Separate wills: 1542-43 (nos. 149-99)

Pages 82-125

London Consistory Court Wills, 1492-1547. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1967.

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1542–43 (nos. 149–99)

149. [bdle. I. 54] Wylliam Whyteryg. 10 Feb. 1542.

I Wylliam Whyteryg of the parysch of Saynt Androis in Holburn bequeth my sooll to Almyghti God, to Our Blessyd Lady Saynt Marye and to all the holy company in heven and my body to be buryed in my parysch chyrch aforesayd. I bequeth in amendes makyng for my tythes neclygently forgoton 3s. 4d. I wyll to Saynt John and Saynt Christofers alters 3s. 4d. I wyll to Saynt Sythis alter 3s. 4d. I bequeth to 2 of my servauntes, Hamond and Robard, to every of them 20d. I bequeth to Thomas Nele 20d. I wyll all the resydue of my goodes moveable and unmoveable, my funeralles and dettes payd, to Isabell Whyteryg, my wyffe, and to John Whyteryg, my son, the whych sayd Isbell and John I make my executours to se me honestly buryed as thei shall thynke best. I doe charge my son John, as he desyrith to have my blessyng, to be gud chyld to hys mother so long as yt shall please God he and she shall lyve together. Wytness, Sir Nycholas Burton, (fn. 1) my goostly father, Thomas Nele, with other moo.

[Proved 19 Feb.]

150. [bdle. I. 55] Agnes Agerton. 26 Jan. 1543.

Jehus Maria. I Agnes Agerton, wedow, bequeth my sowle to the Blyssyt Trinite, desyryng the Father, the Sone and the Holy Gost to have mercy off my sowle, also I desyry the Blessyt Virgyn Mari, the Mother off Jehus my Savior and all the saintes yn hevyn to pray to Jehus my Savior for mercy, and my body to be buryd in the cherche or cherch yarde off Sant Androu in Estchepe, (fn. 2) and dirige and mas to be songe or sayd at my beryall. I wyll that there be to new torgges and 6 tapars the weche I wyll shall borne the derige and the mes wyly and thyn thay to reymene in the aforesayd cherche to be borynyd to the honor off God at tymys conveniant yf yt may so be, the costes and chirges and my kyepyng in the howse were I ly recompensyt. The resyde off all my goodes, my dettes, legacies and funerall deductyd and payd, I geve to Katheryn Dygby and to Maystris Tygo to dispose for my soule to my powr naybors, whom I make my executryces, to fulfyll this my laste well, and Mr. Charlay Cowper and George Hyde, porters off the Stylleard, to oversee yt and they to have eyder off thym for there paynys 6s. 8d. yf so moche reymayne after the costes and charges afore namyd payd. In the presens off Gorge Hyde, Thomas Wyllkyns with mo. By me Jhon Alderslay, clark.

[Overleaf: One line obliterated and then the names, presumably of witnesses are given, 'Thomas Clarke, Wylliam Hutte, John Lawless, Hare Keyschell'. Below the will is a note that administration was granted on 20 Mar. 1543, (fn. 3) but on the back of the will the date is given as 20 Mar. 1542 (fn. 3) and a note is added that it was granted to — Hyde as next of kin.]

The document has been damaged by damp and the ink is faint.

151. [bdle. I. 56] John Boulwerk. 9 Jan. 1543. (fn. 4)

I John Boulwerk of London, boucher, . . . my sowll unto Allmyghty God, my Maker and Redemer and my body to be buryed in the parich . . . Clementes wythyn Est cheppe in London be fore the cros yn the churche eard were the bodys of my . . . and kynred lyeth buryed. I bequeith to the hye alter of the sayd parisshe church for my tythys 12d. I will that my wyff exsecutryx, or her asynes, shal pay to Stevyn Andros 40s., the wych I ham bound to pay hym 40d. at a tym untyll the holle sum of the sayd mony be owtt. I wyl that my wyff tak of Wyllyam Kyng 7s. that he hoyth me. The poweyar (fn. 5) to owr soffryn lord the Kyng hoyth me for 3 lood of haye the wyche I desyre that yt be payd to my fore sayd wyff. The resydue of all my goodes and catel, movabull and unmovabul, dettes, I geve to Elizabeth, my wyff, home I make my sole executryx and I make Mr. Benet, my trusty frynd, to be supervysar of this my last wyll and present testament. Wytnys my gostly father, Adryan Arnold, curat of the fore sayd parisshe of Sent Clementes with other.

[Note that the will was proved and registered on 12 Feb. Endorsed 'Testamentum Jo. Bulwerke'.]

The top right-hand corner of the sheet has been torn away.

152. [bdle. I. 57] Henry Balle. 23 Sep. 154–.

I Henry Balle, sycke of body, be queve my sowlle to Almyghty God, to Our Blessyd Lady and to all the holy cumpany in heven, my body to be beryd in the churche yarde of Our Lady of Islendon. I be queve to the hyghtt auter 12d., to Jehus prest 12d., and to my curatt 16d. The reste of goodes I geve to Alce, my wyffe, whom I macke my hole executryx, she to be stowe hytt as she thyncke best for the helthe of my sowle. Wyttnes, Sir Henry Bryght, curatt, John Ferrer the yongger and John Ferrer the elder.

[In the bottom left-hand corner is a note that the will was proved on 7 Feb. and in the right-hand corner, 'Henry Ball Father and Mother'. (fn. 6) ]

153. [bdle. I. 58] Thomas Brase. 11 Oct. 1542.

I Thomas Brase, habardesher of London, be queth my soule unto Allmyght God my Maker and Redemer, to Our Lady Saynt Mary and to all the hooly company of heven, and my body to be buryed in the churche of Saint Nycholas with in the Cytty of London next unto my wyffe. The resydue of all my goods (my dettes payed) I geve them holy unto Katheryn, my wyffe. (fn. 7) And these men, Mr. Parcyvall Craswell, Robert Brase, Mr. Murfyn, to be supervysurs to my pore wyff. Wittnes, Sir John Mary, curat, the kyngges servant, Richard Jensen, with other.

[Note that administration was granted.]

154. [bdle. I. 59] Cecilye Clowgh. [?28 Jan. 1543.]

I Cecilye Clowgh, wedow of the parisshe of Seynt Bride the Virgin in Fletstret, being syke in my bodie, [bequeath] my sowll to Almyghtie God the Father that made yt and to the Sonne that Reyd . . . and to the Holy Goste that graciously hathe governyd yt thorow and by the intercession . . . Virgin Mary, with all the holy company in heven, and my bodie to be buryed in the churche yarde of Seynt Bryde at the crose in the northe syed of the churche by my chyldrene. I geve to the high alter of the foresaid churche for my tythis and oblacions forgotton a t. . . dyaper. I geve to Mary, my mayed, a good fetherbed, a bolster, a paier of shettes, a paier of bla . . . and a coverlett. I geve to my ostis, Coplonde, a fetherbed, a bolster, a paier of shettes and a paier of blankettes and a coverlett. I will that Agnes Cokered have my saddull with all thinges belongyng to a horse for a woman, paying to my executour 6s. 8d. I geve to Sir Bryan, my gostely father, a platter a dishe and a sawser, to pray for me. I will that my landes and tenementes, feys and other or eny manner of renttes the whiche I have right unto and am in peasible possession at this present daye where so ever they be within this the Kyng's Realme, the which draweth in value of 4 li. by the yere, that came by my father and geven to me, that those landes or tenementes or other parte of my levyng be any manner of rente, be solde to Master Richarde Haywod at a reasonable price, adjuged by indifferent men, to se me honestly buryed, my bequestes fulfilled and my dettes payed, and the resydue to be doon for my sowll, my fathers sowll and all my fryndes sowlles and all Cristyan sowlles. I will that Master Richarde Haywood forsake to bye . . . landes or eny persone or persones be proferred the byeng of theym. I will that my executour paye dulye these my dettes folowyng:— I owe to Mesteris Byrde 6s. 5d., the goodman Sporleston 12s. 8d., to Gaies 2s. 2d., . . . Creswell, for 7 yardes of chamelet 14s. I ordeyne my brother, Nicholas Chewne, for my sole executour. Also I geve to my brother, Nicholas Chowne, to doo for my sowll all . . . unbequethed movable and unmovable, savyng my londes whiche shalbe solde to M . . . Haywood, provyded allways that yf my brother Nicholas will not I will that Mr. Richard Haywood be my executour to fulfill and performe all thynges abo[ve] . . . Witnessed the 29th day of J . . . before Sir Stephen Bryan, Thomas Wylde with many othere.

[Note that the will was proved on 29 Jan.]

Formally written, with decorative initial letter, on one sheet of paper the right-hand side of which is much torn.

155. [bdle. I. 60] Robert Cavarden. 27 Feb. 1543.

I Robert Cavarden, (fn. 8) citizein and payntour steynour of London, syk in body, bequethe my sowle unto Almyghty God my Maker and Redemour, trustyng and faithfully belevyng thorough the merytes of Cristes most precious passyon my synnes be clerely forgyven, my body to be buryed in Cristen buryalle where God for yt shall dispose. I gyve to my cossyn, William Cavarden, a fetherbed, a bolster, a pyllow, a pyllowbere, a paire of fyne shetes, with the curteyns and valance to the same bed belongyng, a new table with a frame, three platters and 3 dysshis. I bequethe to John Ylard my best gowne and fyve shyllinges in mony, to Alexander Bele, fysshmonger, my long gowne furryd with whyte lamb. I bequethe to every servaunt aswele men as women being at the day of makyng herof in the howse of the same Alexander 5s. I bequethe to John Morrys a gowne of new coolerd clothe and 6s. 8d. I bequethe to Robert Mannyng, my godsone, 6s. 8d. I bequethe to Phylys Madok, the wyff of Mighell Madok, a paire of shetes, a patter and a dyssh. I bequethe to the chyldern of Davy Playne toward their preferment among them 20s. I will to have song by note at my buryalle, a masse and dyrige for my sowle and alle Cristen sowles and at the same to have 12 hand torches to be borne by 12 pouer men, and every of them to have for his labour therin 4d. I will 10s. to be spent for a recreacion to be had among them that shalbe at my buryalle. I bequethe to Thomas Owen, my brother, to my brother, Hugh, and to Thomas Cloggar, to every of them 5s. I bequethe to the doughter of John Ylarde fyve shellinges. I will to be distributed to the pouer at the discression of Fulk Mounslow certeyn implementes and goodes of myn now being in the custody of Robert Arnolde. I bequethe to Rychard Maddok my gowne faced with cony and 5s. I bequethe to Davy Playne my doblet of bukskyn, a cloke, 4 paire of shetes, 2 dysshes and 2 sawcers. I forgyve and acquyte Davy Playne of his det of 4 li. whiche he owith unto me 40s. I bequethe to Thomas Pecok a grene cott and a paire of shetes, and to Saunder, laborer, a doblet of fustyan. The residew of alle my goodes, cattailles and dettes, after my dettes paied, the costes of my burying doon, I holly gyve to the said Alexander and Davy Playne myn executours. And I bequethe to the same Alexander for his payne to be had in the premissis 20s. And overseers of the same I make said John Ylard and Rychard Maddok. In witnes wherof to this my present testament and last will I have set my seall. Witnis, Fulk Mounslow, Rychard Maddok and George Dowghty, apprentice of John Ruttur, scryvener.

Formally written on parchment the bottom of which has been turned up and slit in the middle for a seal tab which is missing.

156. [bdle. I. 61] Robert Fosster. 1543.

I Robert Fosster, very syk in body do make my last wyll and testament. My sowle I geve to All myghtty God the Maker and Creator both of sowle and body, by Whome I trust to be savyd throwght and by the meretes of our Savyour Jhesus Christ. I wyll my body to be beryed in the cherch yerde of Saynt Johns. I wyll my wyffe to be executerys of my goods acordyng to the cosstome of the Cete for my cheldren. I wyll Edmond Hobson to be the overseer wyth my wyffe, to whome for hys payns I geve 3s. 4d. I bequeth my mother my best gown with my best hosen and 5s. Wytnes, Henry Symonds, (fn. 9) clerk, Jerome Bone and Henry Foster.

[Proved 23 Feb.]

An invetory of the goods of Robert Fosster, tayler, of London.
A shop borde and 2 payer of sherres and 2 pryssyng yerns 3s. 4d.
In the hale, paynted clothes 5s.
5 joinid stoles and a chayer with 2 chestes 5s. 4d.
A harnes and a jake 4s.
In the hale a jake and a basyn 16d.
In the buttery 8 platters 7s.
4 dysshys and 2 sayssars and 4 porryengers 3s.
A basyn 8d.
A quarte pot and 3 pynt pottes and 2 halfe pynt pottes, 2 salt sellers and a bottell of tyn of a pynt 3s.
9 candell stykes 3s. 4d.
A lattyn basyn 8d.
A carppet 8d.
In the chamber a hangyng 2s.
A bedsted with a mattres and a coveryng 3s. 4d.
A tabell 16d.
5 chayer of straue 2d.
3 relles and a payer of scales of latyn 6d.
3 bottels of ston 3d.
In the kechyn 3 brase pottes and a yeren pot 6s. 8d.
3 payns, a collender of laten and 2 skyners of latyn, and a chafyng dysse of latyn and a spyce morter and a letell possnet 5s.
2 spettes and a fryneng pan, gredyerne, a chopyng kneyfe and a ladell of laten, a dryppyng payn and a payer of coborns and a brede grate 2s. 8d.
A ston morter and 2 pesstels and 2 trevetes and cole rake, a payer of tonges, a watter tankerd, a tobe for water and a buckyng tobe, 2 halfe tobes and a payle, 2 boles and 2 trene platters and a cope, a chopyng borde, 2 hand bassketes and 2 erthern pottes 3s. 4d.
2 spynnyng wyles with 2 bordes 12d.
9 payer of shettes 20s.
6 table clothes and 5 toweles and a desen of table napkyns 10s.
50 yerdes of fryse and cotten 16s. 8d.
3 dubletes 4s.
2 Jake[t]s 4s.
a ryddyng cote 5s.
A gowne of pouke faysed with chamlet 5s.
a gowne of rosset faysed with lame and booge 6s. 8d.
A nyght gown of cotten 5s.
2 kapes and a hat 20d.
A dagger 16d.
A bowe with 24 shaftes 4s.
A hecchell for flax 16d.
A bedsted with a materys 3s. 4d.
Som 7 li. 11s. 7d.

Prased by Jeram Lune, John Draper, citezeins, 20 Feb. 1542. (fn. 10)

[Endorsed 'Copia inventarii Robt. Foster'.]

The inventory is on two sheets sewn together lengthwise.

