June 1647: An Ordinance for the raising of Moneyes to be imployed towards the maintenance of Forces within this Kingdome, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax Knight...

Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1911.

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'June 1647: An Ordinance for the raising of Moneyes to be imployed towards the maintenance of Forces within this Kingdome, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax Knight...', in Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660, ed. C H Firth, R S Rait( London, 1911), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/acts-ordinances-interregnum/pp958-984 [accessed 22 July 2024].

'June 1647: An Ordinance for the raising of Moneyes to be imployed towards the maintenance of Forces within this Kingdome, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax Knight...', in Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Edited by C H Firth, R S Rait( London, 1911), British History Online, accessed July 22, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/acts-ordinances-interregnum/pp958-984.

"June 1647: An Ordinance for the raising of Moneyes to be imployed towards the maintenance of Forces within this Kingdome, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax Knight...". Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660. Ed. C H Firth, R S Rait(London, 1911), , British History Online. Web. 22 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/no-series/acts-ordinances-interregnum/pp958-984.

Long title
June 1647: An Ordinance for the raising of Moneyes to be imployed towards the maintenance of Forces within this Kingdome, under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax Knight. And for the speedy transporting of, and paying the Forces for the carrying on the Warre of Ireland.

June, 1647

[23 June, 1647.]

Monthly Rate for one year for maintenance of Sir T. Fairfax' Army and carrying on Irish War.

The Lords and Commons in Parliament Assembled for the due paying of such Forces under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax Knight (as the great and many dangers and distempers doe require to be kept up within this Kingdome for the present) in such manner as the Subjects in this Kingdome may be no more impoverished by Free Quarter as formerly; But that all Officers and Souldiers may justly and duly pay and discharge their Quarters for the future, whereunto they are hereby straightly charged and required: And for the effectuall and more vigorous carrying on the Warre of Ireland, which Kingdome is in most imminent danger to be for ever cut off from this Crowne, and the Protestant Religion intirely rooted out of that Kingdome, by the countenance and assistance which those barbarous and bloody rebels do daily receive, Do Order and Ordaine, and be it therefore Ordered and Ordained by the said Lords and Commons in Parliament Assembled, and by Authority of the same, That the severall summes of Money hereafter mentioned, shall be monethly (according to the ordinary computation) taxed, collected, leavied, and paid, for the purposes aforesaid, from the 25 March, 1647. untill the 25. of March 1648. in such manner and forme as is hereafter Expressed: viz: Upon the County of Bedford the monethly sum of 673.l. 13.s. 11d.¾

s. d.
Upon the County of Berks the monethly summe of £683 15 9
" " " " Buckingham " " 815 8 0
" " " " Cambridge " " 1462 16
" " Isle of Ely " " 490 18
" " County of Chester " " 345 4 11¼
" " City and County " " " 39 13 11
Upon the County of Cornwall the monethly summe of 1228 5
" " " " Cumberland " " 77 0
" " " " Derby " " 342 9 4
" " " " Devon " " 3527 6
" " City and County of Exon. " " 127 9
" " County of Dorset " " 935 10 10¾
" " Towne and County of Poole " " 9 16
" " County of Durham " " 159 2 0
" " " " York " " 2111 7
" " City and County " " " " 149 11
" " Towne of Kingston upon Hull " " 50 18 9
" " County of Essex " " 4547 9 5
" " " " Gloucester " " 1212 3
" " City and County " " " 134 13 9
" " County of Hereford " " 868 2 3
" " " " Hertford " " 1638 15
" " " " Huntington " " 687 3

Commissioners for execution of Ordinance.

Upon the County of Kent with the City and County of Canterbury, and the Cinque Ports within the County of Kent the monethly summe of 47631. 1s. 1d. Upon the County of Lancaster the monethly sum of 529l. 3s. 2d., upon the county of Leicester the monethly sum of 467l. 9s. 10½d., Upon the County of Lincolne the monethly sum of 15731. 8s. 1d½, Upon the City and County of Lincolne the monethly sum of 641. 12s. 9d½., Upon the City of London the monethly sum of 39071. 19s. 2d¼., Upon the County of Middlesex, City and Liberty of Westminster, the monethly sum of 15211. 17s. 9d. Upon the County of Monmouth the monethly sum of 1921. 19s. 1d. Upon the County of Northampton the monethly sum of 5911. 11s. 11d¾. Upon the county of Nottingham the monethly sum of 353l. 19s. 3d. Upon the Towne and City of Nottingham, the monethly sum of 11l. 14s. 6d¼. Upon the County of Norfolk the monethly sum of 4763l. 1s. 1d. Upon the city and county of Norwich the monethly sum of 246l. 11s. 5d¼. Upon the County of Northumberland the monethly sum of 1001. 16s. 10d¾. Upon the Towne of Newcastle the monethly sum of 29l. 17s. Upon the County of Oxford the monethly sum of 779l. 13s. 11d¾. Upon the County of Rutland the monethly sum of 128l. 1s. 0d¼. Upon the County of Salop the monethly sum of 5531. 19s. 9d¾. Upon the County of Stafford the monethly sum of 454l. 15s. 4d¾. Upon the Towne of Litchfield the monethly sum of 10l. 14s. 8d. Upon the County of Sommerset the monethly sum of 20501. 11s. 5d. Upon the City and County of Bristol the monethly sum of 1121. 12s. 10d.½. Upon the County of Southampton the monethly sum of 1514l. 4s. 5d.¼. Upon the Towne and County of Southampton the monethly sum of 62l. 8s. 8d¼. Upon the Isle of Wight 2081. 2s. 6d.¼. Upon the County of Suffolke the monethly sum of 47631. 1s. 1d. Upon the County of Surrey, with the Burroughe of Southwarke, the monethly sum of 13471. 8s. Upon the County of Sussex, and the Ports within the County of Sussex the monethly sum of 26461. 2s. 9d¾. upon the County of Warwick the monethly sum of 6211. 3s. 0d.¾. upon the City and County of Coventry the monethly sum of 791. 19s. Upon the County of Worcester the monethly summe of 7041. 18s. 0d½. Upon the City and County of Worcester the monethly sum of 431. 5s. 6d¾. Upon the County of Wilts the monethly sum of 14211. 18s. 9d. Upon the County of Westmerland the monethly sum of 661. 9s. 2d½. Upon the Isle of Anglesey the monethly summe of 501. 17s. 10d. Upon the County of Brecknock the monethly summe of 1031. 6s. 11d. Upon the County of Cardigan the monethly summe of 1221. 9s. 10d¾. Upon the County of Carmarthen the monethly summe of 1001. 15s. 6d. Upon the County of Carnarvan the monethly summe of 421. 6s. 5d¾. Upon the County of Denbigh the monethly summe of 541. 6s. 10d½. upon the County of Flint the monethly summe of 331. 6s. 4d½. upon the County of Glamorgan the monethly summe of 1311. 15s. 10d. Upon the County of Merioneth the monethly sum of 311. 11s. 6d. Upon the County of Mountgomery the monethly summe of 1231. 2s. 8d.¼. Upon the County of Pembrooke, the monethly summe of 1161. 4s. 7d¼. Upon the County of Radnor the monthly sum of 731. 2s. 7d.½. Upon the Towne of Haverford West the monethly summe of 101. 2s. 6d¾. And that the said several sums of Money may be duly taxed, leavieu, and paid, as is hereafter directed; Be it further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That the persons hereafter named shall be Commissioners for the several Cities, Counties, and Places, herein mentioned, to put this Ordinance in execution in the said severall and respective Counties, Cities, and Places, for which they are hereby respectively appointed Commissioners. viz:

For the County of Bedford.

County of Bedford.

Sir Beauchamp St. John knight, Sir John Burgoyne, Baronet, Sir Thomas Alston Knight and Baronet, Sir Oliver Luke knight, Sir Samuel Luke, Sir John Rolt, Sir George Burgoine, Sir William Boteler, and Sir John Thompson Knights, Thomas Rolt, Thomas Sadler, James Beverley, Lewis Monox, Edward Osborn, Robert Staughton, Samuel Browne, Onslow Winch, John Harvey, and Edward Cater Esquire, Cloment Armiger Esq. Humphrey Monox, William Duncombe, John Vaux, Humphrey Fish, and John Neale, and Thomas Dacres Esquires.

For the Towne of Bedford.

Town of Bedford.

The Mayor of the Towne of Bedford for the time being, Samuel Browne Recorder there, Francis Banister, Doctor in Physick, Robert Hawes, Thomas Hawes, Thomas Paradine, and Mr. Dacres.

County of Berks.


William Lenthall Esq. Speaker of the House of Commons, and Master of the Rolls, Sir Francis Knollis Knight, Sir Francis Pile Baronet, Sir Robert Pye knight Senior, Sir Benjamin Rudyard Knight, Henry Martin, Edmund Dunch, Richard Whitehead, Peregrine Hoby, Tanfield Vachell, John Lenthall, William Ball, Cornelius Holland, John Buckley, John Packer, Robert Packer, Daniel Blagrave, George Purefoy, Samuel Dunch, Roger Knight, Humphrey Dolman, William Barker, William Hide, William Trumbull, Thomas Fettiplace, John Southby, Thomas Morris, and Samuel Wightwicke, Esquire.

For the County of Buckingham.


