Henry VIII: April 1545, 21-25

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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 20 Part 1, January-July 1545. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1905.

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April 1545, 21-25

21 April. 553. Wymond Carew.
Treasurer of First Fruits and Tenths. See Grants in April 1545, 36 Hen. viii., No. 54.
21 April. 554. Otwell Johnson to John Johnson.
R. O London, 21 April 1545:—Of your wool merchants none have been here since my departing, save Wymar, who took 42 todd and paid Mr. Smyth for it. He wants the rest, but I have not yet spoken with Mr. Smyth therein. News from Calais you shall know by Ambrose Saunders' letter, sent by Wedde, this bearer, to Mr. Cave.
Hol.,p.1. Add.: at Tykeford.
21 April. 555. Shrewsbury and Others to Henry VIII.
R. O. Having, since receipt of his letters for the description of an army of 30,000 men, considered what shall be requisite, they signify such "wants and lacks " as they find here.
1. Shrewsbury has not only addressed special letters to the noblemen and gentlemen in all the shires of his commission to be ready with their numbers to come forward by 12 May, but has sent to all the sheriffs to make proclamations for all men generally to make ready. Enclose a schedule of the number appointed in every shire.
2. I, the Archbp. of York, knowing the scarcity of grain in Holdernes and other parts where the chief provision is to be had, suppose it hard to get as much more as Mr. Stanhop has already sent to the Borders, "which is but a small quantity." The inhabitants of Newcastell say that, if the restraint of grain in Line, Norf. and Suff., by the King's purveyors, be released, they will provide shortly, if wind and weather serve, 3,000 or 4,000 qr., either for the King, if it please the same to bear the adventure of loss or gain, or for themselves at their own adventure ; and this also is no great furniture for such an army. The Wardens of the marches say that they can scarcely get victual for their own households or they "would not have permitted the country within their marches to be so destitute and disfurnished as it is and hath been all this year." So that it seems "an impossible matter" to furnish the army with victuals in these parts.
3. Find great lack of carriage and chiefly of cart horses to draw ordnance and munitions. Those heretofore bought in like cases, and put to grass in sundry parks, are dead or lame, and none are to be bought in these parts; and therefore a good number must be sent hither from the South.
Finally, here is no store of money. The Treasurer has but 2,000l., and the benevolence of Yorkshire, "being limited by your Majesty for to be employed upon your Highness' affairs here", will not exceed 4,000l.; which, with the garrisons and the works at Tynmowthe and Barwycke, will soon be spent. Also here is great lack of expert gunners;—in Barwycke, where there should be 50, it will be hard to pick out 20 expert men. Darneton, 21 April 1545.
Herewith letters from the Warden of the East Marches and others from William Overende. The Warden's letter shows how the plague begins "to reign somewhat vehemently" at Barwycke. Signed Fraunces Shrewesbury : Robert Ebor.: Cuth. Duresme : Rafe Sadleyr.
Pp. 3. Add, Endd.
R. O. 2. [The schedule above referred to].
"The discripcion of an armye wt in the levetenaunce of the Northe," viz:—Cumberland, 1,800; Westmoreland, 2,000; Northumberland with the garrisons there, 3,000; Durham, 1,500; Yorkshire, 6,000; Lancashire, 5,400; Cheshire, 3,000; Shropshire, 1,400; Staffordshire, 1,400; Derbyshire, 1,000; Nottinghamshire, 1,000. Total, 27,500.
P. 1.
21 April. 556. Thomas Chamberlain to Paget.
R. O. Wrote yesterday by a servant of Mr. Hobby's. Sends by bearer, Francisco the post, a leather bag, sealed, with 48l. 17s. 4d. in groats, which is for part of the 200 cr. Paget left, the rest of which will be sent with the next. Hears that a shipper has come to complain that he cannot recover that taken from him in England among the herring prizes, "and that th'Emperor's ambassadors have willed him to come to complain." So many here complain of ships taken by our folks, specially a ship from the Indias worth 50,000 ducats, that our merchants fear an afterclap; for the complainers talk very spitefully and our merchants are not trusted upon credit as they have been. Tells them that he knows of no danger, but if they mislike the likelihoods they should send home as fast as they can and trust these folks the less. Encloses a letter from Muxica who writes to Paget for answer, and to the writer to borrow money upon his fee that Paget promised to send. The Emperor and the Regent arrived here yesterday towards evening. Andwarpe, 21 April 1545.
Hol., pp.3. Add. Endd.
21 April. 557. Augmentations.
R. O. A book of payments by the treasurer of Augmentations, headed "Anno xxxvjto," giving the date and intention of each of payment. (For the previous account see Vol. Xix. Pt. i. No. 368).
f. 1. i. Pensions paid to divers late religious persons recorded under the names of houses, with the amount of the subsidy taxed upon each. [Except where otherwise noted, these are quarterly or half-yearly payments for the year ending Michaelmas, 36 Henry viii., and the dates range between Dec. ao 35o and Dec. ao 36o.]
f. 2.
f. 3.
f. 4.
f. 5.
f. 6.
f. 7.
f. 8.
f. 9.
f. 10.
f. 11
f. 12.
f. 13.
f. 14.
f. 15.
f. 16.
f. 17.
f. 18
f. 19.
f. 20.
f. 21.
Seinct Mary Spittell: Wm. Maior, prior. Bysham: John Cordrey, abbot, 8 Jan. ao 35, none later quia mortuus. Chertesey: Thos. Potter. Godstowe: Kath. Bulkeley, abbess; Julian Pope. Syon: Agnes Jurden, abbess; Margery Covert, Mary Watnooe, Bridget Solyarde, Marg. Lupton, Dorothy Sleight, Mary Nevell, Dorothy Bethenham, Ant. Lytle, Ric. Browne, John Selbye, Eliz. Crochleye, Alice Synowes, Anne Edwardis, Ant. Sutton, David Cursoye, John Millet, Marg. Delleye, Andrew Delley, Kath. Bryerton, Eliz. Fauxe, Marg. Elrington, Mary Denham, John Howell, John Grene, Rose Paget, John Masse, Bridget Belgrave, Eliz. Mountaigne, Alice Lyster, Wm. Chirlington, John Stukyn, Bridget Fytzherbert. Alice Betenbam, Joan Deane, Dorothy Codryngton, Agnes Meryt, Eleanor Pegge, Eliz. Yates, Susan Purffray, Marg. Monnington, Ursula Fetiplace, Eleanor Fetyplace, Marg. Bowcher (first two quarters only),Clement Tressham, Marg. Wyndsore, Joan Rowse, Anne Dauncie, Margery Walker, Eliz. Knotsforde, Anne Vaxe, Kath. Palmer, Joan Judde (first two quarters only), Alice Pulton, Ric. Lache. Eliz. Ogle (first quarter only), Alice Elrington. St. Mary Overys: Barth. Fowle. St. Albons: Ric. Boureman. Westminster: Wm. Melton (first three quarters only), Wm. Pacyence, John Alen, Wm. Benson, Wm. Escne, John Forster. Clerkenwell: Eliz. Sakvyle. Worcester: Hen. Holbeche, John Blakwell. Sheene: Hen. Mann, Thos. Hynde, John Pysaunte, Edm. Fletewoode, Robt. Horseley, Geo. Hornbye, Hen. Bull nil,Thos. Manefilde nil, Robt. Thirlby, Ric. Tyldesley, Thos. Smithe (first half-year only), Thos. Lowe, Wm. Marshall nil, Robt. Chafer nil,Wm. Rylburye nil,John Bromley. Valla Cruces: John Heron. Whight Freres: John Gibbis (first half-year only). Bucfaste: Gabriel Dunn. Rochester: Ric. Cheteham, Wm. Cantourbury, Wm. Albone, Robt. Smythe, Ant. Browne, Thos. Nevell nil,Thos. Graye (first half-year only), Robt. Pylton Nic. Arnold, Robt. Bacon. Whitlande: Jas Nicolas. St. Bartholomew's: Matth. Delye, Wm. Barlowe, Ric. Duffe, John Smithe, sen., Peter Wade nil, Geo. Chapman, Robt. Glasyer, Chr. Rainolde, John Smithe, jun., Hen. George, John Sutton, Robt. Stokes nil.Cokesforde: John Adamson (first half-year only). Chester Abbey: Robt. Wyngham, John Taylour nil, John Standley nil, Ric. Whighthed nil, Ric. Robynson nil. John Maire, John Gostlowe, Thos. Rutter, Ric. Donne, Hugh Moythe, Wm. Mylner, Waltam: Miles Garrarde, Edm. Saunders nil, Edm. Freke, Wm. Lyllie, Thos. Hawkins, Thos. Warren, Ric. Reede. Edw. Story. John Saunder, John Norrys, Robt. Woodleeffe, George Solis. Robt. Hull, John Holmested, Robt. Parker, Hugh Yong, Humph. Marten nil. Bodmyn: Thos. Wanishworth. College of Acon: Laur. Copferler. St. Mary's in Winchester: Agnes Bagcroffte, Mary Marten, Cicely Gaynsford. Dartforde: Mary Kynston, Marg. Oakley, Kath. Clovyle. St. Augustens: Morgan Guylliams (first half-year only). Westmallyng: Marg. Vernon. Haghmonde: Thos. Corvester, Wm. Rolffe (first half-year only), John Wright. Thorneton Churtesey: Edm. Southlie nil, Thos. Apulton nil, Wm. Shawe nil, John Williamson nil, Chr. Smithe nil, Steph. Tompson. Noneton: Eliz. Mylward. Westacre: Wm. Wingffilde. Herfforde Weste: John Bathowe. Clyfforde: Nic. Hughe. Twyneham: John Poope. Axholme: Thos. Dobson, Thos. Brocke. Northon: Thos. Bryket. Crowland: John Reynes nil, Robt. Portington John Rotheram. Bardmondsey: Robt. bp. of St. Asaphe. Tower Hill: Hen. More. Chesthunte : Margery Hill. Fordham: Ric. Browne, Wm. Baynton. Charterhouse nigh London: Thos. Saltour, Wm. Waite, Wm. Broke. Chester nunnery: Eliz, Crosbonour, Marg. Tatton, Marg. Shakladye, Joan Foxelwyst, Fracois (sic) Bradborne, Margery Trafford, Margery Taylour, Jane Chauntull Eleanor Dutton, Alice Taylour, Joan Jones. Valla Ryall: John Harwade. Charterhouse of Hynton: John Bagcrofte. Ambresburye: Eliz. Baynbridg. Stratforde Bowe: Sybbell Kyrke. Tutburye: Arthur Meverell. Walsyngham: Ric. Vowell, John Clearke. Peterborowe: Robt. Kyrton. Evysham: Thos. Brystowe. Graye Fryers in London: Thos. Chapman. Wethrall: Raphe Harteley. The late vicarage of Ostenhanger: Wm. Lamberd. Barnewell: Yon Badcoke. Assheridge: Joseph Stepney. College of St. Marten le Graunde: Thos. Hiklinge (first three quarters only), Wm. Christmas, George Ranar, Ant. Nicholson, Hen. Hill, Hen. Garrett, Tristram Spakman, Thos. Robynson, Thos. Payne Robt. Evans, John Stonnes, Thos. Canne. Breknok: Robt. Holde. Chatters: Mary Grey. Wyncombe: Wm. Blosom. Evysham: Ph. Havarde. Launceston: John Shyre. Rosdale: Mary Marshall. Hospital of St. Leonarde of Newporte: Ph. Fawdon. Barkynge: Dorothy Barlee. Sent Mary's besydes Yorke: Thos. Esshe.
