Lincoln wills: 1529 (April-June)

Pages 122-136

Lincoln Wills: Volume 2, 1505-1530. Originally published by British Record Society, London, 1918.

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1529 (April-June)

The testament of Agnes Clerke [? alias Isaak of Tydd St. Mary, widow].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 101d.]

1 April, 1529. I Agnes Clerke otherwyse Isaak, wydowe, of Tyd Sancte Marie. [folio 102] To Henry my sone, hys heyres and assignes, my house with ij acres of lande lying in the crofte, and fyve acres lying in the same felde, and on acre of lande lying by Shawes and on acre lande callyd Cheker acre, and he to enter when he commeth to the age of xv yeres. To Clement my sonne, hys heyres and assygnes, fyve acres and di' of land lying in Brygfelde, and a xj acres of land lying in Newfelde, and he to entre when he cumyth to the age of xv yeres. And yff ether of them fortune to dy within the sayd age, then I will that he that overlyvyth shall have the landes to hym, hys heyres and assygnes. To Isabell my doughter, her heyres and assygnes, xiiij acres of lande lying in Newfelde, and she to enter when she cumyth to the age of xv yeres; [remainder] to the sayd Henry and Clement, to ther heyres and assygnes. And yff it fortune all my chyldren to dyc before the sayd age, then I will the house with the sayd landes be solde, and the money theroff cumyng to be disposyd in messes syngyng and other good almys dedes doyng wythin the towne off Wysbyche. The resydue of my goodes I put to the disposicion of my executor, whome I make John Regby, my brother, for to dispose for the helth of my soule and all my good frend soulys. Thes wytnes, sir William Bakhouse; Robert Tofte; Gylberd Jouden; with other.

Proved before P., at Spaldyng, 26 October, 1529. Admin. granted to the executor.

The testament of Ryc' Patrike [of Kirmond le Mire].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 77.]

2 April, 1529. I Richard Patrik of Kyrmond. My body to be buryd in the churcheyerd of saynt Martyn of Kyrmond. I gif and wyt to Jenet my wif one howse and ij acres of land in Ludforth for her lif, and hit to remayne to John Patryk, my son. I will that John Pierson and Christopher Barker, my brethern, helpe my wif and gif her good counseile. Residue to Jenet my wif whome I make my executor. Thies witnes, Sir Robert Gaynesburgh, vicar; John Pierson; and Xp'ofer Barker.

Proved before P., at Wragby, 8 April, 1529. Admin. granted to the executrix.

[The testament of Robert Daie of Gretford].

[L.C.C., 1545–6, ii, f. 126d.]

3 April, 1529. I Robert Daie of Gretforth. My body to be buried in the church porch of Gretforthe, and my best best to be my mortuarie. To the highe altare of Gretforthe viijd. To the sepulchre lyght a seame barlie. To our Lady church of Lincoln viijd. To the mendinge of the highe wayes and brigges about Gretforth a seame barly. To the bells di' seame barlie. To every order of freers in Stamforde halfe a seame barlie. To every one of my godchildren. I will that Isabell my daughter have suche goodes and cattalles as my wyf will sett her forthe to her mariage. To my daughter Heline v markes in monnye with her mother rewarde. To Alic' and Joane my daughters. To my daughter, Isabell Martin. To Alice Cordale. To every one of my servauntes. To Adam Tomlingson. To Thomas Laxon. To Thomas Day. To Doroty Martin. Also Thomas Day shall have a chamblet dublet and a violet cote; Robert Day shall have a blue cote and a worsted dublet; and John Martin a russet gowne and a buckskin dublet and my best bonnet. To Katherin Cordall. To Thomas Yoman, when he is preist, iijs. iiijd. To the church of Barholme. To st. Margaretes gilde of Brayssingborow. To the church of Stowe. To Wilstrop church. I will that I have a prest sing for me halfe a yeare. My goods not bequeathed I give to Alice my wyfe and Robert Daie, my sonn; them I make my execuutors to dispose the residew for the helth of my soule. I will that Thomas Daie, my sonn, be my supervisor, and he to have for his labor a noble and a silver spone with his mother rewarde. Theise being witnes, Roger Bainthorp, parson; John Haddon; Thomas Yeoman; with other.

Proved before R., at Staunford, 26 April, 1529.

The testament of Christopher Yonge [of Brantbroughton, husbandman].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 103.]

3 April, 1529. I Xp'ofer Yong off Brantbroughton, husbandman. My body to be buryed with in the church or chyrchyerde of saynt Hellyn of Brantbroughtton. Also my best best to be my mortuary, as use and custom is. To the hygh alter for forgottyn tithys iiijd. To our Lady warke of Lincoln xijd. To the iiij orders of frerys in Lincoln to every house a vpe of whett of that that is growyng of the erthe. The resydue of my other goodes I will that they be devydyd in thre partes; on parte to my wyff, the seconde parte to be disposyd for my soule, the thyrd parte to the chylde that I shall have by my wyff. I will that my wyff be my executrix. Yff the chylde do not continew, I will that halff off the goodes of the thyrd parte be disposyd for the helth of my soule and for the soull helth of thos that it come by, and the other my wyff to have, by the permision of Sir John Yong, parson, John Kelom and William Yong, whome I make the supervisors. Wytnes heroff, Sir Robert Scorby; Robert Beite; Robert Gylmyng; and John Crull.

