Letters and Papers: September 1539, 26-30

Pages 67-102

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 14 Part 2, August-December 1539. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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September 1539

26 Sept.
Vit. C. XVI.
B. M
Received, on 17 Sept., his letters dated Dusseldorp, 4 Sept. Thanks him for the goodwill he shows for concluding the alliance between them, of which his ambassadors and those of the duke of Saxony have spoken. Suggests speed in concluding the matter, as winter is approaching. Sends the bearer, a sea captain, to learn the best port to which to send ships for the conveyance of the lady. Desires credence for his ambassador. (fn. 1) Windsor, 26 Sept. MDXXIX. (sic). Not signed.
Lat., p. 1, in Peter Vannes' hand and countersigned by him. Add.
26 Sept.
R. O.
Kaulek, 130
26 Sept.:—Wrote on the 15th of the coming of duke Frederic, count Palatine. He afterwards arrived in London with a very small company of his own, and still fewer of this King's men. There having sojourned some days, he was very honorably conducted to the King at Hoynzort (Windsor). The King and Court have since come to Hampton Court. Two days ago ambassadors arrived there from the duke of Cleves to treat for a marriage between this King and the Duke's sister, if this affair is not prevented by duke Frederic, who seeks it (qui procure (fn. 2) le faire) for his sister-in-law, the duchess of Milan.
Ambassadors have also arrived here from Nuremberg and the duke of Saxony, to confirm alliances with this King, who tries all possible ways to make friends; as will be better known shortly, for as yet they have only had one audience and concluded nothing.
This King is in very good health, being as active and joyous as his ministers ever saw him. He asks often for news of Francis, of his health, and of his children, and continues to speak very graciously and very amicably. Hampton Court.
French. Two modern transcripts, each pp. 2.
[26 Sept.]
R. O.
Kaulek, 131
[Hampton Court, 26 Sept.]:—Wrote on the 15th of the preparations here for the reception of duke Frederic, brother of the elector Palatine, which afterwards cooled so much that Mr. Chene and others, who went from this Court to meet him, were countermanded, and he arrived in London, on the 17th, without any company but his own servants, some 10 or 12, and those of the deputy of Calais, and was received at his lodging only by his host, who is a merchant. It is true that next day Cromwell who came, as usual, to feel what he could of the Duke's intention, in order to inform the King and to give him time to prepare an answer, feasted the said Duke in his house, having gone to seek him in his lodging with a very fine troop of horse. The same day he was shown the Tower of London and its contents, as they are accustomed to do to foreign gentlemen whom they wish to caress.
Afterwards the said Duke went with the lord Admiral to the King at Hoinzort, to show, as several affirm, his charge on the part of the Emperor, which he kept so secret that he would communicate none of it to Cromwell before speaking to the King, although Cromwell has principal management of all the affairs of this realm, nor to the Emperor's ambassador, who seems scarcely pleased at not having been with him except two or three hours in London. Marillac also paid him a duty visit, but held only a general conversation; although at the outset he said he was come to demand aid against the king of Denmark who detains in prison his father-in-law, whom he calls the king Christian; and probably under this pretext he will negotiate whatever he has come about. Doubted the truth of this from the way he spoke and, to show no curiosity in his affairs, Marillac offered his services and shortly took leave of him.
Arrival of ambassadors from Cleves, Nurenberg, and Saxony (as in the letter to Francis 1.). Probably duke Frederic, who appears a true servant of the Emperor, will try to break off this alliance with Cleves, in order that the duke of Cleves may not strengthen himself with English money to resist the Emperor's designs against him, through Gueldres, where he has proceeded so far, and will put forward urgently the marriage of the duchess of Milan. The whole to get money if possible; but such is the nature of this nation that he will get no pecuniary assistance except by compulsion.
In London certain Spanish and Genoese merchants daily sow the most foolish news, that the King (Francis) and the Emperor are about to recommence the war more fiercely than ever. Replies to those who ask about it, especially to the Emperor's ambassador, that the amity of the King and Emperor is increasing daily and such forgers of news are not to be believed. They gave out also that Francis made the musters of his gendarmerie to make an attempt upon Flanders, citing the arrest of grain in Picardy as no sign of true amity. Similarly, on the side of Italy, they allege the secret intelligence of the King (Francis) with the Venetians and the Turk; also that the duke of Savoy has made a new attempt upon some place held by Francis in Piedmont and slaughtered the garrison. Asks for some word to confute these and reassure the said ambassador, who seems to have some belief in them.
Sent by Ferrand, courier of Boulogne.
French. Two modern transcripts, pp. 4 and pp. 5.
26 Sept.
R. O.
Desires him to be good lord to him and his son "in the mater consernynge Meystres Dorothe Fyshar bard (Fitzherbert) for I haufe none hother tosceketo (to seek to) but alonlye to yor good lordsche." Lethervynggame, 26 Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
26 Sept.
R. O.
Asks him to procure a commission to examine his appeal against the sentence in favour of Mistress Dorothy Fitzherbert. Lathryngam, 26 Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal.
26 Sept.
R. O.
Hans Dromeslade is dead. The bearer has executed his room since Easter, and you promised it to him when vacant. He is a mere Englishman, and the place will be well bestowed on him. My lord Chamberlain and we all supped with my Lady this night. Calais, 26 Sept. Signed.
P.1. Add.: Deputy of Calais.
26 Sept.
Vatican MS
The letter dated Rome, 26 Sept. 1539, in the collection of Epistolœ Principum (Vol. XIII., p. 162), is really of the year 1538 and is so headed.
27 Sept.
R. O.
I received your letter by Ravon, and am sorry the letter I wrote at Canterbury was so slenderly written that the word sables could not be understood. It was owing to haste. I hear no news of the lanard at Mr. Tywck's, and Mr. Polstede says Mr. Bassett shall have his lanard, but he has not delivered it. My Lord is merry. The King welcomed and entertained him lovingly. Will keep his Lordship in remembrance to be in earnest in speaking to the King for his own affairs, though he says he forgetteth it not. I hear that old Justes of Dover has been sore hurt by Patche of Sandwich. I am sorry, for he is an honest man and loves you and yours. The count Palatine received a good welcome and has been highly feasted. London, 27 Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: At Calais.
27 Sept.
R. O.
Asks for a letter to Sir Brian Tuke to withdraw his action against him until Cromwell sees a convenient time with the King. The King has commanded him to remind Cromwell of the suppression of Gysseburgh. Asks for a commission for the suppression and a letter for the preferment of the goods, moveable and immoveable, that he may be more able to maintain the farm. Leyceter, 27 Sept. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
27 Sept.
R. O.
In consequence of the weather being so boisterous we have had no passage hence these seven days, when I wrote my letters and sent them by this bearer My lord Chamberlain has been waiting all this time to cross, and certain rench gentlemen. Mr. Bekkensale is here, sent for by my lord Privy Seal, also Larke, waiting on my lord Chamberlain. I am afraid I shall not have anyone so fit to write my letters. Calais, 27 Sept. Signed.
I beg you, be good lord to the Prior, (fn. 3) who comes over with my lord Chamberlain. "Hanse which was drum here is departed." Begs his favor for Thos. Donyngcurte to have the same place.
Pp., 2. Add: Endd.
28 Sept.
R. O.
Your servant, my cousin, John Bryganden, has desired me to write in his favour. He wishes to buy the customership of Sandwich, and for that would sell 14l. or 15l. worth a year of his land, which he cannot do without your leave because of his bond to you. I have informed him of the penalties of statutes touching that office. To be plain with you, he is in debt and would sell his land partly to pay his creditors and partly to buy the office. I fear it shall come of him as did of Edw. Hawte, of Kent, who sold 100 mks. of good land to buy a ship and begin merchandise. I beg you will give him good counsel.
On Thursday last, at Dover, I sat with the other commissioners, except my lord Warden, and there were indicted of treason the two men, Cortney and Foster, on the matter you know of. Courtney was present and pleaded not guilty; we then went to dinner. After dinner he relinquished his plea, confessed, and was sentenced to death and we agreed he should be executed in the Market Place on the morrow. Hakynton, beside Canterbury, Sunday, Michaelmas even.
Hol., p. 1. Add: Lord Cromwell Privy Seal. Endd.
28 Sept.
R. O.
St. P. I. 619.
Wright's Supp.
of Mon., p. 257
Since writing last from Glastonbury, have found money and plate hid in walls, vaults, and other secret places, and some conveyed to divers places in the country, and they expect to find more if they wait here a fortnight. Have committed to jail, for arrant robbery, the two treasurers of the church, monks, and the two clerks of the vestry, temporal men. At their first entry into the treasury and vestry found neither jewels, plate, nor ornaments, sufficient for a poor parish church, but recovered it by diligent enquiry and search. Have had no time to weigh it but think it, of great value. The abbot and monks had embezzled and stolen as much plate and ornaments as would have sufficed for a new abbey. Asks whether it is the King's pleasure for justice to be executed on these four persons.
The house is great, goodly, and so princely as we have not seen the like, with 4 parks adjoining, the furthest but 4 miles from the house; a great mere of 5 miles compass being a mile and a half from the house, well replenished with great pikes, breams, perch, and roach, 4 fair manor places belonging to the late abbot, the furthest but three miles distant, and one in Dorsetshire, 20 miles distant. Have despatched the servants with half year's wages, and the monks with the King's reward and pensions. Most are glad to depart, thanking the King. Intend to sell the cattle and let the pastures. Glastonbury, 28 Sept. Signed.
Pp. 2. Add: Privy Seal.
28 Sept.
R. O.
I take advantage of the bearer's going to you to send my recommendations, which my long absence from this kingdom has prevented me doing sooner. I have taken a desire to build, and as you promised that when I did so you would send me lead in return for wine, I beg you will let me have 4 fodder (fouldres) delivered to Mons. Belot, councillor in the Parliament of Rouen, and if you wish for wine this year, I can send some not worse than the last I sent. Compiègne, 28 Sept. 1539. Signed.
Fr., p. 1. Add.
28 Sept.
Ribier, I. 473
Sends Jonusbey, his principal interpreter, to announce the circumcision of his two sons, which shall be "au Mitan des Calendes de la benoiste Lune d'Honore Regep." Constantinople, "au Mitan de la Lune de Gomel Quel," that is 28 Sept., 1539.
29 Sept.
R. O.
Pensions granted by the King to the late prioress and nuns of Stixwold, Linc., dissolved at Michaelmas, 31 Hen. VIII., viz.:—
Mary Myssendyne, prioress, 15l.; Marg. Smyth, Page Overton, Marg. Westbye, Eliz. Grauntham, Marg. Londe, Marg. Barnbye, Matilda Myssenden, Eliz. Houghe, Alice Tenante, Ellen Myssenden, Joan Geffere, Marg. Adlarde, Eliz. Maye, and Annes Bonnes, from 66s. 8d. to 40s. each. First payment at Lady Day next.
Wm. Style alias Skelton, late prior of Brygende, 66s. 8d.; and he to receive the first half year's payment at Michaelmas, 31 Hen. VIII. Signed: per me John Freman—per me Joh'em Wyseman.
29 Sept.
R. O.
Account of Sir Thomas Pope, treasurer of the Court of Augmentations, for the year ended Michaelmas, 31 Hen. VIII., viz.:—
m. 1. I. Charge, viz.:—
i. Arrears, 23,308l. 14s. 1½d.
ii. Receipts:—
(1.) Receipts from the receiver-general and 17 particular receivers of the issues of the lands of the late monasteries. Leonard Beckwith, receiver for Yorkshire, is charged with 580l. paid 18 and 19 March, ao 31o, to Edw. North, who, 17 March 31 Hen. VIII., took upon himself the burden of the office of treasurer of the Court. Also Beckwith is charged with 200l. paid to Sir George Lawson towards the fees of 50 soldiers attending upon John Heron, of Chipchace, the King's servant, in Tynedale and Riddesdale, on the King's warrant dated Hampton Court, 28 March ao 31o. Total, 24,223l. 7s. 2½d. and 3/8d.
m. 3d. (2.) Receipts from sale of moveables, plate, lead, bells, and buildings of the monasteries and houses of friars lately dissolved. These are—
A. Upon obligations entered into by persons named (in many cases dates are given). These are ranged under the names of "late commissioners" as follows:—John Freman:—Lanthonie beside Gloucester, Southwike, Leicester priory, Thorogoodton (Thurgarton), Bordesley, Beaulieu, Kenilworth, Hales Owen, Huntingdon priory, Croxton, and Kingswood. John Scudamore:—Westwood priory, Churbury, Bildwas, Little Malvern, Monmouth priory, Lichfield "house of Friars," Whiston, Stafford "house of Friars," and Hulton. Robt. Southwell:—Debt from Ric. Sturges, and others, in Norfolk, but no house named. Thos. Holcroft:—Four debts, but no houses named. Thos. Leghe, LL.D.:—7 debts, but houses not named. Wm. Cavendish:—Similarly, nine debts. Sir Ric. Riche:—Buckefast, seven debts.
m. 6. B. Recognizances entered into the Court, viz., with:—John Smith of Blakemore, Essex, for lead of Shuldham; Wm. Culpeper of Buston, Kent, for buildings of the Carmelites of Lossenham; Steph. Kyrton and John White of London, for bell metal; Sir George Darsey, for lead of Eynesham; Ric. Leighton, LLD., for a chalice and two basins of silver gilt which belonged to Westacre; Ric. Huchynson, for surplus plate of St. Anne's, Tower Hill, the Minories, Shene, Clerkenwell, and Halywell.
Total upon obligations and recognizances, 3,213l. 17s. 2½d.
m. 7.
m. 7d.
m. 8.
m. 8d.
m. 9.
m. 9d.
m. 10.
m. 10d.
m. 11.
m. 11d.
(3.) Sale of lands by the King. The lands briefly indicated, with (in most cases) the former owners and the price paid. The purchasers, whose full designation is, in each case, given, are:—John Pagington, Robert Southwell, Laur. Wasshington, Rol. Edwards of London, clothworker, Ric. Hochinson, Thos. Bayllye, Wm. Hobson of London, haberdasher, Ric. Belleses, Thos. Hochinson of Oulton Bassett, Notts, Harold Russell, Balthasar Gwercy, Ric. Grenwey, Thos. Dier, John Williams, keeper of the Jewels, Ric. Whalley, Jas. Smyth of London, Sir George lord Cobham, John Edmondes, John Jenyns, Sir Chr. Hales, John Gostwick, Thos. Spylman, Roland Hille of London, mercer, Martin Bowes, alderman of London, Ric. Trentham, Thos. Grene, Sir Andrew lord Wydesore, John Hammond, Oliver Leder, Alex. Vumpton, John Wysman, John Banaster, Guy Creyford, Thos. Bell of Gloucester, clothmaker, Walter Hendeley, Joan Coke, widow, Thos. Edon, Thos. Paston, Fras. Hall of Calais, Thos. Sydney, Anth. Nevell, Sir Edm. Walsingham, Sir Chr. Hales, Sir John Gresham, Robt. Carre, Roland Shaklady, the City of Worcester, Sir Wm. Uvedale, Thos. Allsop of London, grocer, Robt. Tirwhite, Jas. Levenson of Wolverhampton, merchant, Wm. Peter, LL.D., of London, John Freman, Ric. Southwell, Wm. Thornehill, Thos. Wryothesley, Robt. Stanshawe, Sir Thos. Arundell, Sir Nich. Poyntez, Sir Percival Herte, Sir Thos. Denys, Sir John Gage, Thos. duke of Norfolk, Sir John Porte, Paul Sidnour, John Tregonwell, Thos. Arderne, Ric. Williams alias Crumwell, Griffin Apenreth, alderman of Calais, Thos. Braken, Ric. Duke, Sir Thomas lord Crumwell, Sir Anth. Sentleger, Fras. Pigott, Edw. Erlington, Sir Thos. Seymour, Sir Edw. Bray, Fras. Knolles, Sir Thos. Elyott, Sir Henry Isley, Thos. Leigh. Recognisances cited are, many of them, dated as late as March ao 31o.
Total, 44,049l. 3s. 10d.
m. 12.
m. 12d.
m. 13.
m. 13d.
m. 14.
m. 14d.
m. 15.
m. 15d.
(4.) Sale of lands by virtue of the King's commission to Thomas lord Cromwell and Sir Ric. Ryche, chancellor of Angmentations. Purchasers:—Miles Forrest, Walt. Paslowe, Sir Thos. Darcy, Wm. Cavendishe, Sir Wm. Kyngston, Henry Polsted, Thos. Cave, John Croke, John Goodwyn, Ric. Snowe, John Windham of Orchard, Soms., John Higford, Brian Cave, John Rygewey, Sir Wm. Drury, John Rydley, Ric. Lee of St. Albans, Sir Ric. Ryche, John Gostwik, Sir John Williams, master of the Jewels, John Lambert, Robt. Drury of Chalfont St. Peter's, Sir Edw. Mountague, Sir Thos. Jermyn, Rog. Bluett, Ric. Andrewes, Thos. Horner, Robt. Gybbes, Sir Thos. Cheyney, warden of the Cinque Ports, Sir Thos. Denys, Geo. Butler, George Owen, M.D., John Cokes of London, salter, Jas. Gage, George Gifford, John Chaundeler of London, goldsmith, Walter Chaundeler of Winchester, mercer, Thos. Josselyn, Sir John Horsley, Sir Wm. Poulett lord St. John, Mich. Dormer, alderman of London, John Samways, Thos. Wroth, John Grenfelde, Sir Thos. Kytson, John Croftes, Henry ap Henry of Llanchasse, Flintsh., Alex. Umpton of Wadley, Berks, Thos. Morres, Anth. Rows, John Kyngesmyll, George Vincent, John Cavendishe, Sir John Byron. All on recognisances dated in February and March ao 31o.
