Minutes of the Commissioners: 1716

Pages 45-57

The Commissions for Building Fifty New Churches: The Minute Books, 1711-27, A Calendar. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1986.

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130. [p. 237] 5 Jan. 1715/16, at St Paul's Chapter House

The commission under Broad Seal dated 2 Dec. 1715 was read and accepted.

1. John Leacroft, Esq., presented a royal commission dated 9 Dec. 1715 appointing him Treasurer to the Commissioners.

2. The Commissioners elected following officers: Jenkin Thos Phillips, Secretary; Nich. Hawksmoor and John James, Surveyors; Vigerus Edwards, Solicitor; John Skeat, Agent; Wm Waters, Messenger.

3. The commission and acts of parliament relating to the fifty new churches to be printed, with abstracts in margin.

4. Messenger to enquire whether lease of chambers in Lincoln's Inn has expired.

131. [p. 239] 10 Jan. 1715/16

1-3. Rous, Smith and Gibbs to attend next meeting and deliver up all books, papers and draughts, with schedules of them.

132. [p. 241] 14 Jan. 1715/16

1. Dean of Chichester reported that Smith, late Treasurer, was ready to supply a copy of all his accounts, but could not part with originals, which have not yet been passed by Exchequer.

2. Smith to submit a signed copy with all convenient speed.

3. Nottingham, clerk to Rous, late Secretary, called in; all Rous's books and papers relating to the late Commission would be delivered at next meeting, and he was preparing a schedule of them.

4. Gibbs called in; said he would in a week's time deliver all designs, models, sites, etc. and all books and papers relating to the late Commission in his custody in a month's time.

5,6. Read letter from Gibbs; to give detailed account of his demands for next meeting.

133. [p. 243] 19 Jan. 1715/16

1. Smith to attend with copy of all his accounts at next meeting.

2. Gibbs to attend next meeting with all draughts, plans, maps, etc. in his custody.

3. Secretary to ask Archbishop of Canterbury to appoint time and place for next meeting.

4. Nottingham brought books and papers with schedule; Secretary to examine, and give receipt if they agree.

5. Rous to deliver what other books and papers he has relating to the Commission.

133A. [p. 244] 27 Jan. 1715/16, at the Banqueting House, Whitehall 1,2. Agreed to Gibbs's request to be allowed to finish Strand church, and that no one be allowed to take a copy of his design, he intending to engrave it for his own use; and that all models made by him for the last Commission be paid for, and he receive his salary and travelling charges.

3. Brewster attending made proposals concerning his chambers in Lincoln's Inn, hired by the late Commissioners.

4. If Brewster cannot dispose of his chambers by Lady Day, rent to be paid him to Midsummer.

5. Beckley to deliver all his papers and deeds, with a schedule thereof.

6. Secretary and Solicitor to examine minutes of last Commission in order to submit report on state of affairs as soon as convenient.

7. Hy Smith to provide accounts.

134. [p. 246] 4 Feb. 1715/16

1. Committee appointed to examine Gibbs' account: Cannon, Sherlock, Hare, Phillips, Newton, Clayton, Naylor, Ellis, and any other attending.

2. Certificate that John Leacroft, appointed Treasurer by His Majesty, has given security in office of Remembrancer of Exchequer, 4 Jan. 1715/16.

3. Agreed the committee should draw up representation to Treasury regarding Smith; which was done, read and agreed to. Clayton to lay it before Lords of the Treasury.

4. Committee to report salaries of all officers of late Commission.

5. Committee to report all accounts of late Commission.

6. Beckley, Solicitor to late Commission, attended; willing to deliver deeds and writings, but not till Thursday next; and prayed direction about Lady Russell's deeds of sale, executed by her, the money not being paid according thereto.

7. Beckley to deliver the deeds to Barcroft, her agent now present, to have them re-executed on payment of purchase money.