157. [bdle. I. 62] Robert Jennynges. 8 Sep. 1537. (fn. 11)

I Robertt Jennynges, draper of London, bequethe my sowle to Allmyghtie Jeshus, my bodye to be buryed where it shall please God. I have att this present daye 60 li. sterlyng in Northeren dossens, cottens and other wares, laden in the shipp of Harwoode wherein my servaunt ys Thomas Danyell, a bale of 30ti Northeren dossens, vi cottens wrapers grenes, in the Barnabe Pulmer, 30ti Northern dossens and 5 peces grene cottens. And in Harwoodes shipp I have asmyche clothe lynnen as cost me of Harborowe clothe 18 li. I do owe of all these to Myles Abrigges 30 li., that is 10 li. att Candlemas, 20 li. att Ester followynge, And so that God sende my goodes in savitie I wolde ytt shulde be first payd, and yf I dye by the waye I wolde that as ys recyvyd and commythe to my executours handes I gyve to the power nede (fn. 12) 5 li., to my fathers daughter dwellyng with John Jennynges, grocer, 10 li., to George Wylsons wyff, wydowe, 5 li. and unto William Jennynges, my cosyn, in recompence of that I receyvyd 3 li. dew to hym, gyven by my brother Richard. I gyve hym 10 li. I will that there be gyven to the most of myn acquentance and fryndes 20 rynges of golde of the value of 5s. a pese and to be flatt beyng over the in syde 'lawded be God'. And I gyve to the Good Companye of Awncienttes 5 li. to be bestowed att 2 or 3 dyners. Also I gyve to the nexte of my kynredd unnamed 10 li., to be devyded after 40s. a pese. The reste unbequethid I gyve to be desposed where hitt pleaseth my executours, whiche I make Thomas Dadye and John Horsepoll, drapers, and Edmunde Backson, skynner, my overseer. And I gyve every one of them for ther labour 3 li., so that they order my will well, and yf they cannott receyve ytt I will they shall perfourme yt portions lyke after my bequeste and substance, my debttes payed, and there to I fyrme my name. All thesse with my reamentt and other howsehold stoff to be deperted. Robertt Jennyns.

[Proved on 5 Mar.]

158. [bdle. I. 63] Wylyam Massyngere. 26 Feb. 1543.

I Wylyam Massyngere, cyteson off London, seke yn body bequethes my soll to God Allmythy and to all the celestyall compeny off heven, my body to be byryd yn the chorcheyord off Sen Sepourcors. Alle seche godes as y have, my dettes payd and my body brothg home, I geve to Wylyam Felype and to John Dofyeld, home y make my exsecretors. Wyttneseth, Symon Nichalson, John Marten, Edward Davys, also Symon Golsmeyth.

[Notes that the will was written on paper, and that it was proved and registered on 10 Feb.]

This is the inventory of William Messenger.
The hangynges about the chamber 2s.
A flacke bed with a bolster 3s. 4d.
2 coverlettes and a paire of shetes 3s.
2 blankettes 8d.
2 pillowes 12d.
2 bedsteddes 16d.
The tester of the bed 16d.
A table, a paire of trestilles and a fourme 12d.
2 joynt stalles and a chest 8d.
A dryppyng pan and a spytt 4d.
3 olde cussyns 8d.
A carpett and a banker 12d.
A pynt pott and a quarte of pewter 10d.
2 dysshes and 2 platters 18d.
2 sawcers and 2 podyngers 8d.
2 candylstickes 4d.
A paire of cobbyrans 6d.
A russet gowne facyd with fox 13s. 4d.
A blacke sengle gowne 4s.
An olde turned gowne 5s.
Summa 42s. 6d.

This inventary was presyd by Robert Hassill, coper, and Syman Goldsmyth, smyth of London, the 10th day of February in the 34ti yere of the raigne of our soveraigne lord Kyng Henry the VIIIth.

159. [bdle. I. 64] Thomas Otwell. 13 Jan. 1543.

Jehu. I Thomas Otwell, habberdasher, dwellynge in the parishe of Saynte Nicolas Cold Abbay in old Fyshstret, London, bequethe my sowle to our Saviour Christe Jeshu, my Redemer, Owr Blesyde Lady Saynt Mary, Saynt Nicolas and to all holy company of heven, my body to buryed in the churcheyarde of the sayd Saynt Nicolas. To the hye auter of the sayd churche for my tethes unpayd 3s. 4d. I wyll all my moveable goodes, as well dettes as other, to be devyded in thre partes, wherof I wyll my daughter, Chrystian Daren, to have one of the thre partes, and hir chylder to have a nother of the three partes, and the therd parte, the wiche I wyll to be better then any of the other 2 partes, by 5 or 6 li. I wyll that Thomas Otwell, my son, shall have, whom I make to be my sectour of this my wyll and honestly to do for my sowle. I wyll also that Mr. Wylliam Barde be overseer and that he have for his labore and paynes taken theryn 20s. Thes persones then beyng present, John Fox, preste and curat of the forsayde churche, Wylliam Cresney, the paryshe clerke, Wylliam Eggliston, Wylliam Dary, with other.

160. [bdle. I. 65] Rychard Pendryth. 19 Oct. 1523. (fn. 13)

I Rychard Pendryth off the paresche off Sent Bertholomey the litle nexte unto Smythfild in London, sycke yn body, bequethe my soll to Jehu Criste, to Hys Modur Sent Mary and to all the hooly cumpany yn heven, and my body to be buryde withyn the churcheyerde off Sent Bertholomey. I wyll have in tyme off my burryall 4 taperes to brane a bout me yn tyme of saying dyrige and masse. I bequethe to my brodur the lesce off the parsonage off Byngley or 16 li. wadur the wyll. I bequethe to my master, Rychard Barley, 6s. 8d. and a swerde, a velvett cappe. I bequethe to my goostly fader 6s. 8d. and velwett cappe, to Jhon Bysse a rossett coot, to Wyllyam Gammes a blacke rosett coott, ty Wyllyam Porter a cappe, to Jhon Marsche a pere off hoosse. To se that thys my last wyll be done I make Rychard Barley, my master, my excectur. The rest off my goods to be at the dyscretyon off my sayde excectur. Wyttnes, Sir Richard Bromley, my goostly fadur, Myghell Bressewode, Wyllyam Fuller, Jhon Benson.

These be dettes owyng to me.
In primis to Chrystover Smythe of Gratius Strete 26s. 8d.
To Sir Wyllyam off the Kynges Colegge in Oxforde 6s. 8d.
To Markes off Northamptonshyre 4s.
To Wyllyam Nycoll, the colyer 7d.
To Hughes, the colyer 9d.
To Cubutt, the colyer 3d.
To Peter, servont to my lorde Bysschoppe off Westmyster 6s. 8d.
To the clerke off Hendun 20d.
To persones off Hendun, a chest and resth overpayd for the sayd chest 4d.
[Endorsed: Proved 28 Nov. 1542. (fn. 13) ]
Inventori off the goodes off Rychard Pendryth layte of the paresche off Sent Betholomey in London nere to Smythfylde.
In rede money 25s. 6d.
The leysse off a parsongge 16li.
To Chrysten Smyth 26s. 8d.
To Peter, sirvont to my lorde Byschoppe of Wesmyster 6s. 8d.
To master Mackes off Northampton 4s.
To the clerke of Hendun 20s.
For the coveryg off a bedde 4s. 4d.
A gowne 9s.
A shurt 8d.
A coot 5s.
A dublett 12d.
A gerkyn 2s.

161. [bdle. I. 66] Margery Rowth. 6 Nov. 1542.

Jehus. I Margery Rowth, vidow, seke yn body, bequeth my sowle to Almyghty God, Our Lady Saynt Mary and to all the holy company in hevyn, and my body to be buryed withyn the churche yorde of saynct Mary Magdalen in Mylkstret as ny to my howsebond as may be. My funeralles and dettes payd I gyff to Frances Elyat my weddyng ryng, to Jane Elyatt my second bedes, to Mistress Johan Page my best gowne, my best kyrtyll and my best peticote, to Elsabet Cowper on gowne pewke lyned with russell wolsted, to gudwyffe Golde on blak gowne lyned with russell wolsted, and to Johan Butlar my systers doowgter, one gowne pewke lyned with russell wolsted, to every pouer woman wythin Jhesus Alley one smoke, to every one of the 5 maydes in Mr. Pages howse one smok, every one of Mr. Hardynges maydes one smok, to Nicholas Byngham mayde one smoke, to Elsabeth Smerte one smok, to Mother Hoyser yn the parische of Saynct Peter at Paules Wharfe on smok, to Emmot Buttlar on red kyrtyll and one black kyrtyl and one old blanket, to Johan Bradwyn one gowne black lyned with coton, to Elsabet Rowth one kyrtyll of worsted upper bodyed with blew satyn of bryderies, to Mr. Laurens 2 sattylles, the hangynges in the hall with the joystes and bordes in the selar. Rest of my goodes not bequethyd I gyff to Mistress Johan Page to dyspose for the helthe of my sowle as she shall thynk best, whom I make my sole executryce. I gyff to Kateryn Page, doggter to the sayd Jone on sylver spone, to Mary Newton on kyrtyll of worsted black, Wytnes, Sir Geoffray Page, (fn. 14) ther parson, Mr. Laurens, parishe clerk, Johan Bradwyn, Emmet Butlar and other.

There is a rough cross or mark below the will.

162. [bdle. I. 67] Agnes Ryngland. 12 Feb. 1543.

I Agnes Ryngland, wydowe, bequeth my sowle to Almyghty God, and my body to be buryed in the churche yerd of Hallhallowne Barkynge. I do make Johan Vause myne executor of all suche thynges I have, to performe my wyll. I bequethe to small chylderne and pore folkes in bunnes 3s. I bequethe to my keper, Norreye, a kyrtle and a gowne, a kercher, a chest, a petycote, an yron pot, a skyllet and a kettell, to goodwyffe Myller a fetherbed and to bolsters, a red cauerlet and a counter, to my cossen Torynge a dogswayne, a brase pot and to dysshes, to Johan Ryngland doughter a chest, to Mystres Sherewood a latten basen, to Cape Wynes doughters, eche of them a pott, one hoped and a di pynt pot. Wytnesses, Thomas Hore, Robert Vouche and other mo.

I Wylliam Dewes, (fn. 15) vyker, there do testyfye that the seyd Agnes departydd made the within wrytten John Vawse the exec. of hyr last wyl when sche laye upon hyr dethe bed by these wrytton propria manu. (fn. 16)

163. [bdle. I. 68] Thomas Samon. 7 Dec. 1542.

I Thomas Samon, citezen and partler of London, of the parysshe of Seint Bothulphes without Aldrychegate bequethe my soule to Allmyghty God, my Maker and Redemer and to the gloryous Vyrgyn Our Lady Seint Mary and to all the holy company of heven, my body to be buryed in the churche yard of theforsaid parysshe wher I was a parissheoner. As for all suche goodes whiche that I found with my wyfe, Cycely, my concience will not geve eny porcion of it from her but utterly I geve itt unto her ageyne, whome I make my sole executryx to dyspose for me as she shall seme best, to the plesour of God and to the welthe of my soule. Wytnes, Sir Richard Mylle, (fn. 17) my curate, William Cotes, parysshe clerke, Edward Hennershe and other.

164. [bdle. I. 69] Agnes Smythe. 20 Oct. 1542.

I Agnes Smythe bequethe my sowle to Almyghtte God and to Hys Mother Owr Lady Saynte Mary and to all the holy compony of hevyn and my body to be buryd in paryshe of Saynt Barthomeys the Lyttyll with in London, ny unto husbande. I make Mastres Filipson and Mastres Farmar my exsecutorres and thato have for har payns 6s. 8d. a pyes. I geve unto the hey auter 8d. I geve for the pette in the cherches 6s. 8d., for makyng 2s. for the kneyll 6s. 8d. I wyll have all the prestes of the churth to feche my bode therto, allso 2 branchis of white wax, allso 12 childryn beryng 12 taperes. I wyll have gevyne in brede 2s. I geve unto Rocet, my prentis, a bed with all things belongyng to. I will, after my decheys, the sayd Robert have the use and kepynge of my howse, and I geve Roberd all the hangyns in the halle. I geve to Mastres Salter my beste gowen furrde with shankes, allso to Mastres Alderman an hoxsyade of verges. I geve unto Mr. Nycholes Willforde a kynderkyng of verges. I geve unto Nycholas Newman 3s. 4d. I geve unto my syster 2 plateres, 2 disshys, 2 sauseres, to Elynor Huste my best kertyll and my beste petycote, allso to Mewlland a ronde gowen, a petycote and 2 payr of cheys and lynon be syd.

[Proved on 24 Oct. 1542. (fn. 18) ]

165. [bdle. I. 70] Richard Tyry. 27 May 1542.

I Richard Tyry bequethe my soule unto Godd and to all the holy company of hevyn, and my body to be buryed within the churche yarde of Saint Botulphe without Algate and there to have dyrige and masse at the discresion of Jone, my wiff, whome I make my only executryce to see my dettes paid and to kepe my doughter Jacomyne. I bequethe all the tenementes that my father bequethed me after the decesse of my mother unto Johann, my wiff, and after hir decesse unto Jacomyne my doughter. The residew of my goodes, my dettes paid and my body brought unto the grounde, I bequethe unto Jone my wyff, whome I charge before Godd to see every man paid whose names be here subscribed. Witnesses John Boyer, Rowlland Whally, with other. Written by me John Goodwyn, curate of Algate.

Dettes that I Richarde Tyry owthe at the making of this wyll and last testament.

Unto Mr. Edgrave the Kinges brotherer 20s.
Unto Randall the porter 13s. 4d.
To Robert Yong 5s.
Unto Mr. Stokes 4s.

[Endorsed 'Proved on 10 Oct. 1542.' (fn. 19) ]

166. [bdle. I. 71] Elsabeth Ungulles. 7 Aug. 1542.

I Elsabeth Ungulles, wydowe, parochyane of Saint Marye Somersett by Broken Wharffe, bequeth my sowll to Allmyghty God, my Creator and Redemer, and my bodye to be buryed in the churche of Saint Mary Somersett as nygh as maye be unto the place wher my late husbonde Thomas Ungulles lieth buryed. The residew of all my goodes after my dettes payed, my buryall and funerall costes and expensis made, I holly gyve to Edmunde Ungulles and William Ungulles, my sonnes, whom I make myn executors to dispose for the welth of my sowll as shall seme them best. I will also Sir Thomas Balam, my curate, and John Harrys, inholder, be overseers to se this my last will fulfilled. Witnes, Thomas Balam, (fn. 20) prest, Markes Dowdale and John Harrys, with other mo.

167. [bdle. I. 72] Robert Wigge. 26 Apr. 1538. (fn. 21)

I Robert Wigge, citezin and haberdassher of London, bequeth my soule unto Allmighty God . . . (fn. 22) companye of Our Blissed Lady Saynt Marye and all seyntes . . . bodye to be buriede in Christian burialle where it shalle please myn executours. I bequeth to the high awlter where I shalle depart owt of this transitorye lyve 4d. I bequeth to Robert Bankes an olde dublett, a pair of my shewes and a pair of my hoossen. I geve to Elizabeth Woddington my single gowne. The residewe of all my goodes, my dettes and funeralle chardges payede, I bequeth to Austyn Kitson (fn. 23) whome I constitute myn executour to execute this my testament and laste wille. In witnes whereof was specyally called John Williamson, preste, Jamys White, tailour, and Thomas Gurre, haberdassher, with other moo.