Total, 36,572l. 16s. 10d.
m. 16. (5) Fines paid for leases, &c. Particulars briefly indicated. Total, 468l. 6s. 8d.
m. 17. Total receipts, with arrears, 131,836l. 5s. 10d. From which—
II. Payments:—
m. 18. (1.) Fees of officers of the Court, detailed, 916l. 8s. 9d.
m. 18d.
m. 19.
m. 19d.
(2) Annuities:—To Eliz. Golding, widow, Edm. Holgill, clk., (fn. 4) Arthur lord Lisle, Sir Humph. Ratclyff (granted by the late earl of Northumberland), Wm. Clement, one of the King's master carpenters, and Chr. Digenson, master of the masons of Windsor Castle, Hen. Dingley, Ric. Pigott of Greenwich, Wm. Farmour and Eliz. his wife; Thos. Pope and Margery, his wife, and Ralph Dodmere, son of Sir Ric. Dodmere late alderman of London;* Sir Thos. Clyfford, John Webbe, clk,* Ant. Dunryche,* John Fulmere,* Robt. Adams, Walter Cromer, M.D., Augustine de Augustinis, M.D., Sir Ric. Page, Thos. Byrde, Robt. Parrie of the Chapel Royal, Ric. Bower of the same, Hen. Stephenson of the same, Eliz. Petche, widow, Ric. Browne, Wm. Symson,* Thos. Pope and Thos. Rydley,* Thos. Edgare assignee of Thos. Pope,* Ric. Hochinson,* Jas. Knottesford,* Ric. Pollerd, seven separate annuities,* Ric. Hochins and _ (blank), his wife,* John and Thos. Rydley,* Thos. Pope, four separate annuities,* John Fletewod, two,* Nic. Whitteney,* Thos. Fletewod,* Alex. Goodman,* Eliz. Elys, widow,* Sir Thomas lord Audeley.* Total, 673l. 3s. 4d.
m. 20.
m. 20d.
m. 21.
(3) Pensions to heads (and others) of the following religious houses dissolved. (The names of the persons and the terms for which payment is made are specified):— Byssham abbey, Charterhouse of London (Wm. Broke, clk., late monk, half year's payment, to Lady Day), Grey Friars of London, Barnewell, Chepstow, Norton, Chesthunte, Eynsham (abbot and Robt. Foorde, clk., late monk there), Malling (abbess and Rose Moreton, late nun there), Hartfordwest, Vale Cross, Carmelites of London, Combe (the abbot and 13 monks, payment for the half year ended Lady Day, paid to Ric. Andrewes), Tutbury, Tower Hill, Braddenstoke (for the half year ended Lady Day), Vale Royal, Kingswood (half year ended Lady Day), Flaxley (half year ended Lady Day), Wroxton (prior and Robt. Hormer, monk there), Wetheral (last half year ended Michaelmas), Bermondsey (last half year ended Michaelmas), Shene (prior and 18 monks, quarter ended Michaelmas), Clerkenwell nunnery (last half year ending Michaelmas); Hugh Latymer, clk, quondam bishop of Worcester, for the last half of this year ending Michaelmas, 33l. 6s. 8d.; the dean and chapter of St. Paul's (for divers pensions due from rectories), Clyff (John Webbe, monk there, for the last half year ending Michaelmas); Nich. Shaxton, clk., quondam bp. of Salisbury, for the last half of this year ending Michaelmas, 33l. 6s. 8d.; Hartland (abbot and 4 monks), Launceston (prior and 8 monks), Buckfast (abbot and 10 monks), Buckland (abbot and 12 monks), Torre (abbot and 15 monks), Polleslowe (abbess and 12 nuns), Newnam (abbot and 9 monks), Tavistock (abbot and 18 monks), Cannonleigh (abbess and 17 nuns), and Plympton (prior and 17 monks), all paid, for the quarter ended at Lady Day, to the hands of Anth. Emery, Ric. Pollerd's servant, Geo. Maynewaryng, John Heydon, or Edw. Drewe. These, except where otherwise noted, are paid for the whole year. Total, 1,422l. 16d.
(4.) Necessaries for the Treasurer's office:—A great iron chest for the treasure derived from sale of lands by virtue of the King's commission to Cromwell and Riche, 22l. 10s. Diets for the Treasurer's table in London, 100l. Rewards to two clerks, and to Berners and Burgoyn, auditors of this account, and cost of fuel. Total, 178l. 8s. 2d.
m. 21d. (5) Costs of Walt. Skynner, John Warde, and Jasper Pounte, messengers of the Court, including 6 yards of red cloth for the liveries of Warde and Pounte, 41l. 7s. 6d.
m. 22. (6.) Lands, &c. (specified), purchased from the following:—Ric. Southwell, Sir John Williams, master of the Jewels, Chr. More, Sir Wm. Goring, John Seyntjohn, Sir Arthur Darcy, John Lee and others of Petworth and Oteland, and Sir John Williams, master of the Jewels. Total, 2,840l. 8s. 2d.
m. 22d. (7.) Necessary payments by warrant of the Court:—Costs of the Chancellor and others of the Court, riding to receive surrenders of monasteries, 165l. 12s. 9d.; Wm. Cowper, surveyor general of woods, for surveys, 119l.; John Baker, attorney general, and Wm. Horwod, solicitor general, for legal services in divers exchanges of lands, 64l. 16s.; Thos. Owen for a debt of the London Charterhouse, 7l.; lady Mary Carie for arrears of annuity due from Tynemouth priory, 66l. 13s. 4d.; Sir Ric. Longe for his fee as steward and bailiff of the King's manors of Otteford and Knolle, and the wages of the keepers there, for the year ended Christmas ao 31o, 46l. 2s. 6d.; Thos. Leigh, LL.D. in recompense of those buildings and implements of Croxton by him, at the dissolution of that monastery, bought of the King's commissioners, and afterwards given by the King to the earl of Rutland in part recompense of his manor of Endyfelde, 64l.; Ric. Hochinson, for the King's reward to the late monks of Westminster, with the servants of the house and the King's "orators" there at the time of its dissolution, 141l. 2s. 2d. Total, 674l. 6s. 9d.
m. 23. (8.) Payments by decree:—To Margery Emory, widow, John Clevelode, Robt. Trappes, goldsmith, Ric. Stondon, clk., Sir John Seymour, Thos. Broke, merchant tailor, Hugh Stephyns. Thos. Wyse, clk., Thos. Powell, clk., Wm. Bush, Sir Thos. Jermyn, John Cockes, salter, and Thos. Broke, merchant tailor, for debts due to them from religious houses, and to Henry Manne, S.T.P., late prior of Sheno, for payments by him made to creditors of that house, 532l. 6s. 8½d. To the lord Chancellor in full satisfaction of all fees due to his office "for the signing of all those instruments under the Great Seal of England, by which all late religious [persons] and friars were made personas capaces," 500l. Total, 1,032l. 6s. 8½d.
(9.) Payments by Royal warrant:—To lord Russell, president of the Council in the West, for fees and diets of that Council for the half year ended Mich. Ao 31o, paid to Thos. Derby and Sir Ant. Browne on warrant of 31 March ao 30o (sic), 618l. 6s. 8d. To Morgan Wolf, King's goldsmith, for plate delivered to the King, and, by his Majesty given in reward to divers ambassadors or messengers of the dukes of Saxony and Cleve and other foreign lords, on warrant of 25 Oct. ao 31o, 392l. 5¼d. To Thos. Bartlett, King's printer, for divers books by him delivered to the King, and to others by his Grace's order, on warrant of 31 Oct. ao 31o, 72l. 5s. 2d. To Mary, duchess of Richmond, in reward, on warrant of 18 Feb. ao 31o, 90l. Total, 1,172l. 12s. 3¼d.
m. 23d.
m. 24.
m. 24d.
(10.) Prests made upon warrant:—To Sir George Lawson (by Leonard Beckwith), for wages of 50 horsemen attending on John Heron of Chipchace, the King's servant in Tynedale and Reedsdale, on warrant dated Hampton Court, 28 March ao 31o, 200l. Sir Anth. Sentleger, to be spent on the enclosure of the King's new park at Canterbury, with the paling and other works there, w. 15 June ao 31o, 66l. 13s. 4d. Robert Lorde, master of the King's works, several warrants, viz.:—13 Aug. ao 31o, for the King's castle, fortresses, and manors at Dover, le Downes, Hampton Court, and Oteland, 5,000l.; 13 Oct. ao 31o, for the castle of Dover, honour of Hampton Court and manor of Oteland, 600l.; 28 Jan. ao 31o, manors of Hampton Court, Nonsuch, Asshere, Hanneworth, and elsewhere, 900l.; 23 Feb. ao 31o, for the same, 648l.; 11 March ao 31o, for Dover castle and the Green fortress upon the Downes, with the necessary provisions for the same, 2,000l. Ric. Cotton, comptroller of the household of the lord Prince, payments, made between 2 July and 23 Feb. ao, 31o on warrants dated 8 June, 20 Oct., and 27 Nov. ao 31o, for the expenses of the said household, 3,000l. Ric. Deryng, lieutenant constable of Dover Castle, by the hands of Ric. Keyes and Wm. Oxenbrydge and Thos. Wrake, clerk of the Exchequer there, to be expended by the said Deryng and Wrake upon the King's works at Sandgate and Wynchelsey, w. 6 Sept. ao 31o, 1,000l. Leonard Chamberleyne, paid 20 Oct. and 12 Nov. ao 31o, to be expended upon the King's manor of Woodstock, w. 9 Sept. ao 31o, 200l. Jas. Nedeham, clerk and surveyor of the King's works, four warrants, viz.:—16 Oct. and 19 Nov. ao 31o, for the King's manor of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, 500l.; 11 Jan. ao 31o, for Greenwich and other manors, 221l. 13s. 11d.; 28 Feb. ao 31o, for Dover Castle, 574l. 8s. 2½d. Wm. Bukestede, of London, bowyer, to be expended on the making of bows, w. 11 March ao 31o, 100l. Ric. Lee, surveyor of Calais, to be expended in the King's affairs there, w. 12 March ao 31o, 1,000l. Total prests, 15,910l. 15s. 5½d.
m. 25. (11.) Money delivered to the King's coffers:—27 March ao 30o by the hands of Sir Thos. Henneage and Anth. Denny, 10 Sept. ao 31o by Henneage, 3 Nov., 12 Dec., and 12 March ao 31o by Henneage, 1 Feb. and 28 Feb. ao 31o by Denny, 13 March ao 31o by James Jeskynn. Total, 36,397l. 18s.
Total payments, 63,008l. 12s. 6¼d.; leaving 68,827l. 13s. 4¼d., from which:—
III. Allowances:—
m. 41d. Reward of 40l. to Wm. Barners and Robt. Burgoyn for auditing this account, and 40s. to their clerk, and arrears (specified) from purchasers of land [See § I. ii. (3, 4) and the like account made at Mich. Ao 30o, Vol. XIII., Pt. II., No. 457], 196 items. Total not given, but leaving due from the said Sir Thos. Pope, 7,801l. 17s. 2d., of which paid to Sir Edw. North, who assumed the office of treasurer, 17 March ao 31o, at various times between 22 March ao 31o and 1 Aug. ao 35o, all but 534l. 2s. 6d. of which he is acquitted by the King's warrant, dated Hampton Court, 24 Dec. 35 Hen. VIII. (recited), addressed to Sir Ric. Riche, chancellor, Sir Edw. North, treasurer, Walt. Hendeley, attorney, Nich. Bacon, solicitor, and Wm. Berners, and Robt. Burgoyn, auditors, of the Court. Signed as examined by North, Bacon, Berners, and Burgoyn.
IV. The original warrant above referred to (in § III.), signed by the King, styling Pope chief master of the King's woods within the said Court. Attached to the foot of the preceding.
Parchment, 41 large membranes.
29 Sept.
R. O.
View of the account of Ric. Poulet, receiver of the Court of Augmentations for the counties of Hants, Wilts, Glouc. and the town of Bristol, for the year ended Mich. 31 Hen. VIII.
Detailing with great minuteness the items of receipt and expenditure under the following heads:—
i. Receipts:—Arrears from last account; revenues of religious houses suppressed (Winteney, St. Denis, Letley, Quarr, Mottesfont, Bremmer, Maiden Bradley, Farleigh, Kingeton, Stanley, Eston, Ederos, St. Mary Magdalene's near Bristol, St. Oswald's, Flaxley, Beaulieu, Southwick, Hide, Romsey, Wilton, Lacock, Edingdon, Bradenstoke, St. Margaret's beside Marlborough, Kingswood, Pulton and Tichfield) and of houses of friars; sale of churches and buildings, lead and bells; debts recovered from divers persons; value of lead and bells remaining in store. Total 10,847l. 4s. 2d.
ii. Allowances:—Some small items of arrears cancelled. The fees and expenses of the receiver and auditor. Annuities and corrodies granted by the late religious (the conditions and origin of which are very minutely specified) i.e. by Maiden Bradley to Edm. Appowell, John Packynton, John Rydar and others, Nich. Holland, clk., and Wm. Hardinge, clk.; by Stanley to John Aguilliams and Eliz. his wife, Thos. Councer, schoolmaster, John Fisher and Geo. Bregus; by Southwick to Thos. and Hen. Annesley and Wm. Peter; by Kingswood to David Johns, Geo. Frebody, John Frenche, John Herte, Robt. Thomas, Mich. Johns, Nic. Wayre, Thos. Colman, Wm. Fountaunce, Robt. Sparre, Ric. Browne, clk., Thos. ap. Rice, John Gostwick and Robt. Thomas; by Winteney to Joan Antile, and Margery Trussel, widows; by Flaxley to Philip and Agnes Smith; by Quarre to John Hampton, singing man, Joan Halez, widow; by Hide to Thos, Wriothesley, Thos. Welles, Hugh Roberts, L.L.B., schoolmaster, and 18 others; by Romsey to Peter Lark and John Huttoft, and Hen. Benett; by Wilton to Ric. Nevill, John ap Rice and Wm. Petre, L.L.D.; by Lacock to Sir Edw. Baynton; by Edynton to Sir Edw. Baynton, Andrew Baynton, Thos. Price, Wm. Peter and Edw. Napper; by Braddenstok to Sir Edw. Baynton and others, and Ric. Mody. Pensions to the late religious persons (the conditions very minutely specified, with some notes in the margin by Walter Hendle recording that recipients have since died or are otherwise provided for). Expenses of the receiver's office for clerks, workmen, &c. Debts of monasteries paid. Money delivered to Sir Thos. Pope, treasurer of Augmentations, 21 March 30 Hen. VIII. and 19 Feb. and 15 March 31 Hen. VIII. Total allowances, 4,061l. 17c. 2d.
iii. Leaving due 6,785l. 7s., which, by certain small deductions, is reduced to 6,420l. 8s. 9¼d.; which by a long list of arrears amounting to over 2,691l, and implements, lead and bells remaining in store, worth over 3,434l., is still further reduced to 295l. 0s. 9¾d. of personal arrears. Signed as examined by Edward North and Walter Hendle.
A book of 52 large folios two of which are blank.
29 Sept.
R. O.
Account of Andrew lord Windsor, keeper of the King's great wardrobe, from Mich. 30 Hen VIII. to Mich. 31 Hen. VIII.
i. Receipts from the Exchequer, 25 Oct. 30 Hen. VIII., 1,175l, 19s. 11d. and 150l. and 20 June 31 Hen. VIII., 150l. Also 147l. 15s. for certain velvet (specified) and 14l. 10s. for rent of 14 houses belonging to the Wardrobe.
ii. Remaining over from last account:—A long list of pieces of velvet, cloth of gold, damask, &c. (size and value per yard given), hangings for the King's great tent and little tent, the parlour, great chamber, privy chamber, &c., and standards (one called "le Coffer staunderd" and others bearing the King's arms, images of St. George, &c.).
iii. Payments:—Upon warrant dated Westm., 25 Feb. 30 Hen. VIII., for the King's chapel:—To Wm. Locke for 290 ells of linen for 60 surplices for the gentlemen of the chapel at 12d., 14l. 10s.; to Hugh Tergos for 48 ells for the same; to Thos. Mounte for making the said 60 surplices, 50s.; and so on, detailing 21 items of surplices and albs for boys and men, altar cloths, cruets, &c., among them being 7 yds. of purple velvet for the garnishing of the King's palms on Palm Sunday and as many yards of crimsen velvet for the palms of his dearest children the Prince, Lady Mary, and Lady Elizabeth.