Thomas Lord Viscount Wenman, Sir Peter Temple, knight and Baronet, Richard Winwood, Bulstrode Whitelocke Esquires, Sir William Andrewes, Sir Richard Piggot, and Sir William Cobb, Knights, Francis Drake Esq. Isaac Pennington Alderman of London, George Fleetwoode Esqr. Sir Richard Ingoldsby Knight, Anthony Ratcliffe, Thomas Lane, John Dormer, Richard Sergeant, Edmund West, Thomas Bulstrode, Simon Maine, Henry Becke, Anthony Carpenter, Thomas Scot, Christopher Egleton, Thomas Aries, Thomas Lygoe, John Lane, William Russell, William Theed of Craston, William Wheeler of Redding Court, and John Doily Esqrs, Sir Gilbert Gerrard Barronet, Christopher Henn, Thomas Wyan, Richard Baldwin and John Barringer Gent. Richard Browne Esquire, Sir Gregory Norton Baronet, Valentine Walton, Thomas Shilbourne, George Baldwin, and William Short Esquires, Cornelius Holland Esqr. Thomas Tirrell, Richard Greenvile Esquires, Sir Richard Napier Knight, John Deverell, Thomas Theed Gent; Henry Andrewes, John Eccleston Esquires.

For the County of Cambridge.

County of Cambridge.

Sir Dudley North Knight of the Bath, Sir John Maynard Knight of the Bath, Sir Miles Sandis, Sir James Reynolds Knights, Oliver Cromwell, James Reynolds, Francis Russell, Robert Reynolds, Thomas Symonds, Thomas Ducket, Robert Castle, John Crane, Michael Dalton, Killiphet Russell, Talbot Pepis, William Lemman. Dudley Pope, Thomas Bendish Esqrs. Robert Clerke, John Welbore, Edward Clench, Edward Leeds, James Thomson, William James, John Chevery, John Raven,

Mr Reynolds of Triploe, Doctor Sawyer, John Robson Gent. Philip Story, Doctor Richard Stone, John Roper, John Parker.

For the University and Towne of Cambridge.

University and town of Cambridge.

The Mayor for the time being, John Lowry Alderman, Samuel Spalding, Alderman French, Alderman Robson, Talbot Pepys, Richard Foxton, Richard Temes Esquires, James Blackley, Alderman Temes, Edward Almond, Henry Lucas.

Isle of Ely.

Isle of Ely.

Sir Miles Sands, Sir Edward Partherick, Oliver Cromwell, George Clapthorne, John Hubbert, and William March Esquires, Richard Stone Doctor of Phisick, Thomas Castle, Tristram Diamond, George Farwell Esquires, and William Fisher Esquire.

For the County of Chester.

County of Chester.

Sir George Booth Knight and Baronet, Sir William Brereton, Thomas Stanley,Henry Brook, John Bradshaw, Robert Duckenfield, Henry Vernon, John Crew, Thomas Morbury, George Booth, Henry Birkehead, Henry Greene, William Towchet, Roger Wilbraham. Peter Warburton, and William Davies Esquires. John Wetniall, Gent, George Warburton Esq. Philip Manwaring Esq. Henry Delves Esq. Robert Venables, and William Massey Esquires, Robert Gregg, and James Louden, Gent

For the City of Chester

City of Chester.

The Mayor for the time being John Ratcliffe Esq. Recorder, John Aldersay, Peter Leigh, William Edwards Merchants, Richard Leicester, Alderman Calven, Calven Bruen, Samuel Bucke, Robert Gregg, Merchants, and Mr. Robert Wright Alderman Christopher Blease, Robert Whitby, Edward Bradshawe, Owen Hudges, Richard Bradshawe, John Whittle, William Crompton, and John Johnsor Aldermen, and John Wynn Citizen.

For the County of Cornwall.

County of Cornwall.

Francis Buller, Richard Erysey, Thomas Arundell, Francis Godolphin of Trevengea, Anthony Nicholl, Sir Samuel Rolls knight, Robert Scawen Esq. John Elliot, John St. Aubin, John Trefusis, John Meile, Hugh Boscawen, George Kekewich, John Trefusis, junior; Thomas Gewen, Richard Chiverton, Christopher Worthivall, Anthony Rowse, Nicholas Waddam, Henry Wills, Robert Bennet, Richard Carter, Edward Elliot, John Martin, Richard Penwarren, William Ceeley, Robert Martin, and John Cary of Penwarden, Esqrs, Leonard Trecy Esq, Robert Roll, Nicholas Trefusis, Edward Herle, Francis Wills, John Vivian, Francis Buller of Tregaricke, Peter Jenking, John Penrose, John Thomas, James Parker, William Glyn, Edmund Prideaux of Badstow, Francis Courtney, Richard Lovis, John Nicoll, Roger Porter, John Iago, Nicholas Leache, Thomas Waddon, James Eresy, John Penrose.

For the County of Cumberland.

County of Cumberland.

Sir Wilford Lawson Knight, William Lawson, William Brisco, Thomas Lamplough, Richard Barwis, John Barwis Senior, Esquires, William Armyn, and Richard Tolson Esqrs, John Skelton of Arma, hwaite, Thomas Curwen of Sellapark Esquire, Miles HaltonThomas Barwis, Michael Studholm, John Hudson, John Stoddard, Richard Uriell, Gent, Thomas Croiston, Thomas Crosthwait Merchants, Henry Tolson, Colonel Cholmley Esquires, and Ambrose Nicholson Esqre.

For the County of Darby.


Sir George Grisley, and Sir John Curson knights and Baronets, Sir John Gell, Sir Edward Cooke, and Sir Francis Burdet Baronets; Sir Edward Leich, Sir John Cooke, and Sir Samuel Sleigh knights, Ralph Clarke, Christopher Holton, William Wolley, Nicholas Leake Esquires, Rowland Morewood, John Monday, Randolph Ashenhurst, Henry Wigfall, John Wigley, and Robert Eure Esquires, Thomas Sanders, George Poole, Edward Large, William Savill, and Edward Charleton Gent. and Francis Revell Esquier, The Maior for the time being, Robert Wilmot, James Abney, Esqr. Thomas Gell Esquier Recorder; Nathaniell Hallowes, Luke Whittington, and Robert Meller Aldermen, Master Edward Pegg, Gervas Bennett, Nicholas Wilmott Esqr. and Francis Revell Gent.

For the County of Devon.


Sir Samuel Roll knight, Sir John Bampfeild Baronet, Sir Richard Strode, Sir Edmund Fowell, Edmund Fowell Esq. Josias Calmady, Sir Henry Rosewell, and Sir John Young Knights, Walter Young, Edmund Prideaux, John Maynard, John Harris of Haine, Francis Rouse, John Waddon, John Rolles, William Frie, Phillip Crooker, Robert Savery, Elias Grimes, Arthur Upton, Richard Gilbert, John Mallucke of Axmouth, Thomas Crew, Charles Vaughan, John Beare, Henry Pollexfen, John Kelly of Kelly, Esqr, Philip Skippon Esqr. Major Generall; The Mayor of Plymouth for the time being, John Barton of Silverton, John Champnyes, Thomas Boone, Philip Harris, Joseph Huntkin, John Marshall, Philip Francis, Thomas Ceely, Richard Evans, Timothy Alsop, Justinian Peard, Christopher Ceely, Sampson Heale Esq, Sir Gregory Norton Baronet, Sir Francis Drake, Baronet, John Drake of Ash, Esquire, William Basterd Esqr, Christopher Savery Esq., Sir John Poole Baronet, Christopher Wood Esq, Robert Duke of Otterton Esqr, William Fowell Esqr, Thomas Drake of Wiscombe Esqr, Matthew Hele Esqr, Peter Bevis, Robert Roll Esqr, John Doddrigg Esqr, Richard Wood Esqr, Edmond Davis, John Drake, John Elford, John Tuckfield Esqr, Sir Nicholas Martin knight, Sir John Northcott, Baronet; Lewis Grimes, Hugh Fortescue, and John Fortescue Esqrs, The Mayor of Dartmouth for the time being, Hugh Trevilian, Esqr, Peter Specott, William Morris Esqrs, John Fountaine Esq, John Bury, John Quick, Esqrs, Edmund Parker, Edmund Anscott, John Wallacombe, and Nicholas Prideaux, Nicholas Roope, John Vaughan, and John Carew Esqrs, the Maior of Plymouth.

For the City and County of Exon.

City and County of Exon.

The Maior for the time being, Walter White Maior, Edward Prideaux Esq. Recorder, Simon Snow Esq, John Hackwell, Adam Benett, Richard Saunders, Christopher Clarke, James Gould, Richard Crossing, John Lavering, Richard Evans, Samuell Clarke, Nicholas Brochin Gent.

For the County of Dorset.


Charles Lord Cranborne, Denzill Hollis Esq., Sir Walter Earle Knight, John Browne, Edmund Prideaux, Thomas Earle, Thomas Moore, John Trenchard, Dennis Bond, Thomas Grove, Roger Hill, Giles Greene, Richard Rose Esquiers, Sir Thomas Trenchard Knight, John Bond, Doctor of Civill Law; John Fitzjames junior, Francis Chettle, Thomas Crompton, Elias Bond, William Hussey, Bartholomew Hall, Thomas Ceeley, Henry Henley, and John Hill, Esqrs. Richard Bury, Gent. William Sydenham Senior, William Sydenham junior. John Whiteway, William Derby, George Thornhill, Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper Baronet, Richard Bingham Esqr, John Bingham Esq, Richard Bradrett Esq, John Foy Esq, Christopher Earl, John Squibb Esq., Walter Foy Esq., Robert Boteler Esq, Jo. Arthur Esq, Lewis Williams Esqr. John Arnold Gent.