[Proved 9 Dec. 1542. (fn. 24) ]

168. [bdle. I. 73] Wylliam Walle. 26 Dec. 1542.

I Wylliam Walle, beying sex of body, do bequythe my solle to Almyty God and to Owr Laday and to all the holy company of hevyn, and my body to be beryed in thes paryssh of Abbchorch in the cloyster. I wyll that all my dettes be folle payd wych be thes parselles folloyng:

To Rafe Foxle I do owith on a leyse of my howse for to be payd at Crestymas next 32 li. 10s.
To Hary Rychardes for the rest of a rekenyng 10 li. 7s.
o Hary Rychardes for that he paid for me to Mores Kachen for that I owt hym this day in presens of Tomas Wellett 7 li. 10s.
I do ow to Benett the bochar 6 li. 10s.
I do ow to Master John Askew 7 li. 13s. 4d.
I dow ow to Artor Dodycott 5 li.
I ow to Hary Gosse my servant for his wages
I well that James, my servant, be made fre and 3 servantes mor to be in rowled and that Wylliam, my son, be made fre by my copy—
I do ow to Master Jacson in Sowghtwark 8 li.
For to comply the payment of all this my dettes and for all other that is forgotton in smalle parselles I do wyll that this parsells owyng me as here after folloyth may be rekonered part or all yef it may:
To resseve of Meddellton of Sowgtwark 9 li. 11s.
Of John Clark Sherman 3 li. 6s.
Of Sander Grey in Sowghtwark 4s.
Of Tomas Whytt, smeth, to be paid quarterly 6s. 8d. tyll 26s. 8d. be all payd 26s. 8d.
Of Elles Sander, Sergant of the Cownter 8s. 6d.
Of Owyn Flechar for a yard and di tavyta 7s. 6d.
Mor of hym for a gowne 12s.
Mor of hym for 3 yardes northen dossen 7s. 3d.
Of Wylliam Smeth wych I paid for hym to Clark the bakar 3 li.
Of a harnes skowrar in the Old Jury 2 payer of almon revyttes (fn. 25) and 3 sallets (fn. 26) and 2 payer of knyvys, the wych harnes, sallettes and knyves be werth 40s. 40s.
To resseve of a cottelar in Bartellmew Lane be sydes Lawthebery a dagger that is wrthe 5s.
I have in platt this parselles folloyng for to pay my dettes
A salt of selver with a cover all gylt
A nother salt of selver with a cover parsell gylt
A nest of goblettes with a cover parsell gylt
A stondyng cop with a cover all gylt
A gret ston pott with a cover of selver gyllt
6 small pottes coveryd with selvyr lydes
A pott of seller with a cover parsell gyllt
A dossen of selver spones, 6 with lyons at the yendes and 6 with wrethis
A massar nott gyllt
A grett massar and 7 smaller wych is yech of the sevyn bygger then other
Mor to pay my dettes I do lewe in tessells to the nombor 9 pakes that may be worth 12 li.
Mor I do leve all my a paryll and ympullmentes of my hous wych may be worth a 100 li. or mor.

I do leve the leyse of this my howse, wych is at Master Foxseles in gayg for 32 li. 10s. that I do ow hym, for to be sold for the most a vantege to pay my dettes and this my dettes beyng all complyed and payd, then I wyll that all the rest of mony and goodes that I have be yegolly devyded, the on halfe for my cheldorne and the other halfe for my wyfe, the wych I do mak my solle exsettors. I dessyer that Hary Rychardes and Artor Dodycot to be my oversears and that and the do perseve or know that my wyfe do in bessell or heyd or kepe any of my godes then I wyll that she shold have no mor but hir jost porsyon for hir part and my cheldorne my part of that I bequythed to hir a bofe hyr part. Wylliam Walle. (fn. 27)

[Endorsed 'This is the wyll of Wylliam Walle made the 26 day of Dessembr Anno 1542'. (fn. 28) ]

169. [bdle. I. 74] Cecylye Whaplett. 8 Oct. 1542.

I Cecylye Whaplett of the parishe of Seynt Katheryne Colman of the Cytey of London, sycke in bodye, commytt my soule to Allmyghtye God, to the Blessyd Vyrgyn Marye His Mother and to all tholy companye of heavyn, my body to be buryed in Christen buryall. I bequethe to Margerye Newman my best payre of sylver hokes. All the rest of my goodes I frelye gyve to Gabryell Newman he to dispose the same at his owne frewyll and pleasure. Wytnes Helene Hutchyns, Barbara Harman, Elyzabeth Wynter and Jane Hyckes.

[Endorsed 'Noted for an inventory 5th All Souls next'.]

Thys be the parselles of the movable goodes of Cescle Whaplyt, late of the paryshe of Saynt Katrynes Colmans in London.

2 olde fetherbedes and 2 bolstres 20s.
3 olde pellows 3s.
2 olde blankytes 2s.
2 payre of olde shetes 4s.
2 olde coverlets 2s. 6d.
1 olde tester of a bede 12d.
2 bedstedes 2s.
1 olde coborde 2s.
2 olde chestes 20d.
A olde cheyre 6d.
2 platres, 3 deshys and 3 saucers of peuter 4s. 6d.
A ketell and a skelyt of latyn 8d.
1 letyll brase pote 16d.
A latyn bacon (fn. 29) 8d.
2 spetes of eyron 8d.
A owlde gowne of clothe with boccram lyneng 5s.
Somma 51s. 6d.

Praysed by Geffray Tull, citeson and teyler of London and Nycholas Dyxson, citeson and stokfyshemonger of the same cite, the 26th day of October 1542. (fn. 30)

170. [bdle. I. 75] Johannes Waterhows. 26 Feb. 1543.

JHS. Y John Waterhows of the parys of Saynt Lawrens yn the Old Jury beynge seyke in my body, beqweth my sowll unto All myghty God and to the Blessyd Virgen Saynt Mary Hys Mother and to all the holl company of hewyn, and my body to be buryd yn the churche of Saynt Lawrens. Y beqweth unto the mother churche of Powlys 2d. Y beqweth unto the hee awter of Saynt Lawrens for tythys forgotyn 4d. Y beqweth unto John Vaterhows my sone, 40s., to Elsabeth my dowghter 40s. the whiche 4 li. Y wyll that my wyffe shall paye ytt whan sche is abull, the which is not yett. The resydew of all my goodes Y gyffe unto Margared my wyffe whome Y make my full executryx and sche to paye my dettes and to se me honestly bured. Wytnes Sir Wylliam Jakson, my gostly father, Rychard Clarke, with dyvers moo.

171. [bdle. II. 1] Sir William Abye. 19 Oct. 1542.

I Sir William Abye, (fn. 31) chauntrye priest off the parishe churche of Seint Petries in Chepe in London, bequeth my sowle to Allmyghtye God, Our Lady Saint Marye and to all the hoole company of hevyn, my body to be buryed in the churche of Marye Magdalene, late called the Blak Frees Churche, where my stoone lyeth and my name uppon it or els wher in Cristen buryell. I bequeth to the power prisoners att Ludgate 6s. 8d., to the prisoners of the Cownter in Bredstret 6s. 8d., to the prisoners of the Counter in the Pultrie 6s. 8d., to the power folkes dwellyng in the steres in Woodstrete 6s. 8d., to the powre folkes in Yvy Aley 6s. 8d. I bequeth to the Bortherhed of Pappey to say a trentall of masses for my sowle 10s., to the prisoners of the Kinges Bench 20d., to the prisoners of the Marshallsye 20d., to every other powre householder of the parishe of Seint Peter in Chepe, to pray for my sowle, nott dwellyng in the sayd alye 6s. 8d., to one Roger Hunnyng off Swynsed in the countie of Lincoln 20s. The residue of my goodes I bequeth to William Cowyk of the parishe of Seint Gregoryes, John Dane of the parishe of Seint Peturs aforesaid and Thomas Abye of the parishe of Seint Brides, London, they to dispose them for my sowle and all Cristen sowles. Wyttnesse, Sir Jeorge Martyn and John Cowyk. Sir William Aby. Per me Georgium Marteyn.

[Note that on 29 Jun. 1543 it was testified that this was a true testament 'By me Thomas Nycolson, by me Thomas Dalysum, by me John Cowyk with other'. Endorsed 'The testament of Sir William Abye'.]

172. [bdle. II. 2] Henry Atkyns. 29 Mar. 1543.

I Henry Atkyns, cytizen and barbour of London, of the parishe of Saincte Bartholmews the Lytell, seeke in body, bequethe my sowle to Allmighty Godd, to Our Blessed Lady Saincte Mary and to alle the holy company of heaven, and my body to be buryed in Saincte Barthelmews chirche. I bequeth to the highe aulter for my tythes neglygently forgotton 12d. I constytute my welbeloved wyffe, Elizabeth, and John Atkyns, my sonne, my full executours, they to dispose my goodes and pay my dettes for the helthe and welthe of my sowle as they shall thincke best. I constitute Rychard Grigges my supervisour to se this my testament to be performed, and he to have for his labour as my executours shall thincke convenyent. I bequeth to Annes Freman, my litle mayden 5s., to John Stanley, my apprentyce, 20d., to Christofer Collop, my apprentice 20d. The residew of all my goodes, my debttes payd and my funeralles discharged, I holy give unto my executours. Wytnes, Rychard Grigges, Sir William Pentres, prest, John Quarles, Nycolas Downyng, Robert Hodgeson and Edward Messynger. Subscribed with myne owne hand by me Sir Myghell West, curet. Per me Hen. Atkyns. (fn. 32)

173. [bdle. II. 3] Jone Awbee (alias Whytte). 21 Oct. 1543. (fn. 33)

I Jone Awbee other wyse cawllyd Whytte, by God's vesetatione sycke off my body, geve my soole to Allmyghty God, to Our Lady and to all the company yn hevyn, and my body to Chrysten buryall off my parysche churche off Saynte Sepulcres. As for goodes I have none, as God doth know, but that I have hyt ys my brother yn lawse, Wyllyam Hollandes, and none off myne. Yff hyt were a greate deale more hyt wer to lytle for hym and for hys wyffe for the greate peynes and hynderance wyche they have takyn wyth me longe and many dayse yn my syckenes and my wekenes, and I pray yow my goostly father and yow that be here yn presence to bere wyttenes that thys ys my laste wyll and testamente, Henry George, clerke, Alys Olever.

Written on a small strip of parchment.

174. [bdle. II. 4] Johanne Awdy. 9 Oct. 1542.

I Johanne Awdy, wydow, bequeve my soule to God Allmyghtye, and my body to be burryed yn Saynt Pulkers Churche yerde yn London. I bequeve to the highe aulter of Stotfolde for my tythes neglygently forgotten 12d. The resydue of all my goodes I bequeve to my cossen, Henry Horne of London, grocer, whom I make my executour to distrybute and dispose as he shall thynke best for my soule. Yn the presens of John Southcot, gentylman, Rycharde Mortymer, tallow chaundeler of Baldocke, and John Bygrave of Stotfolde, husbandman, and George Gayler of Stotfolde, yeman.

[Proved 12 Nov.]

The inventory of the goodes and catalles of Johanne Hawdy, wydowe, praysed by Robert Jewett, lethersellor, John Ramsey, clothworker, and Gilbert Penyngton, upholder, citezens of London, the 21 day of November 1543.

3 sylver sponys 7s.
A payre of blacke gett beddes with 4 rynges, a Saynt Jamys shell and a litle cheyne to yt, and a broche with a rede ston in yt 4s.
A payre of currall beades with 15 gawdyes of sylver 3s.
An old blewe silke gyrdle with pendauntes and buckilles of sylver and amylled (fn. 34) and stoddes for the same 12s.
Another gyrdle callyd a caurse gyrdle with demysens belong to the same 6s.
In napery worke and othr thynges in her chambre.
A fether bed and a bolstar 9s.
A coveryng 5s.
An old matrys and an old coverlett 2s.
4 payre of fyne shetes 12s.
9 caurse shetes and some of them broken 7s. 6d.
3 playne table clothes, one with an other 4s.
3 towelles, one of dyaper, 2 of playne cloth 3s.
6 playne towelles 12d.
A white tester of lynen cloth for a bed 20d.
A olde paynted tester 6d.
6 kerchyffes one with an other 2s.
2 old pyllowe berys 4d.
In pewter and brasse.
9 platers of pewter 4s. 6d.
5 dyshes 20d.
A basyn and a boll dyshe 12d.
6 sawcers 12d.
2 old saltys of pewter 6d.
A latyn basyn and 2 ewrys of latyn 12d.
5 old candylstyckes of latyn 16d.
3 brasse pottes and 2 possenettes of brasse 7s. 6d.
A latyn basyn with 2 hearys and a chaffyng dysshe 2s.
2 grete brasse pannys 5s.
An old brasse pan without any bandes 16d.
A kettyll and 2 litle pannys of brasse 2s.
4 chystes 4s. 8d.
In her apparell.
Two gownys very old 7s.
An other old gowne 20d.
3 olde kyrtylles 5s.
2 old petycotes 12d.
Summa totalis 6 li. 8s. 2d. (fn. 35)

175. [bdle. II. 5] Joan A Red or Rede. 12 Feb. 1543.

I Joon A Red, (fn. 36) wedo, of the parerse of Sent Martens in the Ventrie, bequeythe my solle unto Allemyghte God, my Redemer, and to Owre Lade Sent Mare and to the cumpene of all the senttes in heyvne, and my bode to be bered in the clostur of Sent Martens, in the paresse were I dwelle yf I mey haffe the gronde for 3s. 4d. I bequeyv to the he auter of Sent Martens for tethes forgot yf there be ony 2d. I vyll that there be borne 7 taperys of vaxe weche were my Wytsons kandelles be borne and brent abowte my bode to my bereall and mas, and after vord I vyll that tre of the seyd taperys be geffen to the he auter of Sent Martens there to be brent afor the Blessed Sacarment, and odur fore of the seyd taperys to be geffen to the paresse chyeche of Alhallows in Hone Lane in Chepe. I vyll that my debes be peyd weche ys for howse rent at Owre Ladeday in Lent next 10s. I bequeythe to my mysterys, Elsabeth Bayghton, my blake gowne on lyned, to Mare Teller my olde blake keyrtell, to Gyllen Hall, my neybur, a puter platur and a puter dysse and a kyrcheffe, to Joan Swane, my neybur, a kyrcheffe. The rest of all my godes, reyment and howsseholde stuffe on bequeythed I gyfe to Nycolas Beyghton, letherseller, wome I make my exsectur he to dysprise hyt as he thenkes best and so I beseche Allemyghte God haffe merse apon me. Wetnes, fyrst my selffe, Mare Teller, and John Arnold, my neybur, and Sesselle Arnolde. Johan Rede.

