 15s. each
f. 100.
f. 100b.
Yet payments in November:—*Mrs. Blanche Twyford, "for her long and painful service done unto the Princess Dowager," reward, 66l. 13s. 4d. *Wm. Thynne, for "certain provisions to be made at Calais against the coming of the lady Anne of Cleves," 200l. Jas. Nedeham, on warrant dormant, for October, 100l. Sir Fras. Bryan, master of the Toils, on warrant of 3 Nov., "for the taking of 17 red deer and 300 fallow deer," at 10s. each red deer and 3s. 4d. each fallow, for storing the King's parks of_ (blank) and Otford, 58l. 10s. *John Gedge, "for so much money by him disbursed to sundry couriers and posts," 32l. 13s. 4d.; also paid to a servant of Mr. Vaughan's, 30 crs. and to one Geo. Collens, 12 crs., 9l. 16s.; also to Fras. Pytcher, courier, 13l. 6s. 8d. Mr. Dr. Bonner, bp. of London, ambassador with the French king, on warrant dormant, diets at 53s. 4d. and post money, 100l. Mr. Ric. Take (sic), ambassador with the Emperor, on warrant dormant, diets at 40s., 79l. 6s. 8d. *Thos. Philipps, "for the diets and other costs and expenses of the late lady Marquis and other attending upon her in the Tower," 8l. 13s. 8d.*Nich. le Pelle, "sent with the King's letters into Cleveland and returning home again," 15l. Sir Thos. Wyat, "sent at this time the King's ambassador to the Emperor," on warrant of 15 Nov., diets at 53s. 4d. for three months in advance and post money, 432l. *Wm. Gonson, "for so much money appointed to be paid, by way of the King's reward, to certain lords and gentlemen, to every lord 20l. and to every gentleman 13l. 6s. 8d., appointed to receive the lady Anne of Cleves at Calais, 406l. 13s. 4d. *Wm. Wilkenson, charges coming from Cleveland to England, 100s., and reward 6l. 13s. 4d. *Sir Anth. Seyntleger, full payment of all his diets, at 40s., and post money, 56l. 8d. Wm. Spratt, merchant of Bristol, on warrant of 15 Nov., for a ship called The Nicholas, of Bristol, 600l. *Covrard Heresbach, councillor to the duke of Cleves, reward, 66l. 13s. 4d. Sir Fras. Bryan, on warrant of 19 Nov., "for the taking of 240 fallow deer and for carrying of the said deer at 3s. 4d. the piece," 40l. *Gregory Raylton, "for so much money by him disbursed to Francis the courier, to Master Wotton and Mr. Vaughan, and to one Gillingham van Henrike," 40l.
Total payments in Nov. ao 31o–2,616l 18s. 4d.
f. 101. December.—Sunday [7th] at _ (blank), "the children of the King's Chapel, in way of his Grace's reward to them given on St. Nicholas' Day as hath been accustomed," 6l. 13s. 4d. Sundays [14th and 21st] at _ (blank). Thursday [25th], the King's offering at taking his rights in the morning, 6s. 8d., and at high mass, 13s. 4d.; the herald's largess, 100s.; the children of the Chapel "for singing Gloria in Excelsis Deo on Christmas Day," 40s.; Sunday offerings and daily alms as usual and also offerings of 6s. 8d. on St. Stephen's and St. John's Days.
f. 101b.
f. 102.
f. 102b.
f. 103.
Payments.—John Piers, hire of a house in London for the standards and rich coats of the Guard, quarter ended at Christmas, 8s. 8d. The Almain armourers, 11 Dec. to 7 Jan., 28l. 16s. 9d. Yeomen of the Chamber, 115l. 10s. Sir Ric. Longe, master of the Buckhounds, hire of a cart to carry the said hounds and rewards given "to keepers of parks, and other, in the King's last progress, whereas he and the officers of the said hounds have hunted," as shown by a bill of particulars signed by him, 7l. 18s. 3d. John Belson and Ralph Holforde, "for their costs for one day fetting forth 100 sheaves of arrows and 31 bows from the Tower of London, for the Guard, against the meeting of the Queen's grace," and for four porters to bear the same to the King's fletcher's house on London Bridge, 2s. 8d.; also for going to Greenwich for 100 halberts, and for two boats to bring them to London, 16d. ; as shown by Mr. Vice-Chamberlain's bill, 6s. Thos. Swallowe, John Hussy, Hen. Atkins, Thos. Butler, Thos. Hilton, Edm. Myller, Wm. Kene, John Davy, John Taylour, Robt. Smithe, Adam Gaskyn, Nic. Collis, Ric. Wygan, and Gilbert Dethicke, grooms and messengers of the Chamber, riding by command of the Council as appears by bills signed by them, 6l. 14s. 4d. Michael Davye, "conveying of money from London to the Court, for the payment of wages of wages (sic) and other charges there, at divers and sundry times anno xxxjo, and for the hire of sundry houses to pay wages in at divers places where the King's Majesty hath been in his Grace's last progress," 46s. 8d. Jaques de Garnado, "one of the escues of the escurye, in advancement of his quarter wages beforehand," for the quarter ending 31 Dec. ao 31o, 10l. Ric. Candishe, the like, for the whole year ended 30 Sept. ao 31o, 10l. Dr. Augustyne, the like for the half year ending 31 March next, 25l. Ant. Chobo, King's surgeon, the like, for the half year ending 30 June next, 20l. Anth. Kingston, the like, for the whole year beginning at Lady Day next, 36l. 10s. Nic. Alcoke, surgeon, on warrant of 20 Nov., for 10l. a year, payable quarterly, from Michaelmas ao 31o, for the quarter ended 31 Dec., 50s. The yeomen of the Guard at 4d. a day, for the quarter ended 31 Dec., 285l. 4s.; those at 6d., 102l. 14s. 6d. *Sir Andrew Soarer, reward, 40l. *John Gedge, money "disbursed to Tado, one of the King's couriers, sent with letters to Mr. Doctour Wotton," 7l. *Sir Edm. Walsingham, for repairs "to be done within the Tower of London," 66l. 13s. 4d. *Edm. Standen, clerk of ths Stable, for "such provisions as be requisite against the receiving of the lady Anne of Cleves," 200l. Mr. Philip Hoby, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber, " in full payment of his charges at his last journey into Jarmeny to the duke of Cleves, " 20l. Jas. Nedeham, on warrant dormant, for November, 100l. Mr. Dr. Bonner, elect bishop of London, on warrant dormant, post money, 200l. Morgan Wolf, King's goldsmith, on warrant of 6 Feb. ao 30o, besides payments in May, October, and November, 50l. The Commissioners in the Marches of Wales, on warrant dormant part payment of 218l. 17s. 11½ d. for the quarter ended Lady Day next, 100s. The earl of Anguishe, on warrant dormant, part payment of 500l. for the half year ending 1 March next, 66s. 8d. *Chr. Mount, "money by him laid out at two voyages, being sent to sundry princes of Jarmany," 40l. *John Gedge, money "disbursed to sundry posts and couriers, " 20l. 8s. 4d. Sir Anth. Wyngfilde, on warrant of 25 Nov., "for making of a new barge and xxiiij oars for the same barge," 29l.4s. *Vincent Aymer, "for the setting forth of a globe for the King's Highness," 20l. Mr. Stephen Vaughan, ambassador in Flanders, diets at 20s., 100l. Robt. Lorde, paymaster of works at Hampton Court, on warrant of 22 Dec., to be employed upon the said works, 430l. *Peter Meawtes, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber, "for his costs sustained, as by the said letter (my lord Privy Seal's) it more largely it (sic) doth appear," 40l. *Gregory Raylton, "money disbursed to posts and couriers," 27l. 10s. Nich. Gibson, on warrant of 4 Dec., "for 440 mast poles delivered to Richard Longeman, yeoman of the King's tents, at 16d. the pole," 22l. 13s. 4d. The Commissioners in the Marches of Wales, on warrant dormant, part payment for the quarter ended this Christmas last, 40l. Piro Doulx, on warrant dormant, "for his yearly apparel" for the year ended this Christmas, 10l.
f. 103b. Wages iu Dec. ao 31o—As in November.
f. 104b. Quarter's wages at Christmas.—As at Midsummer (The account at Michaelmas is defective.). Maperley, Dulsacy, and Thos. Paston are omitted.
The following are new items:— Ric. Keys, yeomen, 40s. 6d. ; John Gage, 29 Nov., for his half year's fee ending at this Christmas, 33l. 6s. 8d. ; Ric. Morysene, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, 5l; Dr. Byll, physician, 50s. ; Dr. Huic, physician, 50s.; Ric. Beerde, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, 50s.; Nich. Bacon, 50s.; Robt. Grene, footman, 30s. 5d.; Marks Elr., 30s. 5d.
Total payments in Dec., ao 31o, 3,259l. 13s. 2d.
Total payments since 1 Oct., 7,262l. 4s. 11d.
R. O. 782. CROMWELL'S ACCOUNTS, from A.D. 1537.
[* A great many of these receipts are entered as "from my lord my master," and are indicated in the following abstract by the letter L. Fees and annuities are entered with the date upon which they fell due; generally the Michaelmas, Lady Day, Easter, or some such term, next before, but in some cases as much as three quarters of a year before, but never (except where so noted in this abstract) in advance. Amounts are mostly stated in pounds shillings and pence, but here, where brevity would gain by it, they are given in marks of 13s. 4d., indicated by the letter" m."]
"Money received by me, Thomas Avery" from 1 Jan. 28 Hen. VIII.
A.D. 1537. January.—1st. From my lord of Bath, (fn. 5) 20l.; L., in sundry sorts of gold, 131l. 10s. 10d.; my lord of Exeter, (fn. 6) 15l.; abbot of Peterborough, 5 ryalles, 5l. 12s. 6d.; Mr. Mundye, alderman,‡ 2 sovereigns, 45s. 3rd. L., 35l. 7s. 6d.; also 6 sovereigns, 6l.15s. 4th. L.,80 m., also in new groats, 4l.; Dr. Marshall,‡ 10 angels, 3l. 15s.; Thos. Wyat on a bond of him and Sir Thomas Pownynges to my lord, 100l. ; monks of Killingworth by Sir John Dudley, 100l. 5th. L., 40l.; John Milsent, 192l. 11th. Mr. Gostwyke, money by my lord laid out to the King's use, 176l. 17s. 6d. 18th. Nic. Stathem by Herry Polsted, 140m.; Dr. Gwent, for the abbess of Godstowe's fee due at Michaelmas, 40s., and also 10l. 19th. My lord of Wilshire by Thomas Geffrye, of the Privy Seal, 40l. ; John ap Rice, fees of St. Davis, for the visitation, 20l. 26th. Prior of Lewes by Dr. Savell,* 5l. 27th. Mr. Morrys, 20l.; abbot of Wynchecombe, (fn. 7) 50s.; Exeter town,* 4l. ; John Packington,* 5 m.
February.—1st. Prior of St. Swythen's, Winchester, full payment of 100l., 60l.; Dr. Legh by Robt. Lorde, on a bill wherein my lord "stood bounden to the said doctor," 100l.; Corpus Christi College, Oxford,* 40s. 4th. Duke of Norfolk, my lord's fee, 10l., and his fee of Sipton, 5 m. 6th. Abbot of Chester by Ric. Hought,† 10l. 7th. L., 10l. 9th. Dr. Peter, fees "of Leydes and Mawlyng of the elections," 20l. ; L., 20l.; abbess of Syon, by Hen. Polsted,* 5 m. ; L., 24l. 5s. 10th. Abbot of Redyng, by Polsted, 5 m. ; Guye Janet, by Polsted,† 5l.; Geo. Roll, by Polsted, three half-year's fees, 3l. L, 20l. 6d.; Exeter Cathedral,* 5l. 11th, Prior of Bodmyn,* 40s.; Christes College, Cambridge, by Hen. Lockewood,* 10 m. 12th. Abbot of Tower Hill, for his confirmation, 10l. 13th Prior of Spalding,* 5l. ; prior of St. Mary Spytle, by Polsted,* 40s. 14th. L., 20l. ; the College in Oxford, by Dr. Olyver,* 40 m.; Thos. Broke, by Robt. Lorde, upon a bill wherein my lord "stood bounden to the said Thomas Broke in cc. l.," 100l. 15th. Dr. Leyton, by R. Lorde, on like bill, 200l,; Mr. Tregyan, 400l.; Simon Mounford, 35l. 16th. Sir Simon Harcourt, by Wm. Candyshe,† 5l.; by Polsted, for "my lord's whole year's fees of the suppressed lands," 32 m. 17th. Vale Royal abbey, by Geoff. Chamber,* 20l.; Boston, by G. Chamber,* 4l.; prior of Bath, * 5l.; Mr. Williams, of Hampton Court,‡ by John Williamson, 10l. 18th. Prior of Butley, by Sir Thos. Rushe,* 5 m.; Brystowe town, by Gilbert Cokeham, chamberlain of the same,*20l. 20th. Ric. Gresham, 20l.; the bakers of London,* 40s. 22nd. Mr. Ric. Crumwell, 100 m.; abbot of Pypwell, by Wm. Saunders,* 40s. 27th. Chr. Hales, by Polsted, 100 m. 28th. Sir Robt. Constable, by Marm. Constable,*10l.; sir Wm. Thomas,* 40s.
March.—1st. L., 63l. 2nd. Wm. Saunders, 5l. 6th. L., "in two sundry bags," 60l. 7th. Dr. Marshall, by Ric. Tomyow, 11l. 12th. L., 20l. 5s. 14th. Abbot of Westdirham, by Polsted,* 40s. 15th. L., 20l. 16th. Mr. Richard, 20l.; abbot of St. Mary's, York, by Wm. Popley, 5l. 18th. Mr. Richard, 200l.; Mr. Wrythesley, "for my lord his divident of the Signet for November, January, and February," 40 m. 19th. Prior of Bradestoke, by Dr. Bowkeley,* 4 m. 22nd. Prioress of Ammysbury, "for my lord's fee of the election of the same," 10l.; Sir Ric. Bowlkeley on bond to my lord for 200l., 85 m. 26th. Lady of Salisbury, by Ric. Tomyow, first payment of annuity of 20l., 20l.; Ric. Whalley, 20l.; abbot of Halysowen,* 4l. 27th. Prioress of Dartford,† 10 m. 28th. L., "whereof an angel and a crown of vs. were counterfeit," 39l. 7s. 6d.; prioress of Nuneton, by Wm. Fyndren,* 40s.; bp. of Durham,† by Dr. Leyton, 20l., also New Year's gift, 10l.; L. 85 m.
A.D. 1537. April.—1st. Dr. Legh, 85 m. 2nd. Abbot of Athelney,† 4 m. 5th, Sir Arthur Darcy, on a bond to my lord for 100l., 100l. ; earl of Wiltshire,*20l. 6th. Mr. Comptroller, by Hall, two years' fee "for the surveyorship of the King's woods, due at Michaelmas, "50l.; prior of St. Swythyn's, Winchester,* 10l. ; abbot of Abingdon,* 10l.; prior of Marten,* 4 m. 14th. L., 20l.; Sir Simon Hartecourte, 20l. 15th. The Queen,* by Mr. Richard, 10l. 16th. Mr. Bedell and Dr. London, "for the visitation of the bishopric of Lincoln," 200 m.; lord Latimer,* 10 m.; Mr. Gostewyke "for Hudelstondes lands, that is to say, Mr. Longe's part, " 12l. 5s. 17th. John Aprice, for confirmation of the prior of Austin Friars, Northampton, 5l.; Sir James Strangwyse,* 5l.; Ant. Rouse, by John Sowne, 20l. 18th. Lord Dacres,† 10l. 23rd. Mr. Sadeler, by Mr. Wriothesley, 35 m. ; Mr. Evans, of Worcester, 40l. 25th. L., 100l., also 20 angels, 7l. 10s. 28th. Earl of Cumberland,* 20l.; lord Bowrough, three half-year's fees, 10l.; my lord of Waltham, 10 m.; L., 20l.; Gypwyche College, by Wm. Lawrence,* 20 m., due at Mich. last; prior of Castelacre, by Robt. Hogan,* 4 m.; Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of the Signet for March, 17l. 11s. 4d. 30th, L., 78l. 17s. 6d.
May, 29 Hen. VIII.—2nd. Mr. Gostewyke, by John Roocke, upon three bills in which Mr. Gostwyke stood bound to my lord in 2,500l., 2,160l.; prior of Gysbourne, 100 m.; abbot of Battell, by Dr. Gwent, * 5l. 3rd. Sir Hen. Everingham,* 4 m.; abbot of Whytheby, by Gregory Conyars, 10 angels, 3l. 15s.; Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of the Signet for April, 14l. 17s.: prior of Tawnton, by John Wadham, * 5l.; Robt. Lorde, upon a bill wherein Mr. Gostwyke stood bound to my lord, 1,000l.; Sir Edw. Aston, * 40s. 4th. Abbot of Evesham,† 5l.; John Williams 100 m. 5th. Abbot or Kingiswood,† 5 m.; prior of the friars of Dartford, by John Aprice, for his confirmation, 4l.; prior of Rochester, by the bp. of Rochester,* 5l.; abbot of Peterborough,† 5 m. 6th. L., 25 m.; Dr. Peter, for installation of the bp. of Landaf, 5l.; prior of Plympton,* 5l.; abbot of Gloceter,† 5l. 7th. Chaunter of St. Davis, by Dr. Gwent, 200 m. 8th. Prior of St. Swithin's, Winchester, part of 100l. due at Easter, 50l.; bp. of Landaf, 40l. 9th. Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol,† 40s.; abbot of Westminster, by Mr. Wryothesley, "for my lord's fee for hearing the will of king Henry the VIIth read," 1 m. 10th. L., 70 m. 11th. Abbot of Chester,† 5l.; abbot of Colchester,† 5l.; abbot of Tavistock,* 10 m. 12th. Sir John Gage, by Polsted, 50 m.; Sir Ant. Wynkefeld,* 45s. 13th. Dr. Olyver,† 20 m. Mr. Gryffeth, of Wales, * 10 m.; lord Hungerford,† 5l. 15th. Oxford town, by Pye, part payment of 40l., 20l.; Thos. Curtys, "for the debt of the abbot of Barlinges," 83l. 1s. 5d. 16th. Mr. Gage, by Polsted, 100 m.; abbot of Wynchecombe,† 50s. 17th. Bp. of Exeter,† 15l.; Master of the Rolls, by Polsted, 51l. 9d.; L., 40l. 23rd. Mr. Richard, "for the half-year's board of Owen," 20 m. 26th. Earl of Cumberland, 100 m.
June.—1st. L., 15l. 3rd. Thos. Broke, 20l.; L., "for the restitution of the temporalities of the bp. of Dublin," 34l. 15s., also 60l.; Walter Cowley, by Mr. Thacker, 20l. 8th. Mr. Wryothesley, dividend of the Signet for May, 13l. 10s. 11th. Wm. Bretton, by Wm. Lawrence, for four years' rent of Hudedelston's (sic)lands, due Mich. last, 20 m. 15th. Lady of Mawllyng, by her chaplain, 30l. 17th. L., 20l.; abbot of York,† 5l. 18th. Lord Lumley,* 10l.; lady marquis Dorset, a standing cup of silver and gilt and 10l. 19th. Abbot of Colchester, by Wm. Lawrence, 8 m.; L., 100l. 20th. L., 20l.; Mr. Richard, 40 angels, 15l. 21st. Chr. Coo, by Alen Hawte, a debt, 8l.; Chr. Jenny, on obligation, 100l. 22nd. My lord of York, 20l.; prior of St. Thomas, by Robt. Browne, 60l. 26th. Abbot of Kyllingworth, by Andrew Flamake,* 10 m.; prior of Christchurch, Canterbury, by John Antonye,† 5l. 28th. John Freman, for a chain "melted and coined for my lord," 482l. 13s. 7d.; L., 20l. and 3 portygues, 27l. 10s. 29th. Abbot of Cristall,† 2 m.
July.—Ist. L., at Hampton Court, 20l. 2nd. Thos. Waters, of Lyne, 55 m. 4th. Prior of Worcester,* 4 m. ; Mr. Wryothesley, dividend of the Signet for June, 50 m. 5th. Lord Cobham, by Mr. Bedell,* 5 m. ; L., 100 m. and 20 m. 7th. Lord Latimer, 20l.; prior of St. Swithin's, Winchester, 50l. 10th. L., 93l. 7s. 6d. and 10l. 11th. Prior of Walsingham, by Mr. Bedell, 100l. 14th. Earl of Westmoreland, upon obligation, 333l. 6s. 8d. 17th. Dr. Leyghton, 70 m.; Thos. Stydolf, by Thos. Parry, 29l. 25th. Prior of Lewes, by Dr. Savell, * 5l., due at Michaelmas next; Mores, the King's gentleman usher, 10l. 27th. Prior of Shene, at Mr. Warde's house, 10l. 28th. Abbot of Fountains,* 10l.; Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of Signet for July, 11l. 7s. 6d. 29th. Mr. Richard, at Mr. Warde's house, 100l.
August.—1st. Thos. Aggard, "for and in the name of divers of Ireland," 40l. 3rd. Morres, at Windsor, 40l.; L., at Ampthill, 20 m. and 27l. 11th. L., at Moushold, 21l. 3s. 9d. 13th. Dr. Mallet, "for and in the name of the University," 20l.; L., at Grafton, 13l. 5s. 18th. L., at Mowshold, 73l. 2s. 6d. 19th. Lady of Northumberland, by her servant, at Grafton, 40l.
September.—1st. Ric. Bellisis, 20l.; prior of Durham, by Ric. Bellisis,* 10l., due Mich. last. 2nd. Mr. Wriothesley, divident of Signet for August. 8l. 18s. 2d. 4th. Lord Latimer, full payment of 100 mks., 70 m. 10th. Dr. Legh, 100 m.; L., by Carleton, 4l. 15th. John Kychen, by Mr. Pollarde, 20l.; L., at Mortelacke, 20l.; Sir Thos. Butler, at Mortelacke, 10l, 22nd L., 20l. and 20l. at Stepnethe. 23rd. Dr. Knyght, 100l.; L. 100l. 24th. Prior of Launde,* 40s. 26th. Dean of Windsor,* 10l., due at Michaelmas. 27th. Wm. Tomson, receiver of Northumberland, revenues of the late earl of Northumberland's lands due at Whitsuntide, 103l. 5s. 2d.; Sir Roger Chombley, by Polsted, 20l. 29th. Prior of St. Thomas, by his servant, 20l. 30th. Prior of Walsingham,* 4l.
October.—4th. Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of Signet for September, 4l. 15s. 6d. ; the College in Oxford,* 5l. 6th. Dr. Peter, for procurations of Winchester diocese, 60l. 12th. Prior of Ely, by Dr. Gwent,† 5l.; abbot of Evesham, by Dr. Gwent,† 5l. ; abbess of Godstowe, * by Dr. Gwent, 40s. 20th Earl of Wiltshire, (fn. 8) 20l. 21st. Newcastle town, by Chr. Metforde, (fn. 9) 10l.; for my lord's "robbys of the Exchequyre for the xxvij and xxviij yere of king Henry the viijth.," 25l. 13s. 8d. 22nd. Prior of Marten,† 53s. 4d. 23rd. Bp. of Bangor, § 10 m.; prior of St. Swithin's, Winchester,‡ 10l.; treasurer of York,§ 3l. 15s.; prior of Christchurch, Canterbury, by Thos. Myllyng,§ 10l. due at All Saints Day next ; Sir Simon Hartecourt, by his son,‡ 5l. 26th. Lord Wyndesore,‡ 5 m. 30th. Oxford town, * 7l.; abbot of St. Mary's York‡, 5l. due at All Saints ; John Hutton, part payment of 200l., 100l.; L., at the Nete, 20l.
