March, 1659/60: An Act for Setling the Militia within England and Wales.

Pages 1425-1455

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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March, 1660

[12 March, 1659/60.]

Act of 26 July, 1659, for settling the Militia to be void.

Be it Enacted by this present Parliament, and the Authority thereof, And it is hereby Enacted and Declared, That one Act of Parliament, Entituled, An Act for Setling the Militia in England and Wales, Passed the six and twentieth of July, One thousand six hundred fifty and nine, for Setling the Militia within England and Wales, and all other Acts and Orders concerning the Militia of the Respective Counties, Cities and Places within England and Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed, not in the Established Army, be henceforth Null and Void, with all the Powers therein given, and the Commissions granted in pursuance thereof be, and are hereby Vacated and made Void; And the Levying of Men, Money, Horses or Armes by Vertue thereof, or any further Proceeding thereupon, do Cease and Determine, and be Ceased and Determined.

Names of Commissioners of Militia.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, And it is hereby Enacted, That the Persons hereafter mentioned, shall be and are hereby Appointed to be Commissioners of the Militia of the several Counties and Places hereafter named of England and Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed, viz.:


For the County of Bedford, Earl of Bedford, Earl of Bollingbrook, Earl of Elgin, Lord Russell, Lord Bruse, Sir Roger Burgoyne, Sir William Litton, Sir Beauchampe St. Johns, Sir Samuel Luke, Serjt. Brown, William Beecher, St. John Thompson, Thomas Snagg, Humphrey Winch, Oliver Luke, Edward Cator, John Neale Esqs; Sir Thomas Alston, John Harvey, William Boteler Esqs; Robert Barnardiston, Samuel Bedford, John Wells Esquires, Peter Mallory, Noah Neale, Edward Atwood, John Rotherham of Luton, John Ravens senior, Gent. William Freeman of Statfold, William Spencer Esquires, Thomas Cheney of Sunden Esq; Henry Whitbread Gent. Capt. William Whitbread, John Wells of Layton Gent. Thomas Botheram, Thomas Cheney of Brothrinston, Edmond Wild Esquire, Sir Robert Nappier Baronet; Sir John Duncombe Knight, St. John Charnock Esq; Sir William Palmer, senior, The Mayor of Bedford for the time being, John Easton, Tho. Christie, Major John Barber, John Beaumont, Robert Beverley Esqs; Doctor John Spencer, Simon Becket, Humphrey Monox, John Osborn Esquires, James Beverley, Esq.


For the County of Berks, Sir Robert Pye, Sir George Pratt, Col. Sir John Lenthall, Richard Winwood, George Purefoy, Hungerford Dunch, Peregrine Hobby, Robert Packer, Daniel Blagrave, John Southby, Thomas Fettiplace, Thomas Garret, Humphrey Doleman, Christopher Monck, Thomas Doleman, Roger Knight, Richard Powle, John Elwayes, William Forster, John Harrison of Beachill, Thomas Rich, William Barker, William Hyde, William Trumball, John Blagrave of Southcote, John Fettiplace Esquires, Anthony Barker, Richard Dew, Thomas Southby, Major Richard Fincher, Philip Weston, William Stroude, John Harrison, John Edmonds, William Cook, Benjamin Tipping Gent. Thomas Crape, Alderman of Oakeingham, Henry Hen Esq; George Purefoy junior, John Fettiplace, Samuel Whitwick, John Whitwick Esqs; John Mayot, Robert Mayot, Francis Gillot Gent. The Mayor of Windsor for the time being.


For the County of Buckingham, John Earl of Bridgewater, Robert Earl of Carnarvan, Earl of Manchester, Philip Lord Wharton, Thomas Tyrrill, one of the Commissioners of the Great Seal, Thomas Lord Weinman, Sir Richard Temple, Sir Toby Tyrril, Sir Henry Francis Lee Baronets, Sir Richard Pigot, Sir Henage Proby, Sir William Drake Knights, Sir Richard Napper, Sir Anthony Chester, Baronet, Sir John Witrong, Henry Chester Esq., Edward Russe Esq; Thomas Proby, Edward Russel Esquires, James Herbert, Richard Hampden, Richard Winwood, John Dormer, Francis Ingoldsby, Richard Ingoldsby, George Fleetwood, Edmond West, Simon Meyne, Thomas Scot, Isaac Pennington the elder, Thomas Chaloner, Robert Scowen, Charles Cheynie, Richard Greenvile, Simon Bennet, Thomas Saunders, Robert Lovet, William Persons, Thomas Duncombe of Broughton, Purbeck Temple, Bret Norton, William Bower, Robert Dormer, Henry Andrews, Thomas Lee, Edmond West junior, Thomas White, Christopher Eggleton, Roger Brewer, Thomas Wigg, Richard Meade, Francis Russel, John Browne, Job Gibson, Henry Gold, John Deverell, William Theed of Horton, William Theed of Lebon, William Hill, William Abraham, Robert Aldridge senior, John Stacy, William Grange of St. Leonards, John Green, Edmond Petty, Alexander Crooke. John Smith, John Machell, Christopher Hen, Thomas Bulstrode, William Fleetwoode, William Borlace, Edmond Hampden, William Penn Esquires; Edmond Varney Esquire.


For the Town of Berwick upon Tweed, Sir Thomas Widdrington one of the Commissioners of the Great Seal, Robert Trumbell Mayor, John Sleigh, Ralph Salkeild, Thomas Watson, Aldermen, Richard Stote Recorder, Elias Pratt, Stephen Jackson, Thomas Dickenson; Edward Salkeld, James Scot, Mark Scot, Henry Shett, Roger Armorer, Robert Scowen Esqs; John Rushworth Esq.


For the County of Cambridge, Lord North, Dudley North Knight of Bath, Sir Francis Russel, Sir Thomas Willis, Baronets; Thomas Bennet, Robert Castle, Henry Pickering, William Say, John Lowry, Dudley Pope, Thomas Povey, Thomas Bendish, Thomas Ducket the Elder, James Thomson, Samuel Fortrey, Robert Hammond, Roger Rant, Edward Leeds, John Clark Esqs; Thomas Ducket the younger, the Mayor of Cambridge for the time being, Talbot Pepys Esq; Samuel Spalding, Thomas French, Richard Timbs Thomas Nicholson, John Welbore of Foxton, Mr. — Peirson, of Wittingham, Nathanael Barnardeston, John Cutts, Thomas Wendy, William Russel junior, — Dod, Esqs.


For the Isle of Ely, Oliver St. John Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, John Thurloe Esq; John Trenchard, Tristram Diamond, William Fisher, Thomas Buckworth, John Jenkinson, Robert Beale, Hammond Ward, Thomas Castle Esquires, Serjeant Bernard, Anthony Balaam Esq; Henry Farrar; Thomas Daniel, William Walsham, John Cole, John Coxon, John Walsham of March, Anthony Fisher Esq; George Fairwel Esq.


For the County of Chester, Thomas Earl Rivers, Sir George Booth Baronet, Sir Henry Delves, Sir William Brereton, Baronets, Thomas Stanley, Henry Brook, John Lee of Booths, Richard Leigh of Lyme, George Warburton, Thomas Cholmley of Vale Royall, William Brereton of Brereton, Thomas Manwaring, Roger Grosvenor, Peter Brooke, Peter Stanley, John Crew of Utkinton, John Crew of Crew-hall, Philip Egerton, Edward Leigh of Bagley, Roger Wilbraham, Thomas Croxton, Thomas Marbury, Alexander Fitton, Foulke Lucy, George Vernon, Edward Hide, John Arderne, Robert Cotton of Dumbermeire, William Massey of Mosse, Colonel Henry Bradshawe, Colonel Henry Birkenhead, Jonathan Bruen, Robert Venables, George Mantey, William Touchett, Edward Glegg of Gleyton, Edwd. Glegg of Grange, Thomas Brereton of Edge, John Leech of Carden, Henry Mainwaring of Kermincham, Thomas Wilbraham Esquires, Richard Green of Poulton, Thomas Tannett of Broxton, Major George Malborne, Edward Warren Esq; Major William Fallowes, Captain Thomas Partington, Captain Edward Alcock.

Chester City.

For the County of the City of Chester, Sir William Brereton Baronet, The Mayor for the time being, John Ratcliffe Recorder, Charles Walley, Edward Bradshaw, Richard Bradshaw, William Crompton, William Wright, Peter Leigh, Richard Minshall, Aldermen; Robert Gregg, James Gartside, Richard Golborne Gent. John Witter, William Edwards Alderman, Robert Venables Esq; James Jolly Gent.


For the County of Cornwall, John Lord Roberts, Robert Roberts Sir John Carew, Sir Peter Kelligrewe, Hugh Boscowen, John St. Aubyn, Francis Buller junior, John Elliot, John Moyle, Richard Erisey, Thomas Gewen, Edward Herle, Richard Carter, Anthony Rows, Edmund Prideaux, Thomas Ceeley, John Kendall, John Arundel of Dulo, Edward Buscawen, Henry Spoore junior, — Phillips of Stratton, Nicholas Glynn, John Treis, Lieutenant Colonel Hender. Colonel John Cloberrie, Thomas Carew, John Vyvian, John Buller, John Thomas, George Keckwich of Katchfreach, James Bond, James Erisey, Peter Jenkyn, James Praed, Edward Noseworthy, Thomas Waddon, John Tanner, Edward Elliott, Charles Boscawen, John Carew of Penwarden, James Launce, Walter Vincent, Walter Moyle, John Fox, William Tredinham, John Sylly, John Carter, Francis Vyvian, Nathaniel Moyle, Peter Ceely.


For the County of Cumberland, Algernon Earl of Northumberland, Charls Lord Howard, Lord Wharton, Sir Thomas Widdrington one of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal, Sir Arthur Hesilrig, Sir George Fletcher, Sir Wilfrid Lawson. William Briscoe, John Barwis, Thomas Cradster, Cuthbert Studholm, Lancelot Fletcher, Jeremiah Tolhurst, Thomas Lilburn, Arthur Scafe, William Mawson, William Orfeur, Richard Lamplugh, Richard Tolson, Peter Norman, John Hudson, John Laughane, Arthur Foster, Daniel Fleminge, Miles Pennington, Anthony Latus, Leonard Dykes, Henry Tolson Esquires; Thomas Lamplugh Esq., John Senhouse of Netherhall Esq; Richard Skelton Esquire, Richard Brothwaite Esquire, William Pennington of Seaton Esquire, Wilfrid Lawson, Thos. Wharton Esquire, The Mayor of Carlisle for the time being.