[Proved on 15 May 1543. (fn. 37) ]

176. [bdle. II. 6] Elizabethe Barton. 30 Sep. 1543.

I Elizabethe Barton of the parishe of Saynt Leonardes in Shordiche, widow and servaunt to the right honorable Ladye Semer, (fn. 38) geve my sowle unto Almighti God my Maker and Redemer and to the Blessyd Virgyn Marye and to all the holie companie of heven, and my bodye to be buryed within the parishe churche of Saynt Leonardes afforsaid at the discrescyon of myne executour. I geve to my eldest sonne William Starlyng 20s., to his wife, a kerchew, a rayle, a smock, a paire of black long bedes with a black tassell and a riband of crane colour sylk with 2 golden buttons. I geve unto my second sonne, Thomas Starlyng, 20s. in money, 2 paire of shetes, 2 playne towells, a playne table clothe, and 2 pelowberes. I geve to my third sonne, Philip Starlyng, 20s. in money, lykewise a paire of shetes, a plaine towell, a black sylkyn ryband, and to his wife a pewke gowne, a tawnye worsted kyrtyll and a peticott of redd, a kerchew, a rayle, 2 neck kerchews and 3 paire of foresleves. I geve to my sonne, George Barton, 20s., 2 paire of shetes, 2 pelowberes, a playne table clothe and a towell. I geve to Evi Buttler a long riband of crane colour wroght with gold. I geve to my suster Fysher a paire of black bedes and a black gyrdyll of stolework, a kerchew, a rayle and 2 neck kerchews. I geve to goodwife Byfyld a paire of shetes, 2 smokes, a kerchew, a rayle, a neck kerchew, a quylt capp and an woollen capp. I geve to Margaret Edwardes a kerchew. I geve to Elizabethe White 2 smockes, a rayle and a kerchew. I geve to every one of my lady servauntes 12d. a pece. I geve to Richard Haddon of the forsaid parishe of Shordiche 10s. I bequethe also unto Sir Gryffith Williams, vicar of Shordiche, (fn. 39) my gostely father, 10s. The residew of all my goodes not bequethed, my dettes paide, my legacyes performyd and all my funerall expencys bestowed, I geve to my doughter Anne Barton, the whiche goodes whatsoever it be I will to be delyvered unto the handes of Joan Spicer, mastres unto my said doghter, untyll suche tyme as my said doghter come to age lawfull and then she to make delyverance thereof unto my said doghter as my esspecyall trust is in her, and allso I will that the said Joan Spicer shall kepe all the legacye bequethed unto my sonne George untill suche tyme as he do come home, and at his returnyng home to be delyvered unto hym. And if by mysfortune he come not againe I will the same to be delyvered unto my forsaid doghter, Anne Barton. I ordayne of this my last will the forsaid Richard Haddon sole executour and the fornamyd Sir Griffith overseer. Wittnes per me predictum Griffium, per me Ralf Wolbe.

Also if my doghter, Anne Barton, do chaunche to dye beffor she cume to laufull age then I will all the legacyes bequethed to herr to be delyvered to my sonne, George Barton, and if bothe they do dye then I will my other 3 sonnes to have the legacyes bequethed to them bothe to be egally devyded betwixt them 3.

Dettes owyng to the testatice. In primis my Lady Askew oweth me 20 li.

[Proved 10 Oct. A strip of paper is cut and folded back over the seal.]

This is the inventorie of all the goodes, cattelles and dettes off Elizabeth Barton of the paryshe of Shordyche, wydow, late deseased, made and preased by Philipp Staarlyng and William Westrawe, the 8th daye of Octobre in the yere of oure Lorde God 1543. (fn. 40)

A gowne of browne blew lyned wythe russelles worsted 20s.
A kyrtlle off blacke worstede lyned wythe black cotton 7s. 6d.
A puke gowne lyned with bucram 7s. 6d.
A tawnye worsted kyrtle 3s. 4d.
An olde blacke gowne lyned wythe blacke cotten 12d.
2 redd petykootes 2s. 8d.
3 white cappes 4s.
Summa 46s.
6 pere of shettes att 2s. 8d. the pere, summa 16s.
9 raylles att 12d. the pece 9s.
9 kerchewes att 8d. the pece 6s.
6 smockes att 8d. the pece 4s.
12 neckercheres att 6d. the pece 6s.
4 towelles att 6d. the pece 2s.
6 pillowberes att 8d. the pece 4s.
3 ribandes 18d.
A welvett partlett 3s. 4d.
A satten partlett 16d.
A cheste 4s.
Summa 57s. 2d.
Jewelles and Monye.
A rynge of silver and gylte 8d.
A golde jemmowe 8d.
A pere off silver howkes 20d.
In redye monye 9 li.
Summa 9 li. 3s.
Summa totalis 14 li. 6s. 2d.
Desperatt Debttes.
My Ladye Askew owythe me 20 li.
Summa patet.

The inventory is on paper, with a copy, with some variations in spelling, on parchment.

177. [bdle. II. 7] Edward Barton. 4 Nov. 1543. (fn. 41)

I Edward Barton, sonne of the late John Barton, late mercer of London, departed, and at this present making apprentice with Hary Bryand of London, haberdassher, geve my sowle unto my Maker and Redemer and that He of His mercy woll reseve the same and to Our Blessed Lady Saynt Mary Hes Mother and to all the holly company of heaven, and my boddy to be buryed within the parishe churche of Saynt Thomas thapostels within the Ryall (fn. 42) of London where my sayd father was buryed yf it may so lawfully be don. And after my buryall, first suche mone payd as I owe I will every particular as hereafter shall followe to be accomplysshed, that is to say, First, I will unto my mother Chrystian Birche to have in reddy mone the somm of twenty powndes. Secondly I be will to Mary Edwardes twenty powndes, my best gret chest, a prymer in Lattin, the leves of parchemont with a claspe sylver and gylte the which was my father Bartons [and my payr of clavycordes] (fn. 43) Thirdly I be will to Andrew Loxdon all manner londes and tenementes the which I have, provyded that the sayd Andrew shall suffer Edward Wrayt to possesse the same during the tyme of 7 yeres next after my decease he payeing the sayd Andrew yerely 5 nobles untyll the sayd 7 yeres be expered. Fourthly I be wyll unto my sister Ellezabeth Ellen and Katherin fortye shillinges a pese and all suche gere as I have in gage of my sister Katherins saving the torkes. Fifthly I be will to my cowssin, William Barton, 30s. Sixtly I be will to mistress Edwardes a torkes, a hatt thrimbed with blacke sylke. Sevently I be will to George Edwardes a cote, a dobblett, a payr of hose, a jerkin, my worst bowe with 6 shaftes. Eightly I be wyll to my master Hary Bryand thre powndes. Nynghtly I be wyll to Alyce my mothers girle twenty shillinges. Tenthly I be will to Edward Wrayt a gret stonepott, a salt of pewter, a pott of pewter with a standing fote and halfe a dossin of pewter spones. [I be will unto John Brasse, Mr. Edwardes servant, a dagger, a hat of sattin, a swerd girdell, a capp, and a sattin nyght capp.] (fn. 44) I be will unto Isabell, mistress Edwardes mayde, my lyttell chest of waynskot. I be will unto John at Mr. Carters my best capp. I be will unto Humfrey at Mr. Carters my swerde. [I be wyll unto Hary Prowd my masters servant, my best shirt and a vellet nyghtcap.] (fn. 44) I be will unto the poore to be delt at my burying 20s. I will the resedew of all my goodes and dettes to be don with all after the discression of my mother, Chrystian Birche and Mr. Edwardes, coryar, whom I hartely desire to be supervyser conjunctly with my mother untill suche tyme as Andrew Loxdon come to lawfull age. For his payns I will hem a doblet of the price of 40s. and then I will the sayd Andrew to be executor with my mother in every parcell and particuler. Bering witnes this myne owne hande, per me Edwardum Barton. (fn. 45)

178. [bdle. II. 8] Katheren Bracye. 21 May 1543.

I Katheren Bracye, (fn. 46) seke of body, bequeth my sowle to All myghte God, to Our Lady Saynt Mary and to all thet holy company of heven and my bode to be bured in the churche of Saynte Nycholas as ney my howsbunde as it may be, also I bequeth to the hyght aulter 3s. 4d. The resydou of all my goodes after my dettes payed I gyve to my chylder whose namys be as her after folowyt, Parcevall Bracye, Edward Bracye, Henrye Bracye, Agneta Bracye, Agneta Bracye, Johan Bracye, Lucye Bracye, and I wyll that iffe Gode calle any of them oute off thys vale of mysery that then hys or ther pocyon or therys to remene to the rest that God shall a puntte to tary her in this woreld and these my fore named chelder I dow and make my holle executures, and thys men howse namys foloyeth to be my supervysures, that is to say, Robart Bracye, Hamlett Bracye, Thomas Goodman, Wyllyam Besseweke and Wyllyam Smallwode. Wytnys, Sir John Marye, curat, Rychard Borne, John Bake with other.


[Administration was granted on 28 May 1543 (fn. 47).]

Thys ys the inventory of all the goodes of Katheryne Brase, wedow, of the parische of Saint Nycholas Sham bylles in London, made and praysed the fyrst day of June in the 35th yere of King Henry the VIIIth by Thomas Wattes, merchant tayler, Hew Egerton, haberdascher and dyverse other moo.

In the Drynkyng Howse beneith.
A tabyll and a payer of trestylles 5s.
Stakyd furmeys 12d.
A low joyned long setyll 20d.
1 chest, olde with levys 12d.
A bred byn 20d.
A leyd to boyle meit in 6s. 8d.
2 bordes with benches with other lomber and settys 6s. 8d.
Summa 23s. 8d.
In the Halle.
All the hangynges, olde payntyd clothys with 30 yardes 3d. ob. [3½d.] le yard 7s. 6d.
A tabyll set on a frame 5s.
A nold folldyng tabyll 3s. 4d.
A nold cobord with a hale pase and deske 3s. 4d.
A jonyd chayer and a turnyd chayer 16d.
6 joyned stolles 2s.
3 samle stolles 6d.
A payer of aund irons, a payer of tonges and a tostyng forke 5s.
2 fott pacys and 2 lytell fott paces 8d.
2 payer of playeng tabylles 8d.
A nold clocke with plomettes 13s. 4d.
Summa 45s. 8d.
In the Buttrye.
A tube bound with olde iron and shelvys and other olde lomber
In bras pottes and iron pottes
2 bras pottes and a chaffer wayeng 30 lb. at 2d. a lb.
In pas bras
3 pannys and ketilles wayenge 35 lb. at 2d. ob. [2½d.] le lb.
In lattyn
7s. d.
Canstyckes, chaffyndysches wayeng 25 lb. at 4d. a lb. 8s. 4d.
2 iron pottes wayeng 20 lb. at 3di. [3½d.] le lb. 5s. 10d.
Summa 27s. d.
In the Wyffes Owyn Chamber.
All the hangynges paynted at 2d. le yard 3s. 8d.
A jonyd bedsted, selar and tester of the same with a fotte pase 20s.
3 curtyns of olde brokyn sylke 3s.
2 setilles at 4s. a pes 8s.
A nold chest of wayneskotte 3s. 4d.
1 close chayer with a spruse coffer 3s.
A basket and a hamper 8d.
4 cussyons olde with hauckes and flowers 2s. 8d.
1 cussyon of nedyll worke 2s.
2 cussyons of Breges satyn stuffyd with flockes 2s. 8d.
6 smalle cussyons and cover of cussyen 12d.
A banker verder cont' 6 yardes 2s.
A Kentysche carpyt 2s.
A carpyt of cloth of baudkyn 5s.
3 olde peces of Dorneckes (fn. 48) 20d.
3 small peces of Dorneckes 8d.
A carpet of Kentysche 12d.
A lytell tapstery kever letill 2s. 6d.
A brokyn vederkeveryng 12d.
2 Norwyche coverynges 5s.
A verderkeveryng lyned with canvas 13s. 4d.
A nother verder keveryng 13s. 4d.
A nold Norwysche koverlet 8d.
3 payer of blankettes 4s.
3 olde curtyns of bokyrom 16d.
A selar of a bede payntyd 12d.
A nolde blake [blank]
Summa 5 li. 5s. 6d.
In the Kytchyn Chamber.
18 peces of olde payntyd hangnges cont' 18 yardes at 3d. a yarde 4s. 6d.
A sellar paynted 12d.
A tryndyll bedsted with a hed 2s. 8d.
A joyned cheste with locke and key 5s.
A round tabyll with fotte 8d.
A lytell payer of crepers (fn. 49) 8d.
A fatherbed and a bolster 16s.
2 pelowys of doune 2s.
A payer of blankettes 16d.
A nold cussyon of fethers 6d.
Summa 34s. 4d.
In the Chamber Ovyr the Welhowse.
28 yardes at 2d. a yard 4s. 8d.
A joyned bedsted with postes with gerthys 6s. 8d.
A lytell fether bedes, 3 bolsters 13s. 4d.
A selar and a testar paynted with a frynge 2s. 6d.
A nolde tryndyll bested 12d.
A curtyn of yelow and red (fn. 50) 16d.
A turnyd chayer and a nold cobord 16d.
Summa 25s. 4d.
In the Entre.
A nold chest and all the olde hanynges 2s.
In the Chamber Ovyr the Wyffes chamber.
All the hangynges, old gere cont' 18 yardes at 2d. a yard 3s.
2 standyndyng bedsteddes 2s. 8d.
A small fetherbed and a bolster 10s.
A nold matres 12d.
2 olde testeres payntyd 2s.
An eperlyng, a basket, a sett 16d.
A nold shipe chest with a setyll with all olde lomber 20d.
Summa 21s. 8d.
In the Brusshyng Chamber.
A tabyll with a payer of trestilles 16d.
A nold joyned chest 12d.
2 fether beddes with a bolster 30s.
3 pelowys 4s.
A nold matres 20d.
2 furmys with other lomber 6d.
Summa 38s. 6d.
In the Connye Chamber.
A payer of Almayne revettes, bake brest gorget, a skole, a salet (fn. 51) 5s.
2 clapers for conys with 6 breders in them 5s.
A payer of bottes, other lomber 20d.
Summa 11s. 8d.
In Bake Garet.
A bedsted, a matres with all other lomber in a nother garet 2s.
A satyll with a brydyll 2s.
A frame with a brokyn cradyll with all other lomber 12d.
In naperye.
A tabill cloth of dyaper cont' 5 yardes long 2 yardes brode 6s. 8d.
2 diaper tabill clothys cont' 7 yardes both 4s. 8d.
3 diaper towelles 5s.
14 fyne diaper napkyns 5s. (fn. 52)
A dossyn course napkyns 2s. 2d.
8 playne tabyll clothys 8s.
7 payer shett canvas 15s.
3 payer of shettes 6s.
A payer of fyne shettes 4s.
A berying (fn. 53) shet with a blake seme 8s.
A nother beeryng shett 5s.
5 pelowberys 10s.
4 pelowberys at 8d. a pec 2s. 8d.
4 playne towelles 2s.
15 old raylus and kerchers gevyn to the chylder 5s.
4 payer of fore slevys 16d.
2 course aprons 6d.
A payer of whytte satyn slevys 12d.
4 sherttes, 1 shomoke 9s.
Summa 5 li. 12d.
In the Kytchyn.
In spettes, cobardes, fryeng panys and drepyng pannys, rackes and pott hockes wayeng 3 quarters 106 lbs. at 1di. a lb. 7s. 3d.
In pewter wayeng
In platers, dysches, sawsers and in fyne metayle wayeng 135 lb. at 4 le lb. 49s.
In laye metell
In pottes wayeng 32 li. at 2d. ob. lb. 6s. 8d.
A crystenyng bassyn with an ewar 2s. 6d.
A ston morter with a pestyll 12d.
A lytell cobord 16d.
A nold cope 12d.
A water tancard 12d.
A planke with all other lomber 6s.
In the Yarde.
A wascheyng bolle, a bokyng tubbe with other olde tubys 2s.
Summa 3 li. 17s. 9d.
In Rayment of hys.
A pewke goune furyd lame facyd with conye 16s. 8d.
A russett gowne lyned bookeram facyd with chamlet 10s.
A jaket of tauny chamlet with a brod welt of velvet 10s.
A jakett of russell worsted 3s. 4d.
A dublet of blake damaske 3s. 4d.
A dublet of russell worsted 2s.
A payer of blacke hossyn 2s.
A nold lether jherkyn 6d.
Summa 47s. 2d.
In hyr Rayment.
A goune of broune blew lyned with olde brokyn taffyta 8s.
A nold blake goune 3s. 4d.
A tauny goune 6s.
A blacke gowne 15s.
A nother olde blacke gowne 2s. 8d.
A kyrtill of russell worsted uperbodyd with chamlett 7s. 6d.
A skerlett kyrtyll 10s.
A nold kyrtyll of worsted 3s. 4d.
A rede petycotte 6s.
A nother olde redy peticotte 2s.
Summa 3 li. 4s. 6d.
A payer of bedys of corall gaudyed with sylver and gylt 15s.
A payer of blacke bedys gaudyd with sylver 3s. 4d.
A box for a purcyvant, a sylver wyscyll, a tothe pycke with other brokyn sylver 13s. 4d.
A quylt cape and 2 olde partlattes of velewet 2s. 4d.
A manys cape 8d.
Summa 34s.
4 rynges of gold, 3 with stones and 1 without 56s. 6d.
In redy monye 5 li. 7s. 4d.
A lease of the house wiche ys sold for 6 li. 13s. 4d.
This inventory is written on two sheets of paper folded lengthways and sewn together bookwise. The arithmetic is unreliable.
Funerall expenses and other charges payed and layed owte by me Thomas Goodman, administrater of the goodes of Katheryn Bracye late deceased, wydow, as here after ensuethe.
Payed for wax for the buriall 7s. 10d.
To the prystes and clerkes 11s. 7d.
For the pitt and knyll 10s.
For Oure Ladyes clothe 12d.
For a wyndynge shete 20d.
For bred 2s.
For the charges of the howse while she laye sycke 12s.
To three women for kepyng of here in here syckenes 8s. 8d.
For meate for the dyner 5s. 4d.
For the letter of administracion and the obligacion uppon the same 3s. 2d.
For the new writyng of the testament in parchemente 20d.
For the preasynge of the goodes after 2d the pounde 5s.
For a dyner for them 6s.
To the mayers clerke for the reconysance and to the commen sargeant for his fee 3s.
For masse and diryge at the month mynde 3s. 4d.
Summa 3 li. 18s. 11d.
Debttes that she dyd owe.
To Mr. Hublethorne for a gown clothe 22s. 1d.
To William Besweke, brewer, of here olde debtt 5 li. 7s. 2d.
For here husbandes pytt and knyll and for keveryng of his grave 11s.
To William Smalwoode for spyces 6s. 8d.
To the butter wyff 8d.
To Hamlett Bracye 18s.
To William Beswyke 33s. 4d.
To Margett here maide for here wayges for one quarter 5s.
For a dosen and di. of bredd 16d.
To the sayde William Besweke for ale 7s. 4d.
Summa 10 li. 13s. 11d.
For the Charges of the Childer.
To the tow norses for 2 monthes wayges 10s. 8d.
For 2 waste coottes and tow nyght capps and 2 payers of slyves 3s. 1d.
For thre wekes for Anne Bracye 2s.
For a payer of shettes 2s.
For the kepyinge of here while she laye sycke and for mete, drynke and howserowme 4s. 4d.
Summa 22s. 1d.
For the ingrossynge of the inventoryes in parchment, duplicate and indented 6s. 8d.
Summa totalis allocacionem supradictorum 16 li. 18d.
And restyth in thandes of me the sayde Thomas Goodman 33 li. 9s. 10d.
Payed for a quarters rent of here howse dew att the feaste of the Nativities of Sent John 18s. 4d.
Payed for an upper body of a cote and makyng of a cote for lytyll Nanne Bracye (fn. 54) 10d.
For a payer of slevys and a petycote for the sayd Nanne 12d.
For 3 wekes norssing of hyr 2s.
For the norssing of 2 children for a fortnyte 2s. 8d.
For 2 cotes for the same children 3s.

