Minutes of the building committee: 1712-16 (Lambeth MS 2693)

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The Commissions for Building Fifty New Churches: The Minute Books, 1711-27, A Calendar. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1986.

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Lambeth MS 2693

498. [p. 1] 11 June 1712, at Whitehall

The Committee came to the following resolutions:

1. The most speedy way to put into execution the powers granted by the second Act for Fifty New Churches will be for the Commissioners to confirm what they formerly did in pursuance of the first Act, and thereby make it their present act.

2. A plan to be drawn out in columns of such things as were agreed upon, in relation to each parish.

3. Hawksmoor to submit a plan of the ground of old church and churchyard of Greenwich, with an upright plan or draught of new church, and a particular estimate, and valuation of old materials fit to be used about the new church.

4. The Commissioners should appoint some person to settle purchase of ground upon which St George's Chapel [Ormond Street] stands, on the terms previously approved.

5. The like to be done for all other proposals formerly made, or to be made, and agreed on by Commissioners.

6. Commissioners should consider of some proper way to treat with patrons of parishes where new churches are to be built.

7. Commissioners should assign certain times and places for their meetings, and give notice in Gazette so that all concerned might know when and where to apply to them.

499. [p. 3] 4 July 1712

1. Considered two plans for East Greenwich church, submitted by Hawksmoor and by James.

2. Hawksmoor was called in and ordered to correct his plan, pursuant to verbal directions.

3. Hawksmoor to give an account at next meeting of dimensions of parish churches of St James and St Ann, Westminster, and compute the number each will conveniently contain for the decent performance of Divine Service.

500. [p. 4] 11 July 1712, at Mr Thomas Rous's in Doctors' Commons

1. Beckley submitted a proposal of 9 July under Mr N. Curzon's hand.

2. Resolved that Commissioners should express surprise that Curzon's demand differs so much from that of 30 Dec. 1711, since that was an abatement of £600 of his first demand, and proposing to take £1,000 for the ground rent and reversion of St George's Chapel [Ormond Street] without any further demand. As Commissioners then agreed, and still do, they expect he will stand to his offer. If not, they will look for another site.

3. By Commissioners' order, considered site proposed by Wise for site for new church, churchyard and minister's house, Deptford.

4. Resolved £400 be given to Wise for his three acres with two houses that must be pulled down to make an approach, according to the offer made by him to the Dean of Canterbury and Hawksmoor; and that they reject the proposal delivered this day.

5. Hawksmoor to view Mr Vokins's three acres in Deptford, and any other proper for a site, and take dimensions and price thereof.

6. Hawksmoor and Skeat to view the chapel in Hatton Garden and see what houses are fit to be bought to make that a convenient site for a church; and enquire value of the houses and the leases and inheritances after expiration of the leases.

7. Dickinson to attend next Tuesday with account of what sites he has viewed in Whitechapel.

8. Rev. Dr Browne to be desired to make a demand for ground in St James Clerkenwell parish proposed by him as site for church, etc.

9. Skeat to bring on Tuesday next what proposals he has for sites.

The Committee came to the following resolutions:

'10. That one General Modell be made and Agreed upon for all the fifty new intended Churches.

11. That the Scituation of all the said Churches be Insular where the Scites will admit thereof.

12. That the Ministers House be as near the said Churches as conveniently may be.

13. That there be at the East end of Each Church two small Roomes. One for the Vestments, another for the Vessells & other Consecrated things.

14. That there be at the West end of each Church a convenient Large Room for parish business.

15. That the Fonts be so large as to be capable to have Baptism administered in them by dipping, when desir'd.

16. That the Churches be all built with Stone on the Outside, and Lined with Brick on the Inside thereof.

17. That the Pews be all of Equal height, so low that every person in them may be seen, either Kneeling or Sitting, and so contrived that all Persons may Stand and kneel towards the Communion Table.

18. That the Moveable forms be so contrived, as to run under the Seats of the Pewes, and draw out into the Isles upon occasion.

19. That, the Chancels be raised three Steps above the Nave or Body of the Churches.

20. That, there be handsome Porticoes at the West end of each church where the Scite will admit of the same.

21. That no Person shall be admitted a General Undertaker to Build any of the said New intended Churches, but that every Artificer be separately agreed with, to perform the Work belonging to his particular Trade or business.'

501. [p. 7] 15 July 1712

1. Skeat presented demand under Edward Buckley's hand of £600 for site for Whitechapel, which Dickinson reported proper and convenient.

2. Skeat to ask Buckley to attend on Friday next to discuss site.

3. Commissioners to be moved to appoint one of Surveyors to wait on Sir John Thornicroft about setting out ground he formerly offered for a site in Stockwell.

