Parishes: St Michael Wood Street

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The Cartulary of Holy Trinity, Aldgate. Originally published by London Record Society, London, 1971.

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[f. 121v] In the parish of St. Michael in Wodestret

658. [1222–48] Grant by Richard prior and convent to Geoffrey de Essex, goldsmith, of land next the land of Thomas de A(u)deville on the east containing in length 23 ells and in width on the north side 10¼ ells and on the south 10¼ ells; rent 5s. p.a.', if the grantee or his heirs wish to sell or lease the fee, the canons to have the preference by one gold bezant; swore fealty; gersuma 20s.; witnesses, Norman Blund, draper, Walter Travers, goldsmith.

C.A.D., ii, A 2718.

659. [List of those paying rent]: Geoffrey the Goldsmith; Stephen Wa(n)delworth; Geoffrey Frowyk; John Eylond; Edmund Blak who granted the land to Walter Fynchyngfeld who paid 5s. as appears by charter (fn. 1) enrolled 10 Ed. I; he granted the land to Robert Burchayn as appears by charter (fn. 2) enrolled 1 Ed. II; Robert Burchayn, 19 Ed. II and 1 Ed. III; Thomas Pypehurst, 33 Ed. III [See also after 660] as appears by the following plea.

660. Common plea held in the Husting, Mon. 4 Nov. 1359.

Thomas Pipehurst complained that on Wed. 31 July 1359 the prior came to the pl.'s free tenement in the parish of St. Michael Hoggenlane and took naam worth 6s. 8d. until by gage and pledge of John Burys and John de Bernes, former sheriffs, etc. and the prior defending his action said that the tenement was held of him at a rent of 5s. p.a. and that it was 35s. in arrears for seven years past and that 5s. was taken for one year and 20d. for part of another year; Thomas said that he had no interest except iure uxoris Joan; he was ordered to have his wife at the next Husting; plea continued Mon. 16 Nov. 1360 when the prior by his attorney, Alan de Horewod, and Thomas by his attorney, John Dauncere, and Joan by her guardian were present and they could not deny that they held of the prior and convent and that the rent was in arrears; the prior retains his naam; Thomas was in mercy; the prior remitted the arrears to Joan and Thomas.

659 contd. Henry Frowyk, 48 Ed. III and 8 Ric. II; John Wyssingshed as appears by the following acquittance.

661. Acquittance of Robert Percy, rent collector of Holy Trinity, that he has received from J. Wyssyngshede 30s. from a tenement in the parish of St. Michael Wodestret; abutments, the tenement of John himself on [f. 122] the north and the lane of Ingestret on the south and the king's highway of Wodestret on the east, in full payment of all arrears of a quit rent of 5s. p.a.; seal of the office of the rent-collector and of John attached; dated, 4 Apr. 1412, and the tenement is situated on the west side of Wodestret [27 lines blank].

C.A.D., ii, A 2460.

662. Total of this parish 5s.


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