November.—1st. Abbot of Gloucester,† 5l. ; the Queen,‡ 10l. 2nd. Abbot of Bury,§ 10l. 5th. Wm. Body, debt, 200l.; Sir Thos. Clyfforde,‡ 5l. 6th. Mr. Sowche, borrowed before, 20l. ; Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of the Signet for October, 17l. 2s. 2½ d. ; Ric. Beawforest, half year's farm of Mylton prebend due at Michaelmas, 20l.; Hall of Huntingdon, 20 double ducats, 10l.; L., at the Nete, 20l. and 20 m. 7th. Lord Hungerford,‡ 5l. ; Sir Jas. Strangywse,† 50s. 8th. Sir John Arundell,§ 10 m. ; Dr. Knight, 200 m.; archdeacon of Norfolk,* 4l.; abbot of Osseney,* 6l.; lady Gwylfforde, the younger, part of 40l, 20l.; L., in a purse, 40l.; lord Scrope,§ 10 m., also a token of 20 angels, 7l. 10s. 13th. Lord Laware, * 5l. 15th, Abbot and Convent of Chester, by the prior,† 10l. 16th. Dr. Lockewod, for Christes Churche in Cambridge, * 10. m; lord Lumbley,† 5l.; lord Admiral, repayment of a loan, 100l. 17th. Prior of Bradstoke,* 53s. 4d. ; Ric. Gresham, at the Nete, 40l. 18th. Prior of Launson,§ 5l. 19th. Bp. of Landaf, 40l. Prior of Watton,* 40s.; house of Sempyngham,* 40s; priors of St. Katharine's Lincoln,* 40s.; Bullyngton,* 2 m., and Haveram,* 20s. 20th. Prior of Bodmyn,* 40s. ; Ralph Warren, in crowns of the rose, 100l. ; abbot of Cicester,* 10 m.; church of Wells†, 4l. 21st.City of Exeter, by Robt. Toweker*,4l., also a token, 20l. 22nd. Lord Clyfforde, " for the lord of Northumberland's chain, " 62l. 23rd. Mr. Gostwyke, 100 m. 24th. Abbot of Glastonbury, *10l. 26th. Abbot of Abingdon,† 10l.; Dr. Peter, for the confirmation of the abbot of Reysbye, 10l. 27th. Gypswhiche town, two years' fee due at All Saints, 10 m. 28th. Bp. of Exeter,† 15l.; lady of Salisbury, by Mr. Tomyow,* 20l. Earl of Huntingdon, by Tomyow,* 20l. 29th. Mr. Crayford, 100l.; Dr. Tregonell, 10l. in angels, 11l. 5s.; abbot of Reading, fee of the stewardship, by John ap Price, 20 m., also, 10l.; Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of Signet for November, 28l. 11s. 2d. 30th. Lytle Androwes, by Carleton, 40l.; abbot of Keynesham, by John Panter,* 5 m.; Mr. Everingham,† 2 m.; Dr. Tregonell, "fees of the visitation of the dioces of Bath and Exeter," 87l.
December.—2nd. Bp. of Bath,* 20l., also by Mr. Clerke, (fn. 10) 10l. 3rd. Abbot of St. Augustine's in Bristol,† 40s. 6th. L., at Oteland, 20l. in angels, 22l. 10s. 10th. Ric. Breme, repayment of loan, 10l. in angels, 11l. 5s. 12th. L., at Oteland, "in angilles xxti poundes curraunt," 22l. 10s. 14th. The King's College in Oxford, by Dr. Olyver and Mr. Canner,† 20 m.; L., 11 ryalles, 6l. 3s. 9d. 15th. Abbot of Wynchecombe,† 50s. 16th. Lord Conyars,* 10 m. 19th. Earl of Rutland,* 10 m. 20th. Ralph Rowlet,| 5 sovereigns, 5l. 12s. 6d. 21st. L., 18 sovereigns, 20l. 5s. 23rd. John Gresham, at the Nete, 20l.; lord Storton, by Popley,* 10 m.; Ralph Warren, 350 m.; Mr. Gostwyke, 200l.; Harry Polsted, part payment of Mr. Popley's debt for the Signet, 40l.; also part payment for purchase of lands at Waltham of Archere, 20l., and "the rest of the money of the payment of the Earl of Northumberland's debts," 28l. 17s. 10d. 24th. John Freman,| 6 sovereigns, 6l. 15s.; bp. of Winchester*, 20l. 25th. Prior of St. Swithin's, Winchester, 50l. 30th. Dr. Peter,| 20 ryalles, 11l. 5s.; Sir Thos. Cheyney,| 5l. 11s. 6d.; Sir John Dauncy,| 45s.; Mr. Gostwyke,| 20l. in George nobles, 20l. 31st. L., 38l.; bp. of Winchester,| 10 m.; bp. of Landaf,| 9l. 8s. 9d.; abbot of Barmsey,* 5 m. due at New Year's tide; abbot of Colchester,* 5l. due at New Year's tide; my lady of St. Ellyns,* 4 m.; Ric. Pollarde,| 6l. 15s.; Thos. Edgare,| 45s.; Dr. Bellysys,| 10l. Finis anni.
A.D. 1538.
(f. 31).
January, 29 Hen. VIII.—1st. Bp. of Durham,* 20l., of St. Davys,| 10l., of Carlyle,| 15l.; abbot of Ensam,| 5l.; Robt. Shouthewell,| 11l. 5s.; lord of Suffolk,| 22l. 10s. marquis of Exeter,| 20l.; 2nd. Pynto,| 4l. 10s.; Mr. Wynter,| 7l. 10s.; bp. of Durham,| 10l.; lord Cobham,| 10l.; Dr. Olyver,| 5l.; Popley,| 5l.; Ric. Gresham,| 10 m.; Dr. Knyght,| 10l.; bp. of London,| 5l.; earl of Essex,| 7l.; abbot of Reading,| 10l.; dean of Windsor,| 4l.; bp. of Ely,| 10l.; Hasilwood of the Receipt,| 22s. 6d.; Dr. Leyton,| 20l.; abbot of Westminster,| 40 m.; merchants of the Staple,| 20l.; Ralph Warren,| 5l.; City of London,| 40 m.; Geo. Medeley, 40l.; Dr. Benett,* 5l. 3rd. Gawen Caro, repayment of a loan, 20l.; my lady of Clarconwell, 5 m. 4th. John Packington,* 5 m.; Fras. Cave, 172l. 10s. and 4 m. 5th. Prior of St. Mary Spytle,| "by way of a fee," 40s.; Thos. Broke, 60l.; Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of Signet for December, 12l. 5s.; L., at Greenwich, by Mr. Richard, 5l. 12s. 6d.; prior of Rochester, by Dr. Peter, 100l. 13th. L., 10l.; Dr. Marshall, by Ric. Tomyow, 5l. 12s. 6d.; Cambridge University, by Mr. Day, vice-chancellor,* 4l. 20th. Dr. Tregonell, for the rector of Edington, 20l.; abbot of Malmesbury,* 10 m.; prioress of Darford, by the bp. of Rochester, 100l.; Geo. Caro, repayment of a loan, 40l. 21st. Lord of Norfolk,* 10l., also, fee of Sypton, 5 m. by John Mylsent. 22nd. Bp. of Canterbury,* 20l.; Sir John Hudelston, two years' fee due at Lady Day, 4l.; abbot of Battle,† 50s.; Maunsell, fee of forests beyond Trent, 45s. lady Marquis Dorset, 10l. 28th. L., 10l. and a portygue, 12l. 10s., also 15l. 29th. Geo. Gyffarde, for Catysbye priory, three half years' fees due Mich. last, 3l. 30th. Bp. of Durham, by Thos. Dolman, his servant, 100 m.; L., 22l. 10s. 31st. Prior of Norwich, by Ric. Gresham,† 10 m.
February.—1st. Prior of St. Swithin's, Winchester, part payment "of a more sum," 50l. 2nd. Abbot of Reading, by John ap Rice, 40l. 3rd. The old lady of Northumberland,† 20l.; John Gostwyke, by Polsted, for purchase of lands in Bedfordshire, 640l. 4th. Corpus Christi College, Oxford,* 40s.; prior of Tawnton, by John Wadham,* 5l. 6th. Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of the Signet for January, 18l. 12s. 10d. 7th. Lytle Andrews, 10l.; L., 18 ryalles, 10l. 2s. 6d., and 20 angels, 7l. 10s. 8th. Abbot of Nethe, by John ap Rice,* 6l.; Old Lasselles, by Ric. Gresham, 20l. 13th. L., by Philpott, 100 m.; abbot of Halysowen,* 4l.; Gipwic College, by Wm. Lawrence,* 20 m.; John Williams, master of the Jewel House, at St. James's, 200l.; Sir Thos. Hylton, by Blytheman,* 10 m., lord of Suffolk, by Thos. Holmes, 200l. 15th. Mr. Gostwyke, 100 m.; abbot of Chester, by Ric. Tomyow, 400l. 16th. Lord of Suffolk, by Thos. Holmes, 400l.; prior of Montague, by Sir John Horsey,* 4l. 19th. Robt. Dacres, 100 m.; lord Conyers, 50 m. 21st. Sir Thos. Arundell, "lent him upon a bill of his hand," 100l. 23rd. Abbot of Pypwell, by Mr. Saunders,* 40s.
March.—2nd. Brystowe town*, 20l.; Mr. Willington, by Polsted, 50l. 6th. Mr Wriothesley, dividend of Signet for February, 35l. 10s. 9th. Dr. Peter, for the confirmation of the houses of Coventry and Come, 20l.; abbot of Robertsbridge, by Dr. Peter,* 4 m. 12th. Prior of Worcester,* 4 m. due at Lady Day next. 13th. Martin Bowes, for plate bought of my Lord, 416l. 14th. L., in a red leather purse, 20l.; Sir Nich. Pountz, by Popley, 20l. in angels, 22l. 10s. 17th. Sir Chr. Danby*, by Popley, 10 m. 18th. L., at St. James's, 350 m.; Sir Thos. Warton,* 10l. 21st. Marin. Nevell, by Ric. Gresham, 20l. 22nd. L., in a glove, 40l. 24th. Geo. Roll,* 40s.; abbot of St. Mary's, York, by Dr. Bellysys,* 5l. 28th. Earl of Wiltshire,† 20l.; lord Zouche,* 10 m. 31st. Abbot of Reading, by John ap Rice, half-year's fee of the stewardship, 5l.
April.—1st. Abbot of Reading,‡ by John ap Rice, 10 m. 2nd. L., in ryalles, 40l.; abbot of Beawlew,† 10l.; prior of Evesham, 200 m. 4th. Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of Signet for March, 23l. 17s. 10d.; Miles Forest, by Mr. Gostwyke, 20 m.; Sir Thos. Clyfforde,† 5l., 5th. Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol,† 40s.; prior of Norwiche, by Ric. Gresham, 100l. 8th. Lord Bowrough, "which my lord lent him," 25l. 10th. Eton College,† 50s.; abbot of Colchester,† 5l.; Ric. Lee, for certain wheat, 13l. 17th. Ric. Gresham, "which my lord lent him," 500l. 18th. Lord Dacres of the Showthe,† 5l. 19th. Abbot of St. Albans, at St. James's, 106l. 22nd. John Williams, 40l. 30th. Earl of Ossery, by Robt. Cowley, four years' fee, due Easter last, 40l.; Wm. Monselow, by Polsted, 40l.; Dr. Lee, 100l., also,† 10l.
May, 30 Hen. VIII.—1st. Prioress of Darteford,* 10 m. 2nd. Abbess of Malling, by Sir Rowlande her priest, 10 m. 3rd. Abbot of Evesham, 400 m. 4th. Abbot of St. Albans.‡ 100 m. 5th. Holme Abbey, by Blythman,* 10 m. 6th. Dr. Gwent, by Ric. Gresham, 100l.; prior of St. Swithin's, Winchester,† 10l. 10th. Abbot of Bruton,† 50s. 11th. Mr. Gostwyke, 11l.; priory of Ederose, from the receiver of the said lands, two-and a half years' fee due at Lady Day last, 5l.; prior of Gysbowrn,* 5l.; Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of Signet for April, 6l. 18s. 2d. 12th. Abbot of Cristall,† 2 m. 13th. L., 20 double ducats, 10l., also 20l. 14th. Ant. Lee, 20l.; prior of Christchurch, Canterbury,† by John Antony, 10l. due Whitsuntide next; Harry Polsted, "for a priest [for Mr. Lowe]," (fn. 11) 40l.; abbot of Battell, by Polsted,† 50s. 15th. Abbot of Gloucester,† 5l. 16th. Sir Jas. Strangwysse,† 50s.; lord Latymer, by Mr. Gostwyke,* 10 m.; lord Hungerford, by Herry Pavy, his servant,† 5l.; duke of Norfolk,* 10l., and for Sipton, 5 m. 20th. Sir Thos. Dennys, 20l. 22nd. Abbess of Powllow, by Ric. Pollarde, for her confirmation, 20l.; Mr. Haleby, half year's rent of Fenton prebend, due St. Mark's Day last, 14l.; abbot of Wynchecombe,† 50s. 28th. John Gresham, 20l. 31st. Earl of Herteforde, "which my lord lent him," 100l. in angels, 112l. 10s.
June.—1st. Lord Mordante,† 40s.; Mr. Dr. Cave, "of the bequest of his father to my lord," 10l.; Sir Edw. Aston,* 40s. 2nd. L., at Chelsey, 60l.; prior of Plumpton,* 5l.; Robt. Downes, debt of Mr. Alforde, 25 m.; L., 40 ryalles, 22l. 10s. 3rd. John ap Rice for the confirmation of the abbot of Evesham, 10l. 4th. Rector of Edington, by Dr. Peter 40l.; Sir Thos. Tempest, for the town of Newcastell, 10l.; Harry Polsted, "for my lord's fee of Salysbury and other," 11l.; a priest, by Polsted, [for Mr. Lowe],§ 20l. 6th. Lord Bowrought, which my lord lent him, 200l. also†, 10 m.; Mr. Pykering, which my lord lent him, 40l. 8th. College in Oxford,† by Dr. Olyver, 20 m. 9th. Abbot of Lylsell, 20 m. 10th. Ric. Gresham, for the prior of Norwiche, 20l.; lord Cobham,* 5 m., chapter of St. Davis, by Dr. Gwent, 20l. 17th. Sir Engcram Percy "of one Moreton the which was sent to him from Barwyke," 10l.; Mr. Polsted, for Adam Biston, 96l. 22nd. Bp. of Hertefordes (sic) executors, "which my lord lent them for his burial," 100l. 23rd. Palmer and Dering, "for the half of the money my lord paid to Mr. Longe, Colpeper (fn. 12) and Mr. Sadeler," 123l. 13s. 8d. 25th. L., 11l. 5s.; bp. of Canterbury, (fn. 13) 20l. 26th. Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of Signet for May, 63l. 16s.; "the visitor of the iiij orders of the Crosse Frires," for things by him sold of the friars in Ipswich, 23l. 7d. 27th. Mr. Pawlett, from my lord Deputy of Ireland, by Mr. Wriothesley, 101l. 13s. 4d.; Mrs. Mounfforde, by her servant, 27l. 10s.; lord Dacres of the North, (fn. 14) 20l. 29th. Birlington priory lands, by Tristeram Tese,† 10 m.; Sir Fras. Bygott's lands, by Tristeram Tese, 5 m. 30th. L., at Augustynes Frires, 20l.
July.—1st. Birche, for the house at Queo, 50l. 4th. Oxford town, full payment of 40l., 20l. Ralph Warren, by Philpott, at Chelsey, 100l.; treasurer of the King's household, "in full payment of my Lord's fee of the surveyorship of the King's woods for the xxviij. year," 25l., also, by Hall, his servant, whole fee for the 29th year, 50l. 4th. Abbot of Evesham,* 5l. 5th. Barkeley, 10l.; abbot of Tavestoke,† by Ric. Pollarde, 10 m.; Edw. Fynche, by Polsted, in part payment of 40l., 20l. 6th. Ric. Gresham, for young Bulmer, 40l.; "the Queen's Grace,"* 10l.; abbot of Peterborough,* by Serjeant Montague, 5 m.; Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of the Signet for June, 7l. 16s. 10d. 8th. Bp. of Canterbury, by John Antonye, 300l.; Sir Thos. Poynynges, by Polsted, 300l.; Jenny, the serjeant, by Polsted, 100.; L., by Mr. Richard, 60l. 10th. Holcroft, 100 m.; Shelley of Sussex for purchase of lands in Sussex, 1,000l.; Serjeant Montague, at Chelsea, 20l. 12th. Abbot of St. Alban's, by Sir Thos. Rotheram, 100 m.; prior of Kilmayn,† 20 m.; Mylsent, of Sir Thos. Ruse's goods, 75l., also, "which he took out of the box at Ippwyche," 58s. 13th. My lord of Suffolk, for the house at Kewe, 200l., also "for costs of th' assurance in the law," 10 m.; Sir Wm. Essex,† 10 m. 15th. L., 20l.; John Horseley, 20l.; Ric. Whalley, 100 m. 17th. Abbot of Chester,* 10l., due Mich. next; Harry Polsted, for arrearages of fees of the prior of Cristes Churche in London, 10l. 22nd. Sir. Wm. Sidney, at Okinge, 100l.; Harry Huttoft, at Okinge, 100 m.; Dr. Peter, for the confirmation of the prior of St. Osswolde, 10l. 23rd. Church of Wells, by Ric. Erington,† 4l. 24th. Prior of St. Swithin's, Winchester, "part of payment of a more sum," 50l.
August.—2nd. Earl of Cumberland,† 20l. 16th. L., at Arundelles, in a glove, 100 m. 22nd. Holcroft, at Sheffelde, 50 m. 25th. Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of Signet for July, 5l. 6s. 10d.; lord Lumbley,* 5l. 28th. Abbot of Funtayns,* 10l. 31st. Bp. of Exeter, 15l.
September.—4th. Mr. Heneage, by Mr. Wriothesley, 200l. in angels, 225l. 8th. My lady of Northumberland, at St. Stephen's beside Canterbury, 20l. 10th. John Goodeaule, at Rochester, 40l. 11th. Dr. Heynes, by Carleton, 10l. 12th. Thos. Broke, "at Mr. Shoutehwelle's house beside Mawling," 100l.; two men of Dublin, also there, 40l. 14th. Mr. Edw. Gryffethe,† 10 m. 22nd. Sir Ric. Bowkeley, part payment "of a more sum," 100 m. 24th. Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of Signet for August, 4l. 12s. 6d. 26th. Abbot of St. Alban's, "for my Lord's debt, in part payment of a more sum," 100l. 28th. Dr. Owen, 20l.
October.—2nd. Prior of Dirham,† 10l. Palmer and Dering "in full payment of and for the goods of Knelles," 123l. 13s. 4d. 2nd. Sir Thos. Clyfforde,* 5l. 3rd. L., by Mr. Richard, four portygues, 10l. 5th. Spring of Lanam, by John Gresham, 14l.; Ric. Gresham, 100l. 7th. Abbess of Godestowe, by Dr. Gwent,† 4l.; Oxford University, by Tresham,† 5l. 9th. Gadbery the Goldsmith, for plate he bought of the late prior of Lenton, 18l. 9s. 4d. 10th. Abbot of Hyde,† 10 m.; bp. of Rochester, 63l. 15th. Earl of Wiltshire,* 20l.; abbot of St. Mary's, York,* 10l. 16th. Coume abbey, by Little Androws,† 5l. 17th. Cambridge University,† 4l.; my lady of Salisbury, by Ric. Tomyow,† 20l. due Christmas next; abbot of Glastonbury,† 10l. 18th. Blytheman, by Dr. Bellesys, 20l.; abbot of Osseney,† 6l. 19th. Oxford town,† 7l.; prior of St. Swithin's, Winchester,* 10l. 19th. Bp. of Chester, by Jermyn, his servant, 100l.; lord Dacres of the South,‡ 5l. 21st. Earl of Shorsbury,‡ 10l.; abbot of Nethe, (fn. 15) 6l. 22nd. Abbot of Reading, by Ric. Tomyow, fee of the stewardship, 20 m, also§ 10l.; Wm. Locke, "which my lord lent to the merchants for the recovery of their ship, by th'ands of George Collyns," 80l. 23rd. Earl of Northumberland's lands, by Herry Whitereason, three half years' fee of the stewardship, 30l.; bp. of Lincoln,† 20 m,; abbot of Cristall,* 2 m. 30th. Robt. Trapes, part payment "of a more sum," 500l.; L., "which Sir William Kingyston brought," 10l.
November.—1st. Prior of Rochester,† 5l. 2nd. Lord Sturton,† 10 m.; prior of Ely,† 5l.; abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol,* 5 m. 3rd. John Walhed, "for the goods of Thomas Myller alias Lancaster," 8l. 4d. 4th. Fras. Poole, 100 m. 7th. Tristram Tese,* for lands of Constable, 5l., Bygott, 2½ m., and Birlington, 5 m.; Sir John Arundell,† 10 m.; dean of Windsor,† 10l. 8th. Prior of St. Oswolde, "with a patent of xl. by year," 55l.; earl of Darby,† 20l.; Sir Chr. Danby,* 10 m.; L., in a purse of white leather, 30l.; Sir Harry Longe, for the prior of Bradenstoke,† 4 m. 9th. Abbot of Malmesbury,† 10 m. 10th. Abbot of Evesham,* 5l.; abbot of Gloucester,* 5l. 11th. Exeter City,† 4l.; Sir Thos. Wenteworth, by his servant, 20l. 12th. Sir Hugh Pallett, 100 m.; abbot of Vale Ryall,† by Holcroft, 20l.; lord Laware,† 5l. 13th. Abbot of St. Alban's,† 100 m.; Ipwiche town,† 5 m. 14th. Lord Shouche,† 10 m.; Sir Humph. Ratclyf, "which my Lord lent him upon his bill," 20l. 16th. Pope and Robynson, by Polsted, 400 m. 17th. Abbot of Athelney, by Ric. Pollarde, two whole years' fee, 5l. 6s. 8d.; abbot of Cicester,† 10 m.; archdeacon of Norfolk,† 4l. 20th. Thos. Pope, "which my Lord lent him," 1,000l.; lord Cobham, which my lord lent him, 40l.; abbot of Forde,† 5l. 21st. Abbot of Bruton, by Barkeley, 10l.; abbot of Keynsham,† 5 m.; L., 100 m. 23rd. Sir John Chamond, by Mr. Tomyow, 10 m.; Dr. Lee,* 10l. 25th. Prior of Launseton,† 5l.; bp. of York,† 10l. 26th. L., 10l. in ryalles, 11l. 5s., also 20l.; Downes, for the debt of Mr. Awlforde, 16l. 3s. 4d. 17th. Lord Scrope of Bolton,† 10 m.; the Queen's Grace,* 10l. 28th. Christ's College, Cambridge,† 10 m.; Dr. Bellisys, for Wolfed the priest, 40l.; L., out of his purse, 20l. 29th. Prior of Tawnton,† 5l. Martin Bowes, "which my lord paid to Anthony Denny to the King's use," 2,553l. 30th. Abbot of Bury,† 10l.; Roger Dennys, for Little Owen's costs, due at Lady Day last, 20 m.
December.—1st. Lord Clynton, "which my Lord lent him upon a statute," 100l.; Mr Edgare, 20 m.; Lord Hungerforde,* 5l.; Mores, for my lord's fee of Richemonde, due at Michaelmas, 20l. 2nd. Prior of St. Owsswold, by his chaplain, 50l.; L., out of his purse 20l. 3rd. Ric. Deane, clk., by Dr. Bellysys, 10 m. 6th, L., 2 sovereigns, 45s.; Wm Solymon, dividend of the Signet for September, October, and November, 62l. 13s. 8d. 7th. The late college in Gypwicke, by Wm. Lawrence, 20 m. 8th. Lady Gylforde, in part payment "of a more sum," 10l. 9th. Mr. Solymon, which he received of Deuke of the Augmentations, 9l. 12s.; L., by Little Robyn, in a glove, 20l.; abbess of Clarconwell,† 5 m. due at Christmas next; Blakesley of the Counter, 20l.; prior of St. Katharine's, Lincoln, by Thacker, 4l. 10s. 11th. L., at Moretelack, 100 m., abbot of Bruton, by Popley,† 50s. 18th. Prior of Christchurch, Canterbury,* 10l.; Mr. Riche, for the marriage of Thos. Wrothe, part payment "of a more sum,' by Polsted, 100 m.; Robt. Dacres, by Polsted, 100l.; John Norton, by Polsted, 100 m.; Dr. Benett,† 5l.; Mrs. Mounfforde, part payment of more, by Polsted, 18l. 19th. Prior of St. Swithin's, Winchester, 50l.; L., by Little Robyn, 25l. 12s. 6d. 20th. Prior of Kylmaynnon, by Matth, King, 100 m.; earl of Rutland,† 10 m.; bp. of Winchester,† 20l. due at Christmas next. 21st. L., 10l. 23rd. John Freman, (fn. 16) 6l. 15s.; Mr. Richard, "which he said was 100l.," 99l. 12s.; Dr. Bellysys, in old nobles, 40l.; earl of Sussex,† 10 m.; Robt. Dacres, "to buy my Lord a cape," by Polsted, 10l.; John Packington,† 5 m.; the King's college in Oxford by Dr. Olyver,† 20 m.; bp. of Landaf, fee of the Order of the Gylberdins, 20l. 28th. Mr. Maugnus, by the hands of my Lord and master, 6l. in ryalles, 6l. 15s.; bp. of Bathe,† 20l. 29th. L., in a crimson satin purse, 100l.; bp. of Carlyle,| 15l.; bp. of Exeter,† 15l.; lord Laware, "with a patent," 20l.; Ric. Showthwell,| 11l. 5s. 31st. Bp. of St. Asse,| 7l. 10s.; Robt. Lorde,| 45s.; Thos. Solymont,| 3l.; John Gresham,| 4l.; Ric. Gresham,| 10 m.; Dr. Bellysys, "a New Year's gift for a letter my lord wrote to Wynchecombe," 40l.; also| 10l.
Finis anni.
A. D. 1539.
(f. 59.)
