The Register: Kirkconnel (Galloway)

Pages 47-48

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Kirkconnel, Galloway.

116. (C. p. 91; D. art. 82).—William f. Michael de Kirkeconeuel grants to Holmcoltran for the souls of himself and wife, ancestors and successors, half of all the land between Polleychos and Grenesiche, from Polleroth to the water of Nid [river Nith] and half the moss in the land of Kirkconeuel within these bounds:— as Polleroth descends into Polleychos, and as Polleychos falls into the water of Nid on the north side, and from Polleroth on the south, by the outside of the moss to Grenesyche, and down as Grenesiche falls into the water of Nid on the south side; with all liberties, etc. Witnesses—Sir Gilbert, bishop of Candida Casa, Sir Michael, his archdeacon, etc. [Kirkconnel in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright is 5 miles south of Dumfries. Chancellor Prescott (Wetherhal 86n) thought that 'Christian' ought to be read for 'Gilbert'; but bishop Christian was dead before this period. Gilbert had been master of the novices at Melrose, then abbot of Glenluce, and was bishop of Whithorn at the time of this charter, 1235–53.]


117. (C. p. 92; D. art. 82).—Thomas f. Andrew de Kyrconeuel in Galwithia grants to Holmcoltran abbey half of the land and moss with le Kyrcfrerd [or Hyrisperd ?] lying between Polchos and Grenescych in Kyrconeuel, adjacent to the other half of the same land and moss which William f. Michael de Kyrconeuel granted to the monks, by these bounds:—as Polleroth descends into Polchos; as Polchos falls into the Nith on the north part, and from Polleroth on the south to the head of Faldelenay, to the wooden cross and the crossed oaks as he himself caused them to be marked; and so by the outside of the moss to Grenesik and down Grenesik by the sands to the Nith on the south. Witnesses—Sir John, abbot of Sweetheart, Sir John de Geveliston and Sir David de Torthorald, knights, Michael f. Durand, Walter and John his sons, William de Sto. Claro, Adam de Culwenne, Thomas de Arbigland, Adam le Furbeur, Andrew de Kirkoneuill, etc. [By the witnesses c. 1280–90.)

118. (C. p. 93; D. art. 82).—Andrew f. Michael de Kyrconeuel quitclaims to Holm abbey all rights in half the land and moss between Polchos and Grenesyk in Kyrconeuel which his grandfather William de Kyrconeuel granted; [c. 1270–80].

119. (C. p. 94; D. art. 82).—Andrew f. Michael de Kyrconeuel by desire of Cecilia his wife, grants to Holm abbey for a certain sum of money a ploughed field (cultura) in the land of Kyrconeuel called Mustardgarth, and as much as the monks can reclaim towards the sea, with rights of way for carts, etc. and pasture for one horse and one cow, with one stirk and one bullock. [c. 1270–80.]

[C. p. 95 contains the beginning of no. 147 repeated and continued below; then follow three blank pages.]