Total pensions 3.706l. 9s. 10d. Total subsidy thereon 371l. 2s
f. 22.
f. 23.
f. 24.
f. 25
f. 26.
f. 27.
f. 28.
f. 29.
f. 30
f. 31.
f. 32.
f. 33
f. 34
f. 35.
f. 36.
f. 37.
f. 38.
f. 39.
f. 40.
f. 41.
f. 42.
ii. Annuities granted out of divers late monasteries (many of them marked in the margin as perpetual pensions or pensions for life):—St. Mary's in York: Sir Thos. Wriothesley, John Stoninge, Walt. Hendeley, Thos Hennage. Hexham: Edm. Holgill. Lees: Dean and chapter of Pawles. Bysham: Ant. Dunriche, Walt. Hendley, John Fulmer, Sir Thos Pope, Sir Robt. Suthwell. Christe Churche in Norwiche: Sir Thos. Hennage. Taunton: John Tregonwell, Wm. Glascoke. Hyde: Wriothesley, John Godsalve. Durham: Wriothesley Clerkenwell nunnery: Wriothesley. Halles: Wriothesley, Sir Ant. Kingston. St. Swythines in Winchester: Wriothesley, Thos. Goodman. Chester Abbey: Wriothesley, the lord Chancellor (Audeley), Otwell Worseley, John Bircheley, Roger Standishe, Robt. Radfforde, Thos. Bavyon. Christchurche in Southampton: Wriothesley, Sir Thos. Hennage. Sempringham: Lord Chancellor Audeley. St. Mary's without ye Wallis of Yorke: Wriothesley. St Mary Overis: Sir Thos. Pope, Walt. Henley, Ric. Hochinson, Robt. Riche, Ric. Duke, Humph. Wellys, the dean and chapter of Pawles. Bilsyngton: Thos. Cheteham, Leadys: Thos. Chetham for Ant. Husseye, John Gostwyke and Ric. Wheler. Peterborowe: Thos. Buttes, Chief Justice Montague, Sir Thoe. Hennage, the dean and chapter of Pawles, lord Russell. Mochelneye: John Mansfilde nil. Langthonye: Sir Ant. Kingston. Berdmondseye: Dean and chapter of Norwiche, Sir Thos. Pope, Thos. Edgar. Selbye: Thos. Rawlins, lord Russell. Sheene: John Ball, John Fletwood, Walt. Bendley, Sir Thos. Pope, Alex. Goodman, Thos. Rydley, Eliz. Eellys, Ric. Hochinson, Robt. Hochenson, Thos. Fletewoode, Robt. Riche, Ric. Duke, Ant. Dunriche, Eliz. Hochens Wm. Glascoke, Ralph Hunte, Thos. Edgar, Ric. Smythe. Hinton: Wm. Hoorde, Wm. Davis. Keynsham: Robt. Smart. Glocetour: Sir Ant. Kingston. Charterhouse nigh Coventry: Wm. and Robt. Bochard nil, Robt. Riche. Syon: Reynold Mylsam, Walt. Hendley, Ric. Hochenson, Thos. Whight, Thos. Betenham nil. Tymmowthe: Hen. Penkethe. Chester nunnery: Thos. Rydley. Towerhill: Thos. Rydley, Walt. Hendeley, the dean and chapter of Pawles (two). Shelfforde : David Clayton for Miles Holne. Pypwell: the bp. of Norwich. St. Mary Spyttell: Ric. Hochenson, Thos. Eden, Wm. Whorwoode, Wm. Glascoke, Thos. Edgar, the dean and chapter of Pawles (four).Leyston: Wm. Symson for Ric. Hochenson. Burton: John Bradshaw. St. Augustens in Brystowe: Jas. Gunter, George Owen. Westminster: Hen. Clearke, Hen. Pawley, Wm. Moraunte, Wm. Glynne, dean and chapter of Pawles (four),Hugh Weston. Bokenham: Ant. Yonge. Barnewell: Sir Roger Cholmeley. Delacraye: Nic. Wytney. Christchurche in London: dean and chapter of Poules. Spalding: Thos. Knight, John Boche. Glamorgan: John Lewys. Croxton: lord Russell. Buckffaste: Jas. Enotsforde. The Mynoryes: Robt. Riche, dean and chapter of Pawles. St. Albons: Robt. Biche, Fras. East, Sir Thos. Pope, Thos. Edgar, Thos. Crosse, Laur. Poyners, Walt. Hendley. Elye: Wm. Rudston. Wynchecombe: Wm. Whorwoode. Pershore: Wm. Whorwood. Hospital of St. Johns: Wm. Whorwood, Clement Weste, Edw. Bellyngham, Ph. Babyngton nil, Wm. Grymsted, Thos. Hennage, Wm. Armested for himself, four chaplains and one clerk. Launde: Wm. Whorwoode (two), John Rocke. Dunstable: Ric. Whight, John Rocke. Welbecke: Ric. Bowyer. Hospital of St. Thomas in Southwarke: Sir Thos. Pope. Ramsey: Sir Edw. Montagew, Wm. Buttes Thorney: Sir Edw. Mountague, Griffith Rychardes, John Wagstaffe nil.Pypwell: Sir Edw. Mountague. St. Andrews in Northampton: Sir Edw. Mountague. Mychelham: dean and chapter of Chychester. Wenlocke: Thos. Standishe. Marrycke. Sir Ralph Bulmer. Cockersand: Ant. Leighton Wm. Roper. Chepstowe: John Marshall. Stratfflere: John Bocke. Crowlande: John Rocke, lord Russell, Jas. Tytryngton, John Wagstaffe nil, Sir Thos. Hennage, Griffith Richardes nil. Meaux: Geo. Drew nil, John Gostwyke. Childerlangley: Griffith Richardes. Sharpe: Thos. Leighe. Cleave: Ralph Tybbys. Acon college in London: dean and chapter of Pawles (two), Sir Thos. Exmew. Holywell: dean and chapter of Pawles (two), who also have annuities out of St. Elen's (four), Charterhouse (two), St. Bartholomew's, Kylborne priory, Stratforde nunnery, Waltham, Stratforde, Brusyarde Notley, Cobham college, Chartesey, Newarke, Elsyng Spittell, Garradon and Alnewyke. St. Bartholomew London (f. 36: Urmston, for a priest serving in Greys Inn. Noneton: Ric. Everarde. Meryvall: Ric. Everard. Ulvecrofte: John Fletewoode, Sir Thos. Pope. Byndon: Sir Thos. Pope. Brewern : Thos. Fetyplace. Plympton: Walter Hendeley. Shrewsbury: Thos Leighe nil. Tewkysburye: Sir Ant. Kingston (two), also from Mawburye and Malverne. Cyrcestre: Sir Ant. Kingston, Thos. Edgar. Battell: Walt. Hendeley, also from Dartfford and Nethe. Mountacake: Thos. Percye, Christchurch in Canterbury: Thos. Percye. Shrewsbury: Ant. Wyclyffe. Shaftesburye: Wm. Whorwoode. Beleyghe: dean and chapter of Pawles. Monmowithe: John Baker nil.St. John in Exetor: Thos. Goodwyn. Whitlande: David Nasshe. Gysborughe: Marm. Cholmley. Cornworth: Chr. Hoole. Athekeye (sic): Wm. Inglande. Sir John Dudley's lands: Walt. Hendley. Spaldinge : David Edwardys. Malton: Wm. Peter. Kenclworthe: Thos. Broke. Lylleshull: the bp. of Norwich; also from Wyngffilde college, Walborne and Heringflete. Pownfrett: Wm. Garnettes for Ant. Dunrich. Mountegrace: Edm. Carter. Christchurch Twynneham: Fras. Bucknall, John Chawe, Jas. Joskyn. Butley: Hen, Crampton. Whitbye alias Hide (.sic): John Johnson, Thos. Smithe. Malvesburye: Chr. Draper. Goggesholde: Ric. Duke. Fumes: the duke of Norfolk. Yerbell: lord Russell. The late lord Mountagewes lands: lord Russell. Burye: Ric. Tirrell. Hayles: Sir Ant. Kingston, also from Maulburye, Malverne, Circestre and Lantonye.