For the County of Derby, Sir John Courzon, Sir Francis Burdett, Sir Thomas Greisley Knights and Baronets, Sir Edward Cook Baronet, Sir Samuel Sleigh Knight, James Abney, Thomas Saunders, German Pool, Jervase Bennet, Nathaniel Hallowes, Nathaniel Barton, Edward Manlowe, John Gill, Edward Gill Esquires, Edward Pegg senior, Henry Buxtons Esquires, Philip Prime, Robert Greenwood, Samuel Doughty, Rowland Morewood, Gent. The Mayor of Derby for the time being, Godfrey Watkinson, John Curzon, John Stanhope Esqs; Anchesell Grey Esq; Sir William Boothby, John Ferrors, Henry Sacheverell, Gilbert Thacker, Robert Eyre, Nicholas Willimott, Charles Agard, George Sitwell, John Spatman, Godfrey Clarke Esqs; Roger Allestree Gent. John Dalton Alderman of Derby, George Vernon Esquire.


For the County of Devon, Generall George Monck, Sir George Chudley, Sir Fran. Drake, Sir Copleston Bampfield, Sir John Northcote, Sir John Davye, Sir William Courtney Baronets, Sir Edmund Fowel, Sir John Young Knights, John Maynard Sergeant at Law, Robert Roll, John Roll, William Morice, Tho. Drake, John Drake of Ash, Walter Young, Thomas Reynel, Arthur Upton, William Fry, William Bastard, Ellis Crimes, John Quick, Thomas Clifford, Edward Wise, John Hale, Robert Fortescue, Simon Leach, Henry Ashford, Thomas Bampfield, John Fowel, John Willoby, Matthew Heale, Henry Norley, Christopher Clobery, Josias Calmady, Nicholas Ducke, William Martin of Netherey, John Arscot, John Tuckfield, Thomas Carew of Hackcom, John Elford, Robert Shapcot, John Wollacomb, John Champnis, Richard Duke, Henry Worth, John Davy of Cannon Tiny, Thomas Gibson, Arthur Fortescue, Edin Fowel Esquires, The Mayor of Plymouth for the time being Richard Coffin, John Young of Colbrook, Justinian Peard, Christopher Ceely, Timothy Alsop, William Yeo, William Putt, Thomas Boone, Christopher Martyn, John Drake, of Ivy-Bridge, Esquires, The Mayor of Dartmouth for the time being, Samuel Serle, William Fowel, John Prouse of Hillersden.


For the City and County of the City of Exon, The Mayor for the time being, Christopher Clark, Thomas Bampfield Recorder, Simon Snow, James Marshal, Richard Evans, Ralph Herman, Nicholas Broking, James Peirce, Richard Crossing, Christopher Leithbridge, Henry Candy, Thomas Westlake, John Arkland, Walter Holditch, John Pym, Malachy Pyne, John Mayne.


For the County of Dorset, Denzil Holles Esq; Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, Sir Walter Earle, Sir Francis Holles, John Trenchard, John Fitzjames, Robert Coker, Esquires; John Bond Doctor of Law, John Browne, Henry Henley, Thomas Moore, Thomas Freke, Edward Hooper, Robert Titherley, John Whiteway, John Still, Edward Thornhull, Edmund Butler, Edward Butler, Thomas Grove, George Trenchard Esqs; Alexr. Twistlethwayt junior, William Culliford, William White, John Mitchell Esquires.


For the Town and County of Poole, Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, Sir Walter Earle, Edmund Butler Esq; William White, Colonel William Scutt, Haviland Heely, Edward Taylor, Moses Durell, Richard Dolberie, Robert Cleeves.


For the County of Durham, Sir Arthur Hesilrige, Sir George Vane, Robert Ellison, Robert Hesilrig, Thomas Bonner, James Clavering, Thomas Delaval, Francis Wren, George Lilburn, Thomas Lilburn, Richard Raw, Henry Edon Esqs; John Shawe Thomas Saunderson, Adam Shepheardson, Robert Sharpe, William Mit forth, Matthew Stodart, Gilbert Marshall, John Farrow, Robert Shaw Gent. Edward Cropley.


For the County of Essex, the Earle of Oxford, the Earl of Suffolk, Earl of Warwick, Earl of Middlesex, Earl Rivers, Lord Gray of Warke, Lord Maynard, Sir John Barrington Knight and Baronet, Sir Harbottle Grimston, Baronet, Sir William Wiseman, Sir Richard Everard, Sir William Luckyn, Sir Andrew Joyner, Sir Martin Lomley, Sir Thomas Abdy Baronets, Sir Robert Kempe, Sir William Martine, Sir Thomas Honywood, Sir Thomas Bowes Knights, Henry Wright, Carey Mildmay, Francis Mildmay, Gobert Barrington, Oliver Reymond, Henry Mildmay of Graces, Herbert Pelham, John Eden, James Melbourne, John Archer one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, John Brampston, Richard Wiseman, William Wiseman, Sheriff, John Atwood, Edward Turner, Thomas Smith, Sir Thomas Barnardiston, Tristram Conyers, Capell Luckyn, Edward Glasscock, John Eldred, George Walton, John Bendish, Thomas Fanshaw of Barking, Richard Harlackenden, William Harlackenden, Anthony Luther, Robert Calthorpe, Captain Ballard, William Glasscock, Captain Ashley, William Kempe, Richard Steynes, John Godbolt, John Shawe Recorder of Colchester, Doctor Glisson, John Gundry, John Sorrel, Edward Herrys, Robert Abdy, William Mot, Robert Josselyn, John Stevens, John Jennings of Malden, Thomas Luther, Thomas Middleton, William Chapline, John Levell, William Lant, Walter Plummer, Francis Gardiner, John. Josselyn, Thomas Manby Esquires, Edmund Wild Esq; Anthony Browne, Thomas Tendring, George Scot, John Langley, Thomas Cambel, Daniel Andrewes, Edward Elkenhead, Thomas Gardiner, Thomas Middleton, Thomas Middleton of Stansted Esquires, The Mayor of Colchester for the time being, the Mayor of Harwich for the time being.


For the County of Glocester, and the City and County of the City of Glocester, George Lord Barkley, Sir John Sey our Knight, Nathaniel Stephens Esq; John How senior, John How junior, Baynham Throgmorton, Thomas Overbury, Thomas Hodges, William Cooke, Christopher Guyes, John Phetiplac John Stephens, Thomas Stephens, Andrew Barker, Richard Cocks William Dutton, William Leigh, Thomas Eastcourt, Silvanus Wood, John Codrington, Samuel Codrington, William Selwin, Henry Powle, Edward Cook, John Berrow, Thomas James, Edward Smith, Robert Pleydall, William Trye, Thomas Lloyd, William Cope, Walter Rawleigh, Edw. Stephens junior, Joh. Winter of Durham Esqs; Toby Jordan Esquire, Mayor of Glocester, William Singleton, Laurence Singleton, Luke Nourse, Dennis Wise, Anthony Edwards, James Stephens, Thomas Pury senior, Aldermen, John Dorny, Thomas Pury junior, John Wade, Thomas Chester, Duncombe Colchester Esqs; James Fyennes Esq.


For the County of Hereford and the City of Hereford, Roger Hill one of the Justices of the Upper Bench, Edward Harley Esquire, Thomas Cornewall, John Birche, John Scudamore of Kenchurch, William Liggon, Gervas Buck, Richard Reed, Bennet Hoskins, Nicholas Lechmere, John Corbert, Samuel More, Thomas Hunt, Robert Harley, Robert Kyrle, Robert Clive, Thomas Harley, William Gregory, Thomas Rawlins, Silvanus Taylor, Edward Freeman, John James, Thomas Blaney, Priamus Davies, Thomas French, John Cholmley, Francis Pember of Newport, Esquires; The Mayor of Hereford for the time being, the Bayliffe of Leominster for the time being, William Hinston alias Powell, Herbert Parrott, Ralph Darnall, Job Charlton, Ralph Hall Esquires, Capt — Greene.


For the County of Hertford, The Earl of Salisbury, Robert Cecill Esquire, Philip Cecill, Algernoon Cecill Esquires, William Willowby Esquire, Sir Richard Lucy Baronet, Sir Harbottle Grimston Baronet, Sir Thomas Dacres Knight, Sir William Litton Knight, Sir John Witteronge Knight, Sir Thomas Hewett, Knight, Sir Henry Blount, Knight, Sir John Gore, Knight, Sir Thomas Soames Knight, John Reade, Brockett Spencer, Philip Boteler, Henry Cæsar, Richard Jennings, Thomas Dacres, Rowland Litton, Richard Francklin, Ralph Freeman, Thomas Docwray, Richard Atkins, Humphrey Gore Esqs; Walter Walker Doctor of the Civil Law, Edward Turner, William Leman, William Priestley, John Heydon, Richard Goulston, John Brograve, Edmond Smith, Edward Wingate, William Hale, Thomas Atkins, Jonathan Keyte, Erasmus Harby, John Clynton alias Fines Esquires, William Glasscocke, John Ellis, William Cecill, Gravely Norton, Thomas Tooke, Josias Barners Esquires, John King, Doctor of Physick, Gabriel Barber Doctor of Physick, Alban Cox, Robert Hale, Edward Gardiner, Robert Robotham, Robert Sadler, William Foxwist, John March, Isaac Puller, Thomas Nicholls, William Beaumout, Alexander Welde, John White, George Needham, John Pemberton, Esquires, Robert Pemberton Gent. Richard Tavernor, Henry Conisby Esquires, The Mayor of St. Albans for the time being, James Cowper Esq; Edmond Field, George Poyner, James Willymot junior, Gent. Stephen Soames Esq; Ralph Darnell Esq.


For the County of Huntington, Edward Earl of Manchester, Edward Viscount Mandevile, Lord Chief Justice St. Johns, George Montague Esq; General Edward Montague, Valentine Walton Esq; Robert Bernard Serjeant at Law, Nich. Pedley, John Bernard, Esqs; Robert Walton, Griffith Lloyd, Robert Vinter, Robert Pepys, John Simcotts, Gervase Fulwood, Slingsby Bethell, Richard Elmes, Samuel Pont, Joseph Juxon, William Peirpont, John Dreydon, Thomas Dacres, Henry Cromwell, William Lemon, Thomas Cotton, Edward Jones Esqs.