Proved before P., at Naneby, 28 April, 1529. Admin. granted to the executrix.

The testament of Robert Pacye [of Barkston-le-Willows, yeoman].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 130d.]

6 April, 1529. I Robert Pacye of Barston, yoman, makes my testament and last will. I bequeth xiij yow shepe of iij shere to fynde xiij sergeys lyght before the sacrament in messe tyme unto the Agnus in Barston church for evermore to endure. I bequeth x yow schepe to the fyndyng of v sergeys, iiij in the lyttyll Rode lofte, and on serge in the hygh Rode lofte, to burne at all tymes as other serges ther doy in Godes service tyme. I bequeth on cow to the fyndyng of on serge before our Lady in the southe yle of the sayd churche. I bequeth unto the Trinitie gylde a cow. To Ric' Forthe my gowne furryd with whyte lamme. To Robert Barynesby my tawny gowne. To the wyff of Robert Braunesby and to hys chylder. To William Thomson and to hys wyff and to hys chylder. To a preste to syng in Barston church iij yeres for the saule of me, my father and mother and my frendes soulys and all crysten soulys, and to helpe to Godes servys, every yere vl. I will that my heyres, executors and feoffers, accordyng to my fathers will, kepe of my landes on yerly obbyt uppon Corpus Xp'i day, dirige over nyght and messe in the mornyng, expendyng at it yerly vjs. viijd. To Masterys Bussy of Scyston. To my lady Armestrong a pare of beades of gett, gawdyd with sylver. To Margaryt Wigllysforth. To Elizabeth Forde. To Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary and [folio 131] Anne my doughters xxl. [apiece] to be delyveryd when they cum to the age of mariage, [etc.]. I will that my mesuages, toftes, landes, leys, medows and pastors to be delyvered to my sayd chylder by the handes of my executores and feoffeȝ at the day of ther mariage. And I wyll that after the decease of Alice my wyff that all the landes that she hath in feoffment be delyveryd to my sayd chylder, to have and to holde to them and to ther heres of ther bodyes, [etc.]. Resydue to Alice my wyff, the wich Alice and Sir William Sele, [folio 131d.] prest, and Richerd Forth I orden my executors. I orden Mr Edward Bussy, esquyer, supervisor. Wyttenesse herof, Hugh Massyngberde; Thomas Pell; Robert Branesby; Richerd Slyved; Richerd Talbon; William Thomson; and many other moy.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 22 April, 1529. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of W. Burton [of West Torrington].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 329d.]

11 April, 1529. I John Burton of Westeryngton, seke in body. My body to be buryd in the churche of Westeryngton. To the vicar of the churche for my begotten tithys xijd. To the same churche warke iijs. iiijd. To our Lady warke of Lincoln viijd. To the high alter of the same vjd. To st. Hugh hed vjd. To the churche warkes of Esteryngton, Estbarkworth, Westbarkworthe, Wragby and Holton. To the iiij orders of frerys in Lincoln xvjd. To Bollyngton abbey at the mynde of my executors, as they be in nomber. To Mabylthorpe curet xijd., and he to say iij messys with placebo and dirige for thes soulys, John Stutte and Robert Gylby of the same towne, and John Burton of Westeryngton. To the churche warke of the same towne. To the abbey of Louthparke vjd. The resydue to my sone Sir John and my sone Richerde, whome I make my executors for to dispose for my soule, [etc.]. Thes wytnes, Sir John Pope, vicar of the same towne; and Robert Leysyng; Roger Burton of the same; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 18 March, 1530, by the executors.

The testament of Thomas Bothe [of Dowsby].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 87.]

18 April, 1529. I Thomas Bothe of Douesby. My body to be buryed in the churche yerde of saynt Androw the apostell. To the high [sic] of Douesby xijd., and to our Ladyes light ther xijd. To our Ladyes warke of Lincoln iiijd. To the belles of Douesby xijd. To Catherine, Margret, Margery, Alice, Elizabeth and Agnes my doughters. I will that Robert my sone have the governaunce of my children unto the tyme that they be able to be maried. I will that ther be ij trentalles done, one for me and another for my wif. I will ther be a yerly obite done for me and my wif and for all my elders and all cristen soules, at the parishe churche, of vjs. viijd. Residue to Robert my sone, whome I make my executour to dispose for the helthe of my soule and my wiffes. Thies men bearyng witnes therof, Syr Peter Modie; Jenkyn Adayle; Rauf Sloury; Richard Carter; with other more.

Proved before P., at Swaton, 1 June, 1529. Admin. granted, [etc.].

The testament of T. Wytt [of Sutton in the Marsh].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 131d.]