179. [bdle. II. 9] Marget Boweman. 7 Sep. 1543. (fn. 55)

I Marget Boweman, widdo, beyng seke in mi body, bequethe mi sole unto All migthy God and unto Owere Blessyd Lady and unto all the holly comepani of hevon and mi body to be berid in Pollys chyrcheiard. I bequethe unto the hi auter of Saynt Michaele in Wodestrete for my tythes neclentle forgot 3s. 4d. I wyll att my byriall a trintall of massis to be sayd for my sole and all Cristyn soles 11s. I wyll at mi byrriall that 3 li. shall be delt unto pore pepull of the parische where I am a parischener that ys to say everi pore howse holder 4d., and as so moche agene at my monthe day, and yf ther be not pore howse holderes within the parysche to receve the sayde almis I wyll that the rest to be gevyn where mi exsecutur and my ovyr sear shall thynke most nede. I bequethe unto mi son, Morres Boweman, a stondyng gylte cope with a covyr and 2 nuttes gilte, one with a blake nott and the other of sylvyr, hole gylt, and a sylvir salte, parsell gylte, and 6 sponis with morrenhedes and a pere of hokes gylte, garnishyd with perle, and a sylvir gyrdyll with a dimesent gilt and a pere of bedis with dobbull gawdys of sylvir gilte and a gowne purlevet with velvet and lyned with sarcenet. I bequethe unto Joyce Fox a kyrdyll of stoleworke with the demesent gylt and Cristian, her systur, a pomandur of sylvir and unto Jone Foxse 4 spones with slepes and 4 spones unto Awsten Foxse. I bequethe unto Anis Dede a gowne furrid with schankes, unto cossyn Bartyelemewe Chevys a goblet parsell gylte, unto my cossyn Rychard Chevis a goblet parsell gilte, unto Jone West a ryng of golde with the 5 wondys, unto Masteres Foxse mi best ryng with a medas, unto Clement West the second ryng with a amedas, unto my curat a ryng with a jassyng, unto Wyllyam Robynson 2 platteres and a pere of schetes, unto Mare dwellyng with Robynson a ryng with a sparke turkes, unto Mores wyffe a brase pot of 2 gallyns. The rest of my godys and my dettes oweyng I bequethe unto Morres Boweman, my sone, and unto Rychard Fokes to the performans of thys my last wyll, whome I make my exsecutures and the sayde Rychard Fokes to have for hys labur 20s. I orden my ovyrsear Thomas Jenins, the parson of the chyrche and my curet, and he to have for hys owyr sygthe of the perfomans of thys my last wyll 10s. Wrytten by me Thomas Jenyns, parson of Saynt Michaelis in Wot Strete, (fn. 56) in the presens of thys wyttnes folloyng: John Dane, Henry Hed Also I ade and bequethe unto Elizabethe Rede a gowne lynyd with tweke. Per me Thomas Jenins.

[Endorsed 'Mistres Bowman wyll'.]

180. [bdle. II. 10] Wyllem Doffelde. 24 Apr. 1543. (fn. 57)

Jhesus. I Syr Wyllem Doffelde, chantre prest of the pariche of Saynt Myldret in Bredstrett within the Cety of London, bequeth my sowll to Allmygthey God my Maker and Redemer, to Hyes Blyssyd Mother the Vyrgyne Mary and to all the holy cumpany of hevyne, and my body to be beryde in the chansell of Saynt Nycolas Olyve in Brede Stret. I beqwethe for the brekyng up of the grownde ther 40d. I bequethe to the hey awlter of the sayd chyrche 2s. I beqwethe to Jhon Rosse, sadler, 40s., and to hyes wyff 10s., and her gyrdyll agene. I beqwethe to the sayd Jhon Rosse a dublet of a bokes skynne. The resedue of my goodes, movabulles and one movabulles, I put yt yn to the dyspocission of Sir Wyllem Kempe whmo I alecte my sool excecutor and Jhon Ross, sadler, my supervyser. Whyttness, Katerynge Presten, Margery Forde, Alyes Alen wedow, with other more, by me Jhon Rosse.

[There is a note that the will was not proved or registered.]

181. [bdle. II. 11] William Dane. 25 Sep. 1543.

I Wyllyam Dane, in the parysche of Seynt Peters in West Chepe, bequethe my soule unto Almygghty God, to Our Blessyd Lady and all the glorous cumpany of hevyn, besechyng Hym on hyt to have mercy, and my body to be buryed in Poulys churche yarde, and my goodis to my wyffe and my sonne. Y do mak my wyff hole executryx and to dyspose for the wealthe of my sowle as sche thynkes most convenyent. Wytnes, Sir John Duke, Richerd Lichefeyld and Christofer Payne.

[The will is headed 'Anno Domini 1543'. The first three lines have also been written on the dorse in a different hand.]

182. [bdle. II. 12] Roger Davye. 20 Sep. 1543.

I Roger Davye give my soul to God Almity, my bodie to be buried wher it shall please God. All my goodes and dettes moveable and unmoveable I give to Cicile, my wiff, whom I make my true executrix to dispose at her pleaser as it shall please God to put in her mynd. Witnes, Gervies Walter, Will Wryght and Sir Robert West, priest, with other mo.

The dettes that I awe the daye and year within wrytten:

I the seid Roger do awe to Mr. Hungerford 15 li. (fn. 58)
To John Anthonye 5li.
To Mr. Loveles 8 li.
To Mr. Laudisdale 30s.
To the beare man 30s.
To the goodman Broke of Rygate 26s. 8d.
To the landlord for di [half] a yeare at Mychelmes
This bill of det maid the 20 daye of September 1543 (fn. 59)
William Draper dwellyng in the Mynoris 33s. 6d.
Johanne Glover in Rushys for brode cloth and for a cote and for the chaurges in the chauncerey 38s. 6d.
Delyvered to Mr. Roffe, purvior for the kynges shippys for biskyte bread 11000 weyght 29li.
Whereof receaved in part of payment 10li.
and so remaneth to me cleare 19 li.
Leiciteres wiff in Walbroke 38s.
Humferis bill of accompt 13 li.
Mr. Meryealles score 4 li. 3s. 6d.
Muse the tailior score 7s.
The capper that dwelleth within Muse 14s.
John Cartter 20s. 6d.
Wryght in Burchyns Layne 7s.
Thomas Vaughtham, clotheworker 5s.
Mother Odam 20s.
Harthed founder (fn. 60) 44s.
Hill the shomaker in Distaff Layne 17s.
John Smyth, laboror 14s. 2d.
John Benson 10s. 6d.
Godwiff Grene in Temmys strete 10s.
Uncle tayllior 9s.
Thomas Smyth 54s. 6d.
John Blunt 9s. 6d.
Bolton of Aldermarye 42s. 2d.
John Crosapenye 29s. 6d.
David A prise 54s.
Boltons maid of the Raynbow 8s. 6d.
Tod, marchaunt tayllior 14s. 2d.
Thomas Worth 3li. 4s. 7d.
Andrew Alye 46s. which shuldbe paid weikely and as yet no peny paid
Mr. Heron 10s. 3d.
Mrs. Harvie 10s. 6d.

183. [bdle. II. 13] Nycholas Grove. 24 Nov. 1543. (fn. 61)

I Nycholas Grove, cytesyn and barbar off London, weke of body, bequeth my sowle unto Allmyghty God, Our Lady Saynt Mary and all the holy company of hevyn and my body to be buryed yn Chrystyn buryall yn Saynt Peters off Cornehulls churche yard under the lyberary (fn. 62) by my father, Thomas Grove. I geve unto my uncle, Robert Grove, 2 sylver pottes parcell gylt with 2 yeres a pece, with the blacke gowne wyche he hathe yn possessyon and 20ti gryndyng stonys, to the wyff off my uncle Robert a kyrtle off russell worsted blacke. I gyve unto Master Scopam a doblett off fustyan with a tronke slyve off blacke vellyt, unto Master Lamyman a doblett with tawne vellett slyvys, unto Master Holond a doblett with a tronke slyve off tawne vellet, unto Alyce Renold my moders best gyrdyll and a payre off bedes off corall gaudyd with square gaudes, sylver and gylt, unto Masteres Lamyman a gowne that whas my moders off browne blew lynyd with george decan (fn. 63) [and] a sylver pott with 2 yeres parcell gylt, unto my uncle Jamys Standfyld, a somer gowne of rustell wurstedd and a payre of shetes, and unto Elyzabet Latham, my mayde, 3 sylver pottes parcell gyld with eres and 20s. in mony, [and] a womans gowne off vyllett lyned with taffata. I gyve 2 payre off canvas shettes unto Wyllyam and Thomas, servantes with John Dalton. I gyve unto Alic Renoldes 3 brothern, 2 cotes and a jakett, unto Blackewell, the baker, a doblett off blacke velvett that lyyth yn my chest, unto Janson, the tayler, my jaket off blacke chamlett. Unto the pore howseholders yn and off the paryssche off Saynt Peters yn Cornehyll I gyve 20s., unto the good wyff Stamford yn Harow Alay 5s., unto Jamys Renoldes a gold ryng to the valewe off 3 angells, unto Jamys Stamfyld yn Sowtheworke a fether bedde, a bolster, a payre off shetes, unto my uncle Robert Groves 4 cheldern 5s. a pece. I gyve unto Wyllyam Parfatt a fether bedd, a bolster, a payre off schettes and a case with rasers. I forgyve Wyllyam Standfyld the yeres off hys prynteshoode to cum. I gyve 3 sylver pottes with a couver parcell gylt unto Master Scopam, unto the Company off the Clothyng of Barbers and Surgeons 3 grett gobbletes parcell gylt with a cover and a knopp on the topp and a gravyn on the topp and thay for ten yeres ensuyng yerely to kepe a obett yn the parishe churche off Saynt Peters in Cornehyll for my fathers and my mothers sowles and myne and all Chrystyn sowles. All my other goodes moveable or unmoveable, landes, leces, reversyans, tenamentes with the aportenans, I gyve unto Robert Sawtry and hys wyff whom I make my full and hole executors joyntely. And as for my landes and leces affter the dycese off these my executors then the landes and leces to remayn unto the use off my Anwte Andersons chelder wose names be John, Jone and Alyce, and for lacke off ysew off them to remaynde unto the chelder off Robert Grove, my uncle, to them and ther herys. I gyve unto 6 chelder off Jamys Renoldes 6 sponys with dymonds on the toppe. I gyve unto Alyce Renoldes mayd 3 platters, 3 dysshes, 3 sawcers and a payre off shettes. To se thys my last wyll and testament and to be overseers off the same shalbe Thomas Scopam, George Holand and Jamys Renoldes and Wyllyam Lamyman. In wyttnesse wher off I the sayd Nycholas have subscrybed thys with my owne handes.