For the County of Kent, Earl of Winchelsea, Earl of Dorsett, Sir John Tufton, Sir Edward Monins, Sir Norton Knatchbull, Sir Thomas Stile, Sir Robert Honeywood, Sir Michaell Livesey, Augustine Skynner, Henry Oxenden Esqs; Thomas Twisden Sergeant at Law, John Boys of Betshanger, John Dixwell, Sir Robert Hales Baronet, Sir Henry Palmer, Thomas Scott, Edward Honywood, Thomas Foach, Thomas St. Nicholas, John Nutt, Thomas Monins, Thomas Broadnax, William Cullen, Robert Moyle, John Knatchbull, John Boys of Frednill, James Masters of East Langden, John Marsh, Henry Honywood, Edward Scott junior, Robert Wivell, Peter Godfrey, Thomas Turner, Maurice Diggs, Peter Hayman, John Nower, Laurence Rooke, Col. William Kenricke, Michaell Belke, John Osborne, Thomas Plommer, John Butcher of Stapplehurst, William Cage, Ralph Weldon, Thomas Lake, William Boys of Haukhurst, Edward Finch, Cranmer Harris Esqs; Sir Henry Palmer, Baron Parker, Col. Fagg, Sir Edward Dearing, Sir Charles Sidley, Edward Hales of Boughton, William James, Robert Gibbons, George Duke, William Skynner, Humphrey Miller, Richard Amhurst, Philip Packer, Lambert Godfrey, Richard Beale, Edward Rivers, Caleb Banks, John Banks, Richard Meredeth, William Maddox, Richard Wilkinson, Richard Duke, Robert Watson Esquires, Sir Thomas Walsingham, William Wylde Recorder of London, Thomas Blunt, John Twisleton, William Say, William Leach, John Wroth, Thomas Young of Darent, John Silliard, Robert Austin, George Thompson, Thomas Bales Esqs; The Mayors of Dover and Sandwich for the time being, James Brockman Esq; Henry Paramore Esq; William Boothby Esq; Edward Nutt Esq; Maximillian Dallison Esquire.


For the City of Canterbury, The Mayor for the time being, Thomas St. Nicholas Esq, Recorder; Thomas Scott, John Nutt, Thomas Broadnax, Thomas Mosins, Thomas Turner, Vincent Denn, John Ladd, Zachariah Lee, Doctor William Jacob Aldermen.


For the County of Lancaster, Sir Richard Houghton, Sir Ralph Ashton, Sir Robt. Bindlos, Sir Edward Moseley, Baronets, Richard Shuttleworth, Richard Standish, Roger Bradshaw, Edmond Hopwood, John Starkie, Alexander Rigby of Middleton, George Fell, Colonel Thomas Birch, Col. John Birch, Thomas Holecroft, Alexander Rigby of Layton, Robert Hide, John Bradshaw, George Leigh, John Livesay, Hugh Cooper, John Warren, Thomas Ashurst, William Bankes, Roger Bradshaw, Henry Porter, William Daniell, Robert Booth, William Butterworth, Henry Ogle, William Hulton, Rich. Bradshaw, Edw. Robinson, Nicholas Rigby junior, Thomas Cole, William Knipe, Alexander Norris, Adam Sands. George Piggot, John Fox, John Cliff, Edward French o' Preston, Esquires; Sir Ralph Ashton, Colonel Ashton, Mr. Robert Hide, Mr. Edmond Hopwood, Mr. John Lightbourne, Mr. John Bradshaw of Bradshaw, Colonel Richard Standish, Mr. Alexander Norris, Sir Richard Houghton, Mr. John Hoortley of Strangwish, Mr. Laurence Rostherne, Mr. Hugh Cooper, Mr. John Warren, Mr. John Mollineux, Colonel Gilbert Ireland, Major Henry Ogles, The Mayor of Preston for the time being, Mr. George Piggot, Mr. Evan Wall, Mr. Richard King, Mr. Alexander Rigby of Preston, Mr. Alexander Rigby of Layton, Mr. Christopher Parker, Colonel Richard Shuttleworth, Col. John Starkey, Colonel Ughtred Shuttleworth, Colonel Nicholas Shuttleworth, Mr. Thomas Bradwell of Portfeild. Mr. John Halstead, Mr. Ralph Livesay, Sir Robert Bindlost, Major Henry Porter, Mr. Adam Sands, Sir George Booth Baronet, Richard Holland Esq; Piers Legh Esq; Ralph Ashton of Middleton Esq: Laurence Rawstorne Esq; James Duckenfeild Esq; Gilbert Ireland Esq; Thomas Greenhalgh Esq.


For the County of Leicester, Henry Earl of Stamford, Sir John Hartopp Baronet, Sir Thomas Hartopp Knight, Sir Martin Lister Knight, Sir Arthur Hesilrige, Baronet, Thomas Beaumont, John Hutchinson, Thomas Hesilrige, Henry Beaumont, Thomas Waite, William Bainbrigge, Henry Smith, Peter Temple, Thomas Pochin, John Goodman, William Hartopp, Cassibelan Burton, Esquires, William Stanley, Edmond Cradock, John Baker, William Busby, Gent. Colonel Henry Markham, Sir Charles Sidley, Sir John Norwich, Sir Thomas Cave Baronet, George Faunt Esquire, John Lord Rosse, Bennet Lord Sherrard, James Winstanley, John Cave, Theophilus Cave, John Farmer, Theophilus Bernard, Thomas Johnson, John Morton Senior, Matthew Babington Esquires, Sir George Villers Baronet, Alexander Baker Alderman of Leicester, Thomas Merry Esq; William Boothby, Richard Orton, Thomas Urmston, Thomas Hood, John Needham of Ashburnham, Beaumont Dixie, Richard Halford Esquires, Sir Thomas Halford Baronet, Francis Smaly, Walter Rudings, William Hartopp, Richard Lister, John Chamberlain, Richard Brudenel, Thomas Goddard Esquires; Sir John Curzon Knight and Baronet, William Boothby, Walter Ruding, Esquires; Francis Hacker, Will. Boothby. Esqs; William Hubart Gent. Clement Needham Gent. The Mayor of Leicester for the time being, Alderman Ludlam.


For the County of Lincoln, the City and County of the same, John Earl of Rutland. Theophilus Earl of Lincolne, John Earl of Exeter, Robert Lord Willoughby of D'earsby, Gilbert Lord Haughton, George Viscount Castleton, Sir John Wray Baronet, Sir Thomas, Hussey Baronet, William Pierpont Esquire, Sir Michael Armyn Baronet, Sir Thomas Styles, Sir Thomas Williamson, Sir Richard Earle Baronets, Sir John Brownlowe, Sir William Brownlowe, Sir William Trollopp, Sir William Hickman, Baronets, Sir Thomas Barnardiston, Sir Anthony Erbye, Sir Martin Lister Knights, Colonel Edward Rossiter, John Monson, William Wray, Edward Ascough, Thomas Hatcher Esqs; William Ellis Solicitor General, Edmond Anderson, Thomas Lister, Henry Massenberd, Dreyner Massenberd, Thomas Ellis of Wyam, Edward Nelthrop, Charls Hall, Humphrey Walcot Esqs; Sir Robert Barkham Knight, Edward Barkham, John Nelthrop, Thomas Meares, William Broxholme, Richard Brownlowe, Charls Hussey, Edward Skipwith, William Oldfield, Anthony Thorold, John Saunders, Thomas Hall Esqs; Sir Thomas Wharton Knight, William Lister, John Weaver, Robert Christopher, Edward King, Henry Stone, Richard Sherrard, William Savil, John Hatcher, George Sherrard, John Buck, Theophilus Hart, Thomas Welbye, Charls Pelham, Roger Pelham, George Sleigh, John Empson, George Healey, Rich. Nelthrop, William Berry the elder, Esqs; Colonel Edward Syler, Charls Dymock, John Willisbye, Thomas Ellis of Wellingore, John Tillson, John Whyting, Cecil Tyrwhitt, William White, Joseph Moore, Francis Clinton alias Fiennes, Christopher Nevil, Philip Eyton, John Jay, Anthony Oldfield the younger, Matthias Brown, William Woolley, George Langton, Robert Philips, The Mayor of Lincoln for the time being, the Mayor of Boston for the time being, the Mayor of Great Grimsby for the time being, the Alderman of Grantham for the time being, the Alderman of Stamford for the time being, Jeremiah Cole, William Lord Widdrington, John Archer one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, John Disny Esquire, William Bard, Theophilus Harnesse, William Dowman, William Tompson Esquires, John Beck, Robert Marshal Aldermen. Edward Emis, John Oliver, — Hall, Alderman.


For the County of Middlesex, William Lenthall Esq.; Speaker of the Parliament, Lord General Monck, Edward Earl of Manchester, Earl of Dorset, Lord Delaware, William Lord Chandos, Lord Chief Baron Wilde, Sir Gilbert Gerrard Baronet, Lord Chief Justice Newdigate, Sir Edward Barkham Baronet, Sir William Playter Kt. and Baronet, Sir William Roberts Knight, Sir William Waller Knight; Sir John Trevor Knight, Sir John Potts Baronet, Sir William Wheeler, Sir Robt. Barkham Knights, Sir John Thorowgood Knight, Colonel Herbert Morley Lieut. of the Tower of London, Philip Skippon Esq; Col. John Downes, Francis Gerrard, William Roberts, John Huxley, Henage Finch, Lancelot Lake, Chaloner Chute, Gilbert Gerrard, Henry Mildmay, William Dumvill, William Clarke, Giles Hungerford, Thomas Hincher, Nicholas Rayton, Richard Downton, Richard Powel, Edward Roberts, Ralph Hawtrey, Peregrine Whitchcot Esqs; Sir Thomas Trever Knight and Baronet, John Stone, John Brown, Daniel Procter, George Cooper Esqs.; John Barnes, George Coney, William Lane, James Hawley, Edwin Rich, Purbeck Temple, John Page of Oxenden, Josias Barners, William Northey, Edward Birkhead Esqs; Thomas Harrison of South Mims, Henry Middleton, John Humphrey, John Baldwyn, Thomas Dickenson, George Manley, Rouland Hunt, Thomas Povey, Joseph Jackson of Edmonton, William Waller, Gilbert Gerrard Esqs; William Priesley Esq; Mr. Peck, Serjeant Waller, Charles Cornwallis Esqs; Sir Thomas Widdrington Commissioner for the Great Seal, John Glynn Serjt.-at-Law, Thomas Waller Serjeant at Law, Joseph Ash Esquire, Christopher Abdey Esq, M. Serjeant Maynard, Sir Richard Naper Knight and Doctor in Physick.

Hamblets of the Tower.