20 April, 1529. I Thomas Wytt of Sutton. I wytt my soule, [etc.]. I wytt to Elizabeth my wyff viij kye, [etc.]; also all my houshold stuffe wythin my dorys. To the church of Sutton iijl. vjs. viijd. To the church of Hotofte. To the stepil of Alforde vjs. viijd. To the abbot of Hagneby iij quarters whette, [etc.], and to the convent xs., to say a trentall for my soule. To the prior off Markeby xs., and to hys breder xs., to say a trentall for my soule. To the priorysse off Grenefelde xxs., and to hyr systers iijs. iiijd. To Sir Jackeson ij yeres servys and to have for it xl. xiijs. iiijd. To Xp'ofer Wytt, my broder; [folio 132] John Gotte; Ric' Hattkyn schylder; every god chylde that I have; the vicar off Sutton. To the sepulcar of Suttun iijs. iiijd. To John Wytt, my brother; John Wytt yonger; Agnes Wytt; John Schortryt; Agnes Prystwyk; Robert Harnas chylder. I will have for evermore on obbyt in the parysh church of Stykforth to the valure of viijs. by yere to be receyvyd of iij acre pasture in Sutton, and it may so be lattyn. To the church of Sutton on acre pasture wyth in the same parysh to fynde a serge afore the sacrament, and the reste to go to the welle of the sayd churche. The reste off my goodes I putt theym to the discrescion off John Hattkyn and John Hundylby, whome I make my executors that they may dispose it for the helthe of my soule, [etc.]. I make Sir John Frysmere, vicar of Hotofte, supervysor. Thies beyng wyttnesses, Sir Ric' Jacson, prest; Thomas Wrytt; Thomas Toler; Hugh Lownde; wyth other moy.

Proved at Lincoln, 7 May, 1529. Admin. granted to John Hattkyn, the executor, reserving power to grant to John Hundylby.

The testament of John Cater [of Barton on Humber].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 95d.]

1 May, 1529. I John Cater of Berton upon Humbre. To John Cater, my sone, a house of copy holde buyldyd in Market Rasyn, and I will that that house be putt or lattyn at the discrestion of Richerd Cater, my brother, to the behoyff and bryngyng up of the sayd John; and aftyr the dethe of John, I will that the house shall go for my yeres to the church of saynt Thomas in Markyt Rasen for to have on obbyt done yerly for me and my good frendes, the valor of iijs. iiijd.; that is to say, to every preste within the towne iiijd., and to the parysh clerke ijd., to every rynger of the bellys jd., and to xiij pore folkes xiijd., and the resydue, yff that any money remayn, to be delte to pore folkes at the dyscrestion of the church wardens. Yff my obbyt be not kepyd every yere ons, that is to say, on the Munday next aftyr Trinitie Sunday, then it shall be lefull to the sayd Richerd Cater, hys heyres or assignes to enter to the same house. I will that my brother Ric' shall dispose and gyff att hys discrestion to the pore people of Estrasen xs. to pray for my soule, and to the pore people of Mydle Rasen iijs. iiijd., to be gyffyn at the discrestion of the curat wher moste neyd is. To the pore folkes of Telby iijs. iiijd., and to the pore people of Owresby iijs. iiijd. I will iijl. vjs. viijd. be disposyd for my soule at my buriall at the advyse of my brother Richerd. To my brother Ric' all my weddyng raymont. To Robert Broxholme my blak furryd gowne. To Thomas Bery a chamlet dooblyt and my russyt gawberdyne. To John Haynton a kendall cote, and to John Cowper, my kynsman, my tawny cote. To Robert Osney, my kynsman, a lether dooblyt. To Thomas Wryght, my kynsman, a russyt cote. I will that my brother Richerd shall dispose such houshold stuff as I have at Rasyn to my syster doughters. The resydue to my brother Ric' Cater, whome I orden executor. Thyes beyng wytnes, Sir Ric' Watson, Sir Xp'ofer Brumby, prestes.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 15 July, 1529. Admin. granted to the executor.

The testament of Christopher Basse [of South Witham].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 254d.]

6 May, 1529. I Cristofer Basse of Southwytham. My body to be buryed in the church yerde of St. John in Southwytham afore the crosse. For my mortuary as the custom is [folio 255] iff it be lefull to be gyffyn; yff not, I gyff to the parson of the church for the same vjs. viijd. To the high alter for tithys forgottyn xld. To the makyng of the stepill of the same churche xiijs. iiijd. To the sepulcer light on ewe schepe to be delyveryd at martynmas. To our Lady of Lincoln xvjd. To Northwytham, Gunby and Thystelton churches. To Margaret Hadcoke and Johan Sawnson, my god doughters. To the v chylder of my brother, John Basse, v score ewe hogges that I bought of Platys yff they lyff to Martynmes, elles not. To Agnes Basse. To John Caudle di' a seme barly to be drest as clene as I had of hym. I make my executors—Robert Topper of South Wytham and William Chapman of Tygh. To every on of my chylder xls., and yff it happen any of them departe afore other or they cum to laufull age that ther parte be partyd among the other chylder. Resydewe to Emot my wyff to dispose for my soule. Thes wytnes, Sir Robert Wynter, parson of the same; Robert Topper; William Chapman; John Wryght; Robert Basse; with many moy.

Proved before P., at Creton, 23 September, 1530. Admin. granted to Robert Topper, William Chapman renouncing.

The testament of Robert Halgarth of Horncastle, [tanner].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 172d.]