8. Surveyors to measure and make out bills for work in the new churches.

9. Agreed to Gibbs' request for use of models of church in the Strand, in order to perfect the church.

10. Notice to be given to Brewster that the Commissioners will use his chambers in Lincoln's Inn till Midsummer next.

11. Furniture belonging to the Commissioners at Smith's house to be removed to Brewster's chambers in Lincoln's Inn.

12. Application to Treasury to take money into Exchequer on loan on coals to be submitted at next meeting.

135. [p. 249] 14 Feb. 1715/16, at Lincoln's Inn

1. Allowed Gibbs' account, £221. 19s., for trying the ground, making wooden models, and salary to Christmas last.

2. Committee to report on all accounts from last Commission.

3. Site in St Giles Cripplegate parish referred to committee.

4. Reported, Beckley had agreed with Edwards on a schedule of all deeds and papers in his possession.

5. Consideration of Beckley's bill referred to committee.

6. Committee to consider form of application to Treasury to direct Receipt of Exchequer to take in money on loan on coals. Committee to meet here on Monday at 5 p.m.

7. Lord Scarborough wishes a church to be speedily erected on site he gave.

8. Commissioners not yet ready to build new church on the ground mentioned in Lord Scarborough's letter.

9. Dean of Chichester to request Archer to continue his care of Westminster new church.

136. [p. 252] 24 Feb. 1715/16

1. Minutes of last meeting of Commissioners and committee read.

2. Treasury to be asked to take in £25,000 upon the loan on coal duty.

3. Ironmongers' Company's site, St Giles Cripplegate parish, not convenient, 'being in the extream parts'.

4. Agreed with committee that Beckley's bill, £35. 16s., be allowed.

137. [p. 254] 29 Feb. 1715/16

1,2. Medlicott proposed a site near Devonshire House.

3,4. Lord Scarborough's ground not a convenient site.

5. Committee appointed to consider report to king and parliament: Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop of London, Kennet, Sherlock, Cannon, Waddington, Butler, Waugh, Gooch, Ellis, Naylor, Farrer, Meller and Peck.

6. Treasury require to know why £25,000 applied for.

138. [p. 256] 5 Mar. 1715/16

1. Considered heads of a report to be laid before the King and Parliament.

2. Resolved to consider first a report on method of endowing the new churches.

3. Secretary and Surveyors to update report laid before Parliament on 8 July last, and report where new churches are intended.

139. [p. 257] 8 Mar. 1715/16

1. Secretary submitted report of state of the churches and an account of sites and funds.

2. None of the churches being finished, Commissioners unable to act to provide a maintenance for their ministers.

140. [p. 259] 12 Mar. 1715/16

1,2. Secretary read draft reports to King. Report amended and to be engrossed for next meeting.

3. Treasurer reported that Treasury will direct officers at Receipt of Exchequer to take in £25,000 on the loan of coals.

141. [p. 260] 19 Mar. 1715/16

1. Secretary submitted a general account and state of the new churches, together with a report and duplicates to be presented to King and both houses of Parliament, which was read and signed.

2-5. Report and account to be entered in Secretary's books; to be carried to the Archbishops and Bishops Commissioners for signing and to be laid before King and House of Lords by Archbishop of Canterbury, and before House of Commons by Mr Farrer.

6. Barker requested perfecting of conveyance of Three Cups Inn ground.

7. Commission will confirm the agreement; Barker to take title deeds to Edwards for laying before Webb.

8. Surveyors to direct workmen to proceed as soon as they judge it convenient.

9,10. Treasury require to know what interest is to be paid on the £25,000 loan. Rate to be left to Treasury to decide.

11. Secretary to prepare blank warrants for paying workmen.

Both Surveyors to submit design for church to be erected in St Mary Woolnoth parish, with estimate.

142. [p. 263] 26 Mar. 1716

1. Filling up warrants deferred to next meeting.

2. James to consult proper workmen about best method of taking down St Mary Woolnoth church.

3. Referred to another meeting a memorial from James about roofing Westminster new church.

4. As only £1,500 brought in at 5 per cent, Commissioners want 6 per cent to be offered on their loan, as given on Land Tax, etc.