For the Hamblets of the Tower of London; Sir Gilbert Gerrard Baronet, Herbert Morley the Lieutenant of the Tower, Sir William Wheeler, Josias Berners, Francis Gerrard, William Farley, Solomon Smith, Morrice Thompson, William Northey, William Wormell, William Hobson, Richard Loton, Edmund Page, John Baldwyn, John Falkener, John Limberry, John Hoxton, Thomas Swallow, Robert Tompson, Thomas Byde, Eliah Palmer, William Watts, Samuel Starnell junior, Edward Keeling, David Davison Esqs; Thomas Nash, Edward Annesley, Fowlke Wormlayton, John Brookhaven, William Meacomb, Samuel Bartlett Gent. James Hoare, Nathaniel Barnardiston, Col. William Beale, Abraham Johnson, Robert Welding Esquires, Sir Thomas Viner, Major James Winstanley, Ralph Triplet, Thomas Player Chamberlain of London, Francis Beckley junior, Esquires, Henry Ashurst, Gent. Robert Diser Esq, Capt. John Wright, Capt. William Archer, John Birchett, Master John Wright. M. Henry Dethick, M. Thomas Tomlins, Mr. John Hawes, M. John Winterbourne.


For the Borough of Southwark, and Parish of Bermondsey, Lambeth, Newington Butts and Rederith. Colonel George Thompson, Sir John Lenthall Knight, Samuel Hyland, Esq; Peter Delanoy Esq; Jeremiah Baines Esquire, Thomas Lee Esq; Christopher Searle Esquire, William Hiccocke Esq; John Nobbs, Charles Crayker, Captain Francis Wilkenson, George Megget, Toby Solbey, Hugh Currer, George Harvey, Captain Simon Nichols, Captain James Perrey, Francis Kirbye, Robert Parson, Captain Edward Thomas, George Ewer, John Coldham, Thomas Butler, Benjamin Collyer, Thomas Crowther, William Rymmer, Joseph Collyer, William Sherlock, Captain Richard Howe, Captain Edward Hall, Capt. John Parker, Charles Fox, Daniel Jarmyn, Robert Terry, Robert Shawe, William Lock, William Crawley, Capt. Thomas Winborne, Robert Hodson, William Bigg, Major James Burton, Capt. Edward Short, James Reading, Robert Hidson, Robert White Esqs; Thomas Cook, Henry White, John Williams, Samuel Lynn the elder, William Williams, Major Richard Lewin, William Byers, Robert Baniard, Caleb Vering, John Thornton, William Castle, Nicholas Hurlestone, John Lewis.


For the County of Monmouth, Philip Earl of Pembroke, Henry Lord Herbert, Sir Trevor Williams Baronet, Thomas Morgan of Maleu, Baynard Throckmorton, William Morgan of Maleu, Esqs; Major General Thomas Morgan, Colonel Edward Harlowe, harles Vaun Esq; Colonel John Birch, Edmund Morgan Esq; Captain Thomas French, Colonel Thomas Pury junior, William Morgan of Pencriege, William Herbert, William Milborne, Henry Morgan, John Parry, and Philip Cecil Esquires.


For the City and Liberties of Westminster, William Lenthal Speaker of the Parliament, Sir Thomas Widdrington Knight, Thomas Terril Serjt. at Law. John Fountain Serjt. at Law, Lords Commissioners for the Great Seal of England; George Monck Captain General of all the Land Forces under Command of the Parliament Lord Fairfax, John Glynn Serjeant at Law, George Mountague Esq; Sir Gilbert Gerrard Baronet, Sir William Playters Knight and Baronet, Sir William Waller Knight, Sir John Trevor Knight, Sir Robert Pye, Knight, Sir Anthony Irby Knight, Sir William Wheeler Knight, Alexander Popham Esq., John Crew Esq; Richard Knightley Esq; Francis Gerrard esq; John Trevor esq; Nathaniel Stevens Esq, Francis Bacon Esq, Henry Peck Esq; John Dove esq; John Hooker esq; Michael Oldsworth esq; William Bell esq; Richard Everard esq; Edward Whalley esq; William Gosse esq, Edward Grosvener, John Stone, Nicholas Bragg, John Pye, Francis Lucy, Nicholas Martin, Jervas Bennet, Thomas Morris, William Wallop, George Farewel, George Weldon, Henry Scobel Esquires, Thomas Clarges Doctor of Physick, Thomas St. Nicholas. Edward Birkhead, Henry Middleton, John Austyn, Richard Newman, William Poultney, Peter Bradshaw Esquires, George Manley, Henry Bulstrode, Silvanus Taylor, Silas Taylor, Richard Sherwin, Ralph Hall, Thomas Pepis Esquires, Ralph Darnal, Gabriel Beck, Austin Berry Godfrey, William Haberfield, John Phelps, Griffith Bodurda, Esquires, Gabriel Clinckard, Gent. Emery Hill, Edward Martin, Henry Middleton Esquires, James Herbert, Thomas Povie Esquires, Edmond Waters, James Morgan, Philip Lillie, George Andrews, George Collingridge, Richard Rider, John Throgmorton, John Brown, John Tonge, William Baker, Arthur Samwell Esquires, Thomas Constable, Samuel Smith, Thomas Colchester, Peter Lindsey, Col. Thomas Lister, Thomas Bradshaw, John Hunt, Josias Barners, Thomas Edlyn, Richard Grimes, Richard Powel, John Wilcocks, Thomas Foster, Thomas Norris, Henry Kem, John Haynes, William Massey, Peter Griffith, Benjamin Martin, James Mayo, William Lenthal Esqs; Christopher Barnard Gent., Henry Mott, Laurence Cuthbertson, Christopher Barnard Esq; Colonel Thomas Lister, John Baber Esq; Thomas Bayles, Alexander Pim, Charles Pim, Ralph Halsell, Robert Payton. Captain Thomas Witham.


For the County of Northampton, John Earl of Exeter, Edward Lord Mountague, George Mountague Esq; William Mountague, Sir Robert Dryden, Baronet; Sir Edward Nicholas Baronet, Sir John Norwich Baronet, Sir Henry Yelverton, Baronet, Sir Gilbert Pickering Baronet; Sir Rich. Samuel Knight, John Carew, Oliver St. John of Woodford, Richard Knightley, John Langham, Richard Samuel, Francis St. John, George Clark of Watford, Robert Andrews, John Barnard, Philip Hohnan, John Cartwright, Edward Harby, John Robinson Alderman of London, Miles Fleetwood, John Claypool, James Langham, John Brown of Eyden, Thomas Crew, Richard Runsford, Francis Harvy, Thomas Elms of Warmington, Edward Farmer, John Norton, Henry Robinson, Tobey Chancey, Samuel Jones, Thomas Elms of Greens-Norton, William Wilmore, Francis Lane, John Thornton, Henry Freeman, Francis Quarles, Richard Saltonstall, John Mansell, Thomas Catesby, Morrice Tresham, Henry Benson, Sheriff of the County, George Benson, William Ward, Adam Bains, John Brown of Kettering, Robert Pargiter, Thomas Bletsoe, Samuel Trist, Alexander Blague, William Butler, William Rainsborrow, Robert Mansel, Esquires, The Mayor of the Town of Northampton, John Gifford, Joseph Sergeant, John Spicer, Aldermen.


For the County of Nottingham, John Earle of Clare, Lord Haughton, William Pierrepoint, Arthur Stanhop, Anshatill Gray, Esqs; Sir Francis Molineux, Baronet, John Hutchinson, Gervase Piggot, Gilbert Millington, Henry Sacheverell, Francis Hacker, Joseph Widmerpoole, William Clarkson, Robert Butler, Thomas Charlton, Daniel Earl, John Moseley, Francis Molineux, Bartholomew Lassels, John Martin, Richard Slater, William Newton, John Rayner, Ralph Knight, William Skeffington, John Grove, Thomas Bristow Esqs; Viscount Chaworth, William Willoughby, Sir William Hickman, Sir Thomas Williamson, Clifford Clifton, Anthony Eyre, Robert Pierrepoint, Bryan Broughton, John Howe, Thomas White, Peniston Whalley, Charles White, Huntington Plumtree, Acton Burnel, Samuel Bordman, Thomas Maxloe, William Savill, William Willoughby.

Town of Nottingham.

The Mayor for the time being, Arthur Stanhope, Gilbert Millington, Esquires; — Toplady, William Drury, — Gamble, — Richards, John Barker, John Fillingham, Thomas Huthwaite, Aldermen, William Skeffington, John Martin Esquires, — Staples Gent. Daniel Sully, Richard Whitby, Gent.


For the County of Norfolk, Thomas Richardson, Viscount Cramont, Sir Edmond Bacon, Sir John Hobart, Sir Horatio Townsend, Sir Philip Woodhouse, Sir Richard Barney, Sir John Holland, Sir William Paston, Baronets, Sir John Palgrave, Sir Ralph Hare, Sir John Pots Baronets, Sir William Doyley, Sir Thomas Guybon, Sir George Wyndham Knights; Erasmus Earl Serjeant-at-Law, Major General Philip Skippon, William Hevingham, John Spelman, John Pots, John Cook, John Baxton, Edward Walpool, Brampton Gurdon, Clement Spelman, Robert Gawsel, Philip Beddingfield, senior; Robert Wood, Samuel Smith, Thomas Welds, William Hewet, Thomas Drury, Robert Suckling, Philip Beddingfield, Junior, John Sedley, Thomas Day, Thomas Sutterton, Edward Fielder, Edward Denny, William Hovel, Thomas Brown of Elsing, John Garnish, Guybon Godard, Thomas Rant, Thomas Barny, Henry Barny, Thomas Townsend, Edward Gaudey, Robert Long, Edward Bulward, Robert Baldock, Thomas Sheriff, Edward Chamberlyn, Robert Jollopp, Robert Doughty of Alesham, Esquires; George England, Nicholas Cuttyn, Thomas Meddowse of Yarmouth Gentleman, Joshua Green, Mayor of Lyn, Robert Thorowgood, Robert Steward, Major Thomas Spenseley of Lyn, Gentlemen; Mr. Bell, Alderman John Kendal, Thomas Lincolne of Thelford Gentlemen, the Mayor of Rysing for the time being, Mr. — Swift of Rysing, Sir William Playters Knight and Baronet.


For the City of Norwich, The Mayor for the time being, the Recorder for the time being, the Steward for the time being, Thomas Atkin, William Davy, Adrian Parmentur, Henry Watts, Edward Bornman, John Rayley, Thomas Barrett, Barnard Church, William Barnham, John Mann, Thomas Toft, Samuel Puckle, John Salter, Christopher Jay, Roger Mingay Esqs; Aldermen of the said City, The Sheriff for the said City for the time being, John Hobart Esq; Richard Wenman, Robert Bendish, John Goslyn.