For the Towne and County of Poole.

Town and County of Poole.

The major for the time being, John Bingham Esq. George Scutt Senior, Auran Durell, Haviland Healey, William Scutt, and John Melmouth Gentn, Henry Harding, George Scut Junior.

For the County of Durham.

County of Durham.

Sir Henry Vane Senior knight, Sir Henry Vane junior, Sir Richard Bellasis knight, Sir George Vane, John Blackstone, Charles Vane, Richard Lilbourn, Henry Warmouth, George Lilbourn, Robert Hutton, Thomas Shadfurth, Christopher Falthorp, Clement Falthorp, Francis Wren, Esquires, Sir William Selby, Thomas Mitford, Esquire, The Maior of Durham for the time being, Christopher Foulthorp, Thomas Bowes, Clement Foulthorp, Timothy Whittingham, Thomas Shadfurth, George Grey Gentlemen.

For the East-riding of the County of Yorke.

Yorkshire East Riding.

Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, Sir Thomas Fairfax knight, Sir Francis Bointon Baronet, Sir William Constable, Baronet; Sir Richard Darley, Knight Vice-com. Sir William Strickland, Knight and Baronet, Sir Philip Stapleton Knight, Sir William Allenson Knight, Sir William St. Quainton Baronet, Francis Thorpe, John Anlaby, Richard Darley, John Allured, John Nelthorpe, James Nelthorpe, The Maior of Beverley for the time being, Joseph Micklethwaite, Robert Legard, Christopher Ridley, John Stillington, Richard Robinson, and Walter Strickland Esqrs., Charles Bowes Esq.

For the North-Riding.

John North Riding.

Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, Sir Thomas Fairfax knight, Sir John Danvers, Sir Francis Boineton, Baronet, Sir William Strickeland, Baronet; Sir Richard Darley knight, Sir John Bouchier knight, Sir Will. Allenson knight, Sir Henry Cholmeley Knight, Sir Thomas Norcliffe, Sir Henry Franklin Knights, John Wastell, Henry Darley, Brian Stapleton, Luke Robinson, Thomas Hoile, Walter Strickland, Frances Lascels, Thomas Challenor, James Challenor, William Aiscough, George Trotter, George Marwood, Ralph Reymar, John Waters Esqrs. George Eure Esq, Henry Franklin Esq. The Bayliffs of Scarborough for the time being, and the Aldermen of Richmond.

For the West-Riding.

West Riding.

Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, Sir Thomas Fairfax knight, Sir Thomas Maleverer, Baronet, Sir Philip Stapleton, knight, Sir William Lister knight, Sir Charles Egerton knight, Sir Henry Cholmley, Henry Arthington, William White, Thomas Stockdale Esqrs. Sir Edward. Rhodes, Sir John Savile, and Sir Robert Barwicke knights, Charles Fairfax, John Farre, Thomas St. Nicholas, Thomas Dickinson, William Armitage, John Claiton, Alexander Johnson, Esqrs. and Sampson Cooper Alderman of Rippon.

For the City of Yorke.

City of York.

The Lord Maior for the time being, Ferdinando Lord Fairfax, Sir Thomas Fairfax Knight, Sir William Allenson Knight, Sir Thomas Widdrington Knight and Recorder, Sir Robert Barwicke, Knight; Thomas Hoile, Henry Thompson, John Geldard, Stephen Watson, Thomas Dickinson, Robert Horner, and Leonard Thompson, Aldermen.

For the Towne and County of Kingston-upon-Hull.

Town and County of Kingston on Hull.

The Maior for the time being, Sir Henry Vane Junior, Peregrine Pelham, Esq. John Barnard, Lancelot Roper, Thomas Rakes, John Rogers and Richard Wood, Gentlemen, Nicholas Dennam, William Pople, John Chambers, Joseph Blades, Aldermen.

For the County of Essex.

County of Essex.

Sir John Barrington Knight and Baronet, Sir Harbottle Grimston Knt. and Baronet; Sir William Hicks, Sir William Massam, Sir Robert Everard, Baronets; Sir Martin Lumley knight and Baronet. Sir Thomas Cheeke, Sir Henry Mildmay of Wanstead, Sir William Roe, Sir Henry Holcroft, Sir Thomas Honywood, Sir William Marten, Sir Robert Kempe, Knights; Harbottle Grimston, James Gamble, William Masham, John Saier, Timothy Middleton, Henry Mildmay of Graces, Edward Birkehead, William Umfreville, Oliver Raymond, Anthony Luther, Deane Tindall, Robert Barrington, Robert Smith, Sampson Sheffeild, Thomas Cooke, Carey Mildmay, Richard Harlackenden, Robert Wiseman of Mayland, John Eldred, John Joslin, Robert Bourne, John Meed, John Eden, Thomas Clapton, Arthur Barnardiston, Isaac Allen of Haseley, William Gouldingham, William Atwood, John Atwood, Peter Whitconbe, John Brooke, John Harvey, Henry Wiseman, Henry Barrington, Robert Young, Francis Stoneheard, George Walton, John Watkins, John Langley, Joachim Mathewes, Esquires. Richard Wiseman, John Langley of Colchester, Thomas Cooke, John Sorrell, William Turner of Wimdbich, Robert Vesay, Jeremy Ailett, William Collard, Robert Crane, Doctor Read of Beauchanger, Robert Calthrop, Thomas Adams of Thackstead; Richard Hawkin of Harwich, John Ailton, William Harlackenden, John Thorogood of Walden, Isaac Wincoll, Thomas Talcott, Samuel Plume, John Shaw the Younger, Francis Williamson of Walden, Francis Nicholson, John Feimige, Robert Talcott, Thomas Allyett, Robert Maidstone, Gentlemen. John Brewster, Gentleman, Samuel Frylorne Esq., Colonell Thomas Ayloffe.



The Maior of Cholchester for the time being, Harbottle Grimstone Esq. Recorder, John Joselin Deputy Recorder, Henry Barrington, John Langley, Robert Buckstone, Ralph Harrison, Thomas Wade, Mr. Cox, and William Cook, Aldermen.

For the County of Gloucester.

County of Gloucester.

Sir Giles Overbury knight, James Fiennis Esq. Nathaniell Stephens, Esq. Sir John Horton, knight, Edward Stephens, Sir Richard Onslow knight, Sir William Hicks Baronet; John Stephens, Thomas Stephens, Esquires, Richard Stephens, Esq. Sir John Seymour, knight; Edward Popham, John Lenthall Esqrs, Walter Kirle, Anthony Clifford Esqrs, William Leigh, Silvanus Wood, Thomas Hodges, Samuel Codrington, Thomas Pury, William Browne, William Try, Thomas Walter, Robert Holdsworth, William Sheppard, Matthew Herbert Esqrs., John Coddrington Esqr., John Fettiplace, Thomas Eastcourt, Esquires, Stephen Fowler, Gentleman, Matthew Huntley, William Stafford and Philip Langley Senior, John Sarkvill, Anthony Kingscott, Thomas Walter of Hartfeild and Richard Aleworth Esqrs.

For the City of Gloucester, & the County of the City.

City and County of City of Gloucester.

The Maior for the time being, William Lenthall Esq, Speaker of the House of Commons, and Recorder of the said City, John Lenthall, Thomas Pury, John Brewster, Thomas Hill, William Singleton, Dennis Wise, Nicholas Webb, and John Dorney, Esquiers.

For the County of Hereford.

Hereford shire.

Sir Robert Harley Knight of the Bath, Sir Edward Powell knight and Baronet. Sir John Kirle Baronet, Sir Robert Pye knight Senior, Walter Kirle, Francis Kirle, Edward Harley, Robert Kerley, Thomas Baskervile, Ambrose Elton, Senior, William Littleton, Edward Broughton, Samuel More, John Flacket senior, John Flacket junior, Thomas Rawlins, Martin Husbands, Francis Pember, Samuel Trotman, John Patshall, William Crowther, John James, Henry Jones, John Cholmley, Colonell John Birth, and Thomas Blaney Esquires, Nathaniell Wright Doctor in Physick.

For the County of Hertford.


Charles Lord Viscount Cranbourne, Robert Cecill Esq. Sir Richard Lucy Knight and Baronet, Sir John Garrett and Sir John Read, Baronets. Sir Thomas Dacres, Sir William Litton, and Sir John Witterong, knights, Richard Jennings, Row. Litton, Ralph Freeman, W. Leamon, W. Priestly, Thomas Tooke, Edward Wingate, and John Heydon Esqrs, John King Doctor of Physick, Alexander Wild, Richard Porter, Gabriell Barber, Captaine Scroggs, and Gravely Norton Esqrs. William Carter, Thomas Meade, William Dawges, Isaac Pulber, Gentlemen, John Healing, John Humerston, John Robotham, Joseph Dalton of Hertford, William Foxwist Esquier, John Pemberton and Roger Pemberton Esquires, Sir Brockett Spencer Baronet, Thomas Dockory, John Humerston Senior, Edmund Smith, and Thomas Dacres Esquires.

St. Albans.

St. Albans.

The Maior for the time being. William Foxwist Esq. Recorder, John King Doctor of Physicke, John Robotham and John Pemberton Esqrs. Roger Pemberton and William Leaman Esquires.

For the County of Huntington.

Hunting donshire.

