Affairs of the East India Company: Minutes of evidence, list of witnesses

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 62, 1830. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, [n.d.].

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Minutes of Evidence.

LIST OF WITNESSES. Page in Printed Report.
Alsager, Captain R. a Commander in the Naval Service of The East India Company, 709 to 720.
Baber, T. H. Esq. in Revenue Department, and a Judicial Officer in Malabar - Zillah Judge in Tillicherry and Mangalore - Third Judge, and afterwards Chief Judge, of the Provincial Court of Circuits and Appeal in the Western Division - Collector and Political Agent of the Southern Mahratta Country, 306 to 343.
Bates, Joshua, Esq. an American Merchant trading to China, a Partner in the House of Baring and Company, 545 to 566.
Briggs, Colonel John, Political Agent in Candeish, 435 to 451.
Brown, Mr. William, Merchant and Agent trading to America and China, 637 to 642.
Bruddock, Mr. John, a Cotton Merchant in London, 477 to 481.
Carruthers, Mr. G. A. late a Shipper of Cottons in the Brazils, 481 to 484.
Chaplin, W. Esq. Registrar and Subordinate Collector in the Ceded Districts - Principal Collector and Political Agent in the Southern Mahratta Country - Sole Commissioner in the Deccan, 277 to 293.
Christian, H. G. Esq. Collector of the Land Revenue in the Upper Provinces, and a Commissioner to restore Land unjustly sold, 65 to 74.
Clark, Richard, Esq. late in the Sudder Adawlut - Member of the Board of Revenue, and Tamul Translator to the Government, 147 to 154.
Cotton, John, Esq. Collector of Revenue at Tinivelly and Tanjore, 155 to 157.
Craufurd, John, Esq. General Agent for the Merchants and other Inhabitants of Calcutta and Bengal, 512 to 522.
629 to 636.
Davidson, R. Esq. a Merchant of London - formerly an Indigo Planter, 385 to 398.
Davidson, W. S. Esq. a Private Merchant and General Agent at Canton, 667 to 672.
673 to 680.
Dunlop, Mr. Allan C. an Indigo Planter under a local Licence from Government, 485 to 489.
Durant, Enoch, Esq. a Silk Broker in London, 465 to 471.
East, Sir Edw. Hyde, Bart. M P. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at Calcutta, 97 to 136.
226 to 228.
Elphinstone, The Hon. Mount Stuart, Assistant to the Judge at Benares - Assistant Secretary to the Resident at Poona - Political Assistant to The Duke of Wellington - Resident at Nagpoor - Resident in Scindia's Camp - Envoy to Caubal - Resident at Poona - Commissioner of the Conquered Territory of the Peishwa - Governor of Bombay, 243 to 276.
Everett, C. Esq. an - American Commission Merchant, engaged in the Export of British Manufactures to China, 567 to 582.
Fleming, W. M. Esq. Second Judge of the Court of Circuit at Patna, 84 to 96.
Fortescue, T. Esq. Commissioner of Delhi, 34 to 46.
Harris, George, Esq. a Free Merchant in India - Indigo Planter - Assistant to the Salt Agent at Bullooah, 453 to 465.
Hodgson, John, Esq. late Assistant to the Collector of Land Revenue - Secretary to Government in the Revenue and Judicial Departments - Secretary to the Special Commission for permanently settling the Land Revenue - Member of the Board of Revenue - Member of Council at Madras, 365 to 383.
Hyde, Charles, Esq. Collector of Revenue in South Arcot, Chingleput, and Vizagapatam, 172 to 176.
Jenkins, R. Esq. late Political Resident at Nagpoor, 228 to 242.
Johnston, Sir A. (in Ceylon) King's Advocate Fiscal - President of the Council - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court - Judge of the High Court of Appeal, and Judge of the Admiralty Court, 187 to 198.
213 to 223.
Kelly, Dr. Patrick, 435
509 to 511.
Larkins, J. P. Esq. late Assistant to the Opium Agent at Bahar - Sub Export Warehousekeeper - one of the Board of Trade, Salt, Customs and Opium - Reporter on External and Internal Commerce, and Inspector of Company's Investments of Silk and Piece Goods, 27 to 30.
Lloyd, Thomas Gore, Esq. Accountant General of The East India Company, 5 to 11.
31 to 34.
Magniac, Hollingworth, Esq. Merchant, and Agent at Canton for Persons engaged in the Country Trade of India, 617 to 629.
Mangles, R. D. Esq. Deputy Secretary to Government in the Territorial and Judicial Departments, 47 to 63.
Maxfield, Capt. W. in the Naval Service of The East India Company, 600 to 615.
Melvill, J. C. Esq. Auditor General of The East India Company, 5 to 11.
31 to 34.
177 to 178.
199 to 212.
225 to 226.
Mills, Mr. Thomas, a Wholesale Tea Dealer in London, 680 to 695.
Milne, Mr. Richard, an Englishman carrying on Trade to China from America, 642 to 650.
Ramsay, Hon. Andrew, late in the Commercial, Salt, and Revenue Departments in Bengal, 345 to 364.
Rice, Sir Ralph, Recorder of Prince of Wales Island, and afterwards a Puisne Judge of the King's Supreme Court at Bombay, 137 to 147.
Rickards, R. Esq. Private Secretary to Mr. Duncan, Governor of Bombay - Commissioner in Malabar - Chief Secretary at Bombay - Principal Collector of Malabar - Member of the Government at Bombay, 417 to 434.
491 to 507.
Ricketts, John William, Esq. (Half-caste,) late Deputy Registrar to the Board of Customs in Calcutta, 295 to 306.
Robertson, T. C. Esq. First Assistant in Judicial Department of Dacca, Patna, and Cawnpoor, afterwards Commissioner in Chittagong, Ava, and Arracan, 157 to 172.
Ryder, Mr. Arthur, a Cotton Dealer in London, 473 to 476.
Shaw, Mr. Richard, Manufacturer of Bombasins and Camlets at Norwich 697 to 707.
Sherer, J. W. Esq. Late Accountant General of Bengal, 14 to 15.
Simpson, Mr. John, Insurance Broker, London, 599 to 600.
Smith, Courteney, Esq. Judge of the Sudder Adawlut, 74 to 84.
Strange, Sir Thomas, Recorder at Madras, afterwards Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at Madras, 398 to 405.
415 to 417.
Stewart, J. Esq. M. P. Commander of a Ship, and Agent in the China Trade, 583 to 597.
Swinton, Samuel, Esq. late a Civil Servant of The East India Company - Commercial Resident at several Stations - Opium Agent at Malwa - Chief of the Board of Salt, Opium and Customs, 15 to 27.
Toone, F. H. Esq. Civil Servant of The East India Company in China, 523 to 543.
Urmston, Sir J. B. President of The East India Company's Factory at Canton, 651 to 667.
Warden, Thomas, Esq. a Judge of the Provincial Court of Appeal, and Principal Collector of Malabar, 178 to 187.
Wilson, Stephen, Esq. late a Silk Manufacturer, 405 to 414.
Wood, Henry, Esq. late Accountant General of Bengal, 13.