Parishes: St Faith the Virgin

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 117] In the parish of St. Faith the Virgin

624. [1108–47] Grant of Norman prior and convent to Theodoric and his heirs of land which was of Brihtmar the priest (presbiteri); rent 10s. p.a.; to hold as long as the rent is paid; the agreement made before all the canons; witnesses, Te(u)redus the priest, Aluricus the priest, Richard the priest, Bra(n)dus, Godacus Murta, Henry son of Turgisius, Theodoric the Moneyer who entered upon this land gave ½ mark of silver as gersuma to the canons.

625. [List of those paying rent]: Theodoric (Teodoricus); Geoffrey Bu[ciunc]te; Gilbert Festigart; William Ely, sacristan of St. Paul's; John Carpenter; Robert Osekyn; William Melford, 1 Ed. II; Alan Brancestre, 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Alan Brancestere, 6 Ed. III; Christine Salman, 30 Ed. III; Nicholas de Chaddesden and Geoffrey de Chaddesden appropriated this tenement for the chantry of Master Henry de Chaddesden, former archdeacon of Leicester, as appears by inquisition taken before Stephen de Caundysch, escheator, 36 Ed. III.

626. [1362–3] Inquisition declares that it is not to the damage etc. of the king to concede to Master Nicholas, clerk, and Geoffrey de Chaddesden, parson of the church of Longwatton, executors of the will of Master Henry de Chaddesden, former archdeacon of Leicester, that they may give and assign a messuage in Brisstret and one in Paternosterstret which are worth 53s. 4d. from which is paid to St. Paul's 5s. p.a. and to Holy Trinity 10s. p.a. paid at present by the occupants of the said tenements; and this tenement is situated on the north side of Paternoster street.

627. Note: Benet abbot of Stratford granted to Peter prior and convent 8s. p.a. of quit rent from certain land which was of John Marny which Godfrey the Chamberlain held of the same monks in the parish of St. Faith as appears in Charter Fourteen (fn. 1) of several parishes.

628. [List of those paying quit rent]: Godfrey the Chamberlain; Laurence the Scot (Scotus); Geoffrey the Chamberlain [See also after 629] who recognised the annual rent as follows.

629. Final concord made between Richard prior and convent and Geoffrey the Chamberlain concerning a tenement which Laurence Scot, goldsmith, held in the parish of St. Faith and concerning which the prior had impleaded Geoffrey as gavelet; Geoffrey recognises in full Husting that he owes 8s. p.a. for the tenement which is of the fee of Holy Trinity and concedes for himself and his heirs that the canons may enter, take naam and distrain until the rent is paid; sealed by Geoffrey; done Mon. 21 [sic] Aug. 1222, the 1st year of Richard's priorate; acting for the mayor (agente vices maioris), Richard Renger, sheriff, William Jonner, Thomas Lambert; witnesses, Serlo Crassus, John Viel.

C.A.D., ii, A 2185.

628 contd. John Carpenter; Roger de Chichester (Cicestria); John de London; John Teveresham, 1 and 19 Ed. II and 1 and 6 Ed. III; William Teveresham, 30 Ed. III; Reginald Irchestre, 49 Ed. III; David Mort, 8 Ric. II.

630. Total of this parish 18s. and thus it is tithed by the king as it appears in the king's exemplification.


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