George Mountague, Edward Mountague, Valentine Walton, Onslow Winch, Abraham Burrell, Terrill Joceling, and Oliver Crumwell, Esqrs, Sir William Armine, knight and Baronet, Thomas Templer, John Bonner, Robert Vintner, and William Drury, Gentlemen, Master Robert Robson, Doctor Simcots, William Leyman Esqr, Sir Thomas Dacres, knight, John Baldwin, Adam Hill, Nicholas Pedly, and John Castell Esqrs.



John Bois of Fretvill, Esq. John Boys of Besthanger, Esq. Sir William Strickeland, Sir Edw. Monins, Sir James Oxenden, Knights, Henry Oxenden Esq. Sir Thomas Pierce, John Dixwell, Colonell Henry Honywood, Sir Richard Hardresse, Alderman Sabine, Robert Hales Esq. Sir Thomas Godfrey, Sir Michael Livesay, Colonell William Kenwricke, Master Bixe, Captaine Humphrey Scott, Captaine Pummer, Senior; Captaine Thomas Plummer Junr, Sir Edward Scot, Master Robert Scot, Sir John Honywood, Captaine Thomas Westrowes, Captaine Thomas Broadnax, Sir Henry Heyman, Sir Peter Godfrey, Lambert Godfrey, Richard Browne, Colonell John Browne, Sir John Sedley The Maior of Maidstone for the time being Sir John Rivers Sir Humphrey Tufton, Sir Isaac Sedley, Capt. Augustine Skinner, Captaine Richard Beale, Captaine Richard Lee, Master George Newman. Sir John Rayney, Sir Nicholas Miller, William James, William Skinner, and Anthony Hammond Esqrs, Sir Thomas Walsingham, Sir Thomas Stiles, Baronets. Sir Anthony Weldon, Master Tho. Blunt, Master Thomas Seliard, William Boothby; Edward Bois of Besthanger Esq, William Read of Folkestone, The Maior of Dover for the time being, Stephen Monins, William Skinner Esq. John Twisleton, Colonell Townsen, John Golwell Esq. and Edward Ash Esq., Sir Edward Masters, John Nutt Esq, and Sir William Man.

For the City and County of the City of Canterbury.

City and County of City of Canterbury.

The Maior for the time being, Sir Edward Masters, Sir William Man, Sir John Roberts, knights. Thomas Den Recorder, John Nutt, Edward Masters, Thomas Scot Esquires, Avery Sabine, Allen Epps Gent. John Ladd and John Lee Aldermen.

For the County of Lancaster.


Sir Ralph Ashton, Sir Thomas Stanley, Baronets, Richard Ashton of Downam, Ralph Ashton of Middeton, Richard Chuttleworth, Alexander Rigby, John Moore, Richard Holland, Edward Butterworth, John Bradshaw, William Ashhurst, Peter Egerton, John Newell, George Dodding, Nicholas Concliffe, John Starkey, Thomas Birch, and Thomas Fell Esqrs, Robert Concliffe, Robert Curwin, Gent, Thomas Chittam of Nuthurst, Savile Ratcliffe Esq, John Halstead of Rooly, William Shaw, Edward Werden, and Samuel Birch of Ardwick, Gent.

For the County of Leicester.


Thomas Lord Gray, Theophilus Gray, Sir Edward Hartop Senior, Sir Arthur Haslerig, Sir Geo. Villers, Baronet; Sir Martin Lister, Sir Thomas Hartop, Sir Roger Smith, — Quarles, John St. John, Thomas Babington, Peter Temple, Arthur Staveley, Henry Smith, Thomas Haslerigg, William Hewit, William Noel, and Francis Hacker, Thomas Beaumont, William Danvers, Thomas Cotton, John Stafford, Thomas Puchin, William Shereman, Thomas Goddard and William Jesson Esqrs, John Goodman, John Swinfield, and Francis Smalley, Gentlemen, William Stanley, Richard Ludlam, and Edward Cradock, Aldermen, Will. Benbridge.

For the County of Lincolne Lincolne City.

City and County of Lincoln.

Edw. Lord Clifton, Will. Pierpont, Nathaniell Fiennes, Esq. Sir John Wray knight and Baronet, Sir William Armin Baronet, Sir Edward Ascough, Sir Hamond Whichcot, Sir Anthony Irby Knights; John Wray, Francis Fines alias Clinton, Edmond Ayscough, Thomas Grantham, Thomas Hatchet, Edmund Anderson, Mollineux Disney, Henry Pelham, Esqrs. Edward Rossiter, William Wray, Francis Thornah, William Owfield, Francis Mussenden, William Wolley, Charles Hall, Henry Massenbeard, Deyner Massen beard, Alexander Emerson, Thomas Rosseter, John Sheffield, William Broxholme, John Nelthorp, Richard Brian, Isaac Knight, Edward Skinner, and Vincent Amcotts Esquires, Thomas Rand and Nehemiah Rausan Gentlemen.

For the parts of Kesteven.

Parts of Kesteven.

Edward Lord Clinton, William Pierpont Esq. Sir William Armin, Sir Richard Earle, Sir John Brownelow, Sir William Brownelow, Sir Thomas Trollopp, Baronets; Sir Hamond Whichcott, Knight, Thomas Grantham, Thomas Hatcher, Alexander Popham, Thomas Lister, Mountague Cholmeley, Francis Pierpont, William Armin, Henry Pelham, Edmund Hall, William Welby, John Weaver, Richard Williams, William Downham, Thomas Disney, Mollineux Disney, William Ellis Esqrs, Edward Skipwith, John Archer, William Bury, William Savile, Thomas Cornewallis, William Thompson Esqrs, the Aldermen of Stamford, and the Aldermen of Grantham for the time being.

For the parts of Holland.

Parts of Holland.

Sir Thomas Trollopp, Baronet, Sir Anthony Irby knight, William Ellis, William Lorton, James Harrington, Thomas Ogle, Thomas Read, John Harrington, Thomas Irby, John Hobson, John Willesby, Samuel Cust, Francis Mussenden Esqrs, Thomas — William Hobson, Francis Empson, Thomas Hall, Wyat Perkins, Edward Tilson, John — Martm Johnson, Gent.

For the Burrough of Boston in the County of Lincolne.

Borough of Boston in Lincolnshire.

The Maior for the time being, William Ellis Esq. Recorder, Edward Tilson, John Whiting, Thomas Askham, Charles Empson, Thomas Welby, Thomas Law, Thomas Tooley, Aldermen. Edmund Tilson Alderman, John Hobson, William Hobson, Francis Empson, John Browne, Charles Empson, Wyat Perkins, John Whiting, Thomas Welby, Thomas Hall, and Martin Johnson.

For the City of Lincolne.

City of Lincolne.

The Maior for the time being, Henry Pelham, Recorder, William Marshall, Alderman, Thomas Marshall Alderman, Alderman Goodnapp, Alderman Brasbridge, Captaine Origen Pert, Alderman Edward Emys Alderman.

The City of London.

City of London.

Sir John Gayer knight, Lord Maior of London, the Lord Maior for the time being. Isaac Pennington Alderman, Sir John Wollaston Knight, Thomas Atkins Alderman, Thos. Adams, Alderman, John Glyn Esq. Recorder, Sir John Cordall, Sir Thomas Soame, Sir Jacob Jerrard, Knights and Aldermen, John Warner Alderman, Abraham Renoldson, Sir George Garrard Knight and Alderman, Sir George Clerke Knight and Alderman, John Langham, Thomas Andrews, John Foulke, James Bunce, William Gibbs, Richard Chambers, Thomas Foot, John Kenricke, Thomas Cullam, Symon Edmonds, Samuell Avery, George Witham, John Bide, Thomas Vinor, Aldermen, Samuell Vassall, and John Venne Esquires.

For the Countie of Middlesex City and Libertie of Westminster.

County of Middlesex City and Liberty of Westminster

George Earl of Desmond, Sir Henry Vane, senior knight, Sir Richard Winne, Knt and Baronet, Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Baronet, Sir Edward Barkeham, Knight and Baronet, Sir Thomas Fowler Knight and Baronet, Sir Richard Sprignall, Baronet, Sir Gregory Norton, Baronet, Sir Edward Hungerford Knt. of the Bath, Sir John Danvers, Sir John Francklin, Sir Robert Pye senior, Sir John Hippesley, Sir William Roberts, Sir John Trevor, Sir Jas. Harrington, Sir Edward Powell Knights, The Lieutenant of the Tower of London for the time being, John Glyn Esq, Recorder of the Cities of London and Westminster, Laurence Whittacre, Francis Gerrard, John Huxley, John Trenchard, William Wheeler John Morris, Richard Dunton, Thomas Lane, John Spelman Robert Scawen, Humphrey Edwards, John Browne, John Packer, Robert Packer, Justinian Pagett, and Thomas Swallow, Thomas Falconbridge and Laurence Swetnan Esqrs. William Bell, George Manley, William Hawkins, John Brigham, William Barnes, Stephen Bourman and Edw. Martin Gent. Silvanus Taylor, John Hormer, James Parcell, Ralph Hall, Isaac Pennington Aldermen of London, William Leaman, William Jones Esquires, Sir Thomas Middleton Knt., Edward Carter, Solomon Smith, Daniell Proctor, John Hooker, Josias Barners, Gilbert Gerrard, John Hawtree, Thomas Marsh, William Ball, Thomas Hubard, James Prince Esquires.

For the County of Monmouth.


John Herbert Esq. Sir Trevor Williams, Thomas Morgan, William Herbert, Henry Herbert, William Morgan, Edmond Morgan, Thomas Herbert, Thomas Hughs, William Jones, William Baker, Thomas Pury jun, Henry Baker, John Parry, John Walter, John Hanbury, Esqrs. Henry Vaughan, Christopher Catchmey, William Blethin, Roger Williams, William Packer, Rice Williams Gent.