Similar details of provisions made upon warrants dated Westm., 28 March 30 Hen. VIII. (for a coat of violet ingrayne trimmed with marten's fur, 49 coats for poor men, and numerous pairs of sheets and the trussing and carriage of the same to Greenwich), Westm., 6 Oct. ao 30 (livery for a footman, chamblet coat trimmed with black boge fur, &c., costing in all 13l. 1d.), Greenwich, 30 Sept. ao 30 (livery for one of the Stable, cloth coat, black rabbit's fur, &c., 8l. 1s. 9d.), Hampton Court, 10 Dec. (for five minstrels), another (6 sackbutts), 28 Nov. (3 vials), Westm, 10 Jan. (7 riders), Hampton Court, 30 Nov. (for Urian Brereton and five other grooms of the Privy Chamber), York Place, 29 Oct. (for Wm. Delapole, russet cloth, camlet and velvet for coats and also fur, sheets, shoes, &c., 29l. 8s. 3d.), Westm., 10 Oct. (for 100 yeomen ushers, yeomen, grooms and pages of the Chamber, cloth "tawnye melley" and 6 yds. of the same with trimming of good boge for Sir Wm. Kingston, captain of the Guard), Richmond, 17 April (red saye and canvas for the Parliament Chamber), Westm., 1 May 31 Hen. VIII. (for livery of the order of the Garter for lord Russell, Sir Thos. Cheyney, treasurer of the Household, and Sir Wm. Kingston, comptroller), Greenwich, 4 April (livery for a yeoman of the Robes), Westm. 9 March (standards, &c., for the Guard), Greenwich, 27 March (a coat and hood for Mr. Leighton, clerk of the Closet), Hampton Court, 5 Dec. (for 6 footmen), Greenwich, 3 April (10 footmen), Westm., 26 Oct. (4 boys of the Leash), 12 May ao 31o (4 boys of the Leash), Dover Castle, 15 March (for the wardrobe in Nottingham Castle), Greenwich, 4 Jan. (2 trumpeters, 2 painted standards with the King's arms, &c.). Westm. 6 Jan. (for the Wardrobe of Robes; materials for making of a great many dresses, &c., for the King and his children and for gentlemen and others of the Privy Chamber, among those mentioned by name being Wm. Somer, the King's fool: the items cover 14 large pages and amount to 1,514l. 18s. 5d.). Oking, 14 July 31 Hen. VIII. (for the Wardrobe of Robes; a similar list covering 15 large pages and amounting to 726l. 5s. 7d.; many of the charges in this being for enlarging jackets and doublets, and the last being for repair of the King's closed carriage). Westm., 19 May ao 31o (for the wardrobe of beds of the lord Prince; items amount to 1,084l. 14s.), Guildford, 21 July ao 31o (for the Prince; dress, &c., 91l. 10s. 8d.), Greenwich, 31 March (for Lady Mary; dress, 275l. 2s. 7d.), Oking, 14 July ao 31 (for 17 trumpeters), Whitehall, 2 June ao 31 (for a messenger of the Chamber). Greenwich, 6 Jan. ao 30 and Hampton Court 8 July ao 31o (for the Stable, a great many items of saddles and harness; amounts, 263l. and 586l.), York Place, 30 Oct. (15 yeomen at the Tower).
Similar details of provisions made upon 16 warrants dormant, the dates of which are given, for liveries of divers of the Household.
Wages and materials for arras makers working at the making and mending of tapestry at Windsor, Westminster, and elsewhere, the subjects of many of the pieces (such as "history of King David") being indicated.
Total payment upon warrants, 6,035l. 12s. 7½d.
iv. Details of material delivered for winter and summer vesture to the duke of Norfolk, lord Treasurer, the barons, and other officers (named), of the Exchequer, the clerk of the Crown of Chancery and the officers of the Wardrobe. Value, 165l. 17s. 2d.
v. Fees:—Ric. Dixwell, rector of St. Andrew's, Baynards Castle, pension of 40s. as accustomed to be paid to rectors there; lord Windsor, yearly fee, 100l.; Laur. Gower, clerk of the Great Wardrobe 12d. a day; John Malte, yeoman tailor, 6d. a day; Ralph Worseley, porter, 4d. a day.
vi. Paper, parchment, wax, &c., and the keeping of a garden, 6l. 2s. 4d. Sir Thos. Audeley, lord chancellor, 11 lbs. of Polish wax (de cere polon.) a week, in all 538 lbs., 16l. Repair of buildings (detailed) 70s. 10d. Four items of velvet and tilsent delivered out of the store.
vii. A long list of stuff remaining over (like § ii).
viii. Duplicate of § i.
A parchment book of 99 large pages.
R. O. 2. Accounts of the surplusagium of the Great Wardrobe in 2 years from Mich. 28 to Mich. 31 Hen. VIII., with the names of the creditors, viz.:—
At Mich. 30 Hen. VIII.:—Sir Ralph Warren, alderman, Wm. Lok, mercer, Letice Worssopp, the King's silkwoman, Wm. Hewotson, John Malte, the King's tailor, Thos. Abingdon, the King's leatherdresser, Robt. Acton, the King's saddler, and Andrew Wright, the King's painter. At Mich. 31 Hen. VIII.:—5 of the same creditors and Anne Cowper the King's silkwoman, and Wm. Hynton. The sums claimed opposite each name. Totals in the 30th year 3,943l. 12s. ½d. and in the 31st year 4,709l. 7s. 2½d. "The obsequy of the Empress, as plainly appeareth in a book of parcels thereof made, containeth the sum of 341l. 12s. 1d." Total 8,994l. 11s. 4d. Signed in three places: per me Laurentium Gower.
Large paper, p. 1. Endd.
29 Sept.
R. O.
Payments out of the attainted lands in the North, for the year ended Michaelmas, 31 Hen. VIII., for which the receiver, Tristram Teshe, seeks allowance.
Jervaulx monastery:—Stipends of four chantry priests at Leminge, Lasingby and Bedall, and four others whose chantries are not named, the vicars of Anderby and Estwitton, and Hen. Stafforde and Wm. Cockey, schoolmasters at Durham. To John Mylkesone, 12 Nov., a year's annuity, 13s. 4d., my lord Parre, a year's tee, 3l. 6s. 8d., and Sir Wm. Ewere, steward of the lands, 14 Nov., a year's fee due at Mich. 31 Hen. VIII.
Bridlington monastery:—Wages of curates of Besingbye, Gryndall and Bridlington, and pensions to the prior of Hull Charterhouse (out of Lytlekelke), Wm. Holgill, prb. of St. Martin's in Beverley, Thos. Winter, provost of Beverley, and John Brabynner, vicar of Scarborough. Annuities of the lord Privy Seal, 6l. 13s. 4d. (granted by the late prior and convent) and of Ric. Pigotte, 5l. Corrodies of 3l. a year of Joan Crosier, widow, and Wm. Brigham. Yearly fees of Matthew Boyntone, steward of the lands, 6l., Sir Marm. Constable, jun., steward of Bridlington, 40s., and Thos. Gerge, clerk of the courts for Bridlington, Bulmer and Constable lands.
The quay or haven at Bridlington:—Payments to labourers at the reëdifying of the said quay from 17 Feb. 30 Hen. VIII. to 22 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII., 305l. 7s. 3d.; "my costs and charges" with four servants riding thither at divers times and riding about the country for provision of necessaries for the work, 17 weeks in 30 Hen. VIII., 26l. 5s., and six weeks in 31 Hen. VIII., 10l. 10s.; Michael Fuster, clerk of the said works, lying continually at Bridlington from 1 July to 9 Dec. 30 Hen. VIII., 4l. 12s., and again from 27 Feb. 30 Hen. VIII. to 22 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII., 8l. 10s.
Lord Darcy's lands:—Fee of Sir John Nevell, steward, 6l.
Constable's lands:—My lord Privy Seal's fee (granted by Sir Robert) 10l., Romane Tullye's fee (granted by Sir Robert) 3l. 6s. 8d., and Wm. Palmes' annuity 10l. Sir Ralph Ellerker, steward, fee 5l. Carriage of harness from Holme to Pomfret and mending of the same 36s. 8d.
Bulmer's lands:—Annuities of Philip Hedlehame, widow (16l.), John Hudesone and Sir Thos. Topclyffe. Wm. Thwaites, steward, fee 6l.
Bigod's lands:—Annuities, granted by Bigod, to the lord Privy Seal, 3l. 6s. 8d., Ric. Cervingtone, 6l. 10s. 4d., Ric. Snowe, 3l. 6s. 8d., Simon Dodesworth, 5l. 6s. 8d., Wm. Conyers, 40s., Simon Arundall, 53s. 4d., Anth. Arundall, 40s., Geo. Bowshell, 40s. Sir Ralph Ewere, steward, fee 5l.
Money paid to Sir Geo. Lawsone (upon the King's special warrant), for the pensioners upon the Borders for the year ended Hallowmas, 30 Hen. VIII., 475l.; for that ended Mich. 31 Hen. VIII. 1,030l.; for "the King's affairs in the North" (upon the lord Privy Seal's letter of 28 Oct. 31 Hen. VIII.) 120l., also (upon my lord Privy Seal's warrant) 400l.
Diets and fees of the Council of the North for the year ended Mich. 31 Hen. VIII.:— The bp. of Llandaff, president, 800l., Sir Thos. Tempest, Sir Robt. Bowes, and Sir Ralph Ellercar, 56l. 13s. 4d. each, Wm. Babthorpe and Robt. Chaloner, 50l. each; Serjeant Fairfax, Ric. Bellices and Sir Marm. Constable, sen., 20l. each, John Uvedale's secretary, 33l. 6s. 8d., John Skayfe, messenger, 6l. 13s. 4d.
Fees granted by letters patent:—To Philip Lentall, auditor of attainted lands in Yorkshire, part payment of his fee and costs; "mine own fee" of 40l., and costs in coming to London for six weeks for declaration of my account. Expenses of the audit at Holme in Spaldingmore and at York, six weeks, 43l. 13s. 4d. Portage and delivery of 3,560l. at 20s. the 100l. Sir Henry Clifforde's fee as steward of Hamerton's lands, 3l.
Total reprises 4,036l. 18s. 2d. Amended total (many of the items having been altered, respited or disallowed) 3,595l. 4s. 10d.
Pp. 22. Fly leaf endorsed: "Petitiones Tristram Teshe de anno rr. Hen VIII. xxxjmo."
29 Sept.
R. O.
Account of Will Bettes, parish priest of St. Peter's in Old Walsingham, 30 and 31 Hen. VIII., ending Mich. Ao 31, of his receipts from offerings, tithes, burial fees, and fees for churchings, and of the expenditure of the money on wax, "the Maundy and the breakfast on Easter Day," wine for the parishioners that day, houseling bread, frankincense, &c., including one payment of 3d. to the laundress for washing the church apparel. Names of women churched given.
Large paper, pp. 3.
29 Sept.
R. O.
View of account of John Graunger, clerk of the old work at St. Paul's church, from Mich. 21 Hen. VIII. to Mich. 31 Hen. VIII.
Receipts:—Rents and farms, 990l. 6s. 8d. From Thos. Whitehead. receiver of the bp. of London, offerings and gifts to the old work, 19l. 10s. 11¾d.
Total, 1,009l. 17s. 7¾d.
Payments:—Rents to the chamberlain of St. Paul's 11l. 13s. 4d. To the warders of London Bridge, 10l. Fees and wages:—To Wm. Flemyng and John Graunger, keepers of the Bishop's Palace, Jas. Multynge for cleaning sewers about the church and belfry, and shutting doors round the churchyard at night, Robert Alexander, keeper of the manor of Wickham Hall, three priests guarding the offerings "in die pasten." (Parasceues?), 3 vergers. Writing schedules for indulgences of St. Paul, to be sent to churches in the diocese, processions on the night of Katharine, given to tenants to drink, diets of prisoners, repairs, vacant tenements. Total 620l. 15s. 10d.
Less, tenants in arrears (terms and amounts stated) viz., Thos. Turner, Hugh Baker, late vicar of Northall, Thos. Holmes, John Clemperd, Edm. Braygrove, clk., Hen. Dabbe, Simon Cossen, Hen. Pepwell, Wm. Bonhame, Ralph Harte, John Raynes, Thos. Docwrey, Stephen Mason, John Porter, Hen. Pemerton, Ric. Watkyns, Nic. Syngleton, Mr. Polydore Virgill (for 4½ years occupation of a tenement in St. Paul's churchyard at 4l. 13s. 4d. per annum), Ric. Milard, Wm. Cowyk, Wm. Benbowe, Henr. Penwarton, Turnor's wife, Thos. Leke, Simon Longe, John Hutton, the late Charterhouse, Thos. Hunter, now Smythe, Mr. Curwyn, the late Austin Friars, Duchy of Lancaster, chamberlain of St. Paul's the vicar of Fersted, John Rede, farmer of Takeley rectory, Robt. Hadowe, Peter Lee, Gilbert Cade, Thos. Skraceye, Ric. Catherall, Stephen Mitton, Ric. Ryatte, Warmyngton's wife. Total 385l. 12s. 3d.
Most of the tenements are in St. Paul's Churchyard.
Paper roll of 5 sheets. Slightly mutilated.
Survey of the bishopric of London, as follows:—
[Giving the distance of each manor or Lordship from London, its value, state, farmers' and copyholders' names, holdings, rents, &c., the amount given by the lord to parsonages, and amount received for palfrey money].
Hadham, Herts., holders by fine John Sell, John Haynes, John Wilshire, and _ Chapman; leaseholder, Mr. Newce; keeper of the manor, Mr. Tunstall. Stortford, farmed by John Pilston; leaseholder, John Snow; 11 prisoners are in the Bp.'s prison, the keeper has 6l. 1s. 8d. a year. Branketree, Essex, farmed by Mr. Wyseman, bailey there. Copford; contains a place called Layrehouse, now in holding of the Lord Chancellor at 10l. a year, the rest is customary land. Clackton; John Stokesley holds the manor place; Sir John Raynysford is keeper of the great park; Mr. Synclere of the other park; Stephen Gardener holds a place called Est Weke at 14l. a year by chapter seal with 17 years to come; Barnard Shelton holds Cowparck, lease nigh expired. Wyckham; Jas. Husey is keeper of the park. Chemysford; farmed by John Taylor, bailey; John Shetilworth holds Southwood which is in the lordship but not of it; the bp. and the abbot of Westminster are bound to repair the bridge of Chemysford which is in great decay. [S]ydmyster; farmed by Mr. Averey, goldsmith of London; the late abbot of St. Osith's has surrendered his holding here to Wm. Levyte. Malden. Crondon; the custody of the park was granted to Mr. Chancellor of the Augmentations who had the Bp.'s grant only. Layndon; Wm. Browne, receiver; one Blyet holds a marsh at 5l. a year, which is supposed to be now in the lord's hands; woods spoiled by Mr. Whytehed, surveyor to the late bishop. Orsett; Ric. Nyghtyngale, receiver; Mr. Matthew holds two farms. Fulham, Ealing and Acton; Mr. Hunnyng holds Gonhelbury, John Chace holds Wormoll Barne, Mr. Yeo, holds demesne lands, but "I cannot learn as yet" by what tenure; in Fulham is a wood of 400 acres and a copse called Frythes of 16 acres; in Ealing are Hackbushe wood and Hangar wood; at Fulham the bank of the Thames must be mended this next spring. Stepney and Hackney; Wm. Godard, receiver. Hornesey and Fyncheley; farms called Bykwell, Great Redyngs, the Six Crofts, and Rowlege [in margin: for Thos. Serle, 10l. better than the rents], herbage of Hornesey park and the little park, and Finchley wood. Lodisworth; Roger Denys, farmer. Soundbury; Mr. Wyndsor holds all. Stoke juxta Gilford; Mr. Stofton, farmer. Broxborne Rectory. London, "the lands there for the repairing of the church and steeple of Poules"; total rent, 92l.
Whole rents of the Bpric., according to this book, 1,201l. 14s. 6½d.; out of which to be deducted tenths for the King, 90l. for fees and 100l. for repairs to the church and steeple of Poules communibus annis. Item, in the 92l for reparations the Chapter never meddle nor are tenths paid.
Large paper, pp. 7. Endd.
29 Sept.
R. O.
Account of Thos. Graie, bailiff of the manor of Lanrake and other lands in the parishes of St. German's, Trevenna, Liskard, Lyllington, and South Petherwyn, Cornw., belonging to the late priory of St. German's, from Mich. 30 to Mich. 31 Henry VIII.
Modern copy, pp. 7.
29 Sept.
R. O.
"A book made by Sir Edward Ryngely, knight, comptroller of the King's town and marches of Calles, upon the comptrollment of the payment of the works there paid by Ric. Lee, surveyor of the same works, as well of the town of Callys as of Guysnes, Hampnes, Rysebank, Newnhambrydge, the Castell of Calles, by the space of iiij months beginning in the month of June anno xxxjo and ending in the month of September anno predicto."
[Giving, in the case of labourers, their names and daily wages, with the number of days each has worked and the amount paid to him; in the case of cartage, the cost per load, with the names of the carters employed and the number of loads each carried. All iron work is paid for at 2d. the lb. and all money reckoned in "gr." unless expressly stated to be "st."]
p. 227 I. CALAIS.
"The month beginning, at Callies, the x day of June, and ending the vij day of July, in anno xxxji R. R. H. viij1":—
p. 230.
p. 235.
Free-masons working in the masons' lodge within the town, as hewing of hard stone for Becham Bullwerke, 8 at 9¾d.; sawyers working in the carpentrie sawing of joystes and plankes for the herse at Bullen Gate, 4 at 10d.; a carpenter's prentice at 9¾d; bricklayers out of Ingland working in the foundation of the "lynyng" of Becham Bullw[erke], 12 at 11½d.; bricklayers out of the town and marches of Callies working upon the said foundation, 16 at 9¾d.; bricklayers' prentices, 9 at 9¾d.; labourers making of mortar for the said foundation, 18 at 6d.; waterbearers for making of mortar, 9 at 6½d.; labourers bearing of mortar for the said bricklayers, 27 at 6d.; labourers bearing of brick and mortar, 96 at 6d.; boys bearing of brick to the bricklayers, 12 at 6d.; labourers digging in the foundation of Becham Bullwerke, and bearing of stones for the same foundation, 15 at 8d.; lime burners burning of lime at Bullen Well, 3 at 9¾d. and 8 at 6d.; slakers of lime, 6 at 6½d.; water bearers for the slaking of the lime, 5 at 6½d.; labourers "lading of cartties at the King's brikerye," 4 at 6d.; labourers "working in the Braies as making, repairing of the doves, between Prinsses In and Bullen Gatte," viz.:—7 cutters of turf at 6d., 3 shearers of turf at 9¾d., and 7 labourers digging and casting of earth behind the turf as they be laid and treading the same, at 6d.; labourers "watching nightly upon the bridge new made over the ditch between Bullen Gatte and Prinssis In Towre for carrying of turfs over the same bridge out of the common there into the Braies," 2 at 6d.; daily labourers, 8 at 5d.; labourers appointed by the King's Grace's bills, 1 at 9¾d., and 3 at 6½d.; clerks, Robt. Williams and Wm. Martine at 13d. each, another at 9¾d., and another at 6½d.
p. 240.
p. 245.