4. Hawksmoor to submit at next meeting plans of sites he has viewed.

5. An offer of a site in St John Wapping made by Mr Davie and Mr Meredith.

6. Hawksmoor to view it and report.

7. Skeat to inquire and report who are proprietors of the following proposed sites:

8. Upper end of Bond Street leading to the pest house within St James Westminster.

9. Upper end of Marlborough Street now or lately a bowling green, in the said parish.

10. Tweed Street, between Poland and Berwick Streets, in the said parish.

11. Skeat to inquire after executors of Mr Powell, supposed proprietors of site proposed at corner of Warwick and Glasshouse Streets; and obtain their demand in writing.

502. [p. 9] 18 July 1712

1. Pursuant to Commissioners' order, considered Wise's demand for Deptford site.

2. Recommend agreeing to demand, except for having a pew in the church, settled to himself and his family, and Samuel Priestman's being sexton, neither of which are in Commissioners' power to grant.

3. Bulstrode to procure written proposals from Lord Hatton and his tenants of their demands for their interests in two houses in front and six in rear of chapel in Hatton Garden.

4. Rev. Dr Browne delivered demand of £200 for his interest in Pardon churchyard, approved heretofore by this Committee for a church in St James Clerkenwell.

5. Dr Browne's demand deemed reasonable, provided tenants have customary right to renew lease for 21 years at any time before expiration for the sum of £3. 10s.

6. Jennings to inquire to Mr Paine, Treasurer of the Charterhouse, how Commissioners should apply to the governors about purchasing inheritance of a site proposed by Dr Browne for new church in St James Clerkenwell.

7. No site ought to be approved for new church, etc., until viewed by some of Commissioners.

8. Skeat to inquire what the owners of the houses to be pulled down near Goulston Square to make a proper site for one of the new churches in Whitechapel will take for their interests.

9. Secretary to write to Sir James Etheridge asking his demand for his interest in two houses in Goulston Square next the Snuff House, now in the possession of Mr Cowley.

10. Skeat to inquire what the several proprietors of the grounds in Lemon Street will take for their interests.

503. [p. 11] 25 July 1712

1. Brooke, minister of St Alphage, delivered a plan with dimensions of that church.

2. The said church will conveniently contain 800.

3. Minister and churchwardens of Cripplegate to be so informed.

4. Two sites proposed for new churches in Spitalfields: against Paternoster Row, and Brown's site—

5. To be viewed by Hawksmoor, and value of lands near them to be inquired into, and the quantity of ground necessary, exclusive of churchyard, and report with all convenient speed; the proprietors to have an answer in three weeks time at the farthest.

6. Mr Campbell delivered several designs for new churches for consideration.

7. Any persons delivering estimates are to set down the thickness of stone they design to use in each part of the church, and the sort of stone.

504. [p. 13] 29 July 1712

1. Hawksmoor to set out ground to be bought of Sclater in Bethnal Green, and bring plan to have it annexed to conveyance.

2. Hoskins and Hoare to view the said ground.

3. A time ought to be fixed by Commissioners for persons to lay designs or models for churches before them.

4. White delivered two written proposals of £1,200 and £1,800 for two pieces of ground in St Giles Cripplegate.

5. White to be desired to submit a rental of the houses and ground.

[6.] Crosse and Vanbrugh to view the sites, attended by Dickinson.

7. Mr Hambleton delivered written proposal of £1,200 for site in St Giles Cripplegate.

8. Freedom part of St Giles Cripplegate parish ought to be kept entire to the mother church, except such part of parish as may hereafter be allotted to St Alphage.

9. Brooke, minister of St Alphage, to be desired to propose at next meeting what part of St Giles Cripplegate he desires added to St Alphage.

505. [p. 15] 12 Aug. 1712

1. Curate on behalf of vicar and others of St Giles Cripplegate presented two petitions against annexing part of parish to St Alphage; which were read; and they and the minister of St Alphage were heard severally.

2. Petitions and reasons to be laid before Commissioners tomorrow.

3. Rev. Dr Marshall submitted plan of ground in St Pancras proposed as churchyard for new parish to be allotted to St George's chapel [Ormond Street], with a demand for same.

4. Resolved that the two acres proposed (for which £400 are demanded) are a convenient spot for churchyard for the said intended parish.

5. Tuffnell and Strong, masons, Hues, Billinghurst and Woolfe & Partner, bricklayers, delivered proposals for building East Greenwich church.

6. Proposals referred to Mr Wren and Vanbrugh to report to next meeting of Commissioners; the persons to attend, together with Hawksmoor and Dickinson, at Vanbrugh's house in Scotland Yard at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

7. Hawksmoor to lay before Commissioners an estimate of whole charge of building Greenwich church according to design fixed upon by them on 6 August, exclusive of paving.