Total annuities, 1,290l. 10s. 2d.
f. 43.
f. 44.
f. 45.
f. 46.
f. 47
f. 48.
iii. Annuities granted by the King (many of them noted in the margin as fees and some as pensions):—Sir Wm. Peter, 31 March, ao 35o, 2 Nov. ao 36o. Sir Wm. Pagett, 11 Jan. ao 35, 6 May, ao 36. Robt. Rolffe, 26 Dec. ao 35, 29 July, ao 36. Sir Humph. Ratclyfe, 9 May ao 36, 8 Dec. Ric. Pygott, 31 Jan. ao 35,1 Ap., 26 Aug. ao 36, 21 Oct. Hen. Wylliams nii. Eliz. Golden, 11 Jan. ao 35, 5 Nov. ao 36. John Eyer, 21 Feb. ao 35, 5 July ao 36, 23 Feb. ao 36. Viscount Lisley, high admiral of England, 6 Dec. ao 35, 24 June ao 36. George Alesbury, 20 Jan. ao 35, 8 Ap., 4 July ao 36,30 Oct. Thos. Darbye, 5 June ao 36, 22 Oct. Edw. Fetyplace, 11 Nov. ao 36. Robt. Perie. 27 March ao 35, 1 Nov. ao 36. Ric. Booer, 17 Oct. ao 35, 25 Oct. ao 36. Thos Byide. 28 March ao 35, 25 Oct. ao 36. Hen. Stevenson, 27 March ao 35, 25 Oct. ao 36. Hugh Latymer, 1 Ap. ao 35, 8 Oct. ao 36. Peter Garrarde, 13 May ao 36, 3 Nov. Hen. Howarde, 31 March ao 35, 13 Oct. ao 36. Sir Ric. Page, 28 March ao 35. 4 Oct. ao 36. Walter Cromer, 27 March ao 35, 30 Sept. ao 36. Hen. Dingley, 1 Ap. ao 35,. 25 Nov. ao 36. Wm. Ferrner, 28 March ao 35, 26 Nov. ao 36. Nic. Shaxton, 27 March ao 35, 2 Oct. ao 36. Sir Thos. Clyfford nil. Thos. Nevell, 24 May ao 36, 3 Nov. Eliz. Holland, 12 May ao 36, 8 Nov. Ric. Adams nil. Sir Thos. Palmer, 26 March ao 35, and nothing more quia mortuus. George Roper, 30 March ao 35, 2 Oct. ao 36. Edw. Fre, 1 Ap. ao 35, 25 Oct. ao 36. Andrew Wedon, 3 Ap. ao 35, 25 Oct. ao 36. Wm. Crane 8 May, 16 Oct. Lord Cobham, 7 Ap. ao 35, 18 Oct. ao 36. Wm. Whorwood, 1 May. 10 Oct. Sir Edw. Montague, 8 May, 27 Oct. Ric. Higham, under steward of Waltham forest, 2 Dec. ao 36 (two annuities). Thos. Fitzhughe, 20 Jan. ao 36. Wm. Webster nil. Edw. Eglianby, 10 May, 11 Nov. Thos. Bromley, 26 May, 20 Nov. Sir Thos. Wentworth nil. Ric. Browne, 2 Sept. ao 36, 30 Oct. George Forman, 18 Jan. ao 35, 18 March (first two quarters only). Countess of Northumberland, 21 March ao 35, 4 Nov. ao 36. Lord William Howard, by Sir Edw. Northe, 20 Feb. ao 35, 3 March ao 35 (half-year to Lady Day next and the previous half-year in arrear). Sir Ric. Lee, 1 March ao 35, 6 Jan. ao 36, Sir Edw. Ringley nil quia mortuus. John Free, 3 Ap., 25 Oct. Fredyswyde Knight, 26 March, 10 Dec. John Peck, 6 May, 14 Oct. Alice Buttes, 16 May, 22 Nov. Edw. Gregorye, 14 Jan. ao 35, 5 Ap., 4 July ao 36, 3 Nov. Susan Clarencuxe nil. John Winter, 19 March ao 35, 10 July ao 36. 28 Oct. Wm. Brocke, 19 March ao 35, 2 Jan. ao 36. Edw. Greyn. 31 March, 3 Nov. Wm. Tyrrell, 22 Jan. ao 35, 27 March, 20 Oct. ao 36. Robt. Cowley, 28 July ao 36 (three years due at Lady Day last). 29 Oct. Ph. Lentall, 23 May, 14 Nov. Robt. Legge, 15 Aug. ao 36. Peter Pett, 15 Aug. ao 36, 12 Dec. Ric. Grenway, 3 July ao 36, 23 Aug. Sir Fras. Bryan, 15 May ao 36, 25 Nov. Sir Ric. Crumwell, 14 Oct. ao 36 (two annuities). John Norrys, 22 Oct. ao 36. Sir Ric. Page, 14 Dec. ao 36. John Banyster, 26 Jan. ao 36.
Total annuities 1.763l. 16s.10½d.
f. 49.
f. 50.
f. 51.
iv. Fees of officers:—Sir Ric. Riche, chancellor, 10 Dec. ao 35, 8 April (two quarters only). Sir Edw. Northe, chancellor, 4 July ao 36, 3 Oct. (two quarters only). Sir Edw. Northe, treasurer, 7 Ap. ao 35 (for two quarters). Sir John Williams, treasurer, 4 July ao 36, 25 Oct (two quarters only). Walt. Henley, attorney, 21 Jan. ao 35, 29 March, 2 Oct. ao 36. Nic. Bacon, solicitor, 31 Dec. ao 35, 28 March, 4 July ao 36, 20 Sept. Wm. Cowper, surveyor of woods, 28 Dec. ao 35. 28 March (two quarters only). David Clayton, surveyor of woods, 24 July ao 36. 14 Oct. (two quarters only). Ric. Duke, clerk, 31 March ao 35. 12 Nov. ao 36. The duke of NorfoJk, high st ward on this side Trent, 1 April,___;and Sir Nic. Hare, his under-steward, 3 May ao 36, 4 Oct. The lord Chancellor, high steward beyond Trent, 3 Feb. ao 35, and John Lucas, his under-steward, 3 April; and after them the Duke of Suffolk 22 Nov. ao 36, and George Seyntpole, his under-steward, 7 Nov. Walter Ferr, keeper of evidences, 10 Jan. ao 35, 27 March, 27 Oct. ao 36. John Warde, 27 Dec. ao 35, 30 March, 1 July ao 36, 20 Sept. Thos. Tyrrel, messenger, 3 Ap. ao 35. 18 Oct. ao .36. James Johnson, usher, 3 Ap. ao 35,12 July ao 36. Wm. Whorwood, the King's General Attorney, 1 May ao 36, 10 Oct. Serjeant Hynde nil. Sir John Williams, for his clerks (four quarters not dated). Robt. Sylvester, "mason for the said Court," 3 Ap., 20 Oct. John Parker, 3 Ap., 12 Oct. Wm. Barnes and John Wiseman altered from Robt. Burgon), for taking the Treasurer's account, 402. (two half-years). Ric. Duke, for the augmentation of his fee, 31 March, 12 Nov. Thos. Androws, attorney to the said Court in the Exchequer, 16 Dec. ao 36, for a quarter and forty-one days ended Mich. last. The Treasurer's clerk for writing the particulars of the receipts and payments and for his costs at the time of the declaration of his account, 13l. 6s. 8d. Diets of Wm. Barners and John Wysman, auditors of the Treasurer's account, 30l., and reward to their clerks for writing and engrossing that account, 10l. The Chancellor's clerks, for giving attendance, 40s.
Total fees, 1,278l. 6s. 9½d.
f. 53.
f. 54.
f. 56.
f. 57.
f. 58.
f. 59.
f. 60.
f. 61.
f. 62.
f. 63.
f. 64.