Long "carties" carrying of chalk from Chaulkwell Hill for burning of lime and for filling of the foundation of the lynyng of Becham Bullwerke, at 11½d. a load (25 names). Short carties carrying of brick from the brick kills beyond Newnam Brige to Becham Bullwerke, at 4d. (44); short "cartettes" carrying of Newcastill coal out of the Haven of Callies to Bullen Well for brenning of lime, taken out of Robard Johnson's ship, at 2d. (19); the like out of [Robard Johnson's ship] (fn. 5) John Taner's ship, at 2d. (19); short cartes carrying of Newcastill coal out of the Haven of Callies to the King's storehouse called the Armitage, taken out of Wm. Brameston's ship at 2d. (20); the like out of John Lane's ship at 2d. (20); short "cartties" carrying of hard stone out of the masons' lodge to Becham Bulwerke, taken out of Robard Humfreis ship, at 2d. (2); short "cartes" carrying of Newe Castill coal out of the Haven of Callies to Bullen Well, taken out of Peter Bodell's ship, at 2d. (14); shortes cartes carrying of piles out of the Haven of Callis to the King's carpentrie, taken out of Seger Antonis ship, at 2d. (11); short cartes carrying of "pakes" out of the Haven of Callies to the King's storehouse called the Armitage taken out of Lawrens ship, at 2d. (11); "short cartes carrying of hard stone from the masons' lodge to Becham Bullwerke for the King's works there, and carrying of timber ankers and bynders out of the King's carpentrie for making of the dammes there, and carrying of spares, mawndes, herdelles, and other necessaries out of the Armytage," at 2d. (33); short cartes carrying of hyrdelles and spares to Bullen Well and within the town for making of scaffolds and divers other necessaries, at 1d. (5); short cartes carrying of hard stone out of the Braies to Becham Bullwerke, at 2d. (11); short carttes carrying of Gilforthe stone from the masons lodge to Becham Bullwerke for the foundation of the same bullwerke at 2d. (12). Tumbrels:—working by the day carrying of clay for making of the dam at Becham Tower and carrying of earth out of the lane by Skelles house towards Bullen Well, at 16d. a day (7); carrying of lime from the lime kilns at Bullen Well to the Cownter[mewre] at Kerbes Tower, at 1d. a load (5); carrying of sand from the Sand Hills to the town at 1d. (5); carrying of lime from Bullen Well to the Parke for the works at Becham Bullwerke, at 2d. (5); carrying of brick from the brick kiln to the water side to be carried by the lighter to Rysebanke, one at 16d. a day; carrying of sand from the Sand Hills into the Parke for the works at Becham Bullwerke, at 1d. a load (5).
p. 248.
p. 250.
"Empsyons":—Payments to John Dossen, the King's smith, for a hanging lock and two staples for the drawbridge at Becham Bullwerke, with a "hooke to drawe upe the said bryge," "a hoope to sett apon a polle to tempor the erthe withall at Newnam Bryge, wayeng iiij li.," a staple for the turnpike at Newnam Bridge, a cutting hook to cut the wall of earth made at Newnam Bridge, shoeing of 3 spytters and 3 hookes for the lime, a double lock for the payhouse door in the Armytage, a chain of iron for the drawbridge at Bullen Gate weighing 30 lb., a key for the door where the "tarrars" lieth in the Armytage and for mending of bars and for nails spent upon Myllgate Bridge. To Wm. Clerkson, cooper, for tubs, cowles to bear water, water and mortar buckets, and hoops. To Edw. Kelle, chandler, for bast and line. To Ant. Lombard, of Calais, for tiles and a great shovel to cast water withal. To Rog. Hendeley, "for his costs and charges to carry letters to my lord Privy Seal, for certifying the King's Majesty in what estate his Grace's works were here at that time, and giving attendance at the Court in the progress time by the space [of] xix days going and coming and remaining there at 2s. st. the day." To Wm. Dyer, smith, for battering of masons' tools and "mending of the anker in the pawne which servythe for the Kinge's lyghter." To Wm. Bulberie and two others, for "offing away the water by night when the foundations of Becham Bullwerke were taken, by the space of xxti nights' watch," at 5d. a night each; Geo. Browne and others, working in the noon times in the said foundation "offing away the water," 444 hours at 1d. the hour; Chr. Browne and others, working in the foundation of the Cownter Mewre at Bullen Well, 212 hours at 1d. To Edward Churcheard, of Callies, for 700 of "wheght borde of him bought for making of the 'bossies' to carry mortar in both for the 'stoping' of the Arche and for the Cowntermewre besides Bullen Well," 35s. To Robt. Johnson of Callies, John Taner of Hide, Wm. Brameston of Suffolk, and John Lane of Callies, for freight of their ships laden with Newcastle coal, delivered in the Haven of Callies, at 7s. 6d. st. the chalder. To Robt. Humfreis of Allynforth in Kent, for the freight of his ship laden with "hard stone asheler and soylle" for the King's affairs at Rysebanke and Becham Bullwerk, from Maidestone to Callies, at 3s. st. the ton. To Zegor Antonie and Lalkens Lame of Rosendall, for freight of their ships laden with "pakes and pylles which came out of Knellewode," from Winchelsea to Callies, at 23d. st. the ton. To James Mewsse, Wm Mowthe, and Dyrike Mewisse, for burning 3,700 loads of lime, the King finding coals and all other stuff, at 40s. the 1,000; to Wm. Gesse and his fellows, carrying the said lime from Calkwell Hill to Callies, at 3l. the 1,000 loads. To Gabriel Caldewell, of London, for "a cxiiij fottes of blokes and purpent stones at vijd. st. the fotte," "cxiij fottes of grett hard stone skewe at viijd. st. the fotte," "ijc fottes of asheler at xviijs. st. le C.," "xxiiij ende stones at xijd. the pece," and "xxxv fottes of soyle stone at vd. ob. st. the fotte," delivered a ship board in Maidestone in Robt. Humfreis ship. To three mortar makers, for their labour by the space of one whole month in the hour times, 4s. each. To Peter Bodell of Brykkylseie, for freight of his ship with Newcastle coal, at 7s. 6d. st. the chalder. To Wm. Shorrowode and his companion, "for reward for their pain taken, 5s. st. facit gr. viijs. 1d. ob." To Skell, the brewer, for a barrel of beer given among the labourers, 4s.
p. 254. Total, 489l. 18s.
p. 259. ii. "The month beginning the viijt day of July and ending the iiijt day of August ao R. H. VIII. xxxj."
p. 265.
p. 270.
Wages and occupations described (as in the preceding) of 9 free masons, 4 sawyers, a carpenter's apprentice, 14 bricklayers out of England, 15 of the town and marches, 10 bricklayers' prentices, 18 labourers making mortar, 9 water bearers, 85 mortar bearers, 50 bearers of chalk to the bricklayers, 29 labourers digging in the foundation, &c., 30 boys bearing of brick and chalk, 15 labourers burning of lime and hewing of chalk at Bullen Well, 6 slakers of lime, 3 water-bearers to them, 4 labourers lading cartes at the brickery, 5 working in the Braies at 9¾d., 5 cutting turfs at 8d., 8 casting earth behind the turfs, 2 watchers, 8 daily labourers, 4 labourers appointed by the King's bill, and 4 clerks.
p. 275. Long carts:—Carrying of chalk at 11½d. the ton (sic) (19 names). Short carts:—Carrying of bricks from the King's brickery to Calais at 4d. the load (25 names); carrying bricks from Newnam Bridge to Callies for the works at Becham Bullwerke, bought of Mr. Fowler, at 4d. the load (46 names); carrying hard stone from the Haven to the masons' lodge from Robt. Humfries ship of Maidstone, at 2d. (31); carrying Lukes coal from the Haven to Bullen Well out of Wm. Johnson's ship of Dordrithe in Holland, at 2d. (16); carrying brick out of the Haven to Becham Bullwerke, "which came from William Huntte's kyelle," at 1½d. (7); carrying "of hard stone from the masons' lodge unto Becham Bullwerke, and of pyles, planks, bynders, ankers out of the King's carpentrie, and of mastes, spares, and hirdeles out of the storehouse, and of brick from Our Lady at the Wall unto the Parke for the said bullwerke," at 2d. (37); carrying scaffolding out of the King's storehouse called the Armytage to the Castle for the King's works there, at 1d. (12); carrying coal out of the Armytage to the lime kylles for burning of lime, at 1d. (4). Tumbrells:—Carrying lime from the lime kylles to Becham Bullwerke, at 2d. (5); of sand from the Sand Hills to the Parke, at 1d. (4); of coals from the King's storehouse, at 4d. (4).
p. 279. Empcions:—Payments to John Dossen, the King's smith, for a bar of iron for the lime kyle weighing 80 lbs., for shoeing shovels, and for hinges and a "stoke loke" for a door at the Armytage. To Wm. Raymond, plumber, and his company, for working four days upon the Council Chamber, at 16d. the day; and for 16 lb. of "sowder" at 6d. To Thomas Fowler, receiver of Merke and of Oye, for 190 m. of brick, at 7s. 6d. To Wm. Clerkson, cooper, for "tobes," "cowles," "howpes settapon lyme pyxe," and for "houping of sertayne bokettes and cowles and tobes." To Edw. Skelle, chandler, for basts and masons' lines. To Wm. Seriman, of Callies, for "a stoke for the anker of the lyghter." To Peter Oberie, of Santomers, for 304 lb. of "plat" iron for the carpenters, for driving of pyles at the taking of the foundation at Becham Bullwerke and of the new "skeweis" made at Hampnes, at 4d. for 3 lb. To Wm. Johnson, of Dordrythe, for freight of Lukes coal. To John Best and others, for watching in the night and offing away the water at the taking of the foundation of Becham Bullwerke, by the space of 68 nights, at 8d. among them. To Wm. Bondie and others, working in the hour times casting in the ditch and carrying away of earth, 324 hours, at 1d. the hour among them. To Robt. Humfreis, of Maidstone, for freight of "hard stone asheler and table from (word omitted) to Callies for the King's affairs there, occupied and spent about Becham Bullwerke, delivered in the Haven, at iijs. st. the ton." To Gabriell Caldewell, of London, for "vijc di. of gret asheler at xviijs. st. the C." and "xlvij end stones xijd. st. the pece," delivered aboard at Maidstone in Robt. Humfreis' ship of that town. To John Shorowde and his companion, for reward for their pains taken, 8s. 1½d. To three mortar makers working a whole month in their hour times, 4s. each.
p. 282. Total, 376l. 5s. 6d.
p. 287. iii. The month beginning the vt day of August and ending the first day of September ao R. H. VIII. xxxj."
p. 290.
p. 295.
Wages and occupations described (as before) of 9 free masons hewing hard stone for Becham Bullwerke and Rysebank, 4 sawyers sawing "justes and plankes for a new bridge made at Bullene Gate," a carpenter's prentice, 14 bricklayers out of England, 12 out of the town and marches, 10 prentices, 17 mortar makers, 10 water bearers, 32 mortar bearers, 25 bearers of brick and chalk, 5 diggers and bearers of stone at 8d. and 20 at 6½d., 29 boys bearing brick and chalk at 5d., 2 labourers "bering of lime and hewing of chalke" at 9¾d. and 8 at 6½d., 5 slakers of lime, 3 water bearers to them, 3 labourers lading carts in the brickery, 5 working in the Braies at 9¾d., 6 cutting turf at 8d., 9 cutting and treading earth, 2 watchers upon the Bridge, 8 daily labourers, 4 appointed by the King's bill, and 4 clerks.
p. 300.
p. 305.
Long carts:—Carrying chalk at 11½d. the ton (15 names); carrying brick from Wm. Bacar's kylle at 9¾d. a day (6). Short carts:—Carrying brick from Wm. Bacar's kylle to Becham Bullwerke, at 4d. the load (36); carrying of brick from the kylles unto the water side at Dykland for to be carried in the lighter to Rysebanke, at 16d. (4); carrying of hard stone out of the Haven into the lodge, taken out of John Rainold's ship of Maidstone, at 2d. (18), out of John Gatte's ship (22), and out of John Gare's ship of Maidstone (20); carrying of tiles out of the Haven to the King's storehouse called the Armytage, at 2d., out of Thos. Danielle's ship (21), and John Sure's ship (15), both of Hide; carrying of bricks out of the Haven unto Becham Bullwerke, taken out of Hunttes and Maillis boat, at 1½d. (31); carrying "of hard stone from the masons' lodge to Becham Bullwerke, and also of mastes, spares, and other necessaries, and for bringing from thence the King's piles and other old timber to the carpentrie" at 2d. (30); carrying of logs from Cleyse Williams' ship lying at Dykland to Mr. Mason's kylle at Newnam Bryge, at 1d. (10); carrying "of the jyne out of the carpentrie for taking down a piece of ordnance at Newnam Bryge," at 4d. (1, four loads); carrying logs from the storehouse to Wm. Bacar's kylle at Newnam Bryge "for burning of brick which was bought of William Bacar for the King's works at Callies," at 4d. (22); "caring of logges from the Kynges kylles unto Bacar's brykhylles," at 1d. (2); carrying scaffolding and other necessaries within the town, at 1d. (5). Tumbrells:—Carrying lime from Bullen Well (at 2d.) and sand from the Sand Hills (at 1d.) into the Park (3).
p. 309.
p. 310.
Empcions:—Payments to John Dossen for a cross for the anchor, weighing 30 lb. To Harry Dyke, the smith, for a pyle for the lime kylle weighing 9 lb., and a new pyle weighing 17 lb., and for mending shovels and battering masons' irons. To Wm. Dyer, smith, for half a thousand spikes. To Wm. Claxson (sic), cooper, for mortar tubs and for hooping tubs, buckets, &c. To Wm. Hunett, brickmaker of Callies, for 247 m. of bricks delivered in the Haven and spent upon Becham Bullwerke, at 4s. 8d., besides carriage from the Haven. To Thomas Fowler, receiver of Marke and Oye, "for the receiving of j. m. li. sterling in London for the King's affairs in Callies iiij. li. xvjs. st." To Claise Wilson, of Targo, in Holland, for logs delivered in the Haven for burning the brick which was bought of William Bacar, master mason of Callies. To John Gorre, of Jelyngam, John Raynold of Maidstone, and John Gatteis of Maidstone, for freight of their ships laden with hard stone asheler, tabull and soyle for Becham Bullwerke and Rysebanke at 3s. the ton. To Wm. Bacar, the master mason, "for 252 m. brick of him bought and delivered at the kyle, being made upon his own ground beyond Newnam Bryge, the King finding wood for brynyng of the said brick, and the said William to find all other costs," at 2s. 6d. st. the thousand. To Wm. Plomer for a pan to melt lead in, occupied in the masons' lodge, 2s. 5d. To Thos. Daniell and John Serie, of Hyede, for freight of their ships from Hyede laden with plain tile and roof tile for the King's affairs at Callis, Guisnes, and Hampnes, at 20d. st. the ton. To Gabriel Caldewell, of London, for "gret asheler," "ende stone," "blokes and perpint stones," and "legement tabull" delivered at Maidstone. To Wm. Shorowde, freemason, and his companion, in reward for his pain taken for the space of one whole month, 8s. 1½d. To John Solfild for his costs and charges "going to the tyle kyles and seeing the said tyle a shipboard," 27s. 1d. To John Broggis of Braborne, tile maker, for tile delivered at the water side for Calais and Guisnes, viz., plain tile at 3s. 1d. st. the 1,000, corner tile at 17d. st. the 100, roof tile at 6s. 6d. the 100, and gutter tile at 17d. the 100, delivered aboard John Sheris and Thos. Danyell's ships, of Hyede.
p. 314. Total, 529l. 6s. 0¾d.
p. 321. iv. "The month beginning the second day of September and ending the xxix of the same month."
p. 324. Wages and occupations (described as before) of 8 freemasons, 4 sawyers "sawing of ankers and bynders for mending of the jottie by the Suster house," a carpenter's prentice, 16 bricklayers out of England, 12 of the town and marches and 7 prentices, 15 mortar makers at 6d., 6 water bearers "for making of rowghe mortar," 22 mortar bearers, 60 chalk bearers at 6d., 12 labourers bearing of hard stone down to the ditch at 6½d., 27 boys bearing of earth out of the ditch at Becham Bullwerke at 5d., 2 lime burners at 9¾d. and 8 at 6½d., 5 slakers of lime and 3 water bearers to them, 2 labourers lading carts at the brickery, 3 shearing turf in the Braies at 9¾d., 8 cutting turf at 8d., and 8 treading and casting down earth at 6d., 2 watchers, 4 labourers appointed by the King's bill, 8 daily labourers, and 4 clerks.
p. 330.
p. 335.
p. 340.
p. 345.