January, 30 Hen. VIII.—1st. Bp. of St. Davis,| 10l.; Oliver Leader,| 45s. chancellor of Augmentations,| 100 m.; duke of Suffolk,| 22l. 10s.; Ensam, the groom porter,| 20l.; Mr. Cheyney,| 10l.; bp. of Dirham† 20l., also fee of the stewardship of Holden, 11 m., also| 10l.; |New year's gifts from the earl of Derby 10l., Mr. Strangwyse 5l., Mr. Horsey 5l., earl of Sussex 6l. 15s., bp. of London 7l. 10s., abbot of Peterborough 10l., bp. of Landaf 10l., Mr. Rous 22l. 10s., Dr. Olyver 5l., Dr. Layton 20l., Edgare 45s., Dr. Peter 6l. 15s., Popley 5l., the bp. of Ely 10l. (also† 20l.), Sir John Alen 3l., lord Cobham 10l., Dr. Knight 10l., Bawmonde 20l., abbot of St. Albans 11l. 5s., and abbot of Reading 10l. 4th. Prior of Thetforde, by Ant. Rous, 10l.; Bristol town† 20l.; |New year's gifts from the earl of Oxford 40 m., Ducke of the Augmentations 3l. 15s., the chamber of London 40 m., Dr. Tregonell 3l. 15s., Nic. Huson 5l. 5th. Dr. London,| 10l.; Oxford University,* 40s. 6th. Ralph Warren,| 5l.; the Staple,| 20l.; bp. of Lincoln,| 20 m. 7th. Broke of the King's Head,| 50s.; the elect of Harteforde,| 100l. 8th. Lord Mordaunt,| 7l. 10s.; L., "in a handekershir" 20l. 9th. Dr. Bellysys, for Woolfed, 20l.; prior of Dirham, by Dr. Bellysys, 200 m. 10th. Frestone, by Edgare,| 45s.; Mr. Herrington, by Thos. Edgare,| 40l. 11th. Trapes the goldsmith, part payment of more, 500l.; abbot of Wynchecombe,* 50s. 13th. Abbot of Westminster,§ 40 m. 15th. Lord President in Wales, by Jermyn, 40l. 18th. Thos. Broke 40l. 20th. Mr. Richard, 100l.; Boston, by Geoff. Chamber,† 4l. 21st. L., "which thabbott of Perhor sent his Lordship," 7l. 10s.; "T. T." (i.e. Thos. Thacker). "with ingots of gold and silver," 97l. 16s. 11d.; Wm. Lawrence, for stuff of Our Lady Chapel in Gypwiche sold by him, 21l. 19s. 7d.; L., in a pair of gloves, 20 m. 23rd. Lord Conyars, towards the keeping of young Conyars, 100l.; L., in a little white purse, 10 m. 26th. L., in a handekersher, 100 m. 27th. L., in a black velvet purse 20l. 28th. Sir John Hudelston,† 40s.; bp. of Canterbury,† 20l. 31st. Sir Ric. Gresham 40l.; Sir Thos. Hilton† 10 m. due at Candlemas.
February.—3rd. Dean and chapter of York,† 5 m. due Lady Day next. 5th. L., with a cruse of silver and gilt, 10l.; Mr. Solemont, dividend of Signet for December and January, 23l. 3s. 6th. L., 10l. 8th. Mawdelyn College, Oxford,† 4l.; prior of St. Mary Spytell,† by Polsted, 40s.; John Whalhed, for debt of Thos. Myller sometime Lancaster, 5 m.; L., 10l. and a portygue 50s. 10th. Abbot of Gloucester by Wm. Popley, 20l.; L., out of his purse, 24l. 15th. Abbot of Colchester,* 5l.; Fane, 15l., L., 20 m.; T. T. (Thacker), from Dr. London, 113l. 11s. 4d.; Barlow, the priest, 20l. 17th. Prior of Carlyle, by Dr. Bellysys, 40 m.; Ric. Gresham, 60l.; L., in a purse, 19l. 12s. 6d. 20th Duke of Suffolk, by Wm. Popley, 100l. 21st. Abbot of Selby, by Dr. Bellysys, 7l. 10s. 23rd. Trapes the goldsmith, in full payment of 1,348l. 15s. 2d., 348l. 15s. 2d. 25th. Norwich Cathedral,† 10 m. 26th. Mr. Hare 40l.; Wm. Willington, by Polsted, upon an obligation, 50l.; L., out of his purse 20l.; also, 27th, in a crimson satin purse 100 m. 28th. Prior of Catisbye, by Geo. Gyfforde,† 40s.
March.—1st. L., out of his purse, 22l. 10s. 2nd. Lord Marques Dorsett, lent him upon his bill, 20l. 4th. Mr. Richard, 100l. 6th. Sir Wm. Kingyston, 40l.; Parker of Bossumes Ende, by Ric. Gresham, 20l. 8th. Prior of Worcester,† 5l.; and a token, 20l. 10th. Mr. Solemont, dividend of Signet for February, 50l. 17s. 6d.; Wm. Willington, by Dr. Bellysys, 20 m. 11th. Sir Robt. Dormer, 11l. 5s. 12th. Sir Thos. Hilton, 100 m.; T. T. (Thacker) from the Friars of Doncaster, 21l. 18s. 4d.; lord St. John, for my Lords whole year's fee of the surveyorship of the King's woods, 50l. 14th. Blythman, by Dr. Bellisis, 20l. 17th. Mr. Bellisys, by the doctor, his brother, 20l. 18th. My lady of Northumberland,† 20l.; L., 7l. 10s.; the chaunter of St. Davis, 5l.; abbot of Reading, by John ap Rice, 50l. 23rd. Mr. Richard, in two purses, 120l.; Sir Thos. Warton, by Stapleton, 10l. 26th. Lands of the late monastery of Beawlew, by Mr. Barnes,‡ 10l. 27th. Prior of St. Oswoldes, by Popley, 5l.; Popley, for his cousin Pepatt, 20l.
April.—1st. Sir Jas. Bowllen, by Sir Ric. Gresham, 22l. 10s. 2nd Spenser, for his father 30l.; men of Oswester, by Popley, 40l.; Mr. Solemount, dividend of Signet for March, 8l. 6s. 8d. 4th. Dr. Olyver, 50 m. 7th. Mr. Ryche, by Carleton, 100 m. 13th. Abbot of St. Albans, by Sir Arth. Darcy,‡ 100 m. 15th. Earl of Ormounde,† 10l.; abbot of Glastonbury, by Popley, 20l. 14th (sic) L., 13l. 10s. 19th. Edw. Northe, by Mr. Comptroller, 4l.; Mr. Richard, "which he received of Baskervile, my lord Ferres' servant," 40l. 20th. Pyman, by Sir Ric. Gresham, 10l. 21st. Earl of Shorysbury,‡ 10l.; L., 30l.; the Queen, of her receiver,‡ 10l. 23rd. Mr. Richard, in a crimson velvet purse, 100l. 25th. Abbot of St. Mary's, York, by Dr. Bellisys, 10l. (may perhaps read 40l.). 26th. L., 40l. lacking an angel, 39l. 12s. 6d.
May 31 Hen. VIII.—3rd. Prior of St. Swithin's,† 10l. 6th. Robt. Waterhouse, by Polsted, for an obligation to the late prior of Lewes, 20 m.; also 40 m.; Thos. Pope, by Polsted, "which was paid too much for the manor of Dunsforde," 6l. 10s. 8th. Abbot of Shape, by Dr. Bellisys, 10l. 10th. bp. of Durham, by Dr. Bellisys, 10l.; lord Bowrough†, 10 m. 12th. Bp. of Exeter†, 15l.; prior of Christchurch, Canterbury†, 10l. due at Whitsuntide next; late countess of Sarum, by Oliver Frankelyn‡, 10l. 13th. Sir Wm. Thomas†, 40s.; abbot of St. Mary's, York, my Lord's fee of the stewardship, 5l. and annuity 5l., by Dr. Bellysys. 15th. Lord Latimer†, 10 m. 19th. Ric. Ryche, full payment of 300 m. for the marriage of Thos. Wrothe, by Polstede, 100 m. John Stoner, by Polsted, for a fine, 20l.; church of Exeter, by Polsted,† 5l.; Thos. Busshope, for sale of goods and chattels at Lewes, in part payment of more, 467l. 13½ d.; Sir Ralph Evers, the younger, for sale of goods and chattels of the late prior quondam of Gysbrowe, attainted, 50l. 20th, L., 40l.'; Newcastle town,† 10l.; Sir Edw. Easton,† 40s. 21st. Abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol,† 5 m.; Thos. Broke, at St. James's, 20l.; abbot of Evesham,‡ 5l.; Lord Lumley,§ 10l. 22nd. Mr. Leyson's executors, 100l.; Lady Marques Dorsett, upon an obligation wherein she and Mr. Wotton stood bounden to my Lord, 100l.; John Williams, of the Jewel House, for a chain and two gilts salts "which were given to ambassadors by the King's Highness" 76l. 8d.; Thos. Vachell, for sale of cattle and goods of Lady Salisbury, 49l. 18d. 24th. Abbot of Colchester†, 5l. 25th. Dr. Bellysys, for Dr. Wolfed, 20l. 26th. Abbot of Selby, by Dr. Bellysys, 20l.; L., 100 m. and 20l.; Abbot of Whytby,† 4l. 10s.; L., three portygues, 7l. 10s.
June.—2nd. Treasurer of York, by Dr. Bellysys,† 7l. 10s.; L., in a crimson satin purse, 20l. 4th. Prior of Lemester, by Polsted, 20l.; abbot of Waltham, for the stock of a farm which he sold, 20 m. 6th, Lord Laware, by Mr. Richard, with a buck, 6l. 7th. Abbot of Cristall,* 2 m. 8th. Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of the Signet, 65l. 13s. 4d. 16th. L., 20l. 17th. Tristram Tese, fees of lands of Constable, Birdlington and Bygott, 10l.; abbot of Peterborough, by Mr. Richard, 40l. 21st. Abbot of Chester,* 10l. 22nd. L., in a handekercher, 10l.; Mr. Richard, for the dean of Harfforde, 40l. 24th. Abbot of Wynchecombe,* 50s. 25th. Bp. of York,† 10l. 28th. Mr. Polsted, for the "seale" of land to Cuthbert Byston, 96l. 30th. Bp. of Norwich, 40l.; Sir Jas. Strangyusse,† 5l.
July.—1st. Mr. Jemy (sic: for Jenny) the judge, by Polsted, "for his last payment," 100 m.; Vincent Engeham, by Polsted, first payment, 400l.; Thos. Hall, two years' fee, due Mich. last, of lord's Hussey's lands, 8l.; Polsted, for my Lord's robes of the Exchequer for the 29th year, 12l. 17s. 4d.; prior of Gysbrow,† 9l.; Mr. Wriothesley for the Signet, 7l. 16s. 10d.; L., 20l. 2nd. Prior of St. Oswolde†, 5l. 3rd. Church of Welles†, 4l. 4th. The King's college in Oxford,* 20 m. 6th. Thos. Bysshope, part payment for things sold at Lewes, 229l. 18s. 5d. 7th. Sir Wm. Essex,† 10 m.; Mr. Henley, for purchase of lands in Crambroke, by Polsted. 20l.; Sir Wm. Goring, by Polsted, 40 m. and (in part payment of 20l.) 10l.; Wm. Brothers, 100l.; dean of Hardeforde, for jewels sold to Trapes the younger, 69l. 8s. 4d. 14th. Earl of Westmoreland, which my Lord lent him, 20l. 16th. Mr. Wriothesley, dividend of Signet for June, 30s. 2d.
August.—8th. L., at Wolfall, 65l. 16th. Abbot of St. Mary's in Ireland, by Cowley with a great pix, 20l. 19th. Mrs. Audelet, at Shifforde, 20l. 23rd. Dr. Gwent, my Lord's fee for the confirmation of the abbot of St. Augustine's in Bristol, 100l. 24th. The lady of Northumberland at Langley, 20l. 27th. Dr. Olyver, at Oxford, for the King's college there, 10l. 29th. L., at Mr. Gyffardes, 10l. 31st. L., at Grafton, 20l.
September.—4th. Sir Wm. Evers, captain of Barwicke,† 20l. 6th. L., at Grafton 9l. 10s. 8th. Mr. Richard, at Hynchingbroks, 60l. 12th. Abbot of St. Albans* 100 m, 20th. Dr. Peter, 40l.; Edgare, 40l.; Mrs. FytzJames's servant (cancelled marginal entry).
October.—1st. Polsted, for Stoneham farm, 200 m.; L., 20l. in angels, 22l. 10s. 4th. Abbot of Shape in Westmoreland, by Dr. Bellisys, 10l. 6th. John Horseley, by Dr. Bellisys, 20l. 7th. My lord Admiral, for a fur of sables, 44l. 8th. Stephen a Parry, 100 m.; L., 30l.; Sir John Sayntclere, by Mr. Ryder "in part payment of a more sum for the marriage of Rede," 131l. 6s. 8d.; abbot of St. Augustine's, Bristol, by Dr. Gwent,* 5 m.; abbess of Godestowe†, by Dr. Gwent, 4l. 9th. Lord Parr, which my Lord lent him, 100l.; Mr. Jervys, five portygues, 12l. 10s.; Mr. Wriothesley, "which came out of the Chancery," 58l. 16s.; also three months' dividend of the Signet, 28l. 6s. 10d.; Mr. Roll, three half years' fees, 3l. 11th. Sir Ric. Bowlkeley, 100l.; Sir Ric. Gresham, 20l. 12th. Martin Bowes, for silver bought of my Lord, 44l. 5s. 4d.; Sir Edw. Gryffethe,§ 10 m.; Hollys, by Sir Ric. Gresham, 100l. 19th. Mr. Bellyngham, by Polsted, due upon an obligation at Michaelmas last, 160l.; Thos. Augsteyn, by Polsted, upon an obligation "at Bertillmew last" for wools sold at Gyldeford Marche, 67l. 10s. 8d. 21st. Abbot of Waltham, 20l.; L., 10l. 24th. Ralph Gyffarde, 20l.; dean of Windsor,† 10l.; Sir Ric. Gresham, 40l.; Mr. Morys of Syon, 100 m. 26th. Oxford University†, 5l. 28th. L., 5 m.; Ipwyche, town,† by Robt. Dandy, 5 m. 28th. Abbot of Cicester,† 10 m. 29th. L., 10l.; also, in a crimson satin purse, 20l. (of which "there was a ryall counterfeit,") also two portygues and a sovereign, 6l. 2s. 6d. 30th. The elect of London,§ by Thos. Serle, 20 m.; money which was paid too much for the silk brought out of the Exchequer," 18s. 4d.; prior of Dirham, by Mr. Bellisys†, 10l.; abbot of Maummesbury,† 10 m.; Vincent Engham, by Polsted, due by obligation at Michaelmas last, part payment for Golston manor in Kent, 200l. 31st. Abbot of St. Mary's, York†, 10l.
November.—4th. Lord Laware,§ 20l.; Sir John Arundell†, 10 m. 5th. Prior of Ely,† 5l. Lord Zouche,† 10 m. 7th. Chr. Danby,§ 10 m.; prior of St. Swithin's, Winchester,* 10l. 8th. Traverse, by Fyzwilliams, "which my lord lent him at his going into Ireland," 40l.; Sir Harry Savell, part payment of more, 50l. 10th. Abbot of Gloucester,* 50l.; stewardship of Asseford,† 40s.; Cambridge University, by the vice-chancellor†, 4l.; lord Hungerfored,* "his quittance dated the last of October," 5l. 11th. L., 20l. 12th. Ensam abbey, by Sir Geo. Darcy,† 5l.; Christchurch, Canterbury,* 10l. 13th. Late countess of Sarum, (fn. 17) 10l. 14th. The King's college, in Oxford, by Dr. Olyver,‡ 20 m. 15th. Wm. Popley, half year's rent of Croftes benefice of Shepton Mallet, 10l. 16th. West, the gentleman usher, by Turnour, 20l. 17th. Sir Wm. Pykering, which my Lord lent him, 20l.; Wm. Grene, auditor, by Dr. Bellysys, 20l. 22nd. Christ's College in Cambridge, by Lockewode,§ 10 m.; Mr. Wyat, "which my lord lent him before," 100l.; Martin Bowes for, 144½ oz. of gold at 38s. the oz., 274l. 11s. 23rd. Maundefeld, by Popley, 20l.; Oxford town,† 7l.; Thos. Bushope, for "venditions at Lewes," 181l. 8d.; Clement Cobe, by Polsted, part payment for sheep in Guydefforde Marche, 69l. 7s. 3d., Sir John Gage, by Polsted, full payment of his debt due by obligation, 31 m.; Joyse Mondford, widow, by Polsted, part payment on an obligation, 5l. 27th. Earl of Shorysbury,* 10l. 28th. Prior of St. Oswolde's, by Tomyow, 20l.; archdeacon of Norfolk,† 4l. 29th. Sir Robt. Dormer, for debt of Sir John Clerke, 100 m.; Ralph Rowlett, for my Lord's New Year's gift, 5 sovereigns, 5l. 12s. 6d.; Sir Henry Sacheverell, by Thacker, 6l. 13s. 30th. L., in a white paper, 20l.; Tristram Tese, for lands of Constable, Bygott and Birlington,* 10l.
December.—1st. Lord Scrope, of Bolton, by John Chauncye†, 10 m.; Wm. Lawrence, for Gipwiche college†, 20 m.; also for a chalice, parcel of the stuff of Our Lady chapel of Gipwiche, 40s. 2nd. Town of Lyne, for 100 lynges, by Tomyow, 10l. 3rd. The Queen, by Person,* 10l. 4th. Earl of Sussex,† 10 m. 5th. Abbot of Osseney,‡ 6l.; bp. of Dover, "which he received of such houses of friars as he took the surrender of," 100l. 6th. L., "which was in a glove under cushion in the gallery window," 20l. 7th. Lord St. John, by Halle, for my Lord's whole year's fee for the surveyorship of the King's woods, 50l.; Mr. Baker, by Polsted, for purchase of lands in Kent, part payment of 360l., 300l. 8th. Wm. Lawles, by Polsted, for purchase of a parcel of land in Kent called Lamlyn, 40l. 9th. Mr. Warton, by his son, 20l.; L., "under the cushion in the middle window in the gallery," 10l.; Polsted, money received of Mr. Norres, 5l. 11th. Lord Delaware, 50l.; abbot of Westminster, by Dr. Bellysys,† 40 m. due Christmas next, also (fn. 18) 40 m.; also by way of a gift 100l.; earl of Rutland,† 10 m. 15th. L., in a white leather purse, 120l. 16th. Maunsell, of the North, by Popley, 20l. 17th. Mr. Gostwyke, part payment of 2,000l. which my Lord lent him upon his bill, 1,000l. 20th. St. John's, next Colchester, by John Ryther,† 10l. 22nd. Rede and others, part payment for lead and bells bought at Lewes, 726l. 3s. 6d. 23rd. Late monastery of Glastonbury, by Mr. Amys, receiver there,† 10l., and of Reading by Roger Amys,† 35 m.; Waller,§ 40 m.; L., "under the cushion in the gallery window in a purse of white leather," 100l., and in one of red leather, 50l. [...] 24th John Freman,§ 6l. 15s.; Mr. Walter, from my Lord in a white leather purse, 10l.; bp. of Winchester,† 20l., and the arrearages of 500 m., 27l. 28th. Mr. Crayfforde, in crowns de sole, 100 m.; L., at Stepneth, 10l.; Ant. Rous,§ 22l. 10s.
f. 82.
A.D. 1537.
II. Payments by me, Thos. Avery, from 1 Jan. 28 Hen. VIII.
January.—1st. To lady Mary, by Dode, her servant, 24l.; the Queen, in a gold cup, New Year's gift, 20 sovereigns, 22l. 10s.; lady Mary, New Year's gift, 10 sovereigns, 11l. 5s., also, by Dode, 6l.; Thos. Allen, by Mr. Richard, 45s. 2nd. Mr. Gregory, (fn. 19) by Mr. Richard's command, 40s.; Ant. Ager's servant, for bringing pheasants, 5s. 4th. Alex. Alesius, (fn. 20) 5l.; the waits of London,¶ 20s. 5th. My Lord, at dice, 24l.; Geo. Rouse, for a broche which was given to Thos. Semer, 25s.; Mr. Sadeler's servant for bringing a New Year's gift, 5s. 7th. To Mr. Richard for Thos. Thacker, for despatching servants, &c., 40l.; for two caps with gold trimming for Mr. Gregory, (fn. 21) 9l.; offices in the King's house, 57l. 17d.; such as brought New Year's gifts, 34l. 18s. 10d. 12th. For 2½ doz. gilt spones, 10 broches, 3 tabulets, and a small gold cheyne, 26l. 2s. 7¼ d.; Mr. Grenefelde's servant, of Calais, for bringing a leish of falcons, 10s.; Roger Hunt,| for the keeper of the bowling alley, and for Straynge, "for bringing of puddings,"¶ 20d. 18th. Thos. Broke, of the King's Head, for things done, 10l. 8s.; Sir Thos. Arundell, in prest, 100l.; John of Andewarpe, full payment for such things as he made against New Year's tide, 28 Hen. VIII., 5l. 12s. 4d.; Ant. Ager's servant, for bringing pheasants, 5s.; Fras. Benigfeld,| boat hire, going to Stepney with Marm. Nevell and to the Court again three times, 3s. 19th. Mr. Gregory at his going to Mr. Williams, in his purse 6l. 15s. and for his costs 40s., by Mr. Richard. 25th. The lord Steward's servant, reward,¶ 20s.; earl of Oxford's, for bringing up Nevell and his company, 40s.; Sir John Hudelston's, by Mr. Wriothesley, 15s. 26th. Ant. Ager's, for bringing pheasants, 7s. 6d. 27th. Sir Thos. Palmer's, of Calais, for bringing hawks, 20s.; Cornelius Hayes, goldsmith, upon a reckoning, 20l., also, at another time, 20l. 28th. One that brought my Lord meat from the King's master cook, 12d.; Roger Hunt, (fn. 22) for the keeper of the bowling alley at Greenwich, 8d.; Thos. Thacker,* 180l.; Stephen Foxe,* boat hire to Stepney thrice and to London twice, 4s. 2d.
February.—1st. John Gostwike, by way of prest and loan, 1,000l. 2nd. Mr. Richard, for his costs going to Rayley, 10l., also for sums laid out for my Lord, 31l. 7s. 6d. 6th. Forrest, the surgeon, (fn. 23) 5s. 8th. Earl of Rutland's minstrels,† 7s. 6d. 9th. Thos. Thacker,* 319l. 8d. 10th. John Freman's servant, for bringing "marchepayns and oringes," 2s.; the Queen's players, 20s. 12th. Servants' lodging at Greenwich, for six weeks, 25s. 15th. Peter Valance, laid out for Mr. Gregory, 12l. 10s. 11d.; Ric. Marten, when he was sick,† 15s. 18th. Thos. Thacker,* for workmen in prest, 50l. 19th. Ralph Evers' servant,† 20s.; Farlyon, by Mr. Richard, "for my Lord's part of the mask," 20 m. 20th. L., 40s. received of the bakers of London for his whole year's fee. 21st. Moryson,* 6l. 22nd. Lady Mary's Grace, by Mr. Wriothesley, "for by cause my Lord was her fallantyne," 15l. 28th. Dr. Leyton,† 100l.; Steph. Foxe,* boat hire from Greenwich to London thrice, 2s. 2d.
March.—4th. L., at Lord Baewchempe's house, 45l. 6th. Thacker,* 132l. 19s. 1½ d. 10th. L., by Little Robyn, 20s., and by myself 10s. 11th. Thacker,* 50l.; Draper and Halele, for 6 gilt spoons, by Hen. Thomas, 43s. 11d.; L., in white money, 40s. 15th. Ralph Hogan, a cook, for thrice bringing meat to my Lord, 2s.; Thos. Jones,† boat hire from Greenwich to London, "to tell Mr. Baynton my (sic) could not come to dinner," 14d.; Roger Hunt*†, boat hire to Greenwich, 12d., and 3d. to a poor woman. 16th. Thos. Polsted,† costs riding on my Lord's business, 5l. 20th. Mr. Richard, laid out for my Lord, 13l. 11s. 27th. Thacker*, for servants' wages, 47l. 12s. 4d.; also for household charges, 40l.; Lord Admiral's servant,† for bringing cockles, 20d. 28th. Geo. Cotton, in prest, 40l.; Richard the falconer (fn. 24), 45s.; Alex. Alesius† 5l.; Wm. Hall, my Lord Admiral's servant, for bringing half a stag, 6s. 8d. 29th. Thacker*, for workmen at Frire Augustyns, 100l. 31st. Mr. Gregory,*‡ by Harry Dawes, 4l. 10s.; also for his costs riding out of Oxfordshire, 21s. 2d.