For the County of Northampton.

County of Northampton.

Lord Fitzwilliams, William Ward Esq, High Sheriffe of the County, Sir John Dreydon, Sir Gilbert Pickering Baronet, George Mountague, John Crew, Zouch Tate Esquires; Sir Christopher Yelverton Knight and Baronet, Richard Knightley Esq., Sir John Norwich, Sir Edward Nichols Baronets, Sir Richard Samuell, Sir Humphrey Orme knights, John Barnard, Richard Knightley Edward Hanbury, Philip Holeman, Edward Harby, Richd. Samuell, John Norton, John Claypoole, John Thornton, Thomas Pentloe, Richard Owsley, Thomas Elmes, Senior; and William Jesson, John Cartwrighte, William Lisle, Thomas Andrewes, and Richard Andrewes Esqres. Sir John Egerton, Sir Samuell Danvers Baronets, Sir John Danvers, Knight; Robert Andrews Esquire, Oliver Saint-John, Toby Chancey, Thomas Brooke, Richard Trist, John Wiseman, William Dreyden, Erasmus Dreyden, William Barnard Esquires, Henry Freeman, Francis Quarles the younger, Richard Trist the Younger, Gent; John Clark, Edward Shughburgh, Ed. Farmer, Edward Onby, John Parker, John Cleypoole Esquires, William Lewis Gent.

For the Towne of Northampton.

Town of Northampton.

The Maior of Northampton for the time being, Jo. Gifferd, John Fisher, and Francis Rushwoth, Aldn.

For the County of Nottingham.


Densell Hollis, Wil. Pierpont. F. Pierpont, Esq. Sir Edward Wortley Knight, Sir William Lister, knight, Francis Thornhagh, John Hutchinson, Gervas Piggott, Gilbert Millington, Joseph Widmerpoole, Charles White, Nicholas Charleton, Clement Spelman, Jervis Raynes, Henry Ireton, Edward Ayscough, Esqrs., John Mason, Gervas Lomax, William Nix, John Martin Gentn.



The Bailiffe of Retford for the time being, Sir Hardolph Wastneyes, Bart. Hardolph Wastneyes, Edward Nevill, Richard Dobson, William Clerkson, Miles Newton, Esqrs. Christopher Hussey, Thomas Bristow, and John Pinder Gent.

For the Toune and County of Nottingham.

Town and County of Nottingham

The Maior for the time being, Francis Pierpont, Gilbert Millington, James Chadwick, Esqrs., Huntington Plumtree Doctor of Physicke, John James Alderman, William Nix Alderman, Charles White Esq, Nicholas Charleton Esq, John Gregory Gent. Gervas Lomax Gent.

For the County of Norfolke.


Sir Thomas Woodhouse Knight and Baronet, Sir John Hobart, knight & Baronet, Sir John Holland, Baronet, Sir John Pots knight and Baronet, Sir William Paston Baronet, Sir John Palgrave Knt. and Baronet, Sir Richard Berny Baronet, Sir Isaack Astley knight and Baronet, Sir Wm. Playter, Knt. and Baronet, Sir Ralph Hare Baronet, Sir Valentine Pell knight, Sir Miles Hubart Knight of the Bath, Sir William Doyley knight, Sir Thomas Beddingfield, Sir Thomas Guibon, Sir Thomas Gawdy, Sir Edward Astley, Sir Thomas Hoogan, and Sir George Windham knights, William Heveningham, Franlingham Gawdy, John Spellman, John Coke James Calthorpe, Erasmus Earle, Miles Corbet, Francis Jermy, Robert Wood, Thomas Windham, Thomas Atkin, John Buxton, Gregory Gawfell, Philip Skippon, Phillip Beddingfield, John Houghton, Robert Haughton, Ia. Scamler, Jo Walpole, Ro. Walpoole, Ed. Chamberlaine, Thomas Russell, Robert Wilton, Robert Jermy, Hamond Ward, Thomas Wilde, Samuell Smith, Thomas Southerton, Robert Sheppard, Ed. Heyward, Rogers Townend, Thomas Waller Thomas Wright, Robert Long, John Webb, James de Grey Esqrs. John Reimes, Henry King, William Coney, John Brewster Gent. Edward Gawdy, Robert Rich, Martin Sedley, Henry Tailor, George Hunt Esqrs., Toby Frier, Thomas Toll Esqr. Gabriell Barber Doctor of Physic, Simon Smith and John Beckham Esqrs., Thomas Lincoln of Thetford.

For Lynne Regis.

Lynne Regis.

The Maior of Lynne Regis for the time being, Miles Corbet Esquire, Recorder, Thomas Toll Esqr. John May of Lynn, Alderman, Thomas Nelson Alderman, Thomas Robinson, Alderman, Bartholomew Wormall Alderman.

For Yarmouth.


Edward Owner and Charles Gooth Bailiffes, and the Bailiffes of Yarmouth for the time being Miles Corbet Esq. Recorder, Thomas Johnson and Robert Gowar of Yarmouth, Aldermen.

For the City and County of Norwich.

City and County of Norwich.

Henry Watts Maior, and the Maior for the time being, Samuell Smith Recorder, Erasmus Earle Steward, Thomas Atkin Alderman of London, Jo Tooley, Jo Thacker, Chr. Barret, Tho. Baker, and Adrian Parmenter Esqrs, Master Thomas Barret, Mr. Barnard Church, and the Sheriffs for the time being, Matthew Peckover, Henry Watts, Samuel Puckell, Mathew Linsey, Thomas Tofts and William Symonds, Aldermen, John Salter, John Grey, Samuell Brewster, John Cullier, John Tofts, Henry King, Thomas Wasted Gent.

For the County of Northumberland.


Sir John Fenwicke knight and Baronet, Sir John de la Vall, Sir Thomas Widdrington, Sir Robert Collingwood, Sir William Selby of Twisell knight, Thomas Middleton, George Fenricke, William Fenwicke, Robert Clavering, William Shaftoe, Robert Fenwicke Thomas L rraigne, Henry Ogle, John Salkeild, Charles Middleton, Edward Fenwicke of Stanton, William Babingham, and John Hall Esquires, Ralph Salkeild Gent, Thomas Pye Gent. Henry Horsley Gent. Edward Fenton of Stanton Esq. George Payler Esq.

For the County of Oxford.

County of Oxford.

William Lenthall Esq. Speaker of the House of Commons, and Master of the Rolles, Thomas Lord Visct. Wenman, Sir John Danvers Knight, James Fiennes, John Fiennes Esqrs. Sir Peter Temple Knight and Baronet, Sir Robert Pye senior Knight, Sir William Cobb Knight, John Doile, John Thynn, Thomas Knight, William Tipping, Robert Scroop, Edward Clarke, Edmund Dunch, and Bulstrode Whitelocke, Esqrs., Sir Peter Wentworth Knt. of the Bath, Sir Nathaniell Brent, Knight, Sir James Harrington knight, John Lenthall, Thomas Tipping, Edward Dynon, Bartholomew Hall, William Draper, Thomas Apletree, Robert Jenkinson, Richard Cope, Esquires, Henry Goodwin, William Bartholomew Gent, John Tanner, and Thomas Hailes Esquires, Vincent Barry Esqre.

For the University and City of Oxon.

University and City of Oxon.

The Maior for the time being, Bulstrode Whitelocke Esq. Recorder, John Doyley Esq, Sir Nathaniell Brent Knight. John Selden Esq, D. Cleyton, Dr. Saunders, Diggery Weare, Gent, Alderman Southam, John Nixon Alderman, Alderman Whistler and Mr. Thos. Dennis.

For the County of Rutland.


Thomas Lord Gray of Grooby, Sir Edward Harrington Knight and Baronet, Sir James Harrington Knight, Evers Armin, Thomas Waite, John Osborne, Thomas Levet, Christopher Browne, Robert Horseman and Samuell Barker Esqrs; John Hatcher, John Greene, and William Busby, Gen, William Grice, Gent. and Edward Horseman Gent.

For the Towne and County of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Town and County of Newcastle-on-Tyne.

The Maior for the time being, John Blakiston Esq, Edward Wright Esq. Recorder, Henry Warmouth, Henry Dawson, Thomas Ledyard, Wil. Dawson, Thomas Bonner, George Dawson Aldermen Henry Rawlins Sheriffe, Edward Man, Christopher Nicholson Robt. Ellison Gen. George Fenwicke, Robert Young, George Blakiston, Phineas Allen Gent, M. Pailer.

For the County of Salop.

County of Salop.

William Pierpont Esq. Sir John Corbet Baronet, Robert Wallop, Thomas Mitton, Thomas Nicolls, Humph. Mackworth, Walter Long, Robert Corbet, Andrew Floyd of Aston, Lancelot Lee, Thomas Hunt, John Corbet Esqrs. Sir Humphrey Briggs, Knight and Baronet, Sir Thomas Middleton knight, Robert Powell, Samuell Moore, William Steventon, William Littleton, Francis Foster, Thomas Kettleby, Edward Whichcott, Robert Clive, Robert Charlton, Thomas Mackworth, Rouland Hunt, Humphrey Edwards, Leighton Owen, Roger Rowley, William Sone, Esqrs; Thomas Moore, Cresswell Tailor, Isaiah Thomas and John Prowd, Gent; Arthur Chambre Esq; Hercules Kinnersley and Thomas Baker Gent; Thomas Clive Esq. Rowland Hill, Thomas Locker, and William Cockton Esqrs; The Maior of Shrewsbury for the time being, Arthur Ward, Richard Whitehall, John Wybunbury, Samuel Sanford, Gent. John Thynn Doctor, Wil. Child, Samuel Towers Esqrs, Jeremiah Powell, Richard Harris, Henry Powell of Worthen, Edward Cresset, Francis Harris, and Michael Stevens Gent. Isaack Shepheard Esqrs.