Long carts:—Carrying chalk from Chalkewell Hill "for filling of the West jottie besides the Est juttie" at 11½d. the ton (14 names); carrying of clay for filling of the jutties at 2s. 8d. the day (6); of chalk to the waterside at Newnam Bridge at 8d. the load. Short carts:—Carrying brick from Wm. Bacar's kyle to Becham Tower at 4d. the load (43 names); carrying of Newcastle coal out of the Haven to the King's storehouse called the Armytage, at 2d., out of Robt. Lawles ship of Newcastle (22), and out of Ric. Catherall's of Callies (27), and of Lukes coal "out of Johnson's ship Dorte" (21); carrying of hard stone out of the Haven to the masons' lodge, at 2d., out of John Gare's ship (23), and out of the masons' lodge to Becham Bullwerke at 2d. (31); carrying "of hard stone from the masons' lodge unto Rysebanke and carrying of tara[s] out of the King's storehouse and sto[ne and] lime and bearing away of scaff[ol]ding and divers other necessaries from the said works unto the Armytage," at 3d. (17); carrying of hard stone out of the Haven to the masons' lodge, at 2d., out of Raynoldes ship of Maidstone (24), and out of Homfreis ship (18); of Lukes coal out of the Haven to the storehouse, at 2d., out of John Gelder's ship of Rosendall (17), and of Newcastle coal out of Hen. Adrianson's ship of Rosendall (24); of Holland brick out of the Haven to Becham Bullwerke, out of Andrew Johnson's ship of Tergoo in Holland "to make part of the vawte in Becham Bullwerke," at 2d. (35); of logs from the haven of Dycland to Wm. Bacar's kylle, "which came out of Knelle Wood taken out of Lame Lawrens' ship of Rosendall," at 1d. (5); of "timber out of the King's carpentrie unto the Armitage for mak[ing] of a new plomerie, and carrying of planks, boards, with divers other necessaries within the town," at 1d. (6). Tumbrells:—Carrying of coal out of the Armytage to Bullen Well for burning lime, at 1d. (3); of lime from Bullen Well into the Parke, at 2d. (4); of sand from the Sand Hills into the Park, at 1d. (3); of turf into the Braies for mending the dove house there, at 1½d. (7); of clay from Collam to the King's storehouse for making of the new plomerie there, at 10d. (2).
p. 346.
p. 350.
p. 355.
p. 360.
p. 365.
Empcions:—Payments to John Dossen for "v. crose bares and v. gogens for the lope holles in Becham bullwerke," shoeing 4 new shovels for the labourers, mending the wharf beyond Prysseleis, shoeing 4 "spares" for the King's lighter for fetching down of chalk from Newnam Bridge to the West Juttie, a key to one of the vawlte doors in Becham Bullwerke, "iiij crosse bares and iiij gogens for the lope holles of the forsaid bullwarke," 7 rings for weights to be made in the King's storehouse, a key for a rail at Paradyse Haven for keeping the carts beside the wharf, 3 stock locks and keys for the lodgings at Rysebank, a "pair of jynes" a bolt and 3 staples for "the said doors," 4 keys for the said lodging, 3 links of a chain for the drawbridge at Myldgate weighing 7 lb., a pair of jynes to a door for a chamber in the tower at Rysebank, bolts spent in mending a piece of the East juttie next the Suster House, and 4 cross bars and gogeons for other loopholes in the said bullwarke. To John Take, glasier, "for iiij panes new glase set in the chamber where my lord Deputie lythe in Primse In, conteynyng xvj fottes at vd. gr. the fotte"; also for setting 8 pieces of coloured glass in the chapel window of the said Inn, and for taking down and re-setting in lead of numerous other panes of glass in my lady's closet, Mr. Captain's lodging at Rysebank, the chapel in the great tower there, the chamber next the chapel on the sea side, the chamber next that, the chamber next the kitchen, the window that giveth light to the stairs leading up into the said tower, the chapel in the castle of Calais, the hall there, the entry towards the kitchen, the lieutenant's chamber, and the tower at Hampnes. To Edw. Skelle, chandler, for bast for scaffolding and "making of shede" over Becham Bullwerke, for wax and rosin "occupied by the masons for making of eyment" and a dozen of "lyne for the masons to work by." To Wm. Dyer, smith, for battering of tools and for "ij newe ankers made for the captaine of Rysebankes lodgeing weying 62 li." To Wm. Clerkeson, cooper, for buckets and hoops. To Wm. Bacar, master mason, for 120 m. of bricks. Freights:—to Robt. Lawles of Newcastle, for freight of Newcastle coal for burning lime at Bullen Well at 7s. st. the chalder; to Ric. Catherall of Callies for the same at 6s. 10d. st.; to Fras. Johnson of Dorte, in Holland, for Lukes coal at 5s. st., for burning bricks; to John Gore of Maidstone, John Raynold of Maidstone, Robt. Humfreie of Alyngworthe, for hard stone, asheler, table, and blocks from Maidstone at 3s. st. the ton; to Thos. Werde of Rosendalle for timber out of Knelle wood, from Rye, at 2s. st. the ton; to John Gelderman of Tergo for Lukes coal for burning lime at Bullen Well at 5s. st. the chalder; to Hen. Adrianson of Rosendal for Newcastle coal for the same at 7s. 4d. st.; to Edm. Raven of Brigies for "pakes that came out of Knelle wood for the waterworks here, from Rie to Calles," at 21d. st.; to Lame Lawrens of Rosendall for logs out of Knelle wood delivered at Dycland at 17d. st., and spent upon burning the brick brought of Wm. Bacar. To Gabriel Caldewell for "blokes and perpint stones," "great hard stone skewe," "ende stones," "great stones for lopes of ij fettes brode a pece," "legement table," "asheler," "cope stones," "gret skewe," and "soyles," delivered on shipboard at Maidstone. To 12 masons of the ordinary wages for their steeling money for one whole year ended Mich. Ao 31o. To John Ruder and his company for carriage of the timber out of Thos. Werd's ship to the carpentrie. To Rog. Hendelie for the rent of his close for three years "occupied abouts making of the King's brick beyond Newnham Bridge." To Wm. Raymond, plumber, for work "apon the halle roffe of Prinssis Ine and sowdring of the roves abowte the corte there," also for "sowder," and for "casting of lead and soldering of the pipes of the conduit that serveth the scullery, and for 50 lb. of his own lead as it appeareth by a bill of Wm. London's hand, keeper of the place." To Wm. Burgate, warden of the freemasons, in reward for his diligence upon the works of Becham Bulwerke 8s. 1½d., and to Wm. Shorowde, freemason, and his fellows, for their pains in "taking of the foundation" of the same, 13s. To ferrymen for carrying 96 tons of chalk "from Dykland beyond Newnam Bridge with the King's lighter, unto the head over against the Search Tower" at 4d. the ton. To Wm. Marche, of Calais, for rent of 3 acres of ground where part of the King's brick was made, for three years ending Mich. ao 31 Hen. VIII., 45s. 6d. To John Asterwyke of Nele for 23 m. of "wythes of him bowghl and delyverid in the market of Callis for bynding of the sege for the covering of Becham Bulwerke at xd. gr. the m." To 29 bricklayers for their conduct money from Callis to London, 3s. st. a piece, and to Moies Marinar, of Calais, for carrying them over at 12d. st. each. To John Sowter of Balingam for 42 c. of "rodes" delivered in the market for making the shed for the covering of Becham Bulwerke, 22s. 9d. To Peter Bukland of Nelle, for 7 c. of "callowe rede" for covering the ordnance house where the brewhouses be, 14s. To And. Johnson of Tergo, for freight of Holland brick for the vaulting of the gallery in the bottom of Becham Bulwerk at 3s. 8d. st. the thousand; also for 12½ doz. of "grene sengille mawndes," delivered in the haven, for bearing of brick to serve the masons at 12d. st. the dozen; also for 100 of "caprons spares for making of scaffolding for the Kinges workes here," 24s. st. To John Not, of Hampnes, fisher, for "vj. m. ix. c. of segge" for covering of the work new made at Becham Bulwerke, 3l. 3s. 3d. To Wm Lawles, of Rondon in Kent, for felling in Knelle wood and delivering on shipboard of 128 ton of the King's timber, also for felling and sawing and delivering on board ship of 50 tons carried by ship from Reding to Callis, and many other items relative to the making of sawpits and sawing and delivery of planks, logs, piles, pakes, and lathe; also his fee for a whole year "making provision and taking up of ships for the King's affairs at Callis," 10l. 6s. To John Bryket and Harry Blakney, dike keepers, for stopping two sluices, at Lantern Gate and Paradyse, twice a month for one whole year, and "fynding accome and other things nessesarie thereunto belonging at vjd. st. everie stoping." To John Delanoye for three "wascostes of him bowght for the masons to make there moldes plome rules for the Kinges workes," at 12d. st. each. To Wm. Marten, costs in going into England to carry letters and two plattes to my lord Privy Seal and giving attendance there 27 days at 12d. st. the day. To "William Smythe Dyer" (i.e., Wm. Dyer, smith) for battering of masons' tools. To Raffe Payntar, of Callies, for paynting of the post of the newe juttie made by the Fyshers Gappe," 20s. 3½d. For paper and ink spent on the King's books for one year ending Mich. 31 Hen. VIII.
p. 367. Total, 570l. 17s. 4¼d.
p. 369 II. GUISNES.
p. 375.
p. 380.
i. The month beginning 4 June and ending 28 June 31 Hen. VIII. Masons of the ordinary wages hewing of hard stone for the Keep at Guisnes, Wm. Bacar at 9¾d., and 7 at 6½d. a day; sawyers out of Callies working at the said castle of Guisnes, 2 at 10d.; bricklayers out of England working upon the said keep, Thos. Clement at 13d., and 16 at 11½d., out of Callies, 5 at 11d., out of the town of Guisnes, 8 at 9¾d.; masons strangers hard hewers, 3 at 11d.; lime burners, 1 at 13d., and 1 at 9¾d.; labourers "hewieng of chalke for the said kelnes," at 6d.; making of "rughe morter," 31 at 6d.; drawing and bearing of water, 7 at 6d.; quenching of lime, 3 at 6½d.; bearing of brick, chalk, and morter for the "lynyng of the kepe," 165 at 6d.; labourers out of England, 18 at 6½d.; labourers at the quarry, digging of chalk, 7 at 6½d. at the sand pits 3 at 6d.; at the brickery, 3 at 6d.; clerks, Thos. Barwell and Edw. Jenynges at 13d., and 2 at 9¾d.
p. 386.
p. 390.
Long carts carrying of timber and piles to the ferry of Sant Petters from the King's carpentrie at 2s. 8d. the load (12 names). Short carts:—carrying Newcastle coal out of the haven of Callies to the ferry of Sant Petters for burning of lime at Guisnes, at 4d. the load, out of Robt. Lawes ship of Newcastle (28 names) and out of Thos. Fowler's ship of Colchester (20); carrying Newcastle coal from Bullen Well to the said ferry at 4d. (22); carrying Lukes coal from the haven of Callies to the said ferry, at 4d., out of Handmewes ship of Tergo in Holland (23), and of stone out of John Raynoldes ship of Maidstone at 4d. (20); carrying of hard stone from the masons' lodge to the ferry of Sant Petters, and carrying of spares, mawndes, and other divers necessaries for the works at Guisnes, at 4d. (15); carrying the like out of the haven beside the Mylle to the castle of Guisnes, at 2s. a day (1). Long carts:—carrying brick out of the King's brickery to the castle of Guisnes, at 6½d. the thousand (7), of chalk from Fynes Hill into the Castle, at 8d. the load (5), and of chalk from the King's quarry into the Castle, at 4d. the load (3). Tumbrells:—carrying sand from the sand pits at 10d. a day (6), and lime out of the base court, at 8d. a load (2), into the Castle. Freights "of bottes laden with hard stone, of Kenttes colle, (fn. 6) spares, mawndes, with all other nessesaris belonging to the workes, from Sant Petters to the haven of Guysnes," at 5d. the freight (14 names).
p. 394. Empcions:—Payments to John Pownde and others for the freight of 225 boats "laden with coals out of the haven of Guisnes unto the base court of the Castle where the lime kyle stands," at 7d. the boat. To Wm. Delanoye, of Fynes, for 211 load of chalk to lay with the brick in the lining of the keep, at 4d. the load. To Colline Borgoies, of Indeis, for 13 doz. "herdylles" for the scaffolding about the keep, at 3s. 6d. the dozen. To Martin Jamis, clerk of my lord's brewhouse, for 28 barrels of beer "that was spent amowng the carrewaies that wrowght in the dyke," at 4s. To John à Guysnes for lines for the masons to work withal, Ant. Cowper for buckets and tubs, and four carpenters working four days at 6½d. To Robt. Lawles of Newcastle, and Thos. Fowler of Colchester, for freight of Newcastle coal delivered in Calais Haven, at 7s. 6d. the chalder, and to Hamemewre of Tergo for that of Lukes coal at 5s. 4d. To the porters of the Castle in reward 8s. 1½d. To John Raynold of Maidstone for freight of "hard stone skewe and asheler" for the keep at Guisnes, from Maidstone to Callies, at 3s. st. the ton. To Gabriel Caldewell of London, "for ij. c. xlvj. fotte of hard stone skewe at vjd. st. the fotte, vjli iij. s. st., and xvj. fote of legement tabull at iiijd. ob.the fotte, vj. s., and lx. fottes of blokes and parpinte stones at vij. d. st. the fotte, xxxv. s. st., xij ende stones at xj. d. st. the pece x. s., and a c. fotte of asheler at xviij. s. the c. xviij. s., delyverid aborde John Raynoldes shipe of Maidstone." To Spratte and Tebberdy and their fellows (masons) making the scaffolding about the keep in the hour times. To Ric. Hill, of Arnedon, for 13 doz. mawndes delivered at the Castle for carrying brick, at 2s. To various workmen for working in "hour times," to a smith for mending tools, to Mrs. Raymond, of Callies, for a year's rent of a close "occupied about making of the King's brick," and to Wm. Closse "for his costs going herehens to Poldren in Sussexe for provision of stone," 10 days at 12d.
p. 399. Total, 351l. 13s. 9¼d.
p. 403 ii. The month beginning 1 July and ending 28 July 31 Hen. VIII.
p. 410. Wages (as in the preceding) of 8 masons, 3 carpenters of the ordinary wages, at 6½d. 18 bricklayers out of England, at 11½d., 5 out of Callies, 3 masons, strangers, 9 bricklayers out of the town of Guysnes and the scunage of the same, at 9¾d., 2 lime burners, 10 chalk hewers, 3 lime quenchers, 32 mortar makers, at 6d., 7 water bearers, 189 brick and mortar bearers, 18 labourers out of England bearing of great stones, 7 at the quarry, 3 at the sand pits, 3 at the brickery, and 4 clerks.
p. 415. Long carts:—Carrying brick out of the brickery to the castle of Guysnes, at 6d. the 1,000 (5 names); of chalk from Fynes Hill to the Castle, at 8d. (5); of chalk from the quarry to the Castle, at 4d. (3). Short carts:—working at 2s. a day (1); carrying hard stone from Callies Haven to Sant Petters ferry, at 4d. the load (27); of Lukes coal out of the King's storehouse called the Armytage to that ferry, at 4d. (18), and of "spares, mawndes, showvylles, pykeaxsys, and dyvers other nessesaris owt of the storehowse to Sant Petters ferye," at 4d. (15). Tumbrells carrying sand, at 10d. the day (6), and lime from the kylles into the Castle, at 8d. the day (2). Freights of boats with stone from Sant Petters, at 5d. (16).
p. 422.
p. 425.
Empcions:—Payments for "herdylles" and "mawndes." To the porters in reward for giving attendance at the gates, for keeping in of the labourers for one month, 8s. 1½d. To Walter Jemys, clerk of the brewhouse, for 19 barrels of beer "for the carewaies that wrowght in the Castill dyke," at 4s. For masons' lines and for making scaffolding in hour times. For 54 doz. "of brede for the carewayes that workes in the dyke," at 12d. the dozen. For buckets and hooping of mortar tubs. To John Dossen, the King's smith, for seven pickaxes "to beat down the upper wall of the keep." To workmen "working in the noon times." To Skelle, the chandler, for basts of scaffolding. To Wm. Laxeston, cooper, for 2 doz. tubs at 6d. For 252 boats laden with coal out of the haven of Guisnes into the Castle, at 7d. the freight. For buckets to quench lime with, smiths' work, scaffolding spars, and white board to make "bossys to carie morter in." To Reynolds of Maidstone for freight of "hard stone asheler and skewe," and to Caldewell, of London, for "blokes and parpent stones," "gret hard stone skewe," "asheler," and "endestones." To 12 men (named) for carrying each one load of pile and timber "from the King's carpentrie in Callies to the castle of Guysnes, for Whetillbulwerk."
p. 427. Totals (combining the totals given at pp. 416, 420, and 427) 301l. 4s. 4d.
p. 431 iii. The month beginning 29 July and ending 25 Aug. 30 (sic) Hen. VIII. (fn. 7)
Wages as in the preceding, of 7 masons, 4 carpenters of the ordinary wages "repairing of the ordnance house and other necessaries at Guysnes," 18 bricklayers out of England, 7 out of Callies, 10 out of Guisnes," 2 lime burners, 10 chalk hewers, 3 lime quenchers, 22 mortar makers, 8 water drawers, 131 brick and mortar bearers, 10 labourers out of England carrying stone from the masons' lodge to the keep, 3 labourers digging sand at 6d., 3 lading carts at the brickery, at 6d., 6 chalk diggers at the quarry, and 4 clerks.
p. 443. Long carts:—carrying tile from Callis to Guynys at 8d. the load (12 names); of brick out of the brickery to the Castle, at 6½d. a thousand (3); of brick to the Castle "from the parish of Campe which was bought of Lambard Marshe," at 16d. the 1,000 (4); of chalk from the quarry to the Castle, at 3d. the load (2). Short carts:—carrying coals from the King's storehouse, called the Armytage, to the ferry of Seynt Peter's, at 4d. the load (22 names); carrying hard stone, at 4d. (19); carrying hard stone from the haven by the mill to the Castle of Guisnes, at 2s. a day (1). Tumbrells carrying lime from the kylles at 8d. (2), and sand from the sand pits, at 10d. (4), into the Castle. Boats carrying coal, masts, spars, shovels, and other necessaries from St. Peter's, at 5d. the freight (14).
p. 449. "Empocions":—Payments for freight of coals out the haven into the Castle, at 7d. the boat load, for "lyme" (i.e., line), and for cooper's work. To Lambard Marshe and Gyffarde Maluyt for 49,000 of brick at Campe, at 6s. 1d. the 1,000. For "wax and rosen for to make symon for the masons," 6½d., lathe nails and "lyme" for the masons scaffolding, porters' reward, and smiths' work. "To the dike casters for casting of the dike of Guynys iiij. ffotte depper than it was, and in the myddes of the same dick a dick of xiij. ffotte brode and iiij. fote depe all alonges the one sid of the Castill to the Toune warde, that is to saye from Portons bullwarke to the Whetelles bulwark, conteynyng in lenght xxxvj roddis at xxxvijs. vj. d. st. the rodde."
p. 451. Total, 331l. 2s. 9¼d.
p. 457 iv. The month beginning 26 Aug. and ending 22 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.