For the County of Northumberland, Charles Lord Howard Sir Arthur Hesilrige, Sir William Fenwick, Ralph Delaval, Robert Delaval, Edward Fenwick, Robert Mitford, William Middleton, Henry Ogle, Richard Forster, Luke Killingworth, Jeremiah Tolhurst, John Ogle of Kirkby, John Mayer, Richard Tonson, Jeremiah Tolhurst, Robert Ellison, William Fenwick, Daniel Collingwood, Sir Thomas Widdrington, Thomas Loraine of Kirkhirle, Thomas Hesilrig, — Babington of Ogle, Cuthbert Fenwicke of East Heddon, Algernon Earl of Northumberland, Robert Widdrington, William Widdrington Esquire.


For the Town of Newcastle, Thomas Bonner, Major Robert Shafto, George Dawson, Mark Milbanck, Christopher Nicolson, John Emerson, Henry Rawling, Peter Sanderson Aldermen, James Briggs Sheriff, John Cosyns, Ralph Gray, Robert Ellison, John Butler, Ralph Geneson, Thomas Errington, William Colsan, William Carr, Thomas Davison, Thomas Bewick, Henry Maddison, Ambrose Barnes, George Thursby, John Watson, William Rutter, William Blackett.


For the County of Oxon, William Lenthall Speaker of the Parliament, William Lord Viscount Say and Seal, Henry Lord Viscount Faulkland, Thomas Lord Viscount Wenman, Sir Anthony Cope, Sir Thomas Spencer, Sir Francis Henry Lee, Sir Thomas Peniston Baronets, Sir Peter Wentworth Knight of the Bath, Sir William Waller, Sir Francis Norris Knights, Sir James Harrington Baronet; James Fines, Hungerford Dunch, James Herbert, John Glyn Serjt.-at-Law, Edward Atkins Sergeant at Law, William Lewis, John Doyley, Edward Clark, Compton Read, Francis Wenman, Robert Dormer, Esquires, Colonel John Lenthal, Edmund Lenthal, John Fielder, Thomas Tipping, George Crooke, Vincent Barry, John Clark of Weston, Francis Martyn, John Clarke of Aston, William Cope, Richard Hambden, Thomas Hoard Esquires. Henry Jones, George Greenwood, Arthur Jones, John Fettiplace, Robert Jenkinson, William Draper, William Cartwright, John Thynn, Robert Warcup, Thomas Cobb, William Barber Esqs; George Berrye of Culham, John Nixon Alderman of Oxford, Major Robert Huntington, Colonel John Butler, Benjamin Martyn Gent., Philip Harcourt, Miles Fleetwood Esqs; John West Esq; William Morgan Esq; William Taylor of Wilscoat Gent.

City of Oxon.

For the City of Oxon, the Mayor for the time being, John Doyley Esq; Richard Crook Recorder, Martin Wright, John Nixon, Humphrey Whistler, Thomas Mylkes, William Wright Aldermen, Thomas Dennis, Walter Cave, Matthew Langley, Richard Miller, John Lambe, Thomas Burye, William Bailey Gent. Mr. Wright jun. Joshua Cross Esq; James Hinckley.


For the County of Rutland, Sir James Harrington Knight and Baronet, Sir Thomas Hartopp Knight, Thomas Wait, John Weaver, Evers Armyn, Christopher Browne, Benjamin Norton, Richard Halford, Abel Barker, John Brown, Matthias Barrie, William Shield Esquires, John Green, William Busbye, Peter Woodcock, Samuel Hunt Gentlemen, Philip Sherard, Charls Halford Esq; Thomas Barker Gent.


For the County of Salop, William Pierrepont Esq; Sir John Corbett Baronet, Sir Humphrey Briggs Knight and Baronet, Edward Harley, Walter Long, Thomas Mackworth, William Jones, John Corbett, William Liggon, Thomas Hunt, Robert Clive, John Thynn, Edmund Wilde, Nicholas Lechmere, Robert Corbet, John Byrch, Philip Young, John Coales, Andrew Lloyd, Jervase Buck, Samuel Moore, John Walcot, Thomas Nichols, Samuel Jones, William Cotton, Matthew Herbert, Thomas Kettleby, Lancelot Lee, Edward Whitchcot, Thomas Creswel Taylor, Humphrey Mackworth, Richard Baggot, Francis Forrister senior, Rowland Hunt junior, Thomas Lockhard, — Green, Priamus Davis, Roger Evans, Francis Harris, Samuel Swanwick, Edward Cresset Esqs; Charles Langford, Miles Stephens, John Ashton, Job Charlton Esquires, The Mayor of Shrewsbury for the time being, Eleazer Carswel, Sir Francis Lawly Baronet, William Oakley Esq. Thomas Moore, Thomas Jobber, Gentlemen.


For the County of Stafford, and City and County of Litchfield, Sir Peter Wentworth Knight of the Bath, Sir William Brereton Baronet, Sir John Worley Knight, Sir John Skeffington Baronet, Edward Manwaring, Edward Leigh, John Boyer, Edward Ward, Henry Stone, John Swinfen, Thomas Saunders, Daniel Watson, Zachary Babington, Nathaniel Barton, Thomas Mynors, Edward Broughton, Anthony Ruddier, Matthew Morton, John Chetwood, Thomas Wilbrom, John Whitehall, William Jolley, esqs; the Mayor of Stafford for the time being, Henry Mot, William Jesson Gent. William Turton Senior of Alderways, Gent. Thomas Pudsey of Tresly, Esq Thomas Fox, Leicester Barbour esqs; John Simcox, Thomas Bagnall, Sir Charles Woolseley Baronet, Sir Thomas Whitgrave, Thomas Rudyard, Timothy Edge, George Bellot, Philip Jackson, John Coleclough, Rowland Cotton, Capt. Peter Backhouse, Sir Francis Lawley Baronet.


For the County of Somerset, Sir Thomas Wroth Knight, Colonel Alexander Popham, Roger Hill, Henry Rogers, John Harrington, William Windham, Francis Rolle, George Horner, Robert Hunt, Francis Lutterel, William Stroud, Thomas George, John Turberville, Charls Staynings, William Lacie, William Doble, Anthony Pawlett, John Wroth, John Preston, Edward Court, Edward Hungerford of Farley-Castle, George Trevillian, Thomas Sydersyn, Alexander Pym, Charles Pym, Henry Bonner, Jonathan Pit, Thomas Ven, Thomas Francis, William Bacon, John Buckland, John Hippisley, James Ash, Richard Jones, Robert Long, John Carey, Edward Ash, James Stedman, Peter Roynon, Morrice Berkley, George Norton, Hugh Smith, John Bampfield, William Stroud Junior, Tho. Stroud of Mapeston, Thomas Hippisley, George Stedman, George Millard, John Bigs Mayor of Bath, George Clark Junior, John Hill of Taunton, William Gill of Taunton, William Chaplin of Taunton, Samuel Perry, James Tucker of Downton, John Pearce, Matthew Pit, John Ceely Mayor of Bridgewater, Francis Baber of Chew.


For the City of Bristol, the Mayor for the time being, John Stephens Esq. Recorder; Colonel Alexander Popham, John Gunning, Richard Vickeridge, Walter Sandy, Henry Gibbs, Arthur Farmer, Miles Jackson, Joseph Jackson, Aldermen; Humphrey Hook, John Bowen, John Knight Senior, Robert Vickeridge, Robert Aldworth esqs; John Knight Junior; Robert Cann, William Grigg, Shershaw Carey, John Pope, Thomas Shewel, Henry Rich, William Yeomans, Capt. Edw. Fox, Major Robert Yeomans.


For the County of Southampton, James Earl of Suffolk, William Lord Sandys, John Lord Delaware, Arthur Annesley, Sir William Lewis Baronet, Sir William Waller, Sir John Eveling Knights, Robert Wallop, Richard Norton, Richard Whitehead, John Lisle, Francis Rolle, Thomas Jarvoyse, Robert Reynolds, Thomas Knollys, Thomas Flemyng, John Bulkeley, Edward Trussell, John Button, Nicholas Love, Francis Tilney, Edward Hooper, Edward Goddard, Henry Whithead, John Dunch, Henry Bromfeild, Thomas Bettisworth, Roger Gallopp, William Pitt, Francis Rivett, John Trott, Robert Goffe, John Harris, Edward Hayes, John Woolridge, Edward Hooper junior; John Hildesley, William Wither, John Pitman, Richard Stansby, John Feilder, Thomas Cole, William Collins, John Hooke, William Knapton, Edward Hooker, Giles Hungerford esqs.


For the Town and County of Southampton, Richard Whitbee esq; Colonel Richard Norton, John Bulkley, Thomas Knowles Roger Gallopp Esqs, the Mayor for the time being; Nicholas Clements, Robert Wroth, William Stanley, Peter Clungion, Joseph Delamott, William Horn, James Clungion, Edward Exton, Aldermen; Robert Richbel, Merchant.


For the County of Suffolk, Leicester Lord Viscount Hereford, Sir Dudley North Knight of the Bath; Sir Edmund Bacon, Sir Lionel Tallemache, Sir William Playters, Sir Henry Felton, Sir John Barker, Baronets; Sir Philip Parker, Sir Thomas Barnardiston, Sir Thomas Bedingfeild Knights, William Heveningham, Maurice Barrow, John Gurdon, Nathaniel Bacon, Francis Bacon, Robert Brewster, Brampton Gurdon, Alexander Bence, Henry North senior, John Rouse, John Garnish, Isaac Appleton, Thomas Tyrrel, Thomas Walgrave, Thomas Bacon, John Rivett, Thomas Scrivener esqs; Nicholas Bacon of Shrubland, Robert Brook of Yoxford Robert Brook of Necton, Henry Warner of Mildenhal, Philip Bedingfeild Junior, esqs; Jervis Elvis, Phillip Parker, Humphrey Moseley, Francis Brewster, John Playters, John Hubbart, Henry Coppinger Esqs; Giles Barnardiston, Edmund Barker, Joseph Brand, Robert Cordal, Thomas Dade, Thomas Culham, Doctor Robert King, William Bloys Junior, Thomas Leaman, James Hobert, Robert Gurdon, Edmond Harvy, Clement Higham, Thomas Blosse, Thomas Reade of Weston, Humphrey Brewster, William Gooch, William Gibbs, Henry Coppinger, Esqs.


For the Toun of Ipswich, the Bayliffs for the time being, Nathaniel Bacon Esq. John Smithier, Nicholas Phillipps, Richard Hayle, Manuel Sorrel, Henry Whiting, Gent.


For the Toun of Bury St. Edmonds, George Moodye, John Southerby, Thomas Chaplin, John Clark, Jasper Sheppeard; The Mayor of Orford for the time being.