14 May, 1529, 22 (fn. 1) Henry VIII. I Robert Halgarth off the parysh of Horncastill, tanner. My body to be buryed in the newe quere of the Sowthe syde before the wyndoy that I caused to be mayd in the church of Horncastill. To the hygh alter in the name of my mortuary and for forgotten tythys xxs. To our lady of Lincoln xxd. To the iiij orders of frerys of Lincoln xxd. a pece. To saynt Catheryne gylde in Hornecastyll xs. To Sir Rawff Hutton, my curate, xxd. To Sir Symon Wyndall on yere wage to syng for me, my wyff, father and mother John and Jennet, yff he tarry with in the towne of Hornecastill; and yff he do not tarry, I gyff it to Sir Rawff Hutton, my curate, to syng and do as afore is expressyd. To Richerd Kyrke vjs. viijd. To [the churches of] Bamburgh, Thymolby, Langton, Thorneton, Dalderby, Screleby, Maryng, Uppertoynton, Ashby, Scrafelde, Wynceby, Spillesby and Nether Toynton. To every church buttyng by the high way as I do ryde to Spyllesby iiijd. a pece. To my lorde of Kyrksted iijs. iiijd. To every brother wythin the place vjd. To Jenet my wyff my convent seale belongyng to my lorde of Carlyll. I will that the land arrable and gresse that lyeth of the weste syde of Bayne, the wich I have of the lese of Kyrksted remane to Richerd Kyrke, payng the rente to the same house. I will that the house that William Gray dothe dwell in shall fynde on obbyt for me and my wyff, yff so be the lawe will suffer it, or ellys the house to be solde at the syght of my supervisor, Mr John Lyttylbery, and of my executors, Robert Palfreyman and William Parslay, and the money to go to saynt Catheryne gylde off Horncastill for ever, thay doyng for ever a obbyt. To Agnes Falced, my nevay [sic], iijl. vjs. viijd., and the [money] to be delyveryd to the aldermen and chamberlayns of saynt Catheryne gylde to she be of the age of xviij yeres; [remainder] to her bretherne Thomas and Xp'ofer [and the survivor of them]. [folio 173] To Jenet my wyff and to her executors and assygnes the house that I do dwell in, for the terme off my yeres. To Xp'ofer Falceth halfe a daker off lether. To Xp'ofer Owylwathe. To Mr Sodaby. To Nicholes my boy a hyde. To my servant, Elizabeth Orwell. To Elizabeth Chapman. To Elizabeth Purryll. To Jenet Halgarth, doughtter of John Halgarth. To the church of Bennyngworthe on seme of malte. To every on of my godchylder wythin the towne of Horncastyll. To John Halgarth. To Elizabeth my syster. To Jenet Nelle. All siche strenkyth as the sayd Robert Halgarthe hath by Richerd Clerke and the kynges graunt shall remane to Jennet my wyff and to William Parslay to my heyr cum to lawfull age. To Robert Foster on hyde. To the torche lyght att Hornecastill iijs. iiijd. To every other lyght wythin the same church iiijd. To the church warke off Horncastyll xs. To John Halgarthe the house that he dwelte in rente fre, kepyng it in reparacions; and yff ought cum to John Halgarth, I will it cum to William hys sun and my godsun and to hys heyres; and for defaute of [such] heyres, to go to the right heyres of me, as it is before (fn. 2) expressyd of my lande in Benyngworth. I will that my executors shall pay the resydewe off all sitche goodes as I was and is chargyd with for the performance of Richerd Clerke will. I Robert Halgarthe and Jamys Burton is agreyd that the rente of the house that Alexander Boos dwellyth in shall go to the makyng of a crosse that we be chargyd with to gyve for Richerd Clerke; and the sayd crosse mayd, I Robert Halgarth and the sayd Jamys Burton is agreyd ther shall be a obbyt of vjs. viijd. done for the sayd Richerd for ever in Hornecastyll churche of the sayd house, and better yf it will extende. To Jennyt my wyff all my lande in Bennyngworth for her lyff, [remainder in succession] to Robert sonne of the said Thomas Halgarthe, [folio 173d.] my brother John Halgarthe and Elizabeth Halgarthe in tail, and the right heirs in fee]. To Jennet Melton xxd. Resydewe of goodes to Jennyt my wyff, wich Jenet, Robert Palfreyman and William Parselay I make my executors; and Mr John Lyttylbery to be the supervisor. Thes wytnes, Sir Rawffe Hutton, my curat; Thomas Robertson; William Brewer; Nicholes Sutton; and Gilbert Wyberde; wyth other moy.

Proved before P., at Horncastle, 6 July, 1530. Admin. granted to Robert Palfreyman and William Parslay, the said Joan Halgarthe then being dead.

The testament of James Myssenden of Lymbergh[Magna, gentleman].

[L.C.C. 1520–31, f. 167d.]