Wages as before, of 5 masons, 4 carpenters, 16 bricklayers out of England working upon the keep, 8 out of Callies, 11 masons of the town of Guisnes, at 9¾d., 1 tiler tiling of the new pastrie house in the Castle, at 6½d., 2 labourers serving the tiler, at 6d., 2 lime burners, 7 chalk hewers, 4 lime quenchers, 23 mortar makers, 7 water bearers, 130 bearers of brick and mortar, 8 English labourers, 3 labourers at the sand pits, 3 at the brickery, 3 at the quarry, and 4 clerks.
p. 467. Long carts:—Carrying bricks out of the brickery into the castle, at 6½d. the 1,000 (1 name), from Campe into the castle, at 16d. the 1,000 (7); carrying of "chalk from the King's brickery into the castle at Guysnes for brenning of lime," at 3d. the load (2); carrying tile from Callies to Guisnes castle, at 2s. 8d. (11). Short carts:—carrying hard stone from the masons' lodge, and divers other necessaries, from Callis to the ferry of Sant Petters, at 4d. (13); carrying "dung for filling of maundes about the keep," at 14d. (1). Tumbrells carrying sand, at 13d. the load (5), and lime from the lime kill into the castle, at 8d. a day (1). Boats, at 5d. the freight (11).
p. 470. Empcions:—Payments to Lambard Marshe for 116,500 bricks bought at Campe, at 3s. 9d. the 1,000. To John Take "for iij. panes of new glass set in the ordnance house in the castle, containing xxviij. fottes," at 5d. For maundes and coopers work. To Wm. Davys wife "for a hogshead of her bought," 13d. For line for the masons. "To the dike casters for casting of vj. rods in the castle dike from the corner of Turpyns bulwerk towards the gate," at 22s. 6d. st. the rod. For scaffolding in hour times. To 23 "masons" for conduct money from Callies to London, 3s. cach, and to Gillam Marinar, of Callies, for setting over the said 23 "bricklayers," 12d. each. To four bricklayers' prentices, 2s. each. To Thos. Bradfyld, soldier of Guisnes, by my lord Chamberlain's desire "for his pains taken abouts the overseeing them working in the ditch, xx s. st."
p. 473. Total, 253l. 15s. 10¼d.
p. 475 v. The "month" beginning 23 Sept. and ending 29 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.
Wages of tylers tiling of a new house of pastrie and repairing all the lodgings besides, 6 at 10d. a day; masons of the ordinary wages "finysheng the kevering of the kepe," 3 at 6½d.: carpenters of the ordinary wages "pullyng upe the dammes," 3 at 6½d.; labourers helping the carpenters and filling carts to carry rubbish out of the court, 39 at 6d.; long carts carrying tile from Callies, at 2s. 8d. the load (2 names); clerks, Thos. Barewell, at 13d., and another at 9¾d. (these for 14 days); tumbrells "carrying of rubbish of the castle of Guisnes," at 10d. the day; freights of 6 boats at 5d.
p. 478. Empcions:—Payment, for line, wax, and rosin for the masons, and 13d. for a rope for the well. To a boatman for "working with his boat in the dike." To Edw. Tylle "so Rede" (qu "for reed"?), 2s. 8½d. For a hanging lock for the grate in the castle, and a stock lock for the storehouse door. For smiths' work and porters' reward. To Ant. Napulles and 9 other gunners "giving attendance upon the ordnance by the space of lxv. days apiece apiece (sic) in the meantime that the keep was lined, beginning upon the Friday the xxv. day of July ao supra dicto, and ending the Thursday the xxvij. day of September then next following," the said Anthony at 8d. a day, the rest at 6d. To John Mowntake, the elder, of Sant Thomas, for a boat, 21s. 3d. To Damport and Danyell of Callies "gowmsermers, for makyng clene of the drawghtes of my lord Chamberlen's howse, xxs. iijd.; for ij. li. of candyll vjd. ob.; for francomesense ijd.; for there bot hyre upe and down, xd." For making the bakehouse and the armoury and wildfire house. To a plumber for soldering the roof of the keep and day watch and other roofs.
p. 481. Total, 50l. 5s. 5¼ d.
p. 485 i. The month beginning 3 June and ending 30 June 31 Hen. VIII.
Wages of sawyers hewing of joists and rafters for the new mill made in the Court at Hampnes, 4 at 11d.; labourers digging and offing off the sclewse when it was new, 14 at 6½d. A long cart carrying 2 loads of board from the King's carpentrie to Hampnes for the boarding of the new mill house, at 2s. 8d. the load; another carrying 3 loads of lime, at 2s. "Short carttes caring of claye from the Conyngrie to rame abowt the sklewse," at 16d. a day (4 names). Empcion:—To Edw. Skelle, brewer, for "ij. gret scopes," 13d.
p. 486. Total, 10l. 12s. 6¾d.
p. 487 ii. The month beginning 1 July and ending 28 July.
Wages of 4 sawyers as before, of 2 bricklayers working upon the mill house and making a wall between it and the castle wall, at 10d., of 3 labourers making mortar, at 6½d., of 7 bearing brick and mortar "and earth out of the said mill house to the counter mure wall," at 6½d. Two tumbrells carrying brick, sand, and lime "from Sent Garteredes to the watter syde," at 16d. a day, and carrying sand from the sand pits at Collame to the water side, at 1d. a load. A boat carrying sand from Collam (at 3d.) and lime from Sant Petters (at 4d.) to Hampnes.
Total, 13l. 11s. 5¾d.
p. 489 iii. The month beginning 29 July and ending 25 Aug. 31 Hen. VIII.
Wages of 2 bricklayers working on the counter mure wall beside the mill house, at 10d., of 6 mortar makers serving them, at 6d., and of 3 labourers "helping the carpenters," at 6d. Long carts carrying timber from the carpentrie in Callies to Hempnes castle, 2s. the load (7 names). Short carts carrying tiles from the Armytage to the ferry of Sent Petters for Hampnes, at 4d. (8 names); also lime from Bullen well, at 4d. (7). A tumbrell carrying brick and sand from the water side into the castle, and another carrying sand from Collam to the water side, at 1d. a load. A boat carrying lime and tile from St. Peters at 4d., and sand from Collam, at 3d. the freight.
p. 491. Empcions:—Payments to Wm. Dier, smith, for 1,000 spikes "to nail the bridge withal," 21s. 8d. To "the said John Dossene for ij. hoopes and ij. panes, weight xlij. li."; also for 8 spikes and 2 bolts weighing 20 lb., 200 small spikes to nail the planks with, lengthening two chains for the drawbridge, and providing a hanging lock to the same. To Wm. Dier for 700 small spikes "to nail the new bridge." To Jas. Hewteson, millmaker, of Callies, for making a mill house in the castle, 4l., and for timber bought of him and delivered in the haven, for the same, 3l. 5s.
p. 492. Total, 24l. 18s. 6d.
p. 494 iv. The month beginning 26 Aug. and ending 22 Sep. 31 Hen. VIII.
Wages as before of 3 bricklayers working upon the wall east of the castle, and of 4 labourers bearing mortar to them. A tumbrell carrying brick and lime and other things, at 12d. a day. A boat carrying lime, sand, and other things from St. Peters ferry to Hampnes, at 4d. the freight. A tumbrell carrying sand from Collame hill to the water side, at 1d. the load. A labourer pinning tiles at 6d. a day. Short carts "carrying of tiles and lime out of the Ermytage and carrying of timber out of the King's carpentrie unto the ferry of Sant Petters for the works at Hampnes," 11 names. To John Dossen "for certain ironwork," 10s. 2d.
Total, 6l. 9s. 10d.
i. The month 15 June to 12 July ao 31o.
Wages of 16 labourers at 6d. and 6 tumbrells at 12d. the day. Total 11l. 5s. 8d.
ii. The month 13 July to 9 Aug. ao 31o.
Wages of labourers working on the wall, 2 at 9¾d. and 28 at 6½d. Tumbrells "carrying of sea clay for making the said wall" at 12d. the load (5 names.) Straw bought for making of the said wall, at 3s. 4d. the 100 sheaves, 2,300 sheaves from Mr. Marshal, Thos. Bradfyld, and Roger Hendeley. A short cart carrying one load, 4d. Total, 9l. 3s. 9d.
p. 500 iii. The month 10 Aug. to 6 Sept. ao 31o.
Wages of labourers working "upon the said wall new made of earth," 2 at 9¾d. and 21 at 6½d. Short carts "caring of bynders, pyles, and ankars plankes scaffolding from the carpentrie to Newnam Bryge" at 4d. the load (18 names.) Three tumbrells carrying sea clay at 12d. the day. Straw brought from Thos. Bradfyld and Simon Jamys, 1,800 sheaves. Total, 6l. 3s. 4d.
iv. The month 7 to 29 Sept. ao 31o.
Wages as before of 19 labourers. 3 tumbrells carrying clay. 850 sheaves of straw from Thos. Bradfyld, Peter Carter, and John Crasson. To John Dossen, the King's smith "for xxx bolts occupied for holding the bynders and ankers together which were driven for the foundation of the piece; of earth wall that fell down at Newnam Bridge." Total, 12l. 12s. 2d.
i. The month of 10 June to 7 July ao 31o.
Wages of masons of the ordinary wages, 2 at 1½d. the day; bricklayers out of England, 9 at 11½d.; bricklayers and mason of Callies, 4 at 11d.; bricklayers' prentices, 9 at 9¾d.; labourers making mortar and bearing water, 6 at 6½d.; bearing of brick, clay, and mortar, 45 at 6d.; working in the King's lighter at 6d. the tide, 9; a clerk at 6½d. Long carts carrying chalk at 16d. the ton (3 names). Short carts carrying hard stone, masts, spars, &c., from the masons' lodge to Rysebank at 3d. the load (12). Tumbrells carrying lime from the kylles at Bullen Well at 3d. the load (7). To Peter Banke for a hogshead "occupied about the works," 13d. To Hen. Frowieke for 3 barrels of beer given amongst the labourers and workmen, at 4s. To two boatmen attending upon the labourers and workmen "as carrying of them to and from Callis the (sic) castle of Risebanke," 23s. Total, 68l. 3s. 0¾d.
ii. The month 8 July to 4 Aug.
Wages as before of 8 masons and bricklayers at 11½d., 4 bricklayers of Callies "working upon the said vamewre," 7 prentices, 8 mortar makers, 45 mortar bearers, 10 labourers in the lighter, and 2 boatmen at 6d. a day. Short carts carrying hardstone from the masons' lodge, and other necessaries, to Rysebank, at 3d. the load (24 names). Tumbrells carrying lime from the lime kylles to Rysebank at 3d. (5), and "brike from the brike-hylles to the watter syde for Rysebank" at 16d. (5). To the plumber for 7 lbs. of "sowder," 3s. 4d.: to the constable and porter in reward 12s.; and to two boatmen, 23s. Total, 72l. 14s. 8d.
iii. The month 6 Aug. to 1 Sept.
Wages as before of 6 bricklayers from England "working upon the vamewre of the wall," 6 of Calais, 5 prentices, 9 mortar makers, and 32 mortar bearers. Short carts carrying hard stone from the masons' lodge and spars and other necessaries at 3d. the load (26 names). Tumbrells carrying lime from Bullen Well at 3d. (3). Two boatmen, porter, and constable. Total, 49l. 5s. 7d,
iv. The month of 2 to 29 Sept.
Wages as before of 6 bricklayers out of England, 1 prentice, 5 mortar makers and water bearers, 12 brick and mortar bearers, and 9 labourers in the lighter. Short carts carrying hard stone and other things from the masons' lodge and storehouse at 3d. the load (17 names). Two boatmen carrying the workmen. The constable and porter "in reward for calling the workmen." Total, 25l. 6s. 4d.
i. The month 9 June to 6 July, 31 Hen. VIII.
Wages of 5 bricklayers at 9¾d. the day, 3 labourers bearing water and making mortar at 6½d., and 27 bearing brick and mortar at 6d. Short carts carrying bricks at 4d. the load (7 names). Total, 21l. 17s.
ii. The month 7 July to 4 Aug.
Wages of 5 bricklayers "working upon the dongeon in the castle," 3 mortar makers, and 8 mortar bearers. Total, 11l. 8s. 4d.
iii. The month 5 Aug. to 1 Sept.
Wages of 2 bricklayers "upon the window in the chapel in the castle," 3 mortar makers and 5 mortar bearers. To John Dossen, for a link of a chain weighing 2 lb. Total, 5l. 14s. 6d.
p. 530 iv. The month 2 Sept. to 29 Sept.
Wages of a bricklayer "repairing of ovens there" and his labourer. To a plumber and his labourer covering part of the dongeon and other places, and providing solder for the dongeon and lieutenant's lodging. Total, 10l. 16s. 1d.
Sum total of this book, 3,592l. 13s. 1¾d.
A book in vellum covers, paged in a modern hand 221 to 536, as part of a series. Entitled: A book of comptrolment, &c.
29 Sept.
R. O.
"Thorppis book for wools; and also for fells, per Lucy, Straill, and Dewye, from Mich. Ao xxxviij unto Mich. Ao xxxix."
A statement of wool sold to strangers during that period, giving the date and amount of each sale.
Thorpe:—The vendors' names are Stevyne Kyrton, Jas. Lewsson, John Yatt, Nic. Lewsson, Thos. Offlay, John Garaway and Wm. Browne, John Tuphollme and John Goodryk, Chr. Wytthede, John Braydeley, Ant. Cave, Ric. Comen, Adam Warryng, Dave Wooderoff, Thos. Love, John Wethers, Wm. Butteler, Thos. Serevyne, Wm. Dantyssey, Wm. and Thos. Berry, Wm. Chester, John Lewsson, Angnes Wygston, Chas. Browne, Geo. Meydelay, Thos. Walker, Robt. Hamcottes, Harre Browne, Harre Fyscher, Wm. Smythe, Wm. Strett, John Fayrre, Wm. Berre, Sir Wm. Hollys, John Sawnders, Wm. Warryn, Ric. Cony, Wm. Brynkeley, Wm. Owstewett, Wm. Clarke.
The purchasers' names are:—Gyllame Fellyattor, Christyane Decort, Arnold Gyllam, Phelyp Vannorkyrk, John Vanacole, Rombold Vansork, Petter Van Ursell, Necologe Venasse (Vinaciesi), Stayce Hewsseman, Lyone Blondall, Joys Sprynger, Ant. Cokqwart, Arrent Garrettsen, Jaykes Mayhewe, Wm. Jacobson, John Deffort, and Cornellys Petterson.
Total, 573 pockets.
ii. Fells sold from Mich. Ao xxxviij te Mich. Ao xxxix.
Lucy:—The vendors' names are Wm. Saxby, Jas. Ovyn, Wm. Waring, John Tupholme, Thos. Ellis, Thos. Bournell, Geo. Medley, Wm. Robyns, Ant. Cave, Thos. Walker, Sir Wm. Holles, Thos. Love, Wm. Dauntissey, Hen. Hood, John Saunders, Hen. Whizht, Hen. Fissher, Chr. Whizhthed, Robt. Gayton, Thos. Damportt, Robt. Amcottes, Thos. Scrivyn, Robt. Dalton, Stephen Kirton, John Yate, John Medeley, Thos. Walker, Wm. Clarck, Jas. Smith, Thos. Woghan, Hen. Goodyere, Hen. Browne, Wm. Bur, Wm. Robyns, and Andrew Judd.
The purchasers' names are:—Wm. Isebrantzon, Garrard Claison, Wm. Jacob, Wm. Sonson, Woulter Johnzon, Dirrick Franzon Goill, and Arent Garrard Ewetzon.
Total, 132, 103 fells.
Strayll:—Vendors are Andrew Judd, Henry Goodyor, Wm. Waring, Thos. Damportt, Ant. Cave, John Topholme, Robt. Dalton, Geo. Medlay, Jas. Smyth, Hen. Whyght, John Sanders, Henry Browne, Wm. Clarke, John Medly, and Sir Wm. Holles.
Purchasers:—Mewis Garbrantzon, Antony Franzon, Cornelis Peterzon, and Wm. Iseebrountzon. Total, 79,405 fells.
Dewye:—Vendors are Stephen Kyrton, Thos. Skrevin, Wm. Clarke, Geo. Medley, Thos. Burnell, Andrew Judde, Harry Godeyere, Ant. Cave, Wm. Robyns, John Weders, Hew Whyte, John Tupham, Wm. Waryng, Thos. Damportt, John Bradley, Harry Hode, Thos. Whetell, Wm. Robyns, and Harry Fyscher.
Purchasers:—Deryke Peterson, Gysbright Fredrikeson, Jasper Williamson, Wynger Vanpander. Total, 79,914 fells.
Sum total, for a whole year, per Lucy, Strayll and Dewye, 291,422 fells.
Total of wools sold from Mich. Anno xxxviij to Mich. Ao xxxix, as appears by 3 pamphlets made by Parsons, Barton, and Thorp, delivered to Sir Edw. Ringeley, Comptroller of Calais, 16 Nov., 1539, viz., 3,456 pockets.
