House of Lords Journal Volume 9: 14 April 1647

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Journal of the House of Lords: Volume 9, 1646. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1767-1830.

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DIE Mercurii, 14 die Aprilis.

PRAYERS, by Dr. Hoyle.

Domini præsentes fuerunt:

Comes Manchester, Speaker.

Comes Kente.
Comes Suffolke.
Comes Lyncolne.
L. Viscount Say & Seale.
Ds. Robertes.
Ds. Howard.
Ds. North.
Ds. Maynard.
Ds. (fn. 1) Hunsdon.

Captain Grigg to have his Arrears.

Ordered, That whereas Captain Grigg was recommended to the House of Commons, as a Person fit, in regard of his good Service to the State, to have a Place bestowed upon him; but, because it being referred to the Committee for the Admiralty, and they have done nothing in it, to (fn. 2) recommend it to the House of Commons, that some Part of his Arrears may be paid, for his Subsistence, to keep him from Want and Misery.

L. Maynard against Ly. Rich, for taking away Miss Rogers.

Upon Complaint made to this House this Day, by the Lord Maynard, "That a Child, named Mrs. Eliz. Rogers, living in his Lordship's House, was taken out of his House, without his Consent or Privity, by the Lady Rich; which, his Lordship conceives, is a Breach of the Privilege due to him as a Peer of this Realm, being taken out of his House, under his Lordship's Protection:"

Hereupon it is Ordered, That it is referred to these Lords following, to examine the Matter of Fact; and have Power to send for such Persons as they shall think fit, to inform them therein; and afterwards to make Report thereof to this House:

Comes Lyncolne.
L. Viscount Say & Seale.
Comes Manchester.
Comes Suffolke.
Ds. North.
Ds. Hunsdon.
Ds. Howard.
Ds. Robertes.

Any Three, to meet on Saturday next, in the Afternoon, at Three a Clock; and to adjourn from Time to Time afterwards as they shall see Cause.

Ordered, That this Committee is revoked.

Letter from Gen. Skippon.

A Letter from Major General Skippon, was read. (Here enter it.)

Cler. Parl. Leave to be absent.

Ordered, That the Clerk of the Parliaments shall have Leave to be absent from the attending this House To-morrow, upon some Business which concerns him.

L. Maynard's Complaint against Ly. Rich.

Ordered, That the Complaint of the Lord Maynard, for taking Mrs. Eliz. Rogers out of his House against his Knowledge or Consent, shall be heard, at this Bar, on Tuesday Morning next, the First Business; and then Witnesses on both Sides shall be heard.

Wye, condemned for Coining, Petition to be reprieved.

Upon reading the Petition of Thomas Wye Innholder, who is condemned at the Assizes in Essex, for Coining of Money; but he pretends he is (fn. 3) not guilty of the Fact: Therefore desires to be reprieved, and the Matter of Fact further examined, because he that committed the Fact is sled, lying at his House:"

It is Ordered, That Mr. Serjeant (fn. 4) Cheshold shall see the Petition, and certify to this House, in Writing under his Hand, To-morrow Morning, whether he did reprieve the Petitioner, and upon what Grounds he did it; and Mr. Serjeant Fynch is appointed to acquaint Mr. Serjeant (fn. 4) Creshold herewith, and give this House an Account To-morrow Morning.

Message to the H. C. about the following Particulars.

A Message was sent to the House of Commons, by Sir. Edward Leech and Dr. Aylett:

1. To put them in Mind of Mr. Sicke's Business, Merchant of Hull.

2. To put them in Mind of Captain Grigg's Business, according to the Sense of the House this Day.

3. To put them in Mind of Captain John Arthur's Business.

4. To recommend to them the Petition of Sara Robinson.

Ordinance to raise Money for the Forces in England and Ireland.

The Ordinance for raising Monies, by Way of Assessments, for the Maintenance of the Forces in England and Ireland, was read the Second Time; and Ordered to be committed to the Committee of the whole House, and to be taken into Consideration on Tuesday Morning next.

Ordinance concerning Compositions by the Court of Wards.

An Ordinance was this Day brought in, concerning Compositions formerly made by the Court of Wards and Liveries; and read Twice, and Ordered to be committed to the whole House, to be taken into Consideration To-morrow Morning.

Fenn to be instituted to Albrough.

Ordered, That Dr. Aylett shall give Institution and Induction to Mr. George Fenn Master of Arts, to the Rectory of Albrough, in the County of Norfolke; taking the Covenant; he being presented thereunto by Sir Wm. Platers Baronet, and Sir Ric'd Onslow, the Patrons: This to be with a salvo Jure cujuscunque.

Thorne's Bail.

"Gyles Thorne Cler. recognovit se debere Domino Regi in 200
"Robertus Whitbrooke, de Lond. Draper, recognovit se debere Domino Regi in 100
"Et Joh'nes Ward, de Lond. Vintner, recognovit se debere Domino Regi in 100

"The Condition of the abovesaid Recognizance is, That if the abovesaid Gylges Thorne shall render himself a true Prisoner where now he is, after the Expiration of Six Weeks after the Date hereof, that then this Recognizance shall be void; or else to remain in full Force, Power, and Virtue."

Letter from Gen. Skippon, for a Deputy Governor to be sent to relieve him at Newcastle; and desiring to be excused serving in Ireland.

"To the Right Honourable Edward Earl of Manchester, Speaker of the Right Honourable the House of Peers assembled in Parliament at Westm'r. These, with Speed and Trust, present.

"Right Honourable,

"I have been (as I have humbly made known to the Honourable House of Commons) much troubled, since I had some Intimation of, and yet (hitherto) not to have received, the Order from the Right Honourable Houses of Parliament, requiring me to repair to the Army, and to depute One to command here in my Absence; so that, although I have expected the same Daily, and have been Hourly ready for my Journey, yet, not knowing what may have been the Obstruction that it hath not been sent, nor what to do without it, I am in a very great Streight; not knowing how it might be taken, if I should remove from hence, and appoint a Deputy here, without it. I most humbly pray to know certainly the Parliament's Pleasure therein; and I shall (God assisting) readily obey the same.

"And now, Right Honourable, if ever it shall seem good to this Right Honourable House, to vouchsafe me any more Favour (whose former Favours towards me (unworthy) are more than I can mention), my most humble and earnest Suit is, and that with as much Unfeignedness as I can beg any Thing from the Hand of Man, and as I have in like Manner besought the Honourable House of Commons, that I may be excused from the Service of Ireland; for the cordial Furtherance of which, although (any other Way I can) I shall not be wanting, yet I am so sensible of my own Indisposedness of Mind, Inability of Body, Distractedness of Estate and Family, that I ingenuously confess myself unfit and unable to undertake or undergo such an Employment. I am, with all most humble Thankfulness, willingly ready (with all Submissiveness) to lay down all I am and have in this World, yea my very Life and all, at the Parliament's Service, wherein my Heart told me I were fit to (fn. 5) serve the Public: But in this it doth not; and therefore again, in the most submissive Manner that I can, I beseech this Right Honourable House to be pleased to spare me in this Business.

"And I beseech you, my most noble Lord, to afford your best Furtherance on my Behalf herein, whereby, I assure your Lordship, you shall (more than I can express) oblige,

Newcastle, the 8th of April, 1647.

"Right Honourable,
Your Lordship's
Most humble
and true-hearted Servant,
Ph. Skippon."


House adjourned till 10a cras.


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