April.—2nd. Lord Lisley's servants, for bringing two horses, 3l. 3rd. More, the minstrel, by John Portynare,† 7s. 6d.; Mr. Richard,† which he gave "to the wythe in the Courte and to other offices," 5l. 6th. Hill, Mr. Comptroller's servant,† for bringing two whole years' fees of the surveyorship of woods, 20s. 14th. Mr. Richard, to despatch Mr. Constable's servants, 5l. 15s.; Thacker*, for the whole month of March, 120l. 12s. 2d. also in prest for April, 40l.; and, 15th, for works at the Frires, 20l. 15th. Mores Barkelye, which he gave "in revarde to ij quokes" (in reward to two cooks), 2s.; [Mr.] Richard, for Aske's costs, 25s. 7½ d.; Roger Hunt,* for a poor woman "bringing of wardens," 12d.; Steph. Foxe*, boat hire, 22d. 16th. Thos. Sullymon,† 20l.; Mark Antonio, "for certayn shammes and other instermentes,"‡ 13l. 6s. 8d. 17th. John Portynare*, costs, riding on my Lord's business, 35s.; Sir Wm. Appare, by Mr. Richard, for stuff bought, 11l. 19d. 23rd. L., in white money, 10s.; Peter Valence, by Mr. Richard, 6l. 25th. Peke, by Mr. Richard, 40s. 27th. Wm. Wellifed's "exebution," 40s.; L., in white money, by Mr. Gregory, 6s. 8d. 28th. John, potykarye to the Princess Dowager,† 30l.; Fras. Phillips,† also the Princess Dowager's servant, 20l.; Thos. Broke, for things done, 16l. 12s. 3d. 30th. Thacker,* for workmen at Frires Augustynes, 40l.; L., in white money, at Stepney, 6s. 8d.
May, 29 Hen. VIII.—1st. L., white money, 20s. 3rd. Robt. Lorde, for first fruits of my Lord's prebend, 45l. 4th. Thos. Jones, for 4 dozen crossbow arrows, 20s.;' Huberdyne,† 40s.; Hen. Thomas,‡ for apples and eggs by him bought for my Lord, 8s., and for the launder's quarterage due at Easter, 10s. 7th. Hen. Dawes, for things bough for Mr. Gregory, *36s. 6d. 9th. Mr. Wriothesley, 13s. 4d. which my Lord should have of the abbot of Westminster as fee for hearing the will of King Henry VII. read; Thacker,* full pay for April, 90l. 4s. 10d. and prest for May 40l.; John Zouche and Gawen Carowe, in prest upon an obligation, 40l. 11th. John Williamson,† 10l.; Thos. Jones, for things bought for my Lord's crossbows, 4s. 10d. 15th. Barnes,† for bringing a stag, 7s. 6d. 17th. Mr. Wriothesley,† 100 m. 18th. L., white money, 20s. 20th. Thacker*, for workmen at Frire Augustyns, 95l. also for muttons for my Lord's household, 24l. 24th. Peter Valence, charges for Mr. Gregory, 35s. 8d.; Mr. Richard's steward,‡ for charges of his house at Stepney, Mr. Gregory lying there, 20l. 25th. Mr. Richard for things laid out for my Lord, 19l. 3s. 6d.; six Northern men for jackes, 4l.; for a "towne of irron" (ton of iron)†, 7l,; sea coal,‡ seven chawthern, 46s. 8d. 28th. Humph. Sexten, in prest 40s.; Alex. Alesius, 5l.; Steph. Foxe,* boat hire, 3s. 8d. 30th. Lord Bowrowgh, in prest, 200l. 31st. Thacker*, for workmen at Frire Augustynes, 40l.
June.—1st. Albart the Mylyoner, for a cape of velvet trimmed with gold and two girdles for Mr. Gregory, 9l. 10s. 2d.; sword and dagger for Mr. Gregory,‡ 31s. 3rd. Mr. Gregory,‡ 45s. 10th. Mr. Richard at Hampton Court, my Lord being there, 10l.; lady Elizabeth's minstrels†, 6s. 8d.; Wm. Woodhouse's servant for bringing a porpoise, 7s. 6d.; John Avery,† 5 m. 14th. Thacker,* to provide green coats for diver's servants, 60l.; one that brought my Lord a dog, 5s. 16th. Mr. Richard, by Sir Thos. Woode, his priest, for harvest charges at Stepney, 20l. 17th. Lady Mary's servant for bringing quinces, 5s. 18th. Mr. Gregory,‡ 45s.; also for three shirts for him,‡ 3l.; Thacker,* full pay for household in May, 134l. 9s. 9½ d. 20th. Mr. Hill, serjeant of the Cellar, full payment of a bargain, 400l. 22nd. A friar of Dartheford, by Dr. Peter, 5l. 24th. Mr. Longe's servant, for bringing a dog, 5s.; L., in his barge between London and Mortelacke, 10s.; Strange, my lord Beawchampe's servant, for bringing artichokes, 20d.; a cape for my Lord, 6s. 8d. 25th. My lord Beawchampe's servants†, at their master's house at Twydnam, 40s.; lady Owtrede's servants there†, 40s. 28th. Thacker,* towards household charges for June, 40l.; and for wages at Midsummer, 56l. 29th. My Lord's costs at Kingison, horsemeat four days and five horses, 10s. 8d.; and men's lodging there, 10s.
July.—2nd. Costs at Kingiston, horsemeat, 8s. 8d.; the gardener at Hampton Court for bringing artichokes, 20d.; Mr. Gregory,† 20 angels, 7l. 10s.; Stafforde, 2 angels, 15s. 5th. Sir Harry Gascoygne, for purchase of Oversley manor, &c., 610l. 15s. 4d.; Sir Wm. Gascoigne, the younger, for the same, 20l. 7th. Thacker*, for buildings at Freres Augustynes and Stepney, 88l.; Ryggeway, 20l.‡ and 20l. 8th. Sir Wm. Gascoigne, the elder, by two of his servants, for purchase of Oversley, &c., 110l., and to his two servants†, 4l. 10th. Ric. Crumwell, 20l.; Wm. Body, in prest upon statute, 100l. 11th. Hans de Formont, for 110 "half halkes," 74l. 13s. 4d. 16th. Wm. Gonson's servant, for bringing cherries, 2s.; them of the bakehouse at Hampton Court for giving bread to my Lord, 5s. 17th. Thos. Parry,* "for my Lord's horsemeat and other charges following the Court in the progress," 10l. 18th. Mr. Gregory, by Mr. Wourseley,† 7l. 10s. 20th. L., at Windsor, 10l.; given† to two poor men 16d., a maid of Edmondes, the King's barber, 20d. three poor women 12d., and Mr. Tirwit's servant for bringing two bucks, 2s.; L., 10l. 21st. Mr. Frankeleyn's servants, 45s.; Thos. Parry,* 10l.; lady Weston's servant, for bringing gooseberries, 20d. 22nd. The launder at Windsor for washing two doz. of my Lord's linen gear, 20d.; Mr. Bedell's servant for bringing greyhounds, 15s.; Broke's servant for bringing a greyhound, 6s. 8d.; the King's flutes,† 7s. 6d. 25th. Thos. Parry,* 10l. 26th. Thacker,* at Mr. Turner's house†, full pay for household in June and for buildings at Stepneth and Frire Augustines, 333l. 6s. 8d.; Mores Barkeley†, 45s. 28th. Mr. Bedell's servant†, 5s.; L., at Mr. Warde's house, in white money, 20s. 29th. Harry Thomas, for the launder's quarter due at midsummer, 10s.; Mr. Richard, by Philpot, at Mr. Warde's house, 20l. 31st. Thos. Parry*, 20 angels, 7l. 10s.
August.—1st. Thos. Jones, for arrows, strings, &c., for my Lord's crossbows, 43s. 4d. 2nd. Lady Weston's servant, bringing presents, 2s.; Carleton, for ginger and nutmegs, 2s. 3rd. Mr. Gregory,* by Mr. Richard, "the same day he was married at Moretelacke," 50l.; L., at Mortelacke, 40 angels and 20s. in white money. 4th. Harry Blount,† 5 m.; John Aylworth,* at Windsor, for payment of my Lord's charges there and elsewhere, 10l. 5th. Geo. Rows,† at Windsor, 40s.; for washing at Myssenden, 2s. 6d. 7th. The milliner, for three satin nights caps, a pair of garters, and other necessaries for my Lord, 23s. 2d. 14th. John Aylworth,* at Grafton, 10l.; Roger Hunt, riding from Stepney to Gywlford, 18d.; Hugh Whalley,* riding from Windsor to London, 5s., and given by him to a groom of the chamber at Ampthill,† 10s.; Lord Beawchemp, in prest, at Grafton, 45l. 15th. One that brought my Lord's shirts from London to Grafton, 5s. 16th. Earl of Sherwburie's servant, at Hamphill, for bringing a stag, 20s.; lord Mordaunt's, for bringing apples and pheasants, 2s. 17th. L., at Grafton, 50l. in angels, 56l. 5s.; lord marques Dorset's servant, for bringing a stag, 20s.; Sir Wm. Appare's, for bringing two bucks, 10s. 20th. John Aylworth,* at Amphill, 10l.; lord Beawchemp, in prest, 45l. 21st. Two poor men and a maid at my lord Scorpe's park,† 2s. 8d. 22nd. L., at Mr. Russell's house, 4l. 23rd. L., at Mr. Russell's, 21l. 5s.; Byrche, which he lent my Lord, 11l. 5s.; two of Mr. Kingiston's servants, at Esthamsted, 10s.; Mr. Knighley's servant, for bringing a tegg, 20d.; Mrs. Bowstreds, bringing a present, 20d.; lord Marques of Exeter's, bringing a tegg to Donstable, 4s. 8d. 27th. Paid by Mr. Richard to the College, "as vergers, deans, sextons, and other officers there," and also to divers of the King's servants that waited upon my Lord at his installation, 25l.; Garter, for my Lord's gown 10 m., and for his pains, 5 m. 28th. John Aylworth,* at Windsor, 10l.; Diricke, alias Hams, for his costs,‡ 20s.; one of the Scullery,‡ 5s.; Thos. Audeley and Inskype,‡ 45s.; Raynford, the gentleman usher, by Mr. Richard, 40s.; officers of the Wardrobe of Beds, Cellar, Pantry, and Buttery, with four bucks, 42s. 6d.; the keepers of the Great Park for bringing four bucks, 15s. 29th. Two keepers for bringing a stag, 5s.; the launder for her washing of my Lord's linen during the progress time, 13s. 9d.; Aylworth,* at Windsor, 5l. [Ric. Tomyow for ling and cod for which he sends John Mylsent to Wm. Wodhowse, 40l.] (fn. 25) 31st. Aylworth,* at Moretelacke, 10l. 14s. 4d.; for a cape for my Lord at Windsor, 6s. 8d.; for ferrying of my Lord's horse at Windsor and Richmond, 5s.
September.—1st. Thacker,* 150l. 18s.; Sir Robt. Lee's servant, for bringing hounds, 15s. 3rd. Divers of the King's servants at Moretelacke, by Mr. Tomyow's bill, 9l. 16s. 10d.; Tom Hunt, costs with his hounds and greyhounds during the progress, 15s.; Thos. Jones, for the crossbows, 7s. 10d. 4th. Mr. Gregory,*† 4l.; lord Clynton's servant for bringing a cast of falcons and a tassell, 20s.; Roger Fawkener,‡ 22s. 6d.; them that keep the spaniels,‡ 7s. 6d.; by Mr. Richard, at Wymbylton, to the wife of the farm, 7s. 6d., and to the wife of the parsonage, 5s.; James the falconer,‡ 40s. 5th. Mr. Richard, at Moretelacke, 10l. 6th. Roger Hunt,* riding costs, 11s.; Mr. Wriothesley, which he paid to Wm. Dormer, 29s., and to the bp. of Salisbury's servant, 10s. 8th. L., at Stepnethe, 10l. 10th. The greyhound keeper for costs at Moretelacke, 5s. 10d. 12th. Spaniel keeper,‡ 5s.; Roger Hunt,* for 1 doz. crossbow arrows, 5s. 14th. Cornelius Hayes,* upon a reckoning, 20l.; Richard the falconer, costs with the spaniels all this progress, 39s. 8d.; my lord of Harteford's servant for bringing pheasants, 5s.; lord Admiral, in prest, 100l.; Wm. Kockes,* costs riding to the bp. of Exeter and home again, 18s. 22ud. Thacker,* for buildings at Freres Augustyns, 62l.; five of Mr. Bedell's servants, for their wages, 24s. each; Stephen Prynce, for costs of my Lord's horses at Kyngiston, one day, 5s. 8d. 23rd. Stephen Fox,* riding costs, 41s. 4d., also "for the payment of divers fees, as induction into a prebend and other like in York," 6l. 13s. 4d. 23rd. John of Andwarpe, for making my Lord's collar and George, 7l. 6s. 24th. Thacker,* household charges for July, 101l. 13s., and for August, 98l. 9s. 8½ d.; Little Robyn, which he lent my Lord, 45s. 25th. L. in silver, 40s.; the barber, 6s. 8d.; L., "at divers times in one night," 18l. 13s. 4d.; Dr. Leyton's servant, for bringing 12 partridges, 5s. 26th. Mr. Bedell's servants, their wages and livery, 7l. 4s.; Thos. Sullymon, which he gave† to one of Hampton "for bringing certain men to my Lord," 7s. 6d. 27th. John a Lee* (signs Jhon Ley), riding costs, 8s. 4d. 28th. Sir Chr. Morres for bow-staves, 13l.; Mr. Gregory,*† 20l.; John Portynary,* things by him laid out, 5s. 8d.; falconers' charges, three weeks at Moretelacke, 15s., and six days at Stepneth, 10s. 29th. The barber,† 3s. 4d. 30th. Mr. Gregory,* 10l.
October.—3rd. The barber, at Moretelacke, 3s. 4d.; Barwyke, the tailor,‡ for a coat, hosen, and doublet for Dodsworth, and a coat for Richard, 29s.; Robin Drowme,† 7s. 6d.; "to one Grafton by th'ands of Mr. Wryothesley for bringing of books to my Lord," 10l. 5th. L., 10l. 7th. The barber, at Moretelacke, 3s. 4d; Smythe,‡ 20s.; Jas. Hyll, Browne, and his fellows, by Mr. Richard, 11s. 3d.; Ric. and Roger Fawkener,‡ 40s. and 20s. 8th. The launder at the Court for her quarterage, by Hen. Thomas, 10s.; falconer's charges at Mortlake, 12 days, 16s. 6d. 10th. Ric. Wourseley, laid out for Mr. Gregory, 6l. 4s. 9d. Hen. Thomas, for the keeper of the Mote Park,† 2s. 4d.; Ant. Kingston's servants, for bringing hawks, 20s.; the barber, at Mortlake, 3s. 4d.; Mr. Byrche, which he gave my Lord, 15s. 11th. Thacker,* servant's wages for Michaelmas quarter, 60l.; Mr. Gregory,* at Mortlake,‡ 10l. 12th. Tyrrell, the Queen's gentleman usher, for bringing my Lord word of the birth of the Prince, 10 m.; to the poor at St. James's, 2d. each; 3l. 10s.; Wm. Cockes,* riding costs, 16s. 6d.; Ambrose Barker, for a piece of velvet, 25l.; Fane's servant that keeps my Lord's goshawk,‡ 5l. 13th. Mr. Wryothesley, which he lent my Lord to give the gentlewomen that attend upon my lord Prince, 20l. 14th. The barber, at Mortlake, 3s. 4d; John Williamson, for workmen at Freres Augustyns, three weeks, 7l. 13s. 9d.; Roger Hunt,* for two crossbow strings and baiting seven horses at Hampton town, 3s. 10d. 15th. Stephen Prynce, for horsemeat at Kingston, 6s.; for the spaniels' milk and bread at Mortlake, six days, 5s.; ferryage at Fulham four times with my Lord's company, 12s. 19th. Wm. Hall, for bringing a hind, 15s.; Mr. Brabazon's servant for bringing falcons, 20s.; the sackbuts, by Mr. Richard, 7s. 6d. 21st. Mr. Gregory,* by Peter Valence,‡ 10l. 23rd. Geo. Ayllysbury, for things done, 5l. 2s.; John Hunt, for hounds' meat, 3s. 4d.; horsemeat at St. James's, twelve days, 3l. 24th. Ric. Bellson,* riding costs, &c., 3l. 8s.; Alex. Alesius, 5l.; the milliner for two night capes, one with "neck lined with velvet," and a day cape, described, 21s. 8d. 26th. L., 20s.; Stephen Fox,* costs riding into the North, 35s. 4d. 30th. Larence, that keeps my Lord's goshawk, 5s.
November.—1st. John a Lee, riding costs, 6s. 8d.; Johannes Barnerius, doctor of physic,† 20 crs. of the sun, 4l. 13s. 4d.; Weston and Browghton,† 20s. and 10s. 5th. Mr. Norton, by Harry Posted (sic), in prest, 100 m.; Harry Polsted, for purchase of lands, with 400l. "that was Bedell's, the which I received of Williamson," 220l.; Forest, the surgeon,† 10s. 8th. Tome Qwke, costs riding westward, 20s. 9th. John Williamson, for workmen at the Freres, 4l. 7s. 6½ d. 10th. Fras. Cave* and Thacker,* household charges for September, 240l. 12th. An Italian, "for making of a privy coat for my Lord," by Mr. Richard, 4l. 13th. Ric. Belson,* at Windsor, for my Lord's charges, 10l.; Mr. Richard, at Windsor, when he went into Sussex with my Lord of Norfolk, 100l.; Uryan a Breton,† 7l. 10s. 14th. Dr. Chambers' servant, for bringing a present, at Windsor, 7s. 6d. 16th. Ant. Kingyston's, bringing a gerfawken, 15s.; the abbot of Kyllingworth's, bringing a horse, 5s.; Wm. Woodhowse, for salt fish store, by Mr. Stewarde, 40l. 4s. 2d. "teste Tomyow." 18th. Mr. Wryothesley, "to make my lady Mary's new year's gift," 50 m. 19th. The King's servants that waited on his Grace at the Nete, by Mr. Steward, 8l. 10s. and 3s. 4d. to the "tourbroches"; Jenyns, the jeweller, for a diamond and ruby, 2,000l. 23rd. Hosen (5s. a pair) and shoes (8d. a pair) for Robyn, Dodesworth, and Humfry, 22s. 8d.; Geo. Footeman, meat of four greyhounds for nine weeks, 13s. 4d. 24th. Geo. Hartewell, for the conveying of my lady Margaret to Syon by barge, 11s.; 26th. Roger Hunt,* for the crossbows, 2s. 4d.; Jas. Thomas, at his going home,† 4l. 10s. 27th. John Hull, full payment of 100l., 50 m. 28th. Mr. Chyke, by Mr. Richard, for the exhibition of Wm. Wellifed, 5l.; a gunner, by Mr. Richard, "for stocking and vernysshing of certain of my Lord's half hawks, 40s.; Mr. Richard Crumwell, by Sir Thos. Woode, his steward, 40l. 30th. Bread for spaniels at St. James's, the Nete, and elsewhere, 16s.; Dowes, Sir Thos. Palmer's servant, for guns and other necessaries of war, 47l. 15s.
December.—3rd. Duke of Norfolk, by Vincent Mundy, full payment of certain reckonings concerning the late priory of Lewes, 164l. 19s. 4d. 4th. The clokemaker for a cloke, 10l.; Mr. Denny's servant, for bringing a bed, 15s. 5th. Mr. Gregory,*† 40l. 6th. Mr. Sadler,† at Asher, 40l.; Mr. Conyars' servant, for bringing a horse, 7s. 6d. 7th. Sir Harry Long's, bringing a present, 5s.; Mr. Hudelston's, bringing a present, 3s. 9d. 8th. L., by Mr. Richard, 22l. 10s. 9th. Downer, of the Pastry, for bringing a tart, 2s.; Mrs. Covert's servant, bringing puddings, 5s.; Richard and Roger, the falconers, by Mr. Richard, 4l. 10th. Keeper of the gerfawken,‡ 5s.; Mrs. Bygges servant, for bringing tripes and puddings, 2s.; Bellson,* at Otheland, 5l. 12th. Earl of Westmoreland, in prest, 20l.; Sir John Gage,† at Othelande, 20l.; Mr. Bedingfeld's servant, for bringing pheasants to Othelande, 5s.; James, the falconer,‡ 20s. 14th. Mr. Richard,† 1,000l. 15th. Mr. Pollard, which Mr. Richard borrowed of him at Lewes, 20l.; Ric. Attsell, for 38 broches at 23s. 4d. each, with 16l. which he owed my lord, 28l. 6s. 8d. 20th. Lord Bowrought, in prest, upon his bill, 25l.; Robt. Smarte, riding costs, 12s. 4d.; Roger Hunt,* for six bolts and a string for crossbows and 2d. in alms, 2s. 2d.; Ric. Wourseley, for Mr. Gregory's costs at Moretelacke and elsewhere, 54s. 2d.; John Eston, 20s., and, in prest, 20s.; by Philpott, for 2 doz. rubbers, 49s. 2d., and for hemming them, 2s. 23rd. Charges for spaniels and hawks,‡ 40s.; Humphrey that keeps the gerfawken, at his going to Lewes,‡ 20s.; John Huntt and Tome Huntt, for costs and hounds to Lewes, 15s.; John Avery,† 5m.; Jasper Smythe, at his going to Lewes,‡ 20s.; horsemeat at the Nete when my Lord lay there, 5l. 2s. 9d.; Robyn Dodwourth, for his lodging at the Nete, 2s.; Sampson, riding costs into Kent divers times, 16s.; L., 20 angels, 7l. 10s. 24th. Stephen Fox,* riding costs into Kent and Sussex,† 45s.; Aston the auditor, "for a crose of gold of Saynt Albons," 106l.; John of Andwerpe, for setting a great ruby, 15s., and for gold that was in the ring, 29s.; hose and shoes for Dodesworth and Humfry, 20s. 26th. The King's players,‡ 22s. 6d.; Robyn Drome and Wolf,‡ 20s. 27th. L., "in white money at cards," 20s.; the lord Chancellor's players,† 20s.; the lord Marquis of Exeter's,† 15s.; prior of Langley's servant, (fn. 26) 5s. 28th. Mr. Bryan's minstrels. 15s. 29th. Bp. of Rochester's servant,| 10s.; Mr. Byrche's servant,| 7s. 6d.; for four "wyndeballes" for my lord, 10s., 31st. My lady Mary, new year's gift, besides a gold salt, 10 sovereigns, 11l. 5s.
A.D. 1538.
f. 117.
January, 29 Hen. VIII.—1st. L., at Greenwich, 33l. 15s.; Elderton, which he lent my Lord at dice, 22l. 10s.; Mr. Richard, given in offices in the King's house, 70l. 4th. Hanns the painter, 40s.; to such as brought new year's gifts,| 37l. 17s. 11d.; Mr. Harry Cole,† 40s. 7th. Mr. Crane,† for Havering park, 100m.; L., at Greenwich, by Mr. Meawtys and Ensam the groom porter, 45l.; spoons, 7l. 10s. 7d.; the "harderman," for a velvet purse for W. Sommer and a girdle with other things for my Lord fett by Johnes and Philpott, 16s.; Mr. Comptroller, which my Lord lost at bowles, 20s.; abbot of Veversham's servant,† for bringing a present, 3s. 4d.; Mrs. Byges servant, for bringing capons, hens, and puddings, 5s. 9th. L., at Greenwich, 10l. 12th. John Dymoke, for a piece of crimson velvet, 22l. 16s. 3d. 13th. Thos. Broke, alms given in my Lord's name, 18l. 15s. 8d.; Wm. Coockes, riding costs, 20s.; children of the Chapel, 7s. 6d.; one that brought two guns, 5s., and one that brought handekerchers, 2s. 14th. The Italian (fn. 27) that went to Lewes, by Mr. Richard, 40s.; "to Philip Hoby, for the costs of the said Italian to Lewes and again," 40s. 15th. Sir Thos. Palmer, of Calys,† 20l. 18th. "Logges" for my Lord's servants at Greenwich, one month, 17s. 4d. 19th. Lady Knevet's midwife, by Mr. Richard, at the christening of her child, 30s. Weston,‡ for a lute (? written first "lutte," then changed to "lowtt," and then to "lwwtt,"), 50s. 20th. L., which he lost at dice, 40l. 21st. Thos. Jones, costs and horsehire to Canterbury and back with letters to the prior there, 8s. 10d.; Nic. Huett, riding costs, 9s. 4d.; Sampson, boat hire between London and Greenwich, 3s.; Mr. Gregory,* † 20l.; Bastian, the "cloke" maker, house rent, 46s. 8d.; Lord Warden's players, 20s. 22nd. Duke of Suffolk's players,† 20s.; Baldocke, 5s. 23rd. Lord Chancellor's players,† 10s. 29th. John Williamson, for necessaries done at Lewes, 63l. 21d. 31st. John Wager, riding costs, 7s. 4d.