For the County of Stafford.

County of Stafford.

Sir Richard Skeffington, Sir William Brereton, Sir Charles Egerton, and Sir John Merrick knights, John Bowyer, Edward Leigh, Michael Noble, John Swinfen, Samuel Fenwick, Thomas Cromton, Edward Manwaring, William Jolly, Edward Bramston Esqrs. Henry Stone, Philip Jackson, Leicester Burdet, Joseph Whitehugh, Thomas Pudsey, William Bendy, and John Simcox Gentn.

For the City of Lichfield

City of Litchfield.

The Bailiffes for the said City for the time being, The Sheriffe of the City for the time being, Ralph Biddolph Esq., Michael Noble Esq., Richard Draffgate, Thomas Saxon, Henry Met, and Thomas Miners, Gentn.

For the County of Somerset.


Sir Edward Hungerford Knight of the Bath, Sir John Horner, Sir Samuel Roll, Alexr. Popham, Robert Wallop, Edmund Prideaux, Hugh Rogers, Roger Hill de Pounford, John Ash, Esqrs. Sir Thomas Wroth, Sir Robert Gorges Knights, Edward Popham, William Strode, Richard Norton, Clement Walker, Thomas Hodges, Robert Blake, John Harrington, John Pyne, John Palmer, George Searle, Thomas Grove, Lillisbone Long, George Horner, James Ash, Esqrs. Colonell John Venn, William Strode Junior Esqrs, John Preston, Henry Henley, Henry Bonner, William Capell, Thomas Hippisley. Jonathan Pyts, Richard Cole, John Buckland, John Whitby, Robert Gough, John Wroth, Charles Steminges, Edward Baker, Thomas Bamfield, Nicholas Saunders, George Lutterrell, Robert Harbin Esqrs., Giles Strangwayes of East Charleton, Esq, Will Prin Esq. and Sir George Farwell Knight, John Saintbarbe, John Carew, Iam. Strowde, William Orange Esqrs, and Mr. Sondder Finns, Gent. and the Maior of Taunton for the time being.

City of Bristoll.

City of Bristol.

The Maior for the time being, Edmund Prideaux, Recorder; Richard Aldworth, John Gonning, Luke Hodges Esqrs, John Birch, Henry Gibs, Isaac Powell, Edward Tyson, and Robert Aldworth, Hugh Browne, George Hart, Josias Clutterbucke, Joseph Jackson, Walter Sandy Sheriffe, John Hagett gent. John Young, John Orey, John Pope, William Grigg, Dennis Hollester, Thomas Shewell and Robert Haines Esqrs.

For the County of Southampton.

County of Southampton.

Sir Henry Worsley, and Sir William Lewis Baronets, Sir William Uvedale, Sir William Waller, Sir Thomas Gervoice, Sir John Evelin, Sir Henry Mildmay, and Sir John Crompton knights, Robert Wallop, Richard Whitehead, Richard Norton, William Jephson, Liev. Gen. Cromwell, Edw. Doddington, John Lisle, Joh. Button, Wil. Wheeler, Edw. Hooper, John Bulkeley, John Kemp, Wil. Stephens, Arth. Hide Esqrs., John S. Barbe, Edward Goddard, John Hooke. Nich. Love, Wil. Pitt, Thos. Hussey, Rich Maior, Joh. Button junr. Joh. Woolridge, Edward Dowse, Hen. Campion, Tho. Betsworth, Francis Tilney, Joh. Fielder, Will. Ball, Wil. Wither Francis Rivet, Tho. Cole, Hen. Bromfield, James Tutt, Ric. Moore, Tho. Creswel, of Heckfield, and John Pitman Esq., Edw. Boate, John Hildesley, Alexr Wilson, Wil. Wouldgar, Moore Fauntleroy, Tho. Dowse of Elden, Wil. Goore and Tho. Gale Gent, The Maior of Winton for the time being, Ralph Riggs, and— White. Aldermen, Ed. Exton and George Gallop. Esqrs.

For the Isle of Wight.

Isle of Wight.

Sir Henry Worsley Baronet, Sir Wil. Lisle, and Sir John Leigh, Knights, John Lisle, John Bulkeley, John Kempe Esqrs. Sir Robert Dillington Baronet, Sir John Barrington Knt and Baronet, Robert Dillington, Wil. Oglander, Wil. Boreman, John Worsley, Thos. Boreman, Wil. Stevens, Esq., Edw. Dennis, John Richards Esqrs. Thom. Wavel, and Tho. Legg Gent, Eustace Man Gent. and Sir John Dingley Knight.

For the Towne and County of the Towne of Southampton.

Town and County of Town of Southampton.

The Maior for the time being, George Gallop, Edw. Exton, Tho. Mason, Ric. Whitehead, Paul Mercer, Ric. Maior, Wil Stanley, Rob. Wroth, Hen. Brasebridge, and Peter Legay, Merchants,

For the County of Suffolke.

County of Suffolk.

Lester Devereux Esq; Sir Edm. Bacon knight and Baronet, Sir Wil. Playtere, Sir Sym. Dewes Kts and Baronets, Sir Wil. Spring, Sir Butts Bacon, Baronets, Sir Roger North, Sir Joh, Wentworth, Sir Tho. Beddingfield, Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, Sir Wil. Soame, Sir John Rous, Sir Phil. Parker, Sir Tho. Barnardiston, Kts., Wil. Heveningham, Brampton Gurdon, senr. Henry North sen., Mauris Barrow, Isaac Appleton, Hen. North, jun, Nic. Bacon, Charles Fleetwood, Robt Reynolds, Joh. Gourden, Tho. Bacon, Nath. Bacon, Fran. Bacon, Joh. Brooks, Wil. Bloice, Thos. Bloise, Tho. Scot, Brampton Gourden Junr., Tho. Terrill, Tho. Cole, Joh. Hodges, Joh. Colton, Ric. Pepis, Edm. Harvey, Gibson Lucas, Rob. Brewster, Theo. Vaughan, Iam. Hobart, Francis Brewster, William Laurence, Alexr. Bence, Squire Bence Esqrs; Thomas Gypp of Berry, M. Manning, Giles Barnardiston, Sam. Faireweather of Halfworth, and Mr. Thomas Dandy.

For the Towne of Ipswich.

Town of Ipswich; Bury St. Edmunds.

The Bailiffes for the time being, Nath. Bacon Esq; Recorder, Francis Bacon, John Aldus, Robert Duncan, Peter Fisher.—For Bury St. Edmonds. The Alderman for the time being, Thomas Chaplin, Samuel Moody, and M. Clarke.


For Aldburgh. The Bayliffes for the time being, Francis Bacon, Recorder; Tho. Johnson, John Bence, Henry Cheaney, Thomas Gipps, Gentlemen.

For the County of Surrey with the Borough of Southwarke.

County of Surrey with Borough of Southwark.

William Lord Mounson, Denzell Holles Esq, Benjamin Wetton Esq, John Glynn Esq. Recorder of London, Sir Ambrose Browne Baronet, Sir Thomas Gervois, Sir Richard Onslow, Sir John Mainard, Knight of the Bath, Sir John Dingley, Sir John Howland, Sir Wm. Elliot, Sir Richard Bettison, Sir Matthew Brand, Sir Thomas Walsingham, Sir Robert Needham, Sir Robert Parkhurst, Sir Robt. Wood, Sir Robert Gorges, and Sir John Evelin, Sir John Lenthall, Sir Edmund Burgesse, Knights; Edmund Jordaine, Thomas Sands, Nicholas Love, James Sherley, Nicholas Staughton, George Farewell, Henry Tonstall, Arthur Onslowe, Robert Wood, Francis Drake, George Evelin of Watton, John Goodwin, Robert Goodwin, Jonn Farewell, Henry Weston, Thomas Locke, John Turner, John Cartwright, Sackford Gonson, Robert Purse, Robert Mead, and Lancelot Johnson Esqrs, Robert Hullman, George Tompson, Robert Haughton, Cornelius Cooke, Richard Wright, George Snelling, Thomas Hudson, Henry Hardwicke, Gentlemen William Oldfeild, Herbert Hay, George Dunscombe, Arthur Squib, Samuell Rous, Robert Titchborne, John Loid Esqrs, William Wymershall High Sherriffe of the County of Surrey, Sir Poynings Moore, Thomas Smith and Edward Bish Junior.

For the County of Sussex.

County of Sussex.