5. Agreement with Dacres for site in St Giles in the Fields confirmed, if title good.

143. [p. 265] 9 Apr. 1716

1,2. Reports laid before King and Parliament.

3,4. Read petition from East Greenwich for completion of church; parish required to procure a sufficient graveyard first.

5. Sclater's ground, Bethnal Green, referred to Webb for approval of title.

6. Secretary submitted application to Treasury for impresting £12,000 to Treasurer.

7. Notice to be given in next Saturday's Gazette for proposals for carpenter's work for the roof of Westminster church and plasterer's work at Deptford.

144. [p. 267] 16 Apr. 1716

Minister and churchwardens of East Greenwich delivered Vestry order of 15 April. Commissioners expect a penal bond as security that no grave shall be made within six feet of the church. Half-acre mentioned in vestry order to be purchased before Commissioners will proceed further.

Edwards reported he had obtained Sclater's title deeds for Bethnal Green site from Webb, and was instructed to return them for his approbation.

Treasurer reported he had obtained a Treasury order for £12,000 and lodged it with Mr Clayton. Secretary submitted warrant to pay £1,000 to Lady Russell for her site in St Giles in Fields parish, to be lodged with Mr Edwards until she executes the conveyance.

Warrants ordered for half the £23,133. 15s. 7d. due to workmen.

Read letter from minister of St Giles Cripplegate about a site; consideration adjourned to next meeting.

Hawksmoor to attend with a plan and design of the church to be erected on ground purchased of Lady Russell [Bloomsbury].

145. [p. 269] 19 Apr. 1716

1. Treasurer reported he had received £12,000 at Exchequer.

2. Warrants signed for paying workmen.

3. Hawksmoor and James to act jointly in all their official business, and report to next meeting what is due to each workman.

4. Surveyors and Skeat to report on site in St Martin in Fields parish proposed by Medlicott.

5. Surveyors to report on site proposed by the minister of Windsor [sic], in St Giles Cripplegate.

6. Mr Whitfield, minister of St Giles Cripplegate, asking for a new church to be built there speedily, was told one should be as soon as a convenient site could be found.

7. Consideration deferred of Hawksmoor's design for Bloomsbury church.

146. [p. 271] 23 Apr. 1716

1. Skeat reported that site in St Martin in the Fields parish proposed by Medlicott was too small, being only 30 ft north-south.

2. Denning delivered proposal for taking down church of St Mary Woolnoth, which was read.

3. James submitted design for a church to be erected in Lombard Street, St Mary Woolnoth parish.

4,5. Proposal for leasing Smith's house, Old Palace Yard, at £70 p.a.

6. Surveyors to confer on design for roof of Westminster new church, and report at next meeting.

7. Archbishop of Canterbury to renew application to King respecting Burscough.

8. Surveyors to give notice to masons employed on Westminster new church not to prepare any stones for the towers until further order.

147. [p. 273] 30 April 1716

1. Reported that King gave gracious answer about Burscough.

2. Treasurer had agreed to take Smith's house at £75 p.a. from Midsummer.

3. Treasurer and Solicitor to find out what term remains of Smith's lease, and the conditions required of the Commission.

4. Treasurer to produce his vouchers for payments to workmen at next meeting.

5,6. Further suggestions from Medlicott for a site in St Martin in the Fields parish; Skeat to view.

7,8. Inhabitants of St Mary Woolnoth request Commissioners to take down their church, but are willing themselves to inspect the workmen; props that now support church to be returned to them.

9. Notice to be given in Saturday's Gazette for proposals for taking down St Mary Woolnoth church.

10. Treasury memorialised for a further issue of £13,000.

148. [p. 275] 9 May 1716

1,2. Agreement to be drawn up with East Greenwich parish not to bury within 6 ft of church walls.

3. Surveyors to prepare patterns of wainscot for Greenwich church.

4. Treasurer produced vouchers for payment to workmen, which were examined.

5. Resolved to give Treasurer £75 p.a. for Smith's house, by him taken for the use of the Commission. Committee appointed to inspect Smith's house and report what rooms are most convenient for meetings and the accommodation of the officers: Bishops of Gloucester, Bristol, St Asaph, Dean of Chichester, Cannon, Gooch, Phillips and Meller.