February.—2nd. Woodall, the schoolmaster of Eton,† for playing before my Lord, 5l. 3rd. Mr. Peterson, by Mr. Richard, for salt store for Lewes "as haberden, lings, and other," 48l. 17s. 4d.; Mr. Richard, for rewards and other outlays by him, 13l. 3s. 6d.; also for the redemption, from one Woodwarde, of the lease of the manor of Butlers Marston, 10 m.; Harry Polsted,* law expenses for assurance of my Lord's lands from 20 July, anno 28o to 25 Dec. anno 29o, 14l. 2s. 2d.; Wm. Mylles, charges in earrying my Lord's instruments to divers places, 37s. 8d. 4th. The launder at the Court, by Hen. Thomas, for her quarterage due at Christmas, 10s.; Rede, of the Wardrobe,† for making ready of St. James's divers times; 40s; lord Cobham's players, 20s.; keeper of the Nete, by Mr. Richard, 10s. 8th. Lord Latymer, by Polsted, for purchase of lands, 280l.; L., by Roger Hunt, 20s.; Richard, the graver, "for graving of my Lord's seals of his arms," 40s. 13th. Robyn Dodesworth,‡ to buy hose, &c., 20s. 14th. John Williamson, for buildings at Lewes, 10l. 15th. Wm. Cookes, costs and horse hire riding to my lord of Canterbury with my Lord's letters, 10s. 2d.; Albarte the "myoner" (milliner) for night capes, hats, gloves, &c., 3l.; the chancellor of Augmentations,† for purchase of lands, 800l. 19th. Sir Geo. Caro, in prest, on obligation, 40l.; Chambley and Wm. Jenyns,* for provision at Lewes, 100l.; Alex. Alesius, 10 m. 23rd. Mr. Gregory,* by Miles,‡ 40l.; Mr. Longe, Mr. Sadeler, and Mr. Culpeper, for the goods of Knelles, 80l. each; Geo. Foteman,‡ for bringing letters from Lewes to Hampton Court and to Lewes again, 10s.
March.—1st. Lord Lumbley's servant, for bringing a gerfawken and brace of grey-hounds, 7s. 6d.; Ric. Belson*, for charges of my Lord's men and horse four days, the King being at Hampton Court, 5l. 12s. 5d.; also for charges of 24 horses at Charing Cross one night, and 23 horses and nine men another, and other charges, 50s. 3d.; Mr. Richard's nurse and midwife, by Mr. Gregory, at the christening, 30s.; five of my Lord's Cornishmen, to buy bows and arrows, 31s. 8d. 4th. Robyn Drowme and his fellows "for their waiting two nights the same time my Lord made the King a mask," 20s. 5th. John Portynare, for the charges of the mask, 25l. 11s. 5d.; at the christening of Dr. Kerne's child, to her nurse, by Ric. Morison, 20s. 6th. Harry Polsted,* riding costs divers times, 10l., and in reward,‡ 10l. 8th. Richard, the falconer,‡ from Stepney, by his brother Walter, 5 m.; Roger Fawkener, to him also,‡ 40s. 9th. "To one for making my Lord's arms in a little table that hangeth in my Lord's chamber," 30s. 11th. Mr. Gregory,* † at his going to Lewes, 20l.; Portynary, and other Italians, for their charges to Lewes "and for such necessaries at (for as) they must occupy there," 6l.; Blount and Lytton at their going to Lewes with Mr. Gregory, 40s. 12th. Philpott "for rubbers for my Lord," 17s. 13th. Mr. Gregory,† by Mr. Richard, 20l.; Jone Cooke, "to him for henes and other things for my Lord the time my Lord lay at Hampton Courte," 11s.; Smarte, riding costs, 7s. 4d.; Roger Hunt, boat hire from Greenwich to Mortlake, 5s., and necessaries for the cross bows, 5s. 5d. 15th. My lord of Herteford's nurse and midwife, 30s.; Mr. Leybourne's servants, for bringing up red deer, 20s.; Harry Warde, for a horse, by Mr. Richard, 9l. 5s. 16th. Candyshe's servant, for bringing a horse, 10s.; keeper of Westminster park,† 20d. 18th. Richard the graver, for graving my Lord's seal of the forests beyond Trent, 8l. 13s. 4d.; by Mr. Richard, to the postmaster, for 6 harnesses, 30l.; the master cook's servant, 3s. 4d. 21st. Vincent Mundy, second payment of the Subsidy, 50l.; my Lord's servant "that maketh jackes"‡, 40s. 22nd. Ric. Gresham, for purchase of lands, 600l.; the christening at my lord of Sussex's, to the nurse, 22s. 6d., and midwife, 20s. 24th. Harry Thomas,‡ for things bought, 40s.; John Herry, to buy a bow 3s. 4d. and a doz. arrows 3s. 26th. The barber, when Philpott was sick, 3s. 4d. 28th. My lord of Bath's servant for bringing a horse, 20s. 31st. John Alely, for three cups given by my Lord at the christenings of my lord of Sussex's child, the earl of Hertford's and Mr. Baynton's 18l. 5s. 3½ d.
April.—2nd. Gennens, the steward at Lewes, by John Portynary, 100l.; Huberdyne, to buy apparel, by Barkeley, 15s; 3rd. John Portynary,* in prest, 4l.; Mr. Brian's servants,† for bringing a present, 10s. 6th. Mr. Gregory's servant, to buy things for his master,‡ 17s. 8th. Ric. Gresham, in prest, 500l. 11th. Mr. Gostwyke, by John Rocke, for first fruits of divers benefices, 211l. 17s. 3d.; lady Owtred, by Mr. Richard, for things "she needed at her lying down," 44l. 15s. 12th. Carriage of stuff from Stepney to Lewes for my Lady, 16s. 4d.; keeper of St. James's, 6s. 8d., and gardener, 5s.; Forest, the surgeon, for charges of John Courtenye when his arm was cut, 47s. 10d.; Mr. Hopton's priest, for playing before my Lord with his children, 22s. 6d.; a poor woman for bringing pippins, 3s. 4d. 13th. Lord Admiral's mariners, for shooting of divers pieces of ordnance, 20s. 15th. Thos. Rotheram,† 3l. 15s. 17th. Ric. Morisyn,*† 20l.; John Wager, riding costs, 15s. 6d.; Wm. Cokes,* for horsehire and costs to Wiltshire,‡ 14s. 8d.; Roger Hunt,* for the crossbows, 11s. 2d. 18th. Roger, the falconer,‡ 20s.; Nichasius, for carriages from Stepney to St. James's, and for his costs, six days, 10s.; at Stepney, for lodgings of lord Thomas, (fn. 28) Conyars, Hungerford, and other, 3s.; keeper of the park at Westminster, 2s. 9d. 19th. Huberdyne's board in the Tower, 33s. 4d.; Hugh Olcastell,† 10s. 20th. Stephen Fox, hire of two horse and costs to Norwich and back, 24s. 21st. Reed, of the Wardrobe, by Mr. Richard, for hanging of the house at St. James's, 40s.; to "them that beg for Saint George," 7s. 6d. 22nd. The King's shalmes,† 11s. 3d. 25th. The launder at the Court, for "his" quarter wages due at Lady Day, 10s.; Mr. Comptroller's servant, for bringing a present, 2s.; boat hire from Greenwich to Westminster and back, three times, for books and other things for my Lord,† 4s. 26th. Serjeant of the Cellar's servant, 5s; Tome Kooke, for capons and geese bought for my Lord at Greenwich, 12s. 10d. 28th. Carleton,† 45s.; Dr. Leyton, for things bought at Marten abbey, 22l. 29th. Thos. Clerke, for the tenth of Wells due at Christmas last, 39l. 11s. 3¾ d. 30th. John Avery,† 5 m.; keeper of Moretelacke park, 3s. 4d.; twelve poor women at Putneth,† 4s.; Geo. Dawkens, riding costs into Yorkshire,‡ 3l.; at Court, to "them at the wyththe" (or "whythe") 6 angels, and to the scullery and pastry, 4 angels, and to the porters, 20s.
May, 30 Hen. VIII.—4th. Sir Wm. Pykering, in prest, on his bill, 40l. 5th. Dr. Lee's servant, for bringing a gerfalcon, 15s.; Mr. Richard, to his own use, at St. James's, 20l.; Richard and Roger, falconers, 4l. 7th. Little Robyn,† to his marriage, 40s.; the "wythe at Mr. Kingyston,"‡ 7s. 6d. 10th. Bp. of Hertefordes executors and servants, 100l.; Broke of the King's Head, for things done, 13l. 12s. 8d.; Johannes, boat hire and carriage to Greenwich of my Lord's apparel, 4s. 4d. 14th. L., 10l. in angels, and 20s. in groats; John Williamson, by Wm. Coockes, to be employed at Havering, 12l. 16th. Geo. Dawkens, riding costs to York for the prebend of Fenton, and for charges of the seals,‡ 5l. at Hampton Court for horsemeat, 2s., and for ferrying at Richmond and Putnethe, 16d.; my lady Marques of Dorsett, the elder, and Sir Edw. Wotton, in prest, on their obligations, 100l.; Byrche's servant, for bringing a present, 5s. 18th. Mr. Gregory,† 20l.; 20th. Tomyow, for the King's servants at Havering, 20l.; reward at John Freeman's house, to his servants, 20s.; John Williamson, by Stephen Fox, for charges at Havering, 20l. 23rd. The gardener at St. James's,† 6s. 8d.; 24th. L., at the chancellor of Augmentations', which he lost at dice, 15l. 26th. Ant. Tote,‡ for things done at Havering, 51s. 1d.; to "oned for bringing a purpose" (one for bringing a porpoise), 5s. 31st. Richard, the graver,‡ for graving my Lord's seal of his arms, and "for the pountion to stamp my Lord's vessel," 8l.
June.—1st. Sampson Water, for hire of six horses to Havering with six of the Cornishmen,† at the King's being there, 10s. 2d.; Wm. Cookes, riding costs, 5s. 11d. 2nd. Mrs. Shouche,†5l. 3rd. Stephen Foxe, for hiring a "bage" (barge) from Westminster to Lambeth, and for boat hire, 9s.; Roger Hunt,* for 6 beds at Greenwich, 3 weeks, 10s., a barge from Westminster to Parrys Garden, 5s., reward for bringing a stag, 7s. 6d., 1 doz. forked heads 5s., and other things for the cross bows, in all 36s. 1d.; More and his fellows, by Morice Barteley,† 7s. 6d. 3rd. Ralph Sadler,† 100l. 4th. Edw. Rogers and John Zouche, in prest, 40l. 5th. The captain's servant of Barwyke, "for bringing of William and Nicke," 40s. 6th. Servants of the abbot of Westminster, Mr. Maugnus and Mr. Barnes, each for bring a horse, 7s. 6d. 7th. Sir George Somersett, for purchase of his house at Kew, 200l. 8th. Mr. Richard, for harvest making about Stepney, 20l.; the King's shalmes at Eltam,† 11s. 3d.; at Greenwich, for ferrying my Lord's horse, 3s. 4d.; by Mr. Richard to three minstrels at Eltham, 7s. 6d. 18th. Richard, falconer,‡ 5 m. 20th. Wm. Myllett and Nyce, to buy apparel,‡ 40s.; Lord Chancellor's servant, for bringing a buck and oysters, 10s. 21st. My Lord's charges at Gravesend, 3l. 2s. 1d.; Tome Coke, for quails, rabbits, and other things bought at Eltham, 14s. 4d., also for horsemeat and beds there, 33s. 8d., and to the keeper, 5s.; lord Cobham's servant, at Gravesend, for bringing a buck, 6s. 8d.; Mr. Broke,† 5l.; John Harry, charges for greyhounds, 5s.; Sir Jas. Wourseley's servant, for bringing "golles," 5s.; Mr. Gonson's, bringing cherries, 20d. 21st. Mr. Richard, at his going to Huntingdonshire, 20l. 26th. Roger, falconer,‡ 20s.; one of the Guard,† 5s.; Robt. Semer's servant for bringing a gelding, 7s. 6d. 28th. Bp. of St. Davis' servant, bringing hawks, 20s.; a poor man of Ipwiche, 15s.; Forest, the surgeon, for charges of John Courteney,† 59s. 8d. 30th. Huberdyne,† to make his coat and other necessaries at his coming out of the Tower, 20s.; Mr. Locke, the mercer, for the debt of my lord Leonard Graye, 54l. 10s.; the master of the Horse's servant, for bringing "a cast of leneretes," 15s.; Breme,† 10l.; Birche, 10l.; Mr. Palmer's servant, and Mr. Reynolde's servant, each for bringing a cage of birds, 5s.; Roger, falconer,‡ 4 m.; Mr. Pollard's servant, for bringing a cast of hawks, 10s.; lord Warden's, bringing a buck, 7s. 6d.; the King's minstrels, by Mr. Richard, 7s. 6d.; "the bishop's servant of Hertforde for bringing a horse," 7s. 6d.
July.—3rd. Thacker*, "which was given to lij gentlemen, and other charges at the same time towards the buying of their yellow velvet," 53l. 5s. 10d.; Hall, Mr. Treasurer's servant, for bringing my Lord's fee of the surveyorship of woods, 20s. 6th. James, falconer,‡ 20s. 7th. Lord Clynton,† upon a statute, 100l. 8th. Poor folks at Putnethe,† 16s., and boat hire to Putnethe and to Chelsey again, 2s. 8d. 10th. Ric. Gyllare, for Huberdyne's board, twelve weeks, at 3s. 4d., and for washing his gear 2s. 2d.; Robt. Powell,‡ 10s.; given by Mr. Richard, at the christening of John Chaumborn's child, 30s., and of Sir Arth. Darcy's, 40s., to two of my lord Steward's servants, 30s., Mr. Denye's servant, 5s., and the sergeant of the Cellar's servant, 5s. 11th. Robt. Trapes for 2 doz. each of platters, dishes, saucers, and trenchers of silver at 3s. 9d. the oz., 359l. 18s. 1d., and for burnishing the same, 51s. 8d.; Wm. Jennyns,* by Mr. Chaumbley, for my Lord's house at Lewes, 200m. 12th. Ric. Belson,* for my Lord's costs at Havering, five days, 41s. 4d.; also for 77 loads of hay, with carriage to Stepnethe, 25l. 13s.; Arcane the Italian,‡ for his labour at Lewes, 30l.; a servant of the abbot of St. Mary's, York, for bringing hawks, 20s.; Fylpott "for clothes for my Lord's issue," 5s. 12th. My lord Lennard's servant,† 10l.; Philype Potykery, for necessaries for my Lord, 33s. 11d. 13th. The lady of Kildare, in prest, 40l.; keeper of Richmond park, 10s.; boat hire on the water, 1s.; a Frenchman, in prest,† by Mr. Solymont, 5 m. 15th. John Herry, for keeping the greyhounds one month, 10s. 17th. Fras. Cave,* for my Lord's household, 300l.; Andrew Wryte or Wryght*, for things done at my Lord's "stallation," 21l. 7s. 18th. John Portynary, for things done at Lewes, 8l. 12s. 8d.; Pursser,‡ for keeping the "lusarde" half a year, 30s.; Shirlande,† 10 m.; bp. of Salisbury's servants for bringing hawks, 20s.; Fylpott, for 12 ells of cloth at 20d. and for making of 12 pair of hose for my Lord, 24s.; the keeper at Chelsey, 40s., and his wife 10s.; Fylpott, "for ij ribands for my Lord's George viijd. and for a lace for his spectacles iiijd." 20th. Polsted,* for assurance of my Lord's lands in the law, 8l. 14s.; Abraham's board, 5 weeks, when sick, 10s.; Roger Hunt, for the cross bows, 6s. 2d.; ferryage of my Lord's horses at Lambeth, Chelsey, Fulham, and Richmond, and given,† 13s. 3d.; bp. of Chester's servant for bringing hawks to Oking, 30s.; Ric. Belson,* at Oking, for servants and horses in the progress, 20l. 23rd. L., at Oking, 60l.; the Wardrobe of Beds, with a buck, 22s. 6d. 25th. Mr. Richard, which he lent my Lord at Mr. Browne's, 3l. 26th. Mrs. Covert, for Will. Courteney's board, 20 m.; Arnold's servant, for bringing a leash of greyhounds, 7s. 6d.; Olyff, the surgeon, at Oking,† 10s. 28th. Mr. Weston's servant, for bringing a present, 10s.; Mrs. Byge's servant, bringing a present to Petworthe from Hounselowe, 5s.
August.—1st. Mr. Richard, "which he gave to the brothers and fellowship of the gunners," 4l.; Wm. Williamson, at Petworth, for things done at Sheffeld, 20l.; John Fryse,‡ at Mr. Goring's, 20s.; servants of Mr. Weston, Mr. Browne and the abbot of Reading, for bringing presents, 18s. 9d.; Ant. Cottes, costs going by water,† 14s. 1d.; lord Cobham, in prest, 40l. 2nd. Hen. Thomas, for things bought for my Lord's chamber‡, 22s. 3rd. Rewards given at Mr. Dawtrye's park,† 6s. 8d.; Robyn Dodesworth, to buy necessaries for himself at Cowdery,‡ 20s.; Wm. Myles, by Mr. Richard, to buy a case of recorders, 4l. 4th. Ric. Belson,* at Cowdery, for expenses in progress, 20l. 6th. The keeper's servant at Cowdery, for bringing two bucks‡, 2s. 8th. L., in white money, at Mr. Cotton's 10s.; groom of the Bottles,† at Mr. Cotton's, 5s. 9th. At the dock at Portesmothe, to the butler, 5s., and cook, 5s.; Mr. (sic) Byge's servant, for bringing a present to Portesmothe, 5s. 15th. Ric. Relson, for charges, 20l. 17th. L., at Arundell, into his purse, 10l.; Mr. Shelley's servant, for bringing a horse, 7s. 6d. 18th. Sir Humph. Ratclyff, in prest to be repaid at Michaelmas, 20l.; "To him that keepethe Beavys shourde at Arundell," 20d. 22nd. John Williamson, for works at Sheffelde, 20l. 23rd. Expenses at Sheffelde, viz., to Mr. Cofferer of the King's house for victual, and rewards to the King's chamber and household by Ric. Tomyow, 127l. 15s. 25th. Mrs. Jernyngham,† by Mr. Richard, at Lewes, 7l. 10s. 27th. Mylsent, which he lent my Lord at Mr. Gage's. 15l.; Mr. Gage's servants, by Mylsent,† 40s.; a groom of the King's chamber at Mr. Gage's†, 5s.; Peter Valence, at Lewes,† 10 m. 28th. L., at Maufeld, lost at dice, 11l. 12s. 6d. 29th. Belson*, for charges this progress, 20l.; Mr. Wryothesley, which he lent my Lord at the bishoping of a child at Mr. Culpeper's house, 22s. 6d.; the "wyffes" in Tenterden, with a buck, 20s.
September.—Thos. Audeley,† by Mr. Richard, 22s. 6d.; L., at Mr. Foges, at cards, 4l.; Roger, falconer,‡ for bringing hawks and spaniels out of Huntingdonshire, 35s. 9d. 3nd. Reede's costs to London, in his purse, 10s.; the keeper's wife of Mr. Kempe's park,† 12d. 3rd. Mr. Brian's servants, in reward, at Dover, viz., Sherrington 5 m. and Kyllegrew 40s. 4th. Lassegny, sent hither to the King to declare the Emperor and French King's meeting at Aquas Mortuas, reward, 100l.; Geo. Collyns, in prest, upon his bill, 80l. 5th. Costs of falconers, hawks and spaniels at Westinghanger and Dover, 20s. 2d. 8th. The trumpets, at St. Stephen's, 10s.; Balle and his fellows at St. Stephen's beside Canterbury, for playing before my Lord, 40s.; the launder at the Court for washing my Lord's gear all the progress and "in other places whereas my Lord hath gone," 44s. 8d. 9th. The King's "lowed pypes," at St. Stephen's, 10s. 10th. Lord Marques Dorcett, in prest upon his bill, 20l.; Belson,* charges, 20l.; Roger Hunt,*, rewards by him given,† 18s. 10d.; a poor fellow at the Master of the Rolls',‡ by Philpott, 4s. 8d.; Charles Hawarde,† at Rochester, 3l. 15s. 12th. L., into his purse at Mr. Shouthewelles house, 10l.; Mr. Richard, by Aylworthe, 14l. 18s. 8d.; Mr. Henage's servant, for bringing a letter, 4s. 8d. 14th. Reward to Mr. Nevell's servants,‡ 40s. 15th. Lord Admiral's minstrels, 7s. 6d.; Humfry, the spaniel keeper,‡ to buy hose, shoes and doublet, 20s. 16th. The falconers for horsemeat, and man's meat,‡ 53s. 1d. 22nd. Mrs. Bygyges (sic) servant, for bringing a present to Otforde, 5s.; IIumfrey, the spaniel keeper, costs and horse hire, bringing partridges from Mortlake to Otford to my Lord,‡ 5s. 24th. Mr. Wriothesley,† at his going to the Regent of Flanders, 100l. 25th. John Brooke, by Mr. Richard, 7l. 10s.; my lord of Chester's servant, for bringing a horse, 22s. 6d. 28th. Ant. Kingyston's, bringing a gerfalcon, 20s. 29th. The milliner at the Court for "ij night capes iij dosen glovys belles v dosen for Antony and for other necessaries," 54s. 7d. 30th. Jermyne, my lord of Chester's servant,† 20s.; L., in white money, at cards, 20s.
October.—1st. Old Gylham of the Tower, "for the board of Woodeall for the space of his being there," 3l. 15s. 8d. 2nd. Richard, falconer,‡ 5 m. 5th. Charges of falconers, horse, hawks, and dogs for ten days,‡ 3l. 19s. 5d.; old James, the falconer, at his going to Huntingdonshire, "to make a cast of falcons," 40s.; Reede, in his purse, when he rode to take possession of his land, 5 m.; Mr. Bassett's servant, for bringing a "stage," 10s.; Mr. Richard, 20l.; Forest, for board, &c., of John Courteney, six weeks, 16s. 2d.; and for cloth for my Lord's issue and 50 ribands, 5s. 6d. 6th. Philip, the poticary,† at his going into Flanders to Mr. Wryothesley, 40s.; Hen. Thomas, rewards given, &c.,‡ 3l. 8s.; the chancellor of Germany, with an emerald and a diamond, 20l. 10th. Johannes, riding costs to Chelsey and elsewhere, 8s.; carriage of my Lord's instruments to Mortlake, and home again,‡ 4s. 8d. 10th. Mr. Jennyns* (signs Will'm Jenyns), in prest, 40l. 11th. Falconers' charges, one week, 29s.; Roger, falconer,‡ to buy himself necessaries, 20s.; the "mydwyf and nurryche at my lorde of Derbies sonnys xpitenyng," by Mr. Richard, 45s.; John of Andwerpe, for making a George, mending three garters and a chain and making a staff for the little George, 32s. 4d. 12th. Mr. Heneage, by Joskyn his servant, 108l. 6s. 8d., "which made the sum of ijoxxv with the reward given to Lasseguy." 13th. Ric. Morison, which he gave† to Alex. Alesius, 5l. 17th. L., in groats, when he played at dice with my lord Mayor, Skutte, and Broke, 20s.; Mrs. Vaughan for board of Joan Reede and other her necessaries, 5l. 9s. 4d., and for things by her done for my Lord's "stallation," 8l. 16s. 8d. 18th. L., in white money, "at cards with the battarde (fn. 29) and Mr. Wynter," 20s. 21st. The Frenchman that playeth the nightingale,† 2s.; Thos. Pope, on his obligation to pay at six days' warning, 1000l.; Roger, falconer, to buy hawks' hoods, bells, &c., 5s. 23rd. Wm. Felwood, in full payment of 20l. "which was given him with Reedes daughter," 9l.; two plate chests for the cellar, by Ant. Cottes, 26s. 8d. 25th. L., white money, 6s. 8d. 27th. Falconers' charges, 20 days, 44s. 7d.; Roger, Walton, and Humfry, falconers, at their going into Huntingdonshire,‡ 40s., 20s., and 20s. respectively. 29th. L., 20s. 31st. L., at dice, white money, 20s.
November.—1st. Ant. Denny, to the King's use,† 2,553l. 2nd. Blacke John, riding costs, by Aylworth, 27s. 8d. 3rd. John Dymoke,‡ for 100 Almain rivetts at 5s. 4d., and charges of my lord's armourer from Antwerp hither to London, 13s. 4d., 27l. 6s. 8d. 4th. Ric. Purser,‡ for keeping the "lybarde," 110 days at 4d., 40s. 6th. Robyn Dodesworth, given in alms,† 2s.; Peter Meawtys servant, for bringing a doe, 2s. 12th. Lord Leonard's, bringing hawks, 20s. 13th. Lord Butler's, bringing hawks, 40s.; for beans,‡ by Norman, 20l. 16th. John of Andwerpe, besides 52 oz. of gold, towards the making of the cup of gold, 12l.; Huberdyne,† 40s.; Shyft, costs and horse hire to my lord Admiral's at Cowderey with my Lord's letters, 10s. 22nd. Lord Admiral's servant,† 5s.; Wm. Cookes,* for riding out of Kent into Essex to my lord Chancellor with my Lord's letters, and other riding costs, 13s. 11d. 23rd. The King, by Robt. Lorde, for purchase of Brampton manor for Mr. Richard, 1,000l. 28th. The milliner, "for capes for my Lord fett by Fylpott," 3l. 9s. 3d.; Wm. Lamberde, costs of Anthony, the fool, from Calys to London, 5s.; a pewter bason "for washing of my Lord's issue," 20d.