Per me Nycholas Grove.
Per me Thomam Hatherscole, curat.
Per me Thomam Scopham.
Per me Georgeum Holand.
Per me Wyllelmum Laymyman.
[Note that the will was proved 4 Dec. 1543.]

On two full sheets of paper sewn together end to end. The name of Nicholas Grove and of the witnesses are all in different hands and appear to be genuine signatures.

184. [bdle. II. 14] Thomas Grove. 1 Nov. 1543.

I Thomas Grove, (fn. 64) cytesyn off London and barbar, beyng weke off body, bequeth my sowle into the handes off Almyghty God, Our Lady Saynt Mary and all the sayntes yn hevyn and my body to the erth yn Chrystyn buryall to be buryed under the lyberary in the paryshe churche off Saynt Peters in Cornehyll. I gyve unto Master Scopam a gowne lynyd with sarcenet, unto hys wyffe a gowne off russell worsted, unto Wyllyam Lamyman a gowne furred with conye and a sylver pott with a cover, unto Alyce Renoldes my wyffes best gowne furred with calybre, (fn. 65) unto Alyce Anderson a fether bed, a bolster, a pelow off downe, a pere off shetes, a payre off blankyttes, 6 napkyns, a smocke and a rayle, unto Jone, hyr syster, a fether bed, a bolster, a pelow off downe, a payre off shetes, a payre off blankettes, 6 napkyns, a smocke and a rayle, unto John Anderson a payre off shetes, a coveryng off a bedd off tapstery, 2 pelows off downe, 6 napkyns, unto Thomas Spryng, my servantt, 20 gryndyng stonys, 6 wrynchys, a payre off shetes, a payre blankyttes and a matteres, and 3 basyns, unto my syster, Thomsyne, a sylver salter parcell gylte, a cappe, a rayle and an hold velyt partlet. I gyve unto Thomas Scopam a salt off parcell gylt, unto Elyzabethe Latham servant, a vylett gown lynyd with russelles, a smocke and a rayle, unto my Company off the Barbar 15s., unto Costyn Stanfyld 7s. 6d. All my other goodes moveable and unmoveable I geve unto Nycholas Grove, my sonne, whome I make off thys my present wyll my full executor to bestow yt for my sowle helthe, and Master Thomas Scopam and Wyllyam Lamyman my overseers. Unto Jamys, Thomas and Edward Stanfyld an angell a pece. To Jamys Stanfyld a gowne off vylet facyd with chamlett. Per me Tomas Grove. Per me Thomam Scopham. Per me Wyllam Lamyman. Per me Thomas Hatherscole, curatum. (fn. 66)

To Robert Sawtry a gowne furred with buge with a rownd slyve, unto Mastrys Lamyman a redde petycote off stryped russelles.

[Under the will is a note that administration was granted on 4 Dec. 1543, (fn. 67) a lot of doodling mainly of the letter Y, a list:—'1. 46s. 2¾d. 2. 38s. 6d. 3. 12s. 11d. 4. 13s. 5. 10s. 1d.', and at the bottom of the page in arabic figures '78 li. 10s. 2d.']

185. [bdle. II. 15] Robard Goghe. 26 Oct. 1543. (fn. 68)

I Robard Goghe, sogyer off the retynues off Guysnes, bequethe my sowle to Almyghty God, to Our Lady Sent Mary and to all the holy company off hevyn, and my body to be beryed wythe in the church yerd off Sent Peturs Church wythin Guysnes. I gyve to the hye altre 4d. I wolle have at the daye of my beryall dyryg and mes. The resydeu off all my goodes, my dettes payd, I gyve them to John Casbe, my bedfellou, the wych hath taken grett payens wythe me in my seknes, and to John Cas, breuer in Londone. I gyve to John Casbe, my bedfellou, my bed severaly to hyme selff and the resydeu off my chambr in London to be devyded betwen John Cas, breuer, and John Casbe my bedfellow. For thys to be knowne myn owne act and ded off thys my last wyll, I have her onto set my hand tokene. In the presence off Sir John Sawnder, vys curat off Guysnes, Scharles Ryddysdale, John Madysone, Roberd Beymon.

[There is a cross below the will and a note that probate was granted.]

186. [bdle. II. 16] Peter Hynsley. 15 Aug. 1543. (fn. 69)

Peter Hynsley dyd make hys laste wyll in maner and forme followyng. Fyrst he beqwethyd hys soole to Allmyghty God and to be buryed hys body in the church yarde of Saynt Myghelles, Qwenhyth, and all hys gooddes he gave to Margaret, hys wyffe, and mad hyr full executryc; she to se hys dettes payde. Wytnesse, Thomas Norryc, John Palmer, and Rychard Sex.

[Proved on 10 Oct.]

187. [bdle. II. 17] Johon Haywod. 21 Sep. 1543.

Jesus Maria. I Johon Haywod bequeth my soole to Allmyghty God, besechyng Owre Blessyd Lady Mother of Chryst, the 9 ordyrs of angells, the 12 apostylles, martyrs, confessors, virgyns, with all the holy company of hevyn to pray for me. And my body to be beryd in Polles churcheyearde. I bequeth to Rychard Fayrmaner, my brother in law, a puke gowne lynyd with russell woystyd, to my brother, Wyllyam Haywod, dwellyng in Wossetter, my best bow and quever of arowys, to my cosyn, Thomas at Wossetter, my taffetta hatt, to my cosyn Wyllyam Haywod, baker, in Smythfyld, my chamlett jackett, to Rychard Dun a tawny satan dublett. I forgeve Rychard Dun all dettes betwene hym and me. I bequethe to Alis hys wyffe, 6s. 8d. I bequeth to the hye auter for tethynges and oblations forgottyn 12d. I bequeth to Johon Fayrmaner, my godson, 20s. to be delyveryd when he cumyth to lawfull age, to Syssly Fayrmaner 6s. 8d. The resydu of all my goodes moveable and unmoveable I geve to Elyzabeth, my wyffe, whom I make my hole executrix; and I make Johon Nycson, plummer, my overseer. Witnesses, By me Sir Thomas Poell, curatt of Sanct Martens at Ludgatt, Richard Dunne, Richard Fayremaner. [The goods of the deceased amounted to £20 and more according to the appraisal of Robert Shanke and John Chambre.]

188. [bdle. II. 18] Phillip Hampton. 3 Jun. 1543.

Phillip Hampton of the parysshe of Seint Andrewes by Baynardes Castell in the Citie of London, syke in body, bequethed his sowle to Almyghtie God, and his bodye to the hollye seputure. He gave to his brother so that he be now alyve 2 of his coottes. The resydew of all his goodes and debttes he gave to John Patryck (fn. 70) and Elizabeth his wyffe which John and Elizabeth he ordeyned his soole executers, they to dispose his saide goodes accordyng to there discression for the reste of his sowle and all Christyan sowles. Wittnesse, William Downer and Robartt Johnson and other.

[Proved 13 Jun. 1543.]

The inventarie of Philip Hampton made the 17 day of Juli in the 35 yere of the regne of our soveraigne lord Kynge Henry the VIIIth.

Speratt Debtes.
Imprimis an obligacionem wherin Adriane Speid ys bounde to the sayd Philipp (fn. 71) 14 li.
An oither obligacionem wherin William Selbye, marchaunt taylor, Raf Curson, clothworker and Symon Wagan, lether seller, be bownd to the same Philip in (fn. 72) 10 li.
A tawny cote preysed by John Levenson and John Whittyngton at 10s.
An olde tawny cote at 2s. 4d.
A blak cote at 2s.
A russet cote 16d.
A dublet of do skyn 10d.
A canvas dublet 6d.
A dublet of blake and an other of Darnyx 8d.
A peyre of hose blak 16d.
An other peyr of blak hose patchyd
A peyre of over stokes 8d.
The body of a dublet 6d.
2 shertes 2s. 8d.
2 cappes 2s.
A chest preysyd at 7s. 6d.
In redye monye 11s.

189. [bdle. II. 19] Rychard Lombarde. 5 May 1543. (fn. 73)

I Rychard Lombarde bequethe my sowle to God and al the holy company of hevyn, and my body to be buryed in the buryall of Christen men wher it shalbe pleasynge unto Gode, and my modere myn exsekitre, and my brwder Wrythtt overesyere, wytt my good fryndes to pay my dettes and to take awlle my dettes whiche is owynge my, and to plese evey man and woman fore there paynys. Wytnes, Syr Wyllm Dowes, wycar off All Hallos (fn. 74) with other.

[Given 10 Jul. Endorsed 'The well of Rychart Lombart'.]

190. [bdle. II. 20] Bertilmewe Merry. 3 Oct. 1542.

I Bertilmewe Merry, seike in body, commyt my sowlle unto Allmyghtie God, to Our Lady Seynt Mary and to all the holy companye of heven, and my bodye to be burryed in the church yarde of Stanlaeke. I bequeyth unto my son, George, my gaberden and a cloek beinge of on couller, a syngell gowne newe maede and 20s. for recompence of sheepe, also a maere or a geldinge wheche he will chuse. To Marget, my dowghter, my blacke gowne. I geve and asighne unto my wyffe, Allys Merry, my lease of my ferme in Stanlaeke taken of Maudelyn Colledge of Oxforde and to my son, George Merry, and to the lenger lyver of them both. The resdue of my goodes after my dettes be payde I geve unto Alys, my wyffe, to succur hyr and my chyldren with all, whome I make my sole executrix of this my last will and testament. Wytnessis, John Foster, parson of Stanlaeke, Thomas Thurowar with other mooe.

[Administration granted 18 Jun. 1543. (fn. 75) ]

The Invetory of Bartellmu Mere in London, wollpacker.
In prima the hanging in the haulle 16d.
A tabell bord and 2 tresslles 3s.
A carpet 16d.
A letell ollde tabell and 2 cheres 8d.
A letell aumbere 4d.
2 olld cofferses 16d.
8 owlld coussinges 10d.
In the chaumber, 3 ollde bedstedes 20d.
2 fetherbeddes 6s. 8d.
7 owllde blanceketes 2s.
3 owllde coverledes 2s. 8d.
2 bousteres of tycke and 3 canves bousteres of flokes 2s. 8d.
7 pelloues and 3 canvas pelloues of flokes 4s. 4d.
13 owllde canvas shetes and 12 hemp shetes 9s. 6d.
5 pelloberes and 4 toulles and 2 tabell clothys 3s. 10d.
1 dierpar napking 4d.
A tester of a bedde 16d.
3 owlld mattres 20d.
2 peses of pentid cloth and a tester of a bed 8d.
A goune of marvell fassed with fox fur lined with blacke fris 16s.
A blake gone 6s. 8d.
A cloke of new collar 8s.
A gacit of russell wosted and a doblet of wosted sleves 4s.
A gerken of cotten and a canvas doblet 4d.
4 pere of hosse and 2 shirtes 16d.
A cape and a hatte 16d.
2 lytell braspottes and a possnet 2s.
3 kettelles and a skimmer 16d.
A trevet, a gredean and a frieng pan 16d.
A water tanccard and a spite 20d.
4 Candellstekes and a chafingdishe 2s.
7 platares of pouter, 5 pouter deshes, 3 porringeres and 5 sawseres, a pouter sallett and 8 tene spones, a quarte potte and a pinte potte, a drinkeing pot of pueter, a lennen welle 9s. 4d.
A honderd of byllyte and haffe a boshell of colle 6d.
A hacchat, a hammar, a pere of penseor and a fiar rake 6d.
A dosen trencheres 1d.
In primis a materis price 16d.
A pere of canvas schetes 16d.
3 pere of corse hemp schetes 3s.
2 tabell cloths of hempe 12d.
2 owld tabell clothes 12d.
2 owld towell 5d.
3 owlld diaper napkinges 10d.
4 owlld pelloberes 10d.
2 pelloues pric 10d.
A owld couerled 16d.
A cheste and 2 coferes 3s.
A tabell and 2 tressles 6d.
2 tresseles and 2 formes 3d.
2 wessinges stokes 1d.
awld broken lede 20d.
Owld broken bordes in the milke house 8d.
3 bedstedes price 16d.
A pres to le clotheses in 10d.
A iarne bare 12d.
2 hammars and a locke and fetres 8d.
2 owld cortens 8d.
A pere of aundeans and a pere of tonges 2s.
3 brasen potes, a posnet, 2 wort pans and 2 pere of pothokes 10s. 8d.
3 lettell candelstekes 6d.
A hold hegyng byll and a broken ax d.
A pere of sheres 2d.
2 she pikes 4d.
3 sauseres 3d.
A poutr pout 3d.
2 wod bolles 2d.
Old brokenges hanginges 6d.
Old ship rakes 3d.
Old sythe 4d.
A tabellcloth of canvas 6d.
A mare price 4s.
3 broushes 8d.
A pylle of wod pric 7s. 8d.
A foryst byll 16d.
6 ponds 17s. 1½d. 6 ponds 16s. 2½d. 6 ponds and 10d.
10 acarse of corne preysed at 4s. a acare 40s.
Grase agane the acrare 18s.

Prased by John Hyde, inholder, William Byear, wollpacker, and Richard Chapman, cloothewarker, of London, John Yeate, Thomas Horwode and [?] Roger Shakespere of Stanlake in the Countie of Oxfode the 18th daye of June anno 35th Henrici octavi.

The inventory is on a full-sized sheet of paper folded bookwise. The totals, in a different hand from the rest, are all incorrect.

191. [bdle. II. 21] Thomas Nevell. 20 Mar. 1543.

