October 1647: An Ordinance for bringing in the Arrears of the Assessments for Sir Thomas Fairfax his Army.

Pages 1025-1026

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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October, 1647

[12 October, 1647.]

Ord. 15 Feb. 1644/5.; Ord. 13 August, 1645.; Ord. 16 April, 1646.; All arrears of former Ords. to be forthwith collected and paid.; Army Committee may exercise; all powers given by former Ord. of June 23.; Further powers.

Whereas by an Ordinance of Parliament bearing date the 15 February, 1644, severall summes of Money were to be taxed, leavied and payed for the maintenance of the Army under Sir Thomas Fairfax, by a Monethly assessment, to continue for Ten Moneths upon the City of London, the Liberties thereof, and the severall Counties therein mentioned, from the said 15 of Febr. unto the first of December, 1645. And whereas by another Ordinance of the 13 of August, 1645. the said recited Ordinance of 15 Febr. and the severall taxes, and payments therein expressed, were Ordained to endure, and have continuance for six Moneths longer, from the said first day of December, 1645. untill the first day of June next following, 1646. unto all intents and purposes therein mentioned. And whereas by an Ordinance of the 16 April 1646. the said Ordinance of 15 Febr. 1644. with all the severall taxes and payments therein expressed, were Ordained to continue for foure Moneths longer, from the said first day of June 1646. untill the first day of October following: And whereas very great and considerable summes of Money remaine in Arrear, and yet unpaid, upon those severall Ordinances, within the Citie of London, and Liberties, and other Cities and Counties, especially through the default and wilfull neglect of Assessors, Collectors, and others appointed for that service, to the discouragement of those that have willingly payed, very evil example of all others, and great hinderance of the payment of the Army. The Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled, doe therefore hereby Ordaine and Declare, and be it Ordained and Declared, That all the said severall summs of Money being Arrear, and unpaid upon any of the said recited Ordinances, be forthwith assessed, collected, and payed according to the said Ordinances, And to the end that there may be no longer delay in a matter of so great concernment, for the present service of the Kingdome; The said Lords and Commons doe further Declare and Ordaine, That all persons nominated and appointed by the said severall recited Ordinances to assesse, collect, or pay, or authorize to cause to be assessed, collected, or payed the said summes of Money in those Ordinances mentioned, doe forthwith take care for the full and speedy assessing, collecting, and paying in thereof. And it is further Ordained, That the Committee of the Army, appointed by an Ordinance of the 23 of September last, or any five of them, for the more speedy and effectuall bringing in of the Money so in Arrear shall, and may exercise and use all such Powers and Authorities as are thereby given, mentioned, expressed, and declared for the bringing in of the said Assessments upon the Ordinance of the 23 June last past; and shall have further power and authority to take and set downe such Order and Orders as they shall think fit, for the full assessing, and due collecting of the severall summes in Arrear as aforesaid, and for the leavying of the same, with the Charges and expences thereof by Distresse, and sale of the Goods of any person, or persons, and Bodies Politique or Corporate, refusing or neglecting to make payment according to the said Ordinance.

Persons obliging distress to pay double.

And if any person or persons and Bodies Politique and Corporate that are, or shall be assessed, and are in Arreare upon the said Ordinances, doe refuse to pay or satisfie such summe or summes of money as he or they shall be, or are assessed unto, and are in arreare, doe not within ten dayes after publication of this Ordinance, or demand made by the Collector, pay unto the respective Collectors the severall summe and summes of money assessed and taxed upon them, so as the said moneys must of necessity be leavied by distresse, that in such case every person or persons, and Bodies Politique and Corporate, that thereupon shall be distrained, shall forfeit and pay double the proportion whereat he first was assessed, with charges incident thereunto, the same penaltie and charges to be leavied by distresse.

Penalty for defaulting Assessors, collectors, etc.

And it is further Ordained, That the said Committee, or any five of them, shall have power, and are hereby authorized by their agents or persons imployed by them, to seize and secure to the use of the State all money, goods, chattels, and personal estate of every Assessor, Collector, or other person or persons making default or refusing to distraine, or otherwise to doe their duty concerning the assessing, collecting, and leavying of the said money by distresse or otherwise; and if for the space of ten dayes after the said seizing and securing of the said personall estate of the parties aforesaid, they or any of them shall continue in their neglect or refusall to do their duties, the said Committee, or any five of them, shall have power and are hereby authorized, to sell, sequester; and dispose of the personall estate of such person or persons so seized and secured for the payment of the Army and Forces under the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax.


And be it lastly Ordained, that the Forces under the command of Sir Thomas Fairfax, Committee of the Militia of London, and the Trained Bands within the said City, and other Cities and Counties, and all Mayors, Sheriffes, Justices of the Peace and Committees, and all other officers and persons whatsoever are to be aiding and assisting, and are hereby required to be aiding and assisting unto the said Committee, and such as shall be imployed by them in the service above-said.