December.—1st. Lord Clynton, for purchase of the manor of Golston and Lees, Kent, 800l., and the manors of Folkeston and Walton, Kent, 1,574l. 14s. 4d. 2nd. John Averey,† 5 m.; the healing of John Herry's leg,‡ 10s. 10th. Dr. Leyton's servant, for bringing pheasants, 3s. 4d.; one of the cooks at the Court for bringing my Lord's meat, 2s.; Bowcher, of the Privy Chamber, for bringing apples from the King. 7s. 6d. 18th. Charges of Richard and Roger, falconers, 15 days, 54s. 4d., and 9 days at Mortlake 26s. 8d.; washing my Lord's linen at Mortlake, 3s. 4d.; given in alms,† 12d.; Mr. Horsey's servant, for bringing two geldings, 20s. 19th. Robyn Dodesworth, to buy him shirts, 10s.; the launder at the Court, by Herry (i.e., Hen. Thomas), for quarterage due Mich. last, 10s. 20th. Shirlonde,† 5 m.; Richard, falconer,‡ paid for a falcon, 40s.; Richard, Roger, and James, falcouers,‡ at their going into Huntingdonshire, 40s. each; for their horsemeat and charges in Shothwarke; and to Humfry, 10s. 21st. Ric. Snowe,* "for fines of covenant and entry and of alienation for the manor of Folston and Golston," as in a bill signed by Hen. Polsted, 43l. 17s. 3d.; Mrs. Shouche,‡ 5l.; Dodesworth, to buy hose and doublets, 15s. 23rd. Thos. Broke, for things done, 8l. 17s. 8d.; Bastarde Fawconbrige,† 20l.; Purser,† 40s.; Hen. Cornyshe, which he gave in reward to the master of the Horse's servant, 2s., Mr. Heneage's, 7s. 6d., and for apples and eggs, 4s. 8d.; Thos. Rotheram,‡ 5l.; Hugh Woldcastell,† 20s.; Flecher, for Mr. Gregory. 37s. 10d.; the cape for Mr. Gregory, 4l. 10½ d. 24th. Mr. Gregory,*† 20l.; Ric. Moryson,*† 10l.; John a Baldocke,† 15s.; Myles, Browghton, Prurser, and Welche, 7s. 6d. each, and Pecke, Myllett, Morison, Cotton, Wystow, and Marten, 5s. each; Polsted,* law charges, 10l. 19s. 8d. 27th. Sergeant of the Cellar's servant,† 5s. 29th Wm. Wellifed,‡ 20s.; lady Mary, by Jerningham, New Year's gift, 11l: 5s.; Wm. Wellifed,† 40s.; bells for Anthony's coat, 34s. 6d.; L., by Little Robyn, in silver, 20s.; the waits of London,† 20s.
January, 30 Hen. VIII.—1st. To offices in the King's house and to such as brought New Year's gifts, 104l. 16s.: two dozen gilt spoons weighing 42¼ oz. at 5s. 2d.; amongst the gentlemen of the Privy Chamber, 32 sovereigns, 36l., and the four gentlemen ushers, 4 sovs., 4l. 10s. 4th. Inskipe,† 10s.; Fowkes,† 5 m. 5th. Dr. Chrome's wife, her New Year's gift, 6 sovs., 6l. 15s.; Mrs. Sadeler's servant, 5s.; the lady of Norfolk's 20s.; the lord of Oxford's 20s.; Pope's 7s. 6d.; Mr. Baynton's and my lady's 20s.; Mr. Chyke, for Wm. Wellifed, 8l. 10½ d. 7th. Robyn Drome and his fellow,† 15s.; the post that brought letters from the duke of Saxon's chancellor, 5s.; Mr. Jopson's servant, for bringing pheasants and curlews, 5s.; Dr. Vaughan's, bringing live partridges, 20d.; six of my Lord's yeomen for boat hire from Greenwich to London and back, 13s. 4d.; for lodgings at Greenwich, 6 weeks, 25s. 4d.; the keeper of Sabbys key, 16d.; Mr. Gregory's shoemaker, bill, 4l. 8s. 8d.; Mr. Bonvis's servant, for bringing New Year's gift, 7s. 6d. 8th. Two stools "to set my Lord's leg on," 12d.; Johannes, boat hire to Greenwich with gear, divers times, 4s.; amongst the watermen in my Lord's barge, 6s. 8d.; John of Andwerp, for making the gold cup which my lord gave the King for his New Year's gift, 7l. 7s.; L., which he lost to Holcroft, 10s.; Morice Barkeley,† 20l. 11th. The Prince's minstrels,† 10s.; the hosier for Rede's hosen, 23s.; the sadler, for Mr. Gregory's horse harness, 11l. 12s.; Wm. Wellifed,‡ 20s. 13th. Mrs. Rotheram,† 5l. 14th. Allen Kinge, for wine spent at Sheffelde when the King was there,‡ 39l. 16s. 8d.; Mr. Richard, given in rewards,† 8l. 2s. 6d.; Farlyon, for making Mr. Gregory's apparel, 3l. 8s. 6½ d., and for 12 doublets for the Cornishmen, 57s. 9d. 17th. Wm. Loumbert,‡ 20s.; Weston, for lute strings, 22s. 8d.; L., at three sundry times, by Hopton, Pollarde and myself, in white money, 3l.; a poor woman for bringing a nightingale, 6s. 8d. 20th. The hosier, for Mr. Gregory, bill, 57s. 4d.; "three tymber of sables,"† 90l.; one of the Pastry,† by Hunt, 20d.; lady Audeley's servant for bringing a partelett, 3s. 4d.; lord Clynton, for purchase of demesnes of Fowlkyston priory, Kent, 263l. 20d. 23rd. Bits, for Mr. Gregory, 21s. 8d.; certain men of Cambridge for the costs homeward, 10s.; the warden of the Fleet "for their costs of Cambridge in the Fleet," 40s.; L., at cards, white money, 20s.; the launder at Court by Herry, her quarterage due at Christmas, 10s.; Herry Thomas, given in rewards,† 43s. 8d.; also for apples, 5s. 4d. 25th. Christopher, the Mylyoner, for the charges of the mask 10l. and rewards to his servants, 7s. 6d.; L., in white money, 20s. 31st. Bale and his fellows for playing before my Lord, 30s.
February.—1st., L., by Pollarde, 10s. 4th. Tome Cooke for lambs bought for my Lord when the King was at Westminster, 7s. 8d. 9th. Farlyon's servants,‡ for pains taken sundry times in masks, 20s. 10th. Weston and Lambert,† 10s. each; falconers' costs from Huntingdon to Waltham and costs there the time of the King's being there, 34s. 6d.; Richard, falconer,† 40s. 11th. Chr. Mylyoner, "for the stuff of the mask of King Arthur's knights," 10l. 17s. 11d., and for his labour and workmen, 3l. 12th. John Dymoke, for eleven copper plates and other necessaries for my Lord's mask and for comfits when the lords dined with my Lord, 9l. 2s. 6d. 13th. Sir John Dudley, for purchase of manors of Halden and others in Kent and Sussex, part payment of more, 2,000l. 14th. Sir Wm. Gascoyne, the elder, for a clear "bargayne and seale" (bargain and sale) of an annuity of 84l., 333l. 6s. 8d. 15th. Mr. Richard, in a little purse, 20l. 16th. For making the gallery at Augustyne Friars, 35l. 10s. 10½ d. 17th. Falconers' charges, 18s. 8d. 20th. The painter "that made all the hobbyhorses and the other things thereto belonging," 33l. 17s. 6d.; Heywoode's costs, 5l. 10s. 5d.; Mrs. Vaughan for the things bought of her for the masks, 6l. 7s. 6d. 22nd. Bargemen that carried Heywoode's mask to the Court and home again, 16s. 8d. 24th. Lord Conyars, for his charges,† 10l. 17s. 6d.; five yeomen, costs and horse hire riding to Court and elsewhere, 12s. 4d.: Stephen Foxe, which he gave† "to them that beg for the poor folk at Powles Gate," 6s. 8d.; Rog. Hunt, for 1 doz. bolts for cross bows, 3s., riband, 4s., and alms, 5d.; Mr. Solemont, "which he lent my Lord in white money at the cards," 40s.; nurse and midwife at the christening of Mr. Meawtys' child, by Mr. Gregory, 30s. 25th. Ric. Purser, for keeping the "lybarde" from 3 Nov., 40s.; Sir John Dudeley, full payment for purchase of Halden, &c., 1,490l. 27th. Wm. Wellifed,‡ 20s.; Hoge, the falconer, to buy his gear, 20s. 28th. Christopher, the Mylyoner, "for trimming of Divine Providence when she played before the King," 21s. 2d.; and for night capes for my Lord and others, 33s. 4d.
March.—1st. The second pay to workmen at the Friars Augustynes, 27l. 2nd. Thos. Barmeston, in prest, to be paid at my Lord's pleasure, 20l. 3rd. L., at cards, in white money, 20s. 4th. Thos. Pope, for purchase of Dunsford manor beside Wandesworthe, 266l. 13s. 4d.; Sir John Horsey, full payment, for purchase of Horton manor, Suss., by Ric. Joyse, 410l. 7th. Lord Sandys, in prest, 100l. 8th. John Fyssher's servants, "for bringing up a fellow that named himself to be my Lord's servant," 40s.; L., into his purse, 10l; lord Conyars,† 20l. 10th. Sir Humph. Ratclyf, in prest upon his bill, to be paid at my Lord's pleasure, 20l. 11th. Mr. Gregory,*† 10l. 12th. Sir Wm. Pykering, in prest, 20l. 13th. John Heron, of Chipches, in prest, 10l.; L., by Mr. Gregory, 13s. 4d. 14th. Mycaell the Allmayn, for two horses, 20l. 15th. One hundred sheaf of arrows at 18d., 7l. 10s.; Hartewell,‡ to buy apparel for Tomewourthe, 40s. 16th. James, falconer,‡ to go into Sussex to keep the eyries of the hawks there, 20s.; falconers' charges for a fortnight, 28s. 4d. 19th. Cootes, for his boat hire from 1 Oct. to 1 March, 48s. 20th. Mr. Richard, 20l; Farlyon, for 10 yds. crimson satin, occupied at the masks,‡ 6l. 13s. 4d.; at the christening of Sir Thos. Powninges' son, by Mr. Gregory, 30s. 23rd. John Aprichardes, for gunpowder spent at Stepnethe when my Lord mustered his men, 23s. 8d.; Miles Cowverdale,† 10s.; the King's bowyer, for 100 bow staves, 7l. 26th. Thos. Jones, riding costs, 19s. 27th. Farlyon, in prest towards the making of my Lord's tents, 50l. 28th. Falconer's charges, 12 days, 38s.; for carrying stones and rubbish out of the foundation of the gallery, by Sir John, 11s. 6d. 31st. Lord Parr, in prest, to be repaid at Michaelmas, 100l.
April.—2nd. Fras. Cave,*† for household charges, 400l.; Richard, falconer,‡ 5 m.; Hoge Garet,‡ 5 m.; James, falconer, to hire men to watch the hawks in Sussex, 40s.; Humfry,‡ 20s. 3rd. Ric. Morysine,*† 20l.; harness bought at St. Katherine's, 16l. 16s. 5d.; the appraisers, 22s. 6d., and him that wrote the particulars, 13s. 4d.; 109 lb. of gunpowder at 7d., 3l. 3s. 7d.; James, falconer, costs with his hawk and horse, 16s. 4d.; lord Admiral's servant, for bringing cockles, by Mr. Solymont, 5s.; John of Andwarpe, for setting two emeralds into rings, with the gold, 38s.; Mr. Goringes servant, for bringing letters, by John Godesalve, 20s. (marginal note that this is "to be asked again of Mr. Williams"); Ralph Evers' servant, for bringing hawks, 20s. 4th. L., in white money, by Mr. Gregory, 20s,; to 23 gentlemen 20s. each, and to Huberdine, 40s., by Mr. Gregory,‡ 24l. (sic); 200 sheaf of arrows at 20d.; falconers' costs, 10 days, 15s. 8d.; household stuff bought of my lord of Canterbury, by Mr. Richard, 43l. 13s.; Thos. Broke, which he gave in alms in the prisons about London, 6l. 20d.; Mr. Richard,† 100l. 5th. The sadler, from Mr. Gregory's horses, 14l. 10s. 5d.; the hosier, for Mr. Gregory's bill, 3l. 10s. 10d.; Robyn Dodesworth, for hosen, 12s. 7th. Given at Court "to the cooks to their withe, vj. angels," 45s.; the pastry and scullery, 30s.; the boys of the kitchen with my lord Prince, 5s.; the bargemen,† 5s. 12th. My lord of Canterbury, by Mr. Richard, for a gown of satin quilted, 5l., and a fur of sables, 16l. 13s. 4d.; Forest, the surgeon,† 20s.; Mr. Richard, at his going to Rayley with Mr. Polsted, 20l. 15th. To the "wythe" at Stepneth,† 15s.; earl of Herteford's watermen, 3s. 4d.; the shoemaker, for Mr. Gregory's bill, 49s. 18th. Mr. Richard, at his coming home from Rayley, which he gave among the tenants there, 20l.; Mr. Vaughan for charges and apparel of Joan Rede, 4l. 9s. 8d.; Polsted,* riding costs to Lewes and into Kent, 16l. 4s. 6d.; Robt. Showthwell's servant, for bringing two geldings, 20s. 19th. Weston,† 6s. 8d. 20th. Dr. Cromer,† 10s.; Mr. Williamson, by his servant, Oswald Wilkinson, for repairs at Leydes, 20l. 21st. Mr. Richard, for rewards by him given,† 16l. 2s. 6d. 23rd. Purser, for the meat of the lybart at 4d. a day from 15 Feb. to 23 April, 22s. 6d. 25th. Dr. Cromer,† 15s. 26th. Dr. Cromer, 15s.; L., in white money, at cards, 10s. 27th, Ric. Snowe,* for licences of alienation, as in a bill signed by Polsted, 15l. 15s. 30th. Dr. Cromer,† 22s. 6d.; the midwife and nurse at the christening of lord Cobham's son, by Fane, 45s.
May, 31 Henry VIII.—3rd. Dr. Cromer,† 22s. 6d.; also, at St. James's,† 15s. 4th. L., at St. James's, in white silver, 10s.; also on the 6th, 20s. 10th. Edmonde, of the Wardrobe, going to sundry places with my Lord's apparel, 10s. 1d. 11th. Hen. Thomas, for the launder's quarter to Lady Day, 10s.; also for eggs and other things,‡ 18s. 4d.; Nicasius, boat hire and other charges with my Lord's stuff, 6s. 12th. At the christening of Mr. Le's child, by Wiat, 45s.; Urian a Brereton, a whole year's rent which he has out of my Lord's manor in Wales, 15l.; Roger Hunt,* 13 beds for three weeks at Greenwich, 20s.; Thos. Cooke, for capons and chickens bought,‡ 12s. 3d.; Thos. Jones, riding costs to Hever,† 4s.; Roger Hunt,* rewards and alms given,† 7s. 4d. 14th. For bows brought to Friar Augustynes, 3s. 4d. 20th. Chaumley, by Mr. Gregory,* for provision at Leydes, 40l. 21st. Thos. Colpepor, in prest, upon obligation wherein he stands bound with Sir Thos. Powninges and Harper, 100l. 23rd. Lady Owthred, by Hen. Dowes, for apparel for Mrs. Jane, 12l. 14s. 6d.; Mr. Gregory,* at his going to Leydes, 60l.; Jennyns, by Mr. Richard, for provision at Leydes, 9l.; Thos. Hunt, for charges of his hounds, by Mr. Richard, 40s. 25th. Robt. Cary,† 20l.; Harry Habblethorn* (signs Henry Hoberthorn), "for whythes occupied at the muster in London," 117l. 6s. 3d. 26th. Pay of workmen, &c., at Friars Augustynes, 42l. 3s. 9d.; James, falconer, watching hawks in Sussex, 3l. 28th. Richard and Roger, falconers,‡ 4l.; Rede, at his going into Essex, 40s. 31st. Ric. Belson,* for his horses from 10 Dec. to 22 April, 7l. 12s. 9d.
June.—1st. Fras. Cave,* for provision of oxen for the household, 120l.; Mr. Richard, by Aylworth, for provision of hay at Stepneth, 20l. 4th. Abbot of Whaltham, for purchase of Canbury and other lands, 296l. 5th. John Bellow,* for 100 qr. of beans delivered to Belson at Stepneyth, 18l.; the mylyoner for capes and a hat for my Lord, by Philpott, 40s. 12th. (See below among October payments). 14th. Dyricke the herald, "for a collar of velvet for the strange beast my Lord gave to the King," 19s.; Morice Barkeley,† 10l.; paid to workmen at Friar Augustynes, as in a book of Sir John's making, 40l. 2s. 5d. 17th. Mr. Richard, for provision of hay at Stepneth, 20l., and to himself at the going down of his wife into Devonshire, 20l.; Sir Wm. Appare's servant "for bringing of a colt cloth to my lord of Kendall," 5s.; Mr. Kingysmyll's, bringing a cast of hawks, 10s. 21st. Richard, falconer, costs into Sussex to take hawks, 20s.; Humfry, the Spaniel keeper,‡ 10s. 22nd. Mr. Longe's servant, for bringing hawks, 7s. 6d.; Hylton, the vintner, for 5 hogsheads of wine sent to Leedes, as in a bill signed by Chomley, 7l. 14s. 4d. 28th. Richard, falconer, charges in luring hawks, 40s.; Humfry, the spaniel keeper, costs into Huntingdonshire to fetch the spaniels, 10s. 29th. Pay at Friar Augustynes, 31l. 22½ d.; James, falconer, costs in Sussex, 52s. 1d. 30th. Keeper of Mortelacke park, for bringing a buck, 5s.; ferryage there of my Lord's horse, 2s.
July.—3rd. One that brought a chest out of Allmayne, 20s. 6th. Lady Powes†, 4l. 10s.; 2 keepers of Marrybone Park,† 6s. 8d.; a purse ring for my Lord, 34s. 8d.; Farlyon, for making of the coats and jerkyns and for capes at the muster in London, 59l. 20d. 7th. Moraunt, the keeper of St. James's, at my Lord's going thence, 5 m.; the gardener there,† 30s.; Wilshire, the under-keeper there, 7s. 6d.; Polsted, for riding costs, &c., to Gyldeforde Marche, 7l. 12s. 8d.; Dodesworth's apparel, 21s. 3d. 10th. Mr. Pollard's servant for bringing hawks, 20s.; Roger, falconer,‡ 20s.; Belson,* for charges of horse and men in the progress, 20l. 12th. Pay at Friars Augustynes, 44l. 3s. 10d.; Davy, the falconer,‡ 30s. 15th. Ant. Cottes, for flagon cases, boat hire, &c., 20s. 10d.; the launder at the Court by Harry Cornyshe, her quarterage to Midsummer, 10s.; keeper of the Oteland, for bringing two bucks, 5s.; the keeper of the house at Oteland,‡ 7s. 6d., and his servant, 2s. 16th. Hen. Thomas, for bows for my Lord's chamber, &c., 15s. 3d.; Edmonde of the Wardrobe, for carriage of apparel from St. James's to Mortlake, three journeys, 5s.; lady Weston's servant, for bringing a present, 20d.; Grey, for bringing a cast of goshawks, 40s.; Blount,† 30s.; hosen for Dodesworth, 39s. 6d. 19th. Mr. Morys servant, for bringing a present, 4s.; a keeper in Windsor Forest, 5s. 21st, Lady Russell's servant, for bringing old apples, 3s. 4d.; Mrs. Byges servant for bringing a present to Gyuldeforde, 5s.; Mrs. Covert, for little Courteney's board, 10l., also,† 5 m.; Rede, of the Wardrobe,† for trimming the house at St. James's, 45s.; Thos. Dier, which he lent my Lord, 5l. 12s. 6d. 25th. Mrs. Covert's servant, for bringing "carkes" to Farneham, 2s. 26th. Thos. Thacker and Sir John, for the pay of workmen at the Friars, 80l. 28th. Ric. Belson,* charges, 20l.; Mr. Lieutenant's servant, for bringing carps, 2s.; keeper of the house at Gyldeforde, 5s.; Borage, the cook,† 2s.; Mr. More's servant, for bringing a swan to Oking, 20d.; Mrs. Covert's, bringing carps to Ferneham, 2s.; Roger Hunt, for Mr. Weston's servant, 2s., one of the King's cooks, 20d., them of the Buttery, with a buck, 7s. 6d., the keeper of the little park at Petworth, 2s., and Mr. Weston's servant, for apples, 3s. 4d.; the Wardrobe of Beds, with a buck, 20s.; the Pantry, with a buck, 7s. 6d.; lady Russell's servant, for bringing apples, 3s. 4d.; Vaughan, one of the cooks, for bringing artichokes, 8d.; Forest, for 24 yards of riband, 6s., and "for making the bendes," 12d. 31st. My lady Katharine's servant, for bringing a cast of laneretts, 6s. 8d.
August.—8th. Ric. Belson,* charges, 20l.; the Spicery, with a buck, 7s. 6d.; the "carte takers," reward, 7s. 6d.; Mr. Richard, which he gave to the ranger for "watting" (watching) the hawks in Assedowne, 5l. 15s., and in reward, 20s., and to James for taking them, 34s. 10d.; Mr. Richard, which he gave in rewards,† 43s. 12th. The mylyoner, for seven hats of taffeta at 10s., and for night caps, garters, ribands, and other necessaries for my Lord, 6l. 16th. Belson,* at Newbery, charges, 20l.; lord Ferres' servant, for bringing a horse, 7s. 6d.; Ferres,† 40s. 22nd. Mrs. Byges servant, for bringing figs to Langeley, 3s. 4d.; Mr. Fassyon's, bringing a crossbow, 3s. 4d. 23rd. Mr. Arnold's servant for bringing a present, 5s.; Roger, the falconer, for his charges at Burforde, 10s.; two cooks for bringing meat to my Lord's board, 2s. 28th. Belson,* at Woodestoke, 20l. 31st. John Williams, master of the Jewel House,† 4l.
September.—6th. Belson,* at Grafton, 20l.; Roger, falconer, charges with two horses and two cast of hawks, 20 days, 45s. 4d.; Humfry, the spaniel keeper, costs with 8 couple of spaniels the same time, 26s. 11d. 8th. Robyn Dodesworth, at Hamphill, to buy hose, shoes, and doublet, 15s.; Cotton, the tailor, for doublet and hose for Tomworth, 10s.; John Herry, hire of carts to carry my Lord's bed, 12s.; Mr. Leader's servant, for bringing a present, 20d.; the launder at the Court, for washing 55 doz. of "clottes" for my Lord this progress at 10d. the dozen, 45s. 10d., also for washing "the bendes and clottes for my Lord's yssue," 100 doz. at 1d., 8s. 4d.; the lord Admiral's servant, for bringing a letter to Mr. Gostwyke's from Hampthill, to my Lord, 5s.; Mr. Richard's boy, at Mr. Gostwyke's, 5s. 10th. Minstrel's at Mr. Gostwyke's, 10s. 12th. L., at Candyshe's house, lost at dice, 5l.; Candyshe's servant's, 40s.; charges for the muster at London "of such men as were there by my Lord's assignment," &c., 185l. 3s. 6d. 18th. Roger, falconer, for himself, horse, and hawks, 17 days, 38s. 2d.; Davy, falconer, 18 days, 38s. 2d.; Humfry, spaniel keeper, 18 days, 30s. 4d.; lord Leonard's servant, for bringing a goshawk, 15s.; Belson,* at Hynchingbroke, 20l. 20th. L., gold 9l. and silver 20s. "at his house in London after his coming from progress," 10l.; Mr. Wryothesley, which he lent my Lord at Candyshe's house, 4l.; Thacker, which he gave to the gunners and other charges at the muster in London, 5l. 14s. 2d. 22nd. Thos. Reding, boat hire to Mortlake, &c.,† 3s. 2d.; Thos. Hale,‡ board wages, 8 weeks at 2s. 4d. 23rd. Sternolde,† 40s. 28th. Mrs. Fytz-James's servant, for bringing a "stage," 10s. 29th. The Grekes man, for bringing a satin gown, 20s. 30th. Richard, falconer, with horse and hawks, 36 days, 45s. 8d.; Davy, falconer, charges at Mortlake, Windsor, and other places, 21s. 8d.; Roger, falconer, his charges, 20s. 2d.; Belson,* at Windsor, for my Lord's charges there, 5l.; Humfry, spaniel keeper, for 12 days, 25s. 8d.; James, falconer, for riding into Kent to Mr. Gregory and waiting at Mortlake and Windsor, 17s.; Mr. Richard, at our coming from Windsor, 10l.
