The Register: Mabie (Galloway)

Pages 56-57

Register and Records of Holm Cultram. Originally published by T Wilson & Son, Kendal, 1929.

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Mabie (Galloway).

142. (C. p. 113).—Alan f. Roland, constable of Scotland, confirms to Durand f. Christin all the land called Mayby and Achencork, which Robert f. Symon granted him within his fee of Kirkconnel, by these bounds:—by Carepoll to Locisfernam, to Altaladi, to Polcos, to Polleroth, to Garpol, to Furan Gilbanan, to Polingouir, to Locangre, to the oaks which have crosses; thence to the path by the house of Gilleker, and from that path to the burn which runs near the gate (hostium) of Gillecolum f. Patin, and from that burn to Locisfernam as [the burn] falls into Locisfernam; saving to him and his heirs the services due to the grantor [1200–34].

[Pedigree of De Mabie]

143. (C. p. 113; D. art. 82).—Durand f. Cristin grants to Holm abbey the land called Achancork which Robert f. Symon granted him in his fee of Kyrkeconeuel, by the same bounds as in Robert's charter [no. 142]; rent one mark of silver for all services. Robert to do forinsec service for this part of the fee of Kyrkeconuel. [The caption in C. is 'Carta Durandi de Mayby.' Before 1234.]

144. (C. p. 115; D. art. 82).—Bridoch, widow of Durand f. Christian, confirms the grant of Mayby and Achencork [sic, including Mayby. After no. 143.]

145. (C. p. 115; D. art. 82).—Andrew f. Robert f. Symon confirms [no. 143; c. 1276].

146. (C. p. 116; D. art. 82).—William f. Michael de Kyrkconeuel grants to Holm abbey all rights in Mayby and Achencork in the fee of Kyrkeconeuel, and confirms the grants of Robert f. Symon and Andrew his son concerning a fishery in the Nid [no. 149; dated by no. 116, 1235–53].