For the County of Surrey, Charles Earl of Ancram, Lord Barkley, Benjamin Weston, Sir Ambrose Brown, Sir William Brereton, Sir Richard Onslowe, Sir John Lenthal, Sir John Eveling, Sir Richard Bettison, Sir Robert Needham, Sir Thomas Trevor, John Heal, Carew Rawley, Arthur Onslowe, George Eveling, William Oldfeild, Walter Rawleigh, Henry Weston, George Duncombe, Roger Duncombe, John Thynn, William Elliot, John Lloyd, Edward Bish, Francis Lord Angeire, John Goodwyn, Marmaduke Gresham, Daniel Harvey, Nicholas Carey, John Maynard, Christopher Buckle, George Chute, Roger James, George Thomson, Purbeck Temple, Edward Thurland, Will. Hoskins, Edm. Hoskins, Rob. Holeman, Dixe Long, Serjeant Glyn, Laurence Marsh, Richard Hatten, Thomas Sturges, George Woodroffe, John Eveling, Richard Evelin, Samuel Rowse, Peter Hussey, Robert Wood, John Westbrook, Sackford Gunstone, Dean Goodwin, Lionel Rawlins, Robert Parkhurst, Francis Fuller, Esquires, Sir Walter St. John Baronet, Matthew Carlton, Laurence Smith, John Hather, John Carlton, John Angell, Thomas Juxon, John Scott of Camberwell, John Gold, William Hill of Guilford, Robert Wilson Esquire, Doctor William Turner, John Hine.


For the County of Sussex, Algernon Earl of Northumberland, the Lord Dacres, Sir John Pelham, Baronet; Sir Thomas Parker, Sir Robert Goodwin, Knights, Herbert Morley, Herbert Springett, John Fagg, John Baker, Henry Peck, James Temple, William Hay, Samuel Gott, John Downes, William Cawley senior, Hall Ravens croft, John Busbridge, Edward Polhill, Thomas Collins, Walter Everenden of Selfcomb, Robert Fowle, George Parker, George Courthopp, Francis Selwyn, Sir Thomas Dike, John Hay of Glinbourne, William Spence, Simon Everenden, Anthony Sherley, Henry Shelley, Ambrose Trayton, John De la Chambre, Anthony Springett, Thomas Challoner, John Byne, Edw. Blaker, Edward Mitchell, Henry Onslow, William Freeman, Edward Cook of Field Place, James Butler, George Hussey, John Lee of Plaistow, Thomas Ballard, Richard Knowles, Edward Payne, Henry Peckham, William Cawley junior, John Oglander Esquire, the Mayor of Chichester for the time being, Richard Earl of Dorset, Henry Bulstrode Esquire, Denny Ashburnham, Esquire, William Morley Esquire.


For the County of Worcester and the City of Worcester, Leicester Lord Viscount Hereford, Lord Chief Baron Wilde, Sir Thomas Rouse Baronet, William Ligon, Edward Harley, John Egioke, Edmond Wilde, Henry Bromley of Holt Esquire Edward Pitts, John Nanson, John Dormer, John Birch, Nicholas Lechmere, John Corbet, Samuel Moore, Jervase Buck, Edward Dingley, Henry Bromley of Upton, Thomas Hunt, Edward Salwey, John Bridges, Thomas Milward, Thomas Foley, Charles Cornwallis, John James, Edmond Giles Junior, John Nash Esquires, Edward Elvines Alderman, John Fownes, Theophilus Andrewes Esquires, Captain William Moore, Captain William Collins, Colonel Edward Moore, Captain Stephen Halford, Edward Colding, Edmond Giles, John Corbin, John Baker Gent.


For the County of Warwick, and City and County of Coventry Basil Earl of Denbigh, Edward Lord Conway, Robert Lord Brooks Sir Richard Temple, Sir Roger Burgoyne, Sir Thomas Rouse, Sir Thomas Trevor Baronets, Sir Peter Wentworth Knight of the Bath, Sir Symon Archer, Sir Robert Holt, Sir John Skevington Knights, Richard Lucey, Col. Thomas Archer, Colonel William Colemore, Colonel Joseph Hawkesworth, Col. Thomas Willoughby, Walden Willington, William Somerhill, Charles Bentley, Samuel Ebarall, John Rowse, Matthew Bridges, Captain Timothy St. Nicholas, John Halford, John Featherston, Captain Edward Taylor of Anstey Esquires, Richard Hicks Major, Richard Hopkins, John Barker, Robert Beak Esquires, William Jolliff, Robert Bedford Alderman; John Woolridge, Hasting Ingram Esq. William Under hill Esquire.


For the County of Wilts, and City of New Sarum and Close of the same, Philip Earl of Pembrooke, James Herbert, Denzill Hollis Esquires, Sir Nevill Poole, Sir Walter St. John, Sir Anthony AshleyCooper, Sir John Evelyn, Sir Francis Hollis, Sir William Wheeler Knights, Alexander Popham, Edward Baynton, Edward Poole, Walter Long, Edward Tucker, Edward Hungerford, Alexander Thistlethwayte, Thomas Grove, John Earnley junior, James Ash, George Cooper, Henry Hungerford, John Done, Thomas Eastcourt, Richard Grubham How, George Grubham, Mr. Justice Nicholas, Francis Dove, Humphrey Ditton, Robert Good, John Bulkeley, John Nordon, Samuel Ash, John Hawkins, Gabriel Martin, Robert Hippesley, Isaac Burges, Edward Mitchell, Thomas Montposson of Corton, Edward Middlecott, Nevill Masculine, Richard Lewis of Edington, William Duckett, William Coles of Downton, The Mayor of the City of New Sarum for the time being., The Mayor of Marlborough for the time being, Thomas Bayley Gent. Thomas Ive, Major John Alford, Col. William Eyers, Joseph Ash Esquire.


For the County of Westmerland, Charles Lord Howard, Sir Arthur Hesilrigg, Sir Wilfride Lawson, Sir Thomas Wharton, Thomas Burton, John Archer, Daniel Fleming, Captain Brathwaite, Peter Garnett, Thomas Gabettas, Thomas Brathwayts, Edward Briges, Roger Bateman, John Otaway, Randal Bateman, George Archer, The Mayor of Kendall for the time being, Thomas Spencer, Francis Sissars, Miles Man, Allan Bellingham, Richard Brathwaite, Thomas Wharton, Edward Nevisall, Richard Tolson, Esqs; Robert Hebblethwayte, John Foxcroft, Roger Bradley Gent.


For the County of York, Thomas Lord Fairfax, Lord Castleton, Charles Lord Howard, Sir Thomas Widdrington one of the Commissioners of the Great Seal, Francis Thorp Baron of the Exchequer, Sir John Savill, Sir Edward Rhodes, Sir Thomas Slingsby, Henry Ardington, John Dawney, William White, William Adams, Christopher Hodgson, Darcy Wentworth, Henry Slingsby of Kypa, John Bright, John Clayton the Younger, Alexander Johnson, George Byard, Henry Fairfax, William Farrer, Welbury Norton, Christopher Copley, Thomas Wombewell, Charles Fairfax, Lionel Copley, John Vincent, William Lister, George Paler, Edward Gill, Thomas Westby, William Bosevile, John Hewley, William Rooksby, Alderman Dickenson. Henry Currar, William Spencer, Walter Hawkesworth, John Ashton, Richard Cholmley, Walter Calverley, John Stanhope, Ralph Light, Robert Wyvell, Miles Stapleton, James Moyser, Edmond Jening, Jonathan Jennings, William Fairfax, Lord Fauconberg, Lord Ewer, Sir William Strickland, Sir David Fowlis, Sir John Bourcher, Sir Christopher Wyvell, Sir Henry Cholmley, Sir Roger Langley, Sir William Cholmley, Henry Darley, Luke Robinson, Francis Lassels, Robert Waters, William Aiscough, Barrington Bourchier, Christopher Percehay, Thomas Harrison, George Smithson, Thomas Challoner, Henry Stapleton, Thomas Lassels of Allerton, William Thornton, Thomas Lassels, Leonard Smelt, Ralph Rymer, Henry Hall, George Marwood, Leonard Wastell, Thomas Davill, Richard Piercy, Nicholas Conyers, John Alured, Henry Bethell, William Dalton, Mr. Dawson, of Farlington; Charles Tankred the Younger, Bryan Layton, John Gibson, Edward Challoner, Thomas Danby, Thomas Norton, Vice Admiral Lawson, Robert Harrison Esquires, Major William Goodrick, Major Thomas Strangways, Sir Francis Boynton, Sir John Hotham, Sir Henry St. Quinton, Sir Thomas Norcliffe, Sir Watkinson Payler, Sir Thomas Remington, John Anlaby, Richard Darley, John Nelthrop, James Nelthrop, Colonell Hugh Bethell, Richard Robinson, Durrand Hotham, William Lister, John Michelthwayte, Thomas Stillington, John Legard, Christopher Legard, Thomas Oram, William Gee, William Osbaldston, John Vavasor, Thomas Strickland, Thomas Hebblethwayt, John Lister, William Barnard, Mathew Alured, William Hustler Esqs; Mr. James Moseley, Hugh Lister the Mayor of Beverley for the time being, Charles Lord St. John, Sir George Savill Baronet, Sir Robert Napier Baronet, Richard Tolston Esq; Mr. Philip Howard, James Darcy Esq, Mr. John Troutbeck Chirurgion General, John Lawson Gent. The Bayliffs of Scarborough for the time being.


For the City of York, Alderman Toppin the present Lord Mayor of the City of York, Sir Thomas Widdrington One of the Commissioners of the Great Seal, Thomas Lord Fairfax, Henry Thompson, Leonard Thompson, William Taylor, Bryan Dawson Aldermen, William White, Henry Fairfax, Richard Paget, Alderman; Thomas Dickenson Alderman; Alderman Ralph Chater, Alderman Horner, Alderman Lampley, Christopher Hewley, Sir Robert Berwick, Alderman Hewett, James Blackbeard, Francis Elliock, Timothy Squire.


For the Town of Kingston upon Hull, William Dobson, William Lister Recorder, Thomas Raykes, Henry Barnard, Richard Wood, John Rogers Alderman, Alderman Duick, Hugh Lister, Mr. Lumney Merchant, Christopher Legard, William Lissen, Gilead Gough, Mr. Robert Barier Alderman, Mr. Foxley Alderman, Mr. Leonard Barnard Alderman, Mr. Edmond Pople, Mr. Robert Moor, Mr. Robert Legard.


Sir William Lewis Baronet, Henry Williams of Guernevett, David Morgan of Llanddewe, Henry Williams of Cabalva, Thomas Lewes, Merideth Lewes, Edward Williams Esquire, John Gunter, Morgan Jones, Thomas Bowen, James Watkin, Rouland Lloyd, William Thomas, James Preny and Lodowick Lewis.