8. Bulstrode delivered demand of £1,340. 15s. from Lord Hatton, Mr Bennet and others for their respective interests in houses and ground adjoining chapel in Hatton Garden.

9. Same to be laid before Commissioners at their next meeting; if houses be not purchased, church will not be insular. Materials of chapel worth about £200.

506. [p. 17] 15 Aug. 1712

1. Several waiting for an answer about the two sites in Spitalfields, they were informed that Committee was not yet ready with an answer.

2. Nelson reported that he and Jennings had viewed the chambers in Lincoln's Inn, pursuant to Commissioners' desire, and judged them very proper for their meetings. To make agreement for them for one year from Michaelmas next.

3. Read a letter from Kent, about ground on which St George's chapel stands.

4. Beckley to acquaint Kent that Mr Curzon has complied with Commissioners to accept £1,000 for inheritance, pursuant to Kent's and Curzon's former demand, and they expected he would not recede therefrom, and desired his final answer.

5. Hawksmoor, pursuant to Commissioners' order, submitted draft contract to be signed by masons and bricklayers employed on Greenwich church.

6. Draft referred to Beckley to perfect, and he to wait on Annesley and Jennings, or one of them, for their approbation.

7. Hawksmoor to direct masons and bricklayers to begin with all possible expedition.

507. [p. 19] 22 Aug. 1712

1. Ordered Hawksmoor to finish model for Greenwich church in all its parts, so as to have particular and exact plans drawn therefrom to be annexed to the agreement to be made with artificers.

2. Dickinson and Skeat to view Harris's ground in St Giles Cripplegate and take a rental, and his demand, and report.

3. Skeat delivered Bartlett's proposal for three acres for site in St George Southwark at £400.

4. Nelson and Crosse to be desired to view said ground and report; Skeat and Dickinson to attend them.

508. [p. 20] 26 Aug. 1712

1. All papers or models delivered to Commissioners or Committee and approved by either to be kept by Secretary and not redelivered without order.

2. Secretary to read the minutes to Commissioners or Committee every day before they rise; chairman to sign before they depart.

3. Secretary to write to minister and churchwardens of Greenwich for lead from old church to be weighed and delivered to Osmond, the plumber, against his receipt; he to dispose of it as Commissioners shall direct.

4. Medlicott to acquaint Lady Mordaunt that Commissioners are informed that she has caused materials belonging to Greenwich church to be taken away, and that they expect she will return them. Since she would have been obliged to build chancel herself if Public had not built the church, they hope she will contribute something towards building chancel.

5. Medlicott to inform minister and churchwardens that when churchyard wall is pulled down for laying new foundation, Commissioners expect that suitable fence shall be made before the churchyard at parish expense as shall enable artificers to carry on their work conveniently.

6. Crosse reported that he and Nelson had viewed proposed site in St George Southwark and judged it proper.

7. Secretary to invite the proprietor, Bartlett, to attend with a proposal.

8. Dickinson to survey ground of the late Earl of Bolingbroke within Norton Folgate Liberty, and report on Friday next what part is necessary for a church and house, with the price demanded.

9. Crosse and Box to view site proposed in St Paul Shadwell and report on Friday.

509. [p. 22] 29 Aug. 1712

1. Crosse and Box reported they had viewed two sites proposed for a church in St Paul Shadwell.

2. Dickinson to view Rous's ground and report whether it will permit a good foundation.

3. Dickinson reported he had viewed Earl of Bolingbroke's ground.

4. Hooper has promised to give Sambrook's answer about price in a week or fortnight.

5. Medlicott reported that Lady Mordaunt had readily agreed to return old chancel materials [Greenwich]. She had removed them only to prevent their being stolen.

6. Medlicott also reported that minister and churchwardens of Greenwich had promised to set up such fence as Committee require.

7. Offered £300 to Mr Bartlett for his ground in St George Southwark, viewed by Nelson and Crosse, he clearing it from lease now on it. He took time to consider.

8. Skeat delivered rental of Harris's ground in St Giles Cripplegate.

9. Dickinson to view said ground and report.

510. [p. 24] 3 Sep. 1712

1. Dickinson and Skeat to view two sites in St Paul Shadwell—belonging to Dean of St Paul's, and Mercers' Company's Matchwalk—report and, if suitable, receive proprietors' proposals.

2. Dickinson and Skeat to view Dethick's ground in Poplar, and inquire whether and for how much proprietors would sell enough for minister's house.

3. Proposal of Goldsmiths' Company (£800) for Primrose Alley site, St Botolph Bishopsgate, read and rejected.

4. Dickinson and Skeat to view Ironmongers' Company's ground in Cripplegate and receive their demand for as much as is required for a site.

