September 1647: An Ordinance for Constituting and Setling of the Committee of the Militia of the City of London. With the names of them therein expressed.

Pages 1007-1008

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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September, 1647

[2 September, 1647.]

Names of Committee of London Militia.; Powers.; May appoint and dismiss officers.

The Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, taking into their serious Consideration of the present state and condition of the Kingdome of England, and particularly of the City of London, Do Ordaine and Declare, And be it Ordained and Declared by the Authority of the Parliament, That Isaac Pennington, Sir John Wollaston, Tho. Atkin, John Warner, John Fowke, William Gibbs, Thomas Andrewes, Thomas Foote, Symon Edmonds Alderman of the said City of London, Major Generall Philip Skippon, Col. John Venn, Francis Allen, Col. Rowland Wilson Jun. Colonell Edmond Harvy, Major Richard Sallaway, Richard Turner Sen., Samuel Warner, William Bartley, William Hobson, James Russel, Colonel Owen Roe, Colonell Thomas Player, Stephen Estwick, Colonell Robert Tichburne Lieutenant of the Tower, Col. Richard Turner, Tempest Milner, William Antrobus, Thomas Noell, Christopher Pack, Thomas Arnold, Col. Nathaniel Camfield, Samuel Moyer, Alexander Normington, Alexander Jones, Maurice Gething, and Mark Hildersley, Citizens, or any nine or more of them, and no other person or persons whatsoever, be, and are hereby constituted and appointed a Committee for the Militia of the City of London and Liberties thereof, and shall have power and are hereby Authorized to assemble and call together all and singular person and persons within the said City of London and Liberties thereof, that are meet and fit for the Wars, and them to Train, Exercise and put in readinesse, and them after their abilities and faculties, well and sufficiently from time to time to cause to be Arrayed and weaponed, and to take the Musters of them in places most fit for that purpose; And that they shall have power to leade, conduct and imploy the persons aforesaid arrayed and weaponed, for the suppression of all Rebellions, Insurrections and Invasions, that may happen within the said City and Liberties thereof; And likewise shall have further power and Authority to Leade, Conduct, and Imploy the Persons aforesaid, Arrayed and Weaponed, as well within the said City as within any other part of this Realme of England or Dominion of Wales, for the suppression of all Rebellions, Insurrections, and Invasions that may happen, according as they shall from time to time receive directions from the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament And that the said Committee, or any nine or more of them as aforesaid, shall have power, and are hereby authorized to constitute and make Colonels, Captaines, and other officers, and shall have power to remove and displace Colonels, Captaines, and other officers from time to time, as they, or any nine or more of them as aforesaid shall see cause and thinke fit; and that the said Committee, or any nine or more of them as aforesaid, shall have the same power and authority within the said City and Liberties thereof, as any Committee for the Militia of the City of London had the twentieth day of July, Anno Dom. 1647. by any Order or Ordinance of Parliament.


And that all and every Person or Persons who shall Act, or doe any Act or thing whatsoever by vertue of this, or any former Order or Ordinances of Parliament concerning the said Militia shall be saved harmlesse, and indempnified for and concerning the same by Authority of Parliament.

No citizen of London compellable to serve out side.

And it is hereby further Ordained, That no Citizen of the City of London, nor any of the Forces of the said City, or Liberties thereof, shall bee drawne forth, or compelled to goe out of the said City or Liberties thereof for Military Service, without his or their free consent.

And this present Ordinance is to continue during the pleasure of both Houses of Parliament.