Folios ccli - ccliii: April 1337 -

Pages 302-304

Calendar of Letter-Books of the City of London: E, 1314-1337. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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Folio ccli.

Wednesday after the Feast of St. Mark [25 April], 11 Edward III. [A.D. 1337], William del Abbeye, skinner, admitted broker of peltry before Sir John de Pulteneye, the Mayor, Gregory de Nortone, and the rest of the Aldermen, by presentment and assent of Peter de Newcastle, William de Cave, Thomas de Farnham, Richard de Lincoln, Simon de Polham, William le Bowyere, and other good men of the craft of peltry, &c. And the said William was sworn, &c.

Br'e q'd mercandise seu alie quecumque res venal' non ducant' extra regnum, etc.

Writ to the Sheriffs of London to make proclamation against the exportation of merchandise and for forwarding provisions and arms to Berwick-on-Tweed, "Strivelyn," (fn. 1) and the vill of St. John, (fn. 2) and elsewhere for the King's use. Witness the King at Leycestre, 2 Oct., 10 Edward III. [A.D. 1336].

Abrocar' jur'.

Wednesday the eve of St. James [25 July], 10 Edward III. [A.D. 1336], Richard atte Gate, "cordewaner," admitted broker of leather and bazen (fn. 3) before Reginald de Conduit, Mayor, John de Caustone and Ralph de Uptone, Aldermen, and the aforesaid [sic] Chamberlain, by presentment and assent of men of the trade of leather and cordwainers. And the said Richard was sworn, &c.

Folio ccli b.

Script' Ferrandi Manioun et ux'is sue per Walterum Mounde.

Quitclaim by Walter, eldest son of Walter Mounde de Suthewerk, to Ferrand Manion and Margaret his wife of lands, tenements, &c., in the vills and parishes of Bedyngtone and Kersaultone and hamlet of Wodecote, co. Surrey. Witnesses, Richard le Lacer, William le Gauger, Henry le Palmere, John le Gros, John de Whytsand, Alexander de Romeseye, Henry de Snetesham, Thomas de Snetesham, William de Strode, Roger le Barber, Nicholas de Uptone, Crispin le Seeler, Paul le Botiller, and John Renaud, John de Luda, clerk, and many others [not named]. Dated Friday before the Feast of St. Katherine [25 Nov.], 10 Edward III. [A.D. 1336].

Indentur' int' Steph'm le Freynssh aur' et ux'm ejus et Thom' de Cantebrigg' et ux'm ejus.

Lease by Thomas de Cantebrigge and Alice his wife to Stephen le Freynssh, goldsmith, and Margaret his wife of a parcel of land situate near the property of Richard de Henneye and William le Plastrer; to hold the same for their lives. Witnesses, Sir Reginald de Conduit, Mayor, William Curteys and John le Clerk, (fn. 4) Sheriffs, Richard Denys, Richard de Henneye, William Pykerel, and Robert Herlawe and others [not named]. Dated Monday after the Feast of St. Michael [29 Sept.], 10 Edward III. [A.D. 1336].

Folio cclii.

Commissio pro Nundinis Sc'i Botulphi.

Letter under the Common Seal from Reginald de Conduit, the Mayor, and the whole commune (communa) of the City to the Stewards, Bailiffs, &c., of the Fair of St. Botolph, notifying the appointment of John de Grantham, Andrew Aubrey, John Coton, William de Cave, John Hamond, Richard de Lincoln, Thomas de Swanlond, Bartholomew Deumars, Michael de Caustone, Thomas de Wynton', and William de Braughyng to be their Wardens and Attorneys at the coming Fair. Dated 5 Aug., 10 Edward III. [A.D. 1336].

Breve pro Parliamento tenend' apud Westm' anno xj°.

Writ to the Sheriffs notifying a further prorogation of the Parliament which was originally summoned to meet at York on Monday the Feast of St. Hillary [13 Jan.] last past, and subsequently appointed to meet at the same place at the octave of the Purification [2 Feb.], viz., that the said Parliament meet at Westminster on Monday after the Feast of St. Matthias [24 Feb.]. (fn. 5) Witness the King at Westminster, 14 Jan., 10 Edward III. [A.D. 1336-7].

Folio cclii b.

Tuesday the Feast of the Annunciation B. M. [25 March], 11 Edward III. [A.D. 1337], proclamation forbidding the exportation of wool until the King's further orders, and granting protection to foreign clothworkers. (fn. 6)

Br'e pro burgens' Bristoll' de murag', etc.

Writ alias to the Mayor and Sheriffs to allow burgesses of Bristol to pass quit of toll, lastage, murage, pavage, &c. Witness the King at Westminster, 18 March, 11 Edward III. [A.D. 1336-7].

Folio ccliii.

Be it remembered that on Friday after the Feast of St. Martin [11 Nov.], 10 Edward III. [A.D. 1336], came Richard atte Gate, Simon le Mareschal, Simon le Cotiller, Richard de Ledrede, and William de Bolyngbroke before John de Pulteneye, the Mayor, and the rest of the Aldermen, and mainprised Laurence de Dallyngge that he would faithfully serve Master John de Offord, Dean of Arches.

Amocio meremii dat' ad capell' et petr ad eandem.

Be it remembered that on Thursday after the Feast of Conversion of St. Paul [25 Jan.], 11 Edward III. [A.D. 1336-7], temp. Thomas de Maryns, Chamberlain, seventy-six pieces of timber in the Guildhall were removed to the little garden of the Guildhall and placed under the wall adjoining the chamber formerly belonging to John de "Baukewelle." Of this timber forty-six pieces were afterwards used for the repair of the Crepelgate by Richard de Berkyng, Alderman, and Thomas de Maryns, Chamberlain.

The same day there were deposited in the cellar of the Guildhall twenty-three unwrought stones, and many other wrought stones lying in an outhouse (in logia) in the said garden were removed to the same cellar. (fn. 7)

Be it remembered that this book was called the White Book of Memoranda.


  • 1. Stirling.
  • 2. Perth.
  • 3. Inferior leather made of sheepskins. Gloss., 'Liber Cust.,' s.v. bazene.
  • 4. Otherwise known as John "de Northhalle."
  • 5. Parliament met 3 March.
  • 6. The proclamation was made pursuant to a statute enacted in the last Parliament (see 'Statutes of the Realm,' i. 280) with the view of imposing an additional custom on wool. Stubbs, 'Const. Hist.,' ii. 380, 526.
  • 7. 'Memorials,' p. 195.