5. No person to be employed by Commissioners till he has stood proposed a week at least.

6. Osmond acknowledged receipt of 11 tons, 2 cwts, 3 qtrs, and 17 lbs of old lead from Greenwich.

511. [p. 26] 10 Sep. 1712

1. Dickinson and Skeat to view ground of Humphreys, Heath, Wood and Michell in Red Lion Street, Spitalfields, see what part would be convenient, treat with proprietors and report.

2. Dickinson and Skeat having viewed Rous's ground reported that no good foundation could be obtained. Committee rejects his proposal.

3. Proposal from Hastings for St Paul Shadwell delivered.

4. Consideration thereof postponed.

5. Skeat to attend Essington and inquire whether Mercers' Company will part with so much of Matchwalk, Ratcliff Highway, as is sufficient for a church, etc., and on what terms, and report.

6. Dickinson and Skeat reported that Dean of St Paul's ground not proper for church foundations.

7. Dickinson and Skeat reported that Dethick desired a week to consider what proposal to make for a site for minister's house in Poplar.

8. White offered to sell his estate at upper end of White Cross Street, St Giles Cripplegate (yearly rent £82) for £1,000.

9. Dickinson and Skeat to view White's other ground and report on Wednesday.

10. Harris's proposal further considered.

Commissioners to be summoned to meet at Secretary's house next Wednesday, as Whitehall room is employed for other business.

512. [p. 28] 24 Sep. 1712

1. Wise delivered proposal of £400 for two-and-a-half acre site at Deptford, with house, smith's shop, etc. Agreed.

2. Beckley to make abstract of title and lay it before Jennings.

3. Bulstrode reported he had spoken with Serjeant Bennet about Greenwich church chancel; he would do all in his power with Lady Mordaunt.

4. Bulstrode reported that he and Nelson found the site in Red Lion Street proper; they had discoursed with the proprietors who refused to take less than £1,260 as formerly proposed.

5. Skeat delivered Ironmongers' Company's proposal for church near Old Street, Cripplegate.

6. Mr Wren and Manlove desired to view sites belonging to White (2), Harris and Ironmongers' Company in St Giles Cripplegate, and report.

7. Archer and Jennings to view site proposed by Lady Russell in Plow Yard in St Giles in the Fields, and report.

513. [p. 30] 31 Oct. 1712, at Lincoln's Inn

1. Mr Wren and Manlove delivered written report on Ironmongers' Company's site.

2. King, Mr Wren, and Manlove to treat with Ironmongers' Company.

3. Skeat to acquaint White that Commissioners had viewed his site at lower end of White Cross Street, and they desire his lowest demand.

[4.] Dickinson to view site proposed by King near Goswell Street, St Giles Cripplegate, and report.

514. [p. 31] 7 Nov. 1712

1. King reported he, Manlove and Mr Wren had offered Ironmongers' Company £500 for their site in St Giles Cripplegate, and they insisted on £600.

2. Dickinson to examine back part of ground and report whether proper for foundation, and compute extraordinary building charges occasioned by raising the ground; and whether ground proposed for churchyard is proper.

3. All reports in future to be in writing, and signed by persons making the reports.

4. White's proposal rejected as unreasonable: 14 years' purchase for old houses and sheds, in all £1,800; besides a further demand for one other old house at same rate.

5. Mr Wren and Manlove to view site proposed by Sambrook and Hooper in Norton Folgate, and report.

6. Dickinson to attend them.

7. Agreed to give proprietors of Red Lion Street, Spitalfields, site £1,260 if title good; proprietors to attend on Monday next with title deeds.

515. [p. 33] 10 Nov. 1712

1. Proprietors of Red Lion Street site signed minute of their agreement to sell for £1,260.

2. Hawksmoor to wait on Mr Baron Price and take an account of what ground he has in Wapping, and see whether any part be proper for a new church.

516. [p. 34] 17 Nov. 1712

1. Skeat and Dickinson to inquire whether minister and churchwardens of St Olave Southwark will part with their burying place over against Paris Street for a new church, if Commissioners buy them another.

2. Manlove and Mr Wren to view site proposed by Goldsmiths' Company in St Botolph Bishopsgate, and report.

3. Dickinson to attend them.

4. Westmoor to be employed to value crop on Wise's ground at Deptford, being recommended by Dean of Canterbury and Gastrell.

5. Considered and rejected site in Plow Yard, St Giles in the Fields, proposed by Lady Russell, as inconvenient and her demand extraordinarily high.

6. Rous's ground in St Paul Shadwell to be reviewed by Surveyors, with workmen to assist them. Also to inquire after and view any other sites to be had in the parish.