21 May, 1529. I Jamys Myssendyne of Limburgh Magna, gentylman, makyth my testament and last will, etc. My body to be buryed in the church of saynt Peter of Gret Lymber. To the cathedrall church warke of Lincoln xxs. To the church warkes of Gret Lymber, Keleby, Ryby, Claxby, Barnaby and Helyng. To the abbot of Thornton for tyme beyng xls. To the prior vjs. viijd. To every other of the convente xijd. To Dame Mawde Tyrwytt iijl. vjs. viijd. [folio 168] To Dame Elizabeth Beesby iijl. vjs. viijd. To the mon' of Cotton iijl. vjs. viijd. To Dame Johan Thomson, priorys of the same, xls. To Dame Margaret Johnson vjs. viijd. To Dame Elynor Hylyarde vjs. viijd. To every other of the convente xijd. To Sythe Castylforthe xxl. To Elizabeth Hopkynson a hundreth marke to her mariage. To George Dalyson and Isabell hys wyff xll., and all the goodes, [etc.], the which I shall have at Imyngham the day of my dethe. To Elizabeth Dalton xxl. to her mariage. To Edmund Myssynden xxl. To Barnarde Myssynden, otherways callyd Barnard Spenser, and to hys heyres of hys body, all my messuages, landes and tenementes, [etc.], in Gret Lymber, Keleby and Kyllyngholm; also xll.; also too hundreth schepe; and all my harnys and myn apparell belongyng to my body. To the sayd Barnard all the yeres that I have in the churche and parsonage of Gret Lymber of the prior and the convent of the Charterhouse besyde Couentry from the feste of saynt Marke next aftyr my dethe, uppon thys condicion, that the sayd Barnard nor hys chylde nor chylder schall not alene, sell nor gyff the sayd yeres nor no parte of them to any person or persons other then hys or ther chylder, excepte it be to George Dalyson; [otherwise] the sayd George shall have the [premises] to the ende of the yeres. And for the assurance heroff I will that the abbot of Thornton for the tyme beyng shall have the custody of the indentur and leyse mayd by the prior and convente of the charterhouse besyde Coventry to the perferrmance of this my wyll. To Margery Hanssarde xxs. To sir William Myssynden, my sone, xxs. [folio 168d.] To Sithe Castylforthe, Elizabeth Hopkynson and Isabell Daylyson all my housholde stuff and hustylment of houshold. To Richerd Myssynden xxs. To Dame Elyn Myssyndyn xs. yerly duryng xxty yeres. To Dame Mawde Myssyndyn, Dame Mary Myssyndyne, Dame Jane Myssyndyne and William Myssyndyne xls. [each]. To Sir Dowke Myssyndyne, sir Thomas Smyth, vicar of Ryby, sir Robert Johnson, vicar of Lymber and sir Bryan Mansfelde xxs. [each]. To Margaret Dalton iijl. vjs. viijd. To William Torner, Robert Torner and John Benton xiijs. iiijd. each. To Robert Chambres xxvjs. viijd. the wich he owyth me. To Thomas Myssyndyne the yonger, Chrysten Thorpe, and Elizabeth Pawtynor to her mariage, xls. [each]. To Vumfray Myssyndyne and Thomas Plukwell xxs. [each]. To Isabell Dalyson and to hyr heyres all my messys, landes and tenementes, medoys, pasturys, fedyngs, rentes and services in Haburgh. To Elizabeth Hopkynson and to her heyres all my messys, landes, [etc.], in Kyrnyngton. To sir Robert Tyrwyt iiijl. To Master Robert Tyrwytt, Master William Tyrwytt, Elizabeth Richerdson to her mariage, and Elizabeth Allot to her mariage, iijl. vjs. viijd. [each]. To Richerd Allot, Anthony Myssyndyne, Robert Boston, Richard Rukysby, Xp'ofer Sargeand, William Stevenson, Jane Gelderys, Alice Dowsse, Mr John Hopkynson, my brother Blessby, my syster [folio 169] Bleseby hys wyff, sir Robert Benton, sir Henry Bowker, Arthur Bocher, Helene Thomson, Isabell Grene and Margaret Kelke. The resydewe of my goodes unto Barnard my sone, Sythe Castylforth my doughter, Elizabeth Hopkynson and Isabell Dalyson, to be equally devydyd among them by my nevy, Thomas Myssynden of Helyng and by William Dalyson of Netylton, whome I make my executors. To John Moneson, my godson. To every other of my godchylder. To Catheryne Myssendyne, my god chylde, to her mariage, xls. To Masterys Margaret Myssyndyne, my neys, of Helyng. To our lady alter for to by a whyte cope xls. To William Pyssall. To the churche warke of Castor xs. Thyes wytnes, Edward Madyson; by me Robert Johnson, vicar; be me George Dalyson; by me sir Robert Benton, capellanus; John Benton, the yonger; William Holbecke; Richerd Allot; and Thomas Pluckwell. To John Wentforthe xs. To George Skoyphome xs.

Be me James Myssynden.

Proved before P., in the parish church of South Feryby, 22 June, 1530. Admin, granted to Thomas Myssenden of Helyng, nephew of the deceased, and William Dalyson of Netylton, the executors.

The testament of Alice Arnold of Spyllesby, [widow].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 89d.]

23 May, 1529. I Alice Arnold of Spillesby, widow, maketh my testament and last will. My body to buryd within the churchyerd of saynt James of Spillesby with that thyng that be in the name of my mortuary as the law requireth. To our Ladies werke of Lincoln. To the faderles children of saint Catheryn. Toward the buylding of the steple in the churche of Spillesby iijs. iiijd. To the west wyndow in the said churche iijs. iiijd. To every order of the freres in Boston xxd. To Saint Catheryn gild in Horncastr' xijd. To one almesse bed to be had within the paroche of Spillesby a coverlet, a materasse, [etc.] To John Risel wif of Ashby. To Shipley wif. To Jenet Lynley, widow. To our Lady in the churche of Spillesby my best gyrdill. For a trentall to be said in the churche of Spillesby xs. To the churche of Parteney. To the college of Spillesby my house in the said towne for an obit to be kepte for me, my husband and all my good frendes as long as the wardel [sic] standes, and the maister to have for it yerly viijd., and every broder vjd., and the ryngers iiijd.; and the residue over the said charges to go to the upholding of the said house for ever more. Residue of my goodes to Syr Thomas my sone, whome I make myn executor. Rauf Grene to be supervisor. Thies witnes, Sir Thom' Peper; Thom' Grayne of Steping; and Thomas Smyth of Spillesby.