Sir Richard Price Baronet, John Vaughan, James Lewis senior, James Philips, Henry Vaughan, James Lewis junior, Morgan Herbert, Richard Herbert of Lwyngercoeth, Thomas Lloyd of Guissheer, Erasmus Lloyd, John Lloyd of Ruwarthen, William Lloyd, Richard Jones, Thomas Lewis Esquires, John Bowen, John Price.


For the County of Carmarthen and the County Burrough of Carmarthen, Francis Lord Vaughan, Sir Erasmus Phillips Baronet, Sir Edward Mansell, Baronet; Arthur Annesley, Col. John Floyd, Roger Lort, Howell Gwynn, Nicholas Williams, James Jones, Rouland Gwynn, David Morgan, George Jones, Evan Thomas, Thomas Lloyd, Thomas Evans, Owen Price, Isaac Lloyd, Thomas Morgan, Robert Griffith, John Powell, Christopher Middleton, Thomas Gwynn, Morgan Lloyd, Thomas Howells, John Phillips, John Evans, David Morgan of Codd Lloyd Esquires; John Vaughan of Golden Grove, Edward Rice of Newton, John Vaughan of Llanelly, Mr. Justice Haggat, William Russell of Langhorn, Rouland Gwynn of Tallyares, Esquires, John Hughes Mayor of Carmarthen, John Hughes senior, Anthony Jones, George Jeanes. Walter Thomas, Griffith Bynon.


For the County of Glamorgan, Philip Earl of Pembroke, Philip Lord Lisle, Sir Edward Mansell, Philip Jones, Walter Strickland, William Lewis, Edmund Thomas, Bussy Mansell, Michael Oldsworth, William Herbert, Evan Seyes, Sergeant at Law; Humphrey Windham, Rouland Dawkins, John Price, Edmund Gamage, John Windham, Evan Lewis, Henry Morgan, Rice Powell, Robert Thomas, John Bowen, Edward Stradling, Morgan Morgan, Herbert Evans, John Gawler, Thomas Evans, Rice Davis of Cardiff, Thomas Williams of Swansey, Thomas Lougher, William Watkins, Edward Jones, Col. Edward Freeman, Sir Thomas Lewis Knight, Richard Lougher Esquire, Thomas Matthew Esquire, Thomas Caine Esquire, Edward Mathew Esq; Gabriel Lewis Esquire, John Caine Esquire, Thomas Lewis Esquire, William Basset Esq.


For the County of Pembroke, and Town and County of Haverford West, Sir Erasmus Phillips, Sir Hugh Owen Baronets, Essex Meyrick, Arthur Owen, Roger Lort, Hugh Owen, Lewis Barlow, Thomas Laugharne, William Scurfield Esqs; Capt. Walter Cunny, Thomas Parry, Thomas Owens Esquires, Arnold Thomas Gent. William Phillips, George Howard, Richard Brown, Richard Castle Esquires.


For the County of Radnor, Arthur Annesley, Edward Harley, Samuel Moore, John Birch, Thomas Hunt, John Corbet, Thomas Corbet, Robert Harley, Robert Clive, George Gwyn, Henry Williams, Nicholas Taylor, James Price of Pillith, Griffith Jones, Thomas Lewis of Harpton, Thomas Harley, Charles Lewis, Priamus Davies, Thomas Lewis of Monaghtee, Robert Martin, Henry Probart of Clorvis, Gabriel Taylor, Evan Davies, Esquires, Robert Cutler, Gent.

North Wales.

For the County of Anglesey, Carnarvon, Merioneth, Denbigh, Flint, and Montgomery. John Glyn Sergeant at Law, Robert Bulkley, Sir Thomas Trevor, Sir Griffith Williams Baronet, Sir John Trevor, Sir John Carter Knight, William Glyn, Robert Williams, Griffith Jones, John Trevor, Edward Vaughan Lloydearth; Thomas Ravenscroft, John Pugh of Marthanarne, John Wynn of Mela, Piers Lloyd the Younger, Howell Vaughan, Edmund Glyn, William Foxwist, George Twisleton, Eubal Thelwall, Lewis Owen, Robert Wynn of Glyn, John Edisbury, John Jefferies, John Lloyd of Maes y Pandy, William Parry of Hendrevaur, Hugh Williams, John Vaughan, Thomas Holland, Richard Griffith, Rouland White, Griffith Bodurda, Thomas Crachley, William Wynne of Glanrosen, Robert Wynn of Llanyden, Andrew Ellis, Thomas Swift, John Sydenham, John Peck, Gerrard Barber, Luke Lloyd, Charles Goodman Esquires, William Bold of Treyrddall, John Owen of Penrhose, Samuel Moore, Richard Herbert, William Okeley, Thomas Corbet, Thomas Harley Esquires, William Williams of Nanteage, Sir Thomas Middleton Kt. and Thomas Middleton Esquire, Richard Price of Aberbeehan Esquire, Robert Griffith Esquire.

Commissioners to meet and enrol well affected persons.; Power to appoint officers.

And the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, in the severall Counties, Cities, Towns and Places respectively, for which they are hereby Nominated and Constituted Commissioners, shall have Power, and are hereby Authorized to assemble and meet in some convenient place, and then to call together all and every such well-affected Person or Persons within their severall Countyes, Cities, Towns and Places respectively, for which they are appointed Commissioners, as are meet and fit to bear Arms, and them well and sufficiently from time to time to cause to be Armed, Arrayed, and Weaponed; and to form into Companies, Troops and Regiments, and to Lead, Conduct and Imploy, or cause to be Led, Conducted, and Imployed, as well within the said severall Counties, Cities and Places, for which they are Commissioners respectively, as within, and into any other places of this Commonwealth, for suppressing of all Insurrections, Rebellions, and Invasions that may happen to be, according as they shall from time to time receive Directions from the Parliament or Council of State, by the Parliament appointed, or to be appointed. And that the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, shall have Power and Authority to present to the Council of State for their approbation, the Names of such Person or Persons (having respect to the Qualifications hereafter mentioned) as they shall think fit to be Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, Majors, Captains, and other Commission-Officers of the said Persons so to be Armed, Arrayed and Weaponed; which Persons, so presented and approved by the Council of State as aforesaid, shall have Commissions signed by the Council of State, or any nine or more of them. And being so Commissionated, shall have Power to Trayne, Exercise, and put in Readinesse, and also to Lead and Conduct the Persons so to be Armed, Arrayed, and Weaponed by the Directions, and to the Intents and Purposes, aforesaid.

and charge persons with horse and arms.; and with foot-souldier and arms.; What persons may be charged.

And, for the providing of Horse and Arms, and Furniture thereunto belonging, for the Arming and Weaponing the Persons aforesaid, and also for defraying and paying the necessary Charges thereunto belonging. Be it further Enacted. That the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, within the severall Countyes, Cityes, and Places, for which they are Nominated Commissioners respectively; hereby have full Power and Authority to charge any Person with Horse and Arms in the same County, Shire. City, Burrough, or Toun Corporate, where his. her or their Estates lyeth, having respect unto and not exceeding the Limitations and Proportions hereafter mentioned (that is to say), No person shall be charged with Horse and Arms, unless such Person or Persons have the yearly Revenue of five hundred pounds by the year, or have an Estate of six thousand pounds in Goods or Moneys, or other Estates Equivalent thereunto; and so proportionably as the Commissioners in their Discretions shall see cause and think reasonable. And the said Commissioners are not to charge any Person with finding a Foot-souldier and Arms that hath not a yearly Revenue of fourty Pounds, or a personal Estate of five hundred Pounds in Goods or Moneys. And after the aforesaid Rate proportionably for a greater or lesser Revenue or Estate; It shall be lawful to and for the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, to Impose the finding and providing of Horse and Arms as aforesaid, by joyning two, three, or more persons together in the charge, as to their Judgments shall appear most conducible to the service of the Commonwealth.

Provided, That no person who hath not Fifteen pounds a year in Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Lease-hold, or Copy-hold, or a personal Estate worth two hundred pounds shall be compellable to Contribute in finding Foot and Arms as aforesaid: And that no person who hath not One hundred pounds per annum in Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, Lease-hold or Copy-hold, shall be compellable to Contribute in finding a Horse with Arms. And the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, have power to hear and examine Complaints, and upon Oath, (which Oath they have hereby power to Administer) to give redresse as there shall be cause.

Those charged to provide pay for horse and foot.

And be it further Enacted, That the said Commissioners, or any Five or more of them, in their several Counties and places respectively, shall require and direct all persons so charged as aforesaid with Horse and Arms, to allow two shillings a day to the Troopers that serve with their Horse and Arms, for the Maintenance of the Man and Horse; and Twelve pence a day to the Foot Souldiers, for so many dayes as they shall be absent from their Dwellings and Callings by occasion of Muster or Exercise. And for furnishing Drums, Colours, Trophies, Ammunition, and other Emergencies, The said Commissioners, or any Five or more of them, (whereof none shall be a Commission-Officer) shall have power to lay fitting rate upon their respective Counties, not exceeding in the whole, the proportion of One Moneths Assessment in each County, after the rate of Thirty five Thousand pounds per Mensem charged for pay of the Army; which Moneys are to be Assessed, Collected, and paid according to such Directions as shall be given from time to time by the Parliament or Council of State, unto the Collectors and Treasurers by the said Commissioners to be appointed under the Penalties and by the Wayes and Means in the Act prescribed, for the 35,000 pounds per Mensem. And in case of sudden Exigence for resisting or suppressing of Invasions or Insurrections, whereby occasion will be to draw out such Souldiers into Actual Service, the persons so charged as aforesaid, shall provide each their Souldier respectively with pay in hand, not exceeding one Moneths pay, as shall be in that behalf directed by the said Commissioners, or any Five or more of them. For repaying of which said Moneys, And for satisfaction of the Commanders and Officers for their pay during such time, not exceeding one Moneth as aforesaid, as they shall be with their Souldiers in such said Actual Service, The Parliament doth hereby declare, That provision shall be made for the same, forth of the Publique Treasury; and like course taken for pay and encouragement both of Officers and Souldiers, if they shall be continued upon longer Actuall Service, as is provided for the Forces of the Established Army.

The Commissioners may charge carts, etc.; Punishment of common soldiers neglecting duties.