7. Nelson and Jennings to inquire whether Mr Brewster will part with the rest of this floor, and consider what other conveniences are wanting in and about the chambers for the use of the Commissioners, their officers and servants.

8. To meet next Friday to consider what officers must necessarily be employed, and what salaries and gratifications it will be proper to allow. Notice to be given to all Commissioners in their summons by the Messenger.

517. [p. 36] 21 Nov. 1712

1. Rous's salary as secretary to be £200 p.a. from 28 September, 1711.

2. Manlove and Mr Wren delivered written report on two sites in Spitalfields and Norton Folgate: consideration postponed.

3. No further occasion for Thomas Brooks's attendance as Door-keeper.

4. Thomas Crocker, Messenger, to serve as Messenger and Door-keeper.

5. Brooks to bring in his bill as soon as convenient.

6. Crocker's salary to be £30 p.a. from Michaelmas 1711.

7. Skeat's salary as Agent and Solicitor to be £100 p.a. from Michaelmas 1711.

8. Sums already paid to Officers to be taken as payments on account.

9. No Officers to be allowed perquisites.

10. Rest of the salaries deferred to Monday.

518. [p. 38] 24 Nov. 1712

1. Balloting box to be provided, and all questions arising at this Board to be determined by ballot.

2. Dickinson to set out the quantity of ground belonging to the several proprietors for site proposed in St Olave Southwark by Jackson and Henshaw, and their respective demands, and for the strip not included in Jackson's lease.

3. Also to view the 12 acres belonging to parish and report what part thereof proper for burying places.

4. Committee after some debate about salaries to be allowed to Hawksmoor and Dickinson ordered them to be called in and offered each £200 p.a., including all incident charges.

5. King and Vanbrugh to view site proposed by Mr Davy in lower part of St Botolph Aldgate parish and report.

6. Skeat to receive proprietors' demands for four front houses adjoining Goldsmiths' Company's site in Norton Folgate.

7. Jefferys to be informed that Committee ready on Monday next to make agreement with him for site he proposed for church on Little Tower Hill for St Botolph Aldgate.

519. [p. 40] 1 Dec 1712

1. Kent, proprietor of the freehold of St George's chapel [Ormond Street], delivered proposal to alienate freehold for £100.

2. Kent to be paid £100 for alienation of freehold.

3. Beckley to wait on Curzon, the mortgagee, for his title deeds, and make abstract to lay before Annesley.

4. Beckley to submit his bill for work done as Solicitor to the Commission.

5. Jennings acquainted Committee that he had a letter from the Bishop of London about making Aylesbury chapel in St James Clerkenwell a parochial church. Dickinson called in: he had viewed the chapel and it could no ways be made proper for the purpose.

6. Secretary to write to governors of Charterhouse to see if they will part with a piece of ground in St James Clerkenwell, and report on what terms.

7. Jennings delivered letter from Hawksmoor about his salary. Dickinson called in; said they would accept Committee's offer.

8. £200 p.a. to be allowed Hawksmoor and Dickinson as Deputy Surveyors and Clerks of the Works under this Commission, including all incident charges, except for making wooden models, opening ground, and travelling beyond parishes where new churches are to be built.

9. Their salary to start at Michaelmas 1711; payments already made to be deducted from salary.

10. Henry Smith Esq., Treasurer of the Commission, delivered a paper concerning his salary. After consideration resolved:

11. That further consideration be adjourned to Monday.

12. Tuffnell and Strong, masons for Greenwich church, petitioned Commissioners to provide sheds for sheltering workmen; they were called in and asked the cost—about £50.

13. £25 to be allowed the masons for providing sheds to shelter their workmen from weather.

520. [p. 43] 8 Dec. 1712

1. Read King's and Vanbrugh's written report on site proposed by Davy in East Smithfield in St Botolph Aldgate; requested to inquire more particularly and report further.

2. Harris's proposal for site in St Giles Cripplegate to be returned to him.

3. Davy's proposal for site in East Smithfield to be returned to him.

4. Secretary submitted letter to be sent to governors of Charterhouse about site in St James Clerkenwell.

5. Said letter to be laid before Commissioners at their next meeting.

6. Commissioners to be moved to desire Lord High Treasurer to issue and pay by way of loan on Coal Duties £5,000 to Commission's Treasurer.