October.—1st. Bekensaw, a scholar of Parrys,† 10l. 2nd. Richard, falconer, "at his going to the country for the making of his river hawks," 40s. 4th. John Traves, in prest upon an obligation of Mr. Wyndeham and an indenture, 40l.; Huberdyne,† 40s. 6th. My lord Lysseley, for purchase of Paynneswyke, 400l. 7th. Roger Hunt, rewards given,† 37s. 6d. 9th. For silks, by Hugh Whalley,* 60l. 2s. 10th. John of Andwerpe, 10l. in angels, besides 2 oz. of fine gold to make my Lord a chain. 12th. At the christening of Smythes child, by Mr. Gregory, 20s.; John of Andwerpe, which was also put into my Lord's chain, in fine gold, 4l. 15s. 13th. Davy and Hoge, falconers, board wages, 18s. each. 14th. John a Lee, riding from Windsor into Dorsetshire to Dr. Tregonell for a hawk, 10s. 4d.; three pieces of tawny damask, black damask, and black satin, "which were forfeit into the Exchequer," 39l. 15s.; Stephen Foxe, riding† from Windsor to John Coppes, 6s. 8d.; Wm. Cokes,* riding costs to Welles, &c., 26s. 10d.; Forest, for "bendes" for my Lord's issue, 12s. 12th June, Mr. Richard, at St. James's, "to his own hands which he promised to pay at Michaelmas following," 100l. 15th Oct. Humfry, spaniel keeper, charges of the spaniels and for carrying them into Huntingdonshire, 22s. 4d. 20th. John Maynney, for purchase of land in Halden park, by Polsted,* 65l. 25th. Morice Barkeley,† 20l.; a hat for my Lord,‡ 15s.; by Mr. Gregory,† to Amys child at his christening, 2 sovereigns, 45s., and to the midwife and nurse, 15s. 28th. The launder at the Court, quarterage due Mich. last, by Henry Cornishe, 10s.; Herry Cornishe, laid out for my Lord, 33s. 8d.; L., with 100 m. "received of Morys of Ferneham," 200l.; a Frenchman for bringing a stone bow and 1 doz. cross bow arrows, 20s.; Norfolke, "riding by Mr. Water's commandment for pohens," 20d. 30th. Robyn Dodesworth, for hosen, 12s. Roger Hunt,* given† to my Lord Chancellor's bargemen, 4s. 8d.; Thos. Mawdesley, tailor, for Rede's apparel, 12s. 11½ d.
November.—2nd. Robyn Dodesworth, to buy shirts, 10s.; midwife and nurse at the christening of Dr. Cave's child, 20s. 8th. Mr. Gostwyke, in prest, 2,000l.; Geo. Watson, ½ yd. of velvet to cover my lord a purse, 8s., and for covering and laces, 2s.; Davy and Roger falconers, board wages, with horses and hawks, 17 days, 39s. 5d. each; James, falconer, riding into Kent to Ant. Auger,‡ and board wages, 18 days, 22s. 6d.; Garlande, shoemaker, for boots and shoes for Rede and Tomworth, by Thacker's warrant, 16s. 8d. 11th. Mr. Pykering's servant, for bringing a gold cup, 10s. 12th. Sir Ric. Gresham, for a piece, 41 yds., of crimson damask, 13l. 16s. 8d.; Mr. Wiatt, by way of loan and prest, 100l. 14th. Little William for a pair of hose, 4s. 15th. Belson,* disbursed in the progress more than he received, 11l. 6s. 3d. 24th. Mrs. Jernyngham,† 50 m. 26th. Mr. Richard,† against the coming of the Queen, 100l.; Mr. Gregory,† to make up 40l. which my Lord gave him at his going to Calyes, 12l.; the smith, for things done in the armoury, bill signed by Whalley, 8l. 16s. 8d. 28th. Eustace Nicolsone, for gun stocks, bill signed by Whalley, 4l. 9s. 4d. 29th. Sir Arth. Darcy, in prest, upon obligation, 100 m.; John of Andewerpe, for making a "lewer and a thencher" of gold weighing 51 oz. at 4s. the oz., mending and new gilding my Lord's knot, 10s., mending his George and two little diamonds, 22s. 6d., and making a chain with 13 oz. of gold, 23s. 3d. 30th. Gamlyn, the footman, charges, lying sick in the country, and for apparel, 43s. 11d.
December.—1st. Falconers, Davy, Roger, and James, 22 days, 9l. 18s. 10d. 2nd. Sharkerley, for 6 yds. velvet, 6l.; Mr. Raynoldes servant, for bringing a cage of canary birds, 10s. 6th. L., white money, at cards with Mr. Comptroller and Pykering, 20s. 7th. Halle, lord St. John's servant,† for paying my Lord's fee of the surveyorship of woods, 20s., Grene, the coffermaker, for new coffers and mending stuff for my Lord's chamber at the Court, 3l. 11s. 10½ d. 10th. Shirts for Tomworth and Little Will, 15s.; Mr. Steward, Mr. Comptroller, Mr. Walter, and myself, 4l. each to buy velvet coats. 11th. Wm. Buckested,* for making 750 bows at 4l. the 100, 30l. 12th. Ric. Snowe,* for two fines, viz., of covenant and entry, for lands bought in Gloucestershire, bill examined by Polsted, 24l.; the under-sheriff of Sussex and Surrey, for "a licence for a grement for the purchease of the manours Fyndon and Borham," bill signed by Polsted, 9l. 6s. 8d. 13th. Sir Ric. Gresham,* for 176 yds. black velvet, 88l.; Mr. Penyson's servant, for bringing a horse, 40s. 14th. Robt. Smyth, "for fines of licence of a grementes," bill signed by Polsted, 10l. 6s. 8d.; Thos. Burdocke, for Rede's hose, 3l. 19s. 3d., and Lawrence the hosier, for hose of Tomworth and Anthony the Fool, 22s. 6d., by Thacker's warrant. 15th. Forty-five of my Lord's yeomen to buy hose, 15l.; my lord of Chester's servants, for bringing six geldings and a horse, 3l. 6s. 8d.; John of Andwarpe, for 16 oz. of silver more than he received for making the bells and for workmanship, 10l. 4s. 5d. 18th. Gyllam, the embroiderer, for "brodering" my lord's apparel, bill confessed by Whalley, 13l.; Wm. Courteney, for his apparel, 5l. 15s. 10d. 19th. Dodesworth and Gamlyn, for hose, 40s., and Tomeworth, 21s.; household stuff bought of the Commissioners at the dissolution of St. John's next Colchester, by John Ryder,* (signs John Ryther), 25l. 4s. 6d. 21st. Shoes for Rede, 13s. 23rd. Gyllam, the embroiderer, for embroidering apparel for Mr. Gregory and for 152 oz. of "pirllis of damaske golde" at 4s. 8d. the oz., and 3 lb. of fine Venice silver at 50s., 53l. 9s. 4d.; shoes and boots for Rede and Tomworth, 10s. 4d., Davy, Roger, and James, falconers, 30 Nov. to 25 Dec., 4l. 6s.; Hen. Thomas, laid out in the progress, 40s. 26th. John Sandys,† 40s.; Wm. Cockes,* costs to Ramesey, 4s., to Barnes in the Forest, 12d., and boat hire to Greenwich, 12d.; Thos. Broke, for alms given,† with 15s. for bringing a cast of laneretts, 8l. 12s. 8d.; Andrew Pownynges,† 5 m.; Wasshington and Rowland, upon certain plate, 73l. 16s. 3d.; my lord of Canterbury, by Geoff. Eaton, 50 sovereigns which he promises by letter to pay in other money at pleasure, 66l. 5s.; making and lining coats and doublets for Tomeworthe, Dodeworth, and Gamlyn, 35s. 26th. Brugys, tailor, for making Mr. Gregory's apparel, &c., 9l., also for making Wadham's and Conysbies coats at their going to Calys with Mr. Gregory, and for making two jerkins for my lord's footmen, 31s. 4d. 27th. Sir Geoff. Poole,† "Cokes came with him," 20l. 29th. Lady Mary's new year's gift, 10 sovereigns, 11l. 5s.; Mrs. Pryour, by Mr. Gregory, 40s. 31st. Wadham, which he lent Mr. Gregory at Calys, 10l.; Mr. Gregory,*† 20l.; divers creditors, as appears by a brief declaration which was shown to my Lord and by a bill, as I paid them, 649l. 19s. 2¾ d.
A bound book of 366 pp., the first leaf being parchment, and the first four and last three pages blank. On the first page are some very illegible jottings relating to payments to John Williams for Mr. Richard, to Pilgrum Arnold, John of Andwerpe and Mr. Richard, a note that "the chain that was Mr. Russys was given to an Almayene," and the names Mr. Richard, and Alen with reference to a chain. On the second page are notes of nine debts "owing to me by Mr. Gregory." On the third page the cancelled entry, Received 28 May, 29 Hen. VIII., of Martin Bowes for plate belonging to the lord Darcy and the prior quondam of Gysbrowe; also Delivered to John Freman a chain weighing 218¼ oz.; and the names Lord Husseye, John Gege, and Thomas Avery.
"The names of the spears," numbered 1 to 50, viz.:_Sir Humphrey Ratclif, Wm. Herbert, Edw. Hastinges, Ric. Breame, _ (blank) Banester, John Wingfeld, Blunt the younger, Fras. Knolles, Hen. Jernyngham, _ (blank) Sampson, (fn. 30) Gawen Carewe, John Zouche, Peter Carowe, George Zouche, Edw. Skipwith, "Palmer of Glouc. sonne" (substituted for _ (blank) Barmeston whose name is crossed out), Ric. Freeston, Sir Osborn Ichingham, _ (blank) Mantel, John Candishe, Thos. Assheley, Wm. Stafforde, John Draner, Chas. Herbert, Young Ferres, _ (blank) Horne, Pellam, Giles Pole, Hen. Markham, And. Flammok, _ (blank) Bonham, Thos. Holcroft, John Gressham, Wm. Kalewaye, Fras. Sydney,* John Worthe,* Sir John Nevell, Sakfeld that was with Queen Jane, _ (blank) Fremyngham, Edw. Grymston, Wm. Skipwith, Nic. Upeton, Ant. Coke, Edw. Bellingeham my lord of Norfolk's man, _ (blank) Bolles my lord of Suffolk's man, Thos. Palmer, Ralph Vane and Nic. Arnold, my lord Privy Seal's men, Wm. Ellerkar my lord Admiral's man, and John Portenary my lord Privy Seal's man.
Subscribed in the same hand.: "Ch. Howarde, warener."
Pp. 2. Endd.: The names of the spears.
R. O. 784. SIR WILL. BRABORN, Vicar of Westgate, Canterbury, to [LORD LISLE].
Complains of his treatment by Sir Gregory Buttolphe, "your chaplain," whom the writer has brought up of a child. In Nov. last, knowing that Braborn had 8l. due to him upon an obligation in the hands of Leonard Johnson, Sir Gregory, by crafty means, obtained it from him. I wrote to him for it, and for 4l. stg. he owes besides; and he sent in answer that if he owed me anything the law was open. I have no remedy but by the law, which I should be sorry to put in force against him or any of your servants.
Hol., p. 1.
ii. A memorandum at the bottom in a different hand, commencing, "John Francis, servant with my lorde Wendforde," touching the position of the red and white men in a game of backgammon on the "beryng borde."
MS. 170.
B. M.
Ordinances and statutes devised by the King's Majesty for the rule, establishment, and surety of his Highness's castles, bulwarks, and other fortresses appointed to the survey of the lord Admiral. In margin in another hand.: 31 H. 8. (fn. 31)
1. The captain of a castle must not be absent more than 8 nights in a month without special licence from the King, on pain of forfeiting one month's wages for the first offence, 3 months' for the second, and his office on the third, with further punishment according to the King's pleasure. 2. The deputy is not to be absent more than 4 nights a month, and never when the captain is away, under similar penalties; 3, nor the porters more than three nights, and when absent each must find a substitute. 4. Every day certain of the gunners and soldiers must keep guard, the numbers to be determined by the Admiral. Absentees must find a substitute to keep guard, or forfeit double wages to the man whom the captain puts in their place. 5. Two gunners and soldiers are to keep watch every night, and if found sleeping or absent from their circuit, to forfeit, the first time, 2 days' wages, the second, a fortnight's, and the third, their place. 6. The captain or deputy, with the whole ward for the day, must be present daily at the opening and shutting of the gates, morning, noon, and night. The gate is to be opened from Allhallow tide to Candlemas at 8 a.m. and shut at 4 p.m., from Candlemas to Easter, 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., from Easter to Bartholomew tide, 5 a.m. and 8 p.m., and from Bartholomew tide to Allhallow tide, 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. It must likewise be shut from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The gate is not to be opened at any other time, unless it is thought proper by the captain or deputy, or the porter in the captain's absence if there is no deputy. The keys are always to be kept by the captain, deputy, or the porter in the captain's absence if there be no deputy. 7. That no "stranger born, as nigh as they can," be allowed to enter the hold. That no greater number of persons than half the garrison be allowed to enter at one time except for the King's service or necessary works. 8. No captains or others of the garrison are to make any exaction, or accept anything from ships passing or lying in the roads, nor trouble or hinder them to make them offer any of their merchandise. They shall pay truly for what they have from the country on pain of losing their place, and imprisonment. 9. None of the garrison are to hunt or course deer, hares or conies, or hawk, take or shoot hawks, pheasants, partridges, or shovellers, under the same penalty. 10. Every man must furnish himself with convenient weapons, as a dagger and sword, a halberd or bill, and harness, and every gunner a handgun or hagbush at his own charge, between this and midsummer, and for every day without them after that time to forfeit 3 days' wages. 11. No gunner to shoot off ordnance or hale any ship without license of the captain or deputy in his absence, on pain of losing his place. The captain must not waste the King's powder. 12. All suits against any of the garrison to be made to the lord Admiral. 13. Every pay day, proclamation must be made for the payment of victuals, &c., taken by any of the garrison, before they shall receive their wages, and the captain or deputy must see that the parties are duly paid. 14. The captain must never allow more than two soldiers to be absent at once, and only for three days a month. 15. Allowances of powder for exercise, and for halsing of ships, and trying of pieces, will be made by the lord Admiral's discretion to the captains. 16. Each of the captains, deputies, gunners, and porters are to have their bills signed by the King. 17. Musters are to be taken quarterly by the lord Admiral or such as he shall appoint, at which each man must declare on oath how these orders have been kept. 18. Inventories of munitions are to be taken at the first muster, and they must be viewed every quarter. 19. Certificate of the death of any of the garrison must be made to the lord Admiral. 20. No soldier must leave or be discharged except at musters, or by permission in writing from the lord Admiral. 21. Any man making any affray at the gates, or on the walls, or at night, to lose his place and be imprisoned. 22. Any man not keeping his oath, will be imprisoned for disobedience in addition to the penalties mentioned above.
Form of the oath. To be true and faithful to Henry the Eighth, and to his heirs according to the statute in the 27th year of his reign; to disclose anything heard prejudicial to the King, the realm, or this fortress; to observe the rules of the fortress, and disclose any violation of them at the next musters; to be no "quarrell picker," and disclose any contention in the retinue; to be obedient to the lord Admiral, captain, or deputy.
Copy in a 17th century hand. Large paper, pp. 7.
144 f. 29.
B. M.
2. Another copy.
Pp. 8.
I have foreborne to sue to your Lordship as I have in times past given occasion for your displeasure. I nevertheless make bold now to claim your Lordship's goodness, begging you to consider my grievous sorrows awarded to me as a punishment.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
The mansion of the Grey Friars in Carmarthen is going to ruin since its surrender, (fn. 32) there being no lead on any part of it. It were a pity that such a building in such a barren country should not be conveyed to some lawful and convenient use for the maintenance of the common wealth. Ask him to be a mean to the King that it may he granted to the mayor and aldermen, with 3 meadows, a garden and orchard, of the annual rent of 18s., "so that they may have a grammar school at the cost and charge of Master Thomas Lloyd, chanter of St. Davies, there maintained." They will give the King 40l. for it, and Cromwell 20l. for his trouble.
Hol., p. 1. Endd. Headed: To the right honorable lord Privy Seal.
Petition, from King's College, Cambridge, to the King for release of two annual pensions paid to two houses of religion, now surrendered.
The college at this day maintains as many students and ministers as were appointed by the first founder, although the lands given it, to the value of 800 mks., were taken away and given to certain houses of religion as more meritorious. The charges of the college these 9 or 10 years past have exceeded the revenue by 200 mks., or at least 100l. yearly, and for lack of those lands the provost, fellows and scholars lack the third part of their wages. The fellows and scholars pay for their lectures as the college is not able to give stipends to the deans and readers like every other college in the University.
Pp. 2. Endd.
ii. Schedule of the two pensions, the one from the manor of Okborne paid to the prior and convent of the Charterhouse, London, 33l. 6s. 8d., the other to the abbess and convent of Wilton, 13l. 6s. 8d.
P. 1.
R. O.
Remains, 498.
(Parker Soc.)
As the King "(by the means of your good lordship as God's instrument in that behalf)," has granted the bearer, James Nicolson, licence to sell his Bibles and New Testaments already printed, and as His Grace has seen part of our "postil or ordinary sermons, which the lord Archbishop of Canterbury hath corrected," I beg you will help him to the King's privilege for certain years to print the same.
Hol., p. 1. Endd.
R. O. 790. JOHN CROKE.
Memorandum to [Cromwell] desiring his lordship's mediation with the King for an exchange of lands with John Croke; who wishes to have those of the late monastery of Notley in Chilton, Bucks, in exchange for the lands and ferry in Henxsey, Berks. He also desires to have the site and demesne lands of the priory of Studley, Oxon, at 20 years' purchase. Particulars given.
P. 1. Endd.
"The most humble suit of Edward earl of Derby."
Thomas late earl of Derby, father of Edward, being indebted to the King 6,200 mks., covenanted with Thomas late lord Cardinal and Chancellor, and John Heron, commissioners to conclude for the King's debt, to pay 400 mks. a year. Describes how the Earl suffered a common recovery to be had against him, &c., and how the debt is reduced to 2,500 mks, of which Edward earl of Derby now begs the King to remit 1,000 mks., and the rest, i.e., 1,000l., he will pay off by 400l. a year. Item, for the stewardship of Whalley. Item for the parsonage of Leeke appropriate to the late abbey of Delacryse (Dieulacres), (fn. 33) of which abbey the King has given the Earl the preferment. One Wentworth makes suit for the parsonage.
Large paper, p. 1.
Tabulated estimate of one month's expenditure on the King's works at Dover. Wages of 3 carpenters at 8d. a day; 4 sawyers, 4 coopers, 8 piermen, 4 "tonne men," 30 labourers, 42 overseers at 6d.; 3 clerks at 8d., 16 "cowrtes" (qu. carters?) at 10d. Emptions of ironwork, timber, and carriage. Paymaster, 112s. Comptroller, 93s. 4d. Total, 94l. 13s. 4d.
(Note. The month's wages are reckoned for 24 days in the case of ordinary labourers, and for 28 days in the case of overseers and clerks.)
Large paper, p. 1.
Writes to vindicate himself notwithstanding the confession he was induced to make by Mr. Warden [of the Fleet]. Accounts for all the money in his possession when he came into the Fleet, and calls to witness Will. Spicer and three others of Cranbrook, then prisoners. (fn. 34) Also for various small sums received since from his mother, sisters and father-in-law. Refers to his brother the bearer. Sent 20d. to Cambridge by Mr. Gybson fellow of the King's College. When the money was missed by Mr. Leache, it was laid to his charge, and he could not get the other prisoners examined, but was sore threatened that he should be hanged if he denied it. London, "out of Newgate."
Hol., pp. 4. Add.: Lord Privy Seal.
Titus B. I.,
B. M.
Hopes to obtain his request by importunity as Abraham did. Though his fault is too great to be atoned for by any services, hopes for pardon, knowing Cromwell's mercy. Since he has helped many private and ignorant persons, hopes he will be more ready to assist an educated man, a pupil of the University of which Cromwell is chief. If Cromwell is the head of the university of Cambridge, he is a part, though the vilest, of the same University. As Cromwell venerates the pure and sincere religion of Christ, doubts not that he frequently considers the precept to forgive. The greatness of the danger and the pain of the fetters already eating into his feet urge him, foolishly perhaps, to write. Unless he had the greatest hope in his mercy, would not trouble him with so many letters. Knowing that he is fond of learned men and remarkable for Christian charity, hopes he will gladly save a learned man and a Christian.
Hol., Lat., pp. 2. Add.: Privati Sigilli Custodi.
Instructions (fn. 35) to the lord Privy Seal from the lord Deputy of Ireland.
Desires (1) to repair to the King; (2) letters to the commissioners of the suppression for the tithes of St. Mary Abbey; (3) letters for the houses of Trystynaghe, Molyngare, and Lowthe, and Clonarde on OConor's border, as Cromwell's former letters to the Commissioners have taken no effect; (4) letters to my lord of Dublin and the proctors of St. Patrick's for the tithe of Cromlyng, two miles from Dublin, reminding them of Cromwell's previous letters on the same subject; (5) letters to the dean of Dublin, (fn. 36) being of Cromwell's promotion, for tithes of Clondolcan. The army often suffers from want of grain, and previous deputies, as Norfolk and Skeffington, had tithes. (6) To amend the soldiers' wages. (7) Had a bill signed of the late nunnery of Grane, but by reason of wars no office was taken for two years. (fn. 37) Now the King's officers demand the issues for the two years. Asks a discharge. (8) In favour of his secretary, George Baret, to be clerk of the Council: Cromwell to write to the lord Chancellor to surrender his patent therefor which he had when Master of the Rolls; the office not becoming one in his authority. (9) Requires the King's signed bill to the justices in favour of Sir Gerald Fitzgerald who affirms that his brother James Fitzgerald usurps some of his lands.
Pp. 2. Endd.: Remembrances.
R. O. 796. JOHN HAMON, of Enfield, to CROMWELL.
Complains of being persecuted by Dr. Thomas Tomson, [vicar] of Enfield (fn. 38) and his parish priest, for reading the Bible. They have caused many of their parish to hate the Bible, and call the reading of God's word a "new learning" and a "green learning that will fade away," and the the Bible "the book of Arthur Cobler," and readers of it "heretics." Once the constable came to petitioner when he was reading the Gospel in English and said "This must be left, for I am sent for to warn you by the honest men of the parish for to leave your reading, for you cause other to hear you: it were better that they prayed on their bedes than thus to come about you." On Easter Day, was shriven by the parish priest, who told the next who came to him, John Chapman, all petitioner's confession, saying "I have read of all the heretics, yet he passes them all; therefore leave his company." Is hated for "cutting out of the Bishop of Rome's cursed sentence" and bidding the Doctor erase the Pope's names from the church books and preach against the Pope's usurped power. The parish priest said this last was not his duty, but that of those "that preach the quarter sermons." Begs Cromwell to call Dr. Thomas Tomson, and his parish priest, and the others before him.
Large paper, p. 1. Add at the head: To the right honorable Thomas Crumwell, lord keeper of the Privy Seal of our sovereign lord the King. Mutilated.
Abridgement of testimony sworn on behalf of Francis Bulstrode concerning the testament of George Hauchett. Giving evidence of his age, that he was born about St. Andrew's tide 9 Henry VIII., and was over 21 years at his death. Witnesses—Eustace Woodford, Gregory Cary, Nich. Talam, Thomas Browne, William and Anne Rynge, Anth. Brudge, Margaret Davy, Johane Petir, and Agnes Laurance.
Pp 3.
R. O. 798. Against WALTER HERBERT.
Petition of Wm. Maguer, "of the King's city of Irelonde, mariner," to my lord Keeper of the Privy Seal.
Heretofore upon Maguer's complaint against Walter Harbert and his servant James Angley, Cromwell wrote to the mayor of Bristol to examine the case. The mayor committed it to four honest men to be concluded by 14 July last; but Harbert detained one of the men in the country till after that date, and now refuses further arbitration. Begs Cromwell will write to Harbert to appear before the mayor and council of Bristol upon a certain day and remain there till the case is decided.
P. 1. Add. at head: Privy Seal.
Hatfield, MS. 799. HOLLAND.
Sailing directions how to know Hardyerwyk [Harderwick] in Guelderland, and the Southern Sea from thence to the Tarsiell, and so into the Haggs of Holland. Very interesting for its local descriptions. Signed: "Per me John Aborowgh and Rychard Coche" (both in Aborough's hand).
A narrow paper roll, 4 feet long. Endd. by Aborough: An informacyon made by John a Borough and Ryshard Coche how to know the town of Hardierwike, &c. Headed: "Anno D'ni. 1539."
Lamb. M.S.,
f. 22A.