6. Hawksmoor and James to submit as detailed an estimate as possible of cost of Hawksmoor's design for Bloomsbury new church.

7,8. Proposals from Grove, Ford, Whitton, Townsend, Hester, Withers and Denning for taking down St Mary Woolnoth church referred to Surveyors.

149. [p. 277] 16 May 1716

1. James reported that patterns of wainscot for Greenwich new church were not yet completed.

2. James delivered estimate for building new church in Great Russell Street amounting to £9,790. 17s. 4d., exclusive of pewing.

3. James to write to workmen to ask the most they will give severally for old materials of St Mary Woolnoth church.

4. Archer to be invited to next meeting to discuss Westminster new church.

5. Solicitor to draw instrument obliging Treasurer to discharge all parish taxes, repairs etc. on house in Old Palace Yard.

6. Treasurer to have office on first floor [of Smith's house] and sole use of parlour and other first floor rooms when Commissioners not sitting.

7. Secretary and Solicitor each to have an office up one pair of stairs, and Secretary to have lodging up two pair.

8. Agreed that inhabitants of St Mary Woolnoth have two weeks notice before demolition of church begun, to remove monuments, etc.

9. Edward to lay draft of indenture between Commissioners and Rector and Churchwardens of Greenwich before Melmoth; if approved, copy to be sent to Greenwich.

10. Surveyors forthwith to adjust to Christmas last the accounts of workmen to whom warrants have not been issued.

11. Plasterers' proposals for Deptford church and carpenters' for Westminster referred to Surveyors.

150. [p. 279] 23 May 1716

1-4. James brought patterns for pews for East Greenwich church, but decision deferred for fuller report.

5. Notice to be given in Saturday's Gazette for proposals for pewing East Greenwich church according to patterns to be seen at 6 Lincoln's Inn [Great Square] from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

6. Jas Ellis and Jas Hands to be employed as plasterers at Deptford.

7. Secretary to inform Directors of Greenwich Hospital that Commissioners will finish church as soon as possible.

8. Rich. Goodchild to take down St Mary Woolnoth church, allowing £250 for old materials, and £50 more if employed to build the new church.

9. Solicitor to examine contracts drawn between the Commissioners and workmen.

10. Surveyors to submit design for St Mary Woolnoth at next meeting. Commissioners will settle salaries at next meeting.

151. [p. 281] 30 May 1716

1. James reported on pewing for East Greenwich church.

2. Resolved to pew the church, and that the pews be double-seated.

3. Archer attending presented a model of tower of Deptford church and a model of the four towers for Westminster new church and reported he thought foundation would bear proposed towers.

4. Inhabitants of St Mary Woolnoth presented paper about monuments, etc.

5. Goodchild proposed that some of old materials might be used for fencing church, leaving the Commissioners to offer Seager, the carpenter, what they think fit for their use.

6,7. Resolved that all salaries be settled for one year only from opening of this Commission.

8. Treasurer to have £300 p.a.

9. Secretary to have £200 p.a.

10. Further consideration deferred to next meeting.

152. [p. 283] 6 June 1716

1. Archer to proceed with the four towers for Westminster new church only so far as is necessary for the roof.

2,3. Hawksmoor and James to have £200 p.a.

4-6. Edwards to have £80 p.a. as Solicitor, with further allowance for conveyancing, etc.

7. Skeat to have £100 p.a., and Messenger £40.

8. Read a memorial from inhabitants of Bermondsey about site proposed for a new church; Skeat and Hawksmoor to treat with Lord Salisbury's steward, Stephens.

9. Resolved to build Bloomsbury new church on Lady Russell's ground according to Hawksmoor's model.

10. Read representation from some inhabitants of St James Clerkenwell for converting Aylesbury chapel into a church.

11. Notice to be given in Saturday's Gazette for bricklayers' and masons' proposals for laying foundations of Bloomsbury church.