7. Consideration of Treasurer's salary postponed to this day fortnight: notice to be given to the Commissioners.

521. [p. 45] 15 Dec. 1712

1. Beckley to lay before Box abstract of Sir John Thornicroft's title for site in Lambeth.

2. Box to peruse abstract and report.

3. Beckley delivered his bill.

4. Bill referred to Jennings, Annesley, and Box to report.

5. Gerrard delivered written proposal of Samuel Hawkins for £150 for three houses in Unicorn Yard in St Olave Southwark.

6. Skeat delivered second written proposal for Hayes: £1,000 for Green Dragon Inn within St Giles in the Fields.

7. Consideration deferred until other proposals of houses required to complete the site submit demands.

522. [p. 47] 22 Dec. 1712

Debated Treasurer's salary; determination adjourned till Michaelmas next. Treasurer called in and told that Committee expected he should take no perquisites because they design him such salary as shall be sufficient to give him full satisfaction for his trouble.

523. [p. 48] 29 Dec. 1712

1. Bertie, Annesley, Jennings and Nelson to treat with patrons of parishes where new churches are to be built, about the patronage, and report from time to time.

2. Dickinson to open Smith's ground in St Margaret Westminster, and report whether it will admit good foundation.

524. [p. 49] 5 Jan. 1712/13

1. Dickinson delivered two reports, on Smith's ground at Millbank and the Ironmongers' Company's in St Giles Cripplegate.

2. Will agree with Ironmongers' Company if they will make the street leading to front of new church forty feet wide.

3. King, Manlove, and Mr Wren to treat with Ironmongers' Company about breadth of street.

4. The several Commissioners named to be desired to inquire particularly after sites in the specified parishes:

St Margaret Westminster: Smalridge, Crosse.
St Clement Danes: Sherlock, Jennings.
St Andrew Holborn: Bulstrode, Hoskins.
St Giles in the Fields: Annesley, Child.
St James Westminster: Nelson, Mr Wren.
St Martin in the Fields: Medlicott, Archer.

5. Surveyors and Agent to inquire particularly for sites within said parishes, and acquaint Commissioners appointed to each what sites they find.

6. Secretary to send minute to each of the said Commissioners of what already done or proposed in each of the said parishes.

7. Secretary also to submit account of what had been done relating to St Mary le Strand at next meeting.

8. Jennings and Nelson reported in writing on agreement with Mr Brewster: read and agreed to:

9. Commissioners and Committee to have use of Great Room as now fitted up and all other rooms on the same floor except the little closet backwards; and also use of some rooms below stairs for their servants and a vault for coals, for £40 p.a. payable quarterly by Treasurer without further application.

525. [p. 51] 12 Jan. 1712/13

1. Hawksmoor delivered report signed by himself, Dickinson, Tufnell and Hughes on Millbank site, certifying it will admit of good foundations for a church.

2. Dean of Carlisle, Crosse and Vanbrugh to confer with Smith about the place for the new church, and the avenues to be made thereto.

3. Moss and King to examine Secretary's bill, and report.

4. Secretary submitted a minute of what Commissioners had done about St Mary le Strand.

5. Moss desired leave to offer a proposal for the more speedy and effectual employing the churches to be built, in the worship and service of God, so soon as any of them shall be ready for use.

6. Leave so given.

526. [p. 53] 19 Jan. 1712/13

1. Skeat to wait on Earl of Scarborough about a site within St James Westminster.

2. Moss offered a proposal [as above, 12 January].

3. Consideration deferred to next meeting.

527. [p. 54] 27 Jan. 1712/13

1. Hawksmoor or Dickinson to attend Nelson and Bulstrode to view site of Hatton Garden chapel.

2. Hawksmoor to attend on Johnson, churchwarden, and other inhabitants of St Clement Danes, to take plan of churchyard for site for new church, and an account of what the parish desire may be done on parting with the churchyard for that purpose.

3. Crosse and Vanbrugh to be added to the Commissioners desired to treat with Ironmongers' Company on Cripplegate site; they or any two to meet Ironmongers on Thursday next to set out site; notice to be given to King, Manlove and Mr Wren. Dickinson to attend them.

4. Humble application to be made to Her Majesty for leave to build a new church for St Mary le Strand at the Maypole in the Strand.

5. Skeat [smith] recommended to the Committee to serve ironwork to be used in building Greenwich church, and Jeffs, Cordwell and Groves as carpenters.

6. Notice to be given in Gazette next Saturday that all who desire to be employed in the smith's, carpenter's and plumber's work of Greenwich church bring their proposals to Committee this day fortnight.

7. Consideration of Moss's proposal adjourned to this day week.

528. [p. 56] 1 Feb. 1712/13

1. Vanbrugh submitted new plan for removing Ironmongers' Company site, Cripplegate, 110 ft further from the street than formerly proposed.

2. Commissioners appointed to view the said site to treat upon the new plan, and report as soon as convenient.

3. Child and Hoare to be desired to apply to Lord Mayor, President, Vice-President and Treasurer of the Artillery Company whether a site can not be obtained for a church, etc. in Artillery Ground.