In another hand: Loveday's book amounts to in fells, 163,459, in wool, 2,841 pockets. The sum of the money that he would have deceived the King in amounts to 41l. 16s. 8d. st.
Pp. 10.
R. O. 2. Sales of wool from Mich. Anno 38 to Mich. Anno 39.
Parsons' Book.
Vendors:—Jas. Leveson, John Yate, Ric. Cony, Thos. Gillis, Wm. Brynckelay, Chr. Whythed, Thos. Wogane, Harry Hode, Wm. Waryng, Thos. Leyghe, Stevyn Kyrton, Sir Robt. Dormer, John Farey, Thos. Elles, Thos. Skryvyn, Ant. Cave, John Garway, Sir Rawffe Waren, Myghell Dormer, Thos. Offelay, Davey Wodroffe, Humphrey Stury, Wm. Clerke, Harry Fyssher, Wm. Robyns, Wm. Strett, Wm. Saxby, John Burnell, Margaret Baynham, Wm. Chester, Sir Wm. Holis, Chas. Browne, John Saunders, John Wethers, Wm. Bury, John Tupholme, Harry Goodyre, John Bradelay, Robt. Gaiton, Agnes Wigston, Robt. Amcottes, Alex. Waryng, John Garway, Wm. Dunsey, Harry Browne, Edw. Wylmotte, John Leveson, Wm. Buttler, Nic. Leveson, John Gooderycke, John Bradelay, and Thos. Wetell.
Purchasers:—Adrian van Merche, Wm. Isbrauntson, Garrarde Clayson, Veyner van Plancke, Rombolde van Sorke, Barthram Haighe, Woulter van Merche, Jaques Mahew, Derycke Peterson, Woulter Johnson, Gysbryght Frederyckeson, Wm. Jacobson, Jasper Wyllyamson, Vyctor Mew, Derycke Fraumson Golle, John Dawras, Nicoche Venasell, Joys van Gaver, Wm. Robyn, John Delufall, Antony Coquarke, Nicoche Venayse (Vinacciesi ?), John Deserbroche, Gawce Durrant, Antony Fraumson, Wyger van Paunder.
Signed: Per me Richard Parsons.
ii. Barton's book:—
Vendors:—Thos. Lawle, Umffra Leyghtfott, Roger Parrott, Thos. Walker, Harry Hubyllethorne, Thos. Berry, Thos. Love, John Lewsson, Wm. Smythe, Geo. Meydelay, and others mentioned in previous list.
Purchasers:—Jaykes Seneschall, John Brydedowe, Wolleter van Marche, Gyllame Fellyatur, Collard Mayehewe, Mayehewe Haddeballe, Mewys Garbrantson, Jerominus Tucker, Daniell Vandenhede, Nic. le Lewre, John Brydehowye, Jaykes de Ford, John de Faner, Petter van Magynebowrthe, Lenierd Plower, Bartyllemew Frederykes, John Hollyebrand, Lawrence vande Moylle, Ant. Cokequart, John de Sarbrowyghe, and Authone Vacure. Signed "Per Barton."
Pp. 11. Endd.: Delyver this to my Lorde of the Privy Seal.
29 Sept.
Harl. MS.
6074, f. 67.
B. M
"Anno xxxj., the day of St. Michael, the French king being at his town of Compiegne, having these knights of his said noble Order their arms set up in his stalls, as well those present as absent, as followeth":—[The names are arranged in two columns].
1. "The French king, the Dauphin, the duke of Orleans, the duke de Vodomoys, prince de Melfe, Loys de Cleves, Conte de Deserre, John Dolbon, Sieur de Saint André, Claud Gouffier Conte de Carvall Sieur de Boisy, John Crequi Sieur de Canaples."
2. "The Emperor, le Roy de Angletier, le Roy d'Escose, le Roy de Navare, le Duc de Monpencier, le Conestable, Mons. de Humyers, Mons. Rochepote, Mons. de Barnacke, Mons. de Montpesac, Mons. de Annybaull."
P. 1. From a heraldic volume which belonged to Sir G. Dethick, Garter.
30 Sept.
R. O.
I have received your letter of Ager, and am sorry the word sables was so illegible; however, they "are now come as well to pass as though they had come rather." I will get a kirtle made for Mrs. Honor, and also a "lettis bonett." "And where your ladyship writeth me to give my lord good counsel for his honour and profit, and how the same shall be also for my honesty," I will not fail to put him in remembrance, trusting he will be earnest in his own cause before he leaves the King. I hear nothing of Mr. Tywcke's lanerd, but I will speak again to Mr. Long. Mr. Polsted is in the country. When he returns I will be in hand with him for Mr. Basset's mewed lanerd. I will also move my lord for payment of the 5l. 10s. to Ager. Justice will be shortly here, and when my lord learns the truth, he will no doubt speak to my lord Warden for redress. My lord was merry this morning. The Palsgrave and he are at Hampton Court, and will be to-morrow at York Place; and on Thursday, my lord rides to my lord Prince and returns to the King; "and then shall my lord know his fare." I send a letter from Mr. Rolles and another from Mr. Dennys. London, 30 Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Add.
30 Sept.
R. O.
The bearer, Mr. Hercowrte, is troubled by one Persall in my lordship of Ecclesall. The matter begins for the resort to his own cousin's wife. Because he is letted of his way to her house he hath taken her home to him. My predecessor and I have both laboured to have this matter amended, but it will not be without your Lordship's assistance. Scroysbury, 30 Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Add.: Lord Crumwell lord Privy Seal. Endd.
30 Sept.
R. O.
Mr. John Ovedall, this bearer, can inform you of the state of the North. He is a man who serves the King very diligently. My suit is to be absent at the next session of Parliament, for I trust to do better service in the North. Newcastle, 30 Sept.
P. 1. Add.: Privy Seal. Endd.
30 Sept.
R. O.
250. THOMAS GARETT to MR. CATYSBYE, (fn. 8) at Lapworth.
Where my lord Chancellor of England, my master, has written to you for the next advowson of your chantry of Lapworth, to the intent I should have it and be your beadman there, I beg you to accomplish his desire. He has granted you a benefice for one of your chaplains wherever you can espy it. I would have myself brought my lord's said letters, but am sent, with other his officers, to keep his courts. Please make your advowson to my Lord, Mr. Anth. Wayte and Mr. Ric. Mason, and send it by this poor man, Robt. Pathlow, who has great matters in suit before my lord Chancellor. Terlyng, in Essex, 30 Sept.
Hol., p. 1. Add.
30 Sept.
R. O.
Thanks Cromwell for his goodness to him and his son. Offers to serve in the raids against the offenders of Tyndall and the outlaws, suggested by the lord President and others. Was prevented by gout from attending on the President, but is now recovered. Intends to come up to Parliament. Thanks Cromwell for the licence to be absent from the last Parliament. Brauncepeth, 30 Sept. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: Privy Seal. Endd.
30 Sept.
R. O.
Issues of the Hanaper of Chancery, 30 Sept. "anno predicti Domini Regis" 30, to 30 Sept. ao 3l.
Total receipt, 2,486l. 17s. 11½d.; allowances, 1,474l. 6s. 7d.; remainder, 1,012l. 11s. 3½d., whereof paid to Mr. Tuke, treasurer of the Chamber, 890l. And so remains in hand 122l. 11s. 3½d.
Latin. Large paper, p. 1.
30 Sept.
R. O.
Hears there is great plenty of corn in England. Asks for a licence to export certain shiploads thence. Asks to be recommended to Madame la Debitis. Paris, 30 Sept. 1539.
Hol., Fr., p. 1. Add.: Le Debitis de Calex.
R. O.
254. WM. LORD SANDYS, and Others, to LORD LISLE.
Repeat their recent request to lord Lisle to grant the first 6d. a day that falls vacant to Jas. Hastyngs. He is a gentleman. All other spears have men in waiting, and he has none. Ask him to write to Mr. Comptroller for his admittance. Calais, _ (blank) Sept. Signed: Wyl'm Sandys—John Wallop—Thomas Palmer—John Rolckewood—Willm Sympson.
P. 1. Add.: Deputy of Calais.
Petition to the King from Thomas Pylson, born in Bromley Abbats, Staff., "fatherless, motherless, and friendless," for royal letters to the master and fellows of the King's Hall, Cambridge, to restore him to his fellowship there, for which he had the King's bill signed, and was admitted in Nov. 30 Hen. VIII., by the mediation of Dr. Redmayne, reader of Divinity in the Schools of Cambridge. John Shyreff, a barber and surgeon in Colman Street, who was recommended to him by John Tyndall, servant to Mr. Hugh Latymer, late bishop of Worcester, a little before Lent last, to cure him of vulnus meretricis caught at the Ste[w]e3 in Southwark, after cruelly illtreating him with starvation and physic, turned him out of doors with his wound unhealed, though he had left him a box of evidences of his lands in Staffordshire as security for his payment. Lay three days out of doors in April, "for no man durst lodge me being thus made so wretched"; and then Tyndall and Wm. Farley, learned in the Canon Law and servant to Mr. Hugh Latimer, would have had him resign his fellowship to Sir Hugh Rawlyn, chaplain to Mr. Hugh Latimer, but he refused. Went home to Staffordshire, and, two months afterwards, to Cambridge, and then Tyndall further persecuted him by sending Rawlyns to him with a letter which compelled him to ride while sick from Cambridge to London, 1 August last. Next day they persuaded him to make a formal resignation before a notary of Paternoster Row, and then afterwards to ride to Chichester to see Mr. Hugh Latimer, sometime his master. By the way, at Midhurst on Monday, 4 Aug., he revoked his act of resignation. Executed various deeds of revocation (described) at Chichester and London, and then repaired to the King at Grafton, where he complained that the master and fellows refused him his fellowship. The King referred him to Dr. Skyp, then almoner. Dr. Skyp, being Rawlyn's special friend, refused to receive his bill and craftily procured one to be signed, 7 Sept., giving Rawlyn the reversion of his fellowship; who thereupon went to Cambridge and got himself admitted.
On a skin of vellum.
1. How he had the book found in his "cover" (coffer ?) at Chichester ? 2. How he had the book named "Incheridion Exce" in his chamber in the abbey of Reading? 3. Why he kept them, knowing one of them to be written against the King's supremacy and the other against his divorce? 4. How he had a relic named St. Anastasius' hand at Reading, knowing that his Majesty had sent visitors to the said abbey to put down such idolatry? 5. Why he desired Thos. Vachell when he resorted to his chamber at Reading to lay the said "Exces" out of its place that it might not be found?
P. 1.
Is tenant to the abbot of Reading, who, five or six years ago, granted him the keeping of Eysshewood Park within Lymsters Ore, under the checker seal of the convent. Within a quarter of a year after which Cromwell wrote to the abbot to give the office to Master Hobby, then his servant. The abbot complied, because Braytheford was his servant and bachelor at that time. Braytheford, however, persuaded Hobby to surrender his grant, and has his writing to show it. Mr. Hobby, however, wrote to the abbot of Reading to make a later grant to a chaplain of his named Sir Philip Powle, who unjustly swore before the abbot that Braytheford had surrendered his title. Now the prior of Lymster, in Hobby's name, "doth trouble and vex your said orator and pinneth his cattle and setteth locks upon the park gates in such wise that he cannot live in peace." Begs redress.
P. 1. Add. at the head: Lord Privy Seal. Endd.
Vit. C. XVI.,
B. M
Report of negotiations for the marriage of Anne of Cleves as follows:—
That as to the dote they (the duke of Cleves' commissioners) cannot offer what they think convenient; for they could never pay it, the Duke being a young prince newly [come] to his dominions and forced to prepare daily against his enemies. That since they can promise no great dote they can ask no great dower, but leave all to Henry, who doubtless will provide suitably for his wife. They think it rather expedient to have her conveyed by land than by water; for she "is young and beautiful, and if she should be transported by the seas they fear much how it might alter her complexion. They fear lest the time of the year being now cold and tempestuous she might there, though she were never so well ordered, take such cold or other disease, considering she was never before upon the scas, as should be to her great peril and the King's Majesty's great displeasure." By sea also there is danger of their enemies, and they doubt what quarrel the Hollanders, or other the Emperor's subjects, would make if she fell into their hands without safe conduct.
"* * * through Bra[bant] ... obtained they account it ... of viij days, specially if it [might please] the King's Majesty to write jointly [with them] for the same, albeit they put no [doubt] but they might themselves obtain [it]." They think the Emperor's people would never break their safe conduct, both because of the dishonour and because it would make the King, the elector of Saxe, the duke of Cleves, and all the princes of Germany their mortal enemies; and moreover "they have such ... traffic with the Emperor's countries that * * * any such practise." They are content that the covenants with the duke of Saxe should be pacted here, "and have promised this afternoon to show the self covenants wherein they be of two opinions touching Gheldres." Ratification by her and by the Duke shall be done with all diligence after the conclusion.
In Wriothesley's hand, pp. 4. Mutilated.
"To remember Mr. Parys. For the joining of St. Asaph with Chester and Wenlok. The sending to Glaston for the money. Mr. Pollerd's being yesterday at the Tower. Richard Bridges' bill. The dispatch into the North and money for John Heron. For coats of arms for heralds and banners for the trumpets."
Wriothesley's hand, p. 1. Endd.: A remembrance.
My lord of Bath's answer for the manor of Dogmansfelde. Letters to the duke of Saxony and Landgrave. Instructions for Chr. Mownte. For the depeche into the North. The answer of the bishop of St. Asaph. Robt. Saymer's suit for Evychyrche (Ivychurch). Ric. Bridges' lease of Ludgersale. Spratt's suit of Bristow for the sale of his ship. A letter to my lord Admiral for the poor man of Cork. For the woman that remaineth with my lord Russell.
P. 1. Endd.
Pensions list of Assherudge College, Bucks, first payment to be at Lady Day, 31 Hen. VIII., viz.:—
Thos. Waterhouse, rector, 100l. (and 50 loads of firewood); Thos. Hyll and Mich. Draper, 10l. each; John Hatfelde, "senex," and Joseph Stepneth, 8l. each; Robt. Hychyn, and Ric. Gardyner, 7l. each; Wm. Knyghton, Ric. Bedforde, Ric. Cannon, and Roger Byrcheleye, 6l. each; Wm. Yonge and Wm. Downeham, 6l. 13s. 4d. each; Wm. Broke, Ric. Sawnders, and John Axstell, 106s. 8d. each; Edw. Pecock, novice, 53s. 4d. Signed by Drs. Tregonwell and London and by Wm. Cavendish, auditor.
P. 1.
Pensions assigned at the dissolution of Myssenden, Bucks, to be paid yearly, first payment at Lady Day, (fn. 9) 31 Hen. VIII., viz.:—
John Otewell, abbot, 50l.; John Wedon, prior, and Roger Palmer, 6l. 13s. 4d. each; Thos. Barnerdes to have the vicarage of Missenden, serving the cure and bearing all charges; John Slythurst to serve the cure at the Lee with 8l., or if he refuse it 106s. 8d.; Thos. Luffenham, 6l.; Wm. Roberdes, John Amerye, and Wm. Smyth, 106s. 8d.; John Sheperde, an old impotent man, 40s. Signed: per nos Johannem London: Joh'em Carleton: Will'm Cavendyssh, audit': Richard Watkyns.
P. 1.
I thank your lordship for your letter by Agar. My lady is merry and in good health, and all your household. Mr. Controller rejoices so much in your room that he swears he would give 20l. to hear you were at Dover coming over. It would be well to ascertain my lord Privy Seal's pleasure how this Frenchman, Capt. Audren (fn. 10) shall be entertained, whether he shall come to England or be commanded hence. No doubt if he would serve the King as well as he has served the French king, he is not a man to be cast away, for all over France he is reputed valiant. He has told me since you left that if the King will give him bare entertainment, he will be content, and he will have 2,000 Frenchmen adventurers at his command. I think, whether the King will have him or not, he is unmeet to be here, "for a very few Frenchmen methinks may satisfy this town." He says plainly he will never serve the French king though he should beg all his life. He has slain a gentleman belonging to the Constable of France, and is but a dead man if he be taken there. If I thought we should have war with France within these two years I would rather pay for his board at London than that he should go his way, but I think it good policy to make one Frenchman destroy another. Make my humble recommendations to my lord Privy Seal, who, I fear, is my heavy lord, because I have had no answer to my letters to him this twelvemonth. Say, whoever has reported ill against me, I should like that he and I both were tried before my lord who was the honest man.
To-day I called Moran Haynys and Jhan Luke with three more substantial men in the Low Country and asked them if they had ever known those of Arde in possession of the Cowswade. They said they well remembered that the Frenchmen of Arde did build certain houses within it, and Thos. Prowde, then baily, did suffer them to do so till they had got them ready to dwell in, when he got the country to pull them down and distrained the stone and timber. Within two years after the Frenchmen caused the said Cowswade to be mowed down, and made above 100 load of hay ready to be carried to the barn, when Thos. Prowde sent word that next day he meant to carry it away. Those of Arde sent answer that they would bring enough pitchforks. On this Mr. Nanfan, then deputy, sent 100 archers of the town with a standard and a drum, who carried away all the hay and brought it to Mark. They remained three hours after the hay was carried off and no claim was made for it to this day. Please inform my Lord Privy Seal of this.
Hol., pp. 2. Add.: Deputy of Calais.
264. GRANTS in SEPTEMBER 1539.
1. Geo. Dey, S.T.P., the provost, and the scholars of the King's college of St. Mary and St. Nicholas, Cambridge. Mortmain grant of the following annuities or annual rents, viz.:—
A yearly pension or rent of 20 marks, formerly granted by a bishop of Salisbury to Alice, then abbess, and the convent of Wilton (upon certain causes and considerations moved between the said abbess and convent on the one side and Rob. Wodelarke, S.T.P., then provost, and the scholars of the said college, proprietaries of the prebend of Chalke, Wilts., on the other) and afterwards confirmed to the said abbess and convent by the said provost and scholars by deed dated 6 Sept. 15 Edw. IV., with a clause giving power to distrain for arrears upon their property in Wiltshire.