v. Payments made by virtue of the King's warrants:—5 April ao 35o, lord Wriothesley, high treasurer of wars against France, warrant of 26 March, 1,100l. 8 April, George Bacon, for the manor of Bower Hall, Essex, and other lands, indenture signed 31 March, 290l. 9 April, Wm. Bonham, for the manor of Peldon, indenture signed 12 Jan., 680l. 10 April, Kath. Adington, due upon a debenture, W. 11 April ao 35 (sic), 786l. 13s. Delivered to the King's own hands "for his secret affairs,' in angels at 7s. 6d., W. 10 May ao36, 1,000l. 21 May, Hen. Wylcokes, Wm. Burnell and John Brooke, for their manors of Estnewhall and the Raye, Essex, W. 3 April, 537l. 5s. 9d. 21 May, Ric. Bowles, for lands sold to the King in "discharge of such debts as remained upon the determination of his account,' indenture 1 April ao 35, 3l. 13s. 1d. 28 May, Robt. Lorde, for "wages of carpenters, sawyers, shipwrights and divers other manner artificers hired" and also for the works at Hampton Courte and Nonsuche, W. 1 May, 2,646l. 19s. 9d. 30 May, Wm. Foorde for the manor of Oldehall and Newhall, Essex, indenture 20 Feb. ao 35o, 174l. 16s. 8d.Sir Ric. Riche, high treasurer of wars against France, at sundry times, as appears by an indenture, W. 1 May, 31,111l. 5 June, Thos. Barthelett, for printing of divers books, W. 23 May, 56l. 8s. 10d. 6 June, lord Mountjoye, for the manor of Wotton under Wyvers, Staff., indenture 2 June, 1,556l. 17s. 6d. Delivered to the King (date not given) 132l. 17s. 4½d., for the purchase of Philberdes manor and chapel, &c, Berks., and the advowsons of Corney, Bottill and Whittingham, pat. 8 June; also delivered, the same day, 63l. 13s. 6 d "grown by the advancement of angels, half angels and royals" by virtue of the proclamation of 16 May last, at which time remained "in my hands," 955l. 11s. these coins received at 7s. angel; W. 10 June. 11 June, Robt Lorde, for "certain abillymentes of warre" and for works at Hampton Court and Nonsuche, W. 1 June, 962l. 11s. '8d.13 June, Maurice Dennyce, for the manor of Kingston Russell, indenture 2 March ao 35, 966l. 15d. 15 June, Nic. Wotton, dean of Canterbury, ambassador with the Emperor, disbursed in the King's affairs, W. dormant 11 March, ao 35, 68l.15s. 8d. Sir Ric. Riche, for the wars against France, at sundry times as appears by indenture dated 1 June, 12,473l., and also by another bill dated 10 July, 41,119l. 4s. 9d., W. 27 June ao 36. 1 July, Fras. Jobson, for lands in Thorpe and Kirkebie, Essex, W. 26 March ao 35, 302l. 9s. 14 July, Edw. Elrington, for the manor of Foxton and parsonage of Sheprightes, Camb., indenture 16 Ap. ao 35, 751l. 9s. 4d. 16 July, George Ryveley and John Dunkett, for rigging and victualling of certain ships, and wages of 120 men to furnish them, W. (by the Queen) 14 July, 400l. 18 July, Godsalve,' for silver to engrave a great seal, and for the engraving thereof, and for a bag of crimson velvet curiously embroidered to be carried with the King's Majesty in his voyage against France, "W. 10 July, 58l 16s. 27 July, Hen. Caldewell, " for the engraving with the King's style and title the four sides of the four judicial seals of the dominion of Wales, and for the graving of the title and style in one of the Chancellor's seals of Northewales, "W. 27 May, 22l. 29 July, Sir Ric. Gressham, for damasks and satins, W. 22 April ao 35o, 576l. 9s. 10d. 31 July, John Ryther, towards the charges of the Prince's household, W. dormant 20 Nov. ao 33o (1,000l. 25 Aug, Fras. Sydney," lieutenant of Tower, to be by him issued and paid in such form as the King's Majesty hath appointed,' W. (by the Queen 20 Aug.), 400l. 27 Aug., Oswald See, for provision of cask. W. (by the Queen, 25 Aug., 266l. 13s. id.27 Aug, Nic. Launder, to be delivered to Sir Ric. Cawarden, clerk, dean of Chester (sic), "to be employed upon the fortification there," W. (Queen 24 Aug. 500l. 8 Aug., to 1,300 and odd labourers sent to France, 10 days' wages and the charges of their transportation. 4692. 18s. 4d.; 27 Aug., to Ric. Benese, surveyor of Hampton Court,for levying 500 pioneers, conduct of 2 masons to Bulleigne, and for spades, shulves and pickaxes, 24l. 15s. 11d.; 2 Sept., to Thos. Raynes, for shipping at Dover 504 pioneers levied in Kent, and for their shulves, spades and mattocks, 42l. 2s. 7d.; W. (Queen; 24 Aug. 28 Aug., Ric. Higham, to be transported and delivered to Sir Ric. Riche, high treasurer of the wars against France, W. (Queen) 24 Aug., 20,500l. 4 Sept., Thos. Mawlbie, for butter and cheese for the King's army at Bulleigne, W. (Queen) 1 Sept., 1,000l. 5 Sept., Thos, Brooke, for the King's waterworks at Dover, W. (Queen; 4 Sept., 500l. 23 June and 2 July, Sir Ric. Riche, high treasurer of the wars, "in bullion and plate of the new standard of that loan advanced to the King's Majesty by the bishops for and towards the King's affairs in his wars," as appears by indenture, 2,000l. 12 Sept. Ric. Taverner, to be conveyed to Sir Ralph Sadler, for garrisons and other charges in the North parts, W. (Queen) 8 Sept., 3,000l. 26 Sept., Ric. Higham, to be transported to Sir Ric. Riche, high treasurer of the wars against France, W. (Queen) 17 Sept. 21,333l. 6s. 8d. 4 Sept., Peter Curson and Cornelius Clearke,'-for their wages being behind for tunnage of ships since their journey into Scotland, 37l. 3s. 4d.; 10 Sept., Wm. Levyt, for shot, 300l.; 12 Sept, prest money for 4,000 soldiers to be sent to Bolleigne and riding costs for the more hasty despatch of them, paid to Ric. Sackvyle (assigned to Sussex), 58l. 9s., Thos. Rayenes (to Kent , 140l., Griffith Ley-son (Norf.), 30l., Roger Carne (Hants), 27l. 5s. id., Robt. Cranwell (Essex and Herts), 324l. 17s. 3d., Thos. Smythe (Suff.), 125l. 6s. 9d., John Broxolme (Berks and Wilts , 78l. 2s 2d., and Wm. Pane (Bucksj, 80l.; 25 Sept., for conduct and prest money of soldiers levied for. Bullaigne, and for riding costs for the.more expedition in their despatch, paid to Thos. Raynes (Kent;, 59l. 11s. 6d., Robt. Cranwell (Essex and Herts), 150l., Thos. Smyth (Suff.), 190l., Wm. Parr (Bucks), 40l. 7s. 8d.; paid at Tower Wharf to 1,620 captains and soldiers "for their ten days' prest, being shipped towards Bulleigne, as also for their conduct money, being again returned homeward and eftsoons shipped forth and afterwards again returned," 956l. 7s. 6d.; 25 Sept., to Benjamin Gonson, for victualling 140 men 14 days and conveying the Pauncie out of Colney water into the Narrow Sea, also for prest and conduct money of the men, and for 30 butts of, beer, 200 stockfishes and other necessaries for the victualling of 180 men "into the Narroo Sees," 67l.18s.; 11 Oct., to Ralph Downes, to be delivered at Lynn to Thos. Walters towards provision of wheat and malt for Callice, 666l.13s. id.; 18 Oct. John Russell, conduct money of certain carpenters for Bulleigne, 30l.; 21 Oct., Wm. Burnell. 1,000 mks, to be delivered to the lord Chamberlain, and 500 mks, to divers persons providing grain for Bulleigne, with 6l. 13s. id. for himself; 22 Oct., Ric. Howlett, clerk of the ships, for victualling divers of them, 100l; 23 Oct., Hen. Stapleton, to be delivered to Sir Thos. Darcie towards victualling certain ships, 200l.; 23 Oct., Ralph Downe, to be delivered at Lynn to Thos. Walters, for wheat and malt for Bulleigne, 666l. 13s. id.; 27 Oct., Thos. Vachell, for provision of victuals in cos. Oxon. and Berks to be sent to Bullaigne, 1.000l; 27 Oct., John Ashe and Longe John 'for carriage of ordnance and other freight of ship to be sent over from Bulleigne, "70l. 19s. 8d.; 29, Oct., Sir Peter Mewtas, for conducting of soldiers, emption of S3 haggebusshes at 10s. the piece, 3 doz. horns and 3 doz. "towche boxes for haggebusshes," 30l; all these apparently upon the Queen's warrant of 28 Sept. (as indicated by a note on f. 56 b.), although they are bracketed with those which follow as included in the King's warrant of 18 Jan. 29 Oct., Edw. Broghton, prest money for the soldiers levied in Kent, 11l. 17½d.; 29 Oct.. John Mylle, for provision of grain and other victuals for Bollaigne, 1,333l.6s . . 8d. . 