Four indentures, 31 Hen. VIII., (1) between the King and Hugh Burgh captain of the Burkes' country; (2) with Tibbot Burgh; (3) with Chonnour O'Brien O'Tonyengren; (4) with Maurice O'Bryen, capt. of the country of Arra.
See Carew Calendar, No. 139.
Remembrance of the suits of the King's town of Kilkenny in Ireland to have the "two poor little houses of Friars and the Maugdalens of the same town" worth but 12l. a year and to be incorporated by the name of mayor instead of sovereign. Headed: To my lord Privy Seal.
Small paper, p. 1. Endd.
Cleopatra F.
I. 84.
B. M.
Strype, Eccl.
Mem. I. II.
"Instructions for my lord Privy Seal, concerning the bishop of Lincoln and his archdeacon touching the bishop his demand for prestations."
Setting forth the sources of an archdeacon's revenue, procurations synodals, &c., and the dues which he divides with the bishop, with a view to showing that the prestations formerly gathered were only Peter pence paid through the bp. which are no longer due; and that other dues, on vacations of benefices, installations of abbots, &c., are now extinct. In the course of the argument, the writer says "my synodals be not 19l. by year; and yet I must give to my official, 5 mark fee yearly, and as much to my register." The books shown by the bp. to his lordship "be of his own register" and show only the prestations paid him in years past when Peter pence continued.
Pp. 4. In Layton's hand.
Cover of a letter [from lady Lisle] addressed to "mine own good lord," lord Lisle, deputy of Calais. With the following memoranda upon it:—31 Hen. VIII. Lord Privy Seal, concerning Palmer (fn. 39). Lord Sandes*. Philos Pitogrew, a stranger. Sir R. Grenfeld. My lord of Cantorbery's letter* T. Lark. Wasshyngton. Anthony Anthony. Letter for Bradfeld.
In Thos. Lark's hand. Seal inscribed "H.L." (Honor Lisle).
"These be the words off the vycar off Polles yn Maulmesbury," viz., that he heard a certain priest preach and say "I trow excepte dyrygys and massys dyd goode on to soles departyd, the Kyng's grase wolde nott have causyd suche solemnyte to have byn done for the Empres as he dyd." To which the vicar replied: "I trow yff the Kyng's grase dyd thynke that massys and dyryggys dyd good to the soles departyd he wolde nott subprese so many howsys or monasterys as he have done, and take there levynges from them, butt rather to have geve them more." Witnesses, Launselat Stoco, Edward Greme, Justys Greme, Jhon Harryson, Thomas Chylde, Rolland Harryntun, Not signed or sealed.
P. 1. Endd.
Abbey of Thame:—The precinct with as much of the demesnes as amount yearly to 26l. 13s. 4d. Abbey of Bermondsey:—Dyllwyche manor, with the tenement called Knoll, 13l. 6s. 8d. Nunnery of Halywell:—Frythernecourt manor, 13l. 6s. 8d. Abbey of Bermondsey:—Wydford manor, 18l.; Cowyk manor, 16l.; Monketon Bury manor, 10l. Abbey of Missenden:—Challfont manor with the benefice, 30l.
P. 1.
One John Tamworth, (fn. 40) of Leek, has, with six or seven persons armed, come to Sandylands in Leek, Linc., now in the King's hands by the minority of the writer's son, and put her bailey there, Leonard Bawdry, in fear of his life, and furiously carried away certain corn and cattle. In reformation of this, Cromwell wrote to the justices of assize at Lincoln, who gave monition to Tamworth. He has, nevertheless, lately discharged two other of her tenants. As she has already troubled him with her affairs "and also that now your lordship hath had a time of great business with weighty matters," she required her husband (fn. 41) to get a Privy Seal to bring Tamworthe before the Master of the Wards, and he is now come up. Desires Cromwell to call him before himself and have him punished according to his demerits. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
R. O. 807. A CASTLE in the NORTH.
Account of repairs necessary at some castle in the North, the commencement being lost by mutilation. The "chapel tower" and "the wardrobe" are mentioned. The conclusion is that 3 fodder of lead, 100 ton of stone, and 6 ton of timber will suffice and the cost will be 37l. 6s. 8d. Signed by Robert bp. of Llandaff and Wm. Babthorp.
Pp. 2. Mutilated.
"The answer of me, Henry Palmer, vice-bailey of the town and county of Guisnes, to the book of complaints by some subtle envious persons devised and surmised to be the act of the King's poor subjects." (See Part I., No. 1296)
Desires his lordship (fn. 42) to have the charges investigated and he will perceive that the King's subjects did not of their own minds declare their griefs to Thomas Lawrence and Hugh Poole, but that some of the lord Chamberlain's servants "in the chief of their harvest" commanded them in the said lord's name, sometimes on pain of 100s., sometimes on pain of body and goods, to appear before his lordship, and when they came they were commanded to appear before Thomas Lawrence, Hugh Pole, and John Bradfeld, his councillors, in the porter's lodge at Guisnes, where they were forced by fair means or foul to swear as directed.
ii. Specific answer to the complaint of Peter Machon and others.
Denies having arrested Bawdwyn at the request of the parties. On a cry that he had killed a man took him into his own house for lack of a sure gaol at Guisnes, to protect him from Willemet Case, a Frenchman, who pursued him. Kept him eight or nine days to see if any one would bring the charge against him, and afterwards delivered him to the governor of Finis by consent of the Lord Deputy and Lord Chamberlain.
iii. For the strangers, viz.:—
In the parish of Camp refers to 10 specific cases in which he says the licence to dwell there did not come from him; one of them has lived there 26 years and was an archer on horseback under the Earl of Southampton, High Admiral, when he was lieutenant of Guisnes serving against the French. Mentions three other cases not presented. In Balyngham, two cases presented and nine not presented. One of the cases presented is of an Englishman born, who made an unlawful marriage. In Andern, five cases presented and eight not presented; two strangers were licensed to marry by Hugh Pole. Guisnes, 16 cases presented, among which:—Thomas Wodall, an Englishman born, married a stranger and has dwelt two years and more in John Poundis house. She was the widow of an Englishman, and Wodall says he had a licence to marry her from Lady Lysly. Gerard Porter and his wife, strangers born, said to have been married at Camp by licence of Sir John Butler, the commissary, were really married in Guisnes church by licence of the Lord Deputy, whose mandate for the same to the parson or parish priest of Guisnes I send your lordship; Gerard paid for his licence to abide in the country, to the Lord Deputy 5s. st., to Thos. Rogers 4d., and to the door keeper 2d. (N.B.—Similar fees are mentioned in each case throughout the document). Michael Caron and his wife had both left the country before the book of complaint was delivered. They had the lord Chamberlain's licence to leave, at the suit of the knight porter of Calais, and he to take with him his cattle, though this is against the Act of Parliament, unless the cattle be brought first into the market of Calais. Nich. Pickering, English born, married a stranger, has since served the French king in his wars and has now returned to Guisnes. He did not marry by the writer's licence nor in his time, and the writer kept him because he is a tall man broken in the wars, and knows all the fortresses and passages in Picardy. He was taken to Guisnes and cast in prison less than a day after the writer's last going to England; none of the King's retinue have been hitherto taken out of Calais to prison, but committed to the walls. The man's offence appears by his confession, and the writer thinks he should be punished but not kept in prison. Other strangers in the same parish not presented, 16. With a specific answer to the complaint of the King's tenants as to the multitude of strangers, whom they alleged the writer allowed to remain there, showing that he never gave them licence and had no power to remedy it, but the remedy lay with the Act 28 Hen. VIII., which was before he bore office.
St. Blasis 2 cases. Pytham: exculpates Sir John Butler: 9 cases presented, in the 1st of which he explains that Kebew "was Basford's tenant before I married the widow Basford." Four cases not presented, Bonynges: 3 cases presented, 2 cases not presented. Harvelyngham: 4 cases presented, 1 not presented, who had a licence to tarry in the country from the lord Deputy at the suit of Sir Thomas Palmer, chief porter of Calais, and paid for it 5 bushels of wheat, worth, as he says, 6s. 8d., also to Thos. Rogers 4d., and to the doorkeeper 2d. At his first coming he paid to Thomas Laurence 8d., and after Hugh Pole was vice-bailey he was compelled to make a new fine and paid him 16s. 1g. = 9s. 4d. st., "after this manner were the strangers in those days licensed and no fault found thereat." Scalis: 2 cases presented, one of whom has departed, leaving his wheat behind him, but taking cattle with him by the lord Chamberlain's licence; 7 cases not presented. Sentercas: 3 cases presented, 10 cases not presented. Froyton: 6 cases presented, 9 cases not presented. Nele within the baileywick of Guisnes: 7 cases. Calkewell: 3 cases presented, in one of which a stranger had a licence to marry an Englishwoman at St. Peter's by John Harris, and licence to dwell in the county from Hugh Pole, then vice-bailey, 21 cases not presented. Denies that these strangers are all married since he was bailey, but in any case he has licensed none.
iv. "The answers of me, Henry Palmer, as well to the bill of complaint for the Drysys as to the bill of particulars concerning the same Dresys." Those who complain of him are about to disinherit the King, calling it their common, when they themselves confess that they paid a farthing for the herbage of each sheep. As to the number of names in the complaint, can compare it to nothing but a ragman's roll, for many of those named had never cow nor sheep of their own. The place being on the borders of the Pale, the writer, to secure the King's rights, took it on lease of the General Surveyors of Crown lands; and whereas the profits are supposed to be great, he will resign his right for 20 nobles a year. Denies a further charge that he had sanctioned the delivery of "certain fagots, boras, and stubbis." The sale of boras was clean against his mind, though the King's tenants were always allowed some at 6d. g. the C. (100) to make their closures and hedges, "because of their free carriages which they owe yearly to the King for victualling and fortifying the King's Castle in Guisnes: which carriages are now turned to another use, that is, to carry great wood and fagots from the forest and malt from Calais for the lieutenant's of the Castle's brewhouse to his singular profit, oppression of the King's tenants, and great spoil of the King's forest."
v. Account of great wood faggots, borras, stakes, rods of young ashes and hazels that the lord Chamberlain has taken out of the King's forest 31 Hen. VIII. Also of the charges and profits of the brewhouse in Guisnes Castle and a list of 10 strangers within Guisnes Castle.
vi. Answer to the complaint of John Franck. Has invited him to bring three or four honest men and say what is the land he lays claim to.
vii. To the complaint of Jane widow of John Cook, who claims lands exchanged with his predecessor, Ric. Basford.
viii. Copy of a licence from lord Lisle to Gerard Porter, labourer, who has made his fine for denizenship, to marry Katherine Churchyard, who has likewise made hers, addressed to the parson of Guisnes.
Pp. 42.
ix. Nic. de Marcques to the Bailiff of Guisnes. Desiring the delivery of Baudain Warnier, prisoner at Guisnes, who has murdered a man at Boucqueham in French ground. He is one of the subjects of the land of Fiennes. Fiennes Castle, 11 May. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: M. le Bayllif de Guinnez, sieur de Campaingnez. A Campaingnez.
x. Proclamation notarially signed "Broke" with a notification that it was proclaimed in the presence of the bailey and freemen, against persons being in others' camps or fields during harvest time before sunrise or after sunset or carrying grain out of the fields or putting cattle upon the stubble, &c.
Long sheet, p. 1.
R. O. 809. THOMAS POYNTZ (fn. 43) to CROMWELL.
Cromwell knows his trouble and the cause of it, "whereby must be constrained to avoid from there as I could have lived like an honest man." Begs compassion on himself, his wife and four children, the eldest but six years. In the honour of God and the truth of His Word, for which he has suffered this persecution these five years, desires the keeping of some suppressed house, such as Halywell, where he may have honest dwelling for his family.
Hol., p. 1. Add. at head: Lord Cromwell, lord Privy Seal.
Four years past Mr. Bartlet and I showed your Lordship the danger of an insurrection against you, by procurement of the spiritualty, for putting down the bp. of Rome. Your gentleness then has encouraged me to address you again now. I lately had business in divers parts of the realm and was desirous of knowing how the people brook the King's ordinances for the reformation of things ungodly. I asked what relief they had since the suppression of religious houses, and was told they were never in so good case, were it not for the unreasonable number of hounds and greyhounds which the gentlemen keep and compel their tenants to keep, yea! and many [tenants] keep them for their own pleasures. These dogs eat up the broken meat and bread which should relieve the poor, and in most places one or two bushels of corn are weekly made into bread for them. Taking it at one bushel a week in each of the 52,000 parishes of England, this is 2,600 mks. a week or 124,800 mks. a year. And commonly the dogs have milk and water with their bread, which, if made into cheese, would amount to as much as the corn. They say they must keep dogs or the foxes would kill their lambs; but where a fox kills two lambs I have known greyhounds kill 20 sheep in a night. There are men enough if they might be suffered with "traynes" who would not leave a fox in the country and desire no more than the "cases" for their labour; "howbeit they have been alway resisted by gentlemen for killing their game, yet this discommodity is not so much as the ungodly spending of the victual upon such unprofitable beasts and the Christian ready to perish for lack of the same."
Hol. Large paper, p. 1. Add. at head: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.: A declaration made by Robert Pie of certain things worthy redress.
Thank him for hearing their suits and reading their supplication, for his direction that the newly elected mayor should take the oath of the old mayor with three or four of the most ancient of the company; and also for his promise to be a mean to the King for the residue of their suits. On the Friday after their leaving Cromwell assembled in their Guildhall and after making open relation of his goodness, proceeded to elect Ric. Justice, (fn. 44) to be mayor for the following year, and fixed a day for taking his oath. Have since received a letter from Cromwell that the King desires them to present the said Mayor to Mr. Vachell, bailiff of the liberty, and he to administer the oath. Vachell is not their friend. As he intends to alter the first article of their suit, they have little cause to put confidence in him. Ask that they may not be in such subjection under a bailiff, but have the election and administration of the oath according to their former suit granted by Cromwell.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal.
Mr. Robsert's case:—The late abbot and convent of Wymondham leased, 1 May 28 Hen. VIII., to Reynold Lyttleprowe their tithe barn within the manor of Hapysboroughe for 5 years at 18l.: also, 3 Aug. 28 Hen. VIII., they leased it to Henry Fuller for 12 years from the Nativity of St. John Baptist, 1541 at 20l. Then the said abbot, &c., 28 July 30 Hen. VIII., assigned the said yearly rents to John Robsart, to whom they moreover leased the said barn for 65 years, after expiration of the foresaid leases, at 16l. a year. This was ratified by the Court of Augmentation by a decree 12 Dec. 30 Hen. VIII. Nevertheless the auditor has charged the said Robsart with 18l. yearly rent and for arrearages he has paid 12l. for 6 years by command of the Council. We think the said Robsart ought to pay only 16l. during the lease of Fuller, for by Statute 31 Hen. VIII. leases ratified by the Court of Augmentations "ben not avoided by the said Act." Signed: John Gosnold (?)
Paper roll of 3 sheets with corrections in Gosnold's hand.
ii. On back of 2nd page. "Fiat warr. pac. versus Ric. Chamber de Gyrston ad sect. Cecilie Cade vidue John Campe John Walter necnon."
Memorandum. The fee farm of Scarborough is 91l., of which 42l. 11s. is payable to the master and scholars of King's Hall, Cambridge, confirmed by patent 4 March, 1 Hen. VIII. Signed: By me John Darnall, clerke of the Pipe.
P. 1.
Lamb. MS.
695 Vol. 2.
B. 1.
"Proffers made for my lord's woods within the county of Salop, and sale made of certain of the said woods." 31 Hen. VIII.
The woods sold are in Egbowde, Lenyall wood and Asche wood in the lordship of Whitchurche, the purchasers being John Skynner, Wm. Phelipes, John Madock, Sir Thos. Hanmer, John Hanmer and John Fyges.
The "proffers" are made by the townships of Marbury, Whitchurch, Dodyngton, Alghynton, and Tylstoke and Edw. Jenyes and others of the Wyches for Marbury Heyes, Alkygton and Tylstoke wood, Tylstoke Park, and Bubney and Blakshaugh in Whitchurch.
Pp. 4.
R. O. 815. THETFORD.
"This is the humble suit and petition of the duke of Norffolk to the King's Majesty concerning Thetforde."
(1.) If the King will not have the said Duke founder of that house when converted to a college, the Duke will buy it for 1,000l. and 100l. a year of land in the King's forest of Wychwode. (2.) The Duke's intention if he may have it is to make it a parish church, where now lie buried the bodies of the Duke of Richmond, the King's natural son, the Duke's late wife, Lady Anne, aunt to his Highness, the late Duke of Norfolk, father of the said Duke, and other of his ancestors, and where he is setting up tombs for himself and the Duke of Richmond which will cost 400l. (3.) If he may have it he will make a very honest parish church. (4.) The value of the lands of the said house is 289l. (5.) There is a prior and 14 monks, and he must give a pension to the prior 40l. or 30l. at least and to the monks 100l. at least. (6.) The Duke begs the King's favour in this.
P. 1. Numbers not in original.
"Articles of such clauses as ben to be contained in the letters patent which it may please the King's Highness to grant unto the prior and convent of the house of Thetford within the com. of Norf."
1. That it may please the King to translate the monastery to a dean and chapter of St. Mary. 2. To translate the prior and convent into the dean and chapter of Thetford church, viz., into the dean, six prebendaries and eight canons secular. 3. To appoint Wm. Burdon, prior, as dean. 4. To constitute Th. Bylney, Godfrey Kempe, Ric. Momford, John Aleyn, Wm. Andrew and Wm. Mexall, as prebendaries of the said church. 5. To ordain Th. Same, Peter Bolymer, Robt. Denton, Rich. Stanton, Chr. Baxter, Thomas Wy_, Hen. Leder and John Sooyle, monks of the house, to be secular canons of the church. 6. That the dean, prebendaries and canons may be a body corporate. 7. That they may make statutes and ordinances for the government of the said church and its ministers. 8. That the duke of Norfolk and his heirs shall have the nomination of the deans and, 9, shall chose prebendaries without suit to the King or the bp. of Norwich. 10. That the dean and chapter may elect canons without the said suit. 11. That they may continue to enjoy the same possessions as formerly. 12. That they may appoint the stipends, &c., to be received by the dean, prebendaries and canons. 13. That a proviso be contained in the patent that the Bp. of Norwich shall not exact more profits than he did before the translation. 14. That a new commission be granted to set a new tax on the dean, prebendaries and canons severally, that each of them may be charged to the tenth of his portion, to prevent the charge resting on the whole body, as previously. 15. That in consideration thereof they may be discharged of the tenth and first fruits rated on the prior and convent by the first taxa- tion. 16. To license the dean to hold two benefices without residence, and the prebendaries and canons, one each, likewise. 17. That the dean and chapter shall find a doctor or bachelor of divinity to be a preacher in the house with 20l. a year. 18. That the preacher shall not be absent more than a month in a year, unless he shall be preaching in cos. Norf. and Suff.
Large paper, Pp. 6. Endd.
Wm. Wowell, farmer of parcel of manor of Northecreke, for rent due at Michaelmas, anno 30, and still unpaid, 6l. Despaired of, because paid to the prior before the dissolution; "ideo decretum est in proximo termino." In margin: Walsingham prioratus.
P. 1. Apparently an extract from one of the books of the Augmentation Office. Endd.: Vowell. xliij, folio 21.
Examination of Edward Wodehouse for certain contemptuous words spoken at Cambridge, viz., that he said "it was pity that the lord Marquis of Exeter was put to death, for if the King had died without issue he should have been King, and that we should never have merry world as long as this King reigneth, for he knew no good that he did but pull down abbeys." Witnesses, Henry Bateman, Mr. Brown's servant, Wm. Lambkin, and Thos. Goldesborowe.
P. 1.
A paper setting forth—
i. The articles contained in the act of Parliament, 7 Hen. VIII. (c. 10), concerning the mayor and company of the Staple, and recited in indentures between the King and the said Staplers, dated 31 Oct. 27 Hen. VIII.
ii. Articles contained in the indenture for the discharge of the contents of the act, with an arrangement for the shipping of wools for five years from Midsummer 25 Hen. VIII., which five years expired at Midsummer was twelve-month.
iii. The articles of the new petition to the King, viz.:—That the mayor and Staplers may ship wools to Calais for _ years, as they have done before in the said five old years. That they may pay only 40s. for the custom of every sack, and 2d. for every fell and for other wares according to the laws of the realm. That during _ years they may enjoy their old liberties. That they shall not be compelled to bring in any bullion, nor be punished for any change or rechange, and also have allowance of their wafting or conduct money.
Pp. 6. Endd.: Touching the Staplers.
R. O. 820. JOHN YATE.
Instructions to lord Cromwell, lord Privy Seal, concerning the matters in controversy between John Yate, and Walter Hopton and Joan his wife.
Inheritance of Mary Yate, daughter and sole heir of Wm. Justice, the younger, deceased, viz., messuages in and about Reading, Berks., worth 20l. a year.
Considerations for the part of John Yate to disprove the demands of the said Walter and Joan:—(Thirteen items) Hopton, as guardian in socage in right of his wife Joan, claims occupation of the inheritance of the said Mary until her full age of 14 years, but Yate says his marriage with the said Mary has determined this claim. The inheritance descended to the said Wm. Justice, late husband of the said Joan, and thence to his daughter the said Mary. Thomas Vachell is mentioned as at witness; and also two indentures between Sir Thomas Englefeld, and Walter Hopton. Hopton has not had custody of the said Mary almost these four years.
Demands of John Yate against the said Walter and Joan:—To have the evidences of the said inheritance, the plate of the late Wm. Justice, and certain sums of money and rents received up to the feast of St. John Baptist, 31 Henry VIII., and compensation for vexation in Chancery. Total, 193l. 3s. 6d.
Large paper, Pp. 2. Endd.: The title of Mary Yate.
R. O. 821. _ to [CROMWELL].
Pleaseth it your Lordship to be advertised" that there is a lordship in Essex called Stapleford Abbot, lately belonging to the monastery of Bury and worth 20l. a year. Within which lordship I have 15l. over and besides the said 20l. now the King's. May it please the King to take my house and lands at Haveryng in exchange for the said lordship, "according to the order by his Grace taken with me for Warley." I shall not have Mr. Chancellor's favour therein, as he promised it to Mr. Tuke, who has refused it unless he may have my lands lying within the same.
P. 1. Endd.


  • 1. These variations occur in succeeding months' accounts.
  • 2. For continuation of this list see hereafter under February.
  • 3. Christian name omitted.
  • 4. Inserted at the foot of the page.
  • 5. Fee or whole year's fee.
  • 6. New Year's gifts.
  • 7. Half-year's fee.
  • 8. Half year's annuity.
  • 9. Whole year's annuity.
  • 10. New Year's gifts, mostly in sovereigns, angels, and the like.
  • 11. The name inserted after.
  • 12. Written "ColPep" but doubtless intended to be "ColpeP."
  • 13. Half-year's fee.
  • 14. Fee or whole year's fee.
  • 15. Annuity or whole year's annuity.
  • 16. New year's gifts, mostly in sovereigns, angels, &c.
  • 17. New year's gifts.
  • 18. New Year's gifts.
  • 19. His signature is placed after the entry.
  • 20. "By my Lord's command."
  • 21. By Mr. Richard's command.
  • 22. His signature is placed after the entry.
  • 23. "By my Lord's command.
  • 24. By Mr. Richard's command.
  • 25. Entry cancelled.
  • 26. For bringing a New Year's gift.
  • 27. Giovanni Portinari went to Lewes in March. (See Vol. XIII., Part I., Nos. 554, 590), and his going thither is mentioned in March in this account. This may have been only one of his men.
  • 28. Lord Thomas Grey.
  • 29. Perhaps Bastard Fawcobrige named on next page.
  • 30. Cancelled.
  • 31. The date 31 Hen. VIII. extends to the 21st April 1540, and this document more probably belongs to the early part of next year; but being undated it has been placed here.
  • 32. Surrendered 30 August 1538. See Vol. XIII. Pt. II., No. 229.
  • 33. Surrendered 20 Oct. 1538.
  • 34. Matthew Lowden, Elys Ukfelde, and Thos. Benett. See Part I., No. 1109.
  • 35. It does not appear to whom these instructions were given, and their precise date is very uncertain; but they must have been drawn up in the latter part of the year 1539, or very early in 1540.
  • 36. Edward Basnet.
  • 37. An office was taken 20 July 30 Hen. VIII. (1538). See Archdall's Mon. Hibernicum, 317.
  • 38. Vicar of Enfield from 1504 to 1540, in which year he died, and his successor, Dr. Henry Lockewood, was presented on the 4 Oct. See Newcourt, I. 601.
  • 39. These items cancelled.
  • 40. See Vol. XII., Pt. I., No. 670, and XIII., Pt. I., No. 1097.
  • 41. Sir William Musgrave.
  • 42. Cromwell.
  • 43. His petition in Vol. X., No. 222, is probably of a much later date. See State Papers X., 398.
  • 44. Elected in 1539, according to Coates' Hist. of Reading, App.