October 1648: A Declaration and Ordinance for Sequestering the Estates both real and personal of Delinquents, to be imployed for and towards the raising and maintaining of a Troop of Horse, for the Service of the Parliament within the County of Surrey.

Pages 1222-1223

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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October, 1648.

[18 October, 1648.]

Estates of all engaged in Earl of Holland's Rebellion to be sequestered.;Profits of estates sequestered to be for maintaining Troop of Horse in Surrey.; Power to fine and compound with delinquents.; Additional Commissioners of Sequestrations for Surrey.; Power to raise further sums in Surrey.; Proviso.

Forasmuch as divers ill-affected persons have endeavoured to raise a new War in this Kingdom, tending to the ruine of this present Parliament, and the destruction of all wel-affected persons that have adhered thereunto, contrary to the Laws of the Kingdom, and to the Declarations and Orders of Parliament made therein, whereby all such persons as have or shall raise Force against the Power and Authority of Parliament, and against the Forces raised by Authority of Parliament, for the defence of Parliament and Kingdome, are and have been from time to time declared Traytors: Be it therefore Ordained and Declared by the said Lords and Commons, That the Estates, as well real as personal, of all such person or persons as have been in Armes in the late Rebellion raised by the Earl of Holland, and others in the County of Surrey, or any other their adherents, and also all and every other person or persons that have sent in unto their aid and assistance, either Money, Men, Horse, Arms or Ammunition, or have indeavoured either by providing themselves, or persuading others to send in any aid or assistance to the said Forces; And by reason of the said Earl's departure out of the said County, came short of such their intended aid and assistance; As also the Estates of all such persons tying and being within the said County of Surrey, as did aid and assist the like late Re bellion in the County of Kent, Essex, or Sussex, or that have taken any Horse or plundered any person of his Goods, for or towards the maintenance of any Forces against the Parliament and shall prove to be comprized within the Terms and Directions of such Ordinances of Parliament, as have been formerly made and published concerning Sequestration of Delinquents Estates, shall be forthwith seized and Sequestred into the hands of the Sequestrators and Committees of the said County formerly named for the Sequestration of Delinquents Estates, who are to pursue all Powers and directions in the execution thereof as in and by the said former Ordinances of Sequestrations declared: And it is hereby Ordained and Declared, That all the Profits arising out of all or any the said Delinquents Estates lying and being in the said County, shall be imployed towards the raising and maintaining of a Troop of Horse for the Service of the Parliament within the said County, for the preservation of the Peace and Safety of the same; And the said Committee, or any seven of them, have hereby power and authority given them to set Fines, and make Compositions with all and every the said Delinquents, (as were not at that time actually Sequestred for former Delinquencies) according to the Rules prescribed and set down for Goldsmiths' Hall for such Estates only as lye within the said County, certifying the Committee sitting for compositions at Goldsmiths Hall, the names of the persons, and the sums so set, and to imploy the moneys so raised for the uses aforesaid: And it is further Ordered, That Sir William Brereton, Bart. John Lloyd Esq; Charles Lord Car, John Thyn, Arthur Squib, George Duncomb of Shalford, William Ellyot Esq; Sir Robert Needham Knight; Thomas Scot, Richard Salway, and William Owfield Esquires, be added unto the Committee of Sequestrations in the said County of Surrey; And the Committee formerly made for the raising of moneys for the Army under the Command of the now Lord Fairfax, with the Committee for Sequestrations, or any three or more of them, have hereby authority to raise upon the County such further sum or summs of money by way of Assessment, for and towards the raising and maintaining of the said Troop of Horse for the said County, so as the sum exceed not Four hundred pounds per mensem, which said moneys are to be levied according to the rules and directions appointed by the Ordinance, for the raising and Levying the moneys for the Army under the Command of Thomas Lord Fairfax, with the several and respective powers therein given and granted; and that such moneys already laid towards the Raising and paying of the said Troop, are hereby allowed of and to be levied accordingly: Provided, That hereafter neither the foresaid past nor future Assessments are to be extended or continued further then the aforementioned provision by the profits of Sequestrations and Compositions, shall fall short of those ends for which they are given by this Ordinance, And if it shall be thought fit by the said Committee to raise a Foot Company for the safety of the County, They are authorized hereby to pay the said Company out of the Sequestration and assessment aforesaid.