31 Oct., Ric. Benese, surveyor of Hampton Court, for conduct of certain pioneers sent to Buleigne, 48x. 6d. ; 2 Nov., Thos. Woodhous, for provision of grain and other victuals, 400l; 2 Nov, Hubblethorne, for provision of friezes, 100l. 19s; 4 Nov. Thos. Maulbie, for provision of "sundrie kinde of vittell" to be sent to Bullaigne, 196l. 19s. 2d.; (no date given), the Lord Chancellor and others of the Privy Council, in crowns of the rose, parcel of the reward given to the duke of Alberquicq, 360l; 3 Nov., Thos. Gibbis, to be delivered at Hull to Mr. Stanhop. for provision of grain for Bulleigne, 1,000l, and costs of himself and four others, 7l. 6s. 8d.; 5 Nov., Sir John Baldewyn, conduct of 300 soldiers levied in Bucks, 25l. 13s. id ; 6 Nov., John Rogers, surveyor of works at Bollaigne, for conduct of certain labourers to be transported to Bullaigne, 66l. 13s. id.; 7 Nov. 720 soldiers and captains at the Tower Wharf, "for their prest and transportation to Bolleigne," 231l. 8s. id.: 8 Nov. Ant. Aucher, for provision of timber, wood, hurdles, piles, stakes and other necessaries for Bullaigne, 100l.; 8 Nov., Jas. Tompson, for laths, lath nails and other necessaries for Boligne, 71l. 7s. 10d; 8 Nov., John Love, John Launde and Nic. Howe, for provision of beef for Bolleigne, 650l; 8 Nov., John Ryther, for provision of victuals for Bollaigne, 1,000l; 9 Nov., Stepb. Vaughan, towards his costs during his abode in Flanders, 50l; 11 Nov., George Barnes, for certain wines called "seckis," 400l.; 11 Nov., Ralph Downes, to be delivered at Lynn to Thos. Walters for provision of grain for Bolleigne, 500l.; 11 Nov., Wm. Wynter, to be delivered, at Portesmouthe, to John Wynter, his father, for payment of the King's navy there, 600l.; 15 Nov.. Osbert Mounfarde, for "provision of certain oxen to be packed at Lynn for and towards the victualling of Bullaigne," 500l.; 16 Nov., Oswalde See, for cask provided for the army at Bolleigne, 200l.; 16 Nov., Wm. Thorpe, to be conveyed to John Kingsmill, John Milles, Thos. Wellis and John Whight for provision of grain. 500l; 16 Nov., Roger More, for 'provision of salt, cask, payment of labourers' wages and for packing of beef at London, "200l.; 17 Nov., Thos. Chapell. for 420 flock beds and mattresses sent over to Bulleigne, 70l. 12s. 10d.: 17 Nov., Sir Ric. Gressham and Sir Roger Cholmley, conduct money of certain soldiers levied in Middlesex, 20l. 9d.; 17 Nov., Sir John Gressham, for conduct of men sent out of Surrey at three several times, 79l. 8s. 4d.; 18 Nov., the duke of Norfolk, to be delivered to Jetter and Hoddis of Leystop, Suff., for victualling of ships to waft the provision out of Norfolk, 600l.; 18 Nov., John Valentyne, for making bridges and slings at Ipswich to ship horses there, 12l. 7s.: all the above by the King's warrant of 18 Jan. ao 36 (f. 58). 23 Oct., Ralph Standishe and Edw. Corbett, to be transported to Sir Ric. Riche, high treasurer of wars against France, W. 18 Jan., 10,000l. 1 Oct., Wm. Hunning, clerk of the Council, to be delivered in reward to Jeronimus Zyccatz, secretary to the State and Duke of Venes, 100l.; John Rither, to be employed upon sea matters, 1,000l.; 3 Oct., Oswald See, for provision of cask, 200l.; John Ryther, for payment of such brewers as brewed for the King, 500l.; 2 Oct.. Nic. Launder, to be delivered at Portesmouth to Sir Ric. Cawarden, clk., dean of Chichester, for the works there, 500l; 4 Oct., John Rowsley for payment of poor men carrying malt to London for the King's provision, 300l, : these upon the Queen's warrant of 28 Sept. 20 Nov., John Ryther, for the Prince's household, W. dormant 20 Nov. ao 33o, and indenture of 29 June ao 36 (?), 1,000l. 28 Nov., Sir Ant. Kevyte, to be conveyed to Ric. Cawarden, clk., dean of Chychester, for fortifications and buildings there, W. 26 Nov., 300l. [28 Nov., Cotke Droge, for a hulk called the Mary of Hambringes by him sold to the King, ,350l.] (fn. n1) 28 Nov., William Watson, part payment for "gables and mastes" provided in Hambrige and Danske, 500l. 6 Dec, Thos. Brooke, for the waterworks at Dover, W. 9 Nov., 86l. 17s . 4 d. 11 Dec, Dr. Wootton, diets and post money, W. dormant 11 March ao 35o, 381l. 6s. 4d. To the King's own hands at Grynwych, "for his own affairs," W. 27 Dec, 2,000l. [3 Dec, John Cornelis, for provision of canvas, 83l. 10s.; 3 Dec, Barth. Campanie, to be delivered to Jasper Dowche in Flanders, for the King's affairs there, 457l. 13s.; 5 Dec, Sir Ric and Sir John Gressham. to be delivered to Stephen Yaghane, for the King's affairs there, 400l.: 6 Dec, Ant. Bonvye and Atbelin Salveage, for payment of the King's debts in Flanders, 5,000l.; 6 Dec, John Whight, for provision of grain, 1,333l. 6s. 8d.; 14 Dec, Jerom Warner, for the despatch over of the Irishmen attendant at Chester. 200l.; 23 Dec, John Wynter, to be employed about sea matters, 1,000l.; 24 Dec, the duke of Suffolk, interest of certain money by him "impreste" to the King, 100l.; 6 Jan., Thos. Chappell. for certain mattresses, 30l. 1d.; 9 Jan., Sir Ric. Lee, for certain baskets and shovels, 201l. 10s. 4d.; 29 Jan., Ant. Rowse, to be delivered at Bollaigne to Sir Hugh Pawlett, 1.333l. 6s. 8d. 7 Feb., Ant. Bonvyse, for payment of the Kings debts in Flanders, 7.500l.; 16 Feb., Sir Ric. Lee, for conduct and trans, portation of certain pioneers and pther artificers to Bulleign, 66l. 13l. 6s 8d.; 17 Jan., John Russell, for transportation of certain carpenters to Bolleigne. 13l. 6s. 8d.; 26 Jan , Stephen Vaghan, diets at 208. and post money 66l. 13s. 4d.; 4 March, Ant. Bonvyce, towards payment of the King's debt in Flanders, 7,500l.; 4 March, Wm. Mylwarde, to be delivered at Bolleigne to Sir Hugh Pawlet, treasurer there. 2,000l.; 6 March, John Chadderton, wages for 177 days at 2l., with a porter and a gunner at 8d. and 10 soldiers and 12 gunners at 6d. apiece, 126l. 17s.; 15 March, Averyce Berwyke, to be delivered to Ant. Aucher towards provision of timber for making of "shppis and storehouses " at Bolleigne, 300l.; 16 March, Lady Lovell, in reward for attendance on the Prince, 200l.; 20 March, John Wynter for sea matters, 2,000l.; 20 March, Sir Thos. Seymour, diets "during his abode in the King's affairs for the space of xlij days" at 5 marks, 140l] (fn. n2) 2 Dec. ao 36, Sir John Dauncye, repayment of money prested to the King and delivered to Sir Ric. Riche, high treasurer of wars against France for which repayment Sir John Williamz stood bound, 100l ; also similar repayments, 24 Dec, of 2,000l. to the Duke of Suffolk, the lord Chancellor and Sir Ric Riche, 1,000 mks, to Sir Edw. North, 1,000 mks. to Sir John Williams, and, 10 Jan., 1,000 mks. to Sir Ant. Browne, W. 4 July ao 36o. Sir Edm. Peckam, for the Household, at divers times from 30 Dec. to 31 Jan. 6,000l, and at divers times from 31 Jan. to 16 March. 4,000l. 4 Jan., to the King's own hands 1,000 marks. 3 Feb., Walter Buckeler, diets and post money, W. dormant 26 Jan., 246l. 20 Feb., Thos. Brooke, paymaster of works at Dover, W. 27 Jan., 281l. 8s. 8d. 20 Feb., Sir Wm. Paget, two months' wages, from 15 Feb. to 12 April, at 408. a day, and for posting horses for himself and his servants outward and homeward, W. 15 Feb., 212l. 21 Feb., John Rither, for the Prince's household, due at Lady Day, indenture of 10 Jan. and W. dormant of 20 Nov. ao 33, 1,000l. 1 March, the King, 1.000l. 6 March, Sir Wm. Paget. for posting money. W. 15 Feb., 51l. 8s. 8 March, the earl of Hertford, diets at 66l. 8d., transportation outward and homeward 6l. 13s. 4d., and post horses 6l. 12s. 2d., W. 11 Jan. 159l. 18s.. 10d. 13 March, Sir Wm. Paget, posting money, W. 15 Feb., 11l. 8s. 15 March, Dr. Wootton, the King's ambassador in Flanders, diets and post money. W. dormant, 11 March, 336l. 1s March. Robert Lorde. a further prest to be employed at Nonsuche. W. 15 March, 1,480l 23 d. 18 March, Walter Buckler, posting money. W. dormant, 26 Jan., 40l. 4 and 20 June, Sir Ric. Riche, 'of bullion and plate delivered into the Mint, towards the furniture of the Kings Majesty's wars, "W. 1 May, 10.000l. 25 Nov., to the King's own hands for purchase of parcel of the manor of Comnor, Berks, Ac, as appears by the King's acquittance and the letters patent dated 26 Aug., 746l. 5s. 10d.
Total of the King's warrants. 212, 527l. 9s. 5d.
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f 69.