12. Commissioners will complete agreement with Lady Davall only according to the first plan delivered to them.

153. [p. 285] 13 June 1716

1. Edwards' books referred to another meeting, he not being present.

2. Skeat and Hawksmoor reported meeting with Lord Salisbury's steward about Bermondsey site; Hawksmoor to enquire further.

3,4. Referred to Surveyors proposals for doing the brickwork at Bloomsbury church from Hy Hester, Fra. Withers, Edw. Boswell, Geo. Collins and John Ford.

5. Surveyors to give blank articles of work to masons who wish to tender for Bloomsbury new church.

6. No one attending for Lady Davall, consideration of her proposal deferred to next meeting.

7. Martha Styler to have £10. 10s. for cleaning the chambers.

8. Commissioners will pay Brewster a year and a half's rent at Midsummer, and 50s. for 'the shelves with the ironwork upon which the models stand'.

9,10. Referred to Surveyors proposals for pewing Greenwich new church (from John Fosset, John Simons, John Gilham, and John Smallwell); and for roofing Westminster church (from John Grove and Thos Denning); to report at next meeting.

11. Surveyors to report on request of parishioners of St Mary Woolnoth that bodies buried near the walls may be conveniently disposed of when the foundation is removed.

154. [p. 287] 20 June 1716, at their office in Old Palace-yard.

1. Agreed to Edwards' proposal to keep one book in which he should enter all abstracts of title, etc.

2. Hawksmoor reported that Lord Salisbury's steward stated nothing was to be done about Bermondsey site until his lordship came to town.

3. Read petition of Philip Clement relating to his watercourse; referred to Surveyors, to report at next meeting.

4. Goodchild attended to answer complaint of his using bad bricks at Spitalfields; Surveyors to examine bricks he uses in other churches, and estimate what damage the work may sustain from bad bricks already used, reporting to next meeting.

5. Surveyors recommended Ford and Boswell to be employed as bricklayers for Bloomsbury church; contract to be made.

6. Mr Wright, for Lady Davall, asks for materials of old houses on proposed site; Surveyors and Skeat to report value.

7. John Mist selected from diggers tendering for Bloomsbury church.

8. Surveyors to direct workmen to start on Bloomsbury church.

9. Gilham and Smallwell being 'considerably more reasonable', appointed to pew Greenwich church.

10. John Grove's the lowest tender for roofing Westminster new church.

155. [p. 290] 27 June 1716

1. Sambrook and St John discharged from their agreement of 16 March 1712 about a site in case Mr Tillard be purchaser.

2. Hawksmoor reported that his report on Clement's water-course was not ready.

3. Boswell and Ford to attend next meeting.

4. Surveyors to consider ways to keep bricklayers to letter of contract.

5,6. Wright, empowered by Lady Davall, requested the Commissioners would allow her old materials of four houses, etc., supposed by her to have been left out of contract; agreed. Solicitor to prepare conveyances.

7. Surveyors reported on disposing of bodies in St Mary Woolnoth; further consideration referred to their care.

8,9. Signed warrants for one and a half year's rent to Mr Brewster and 50s. for shelf that supported the models; and £10. 10s. to M. Stapler.

156. [p. 292] 4 July 1716

1. Hawksmoor further to consider Clement's case and report what damage his water-course may sustain.

2. Boswell and Ford, bricklayers for Bloomsbury church, promised to stand to letter of their contract.

3. Bill for expenditure by Secretary, Nottingham and Waters for the Commission's service to be submitted to next meeting.

4. Waters to take in three chardrons of coal.

5. James to see whether Ironmongers' Company will stand to their proposal to accommodate the Commissioners with another site [Cripplegate].

157. [p. 293] 18 July 1716

1. Hawksmoor reported that Clement's water-course may have sustained damage from building Spitalfields church; to inquire further.

2. Allowed bills for expenditure (4 July, minute 3), and £6. 6s. 10d. for painting the chambers in Lincoln's Inn.

3. Smart, for Dacres, stated that he was willing to build six feet further back from Bloomsbury church than originally intended.

