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London Possessory Assizes: A Calendar. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1965.

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Corporation of London Records Office

All records cited are in the Corporation of London Records Office unless otherwise stated. Those for which abbreviated titles have been used are as follows:

Fr. F. Fresh force rolls
H.C.P.R. Husting of Common Pleas rolls
H.P.L.R. Husting of Pleas of Land rolls
H.R. Husting rolls of deeds and wills
Liber ord. Liber ordinationum
Misc. roll AA Roll of the 1244 eyre
Misc. roll BB Roll of the 1276 eyre (fines and amercements)
P. & M. rolls Plea and memoranda rolls

P.R.O. Public Record Office

C47 Chancery: miscellaneous writs and returns
J.I.1/546 Roll of the 1321 eyre
J.I.1/549 Roll of the 1341 eyre
J.I.1/557 Roll of special assizes

B.M. British Museum

Add. Ch. 5153 Roll of the 1276 eyre (City transcript)

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cit. (in index only) citizen
def(s). defendant(s)
jun. junior
kt. knight
par(s). parish(es)
pl(s). plaintiff(s)
sen. senior