vi. Payments by warrant from the Chancellor and Council of Augmentations:—21 March ao 35. Jeffrey Gates, to be employed upon the new park at Waltham. W. 11 March 2001. 23 March, Thos. Tirrell, riding costs, 71. 2s. 2d. 23 March, Jas. Johnson, "for certain necessaries pertaining to the Court of Augmentations, and for making clean of the same house" 36s. 6d. 30 March, Robt. Russell, paymaster of Oxfford (sic) and Knole, for surplusage of his account ended that day, 32s. 8d. 2 April, John Warde, riding costs, 15l. 15l. 5s. 11d. 7 April, Sir Edw. Northe, for bags, paper, parchment, green cloth, wax and other things, for the half year ended Lady Day, 6l. 8 April, the duke of Norfolk, for lands imparked within Marybone park, 40l. 40l. 10 April, John Warde and Thos. Tirrell, livery coats due at Easter next, 33s. 4d. each. 8 May ao35, Wymond Carewe, receiver to the Queen, for issues of the manors of Exmester, Devon, and Stokland, Dors., and other parcels of the Queen's jointure, for the half year ended Mich. ao35 W. 5 May, 194l., 16s. 7¾d. 12 May, John Greene, for certain necessaries for the Court of Augmentations, 5l. 12 May, Thos Larke (?), for repairing certain houses at Callyce, W. 11 May, 70l. 27 May, Sir Wm. Shelley, for pains taken "in seizing of certain fines to the King's use," 6l. 13s. 4d. — May, Thos. Tirrell, "for riding with the duke of Albequicqz and waiting on him, and for riding forth with the King's Majesty's letters," 56s. 5d. 5 June, Thos, Larke for repairing a mansion in callice near the Exchequer, lately purchased by the King of Hen. Lacie, W. 3 June, 66l 13s 4 d. 10 June, George Gyfforde, for payments made at the surrender of Warwick college, 501. 11 June. John Paneherdon, riding to St. Albans and Waltham "for a view to be had and removing of lead there." 38l. 15 June, John Gates, to finish two watermills at Thisleworihe. W. 10 June. 13l. 14s. 20 June, Thos.Blanke, full payment of a debt due to him by Christchuroh priory, London, 10l.26 June, John Gates, towards building two water mills within the lordship of Thistle-worthe, Midd., W. 22 Jan. ao 35, 120l. 26 June, John Tailour, for Knole grove in Eggeham parish, Surr., purchased of St. John's College in Cambridge, W. 20 June, 41l. 12d. 1 July, John Warde, for waiting on the duke of Alberquicqz, 4l. 7 July, Robt. Goche, for carriage of certain lead to the sea side, 200l. 7 July, George Gyfforde, hire of men, horses and carts to convey lead to the sea side within the circuit of his office W. 5 July, 150l. 8 July, Humph. Bowland, for attending upon the Commissioners of the sale of divers possessions and writing and entering books of them, 6l. 13s. 4d. 8 July, Thos. Broucley, arrears of an annuity out of Stratmergell mon., W. 3 July, 5l. 13s. 4d. 10 July, John Greene, for necessary provisions for the Court of Augmentations, 51s. 2d. 12 July, Thos. Larke, for repairing the Exchequer and the King's mansion house at Callice, W. 10 July, 80l. 14 July, George Gyfforde, for carriage of lead to the sea-side, 200l. 20 July, Laur. Brawdshaw, for riding from London to Dunstable to view works there, 5s. 24 July, Robt. Sylvester, for riding to St. Albons, Amptill and Dunstable, 20s. 24 July, Wm. Bowles, for conveyance of certain lead, 100l. 5 Aug., Thos. Tyrrell, for riding to divers places with the King's process, 66s. 8d. 8 Sept., Chr. Draye, costs in surveying certain lead at St. Albons and the Gray Friars in London, 40s. 9 Sept., Walter Hendley, costs in riding from London to Gylfforde to take order for the arrears of the King's debt there, 9l. 12 Sept., Edm. Goodwyn, for certain lands he bought of the King which were before passed in a former purchase, "repayment of his own," W. 10 Sept., 32l. 19 Sept., Jas. Bainolde, for melting certain lead and other necessaries and riding to St. Albons to survey lead there, W. 4 Sept., 9l 13s. 1d. 1 Oct., Sir Thos. Pope, diets in taking the accounts, 13l 6s. 8d. 2 Oct., Robt. Russell, for provision against the King's coming to Otfforde, W. 1 Oct., 20l. 2 Oct., Hen. Cooke. in recompense of wood sold by Mr. Pope, master of the wood sales, which were parcel of the woods which Cooke bought of the King, 40l . 19d. 2 Oct., Walter Hendeley, for pains taken at the declaration of the auditors accounts, W. 26 Sept., 13l. 6s. 8d. 18 July, Nic. Bacon and Thos. Bisshop, for their pains in drawing and making of books for the earl of Lynoux, 5l. 3 Oct., Sir Edw. Northe, for pains in taking the accounts of particular receivers, 40l 6 Oct., Thos. Robenson, for riding about with subpœntas, 40s. 10 Oct., Thos. Tyrrell, costs in riding to Hampton Court and other places, 42s. 16 Oct., Sir Ric. Longe, laid out at the King's park at Otfforde and Knole, 13l. 3s. 8d. 20 Oct., Nic. Bacon, diets at taking the auditors' accounts, 13l. 6s. 8d. 25 Oct., Sir John Williams, similar diets, 13l. 6s. 8d. 30 Oct., Ric. Browne, diets of the Council sitting at the Rolls about the King's affairs, W. 26 Oct., 50l. 10s. 9½d. 31 Oct., paid to Alice Capron, Marg. More, Hen. Addington, Hen. Bosnowe, Thos. Bouche and the township of Stoke, for their lands enclosed in Stokebrewern park, to Ric. and Thos. Camsfield for their lands likewise enclosed there, to Edw. Peme for his lands enclosed in Grafton park, and to Thos. Miller, John Bredd of Hulcotte, John Brade of Hampole and the town of Estowe, for their lands enclosed in Easton park, 34l. 20d. 12 Nov., Ric. Duke, for the enrolment of the indentures of bargains and sales between the King and divers persons, 14l 8s. 22 Nov., Jeffrey Gate, for paling of divers parks, 14l. 11s. 7½d.—Nov.,—Clearke, money disbursed in new making of a pond in Potterspurye park, 47l. 14s. 10½d. 23 Nov., Roger Harryson, in recompense of money owing to him by Sir Wm. Weston, late lord of St. John's, 40s. 26 Nov., Benet Lee, for lands enclosed in Potterspurye park, 13l. 16s. 8d. 29 Nov., Sir Ric. Southwell, for repair of the King's house at Hackeney, W. 28 Nov., 56l. 8 Dec., Lord Lynoux, for rent of lands given to him, W. 8 Dec., 40l; and to Thos. Byshoppe, likewise, 20l. 21 Dec., John Warde, for riding about with the King's process, 7l. 7s. 1d. 23 Dec., Thos. Tyrrell, for riding about with the King's process, 6l .11s. 8d. 2 Jan., Walter Hendeley for his costs at the surrender of the late house of Massenden (Maison Dieu) in Devour, W. 1 Jan., 18l. 13s. 4d. 22 Jan., Roland Leighton and—— Rockesbie, costs in taking the surrender "of thospetull of Kippem in the Busshoprike of Duresme," W. 17 Jan., 10l. 25 Jan., Sir Ric. Longe. for hay to feed the deer in Panthurte park, 6l. 6s. 2 Jan., David Clayton, costs in viewing woods in cos. Hunts, Camb., Bucks and Midd. and making of 115 values for the citizens of London, W. 30 Dec., 10l. 14 Feb., Lord Lyonouxe," in prest untill suche tyme he bring his debenter from thauditour teething his hole recepte," W. 14 Feb., 40l 17 Feb., Ric. Browne, full payment of 110l. 10s. 9d. defrayed for diets of the Commissioners sitting at the Rolls for a quarter of a year, W. 12 Feb., 60l. 8 March, John Gate, for the conveyance of water at Hounselo Hethe and for making of bridges there, 160l. 8 March, Sir John Williams, for bags, paper, parchment, green cloth, wax, &c., expended in his office from 10 April ao 35 to 20 March following, 6l.; also towards new making of a house for receipts and payments of the office and safe keeping of the King's treasure, and for places for the treasurer's clerks to write in, 20l.
Total, 2,442l. 14s. 3¾d. Also paid to Wm. Barners and John Wyseman for "ink, paper, parchment and other necessaries concerning the treasurer's account, more than the charges hath grown unto in times past," 13l 6s. 8d.
f. 74.
f. 75.
vii. Payments by decrees under the seal of the Court of Augmentations:—7 March ao 35, Sir Ric. Gressham, due at Lady Day, 6l. 13s. 4d. 31 March, Ric. Duke, for making process concerning the arrears of the King's debts, decree 20 Feb., 40l., also by decree 10 March, 6l. 13s. 4d. 7 April, Robt. and Wm. Doncombe, debt out of Westminster decree dormant 23 March ao 33o, 16l. 8 April, Ric. Duke, "for the tuthe corne of Otterborne and Hereff. in the countie of Devon " sold to the King, indenture 6 April, 506l. 13s. 4d. 8 April, the duke of Norfolk, debt by Hen. Emerye late abbot of Sybbeton, decree 1 Nov. ao 33o, 20l. 16 April, Edw. Corbet to the use of Walter Browne, clk., and Nic. Caton, debt of Burton upon Trent abbey, decree 26 March, 40s. 17 April, John Bromffilde, for resignation of an obligation of the late earl of Rutland to John More, abbot of Thornton, Line., 20l. 15 May ao 36, Thos. Brooke, debt of the late prior of Cookhill, decree 2 April, 20l. 16 May, Thos. Leighe, to the use of the master and brethren of Burton Lazar for 10 ac. of pasture, parcel of the late hospital of St. Giles, in the parish of St. Pancras beside Westminster, enclosed in Marybone park, 22l. 10s.; and for arrears of rent since the enclosing 12l. 10s., decree 1 May. 18 May, John Howe for Stanley grange in Dale parish, Derb., sold to the King, decree 12 Feb., 102l. 30 May, Wm. Stumppe, cost of "suing out a lease of certain wood in the lordship of Wynnoweshedge within the lordship of Muchenhampton, which he enjoyed not for that it was sold to the lord Wyndesore," decree 4 April. 200l. 4 June, Sir Edm. Walsingham, debt of the abbot of Our Lady Graces' nigh the Tower of London, decree 20 March, 20l. 28 June, Sir Brian Tuke, in recompense for money lacked by him in exchanging certain lands with the King, decree 20 May, 256l. 12s. 2¾d. 7 July, the bp. of Canterbury, in recompense for certain woods on the manor of Hele "which he could not enjoy," decree 5 June, 183l. 4s. 6d. 12 July, George Vaghan, for his interest in lands (8 ac. mead and 11 ac. pasture) imparked in Hyd Parke, decree 10 June, 77l. 10s. 1 Aug., Wm. Rigges, for lands in Ledeham, Straglethorp, Fulbecke, Braylonde, and Wellingore sold to the King, decree 23 June, 388l. 14s. 2d. 25 Aug., Thos. Dalston, for the parsonages of Kirbuid and Uldale, sold to the King, decree 25 May, 22l. 18s. 2½d. 12 Sept., Hen. Webbe, for lands sold to the King, decree 12 Aug., 81l. 30 Oct., Robt. Cartour, priest, debt of the abbot of Norton, decree 2 April, 10l. 30 Oct., Thos. Barnardston, recompense of 13s. 4l. a year "nominated as parcel of the manor of Dollowe in the county of Bedd. which he was overcharged withal in his purchase," decree 22 Oct., 13l . 6s. 8d. 12 Nov., Ric Duke, for pains and great charges in making the King's process for arrears and other debt, decree dormant 10 March ao 35, 6l 13s 4d. 23 Dec., Sir Roger Cholmley, recompense for an annuity of 4l. 13s. 4d. to the dean and chapter of York out of lands called Beckmershe, Cowehouse, &c., not deducted in his purchase of these lands, decree 6 Dec., 93l . 6s. 8d. 18 Feb., Nic. Deringe, in consideration of the sale of a messuage, &c., called Baldwyns Thing in Bellegarde in Shobdon parish, Heref., decree 16 Feb.. 187l 13 March, Wm. Stumppe, in recompense of a year's rent of the site of the late mon. of Mawvesburye and other lands purchased by him. decree 6 March, 63l 9s. 4d.