4. Ironmongers' Company delivered a proposal for a new site in Clerkenwell [Cripplegate] for £1,000.

5. Referred to Surveyors proposals from Edw. Tufnell and John Townsend for mason's work at Bloomsbury church.

6. Rejected memorial of Jas Anger, rector of St Mary Woolnoth, in relation to his parsonage house, endangered by taking down steeple.

7. Read memorial of Strong, Tufnell and Townsend, masons, for measurement of their respective works.

8. Referred to Surveyors proposal by Grove for roofing new church in the Strand according to model delivered by him this day.

9,10. Signed warrants for salaries to Midsummer last, and for impresting £30 to Secretary for paying bills and incidentals.

158. [p. 295] 25 July 1716

1. Hawksmoor reported that damage Clement's watercourse may have sustained is not very great; consideration deferred.

2. Dacres is not able to convey his site in St Giles in the Fields parish because a highway forms part of it; Commissioners consider agreement at an end.

3. Consideration of Ironmongers' Company's site in St Giles Cripplegate, offered for £900, was adjourned.

[4.] Skeat and Surveyors to view site proposed by Kemp for Bow.

159. [p. 297] 10 Aug. 1716

1,2. Agreed to give Ironmongers' Company £900 for their site in St Giles Cripplegate parish.

3,4. Surveyors report that Clements sustained some damage in his watercourse by building of Spitalfields church; £20 to be allowed to make good, on conditions.

3 [sic]. Mr Burgess, for Mr Bows, requested that his watercourse and lights should not be prejudiced by rebuilding of St Mary Woolnoth; agreed; new church not to be built beyond old foundation.

4. Read memorial of Goodchild to be allowed to lay foundation of St Mary Woolnoth.

5. Surveyors to ask masons for their proposals for St Mary Woolnoth.

6. Goodchild to advance work of the churches under his care to such level as Surveyors direct, so works may be measured.

7,8. Tufnell and Strong appointed masons for Bloomsbury new church as the most reasonable tenderers.

9. Notice to be given in Gazette for carpenters' proposals for the three new churches in Stepney.

160. [p. 299] 17 Aug. 1716

1. Secretary to send officers copies of all minutes relating to them.

2. Carpenters to obtain designs and scantlings of Stepney churches from Surveyors.

3. Accepted Thos Dunn's proposal for rubble work in foundation of St Mary Woolnoth, on Surveyors' recommendation.

5. Referred to another meeting Dr Bolter's renewed proposal for a site on Artillery Ground, in St Olave's Southwark; Secretary to consult minute book.

[6.] Blank application to Treasury to be prepared, for taking in money on the loan of coals.

[7.] Agreed to treat with Kemp for additional piece of ground at Bow.

161. [p. 301] 24 Aug. 1716

1. Skeat and James to inspect Artillery Ground, St Olave's Southwark, Secretary having found no reference in the minute book thereto.

2. Treasury requested to take in £10,000 upon coal tax.

3. Blank warrants to be prepared for paying workmen part of what is due to them.

4. Referred to James carpenters' proposals for the three Stepney churches from Grove and Leger.

5. Agreed to Kemp's demand of £140 for Bow site, reduced from £160.

6. Skeat to view Bermondsey site, Mr Middleton having suggested an addition to site proposed by Lord Salisbury.

7. Skeat [smith] to prepare copper finishing upon Deptford church steeple according to design now submitted.

162. [p. 303] 7 Sep. 1716

1. Skeat and James report Artillery Ground, St Olave's Southwark, convenient for new church.

2. As soon as Treasury give order for taking in the £10,000 applied for, Treasurer to ascertain Archbishop of Canterbury's pleasure when the Commissioners are to meet next.

3. Denning submitted proposal for carpenter's work in Stepney churches.

4. Grove to be employed to roof Limehouse church, subject to such deductions from his tender as Surveyors think reasonable because his timber is not die square.