Sir Thomas Pelham, Sir Thomas Parker, Sir John Chapman, Sir Gregory Norton, Baronets, Anthony Stapley, Herbert Morley, Sir Thomas Ersfield, of Deune, Henry Shelley, John Baker, Hall Ravenscroft, Edward Dowse, William Hay, John Busbridge, Herbert Board, Herbert Springate, Herbert Hay, Peter Farnden, Thomas Jefferay, William Michelbourne, Thos. Collins, John Board, Anthony Crutenden, Anthony Fowle, Francis Selwin, William Newton senior, William Cawley, Thomas Midleton, John Downes, George Oglander, James Temple, Thomas Chase, Ralph Cooper, George Churcher, and Peter Bettisworth of Fineing, Esqrs, Thomas Henshaw, Will Freeman, Thomas Green of Marden, Thomas Mlllet of Marden, Will. Cooke, Nich. Sheppard, John Hagg, Will. Morley, Humphrey Edwards, Arthur Pettisworth, George Greene, Philip Jermin, Serjeant-at-law; Stephen Humphrey, Nathaniel Studley, Robert Spence, Robert Gratwicke, William Spence, Robert Heath, John Everenden, Edward Manning, Thomas White, Richard Yates, John Roberts, Thomas Challoner Esqrs., Capt. Symon Everenden, Thomas Brian, Henry Peck, Esquires, the Maior of Chichester for the time being, Ambrose Trayton, Thomas Springet Esq. Sir Edward Culpepper Baronet, Sir Thomas Henley Knight, and Master Whitfeild.

For the County of Warwick.

County of Warwick.

Sir Peter Wentworth Knight of the Bath, Sir Richard Skeffington, Mr. William Jesson, Godfrey Bosvile, William Purefoy, John Barker, John Hales, Will Colemore, Thos. Willoughby, Thomas Boughton, Anthony Staughton Esq, Gamaliell Purefoy, George Abbot, Walden Willington, Thomas Bassenett and Robert Wilcox Esq. Sir Robt. Lytton, Colonell Archer, and Colonell Peito.

Upon the City and County of Coventry.

City and County of Coventry.

The Maior for the time being, William Jesson, John Barker, John Rogerson, Alderman Henry Harwell Esqrs., Master Matthew Smith, Mr. Samuell Snell, and John Wightwicke.

For the County of Worcester.

County of Worcester.

Sir Thomas Rous Baronet, John Wild Serjeant-at-Law, Richard Cresheld Sergt.-at-Law, Humphrey Salway, Edward Dingley, Jervis Bucke Esqrs, Edmund Giles, William Hopkins, William Stephens, Henry Hunt, Thomas Symonds gentleman, William Ligon, Henry Bromley of Upton, William Browne, William More, William Collins, Thomas Cooke, Thomas Milward, and John Giles gentleman, John Dormet, Edward Thomas, William Jeffries, John Latham, Thomas Jolly, Edmund Wild, Nicholas Lechmere, Thomas Graves, William Dingley, Esquires.

For the City and County of Worcester.

City and County of Worcester.

The Maior for the time being John Wild Serjeant at Law, Recorder; John Nash, and Henry Ford, Alderman, Robert Stirrup, Daniel Dobbins gentleman, James Tailor and Nicholas Wildy Gentlemen.

For the County of Wilts.

County of Wilts.

Philip Lord Herbert, Charles Lord Cranborne, James Herbert Esqr, Denzell Holles Esqr, Benjn. Weston Esqr. Sir Edward Hungerford knt. of the Bath, Sir Nevill Poole, Sir Edw. Bainton Knights, Sir John Evelin knight, Edward Bainton, Alexr. Popham, Walter Long, Edward Poole, Robert Jennor, Thomas Hodges, Richard Whitehead, Thomas Moore, John Ash, Robert Nicholas, Will. Wheeler, Philip Smith, and Edward Ash Esqrs, Sir John Danvers Knight, Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper Baronet, Edmund Ludlow senior, Edmund Ludlow junior, Alexr. Thistlethwaite, Will Sadler, Edward Goddard, Thomas Bennet of Norton, Robert Hippesley and Edmund Wainford, John Lisle, John Bulkeley, Will. Stevens, Thomas Grove, Henry Hungerford, Edward Tucker Esqrs, John Goddard, Edward Martin, Gabriel Martin, Thomas Goddard, Edward Stokes, Richard Talbois, Richd. Gifford, Will. Jessey, Thomas Bailey, Robert Good, and Robert Brown Gentlemen, John Stephens, William Hussey, and Thomas Hussey Esqrs, Richard Crouch, William Coles, Thomas Carter, Robert Nicholas of Semley, Edward Stratton, Edward Manning, and Edward Nicholas, gentlemen, John Dove, Esqr William Ball, John Lawrence, and Thos. Hunt Esqr; Humphry Ditton gentleman, The Maior of Sarum for the time being, John Ivy senr. gentleman. Francis Dove Gentleman, John Read gentleman.

For the County of Westmorland.

County of Westmoreland.

James Bellingham, of Levans, Henry Laurence, Richard Salway, Henry Ireton, Edward Wilson, Nicholas Fisher, Rowland Dawson, Allan Bellingham Esqrs, Roger Bateman, Richard Branthwaite, Gervase Benson, Gentleman, James Bellingham of Gathorne, Thomas Brathwaite, John Covell, William Kimpe, Anthony Kimpe, Joseph Booth, Robert Stevenson gentlemen.

For the Isle of Anglesey.

Isle of Anglesey.

Sir Thomas Middleton, Thomas Buckley, Nicholas Bagnall, Thomas Mitton, Thomas Glyn, Esqrs, John Glyn Recorder of London, John Wood, Hugh Owen, Richard Wood Esqrs. Richard Owen Theodar Esq. Owen Holland gentleman, William Griffith Doctor of Law, William Bould, Henry Owen, Paris Lloyd, and Richard Merricke Esqrs, Owen Wood, William Jones Esqrs.

For Brecknock.


Sir William Lewis Baronet, Hore Games, Howell Gwyn of Glantrane, John Walebise, Edward Rumsey, Edmund Games, Thomas Lewis gentlemen.

For Cardigan.


Sir Richard Price Knight and Baronet, Thomas Wogan, James Lewis Esqrs; David Lewis, John Lloyd Verde, gentleman, Thomas Evans, Thomas Lloid, and George Howell, gentlemen; James Phillips, Esqre; James Jones, Henry Middleton, John Lewis, Daniel Gwin, Oliver Lloyd, Morris Vaughan, Richard Hebers, and John Jones gent; The Maior of Cardigan for the time being, James Lewis of Abriranvahn, James Phillips, John Jones Esqrs; Tho. Parry gent; Abell Griffiths, John Vaughan Aldermen, David Sturlock, George Gwin Recorder.

For the County of Carnarvan.

County of Carnarvon.

Sir Richard Winn, Sir Thomas Middleton, Sir Wil. Williams, John Glyn Recorder of London, Thomas Glynn of Glynulluine Esqrs; Griffith Jones, Owen Wynn, Maurice Wynn, Thomas Madrin, John Bodarda, William Lloyd Esqrs; Edmund Glynn gentn, Thomas Williams, William Foxwist, Esqrs; Robert Coitmore, Richard Winn Esqrs, Edward Williams Esqrs, Griffith Bodarda Gent, and Griffith Thomas Esqr.

For Carmarthen.


Arthur Anslow, John Lloyd, Wil. Davies, Henry Rice, Anthony Rice, Esqrs, Sir Edward Vaughan knight, Howell Gwinn, Francis Lloyd, Nicholas Williams, James Jones, Thos. Williams, Henry Price, David Phillips, Richard Vaughan, John Mansell, Evan Thomas, Charles Gwinn, Francis Jones, John Lewis, John Haris, and Geo. Jones Esqrs; Sir Rich. Rudd, John Vaughan, Henry Middleton, and Rowland Gwinn Esquires.

For the Burrough of Carmarthen.

Borough of Carmarthen.

The Maior for the time being Sir Rice Rudd, John Bloome, John Vaughan, Henry Middleton, Rowland Gwinn, Thomas Woodford, Richd. Thomas Esqr.

For the County of Denbigh.

County of Denbigh.

Sir Thomas Middleton Knight, Sir William Middleton Baronet, Sir John Trevor knight, Sir Robert Needham Knight, Thomas Middleton Esqr. Simon Thelwall Junr.; John Trevor Esq, Robert Stoutley, Owen Salisbury, Owen Brereton, Richard Middleton, Owen Thelwall, John Edgbury, Edward Wyn of Langchan, Richard Bassnet, John Peck, Watkin Kyfin, Edward Tailor, and Ralph Crutchley Gent. Rich. Egerton, Richard Davies, Col. John Jones, Roger Wilbraham, gentlemen.

For Flintshire.


Sir Thomas Middleton knight, Thomas Mitton Esq, Sir John Trevor Knight, Thomas Moulton Esq. Simon Thelwall of Esq. Thomas Ravenscroft Esq. Roger Hanmer Esq. Roger Ellis, Luke Lloid, John Aldersey, Ralph Hughes, John Salisbury of Railgrige, the elder; and Tho. Holford Esqr, Robert Gethin, and Thomas Dymocke Gen. and John Trevor Esquire.



Philip Lord Herbert, Algernon Sydney, Walter Strickland Esqrs, Edward Lewis, Bussey Mansell, Edward Prichard, Evan Seys, Will. Basset, Humphrey Windham, Thomas Carne, Wil. Herbert, Edward Herbert, Edward Stradling, John Herbert, Tho. Spencer, Rich. Jones, Philip Jones, John Price, Rowland Dawkins.



Sir Thomas Middleton, Thomas Mitton, John Pough, Colonell John Jones, David Lloid, Theodor, John Vaughan of Trowfoot, John Owen, Rowland Lewis Esq. Edward Vaughan, Owen Salisbury, Rob. Amoyll, Howell Vaughan, Wil. Gwynne, Rob. Gwin, John Vaughan, and Edmund Meyrick Esq.