Proved before P., at Fryskeney, 8 June, 1529. Admin. granted to the executor.

The testament of Ric' Herby [of Miningsby].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 384d.]

26 May, 1529. I Richerd Hayrby of Mynyngesby. My body to be buryed in the churcheyerde of St. Andro in Mynyngesby. To our Lady warke in Lincoln ijs. To the high altare in Mynyngesby ijs. for forgottyn tithys. To the makyng off a stone crosse in the churchyerde of Mynyngesby iijs. iiijd. To the parysch churche of Morby ijs. To Claxbye churche ijs. I will that xxty besse and horsse be delyveryd to my chylder emong them what tyme they comme to laufull age to gyd it, [etc.]. I will that one honest preste syng one trentall for my soule and all Xp'en soulys. Resydue of goodes to Isabell my wyff and John Hayrby, my sonne [folio 385] and John Michell, other wase callyd Gluffer, of Bollyngbroke, whome I orden executors. To every one of my godchylder vjd. To Jane Holme. To Hayrby churche xijd. To the churche of Mynyngesby xs. These being witnesses, Robert Porter; Thomas Thakker; Thomas Bray.

Proved before P., at Partney, 11 March, 1530. Admin. granted to the relict and John Michel, John Hayrby, the son, being prevented by death.

The testament of Thomas Sale [of Pinchbeck].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 88d.]

28 May, 1529. I Thomas Sale of Pynchebek. My body to be buryd in the churchyard of Pynchebek. My mortuary to be after the costume of the towne. To the high aulter within the churche of Pynchebek viijd. To every aulter within the said church ijd. To our Ladies warke of Lincoln iiijd. To the faderles childern of St. Catherine ijd. To the churche warke of Pynchebek iijs. iiijd. To Thomas my sone my house that I dwell in, with the landes longeng therto, with a rig that I bought, called Pynk Rig, to hym and his heyres of his body at the age of xvj yeres; [remainder in succession] to Robert and Gilberd my sones [in tail]; [remainder] to my iij daughters [in tail]; [remainder] to Margaret my wif the terme of her lif; [remainder] to [folio 89] the next of my blod. To Thomas my sone ij amblyng stages. And I will that Robert my sone shall receyve ij kye and xxs. at age of xvj yeres. To Alison, Jenet and Beatrix my doughters. To Robert Sale, my godsone. I will that my executors bestowe at my buryng day at messe and dirige to poure folkes xxvjs. viijd., at my vij day vjs. viijd., at xxx day vjs. viijd. Residue of goodes I put to the disposicion of Margarite my wif and Robert Sale, my broder, whome I make my executors to pay my dettes and to bryng me furth. Thies beyng witnes, Will'm Bewyk, prest; Gilbert Tilson; Robert Lincoln; Richard North; with other more.

Proved before P., at Spaldyng, 3 June, 1529.

The testament of Richard Whytthode [of Thornton by Horncastle].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 136.]

3 June, 1529. I Ric' Whytehode of Thornton next Horncastell. To Elizabeth my wyff my wane, [etc.], to that tyme that John Whytehod, my sone, cum to laufull age, that is, to the age of xix yeres, [etc.]. To Jenet Whythode my mother; and I desire her to be good to my wyff and to my chylde, [etc.]. I will that Elizabeth my wyff have the house and landes that Thomas Blakey holdes in Sutton the terme of her lyff; and [remainder] to the hare. I will that Sir Henry Wellys and William Bewaters be my executors. Resydue to Elizabeth my wyffe and to John Whythode, my sone, equally.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 3 August, 1529. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of Robert Benyt [of Donington in Holland].

[L.C.C. 1520–31, f. 134d.]

12 June, 1529. I Robert Benet of Donyngton in Holland. I bequeth to the bying of a crosse to the churche of Donyngton fyve markes. To the church of Swyneshed fyve markes to on ornament as the parysh thynkes most neyd of to the pleasure of God. To Xp'ofer Bennet; John Bennet; Malde Bennet; Alyn Bennet; Ric' Bennet and Emme Bennet, the chyldren off William Bennet; Robert Bennet, sone of Alyn Bennet; Agnes Atkyng; Jenet Foster and Margaret Foster; and John Oky, my servand. I will that my howse that John Thorp dwellys in at thys tyme, wyth all such landes that longes to it with in the towne or feld of Donyngton, remane in the handes of Sir John Pollyn, John Jakson, Thomas Luffe and Robert Luffe, and the advantage therof to remane to Elizabeth Bennet, my wyff, the terme off hyr lyff; and then I will it remane in the handes of the same iiij men towarde the fyndyng of a preste prayng for my soule and all cristen soulys with in the church of Donyngton the space of lxxxxix yeres; and then I will aftyr it be solde be my executors or ther assignes, and [folio 135] the money therof to be disposyd with in the church of Donyngton to the honor of God and all sayntes. I will that my wyff have my house that Paten wyff dwellys in the terme of her lyff, kepyng dew reparacions; [remainder] to the feoffys of our Lady chauntry of Donyngton to the use of the chauntry preste. I will my wyff have a acre of arable lande lying in Donyngton felde, holdyn off Mr Merys fee, the terme of hyr lyff, with a acre of yngrownd lying at Parke Stowe, the terme of her lyff; [remainder] to Alyn Bennet and to William Bennet to gyff and to sell. Resydue to Elizabeth Bennet, my wyff, John Jakson and Robert Luff, whome I make my executors. Thes beyng wyttnesses, Sir John Gybson, vic' of Donyngton; Alyn Bennyt; William Foster; John Oky; William Scheryngton; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 25 July, 1529. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of Thomas Cowde [of Timberland].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 259.]

