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Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 5, 1531-1532. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1880.

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1 (2). "John Abell, priest." This looks like an error, as the name of the Queen's chaplain was Thomas Abell. The writer of the answer, however, is repeatedly called John Abell in this document. It would appear that Thomas Abell's book on the divorce was not issued till the summer of 1532. See No. 1256.

36. "John Gage" should be "Sir John Gage."

119 (26). Dele "Megara," and read "bishop of Majorensis." See foot note, p. 2311, vol. IV.

119 (33), for "Alaby" read "Anlaby."

119 (54). "Sir Andrew Fortescue" seems to be an error on the roll for "Sir Adrian Fortescue."

156, for "No. 40" read "No. 48."

159, for "Nos. 45 and 47" read "Nos. 53 and 55."

166 (30). At the foot supply "P. S."

166 (32), after "heir of" (1. 4), insert "Will. Bassett, sen., son and heir of."

220. The Nos. of the two following entries, "Undated Grants, 22 Hen. VIII.," and "Grants in April 1531, 23 Hen. VIII.," having been accidentally omitted, they are referred to in the Index as 220 a and 220 b respectively.

224. I find reason to believe that though the circumstance of the York convocation meeting on the 4th May seems to favor the date assigned to this letter, it is really of the year 1533.

266. This letter is of the year 1532. See No. 1043.

274. This is a fragment of another draft of No. 792, and is here out of its proper place. It seems to be a clerical error in this draft that Grimani is represented to have declared that the Turk had made peace (pacta inierit) with the Emperor. The other copies read iniret (would make peace).

278 (17), for "John lord Burgh" read "Thomas lord Burgh."

278 (24), for "John Deka" read "Edw. Deka."

278 (32), for "Eleanor duchess of Gloucester" read "Eleanor duchess of Buckingham."

278 (33), for "200 acres of meadow" read 20 acres of meadow."

295. This letter must be of the year 1533, as Thomas Ynde was only made abbot in Sept. 1532, in succession to John Sherborne. (See No. 1370 (11).) It has reference, therefore, not to Dr. Rowland Lee's visit to the West in 1531 (see No. 300), but to a similar journey which he made in 1533.

318 (10). This is out of place, and should have been put in June 1532.

318 (18), for "Bayce" read Kayee."

318 (21). Wm. lord Howard. Lord William Howard according to modern usage, but the original has "Willelmo Howarde domino Howarde."

324. This letter is misplaced, as the date is not 5 July, but 23 Aug.

364 (1), for "Roger Spencer" read "Robert Spencer."

377. This letter is of the year 1533.

382 (p. 191), foot note. This note is inaccurate. It is true that, according to Pits, Lupset died on the 27th Dec. 1532; and probably the day and month are right, but the year is certainly wrong. It will be seen by the Grants in January 1531, No. 2, that Lupset was dead at the very beginning of that year, so that he probably died in December 1530.

394. In margin, dele "R. O."

443. Supply reference in margin to St. P. IV 574.

Ib., p. 212, 1. 9, below heading, for "earl" read "herald."

487. Dele "Sir" before "Henry Norris."

490, for "Charles I." read "Charles V."

506 (7), for "Ralph Bexall" read "Ralph Pexall."

506 (7), for "Nivedale" read "Uvedale."

506 (20), for "Edward Tame" read "Edmund Tame."

506 (20), 1. 2, for "stewards" read "sewers."

559 (6), for "Morton" read "Norton."

561 (2). Supply in margin "R. O."

627 (23), (p. 287, ll. 6, 7). "Sir Robt. Norwich, chief justice of the King's Bench," should be "of the Common Pleas" (de Banco).

627 (26), after "Francis Kellingale" read "s. and h. of Will. Kellingale."

642. This letter is probably later, as there is a similar letter from the same writer addressed to Cromwell as Secretary.

652. This letter is from John Creke, the writer of No. 840, as appears both by the contents and by a comparison of the handwriting. It is probable that both letters belong to the early part of the year 1531, or at least that they are not later.

673, for "King's Bench" read "Common Pleas."

p. 316, 1. 6 from bottom, for "Rolle" read "Rolte."

686 (p. 327, 1. 3 from end), for "Wyllmer" read "Mylliner."

689. In heading read "Sir George Lawson."

766, for heading "Grants in December." read "Grants in January."

766 (4), for "Berton, Bendishe," read "Berton-Bendishe."

786. "p. 1" should be "pp. 3."

836. "Pp. 2" should be "Pp. 23."

838 (20), for "J. bishop of Ely" read "N. bishop of Ely."

904. This lease is dated in the MS. 28 March 23 Hen. VIII.

937. This letter appears to be of later date, as I find that John Annesley, who was appointed prior of Lenton in 1531, (see No. 80 (18),) continued to hold that position for two or three years, and that Heath succeeded him.

939. The date in the margin is wrong, as Andeley was not keeper of the Great Seal till 20 May. The date when the commission was actually issued was 2 June, as appears by No. 1799. This, however, is an early draft, drawn up, probably, some days before.

983. This document is certainly of a later date.

1045. For "Rochester" read "Roweeter."

1075. "John Sampson, dean of the Chapel," so in the original, but should be "Richard Sampson."

Ib. At the end, for "keeper of the Privy Seal" read "keeper of the Great Seal."

1087. This is probably of the year 1533, as the writer signs "Humfrey Forster, Knyght." See No. 1502.

1102, for "queen of Hungary" read "queen of France."

1181. Supply number before heading.

1207 (23), for "monastery of Walthamstowe" read "monastary of Waltham."

1207 (45). "Sir Robt. Norwich, chief justice of the King's Beach," should be "justice of our Beach," i.e. of the Common Pleas.

1221. This letter must be of an earlier date. See No. 403, mentioning John Ashby as late prior in 1531.

1258. The foot note is wrong. For "Sir T. Elyott?" read "Thos. Cranmer."

1297. In heading, for "Lord Chancellor." read "keeper of the Great Seal."

1357 (1). This document is quite set of its place, being really dated 23 and 24 Hen. VII., and the endornement being in Henry VII.'s own handwriting.

1357 (2), for "pp. 5" read "p. 1."

1370 (11), for "John Sirburn" read "John Shirborn."

1370 (23), for "Sir Thos. Andeley, keeper of the Privy Seal," read "Sir Thos. Andeley, keeper of the Great Seal."

1370 (23), p. 587, col. 2, 1. 2 from bottem, for "Cranley" read "Cranley."

1371. The foot note is wrong. The warden of Canterbury was Gabriel Pecock, See 1312 ii.

1435, for "P. 1" read "Pp. 2."

1453, for "p. 1" read "Pp. 2."

1497. "For execution of the Laws." This number should be 1498.

1598 (3). "Surgeon to the Queen Consort." It is remarkable that Katherine (who is named by her Christian name in the original) should be expressly so called at this date.

1598 (11), for "22 May" read "22 Nov." :

1694 ii. Essex. For "Thos. earl of Sussex read "Rob. earl of Sussex." York, W. R. For "Hen. earl of Northampton" read "Hen. earl of Northumberland."

1703 iv., 1. 2, for "on" read "or."