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London Inhabitants Outside the Walls, 1695. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 2010.

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The index follows the same structure as the volume for parishes within the walls. Names are listed alphabetically by surname. Family members are listed together with the head of the household, and their relationships are indicated in the form in which they are given in the assessments. The location within the manuscripts is given by a two part reference containing a code for the parish before the full stop and the folio after. The parish codes are the same as the catalogue number, and the numbers and locations are also given in full with the map below. Kin ties, particularly between members of nuclear family groups, are thus easily identified. However, non-kin members of households are listed under their own head surname and households cannot therefore be easily reconstructed from the index on its own. (fn. 1)


£50 pa real estate of £50 or more per annum
£600 personal estate of £600 or more
Alex Alexander, Allexander
alms almsmen, almswomen
And Andrew
Ant Anthony, Antony
apoth apothecary
app apprentice
Art Arthur, Arther
assr assessor
bach bachelor
Barb Barbara
Bart Bartholomew
Benj Benjamin
Bridg Bridget(t)
bro brother
bt baronet
Cath Catherin(e)
Chas Charles
Chris Christopher
collr collector
commr commissioner
cwdn churchwarden
d daughter
Dan Daniel(l)
DD doctor of divinity
Deb Debora(h)
Dot Dorothy
Edm Edmund, Edmond
Edw Edward
Eliz Elizabeth
esq esquire
gent gentleman, gentlewoman
Geo George
Han Hanna(h)
Hen Henry
Humph Humphr(e)y
Jac Jacob
Jas James
Joa Johana, Joanna(h)
Jos Joseph
jr junior
Jud Judith, Judeth
Kath Katherine
kin kinsman, kinswoman
kt knight
Marg Margaret(t)
Mat Mat(t)hew
Mic Michael(l)
Nat Nathaniel(l)
Nic Nicholas, Nicolas
pa per annum
Phil Phil(l)ip
Rac Rachel, Rachael(l)
Reb Rebecca(h)
Ric Richard
Rob Robert
s son
Sam Samuel(l)
Sar Sarah, Sara
ser servant
sis sister
Sol Solomon
spin spinster
sr senior
Ste Stephen
Susa Susan(n)a(h)
Thos Thomas
Tim Timothy
Val Valentine
w wife
Wal Walter
wid widow
widr widower
Wm William


  • 1. . A full transcript of the Tower Hill Precinct of St Botolph Aldgate was prepared as part of the project 'People in Place: families, households and housing in early modern London' and is currently held by the Centre for Metropolitan History at the Institute of Historical Research. A detailed discussion of household structure in this area is given in: Merry and Baker, "'For the House'", pp. 210-228.