12 June, 1529. I Thomas Cowde in Tymberland paryshyng. My body to be buryed in the church of St. Androy in Tymberland. And my corsepresent to be gyffyn of my best goodes as use and custome requiryth. To the hygh alter in Tymberland church xijd. To our Lady of Lincoln xijd. To the nonnys of Catley with syster iijs. iiijd. Resydewe of goodes to my wyff [folio 259d.] and John Cowde, my sone, which I make my executors. I gyff Mr Robert Hosey, esquier, for to be supervisor fyve marke to be good to my wyff and John Cowde, my sone. Wytnes heroff, Sir Robert Dowke; Robert Therlbek; William Ellerd; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Naneby, 29 April, 1530. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of Robert Wryght [of Miningsby].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 361.]

13 June, 1529. I Robert Wryght of Mynyngesby. My body to be buryed in the church or churchyerde of St. Androy of Mynyngesby, with that that the law requiryth to be my mortuary. To our Lady warke of Lincoln xijd. To the highe altare of Mynyngesby xxd. To the parysh of Estkyrkby xijd. To the churches of Hareby, Asgarby, Hameryngham and Claxby. [folio 361d.] To Jenet my doughter. To Charlys my sone my lande in Hawthorne, and that the same Charlys and Xp'ofer my sonnys have my fyrme in Mynyngesby that I holde of the college of Tateshall. To Xp'ofor my sone my house in Mynyngesby callyd Waynflet house. To John my sone my house that Barry dwellyth in, wyth the fyrme that I holde of Mr Sheffelde. I will that Alice my wyff have the gydyng and delyverance of all the bequethementes to my forsayd chyldren, and to delyver it to them severally as they shall come to ther full age. I will that Charlys, Xp'ofer and John my sonnys be my executors. Wytnes, Sir Thomas Toly, parson; Robert Porter; Thomas Maltby; Thomas Bray; Thomas Burton; and John Wanflet.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 31 January, 1531. Admin. granted to Charles Wright, reserving power to grant to the other two executors when they shall come.

The testament of William Robertson [of Burton Pedwardine].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 90.]

16 June, 1529. I Will'm Robertson de Burton Hossey. My body to be buryd with in the churche yerde of St. Androw, and my best best to be my mortuary after the custume of the countre. To the high awter of Burton for tithes forgoten viijd. To our Lady warkes of Lincoln xijd. I wil that my too children Will'm and George either of theym have cs., and it to be delyvered to Will'm Howker of Hekyngton of this condicion, that he and one other honest man wilbe bounden in an obligacion of xxl. to delyver it to the children [or the survivor] when they shall come at age of xviij yeres. And if both die afore the said yeres, then I will tha [sic] Helayne my wif have the one vl., and the other vl. to be disposed for my soule. I will that Heleyn my wif have the house that I wonne ynne with the landes to it belongeng and all other commodities for the space of xxti yeres, upholyng it sufficiently. I wil that either of my said ij children have one cowe of the age of v yeres olde, to be delyvered to theym when they are xij yere olde, to go forward to ther profit. To Jenet my yonger doughter. To Agnes my doughter one foured cote. To Jenet myn eldest doughter vjs. viijd. [folio 90d.] of the iiij nobles that was in her husband hand, John Ordyng, that I lent hym. To Elizabeth my doughter xiijs. iiijd., to be taken of John Brown of Morton, that I lent hym. To the churchewarkes of Burton half a seme of barly. I wil have a trentall song for my soule and my wif soule with in the churche of Burton, for the whiche I bequeth xs. I wil have disposed for my soule at my buryall day xxs., and other xxs. at my vij day. The residue I put to the disposicion of Will' Howker of Hekyngton and Eleyn my wif, whome I make my executours, to dispose my goodes by the oversight of Simon Robertson. This beyng witnes, Sir John Jonson; Godfrey Martyn of Scredyngton; Will'm Gildyn of Burton; Richard Huchenson; with other more.

Proved before P., at Sleford, 22 September, 1529. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of Henry Lodge [of the parish of Holy Rood, Lincoln, baker].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 136d.]