4. Osmond to deliver to Greenwich church masons so much of old lead as they shall require.

5. Consideration of Moss's proposal adjourned to next week.

529. [p. 57] 9 Feb. 1712/13

1. Sir James Bateman submitted the form of several warrants to be issued by Commissioners to the Treasury, for payment of Officers' salaries, etc. Read and agreed to; to be transcribed fair and submitted at next meeting.

2. John Skeat, Edward James, Robinson, Cowrey and Bullen severally delivered proposals for smith's work for Greenwich church.

3. William Ogburn, Jas Grove, Jeffs and John James likewise for carpenter's work.

4. Osmond, Roberts, Cocks, Knight and Matthews likewise for plumber's work.

5. Hawksmoor to prepare particular schemes of work to be done in the building by the several artificers, and submit the same on Monday next, in order to their making more exact proposals.

530. [p. 59] 16 Feb. 1712/13

1. Trustees of Ormond Street Chapel delivered a third proposal about making chapel parochial. Read, with former proposal of 14 December 1711.

2. Agree with proposal of 14 December 1711.

3. Read Hastings's proposal for ground in St Paul Shadwell.

4. Same to be considered at next meeting; Dr Higden to have notice. Hawksmoor to report on Rous's ground at the same time.

5. Hawksmoor to survey Wise's ground in Deptford on Friday next and report the exact quantity thereof; Beckley to go with him.

6. Beckley to engross all writings that are ordered to be engrossed by the Commission.

7. Hawksmoor delivered particulars of carpenter's, smith's and plumber's work for Greenwich church.

8. Secretary to make transcripts and deliver them on Wednesday morning to the workmen for them to deliver their prices on Monday next.

9. Crosse delivered proposal about Smith's ground in St Margaret Westminster: read and agreed to.

10. Smith to lay abstract of title and his deeds before Solicitor, to be laid before counsel.

531. [p. 61] 23 Feb. 1712/13

1. Considered Hastings's and Rous's sites in St Paul Shadwell. After debate, Jennings, Nelson and Crosse desired to treat with persons who attended about Hastings's ground to try whether they would abate anything of their last demand.

2. Model proposed for Greenwich church considered; after debate ordered:

3. That Hawksmoor should make an estimate of whole charge of new church as it is new modelled, for Monday next.

4. He should also estimate the difference between carrying or not carrying on the two arcades or breaks on north and south sides.

5. Workmen to proceed no further upon said arcades till ordered by Commissioners to do so.

6. Hawksmoor also at same time to give account of how many squares of building whole church as it now stands modelled contains, and number of people it will contain decently when built.

7. Smiths, carpenters and plumbers to deliver their proposals to Committee at five in the afternoon.

8. Committee will then consider artificer's proposals.

532. [p. 63] 24 Feb. 1712/13

1. Read proposals of sundry persons for plumber's work at Greenwich.

2. Said persons need not attend further until they have notice.

3. Carpenters who have proposals to attend on 5 March.

533. [p. 64] 2 Mar. 1712/13

1. Samuel Priestman, owner of the crop on Wise's ground, Deptford, attended with valuer; he was called in, and after some time ordered to withdraw.

2. Priestman to be given £70 for his crop, he delivering it on the ground to Commissioners' order when required.

3. Beckley to send to Wise for his deeds and an abstract to lay before counsel.

4. Beckley to lay deeds and abstract of Smith's ground, Westminster, before Jennings for his approbation.

5. Hawksmoor to view and report on site proposed near St Giles's pound, wherein Mr Bourne is concerned.

6. Hastings's and Rous's ground in Shadwell again considered, but no resolution taken.

7. Bartlett delivered a second proposal offering to take £350 for his site in St George Southwark.

8. Dickinson to survey and report what part thereof belongs to the Mint, and what part of parish may be most conveniently allotted for a district to proposed church.

9. Committee will consider sites in St Olave Southwark on Monday next.

10. Dickinson to attend with plans and drafts relating to parish and sites proposed.

11. The workmen to go on with arcades on the north and south sides of Greenwich church as formerly proposed by Hawksmoor.

534. [p. 66] 5 Mar. 1712/13

1. Smiths and carpenters for Greenwich church gave in their prices to the schedules delivered by the Committee's direction.

2. Considered plumbers' proposals. After debate, ballot determined by majority of three for Graysbrook (12) over Cox (9 votes).

3. Graysbrook shall give £1,000 security for performance of the plumber's work in a good and workmanlike manner; if he fail of due performance, whatever Commissioners have to pay over and above his contract prices shall be deducted from moneys due to him.