I Thomas Nevell, citezein and merchauntaillour of London, bequethe my soule to Almightie God, my Maker and Redemer, trusting and faithfully belief thorough the merytes of Cristes mooste precious passion my synnes be clerely forgevyn, and my body to be buried in Christen burial where God for it shall dispose. I bequethe to Rauf Braydy, sexton of Seint Clementes churche of London, my furryd jerkyn. The ressidue of alle my goodes, cattalles, and dettes whatsoever they be after my dettes paied, the costes of my burying don, I holly gyve to Margaret Mapes of London, widowe, to dispose therwith her free and voluntary will. And of this my present testament and last will I ordeyne Richard Meriot, clothwerker, my sole executour, and overseer therof I make Sir John Lewes priest, and as to the dispocision of alle those my londes and tenementes, gardeyns, medowes, lesnes and pastures, with theire appurtenaunces, set lying and being within the parisshes of Averton and Polsted in the Countie of Essex, whiche I late had of the gyft of Johane Nevell, late the wif of John Nevell, late of Averton disceased, and daughter and heire of Edward Hedge, sometyme of Melford in the Countie of Suffolk, also disceasid as by a dede to me and to other by the said Johane made more pleynly may appere, I bequethe alle the same londes and tenementes and premisses unto Elizabeth Nevell my daughter, to have and to holde to the same Elizabeth to her heires and assignes for evermore. And if it shall fortune the same Elizabeth to dye withoute issue of her body laufully begotten, than I will alle the same londes, tenementes, gardeynes, lesnes and pastures with their appurtenaunces shall holly remayne to the said Richard Meriot, to have and to hold for evermore of the chief lordes of the fee of the same by service due and accustomed. I will that Margaret Mapes, widowe, shall have and yerely take of the issues and proffites that shall come yerely of alle the same londes and tenementes 13s. 4d. during her naturall lif, and to have full power and auctoritie at alle tymes for lak of payment of the same yerely rent to entre and distreyne in alle the same londes and tenementes for the same and for the arrerages therof if any shalbe. Witnes, John Lewes, clerk and chauntre priest, Jeames Apot, William Catesby, Petir Atkynson, John Scampion, servaunt of John Rutter, scryvener, and divers other.

[Written 'de novo' by me John Mountstevynge, notary public.]

This will is formally written on parchment, with decorative initial. The bottom has been folded and slit for a seal tag which is missing. The will is endorsed, 'Richard Meryot, T. Nevell testament'.

192. [bdle. II. 22] John Patryk. 29 Sep. 1543.

I Iohn Patryk, porter of the Kyngges Wardropp in Lundon, in the parysh of Saynt Andrw nexto Castell Baynarde, am syke in body and make thys my present testament and last wyll. I bequeth my sowle to Jhesu Chryste, the Blyssyd Virgyn Mare and aull the holy company in hevyn to pray for me, and my bode to be beryed in the chyrche of Saynt Andrw aforesayd. I bequethe to the hye auter of the same chyrche 5s. I bequeth to the mother chyrche of Powles 4d. and to the nue rode lowte in my paryshe chyrche 3s. 4d. I qweth to my father in law my fox furryd gowne and to hys sun my swerd, my bucler and my daggar. The resydu of my goodes, my dettes payd, I bequethe to my wyfe and to my chyld, and Elyzebeth, my wyfe, I make my sole executryx, and my supervyser my father in law John Dave. Wytnesses, John Ledes, paynter, John Whyttyngtun, habbardashar, and Sir Thomas Blacwell. (fn. 76)

Thys hynnvetory made the 3 day of November the yere of owre Lorde God 1543 of the goodes of Jhon Pattryck.

Imprimis in the hall, a tabyll, a payre of tressylles and a forme to the same and 6 stowlles 5s.
A carpent of 3 yardes longe to the same 2s.
A cobborde 3s. 4d.
A carpett to the same 4d.
4 cherys—howld 3s. 4d.
4 cusshens of taperstre worke and 2 onfyllyd 2s.
2 chestys bonde wyth iryne at 5s.
4 olde playne chestes at 4s.
A owlde square chest 12d.
3 playne bedstydes at 3s.
A forme by the bed syd 6d.
A mattrys and a bolster of fetheres 2s. 8d.
2 feyther beddes wyth bolsteres, 1 of them olde 20s.
3 fustyan pyllowes 2s. 8d.
2 payre of blankettes 3s. 4d.
A covering made of carpettes 5s.
A covering of taperstre worke 10s.
A tester to the bed 16d.
The hangynges, 22 yardes 1½d. the yard 2s. 9d.
A square cloth of armys 12d.
4 bowttes of blacke thred at 2s. 8d. the boultt 11s. 4d.
2 li of browne thred 16d.
30 li of browne leyre at 8d. the pownd 20s.
11 li of blew leyre at the 12d. the li 11s.
10 payre of shetes 20s.
2 pyllow beyres 10d.
2 playne tabyll clothys 2s. 8d.
3 towelles playne 16d.
A dosen of napkyns 18d.
A doblet of canvas 6d.
A doblet of grene sarsnett 12d.
A doblett of russell worstyd 2s.
2 payre of owld whytt hose 5s.
4 payre of blacke hosse 7s.
2 olde gyrkynes of leyther 10d.
A jakett of rossell worstyd 5s.
A cott of tawne cloth 6s. 8d.
A cott of blacke cloth 3s. 4d.
A cott of tawne fryse 2s.
A gown of rossett fasyd wyth fox 20s.
A skarlet cap 2s.
2 blacke owlde cappys 16d.
3 shurttes wyth blacke bandes 6s.
2 shurttys wyth whytt bandes 2s.
A swerde and buckler 4s.
A dagger 8d.
Summa 12 li. 6s. 6d.
The Kechyne.
Collys 8d.
A owlde cowpe 4d.
2 payre of cobbordes 12d.
2 trevyttes 8d.
3 spyttes 12d.
3 payre of pott howkes 6d.
A gydiryne 3d.
A dryppyng pan 4d.
A fryne pan 4d.
A chafer of brass 16d.
3 brass pottes, 2 small of them 4s.
4 small possnettes 20d.
2 lyttyll pannys 8d.
A grett kettyll 12d.
A ladyll of lattyne 1d.
2 choppyng knyvys 2d.
A bason of latten 6d.
A chafynge dysshe 5d.
4 candyllstyckes 16d.
8 plattres of puter 5s.
11 dysshes of puter 3s. 4d.
11 sawsseres 20d.
4 poddengeres 12d.
3 sawllt sellares 8d.
a pottell pott and 3 quart pottes 2s.
A holy water stocke of putter 4d.
Sume 30s. 3d.
Dettes owyng unto hyme.
Owynge unto hyme in the wardrobe 7 li.
Jhon Whitwell owyth unto hyme 18s.
Awthre Spede owyth unto hyme 24 li.
Wylliam Selbe owyth unto hyme 10 li.
Sume 41 li. 18s.
Sume totall, 55 li. 14s. 9d. (fn. 77)
Jonne Whyt, Robert Thorns.

193. [bdle. II. 23] Edwarde Rycheforth. 19 Dec. 1543.

I Edwarde Rycheforth, inholder off the Cyty off London and then dwellyng in the paryshe off Saynct Mary Hyll at Bylynggesgate, beyng dyessed in my body, bequethe my selfe and chefely my superior part my solle, to Allmyghty God, the Creator and Redemer off ytt, and my body I bequethe to be beryed where ytt shall please Phylyppes, my wyfe, the whyche Phylyppes my wyfe I make my holle executryx. I gyve to Johane Hedger my grett chest with all that ys and shall be left in ytt. I gyve to the sayde Jone a fetherbed, a bolster, on payre off shetys and a whyte dyaper coweryng drawen with gold. I gyve to Henry Pott 20s., to Robert Baltrop, my son in law, 40s. The rest off all my gooddys and dettes, my dettes and funerall expensys dyscharged, I gyve to Phylyppes, my wyfe, sawe that I gyve to Wyllyam Brayfeld a bowe and a quyver of shaftes and to John Tomson my pesed (fn. 78) bowe. I make owerseer off thys wyll and my last testament the aforenamed Wyllyam Brayfeld and for hys labor I gywe hym 3s. 4d. Thus my gooddes whyche God hathe lent med ysposed I mekly submytt my selfe to the mercy off God, my Maker and Sawyowr besechyng Hym as He with Hys precyus blowdd redemed me at my departure when yt shall please Hym to call me from thys transytory world to take me to Hym and hawe mercy on my solle. In wyttnesse that this ys my last wyll I hathe sett to my marke and sealed this presentes with my seale. (fn. 79) I gywe to Robert Damport, my servant, doyng owt hys yerys servys truely and honestly with my wyfe, my foxe furred gowne. Wylliam Brayfeld. (fn. 80) Edward [Blank]. Per me Willm Erithus (fn. 81) parochum.

194. [bdle. II. 24] Ame Rian. 27 Apr. 1543. (fn. 82)

I Ame Rian, vydow, bequythe my soull unto Allmyghty God and to Owr Blessyd Ladie Sancte Marie and to all the companye off hevyn, and my body to be buryd within Chrystyn buryall with in the churche yearde off Sancte Albanes in Woodestret, London, where off I am a parish[oner] And as towchyn my wordlye goodes, my dettes payd, I wyll that there be 20s. bestowyd at my bury . . . I beqwythe my best fether bede off thre fetherbedes to Saverey Mettcalfe, my best gown and my best kyrtyll and the lesser bolster to . . . sayd bede. I beqwythe a tawny gown that was my hosbanes to George . . . wiche is fourryd with fox fure. I beqwith to Johan Rian my blake gown and kyrtyll and a lyttyll fether bede with the best bolster, 1 lytyll frying pan and a . . . off pewther, the gretest bellyd candyllstyke off latyn, a gret quarte po[t]. I beqwithe to Ame Tute, my gode doughter a christyning basyn and a yowre off p . . ., to Mare Walsche my seconde basyn and a yowre off pewthere, to John Watson, son to Richard Watson, and to Richerd Person, son to Stephen Person, . . . Longe, son to Wylliam Longe in Angell Alley, wiche where my housbandes g . . . to eche off them 40d. I beqwithe to Ames Evoryd my best beades gaudyd with syl . . ., to Alice Toute my blake gyrdell off bowgle or geett and my best sylver pyn, to my cosyng Margerie Mayne, my best ryng with a rede stone and my best tache off sylver and 2 off my best qweschynes. I beqwithe Syre Wylliam Smythe 2 off my best qwyschynes and 4s. off money to pray for my housbondes soulle and myne. I beqwithe to Fyllys Maye my grene coffer and a pewther dische and a platter and a sawcer and a pynt p . . . and a qwart pott off pewthere, to lytyll Alice Cantwell a pewther platter and a dys . . . and a sawcer and a pottyll pott off pewther and my second belld candylstyk, to my cosyng Nycolas wyffe in Castyll Alley, 2 sqware pewther dysches off pewther and a hand basin, to my cosyng Richard Mayne, my seconde fetherbed and the cov . . . Richard Mayne I make my full executour off all the resydew off my goodes to se me hon[est]ly beryd and to se my legaces fullfyllyd and my dettes payd. I owe to Nyc . . . Cantwell 30s. I owe for 5 barelles off ale to the goodman off the Lylye Pott, to the goodman Roodes off the Crose Kayes for 2 barrelles off ale. I owe to Mr. William Evorerd 4s. 4d. off a tayll. I owe to Master Foxe, a foschard sherer, 2s. I owe to Syre Wylliam Smythe 7s. I owe to John Kyttchyn waxe chanler, in Fanchurche 17s. I owe the goode wyffe Rogeres 16d. I owe to Maude Barker 6d. I owe to Michaell the frewterer at Temple Bare for a prekele off ware 18d. (fn. 83) I beqwythe to the hey altare 4d. I wyll that ther be gyvyn for me to poore peple off this parische 15d. I wyll that Sir William Smythe shalbe the overseer off my wyll and testament. I wyll that my cosyng, Richard Maine, my sayd exequetor, shall sell all my enterest off my howse at Water Lambet, wiche hais bene callyd Walles, towardes the payments and to paye my dettes and perfomans off this my last wyll. In wytnes whereoff to thes presentes I have sett my seall, thes being present: Henrie Howlte, George Mettcalfe and William Cateryke, priest and curet and other moo. Per me William Cateryke presbiterum et curatorem ibidem. (fn. 84)

The pressment of seche stuffe as was in my cussyns housse, in Wodstrete, the 11 day of Maye. (fn. 85)
In prymus for hys gowne fasyd with blake cunny 5s.
For a womans gowne furryd with graye cunny 2s.
For a keverlyte lynyd with canvas 16d.
2 bedestedes and a furme 14d.
4 holde pellos, 2 with fethers and 2 with flokes 18d.
3 holde baskets 4d.
A holde cotte and rement of frys 12d.
2 holde testers and hangyns 8d.
A holde blake gowne syngyll 3s. 4d.
7 holde pesses 3s.
A frying pane, 2 spetes and 2 handyarns 16d.
20 li. of holde puter at 3d. li. 5s.
2 payer of shetes 18d.
2 holde towels and tabull clothe 12d.
2 payer of shetes 18d.
3 holde towels and 4 napkyngs 20d.
3 holde chestes 2s.
87 li. of holde brasse at 1½d. 10s. 10d.
2 holde bedstedes 16d.
3 holde mates 4s.
2 cussyns and 2 bankers 2s. 8d.
A holde cubbord 4s.
2 holde chears 8d.
A foldyng tabbull 16d.
A tabull, a peyer of trestels, and furme 14d.
Holde hyerne 12d.
A holde dryfate (fn. 86) 4d.
The holde pantyde clothes in the halle 2s.
For the lomber in the howsse 2s.
Som of all the presment by sydes that ys gevyn ys 3 li. 4s. 8d.

195. [bdle. II. 25] Robert Roff. 18 Aug. 1543.

Jeshus. I Robertt Roff bequethe my sowle to Almygty God and to His Blessyd Mother Seynt Mary and to all the holly company of hevyn and my body to be buryed with in the chyrch yarde off Our Lady in Islyngton. I bequeth to the hygh alter 12d. I bequethe to my brother, John Roffe, 5 nobelles 5s., to my brother, William Roffe, 5 nobelles 5s., to my sister, Kateryn Roffe, 5 novelles 5s., to my sister, Alyce Roff, 5 nobelles 5s., to William Martyn 6s. 8d., and to his wyff 6s. 8d., and to my godson, his chyld Robertt, 6s. 8d. I bequeth to Alyce Walker 6s. 8d., to Rose Tilkot 6s. 8d., to Battell Turpyn 6s. 8d., to Sir William Paynter, curatt here, for to pray for me and for his paynes takying with me 2s. I bequethe that at the daye of my buryen 10s. to be bestowed in bred and drynke amonges pore folk. All the ressydew of my goodes movable and unmovable I bequethe to Mr. William Smyth dwellyng at the Townes End and to William Marten, whom I make myne executores and my master Walker to overse that this my will be fulfylled and eche of them to have for ther labor 6s. 8d. and they to se me honestly beryed and to dispose the resydew of my goodes as the thynk best. In wittenes wherof I have subscrybed my name herunto. (fn. 87) Wittenes, Sir William Paynter, prest and curatt there.