17 June, 1529. I Henry Lodge of the parysh of the Holy Roode at Gootes in the suburbes of the citie of Lincoln, baker, seyk in body. To my sones, Xp'ofer Lodge, Thomas Lodge and Robert Lodge, and my doughter, Mare Lodge, and the chylde wich Helyn my wyff goyth bounden with all, when as they shall come to laufull age of mariage; and I will that the forsayd legaces hole remayn from on chylde to an nother longest lyffyng; [remainder to] be holy dysposyd to a preste to syng and pray for my soule, ther soulys and all crysten soulys in the church of Holy Rood. Resydue to Helene Lodge, my wyff, apon that condicion that she do bryng up and fynde my sayd chyldren withowt enny mynyshyng of there legaces unto thay be at laufull age of mariage, whome I make executrix. And I will that Robert Vrry of the citie of Lincoln, baker, and Rob't Wright of the same, tanner, be supervisors. To Sir Robert Maxson, my gostly father, xijd. Thes wyttenes, Sir Robert Maxson; Robert Vrry; Robert Wryght; John Roderam; John Welcom; and John Lamme; with other.

Proved before P., in the cathedral church of Lincoln, 10 August, 1529. Admin. granted to the executrix.

The testament of Richard Talbot of Tevelby.

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 166d.]

19 June, 1529. I Richerd Talbot of Tevylby. My body to be buryed in the parysh church of All Halloys of Tevelby, with that to be my mortuary that law and custome requiryth. To the reparacions of our mother church of Lincoln iijs. iiijd., and to the high alter of the same church xijd. To our Lady Frerys of Lincoln xijd. To the blak frerys of the same xijd. To the gray frerys of Grymesby xijd. To the Augustyne frerys of the same xijd. To the high alter in the parysh church of Tevelby ijs. To Kyrmond, Staynton and Beyllesby churches. To Richerd Talbot iijl., Sybill Talbot xls., and Alice Talbot xls., [folio 167] and yff it happen any of them to departe owt of thys worlde afore they cum at laufull age, that then the parte of them so dying to go to the use of the survivers. To the church of Tevelby for a cope to be bought to the same iijl. To Sir Gowyn Talbot xxs. and a sylver spone. To Robert Lacy. To John Talbot, my sone. To William Talbot, my sone, vj sylver sponys and a mazer. I will that a prest be found to syng and celebrat for the helth of my soule and all crysten soulys one halff yere, and to have to hys wagys ls., yff my goodes will extende therto. To William Talbot, my sonne, to hym, hys heyres and assignes, on house with all that belonges therunto within the towne and feldys of Tevelby, wich house lieth betwyx the land of Thomas Fotherby of the este parte, and the landes late William Baldok of the west and north partes, buttyng south upon the commen way; and on messuage with thappurtenaunces, set and lying at Comerawhill, next betwyx the landes late Thomas Fotherby of the west partie, and the commen way of the south parte; and on other messuage with all the appurtenaunces, lying in Tevelby, next betwyx the landes late Thomas Knyghttes, esquier, of the south partie, and the commen ways of the est and north partes, and abbuttes upon Cafforth layne of the west partie. To John Talbot, my sone, to hym, hys heyres and assignes, too messuages with the appurtenaunces, lying in Tevelby, betwyx the landes late Thomas Knyghttes of the est partie, and the commen lane ther of the weste partie, buttyng uppon the felde aganst the north, and the commen way aganst the south; and also all my landes, medoy and pasture with thappurtenaunces, lying on the northsyde of Tevelby, Holbraysyke and Northynges; with iiij pecys of pastur callyd Barnard Staynges, contenyng viij rodes; and a pece of medoy in the est Carr of the pastures of Tevelby, conteynyng in brede xxixty foote and a halff. The resydue of all my landes [folio 167d.] within the towne and feldes of Tevelby and otherwhere within the countie of Lincoln I gyff unto the forsayd William Talbot to have and to holde to hym, hys heyres and assygnes for ever. The resydue of my goodes to the forsayd John and William, whome I orden my executors; with the supervision off William Hill of Tevelby, whome I make supervisor. Wytnes wherof, Syr Jamys Wallys, vicar of Tevelby; Richerd Walker; Thomas Bayerd; Thomas Walche; William Toynton; and other moo.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 17 June, 1530. Admin. granted to the executors.

The testament of Robert Boswell [of Ulceby by Barnetby].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 97d.]

20 June, 1529. I Robert Boswell of Ulceby. I wytt to Sir William Taylor of the Augustyns frearys of Grymesby xs. to syng a trentall of messys for my soule. I witt to Christopher Boswell, my brother, xls., yff he will make my wyff a quietance; yff he will not, I will he have no penyworth of my goodes. I witt to William Boswell, my brother, xiijs. iiijd. I wytt to John Boswell, my brother son, iiijl., the wych was hys father legacy, and to Catheryne Boswell and Agnes Boswell, hys systers, iiijl., [apiece] wich was their father legacy. I witt to Elizabeth Boswell, my doughter, xx mark of money and a mazer, [etc.], and Anne my wyff att her awn proper costes shall fynd her unto she be off age. Residue of goodes to my wyff, whome I make my executrix. Wyttnes, Sir William Hogson, my curat; William Stevenson; and John Hacchet; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Caistor, 30 September, 1529. Admin. granted to the executrix.


  • 1. 14 May, 1529, fell in 21 Henry VIII.
  • 2. Rectius 'hereinafter'.