Total of decrees, 2379l. 5s. 1¼d
Grand total, 225, 401l. 19s. 2¼d.
A bound volume of 75 numbered folios.
21 April. 558. The King's Armourer.
Royal MS. "The Kynges Majesties Boke."
7 F, xrv. 67.
B. M.
Accounts of Erasmus Kyrkener, armourer to the King, from 15 Sept. to 13 Oct. 28 Hen. VIII. (Described in Vol. XI. No. 686.)
Payments, 28 Hen. VIII.—Harness plates bought beyond the sea. From Jas. Hastyng, merchant of Frawnkeforde, 63 bundles weighing 1½ cwt. at 30s. 4½d. a bundle. Carriage and necessaries, 29l. 5s. 4d. Lost by exchange, 10d. in every angel. Carriage in England, 38s. 10d.
Total, 257l. 13s. 5½d.
Receipts, 28 Hen. VIII. Received from the King by the hands of Sir Thos. Heynyge, groom of the stole, 140l.—From lords and gentlemen, by the King's command, for complete harness both for tilt and field or for field only (the former costing 10 or 12l., the latter 8l.),viz., from my lord of Darbe, "being young of age, a complete harness for his own body at that time, the which the King's majesty did give him, he paying for the stuff," 40s.; Mr. Bartley, 12l; lord Saynt Jones, 8l. lord Matrevers, 10l; Mr. Carowe, 10l; lord Parre, 10l.; Mr. Lyster, 8l.; Mr. Poynynges, Mr. Knowelles, Mr Wyet, lord Surrey and lord Markes Dosset, 10l each; lord Comerland, 8l; total 118l . From Mr. Speke for a "polryng " 10s.; lord Clynton for a head piece, 26s. 8d.; Mr. Bream for a pair of "curettes," 24s.; Mr. Hen. Knevet for a pair of "synggell curettes," 26s. 8d.; Mr. Vane for a pair of "curettes," 33s. 4d.; Mr. Bartley for a pair of "curettes," 33s. 4d; Mr. Stanhope, for the making of a coat of "plattes," 4l; total 12l 4s.
Added later in the same hand.—"Yet Receipts Anno 36 Hen. VIII.": From Mr. Porttenary, pensioner, for a "payre of curytes and a collar, blacke," 40s.; lord Clentton, the same, 40s.; lord Surre, complete harness, 8l., and for the "fore parte of a payre of curytes," 20s.; lord Thomas Howarde, for a black complete harness, 8l.; lord of Norfolk, complete harness, 8l.; Mr. Cunnysbe, for a black harness without leg harness, 6l. 13s. 4d.; Mr. Bellyngham for a black harness, 8l.; Mr. Poole, pensioner, for a head piece, 26s. 8d.; my lord Nevell, for a black complete harness, 8l.; Mr. Blunte, complete harness, 8l.; total, 61l Summa totalis of my receipts," 381l 4s.
Pp. 7. Endd.: The Kynges Maiesties Boke.
559. Holme in Spaldingmoor.
R. O. "Demands of allowances," in 36 Hen. VIII., for the lordship of Holm in Spaldynmor by John Foulberye, bailey.
Ten small items, four of which are disallowed, for fees, &c.
P. 1.
560. The King's Horses.
R. O. Claim for 5l. 11s. by Sir Nich. Strelley for pasturing 30 of the King's stud mares, at 4d. a week, put into his ground by Win. Webbe of "Warwyke Castle, anno 36 Hen. VIII. Signed with a mark, and also by Henry Lygh, John Skynner and Sir Anthony Browne.
P. 1.
R. O. 2 Claim by Thos. Gobe for 4s. 5d. for expenses, detailed, in taking 6 of the King's geldings over the ferry at Fulham, and putting them into Ascher, Gylford and Henly parks. Signed by Rycharde Audelaye, Chidyock Powlet and Sir Anthony Browne.
P. 1.
561. Monastic Lands in the West.
MS., Cantab.
Dd. xiij. 23.
Valor omnium et singulorum dominiorum, maneriorum, terrarum et tenementorum, rectoriarum, pensionum, porcionum ac aliarum posses-sionum quarumcunque, tarn spiritualium quam temporalium, diversis nuper monasteriis, prioratibus sive hospitalibus in com. pnedictis [Somerset, Dorset, Devon et Oornubia], modo dissolutis, dudum spectantium aut pertinentium; simul cum omnibus feodis, vadiis, pencionibus, annuitatibus et corrodiis, sinodalibus, procuracionibus et redditis resolutis, ac aliis deductionibus et reprisis quibuscunque, de eisdem exeuntibus, anno regni Hen. viii. 36.
Pp. 128.
22 April. 562. Shrewsbury, Tunstall and Sadler to Henry VIII.
R. O. Send letters arrived here from the Wardens of the East and Middle Marches, with others. In those of the Warden of the Middle Marches are material points touching the exchange of prisoners and a device between lord Eures and him to annoy the enemies "at this next through light of the moon," upon which they ask the King's pleasure. As at Barwycke, Warke and Carlisle there are pieces of ordnance lacking stocks, wheels and frames which if mounted might serve, it may please the King to send down carpenters, wheelwrights and artificers to mount them, for here are none that "can skill thereof." As Thomas Goure is prisoner in Scotland and must now go to his entry, in case an army has to be brought to the Borders, Mr. Shelley or some other expert man should be sent hither to supply his place, for the bestowing and employing of the grain and victuals. Darneton, 22 April 1545. signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
22 April. 563. Wharton to Shrewsbury.
Shrewsb. MS
A., p. 91.
Has received Shrewsbury's letters of the 19th and 21st inst., and has accordingly "devised by discreet gentlemen" to know in all haste how many men harnessed and well furnished for war are within his office of the West Marches, in Cumberland and Westmoreland, and also what victuals. Will, as commanded, wait upon Shrewsbury, in company with my lord of Lynouxe, on Friday night. Sir John Louther not being present this 22nd at 12 o'clock, when Shrewsbury's letters of the 21st arrived, Wharton has sent for him that they may go together on Friday. The night before receipt of Shrewsbury's letters, anempst the stealing of two geldings from Darnton, Wharton had "sett all the marches," upon information thereof by one Munck(?), servant to lord Dacres. Hears that the offenders were taken at Halse House near the barony of Kendaill in Westmoreland. Carlisle, 22 April.
Encloses a letter from my lord of Lynouxe to my lady his wife. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: King's lieutenant in the North.
22 April. 564. Chamberlain to Paget.
R. O. While bearer, Francis the post, tarried for his despatch, Chamberlain provided the rest of the 200 cR. Of the sun which Paget left with him; and now sends in a leather bag, sealed, 49l. 17s. 4d. st. in groats, a gain of 3l. 4s. st. The Emperor rode yesterday about this town to view the forwardness of the fortification. Yesterday the Serjeants of the town demanded of some of our merchants, in the street, the impost of the 20th penny which the Emperor takes of every house, and being answered that our merchants "kept no house, but hired a packhouse within other," and required to show their authority to the writer, the sergeants said that they had not to do with him; and so stripped one of the merchants of his cloak in the midst of the street. Afterwards they took out of the chamber of a servant of my lord Admiral his coat and cloak and out of another man's warehouse a cloth for the same duty. I could not then speak with the lords of the town as they were "all day leading the Emperor about the town," but sent this morning to know when I might speak with the Margrave, who thereupon came himself and, being reminded of his proved affection towards the King's subjects and asked to move the other lords of the town that we might be so handled as to have no occasion to remove our trade (as, not long before, he told me that he heard say we would, and I showed him we would not unless driven to it), promised to punish his officers and cause the lords of the town to make redress. He returned again within half an hour and said that the lords of the town were sorry, and would punish their officers; requiring us from time to time to advertise them when molested. Although I have thus gently redressed the thing, I think well to report it; for its suddenness made our merchants fear "an afterclap, being our ships yesterday newly arrived at Berghes."