[Proved 17 Oct.]

196. [bdle. II. 26] Robert Yedaill. 27 Aug. 1543. (fn. 88)

I Robert Yedaill, buttyler of Grays Inne, beqwethe my sowle unto Allmyghtye God and to all the hooly companie of heaven and my body to be buryed wythin the parysshe churche of Seint Andrews in Hollburne. I gyff unto my bed ffelow my tawny satyn dowblett, my best chist and my parte of the bed, wythe all thynges pertenyng therto, wyche afore was joint betwext us. Unto Sir Ric. Lynd, on of the chapleyns of Greys Inne, a pare of hoose clothe and 20s. in money to pray for my sowle, unto Sir Thomas Cadgill, an other of the chapleyns of Greys Inne 10s., to pray for my soule. I gyff unto John Lyster all the bokys and deskys wyth in my study and 2 chistes, unto my brother my best gowne, my best capp and my fyne woorsted dowblett, unto my brothers elldysts one my study gowne furred wythe black lam, my chamlett jakett, a kapp and a pare of hoose, unto my syster in law a gowne, clothe of puk, unto Ric Lydgall myn old gowne furred wythe cony, unto Stanley myn old blak worsted coot and an old woorsted dowblett, myn old study gowne and my fustyan dowblett unto my keper. I dyscharge my brother of all the dettys that he owythe me. I dyscharge my bed ffelow of all thinges betwext hym and me. I gyff a marke unto the prisoners of Neugate, a marke unto the prisoners of the Kynges Benche, a mark unto the prisoners of the Marshallsy, a mark unto the prisoners of Ludgate, a nobill to the prisoners of Westmynster, 4 li. for my buryeng, and yf enie therof remayne I will that to be gyven unto poore folkes. I resyve to kepe me duryng the tyme that I am sycke 3 li. I ow a nobill unto my master. I gyff unto my brother 3 li. 3s. 4d. I had fyftene pound in my chist at the makyng of this my will and the some here expressyd dothe amount to fyftene pound or therabout, but wher I have reservyd 3 li. for my charges during the tyme that I am sycke, yf that will not serve, then my mynd ys that myn executors shall abute of every on of the somes wheras they thinke convenyent so moche as my charges dothe amont unto above 3 li. for to se all these thynges dooly and truly executyd. I desyar Sir Ric. Lynd, chaplein of Greys Inne and Robert Nowell, buttyller of the same howse, to be myne executors.

197. [bdle. II. 27] Rychard Watson. 18 Mar. 1543.

I Rychard Watson in the paryssche of Sant Albanes in Wod streytt in London, seyk in bodye beqwythe my sowle to God Almyghtye, to Owre Ladye Sant Marie and to all the holye cumpanye of hevyn, and my bodye to be buryd in the churcheyerd of Sant Albones. I gyffe to Margarett Watson, my wyffe, all my goodes soo that sche se my bodye be broyght honestlye to the erthe whome I mayk my sole exeqwtryx, and Wylliam Hebbes to be supervisor of this my last wyll, and he to hayff for hys labore my velveytt doblett. Wyttnes, Sir Wylliam Smythe, Ranold Danyell, Georg Vayghan, with other moo.

[Registered and proved on 7 Apr. 'Johannis pro inventario.']

198. [bdle. II. 28] Joone Wharnebe. 28 Sep. 1543.

. . . (fn. 89) Wharnebe, secke off body, bequethe my solle unto Alle myghtty Jesu and to Our Blyssytt Lady Sentt Mary the Vyrgyn and to alle the holly cumpany off heyven, and my body to be beyryyd in Crystonmens beyryalle. I bequethe untoo my cossyn, John Hynd, 10 li. I bequethe unto Eynery, sarvantt in my master and ounckullys husse, Austyn Hynd, clotheworker off London, a ryng off syllvar, unto Mistress An Cokes, the wyffe of Robert Cokes, sallter, a stone boune a bowtt wythe syllver. I bequethe a mongist myn ounckkulles chyldarn alle my platt and juellys to be dystrybutyd a mongyst them at hys discrecyon. I bequethe unto my systar Annys Mandavelle, alle my hussholld stuffe the wytche reymeynys in hur hussbans hannys. The reysydw off alle my guddis and cattellys, platt, dettis and impplymenttes, wythe alle other thynges movabullys and un movabulleys, I gyff unto Austyn Hynd, them to be stow att hys discrecyon, the wytche Austyn Hynd I make myn executor off thys my pressentt testamentt and last wylle. Wytnyssithe, An Cokes, the wyff off Robert Cokes, sallter, Allys Leyghtton and Allys Jesspar with other.

[Proved 13 Nov.]

In Anno 1543.
The ynviyttorry of the goodes of Joone Wharnby of whos sowll Jeshu have mercy.
In rede monay with that here brother Symonde Wharnby gave here 18 li. 10s.
On payre of bedes of corrall gawede with sellver and sylver rynges pryced 3s. 4d.
On payre of bedes of awmbyre with sylver gawdes and rynges of sylver 3s. 4d.
6 sylver spownes 5 oz. q. at 3s. 6d. the oz. 18s. d.
A masser with a lyttyll band of sylver 5s.
2 payre of sylver howckes and a tache 5s. 6d.
A corce gyrdell with a pendent and a buckyll 15s.
3 gownes at 30s.
2 kyrtelles at 12s.
4 pettycottes at 6s. 8d.
4 smockes at 3s. 8d.
6 keyrchaves at 6s.
7 reylles at 4s. 8d.
2 payre of forsleves at 8d.
2 rybbynes at 8d.
6 appornes at 2s.
A say apporn at 12d.
A cheste at 12d.
In howshowld stoffe the wyche reymanes in here systers howsbandes handes to whom the same howshowld stoffe is bequythed by the sayd Joone dyssessed 40s.
More aporan at 8d.
2 payre of hosse 12d.
2 syperes nyckerchews at 18d.

Prased the 20th day of Novembre in the 35th yere of the raigne of kyng Henr theight by Robart Cockes, salter, and Symonde Palmer, goldsmyth. [Endorsed with a note in Latin concerning the church of St. Elene in Busshopsgate: Sir Robert Stokeporte receives per annum 6 li. 13s. 4d. paid by Andrew Judd, sherman. Sir Richard Brigges receives per annum 6 li. 13s. 4d. paid by Jeronium Shelton there.]

199. [bdle. II. 29] Accounts in respect of the will of Thomas Walden. 10 Oct. 1543.

This is the Accomptes (fn. 90) of Margery Thompson, late wyf and executrice of the testament and last wyll of Thomas Walden deceessed, citezen and haberdassher of London, of all and singuler the goodes, catalles and dettes of the said Thomas, made by the said executrice the 10th day of Octobre in the yere of our Lord Godd 1543.

The said executrice chargeth hirself with all and singuler the goodes, catalles and dettes of the said Thomas Walden deceessed ammountyng to the somme of Whereof this accomptant asketh allowance as hereafter followeth 50 li.
For funeralles aswell the day of the buryall as at the moneths mynd to preestes and other mynysters for pyt, knyll, brede, ale, wax and other necessaries 6 li.
For probate of the wyll and the fyne and other ordynary charges 13s. 4d.*
For house rent due by the testatour for a quarter of a yere at the Feast of thannunciacion of Our Lady in the 20th yere of King Henry the eight 16s. 8d.
To the Maister and Wardens of the haberdasshers dew by the testatour being one of the lyverey according to a custome used in the said companye 20s.†
Paid for the bequest of the testatour to the high aulter 5s.
For the bequest to the roode lyght 20d.
Paid toward the reparacions of the landes belonging to St. Martyns churche according to the bequest of the testatour 3s. 4d.
Paid to the brothered of Our Lady and St. Mychaell in the said churche according to the bequest of the testatour 12d.
Paid to Stephen Walden for the bequest of the testatour 20 li.
Paid to the said Stephyn for the bequest of the testatour due to hym in the ryght of his broder Robert Walden, according to the wyll of the testatour because the said Robert decessed before his lawful age 20 li.
Paid to William Dorking for his bequest 10s.
Paid to William Carson for his bequest 10s.
Paid for writing and perfyting of this accomptes 20d.‡
Sum of paymentes and discharges 50 li. 2s. 8d.
And so remayneth nothing for it appereth in surplusage 2s. 8d.


  • 1. Rector of St. Andrew Holborn, 1541–9.
  • 2. St. Andrew Hubbard was sometimes called St. Andrew Eastcheap.
  • 3. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 4. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 5. Purveyor.
  • 6. In a neat formal hand as though the writer was trying out his penmanship.
  • 7. Her name is given as Katheren Bracye in her will (178).
  • 8. There is little doubt that this was the Robert Cardyn, one of the 'conversi' of the Charterhouse in London, who on 29 May 1534 took the oath of fealty to the king and who made a gift to the prior and convent there of money owed to him by Richard Maddoke, David Playner, William Huntely and others to be spent in mending the altar cloths, etc. (Letters & Papers, Henry VIII, vol. VII, nos. 728–9).
  • 9. Rector of St. John Walbrook, 1506–45.
  • 10. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 11. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 12. Poor needy.
  • 13. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 14. Rector of St. Mary Magdalen, Milk Street.
  • 15. William Dawes, vicar of All Hallows Barking, 1542–65.
  • 16. In a different hand.
  • 17. Perpetual curate of St. Botolph Aldersgate.
  • 18. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 19. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 20. Rector of St. Mary Somerset, 1509–50.
  • 21. The year is doubtful, since it is given as 26 Apr. 1538 in the thirty-first year of Henry VIII; this would be 1539.
  • 22. The top right-hand corner of the sheet has been torn away.
  • 23. 'And Christian his wife', which followed Austyn Kitson as one of the executors, has been crossed through.
  • 24. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 25. A light kind of armour with movable rivets.
  • 26. Light helmets.
  • 27. There is a cross or mark between Wylliam and Walle. Folded with this will is what appears to be a first draft for it, omitting the list of debts and properties, but mentioning the names of two apprentices, Wylliam Feld and John Masy, whom the testator wished to be enrolled, the name of his wife, Margatt, and of his children, Wylliam, Wattar, John and Ylsabeth. It also mentions that one of the executors, Hary Rychards, was a draper and it gives as witnesses, 'Hary Rychardes, Artor Dodycott, Wylliam Feld and Stokes wyfe with other'.
  • 28. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 29. Basin.
  • 30. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 31. In the churchwardens' accounts for St. Peter Westcheap (Guildhall MS. 645/1) for the year 1535–6 is a note of £6 13s. 4d. 'payde to Sir William Abye syngyng for Sir Nicholas Farryngton for a hole yere'.
  • 32. The signature is so badly scrawled as to be almost unrecognisable.
  • 33. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 34. Enamelled.
  • 35. The sum total is incorrect.
  • 36. The name is entered in the old index as Akred. It is not surprising that it has been misread, as the will is in a very difficult hand.
  • 37. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 38. Lady Mary Semer or Seymour, widow of Sir Thomas Semer or Seymour, knight, who was lord mayor in 1526–7 and was twice master of the Mercers' Company. He died in 1535 and was buried in the old church of St. Leonard Shorditch (L.C.C. Survey of London, vol. VIII, 1922, p. 97).
  • 39. Vicar of Shorditch, 1543–52.
  • 40. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 41. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 42. 'La Riole', later College Hill.
  • 43. The clause in square brackets has been deleted.
  • 44. The clauses in square brackets have been deleted and marked 'vacat' in the margin.
  • 45. There is a notary's mark at the end of the will.
  • 46. Her husband, Thomas Brase, died in 1542 (153).
  • 47. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 48. Silk, worsted or woollen fabric used for hangings, etc., named after the Flemish town where it was manufactured (Tournay).
  • 49. Small low irons in a grate between the andirons.
  • 50. 'a wyndow' inserted.
  • 51. These are all pieces of armour.
  • 52. 9s. 4d. crossed out.
  • 53. 'fyne' interlineated.
  • 54. This, and the following entries, are in a different hand.
  • 55. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 56. Rector, 1524–65.
  • 57. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 58. There is a flourish before the 'xv' which might be a 'c' but 115 li. is unlikely.
  • 59. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 60. Probably Thomas Hartrede, who appears to have been a member of the craft of founders, c. 1526–c. 1547 (The wardens' accounts of the Founders' Company 1497– 1681, ed. Guy Parsloe, 1964, pp. 72–108).
  • 61. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 62. Stow mentions the library pertaining to the parish church of St. Peter Cornhill, though the books had gone by his time and the place was occupied by a school.
  • 63. Mr. John Nevinson suggests that this may be a corruption of grogram (or grosgraym) de Caen. Grogram is a fabric with a rib produced by a thick weft; if it came from Normandy it would probably have been of linen or 'canvas'.
  • 64. Thomas Grove was the father of Nycholas Grove, the testator of 183. Thomas obviously died before his son, but the two wills were proved on the same day. On 1 May 1542 George Ardern, the king's servant, obtained a grant in fee of the king's reversion of a tenement called 'le Bull super le Hope' and a tenement adjoining called 'le Bull', in which Thomas Grove lately dwelt, in the parish of St. Peter Cornhill, and 4 messuages and 100 acres of land in Walworth, all of which one Thomas Scopham, mercer, of London, on 3 Mar. 1529 sold to Richard Fermour, merchant of the Staple of Calais with a promise to enfeoff Sir Edmund Walsingham and others in the same to the use of Scopham for life (Letters & Papers, Henry VIII, vol. XVII, no. 362, 35).
  • 65. Calaber, a foreign fur.
  • 66. The signatures are in different hands, that of Thomas Grove being so scrawled as to be almost illegible.
  • 67. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 68. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 69. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 70. See 192.
  • 71. '40 li.' crossed out.
  • 72. '20 li.' crossed out.
  • 73. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 74. William Dawes, vicar of All Hallows Barking, 1542–65.
  • 75. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 76. There is a cross below the will.
  • 77. The totals are nearly all incorrect.
  • 78. Weighted or balanced.
  • 79. A small strip of paper is turned back over the seal.
  • 80. Brayfield's mark, before his name, consists of a W turned on its side.
  • 81. William Erith, rector of St. Dionis Backchurch, 1548–52.
  • 82. The will has been badly torn down the right-hand side.
  • 83. Sentence crossed out and inserted below.
  • 84. William Caterwyke was rector of St. Alban Wood Street in 1546–7.
  • 85. The inventory is on a sheet of paper folded bookwise.
  • 86. Dryfat (sometimes written as two words) is a large vessel, cask or barrel used to hold dry things.
  • 87. There is no signature.
  • 88. The year is in arabic figures.
  • 89. The will has been badly damaged by damp. The year is in arabic numerals.
  • 90. There are two copies of the accounts. In the other copy the amount of the item marked * is altered to 6s. 8d., that marked † to 13s. 4d. and that marked ‡ to 7s. 4d.