An annuity or yearly rent of 33l. 6s. 8d. afterwards granted by Rob. Hacumblen, the provost, and the scholars of the said college, by charter dated 3 Nov. 11 Hen. VIII., to the prior and convent of the Carthusian house of the Salutation of the Mother of God next the city of London; the said provost and scholars being then seised of a certain late priory of Magna Okeborn and of the manor of Magna Okeborn and Parva Okeborn, Wilts., alias the priory of Okeborn Alienigenarum, and the manors of Okeborn Magna and Okeborn Parva, alias Okeborn Saynt George in Okeborn Magna and Okeborn Parva, Wilts., and of the manor of Ruyslepe, alias Rislepe, Midd.; which annuity the said provost and scholars confirmed to the said Carthusian priory by their charter dated 6 Nov. 11. Hen. VIII., with power of distraining.
Which annuities came to the King's hands by the dissolution of the said abbey of Wilton and Carthusian priory near London. Woodstok, 26 Aug. 31 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 1 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 9.
2. Bishopric of Bangor.
Significavit of assent to the election of John Birde, S.T.P., as bishop of Bangor, vice John Capon, translated. Walden, 1 Sept. Pat. 31 Hen. VIII., p. 3, m. 28. Rymer, XIV. 644.
3. Th. Horden, clerk of the King's Accatry, and John Wellisborne, a gentleman of the King's Privy Chamber. Grant in survivorship of the office of the King's otter-hunter, which [Sir] Nich. Carewe lately held; with fees 3½d. a day for the office, 4½d. a day for the keeping of 6 hounds, 1½d. a day for a page under him, and 9d. a day for the keep of 12 hounds, and profits as enjoyed by Nich. Carew, Chr. Rochester, or any other in that office. Thruxston, 8 Aug. 31 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 1 Sept. P.S.—Pat. p. 1, m. 40.
4. Rouland Shakelady, of London, and Katherine, his wife. Grant, in fee, for 390l., of the manor of Tugby, Leic., and 20 messuages and 8l. and 4d. of rent in Tugby, Estnorton, Misterton, Burton Overey, and Mounstrell, Leic., and the chapel or rectory of Estnorton, Leic., belonging to the late monastery of Croxden, Staff., with all possessions of the monastery in the above places; in as full manner as Th. Chauner, the late abbot, held the same; with reservation of the advowson of the vicarage of Tugby and tithes of Keythorp, Leic. Yearly value, 21l. 13s. 8d., rent, 43s. 5d. Del. Westm., 1 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p 3, m. 36.
5. Rob. Hennege. Grant, in fee, of the reversions and rents reserved upon the following Crown leases to Thomas Hatclyff, 29 Oct. 30 Hen. VIII., viz. (1) of the rectory of Ormesby, Linc., belonging to the late priory of Nonneormesby, Linc.; term 21 years; rent 40s.; and (2) of the site of the late priory of Nonneormesby, Linc., and the demesne lands in Ormesby, Utterby, Fulstowe, Garnthorpe, Warholme, Welton, and Austen Fenne, which were in proper occupation of the late prior; with reservations; term 21 years; rent 4l. 16s. 4d.
Also grant, as above, of the reversion and rent reserved upon another Crown lease, dated 12 Nov. 30 Hen. VIII., to John Bellowe, of Legborne, Linc., of the house and site of the late priory of Newsted upon Ankeholme, Linc., and the demesne lands in Cadney, Linc., late in the proper occupation of the late prior; for 21 years; at 4l. 9s. rent.
Also grant, as above, of a water mill in Teyvylby, Linc., with an enclosure there belonging to the late priory of Syxhill, Linc., now in the tenure of Hen. Serlby, and another water mill at Tevylby, with a grange there, now in the tenure of Rob. Barde, belonging to Syxhill; and a toft, with all lands, &c., in Lesyngton and Buslyngthorp, now in the tenure of one John Benson, belonging to the late priory of Bullyngton, Linc. Clear annual value of lands leased to John Bellow, the two mills, &c., 8l. 17s.; rent 18s. Del. Walden, 3 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 6.
6. Dame Joan Coke, widow. Grant, in fee, for 266l. 6s. 8d., of the site of the manor or grange of Poddesmede in the parish of Hempstede, in co. town of Gloucester; and all messuages, houses, &c., adjoining the said grange, and certain pastures and meadows, &c., in Hempsted and Elmore, and a croft of land called Paynescrofte near the walls of the town of Gloucester, near the ditch there called Gosedyche, &c., in as full manner as the premises came to the King's hands by the dissolution of the late priory of Lanthonye; rent 30s. Del. Clare, 6 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 5.
7. Rob. Tyrwite and John Molle, of Northampton. Grant, in fee, of the three closes "Le Middle close," "Le Busshe close" and "Lees Pooles," late in the tenure of the said John Molle in Stuttisbury, Northt., which belonged to the late priory of St. Andrew, Northampton; and the close of land and dovecot thereto adjoining now in the tenure of the said John Molle in Knyght Strete in the town of Northampton which belonged to the late monastery of St. James near Northampton. With full rights. Annual value 8l.; rent 16s. Del. Westm., 6 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 5, m. 12.
8. Richard Kilgore, born subject of the Emperor. Denization. Westm., 8 Sept. Pat. 31 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 34.
9. Bishopric of Bangor.
Restitution of the temporalities on the election of John Birde, S.T.P., as bishop, vice John Capon. Grafton, 3 Aug. 31 Hen. VIII. Del. Lyes, 9 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 3, m. 28. Rymer, XIV., 644.
10. Denizations:—
John Blendmore, a native of Normandy in the dominions of the king of the French. Westm., 10 Sept.
Eustace Mavyr, native of Normandy in the dominions of the king of the French. Westm., 10 Sept. Pat. 31 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 34.
11. Walter ap Hoell ap Thomas, of the parish of Llantrishen, in the lordship of Uske, marches of Wales, yeoman, alias gent. Pardon for the homicide and murder of Thomas ap Jevan ap Meyrik, of the parish of Llangom, marches of Wales, yeoman. Grafton, 9 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII. Del. Walden, 12 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 38.
12. John Burneil, an officer of the King's cellar, and Wm. Huchynson, an officer of the King's spicery. Grant in survivorship of the warren of coneys within the manor of Busshehall, Herts., with the herbage within the limits of the said warren; which came to the King's hands, by reason of the attainder of Margaret Pole, late countess of Salisbury. Del. Westm. 12 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 3, m. 8.
13. Th. Moyle, one of the general surveyors of Crown lands. Annuity of 53l. 6s. 8d., payable by the sheriff of Wilts. Del. Walden, 14 Sept 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 7, m. 23.
14. Crown lands.
Commission to Sir John Dauncy, Ric. Pollard, King's Remembrancer in the Exchequer, and Th. Moyle, as general surveyors of Crown lands, in accordance with the Act 27 Hen. VIII., cap. 62, making perpetual the provisions of statute 14 and 15 Hen. VIII. cap. 15. Del. Westm., 14 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1, m. 28.
15. Th. Paston, a gentleman of the King's Privy Chamber. Grant, in tail male (for 500 mks.), of the reversions and rents reserved upon the following Crown leases, viz.:—
(1.) To Th. Sydney, of Parva Walsyngham, Norf., 20 July 30 Hen. VIII., of the tithes of corn of the rectory of Barney, Norf., which belonged to the late priory of Bynham. Norf.; term 21 years; rent 73s. 4d. (2.) To Rob. Towneshend, 5 March 30 Hen. VIII., of the house and site of the said late priory of Bynham, and the manor of Bynham, belonging to the priory; with reservations; term, 21 years; rent, 50l. 13s. 11d. (3.) To John Mynne of London, 20 Feb. 30 Hen. VIII., of the rectory of the parish church of Bynham, Norf.; with reservation of the advowson of the vicarage; term, 21 years; rent, 20 marks.
Also grant as above of the manors of Bynham, Walsyngham Magna, Welles, Gunthorpe, and Riborough, Norf., the rectories of Bynham, Barney, and Darsyngham, Norf., and the following annual pensions which belonged to the said late priory, viz.:—33s. 4d. due from the rector of Egefelde, Norf.; 26s. 8d. from the rector of Walsyngham Magna; 40s. from the rector of Ribourgh Magna; 13s. 4d. from the rector of Riborough Parva; the King's portion of tithes in Saxlingham, Norf.; 10s. from the rector of Saxlyngham; 5s. from the rectory or parish church of Wighton, Norf.; 6s. 8d. from the rector of Sandryngham, Norf.; 10s. from the rector of Welles next the Sea, Norf.; 6s. 8d. from the rector of Ingolds-thorpp; 24s. from the prior of Lewes, payable by the vicar of Toftys; 5s. 6d. from the rector of Westlee, Norf.; 24s. from the vicar of Barney, Norf.; and all possessions of the priory in Bynham, Walsyngham Magna, Welles, Edgefelde, Gunthorpe, Lenn Regis, Magna Riborough, Parva Riborough, Saxlingham, Wyghton, Thursforde, Sandringham, Welles next the Sea. Ingoldsthorpe, Westlee, Barney, and Darsyngham, Norf.; and elsewhere in co. Norf. and in the city of Norwich: except the reversion of the manors of Barney, Darsyngham and Edgefeld, which the said Th. Paston holds for life by patent under the Great Seal of the Augmentation Court. Clear yearly value, 101l. 8s. 4¾d.; rent, 10l. 3s. Del. Walden, 14 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. 31 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 32. Vacated on surrender, 13 Nov. 33 Hen. VIII.
16. Th. Colepeper, a gentleman of the King's Privy Chamber. To be (1) keeper of the manor of Penshurst, Kent; (2) keeper of the gardens and orchards at Penshurst; (3) keeper of the great park of Penshurste, and (4) of the parks of Northlegh, and (5) Northlaundes; (6) keeper of the waters, ponds, and fisheries in said parks, and chief steward, bailiff, and receiver of the manor of Penshurste; and master of the hunt of deer of the parks and warrens aforesaid; with fees of 2d., 2d., 4d. 2d., and 2d., a day, and 4l. a year respectively, from the death of Thomas, earl of Wiltshire. Del. Westm., 15 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 4, m. 44.
17. John Baron Russell. To be steward of the honor of Wynkelegh called Gloucester fee or Winkeley fee, and of the lordships or manors of Southtawton and Seele, Devon; and keeper of the parks of Tyverton and Assheley, Devon, with the herbage and pannage and other profits of those parks; constable of Restormell castle, Cornwall, and keeper of Restormell park, with the herbage and pannage of the said park; keeper of the mansion or messuage of the manor of Bockonocke, Cornwall, and keeper of Bockonocke park, with the herbage and panuage of the same park; the office of master of the hunt of deer of the forests of Dertmoure and Exmoure, Devon, and of Roche, Soms., and of the parks of Colcombe, Tyverton, Assheley, Chymney, Chytenholt, Okehampton, Edisley, Dertington, and Stokynham, Devon, and Bockenocke, Lystydiell, Liscard, and Restormell, Cornwall, More and Prederton, Soms.; and master of the hunt of deer in all the forests and chaces, parks, lordships, &c., in said cos. Devon, Soms., and Dors., in the King's hands by the attainder of Henry late marquis of Exeter; and in all forests and chaces which happen in anywise to be in the King's hands there; with certain stated fees in the above offices. Also keeper of Lydford castle, Devon, with the usual fees. Del. Walden, 18 Sept, 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 4, m. 42.
18. James Wynbrugge, born a subject of the Emperor. Denization. Walden, 18 Sept. Pat. 31 Hen. VIII. p. 6, m. 36.
19. Thomas lord Cromwell, keeper of the Privy Seal. To be steward of the honor of Reylegh, and bailiff of the honor and hundred of Rocheford, Essex, with 10l. a year out of the issues of the manors of Reilegh, Estwoodbury, Thundersley, and Lovedon, Essex, and profits as enjoyed by Thos. earl of Wiltshire and Ormond. Del. Westm., 20 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 1. m. 15 (dated "20 Dec.").
20. John Banyster. Grant in fee (in consideration of his domicile called "a crane" upon the harbour of the town of Calais having been broken by an overcharge of the King's timber, and for a sum of 100l.) of the 3 messuages or tenements in Fanchurche Strete, in the parish of St. Benet, Gracechurche, London, now in the tenure of Anthony Sylver; the tenement or messuage in Fanchurche Strete, in the parish of St. Gabriel there, leased to John Wolnawe; a messuage or tenement in the same parish, adjoining the said tenement late in the tenure of John Franke and now leased to the said John Wolnawe; the tenement in the same parish, late in the tenure of Rob. Lesson, and now leased to Henry Foxe; the tenements and stables in Penthecoste lane, London, viz., in the parish of St. Nicholas there, and in Charterhouse lane in St. Nicholas, Fleshehambells, London, leased to Ric. Warner; the tenement in the parish of St. Mary Oldechurche in Cornehill, London, leased to Stephen Tygo; and the 2 closes of land in the parish of St. Pancras, Midd., leased to Ric. Hudson; all which premises belonged to the late Carthusian monastery or house near the city of London; to hold in as full manner as Wm. Trafford, late prior of the said house, held the same; rent of 4l. Del. Westm., 20 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 6, m. 11.
21. John Parker, an esquire of the King's stable. Grant in tail male (on surrender of an annuity of 10l., which he held from the treasury of the King's Chamber) of the house and site of the late monastery of Lanternam in the bishopric of Llandaff, S. Wales, the church, steeple and churchyard, &c., and the lands called Skylborcourte and "le parke," in the lordship of Wentisland, in the said bishopric, late in the personal occupation of the abbot; the wood called Therwes near the said park and land; lands, &c., called Kelthe Leez, parcel of the manor of Magna Porta, and the tenement and lands called Trawsechawre in the lordship and bishopric aforesaid; and the grange and lands, &c., called Kydloneth, in the lordship of Habercarne, in the said bishopric, S. Wales; all lately belonging to the said late monastery; in as full manner as the late abbot held the same. Clear yearly value, 10l. 7s., yearly rent, 21s. Del. Westm., 20 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 4, m 36.
22. Wm. Hanson, of Andever, Hants, tailor. Pardon for the death of Wm. Smyth, who, with John Huntingford, was, on the 9 June, 23 Hen. VIII., appointed a watchman of the said town and sworn by Ric. Chambre, bailiff of the same town, to watch during the following night; when the said Wm. Hanson and Wm. Fox, of the same town, fuller, assaulted the said John Huntingford and Wm. Smyth - Grafton, 2 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII. Del. Windsor, 24 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 41.
23. John Russell, clk., Clement Giles, and Elizabeth his wife. Licence to alienate certain messuages, cottages, lands, &c., in Fodrynghaye, Newton and Southwyk, Northt., to Ric. Warde and John Gilberd, clks. Westm., 24 Sept. Pat. 31 Hen. VIII. p. 4, m. 47.
24. Mich. Convens, gunner and "wiffeler." To be one of the King's gunners, with fees of 8d. a day. Windsor, 23 Sept., 31 Hen. VIII. Del. Windsor, 25 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 38.
25. Anth. Ciabo, surgeon. Licence to import 600 tuns of Gascon wines. Windsor, 23 Sept., 31 Hen. VIII. Del. Windsor, 25 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 39. Rymer, XIV., 645.
(2). S.B. for the above endorsed as "expedited at Windsor, 23 Sept." by Wriothesley.
26. John de Severina. Licence to import 200 tuns of Toulouse woad and Gascon wine from Bordeaux or elsewhere beyond sea. Westm., 11 Jan. 30 Hen. VIII.—Del. Windsor, 25 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 41.
27. Sir Geo. Darcy. Grant in tail mail of the manor of Wykerysden, Glouc., belonging to the late monastery of Eynesham alias Egnesham, Oxon., in as full manner as Anthony Dunston, the late abbot, held the same. Del. Westm., 26 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Endd.: Georgius Darcy mil, and in a later hand "a byll for 7l. misnamed in his old bill."
Vacated on personal surrender, 6 March, 34 Hen. VIII., in order that the grant might be made out in another form. Pat. p. 1, m. 17.
28. Sir Th. Wiatt, Ric. Morysyn, and Th. Thirleby, clk. Grant of the next presentation to any canonry or prebend in the royal college or collegiate church in the university of Oxford, commonly called King Henry's College. Amptill, 8 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 27 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 37.
29. Nich. Hethe, clk., King's chaplain. Grant of the prebend and canonry in the collegiate church of St. Stephen in Westminster palace, vice John Bell, promoted to the bishopric of Worcester. Langley, 22 Aug. 31 Hen. VIII. Del. Windsor, 27 Sept.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 40.
30. John Travers, a gentleman sewer of the King's Chamber. Grant of the office of pavilioner or serjeant of the King's tents in England and elsewhere, with fee of 20l. Windsor, 28 Sept. 31 Hen. VIII. Del. Windsor, same day.—P.S. Pat. p. 1, m. 40.


  • 1. Dr. Nicholas Wotton.
  • 2. One of the R.O. transcripts reads this word as "promet."
  • 3. The Prior of the White Friars.
  • 4. These are annuities granted by religious houses suppressed, and confirmed by the Court.
  • 5. Cancelled.
  • 6. The punctuation is in the original.
  • 7. This pay is in a different hand from the rest of the book.
  • 8. Doubtless Richard Catesby of Lapworth. See Vol. X., No. 29.
  • 9. Although the first payment was to be at Lady Day 1540, it would appear that the monastery was dissolved about the end of September, as the pensions actually commenced at Michaelmas 31 Hen. VIII. See Augmentation Book 234 f. 342.
  • 10. Adrien Cape. See No. 276.