4. A convenient place to be assigned him to lay his lead.

535. [p. 68] 9 Mar. 1712/13

1. Nelson delivered a bill of Green, a joiner, for work done for the Commissioners. Referred to Nelson and Jennings.

2. Hastings's agent delivered proposal of £1,200 for site in Shadwell, provided Commissioners comply with condition therein.

3. Agent to be told that unless he hears from Commissioners in a fortnight he may dispose of his site as he pleases.

4. Dickinson to inquire whether any other site may be had nearby.

5. James to be employed as carpenter and Skeat as smith at Greenwich.

536. [p. 69] 23 Mar. 1712/13

1. Wise's title deeds to the site in Deptford he sold to Commissioners to be produced whenever he have occasion for them, at his expense.

2. Notice to be given to Hawksmoor that Commissioners and Committee expect his attendance every time they meet.

3. Skeat and Hawksmoor to attend committee of Mercers' Company on Friday next, to discuss Matchwalk, Shadwell.

537. [p. 70] 30 Mar. 1713

1. Agree to Ironmongers' Company proposal of 23 March for site in St Giles Cripplegate, provided Company contract to build street leading thereto from Old Street before 25 March next. Otherwise, agree to proposal of 24 September last.

2. Beckley to lay title to Red Lion Street, Spitalfields, before attorneygeneral for his approbation.

3. Beckley to attend Webb and take his opinion of the title to site of Ormond Street chapel.

4. Bulstrode and Nelson delivered their report on Hatton Garden chapel site.

5. Nelson reported that he and Jennings had amended bill of John Green, joiner, for work in and about Commission's rooms. [The sum of] £6. 7s. 4d. ought to be paid him in full of his bill of £7. 8s. 0d. Agreed.

6. Archer reported that he had viewed Davall's ground proposed for church etc. in lower part of Aldgate parish, which was convenient.

538. [p. 72] 13 Apr. 1713

1. Mr Carpenter for Richard Wise delivered a proposal for selling the Commissioners four houses to make an avenue to site purchased in Deptford at £240. Agreed.

2. Thos Crocker, Messenger, to be discharged from his attendance to look after and show the models.

539. [p. 73] 23 Apr. 1713

1. Dickinson to attend on Thursday next with maps of St Martin in the Fields and St James Westminster.

2. Notice to be given in Commissioners' summons for Thursday next that Committee intend to pitch upon models for the churches to be built on the site proposed by Henry Smith, Esq, in St Margaret Westminster, and that purchased of Wise in Deptford.

3. Beckley to draw conveyance for Smith's ground with all convenient speed.

4. Brewster to be allowed £10 to fitting up rooms let by him to Commissioners; a warrant to be made out.

5. Agreed with Thos Lucas to build wall on one side of site at Deptford according to Hawksmoor's draft, at rate of £5 per rod and 4d. per yard digging.

6. Secretary to submit estimate of what moneys will probably be wanted to defray charge of purchases, etc., this year.

540. [p. 75] 6 July 1714, at house of Henry Smith, Esq., in Old Palace Yard

The pillar to be erected near the Maypole to be a Corinthian pillar 15 ft in diameter.

541. [p. 76] 2 Nov. 1714: Committee appointed 15 July, at Smith's house. Vanbrugh and Gibbs submitted two designs for the church to be erected near the Maypole.

Both designs are proper to be put into execution. Referred to Commissioners to make choice.

[Two leaves removed; pp. 79 and 80 are blank]

542. [p. 81] 7 Feb. 1715/16, at Lincoln's Inn

The minutes of Committee of 4 February referred to this Committee were read.

1. Committee took into consideration Gibbs's account. Several articles therein were excluded by order of the former Commissioners when Surveyors' salaries were settled. Account to be re-delivered to him with copy of order of the former Commissioners, and Gibbs to make a new account.

2. [Following entry crossed out] Board should be moved to direct Treasurer to submit at every meeting an account of moneys received from Exchequer and sums issued by him, and produce his vouchers, whereby balance in hand will always appear.

3. Committee report they found annual salaries given to Officers as follows: Treasurer £300; Secretary £200; Agent £100; Solicitor £80; Messenger £30. Also an order by former Commissioners that their officers should be elected yearly.

Secretary to examine Minute Books of last Commission and draw up report on what conditions salaries were given.

543. [p. 83] 14 Feb. 1715/16

Minutes of last meeting were read.

Gibbs delivered a new account of his expenses in trying several pieces of ground, making wooden models, etc. £221. 19s. Bill to be allowed.

544. [p. 84] 20 Feb. 1715/16

Hawksmoor pursuant to Commissioners' order of 4 February submitted account of churches building and sums due, totalling £23,133. 15s. 7d. and a further £1,712. 15s.