House of Lords Journal Volume 1: Note of acts

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 1, 1509-1577. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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Page 235

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Index Statutorum conclusorum in secunda Sessione Parliamenti inchoati apud Westm. tertio die Novembris, anno Regni Regis Henrici Octavi xxxiiii°, et continuati usque in duodecimum diem Maii, anno dicti Domini nostri Tricesimo quinto.


AN Act concerning certain Lands to be assured to the Heirs of the Lady Draicote.

An Act for the Lands of John Strelleye, to be divided amongst his Daughters.

An Act for the Exchange of certain Lands, between the most Reverend Father in God the Archbishop of Caunterburye, Sir John Gage, Knight, and Thomas Culpepp'. Esquire.

28. An Act for the Edification of a Windmill and a Conduit at the King's Majesty's Town of Pole, in the County of Dorss.

34. An Act for the three Children of Robert Dethicke, to be made Denizens.

31. A like Act for the making Denizens two Children of Thomas Brandoling.

10. An Act for the true making of Pins.

An Act for the Confirmation of the Collegiate Church of Sowthwell, in the County of Nott.

25. An Act that Fines in Towns Corporate shall be made as the same have been in Times past.

12. An Act that Persons being no common Surgeons may minister Medicines outward, notwithstanding the Statute made in the Third Year of the King's Majesty's Reign.

16. An Act for the Paving of certain Lanes and Streets in London and Westmynstre.

3. An Act for the Subsidy of the Temporalty.

4. An Act for the Subsidy of the Clergy granted of both Provinces, Caunterburye and Yorke.

An Act declaring the Children of Elizabeth Burghe to be Bastards.

32. An Act of Restitution in Name and Blood to Walter Hungreforde and Edward Nevile.

An Act for the Assurance of the Inheritance of Hughe Denys.

An Act for the Assurance of a Joynture to Anne Sidney.

11. An Act to authorize certain of the King's Majesty's Council to set Prices upon Wines to be sold by Retail.

1. An Act for the Explanation of the Statute of Wills.

8. An Act for the Assize of Wood and Coal.

An Act for an Exchange of certain Lands between the Bishop of Norwiche and Thomas Paston, Esquire, one of the Gentlemen of the King's Majesty's Privy Chamber.

9. An Act against such Persons as do make Bankrupt.

18. An Act for a Certificate of Convicts, to be made into the King's Bench.

30. An Act for the Treasurership of the Cathedral Church of Sar. to be assured to Dr. Robertson, and also for the Assurance of the Archdeaconry of Taunton to Dr. Redman.

17. An Act for Knights and Burgesses to have Places in the Parliament for the County Palatine and City of Chestre.

19. An Act touching the Dean and Chapter of Wells to be one sole Chapter of itself.

13. An Act for the Preservation of the River of Severne.

20. An Act for Sheriffs to be discharged upon their Accounts, and to have Allowance for their reasonable Expences in the Court of the Exchequer.

27. An Act for the Assurance of certain Lands to John Hynde, Serjeant at Law, and to his Heirs, paying therefore yearly Ten Pounds, towards the Charges of the Knights of Cambridgeshire, for the Time being.

21. An Act for the new erected Bishops to pay their Tenths into the Court of First Fruits.

An Act for the Assignment of the Lady Cobham's Jointure.

23. An Act to enbarre feign'd Recoveries of Lands wherein the King's Majesty is in Reversion.

14. An Act for true making of Coverlets in Yorke.

2. An Act for the Payment of Pensions and Portions granted out of the late Abbeys.

26. An Act for the due Execution of Proclamations.

36. An Act for the Impropriation of the Parsonage of Strubbye, in Lincolnshire, to the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln.

15. An Act for the true making of Fryzes and Cottons in Wales.

33. An Act for making Free Denizens the Children of William Maye.

29. An Act of Exchange of the Manor of Clerkenwell, between the King's Majesty and the Duke of Norff.

An Act for the Bastardy of the Lady Parre's Children.

5. An Act for certain Ordinances in the King's Majesty's Dominions and Principality of Wales.

An Act for the Determination of all Controversies between Sir William Barentyne and Sir Roger Lewkener, Knights.


An Act for the Exchange of certain Lands between the King's Majesty and Sir Bryane Tuke, Knight.

35. An Act for the Assurances of the Clerkship of the Treasury and Warrants in the King's Bench to John Payne, during his Life.

24. An Act for the Confirmation of Letters Patents, notwithstanding Misnaming of any Thing contained in the same.

6. An Act for the Advancement of true Religion, and for the Abolishment of the contrary.

22. An Act for Caunterburye, concerning their Privileges.

7. An Act concerning Collectors and Receivers.


  • 1. This Parliament that follows, was misplaced in binding the Original.