Continued in his own hand:—The above being written, after dinner divers of the Company reported that the Serjeants were about to break up other packhouses; "whereupon, being past time to have to do with the people of this country, as ye know, at such hours," I sent again to the Margrave to ask whether the lords of the town "did afore noon mock him or me," for the Serjeants said they had nought to do with the Margrave but did their office in the Emperor's name. My clerk has just returned to say that the Margrave, called the sergeants and in his presence commanded them to return to one of the Company a ring which they had taken for a "paund" for the same impost and to release another whom they were carrying to prison; and so commanded them to return all the "paundes" which they had taken on pain of losing their office, and he would discharge our nation against the Emperor. Pray advertise me whether I shall keep our folks at Barghes during this mart, as appointed, or allow them to resort hither "to shop and change and set over their bills, fearing an afterclap as they do by mean of these innovations thus suddenly tempted, the Emperor being here." I would be loath to put our things here, which are for a good round sum, in hazard. Andewarpe, 22 April 1545, at afternoon.
Pp. 4. Add. Endd.
22 April. 565. The Landgrave of Hesse to Henry VIII.
R. O. One Franciscus, a youth of the family of the counts of Waldeck, came of late years (annis superioribus) into your realm, and as he is a kinsman it seemed my duty to commend him. Begs therefore that the youth may have some honorable post in the King's service or else be sent home to his friends. Cassel, 10 calendas Maii 1545. Signed: Philips 1. z . Hessen m. ss.
Latin, p. 1. Add. Endd.
23 April. 566. The Garter.
Order of the
II. 432.
On 23 April 37 Hen. VIII., at vespers, being present with the King at St. James's manor near Westminster the dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, earls of Surrey, Essex, Hertford and Arundel, lord Kussell, Viscount Lisle, lord St. John, Sir Ant. Browne, Sir John Gage and Sir Ant. Wingfield, the following nominations of knights [i.e. of the Garter] were made:—
Sir Ant. Wingfield:—Princes: Marquis Dorset, earl of Shrewsbury, earl of Derby. Barons: lords Wriothesley, Cobham, and Parre of Horton. Knights: Sir Wm. Sydney, Sir Fras. Bryan and Sir Giles Strangwais.
Sir John Gage:—Princes: as Wingfield. Barons: Wriothesley, Parre of Horton, Delaware. Knights: Sydney, Bryan, Sir Thos. Arundel.
Sir Ant. Browne:—Princes: Shrewsbury, Dorset, Derby. Barons: lords Delaware, Parre of Horton, Poynyngs. Knights: Sydney, Strang-ways, Bryan.
Lord St. John:—Princes: Dorset, Shrewsbury, Huntingdon. Barons: Delaware, Wriothesley, Poynyngs. Knights: Bryan, Sydney, Strangways.
Viscount Lisle:—Princes: as Lord St. John. Barons: Wriothesley, W. Haward, Delaware. Knights: Sir Thos. Seymer, Sir Thos. Arundel, Sir Hen. Knyvett.
Lord Russell:—Princes: as Wingfield. Barons: Poynyngs, Cobham, Wriothesley. Knights: Strangways, Brian, Semer.
Earl of Arundel:—Princes: as Lord St. John. Barons: Wriothesley, Poynyngs, Parre. Knights: Sir Wm. Paget, Sir Thos. Semer, Sir Wm. Herbert.
Earl of Hertford:—Princes: as Lord St. John. Barons: Wriothesley, Cobham, Poynyngs. Knights: Sir Hen. Knyvet, Sir Thos. Darcy, Sir Thos. Semer.
Earl of Essex:—Princes: as Lord St. John. Barons: Wriothesley, Par of Horton, Poynyngs. Knights: Semer, Herbert, Bryan.
Earl of Surrey:—Princes: as Wingfield. Barons: Wriothesley, Poynyngs, Delaware. Knights: Bryan, Semer, Knyvet.
Duke of Suffolk:—Princes: as Wingfield. Barons: Wriothesley, Delaware, Poynyngs. Knights: Semer, Darcy, Bryan.
Duke of Norfolk:—Princes: as Wingfield. Barons: as Suffolk. Knights: Semer, Bryan, Knyvet.
The King having read over the names, Shrewsbury and Wriothesley were chosen. The feast at Windsor was appointed to be kept, on 17 May, by Arundel as deputy, assisted by Gage and Wingfield: which was done in due course.
23 April. 567. Henry VIII. to the Earl of Shrewsbury.
Add. MS.
6,297, p. 343.
B. M.
At a chapter held this day at St. James's by Westminster Shrewsbury was chosen, among others, to be a companion of the Order of the Garter. He shall repair to the King's presence to receive such things as appertain thereto. 23 April 37 Hen. VIII.
Modern copy, p. 1. Address copied.
Stowe MS.
595, f. 40.
B. M.
2 Another copy (Elizabethan) misdated xxiiij April 37 Hen. VIII.
23 April. 568. Chapuys to President Schore.
R. O. Expecting that tomorrow, or the day after, his colleague and he will write all news both to the Queen and his Lordship, this will only be to pray him to assist bearer in the affair which he will recite. London, 23 April 1545.
Fr. Modern transcript of the original at Vienna, p. 1.
23 April. 569. Shrewsbury to Paget.
R. O. Sends letters and writings arrived from the Warden of the West Marches, for him to declare their effect to the King. Darneton, 23 April 1545, at night. Signed.
P, 1. Add, Endd,
23 April. 570. Charles V. to M. de St. Mauris.
III. 126.
Replies to his three letters of the last ult. The first, touching the enterprise against England, what passed between the Cardinal of Tornon and the lady of Estampes, etc., needs no answer. As to the satisfaction shown by the King, Dauphin and Orleans with the Emperor's declaration of the alternative of the marriages, Secretary L'Aubespine who arrived here on Good Friday (fn. n3) said as much without commenting upon the articles or answering the private writing delivered to Morette, only remarking that the declaration was not signed, and asking if St. Mauris had letters of credence to declare it. * * * Antwerp, 23 April 1545.
24 April. 571. Richmond Herald to the Council.
R. O. The King of Denmark makes ready his ships and has put all his men of war ready at an hour's warning, for what purpose I cannot know as yet. This news came to Hamboro on 21 April." The inbassadour of France is the pardet (departed) from the Kinges of Denmark and is ghone homward; also the Scottes comme dayely to Hamboro, and shipps of Hamboro ghos dayely in to Scotland wt marchandys and all odar nessysars; and also the Scottes have brodde nues that the have slanne iiij thoussend Engles men and more a boude Palme Sondaye last; and also the saie that Fardynandes sonne shall mare the jwnges quynne of Scotland and he shall be there kinges." Has this day obtained licence of the Council of Hamboro to lade 1,000 qR. Of corn and will consign it to one of Hamboro at London and stand to no adventure. Hambor[o], Friday, 24 April 1545.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Endd.: * * Couns[ail] x[xiiij. Aprilis] 1545.
25 April. 572. Sabyne Johnson to her Husband, John Johnson.
R. O. Glapthorne, 25 April 1545:—Domestic matters. Your letter to Lord Crumwell was very well taken and my lord made them good cheer who went with it, and commanded them "to a pece tell setch tyme as they hard mor." Mr. Douse is now in London, and if you speak with him you shall know all. I trust you will make an end of your parsonage ere your going from London, and not tarry long at Callais.
Hol., p.1.. Add.: at London.
25 April. 573. Sir Edward Aston to Shrewsbury.
Shrewsb. MS.,
N., p. 3.
I have received your Lordship's letter charging me, in the King's name, to be ready with 100 men for the wars. Since the beginning of Lent I have been sick and am unable to serve; and also I cannot, of my servants and tenants, make so many men, for I lack not only such rooms as I had at my being in Scotland with the earl of Hertford and your Lordship last year, where I was the only man of worship of Staffordshire, but also divers of my servants and tenants then with me are dead, and that journey was to me and them chargeable. Written 25 April. signed.
P. 1. Add. To, etc., the earl of Shrewesbury.
25 April. 574. Sir Piers Dutton and Others to Shrewsbury.
Shrewsb. MS.
A., p. 99.
Lately received his letters of 18 April for 8,000 able men to be taken out of this shire, for the repulse of the Scots and Frenchmen. Cannot furnish so many, because a great number of the able men mentioned in the certificates of musters are under the rule of the earl of Darbye and others named in a bill enclosed, and must serve the King in this journey. Would know his pleasure as to coats and conduct money. Beg credence for bearer; and meanwhile will put themselves and the King's subjects ready as far as they may. Northwiche, 25 April. Signed: Perus Button k.: Thomas Venables k.: John Donne k.: Laurens Smyth k.: Uryan Brereton k.: Edward Warren k.: Edmund Savage k.
P. 1. Add.; lieutenant general in the North parts.
25 April. 575. Katharine Countess of Westmoreland to [Shrewsbury].
Shrewsb. MS.,
O..p. 18.
My servant, Nynyane Menvill, the bearer, is a gentleman, and is very desirous to serve the King on the Borders. Pray admit him to be a captain upon the Borders; and I trust that he will use himself to your lordship's satisfaction in that or any other business "belonging to a gentleman to do." Brauncepith, 25 April. Signed.
P. 1. Add.: To the right honorable and my very good lord, the Kinges Majestes levetenaunte, be this yeven.
25 April. 576. Charles V. to Chapuys.
VIII. No. 46.
Has chosen him, for his experience of English affairs, to be one of the personages who, under the agreement made with Paget, must be sent to Gravelines next month to meet those appointed by the King. Van der Delft will be able to fulfil the mission in England. Enclosed in recent letters from the Queen two Spanish memorials of robberies by English ships upon Spanish ships coming from the Indies and also from Biscay. It appears that the Emperor's subjects have used reprisals. Release of the ships must be required, and the reprisals excused as done without the Emperor's knowledge. Antwerp, 25 April 1545.


  • n1. Cancelled with note "that this is to be entered in ao primo."
  • n2. These are by warrant of 31 May ao 37o and are cancelled with the note "to be entered in ao xxxvijo."
  • n3. 3rd April.