And be it Enacted, That the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, may charge Carts, Waggons, Waines, and Horses, for the carrying of Powder, Match, Bullet and other Materials, allowing Sixpence a mile outward onely, to every such Cart, Waggon, and Wayne so taken, upon the Marching of any Regiment, Com pany, or Troop, upon occasion of Invasion, and shall and may Imprison Mutineers and Disordered Persons: And such as do not their Duties as Common Souldiers, at the Day of their Musters and Traynings, shall, and may be by them punished for every such offence, five shillings or twenty days Imprisonment without Bayl or Mainprize: And when drawn out upon actual Service occasioned by any Insurrection, or Rebellion, or Invasion; then to be subject during that time to the Rules, Orders, and Instructions, mentioned in the general Instructions for Regulating the Army under his Command by Authority of Parliament.

Those refusing to provide horse, etc., may be fined and imprisoned.

And be it further Enacted, That if any person or persons, so to be assessed or charged by the said Commissioners, shall refuse or neglect (by the time to be appointed by the said Commissioners) to provide and furnish such sufficient Horse, Horses, Arms and other Furniture, or to pay such sum or sums of Money towards the providing and furnishing, as aforesaid; That then it shall and may be lawfull to, and for the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, to inflict a penalty upon such person and persons, not exceeding twenty pounds. And also by Warrant under their Hands and Seals to commit such person or persons (so refusing or neglecting) to Prison, there to remain without Bail or Main prize, till he or they shall conform thereunto, and pay such penalty so inflicted as aforesaid; or else by like warrant to Levy such sum or sums of Money, or the value of such Horse or Horses, Arms and Furniture, and such penalty inflicted by Distress and Sale of the Goods of the person or persons so neglecting or refusing, rendring the over-plus to the party so distrained (all necessary Charges in Levying thereof being first Deducted.)

Penalties for detaining horse or not appearing on summons.

And, Be it further Enacted, That if any person or persons so to be Armed, Arrayed and Weaponed, shall Detain or Imbezel his Horse, Arms or Furniture, wherewith he shall be intrusted, That it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Commissioners, or any Five or more of them, to imprison such person and persons, till he or they have made satisfaction for the Horse, Arms, or other Furniture so by him Detained or Imbezelled. And also, That if any person so to be Armed, Horsed, or weaponed as aforesaid, shall not appear and serve Compleatly furnished with Horse, Arms, and other Furniture wherewith he is intrusted, at the Beat of Drum, Sound of Trumpet, or other Summons, That then and so often it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Commissioners, or any Five of them if the Default be in the person or persons so intrusted to imprison such person or persons for the space of Five dayes without Bayl or Main prize. Or to inflict the penalty, if a Horseman, not exceeding Twenty shillings; and if a Footman, not exceeding Ten shillings, to be paid down without delay or forbearance. And if any person or persons so Assessed or Charged as aforesaid, shall refuse or neglect to deliver his Horse, Arms, or other Furniture, upon such Summons or other Notice as aforesaid, That then and so often it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Commissioners, or any Five or more of them, to inflict a penalty not exceeding Five pounds, to be Levied by Distresse and Sale of the Goods of such person or persons so refusing as aforesaid, as rendring the overplus to the Party Distrained (necessary Charges for Levying being first Deducted;) and for the better discovery of the Ability of the persons so to be Assessed and Charged, and of all Misdemeanours tending to the hinderance of the Service aforesaid, the said Commissioners or any Three or more of them are hereby enabled to examine upon Oath such Person or Persons as they shall judge necessary and convenient.

Meetings of Commissioners.; The Treasurers.

And for the better and more speedy execution of the Premises Be it further Enacted And the said Commissioners are hereby required to appoint such, and so often, Meetings of themselves, as they shall think fit; and at such General Meetings to appoint One or more Treasurer or Treasurers, Check or Checks, for receiving and paying such Moneys as shall be Levyed by vertue hereof; of all which Receipts and Disbursements thereof, the said Treasurers and Receivers, Check and Checks, are every six Moneths to give their Accompts in Writing to the Parliament, if then Sitting; and in the Intervals, to the Council of State, or whom they shall appoint to receive the same.

Treasurers to account upon oath.

And be it further Enacted, That the said Commissioners, or any Five or more of them, shall and may Summon all and every Treasurer and Treasurers of any Committee or Commissioners for the Militia, within the Precincts aforesaid, or any person or persons, who by vertue of any Authority of Parliament or otherwise, are possessed of any sum or sums of Money, Horses, Arms or Ammunition relating to the said Militia, and to require them forthwith to give in a true and just accompt upon Oath; which said Oath, the Commissioners, or any Five of them, have hereby power to administer; And to pay and deliver every such sum and sums of Money, Horses, Arms and Ammunition remaining in their hands as aforesaid, to such person or persons as the said Commissioners appointed by this Act, or any five or more of them shall appoint; and in case of non-payment, to Levy the same by Distresse and Sale as aforesaid, rendring the over-plus; and for want of sufficient Distress, to imprison their persons untill they shall Conform thereunto. All which Moneys so Levied and received, are to be imployed for carrying on of the said service: And at such General Meetings, the said Commissioners are to divide themselves into such Proportions and Numbers as they shall judge convenient, and into such Precincts and Divisions as may most tend to the speedy and effectual advancement of the Service.

Arms of Popish recusants to be seized.

And for the better securing the peace of the Commonwealth, Be it further Enacted and Ordained, And the said Commissioners, or any Five or more of them, are hereby enabled and authorized from time to time, by Warrant under their hands and seals, to imploy such well-affected person or persons as they shall think fit, of which the Constable or his Deputy for the time being, within his respective Precinct, to be one, in the Day-time to search for and Seizeall Arms in the Custody and Possession of any Popish Recusant, or other person that hath been in Arms against the Parliament, or that have adhered to the Enemies thereof, or any other person, whom the Commissioners shall judge Dangerous to the Peace of this Commonwealth; And with such Arms to Arm such well-affected persons as they shall think fit, or otherwise to secure such Arms for the use of the Commonwealth: To which purpose the persons so imployed, are hereby authorized and required to enter into the House or Lodging of any such person as aforesaid, and there to search for, seize, and take away such Arms as they find, and thereof from time to time to give accompt to the said Commissioners.


And be it Enacted, That all High-Constables, and other Officers and Ministers within the said Counties, Cities, Parishes and places aforesaid, be and are hereby required to be ayding and assisting to the said Commissioners, in execution of the premises; and that all and every person and persons who shall Act or Do anything in execution thereof, shall be saved harmlesse and Indempnified by Authority of Parliament.

Proceedings for enforcing charge on persons not resident in place where charged.

And Be it further Enacted and Ordained, That where any person or persons shall be charged by vertue of this Act for settling the Militia in this Nation, to find a Horse, Horses and Arms, in such County, City or Place, where he or they do not reside or Inhabit, That then, and in all such Cases, the Commissioners for the Militia shall send notice of every such charge, if such person have any Land in his own occupation, to such person as he doth imploy as his servant in managing the same; and in case all his Lands or other Estate, be demised and to Farm lett, then to such Tenant or Tenants who have the same in their occupation, who are hereby required forthwith with all convenient speed to convey the same to their Master or Landlord respectively, and within such time as the Commissioners shall appoint, bring an Accompt of their Master or Landlords answer, to the Commissioners of the Militia; and upon neglect or refusal of the Landlord to provide such Horse, Horses, and Arms, as is charged upon him within the time limited by the Commissioners aforesaid, That then the said Tenant or Tenants shall provide and do as the Landlord in that behalf ought to have done. And if the said Tenant or Tenants shall refuse or neglect to provide such Horse, Horses and Arms, as are charged upon his or their Landlord, within the time limited by the Commissioners aforesaid, That then and upon every such Default, it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Commissioners or any Five of them, by Warrant under their Hands and Seals, to Levy all such Penalties as are appointed by this Act by Distresse and Sale of the Offenders Goods.

Tenants may defaulk payments out of rent.

And it is hereby Ordained and Enacted, That it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Tenant or Tenants, to Defaulk out of such Rent as shall be next due to his or their Landlord, all such Money as the said Tenant or Tenants shall lay out or expend in providing such Horse, Horses and Arms, as are charged upon his or their Landlord, or shall pay or be levied upon him or them by Distresse for any Default in manner as aforesaid, Any Condition, Reservation, Covenant or Contract to the Contrary in any wise notwithstanding. And for so doing, the said Tenant or Tenants shall be Indempnified by Authority of Parliament, unlesse the Landlord or Landlords shall make it appear within one moneth after levying such penalties before the Commissioners of the Militia That the Default and penalty was occasioned by the wilfull neglect of the said Tenant or Tenants.

Horses and arms to be returned after service ended.

Provided allwayes, And it is hereby Enacted and Ordained, where any person or persons shall be charged with Horse, Horses and Arms, and shall not be allowed by the Commissioners of the Militia, to put Riders upon them, or to have his Arms born by such person as he shall send in to the aforesaid Commissioners or any five of them, That then in that case the aforesaid Commissioners, or any five or more of them, are to take care, that unlesse the Horses and Arms so sent in, be lost in Actual Service, all such Horses shall be re-delivered immediately after the service ended, unto the parties who were so charged, and sent in their Horses as aforesaid, and that their respective Arms shall be detained, and intrusted in the hands of such who were thought fit by the said Commissioners, to ride, and bear the same, to the end they may be in a readiness for future service, as well as those who by themselves and friends or servants do ride such Horses, or carry such Arms, who, when they shall be discharged by the said Commissioners, or any Five of them are hereby appointed to receive and keep their Horses and Arms in their own custody.

Persons disqualified from serving.

Provided alwayes, That no person shall be permitted to ride a Horse, or carry Arms in this Service, who hath been in Arms against the Parliament, or voluntarily ayding or assisting therein; and hath not since manifested his good affection to the Parliament. Provided also, That no person shall be imployed within this Commonwealth, as a Commission Officer of the Militia raised or intended to be raised, but such, or the sons of such, who have assisted and adhered to the Parliament in their Cause, unless such Sons have shewed their Disaffection or Opposition to the Parliaments Cause.


Provided, That if any person or persons shall be Assessed to find Horse and Arms in the County or Place where his Chief Mansionhouse is, for his whole Estate, that then upon a Certificate or Certificates, that such Person or Persons is so assessed for his whole Estate in the said County or place, such person or persons shall be discharged from any Assessment for the same in any other County or place where any other part of his Estate shall lye.

Commissioners' and officers declaration.

Provided, That no Commissioner, nor Commissioned Officer, shall exercise any the Powers or Authorities herein mentioned, or anything doe in pursuance thereof, untill that he, in the presence of five or more of the said Commissioners, shall first acknowledge in these words (to wit)

I do acknowledge and declare, That the War undertaken by both Houses of Parliament in their Defence against the Forces raised in the name of the late King, was Just and Lawful: And that Magistracy and Ministry are the Ordinances of God.