163. [p. 304] 18 Sep. 1716, at the lobby of the House of Lords

1. Signed application to Treasury to imprest £10,000 to Treasurer.

2. Turner to be employed in painting and gilding vase and fane on stone spire of Deptford new church; James to make agreement.

164. [p. 305] 1 Oct. 1716, at the office in Old Palace Yard

1. Secretary submitted warrants for paying the workmen on account; being examined and approved by James, they were signed.

2. Secretary to ascertain Archbishop of Canterbury's pleasure about next meeting.

165. [p. 306] 30 Nov. 1716

1,2. Skeat reported on additional ground for Bermondsey site. Bishop of Winchester to treat with Lord Salisbury.

3. Notice to be given in Saturday's Gazette for glaziers' and painters' proposals for Deptford church, and plasterers' for Strand church.

4. Secretary to desire Vaughan to attend next meeting, that the Board may know on what terms he holds the cemetery near St George's chapel.

5. Read letter from Dean of Canterbury on behalf of Commings for doing glazier's work at Deptford.

6,7. Complaint being made against Jas Hands for delay in plasterer's work at Deptford church, ordered his co-contractor Jas Ellis to attend next meeting.

8. Treasurer to obtain certificate from Exchequer of how much lies there to the Commissioners' credit.

9,10. On request of inhabitants of St Mary Woolnoth parish to indemnify Mr Anger, their minister, whose house was damaged by demolition of the church, agreed that damage shall be made good, provided parish secure the house to minister and his successors and remove part of it from the church.

11. Masons to bring proposals for paving Greenwich new church at next meeting.

166. [p. 309] 7 Dec. 1716

1. Read letter from Dean of Canterbury recommending Commings for glazier's and Turner for painter's work at Deptford new church.

2. Read proposals for glazier's work at Deptford new church from Chas Scriven, Thos Commings, Jos. Goodchild, Wm Ransom.

3. Read proposals for plasterer's work at Strand new church from Geo. Osmond, Hy Savage, Wm Knight, Rob. Evans.

4. Received instrument from inhabitants of St Mary Woolnoth parish securing house to incumbent.

5. Vaughan acknowledged he held cemetery near St George's chapel by permission of the Commissioners in consideration of damage he sustained in fencing cemetery.

6. Ellis promised to finish plastering Deptford new church with all possible speed.

7,8. Johnson applied for £100 due for purchase of several pieces of ground in Stepney; Edwards to inquire whether sufficient security given to indemnify Commissioners.

9. Surveyors, having perused plasterers' proposals, found Osmond's and Evans's the same and lowest.

10. Osmond to be employed to do plasterer's work in Strand new church; Solicitor to make contract.

11. Evans to be employed to do plasterer's work in Westminster new church; Solicitor to make contract.

12. Surveyors to report on glaziers' proposals at next meeting.

13,14. Treasurer delivering certificate that £2,475. 16s. 7d. in Exchequer due to Commissioners, application signed for that sum.

15. Secretary to prepare memorial to Treasury to take in £20,000 on coal duty.

16. Surveyors to report on masons' proposals for paving Greenwich church at next meeting.

17. Accepted Marples's proposal for cramping lead for the masons.

167. [p. 313] 10 Dec. 1716

1. Signed memorial to Teasury for £20,000 loan.

2,3. Strong and Tufnell to be employed to pave Greenwich church.

4,5. Commings to be employed for glazing Deptford new church with crown glass, with lead of 9 inches to the ounce.

6. Dr Marshall to enjoy cemetery ground now in possession of Geo. Vaughan, for £4 p.a., during the Commissioners' pleasure, on conditions.

168. [p. 315] 22 Dec. 1716

1. Secretary to take from James names of workmen to whom money due, and prepare warrants for next meeting.

2. Surveyors to prepare annual accounts for all work done under this Commission and the last, to end of December 1716, according to forms submitted this day by James.

3. Secretary to ascertain Archbishop of Canterbury's pleasure about time of next meeting.

4. Smith, late Treasurer, to pay over Johnson's £100 to Leacroft.