Sir Thomas Middleton Knight, Sir John Wittiwrong Knight, Thomas Mitton, Isaac Thomas, John Corbert, Francis Buller, Roger Pope, Rich. Owen, Brockwell Griffiths, Edward Vaughan Esq, Rees Vaughan, Richard Price, Evan Lloid, Richard Griffith of Sutton, Hugh Derwas, Thomas Rogers, Charles Lloid, of Dolobren, John Nicolls, Lodowick Middleton, Richard Glynne and Lodowick Lewis Esqrs, Rowland Hunt, John Price, and Matthew Morgan Esqrs, Richard Harris, Robert Griffith, Edward Owen, Rich. Griffith, Samuel Biggs, Gentlemen, Simon Thelwall, Thomas Hunt, Samuel Moore, Gabriel Winne, Esqrs.



Sir Robert Harley Knight of the Bath, Richard Knightley, Richard Fowler, Edward Broughton, William Beaumont, Francis Pember, Henry Williams, Silvanus Taylor, John Williams Esqrs, John Davies of Bringwin, David Lloid of Dissert, William Sugdon of Bredog, Samuel Lloid of Knighton, Walter Vaughan of Bringwynn, Gentleman.

For the County of Pembrook.

County of Pembroke.

Arthur Annesley Esq, Sir John Meyricke Knight, Sir Richard Phillips Baronet, Rowland Langhorn, William Davies, Arthur Owen, William Phillips, George Bowen, Walter Conney, Hugh Phillips, Abraham Woogan, Maurice Cannon, Thomas Warren, Thomas Powell, John Mathias, Hugh Langborne, Colonell James Lewis and Griffith White Esquires, George Hayward, William Langhorne, Tho. Barlow, George William Griffith, and Henry Bowen, Gentlemen, The Maior of the Towne of Pembrooke and Tenby for the time being.



Elthred Wogan, Jenkin Howell, Wil. Meylor, Wil. Bowen, Will. Walter, Wil. Williams.

Commissioners' meetings.; Apportionment of moneys.; Assistance.; Authority to name assessors.; Rates, how to be levied; Assessors to deliver copy of assessments to Commissioners who, are to make duplicates for collectors, receivers, and Committee for Accounts of Kingdom.; Collectors.; Collectors and clerks allowances.; Power to distrain.; And to break open houses.; Assistance.; Persons refusing to pay and conveying away their goods to be imprisoned and their estates sequestered.; All feefarm rents, &c., liable to tax.; Tenants of such rents to pay them accordingly.; Indemnity from further payment to Exchequer, etc.; Differences between Landlords and Tenants to be settled by Commissioners. Power to relieve persons aggrieved.; Collectors to pay in moneys to receivers.; Penalties for neglect.; Commissioners to account to Parlt.; Rates on Members, etc., of either House to be approved by that House.; Lords Lieutenant to be Commissioners.

And be it further Ordained by the said Lords and Commons that the severall and respective Commissioners hereby appointed for the several and respective Cities, Counties and places aforesaid, shall within eight dayes next ensuing the publication hereof, meet together at some convenient place, in every of the said Cities, Counties, and places respectively, And afterwards three or more of them at the least shall once in every week, at the least meet at such convenient places as they shall thinke fit, and appoint for the more speedy execution of this Ordinance; and the said respective Commissioners are hereby required and authorized at the dayes and places of their first meetings to divide and apportion the severall sums of money appointed by this Ordinance, to be levied for the maintenance of the said Forces upon the severall and respective Wards, Divisions, Hundreds, Lathes, and Wappentakes, within the severall Cities, Counties and Places aforesaid, according to the usual proportions, and divisions of rates in the said places, and likewise shall and may there agree to divide and sever themselves for the better execution of this Ordinance into such Wards, hundred places and divisions within their respective Cities, Counties and places, as to them shall seem expedient, And to take to their Assistance for the more speedy execution of the said Service in their severall divisions, such able and sufficient persons as they shall thinke fit, and to assemble and meet as often as to them shall seeme good, and forthwith the said Commissioners or any two or more of them respectively are hereby authorized and required to direct their Warrants to such numbers of persons as they shall think fit. within their severall and respective divisions, to be the Assessors of the said Rates, which said persons are hereby authorized, and required to assesse all and every person and persons having any reall or personall Estate, within the Limits, Circuits, and bounds of their respective divisions according to the rate and proportion in this Ordinance mentioned, And be it further Ordained, That the severall and respective Commissioners in each of the severall Counties, Cities, and places, or such as they or any two of them shall nominate and appoint, shall have power to assesse, and levy the severall summes before mentioned upon the Lands, Goods, Annuities, Rents, Offices, or other Estate reall or personall, in such manner and forme and according to the most equal and usuall Rates for levying of money, for maintenance of the Forces, for the defence of the King and Parliament, or by a certain Rate upon the true yearly values of Lands, Rents, Annuities, Offices, Hereditaments, and according to the true value of goods, Chattels, Debts, or other Estate reall or personall, within the said severall Counties, Cities, Limits or places respectively, And to the end the said Rates be equally and indifferently Assessed, and the Moneys duly collected, and true Accompt thereof made, The said Assessors are hereby required within six dayes after such Assessement made, to deliver one Copy of their respective Assessements fairely written and subscribed by them unto the said respective Commissioners, and the said respective Commissioners are hereby ordered and required, to signe and seale three Duplicates of the said respective Assessements, whereof one Duplicate the said respective Commissioners are to deliver to the respective collectors, with warrant to them to collect the said Assessements; And one other Duplicate to such person or persons, as the Houses of Parliament shall afterwards appoint for the receiving of the Moneys, to be levyed by vertue of this Ordinance; And the third Duplicate unto the Committee of the Accompts of the Kingdome, who are hereby authorized to administer an Oath to the person that shall bring the said Duplicates to the Committee for the Accompts, as hath been accustomed in the Court of Exchequer in case of the Estreates of Subsidies: and the said severall Commissioners, or any two of them are hereby respectively authorized from time to time to nominate one or more sufficient and honest persons in every division or allotment to be Collectors of the said Moneys so assessed and rated, which said Collectors are hereby authorized and required to collect the said Moneys so assessed; and the said Commissioners, or any three or more of them are hereby authorized to allow and pay to the said respective Collectors, and their sub-Collectors one penny a-piece in the pound for their paines in collecting the said moneys, and one penny in the pound to the Commissioners Clerkes respectively for their paines in faire writing, the said assessements and Duplicates, And if any person shall refuse or neglect to pay any sum of money, whereat he shall be rated or assessed, That then it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Collectors, or any of them who are hereby required and authorized thereunto to leavy the sum so assessed by distresse and sale of the goods of such person so refusing, or neglecting to pay, deducting the sum assessed, and the reasonable charges of distreyning, and restore the overplus to the owner thereof, and break open any House, Chest, trunk or Box or other thing where any such goods are, and to call to their assistance any of the trained bands, or any other forces within the Cities, Counties, or places where any resistance shall be made, or any other person or persons whatsoever, which said forces and persons are hereby required to be aiding and assisting in the premises, as they shall answer the contrary at their perills. And if any question or difference happen upon the taking of such distresse between the parties distrayned or distreyning, The same shall be ended and determined by the said Commissioners, or any two or more of them, And the said severall Commissioners, or any two or more of them are hereby authorized to use such other lawfull wayes or meanes for the speedy leavying of the said Assessments, as to them shall be thought fit; And if any person or persons shall refuse or neglect to pay his assessment, and convey his or their goods or other personall Estate, whereby the same sum of money so assessed, cannot be leavied according to this Ordinance; then the said respective Commissioners or any two or more of them are hereby authorized to imprison the persons and sequester the Estate of every such person, for the advancement of the said service, and the Tenants of all Houses and Lands which shall be rated by Vertue of this Ordinance, are hereby required and authorized to pay such summes of money as shall be rated upon such House and Lands, and to deduct out of their Rents, so much of the said rates as in respect of the Rents of every such House and Lands, the Landlords should, or ought to pay and beare, and the Landlords both mediate and immediate, according to their respective interests are hereby required to allow such deductions, and payments upon receipt of the residue of their Rents: And be it provided, that every Tenant paying the said Assessement, shall be acquitted and discharged, for so much money as the said Assessement shall amount unto, as if the same had been actually paid unto such person or persons unto whom his Rents should have been due and payable. Provided also, and be it Ordained, That all Feefarme Rents, or other Rents due to his Majestie, all Rents, and other summes reserved by the late Court of Wards, out of any Wards, Infants or Lunatick estates, and all other manner of Rents payments, and sums of money, and all Annuities issuing out of any Lands within any City or County, shall be liable towards the payment of any summe by this Ordinance, to be Taxed and Leavied, And all the Tenants of any Fee-farme Rent, other Rent, summes of money, or Annuities aforesaid, are hereby directed and authorized to pay them proportionately, according to the Rates and Assessements, by this Ordinance, appointed and Ordained. And all such Tenants shall be hereby saved and kept harmlesse by authority of both Houses of Parliament, from any further payment of any such Rent, Rents, Sums or Annuities, either to the Exchequer, to the Committee of the Revenue, to the Court of Wards, or to any person or persons to whom any such Rent, Rents, payments, Summes of money or Annuities as aforesaid, shall or ought to be paid, to all intents and purposes whatsoever, as fully and as amply, as if they had paid the same into the Exchequer to the Committee of the Revenue, or to any person or persons to whom the same is reserved and become due. And if any difference shall arise between Landlord and Tenant, or any other concerning the said Rates, The said severall Commissioners, or any two of them in their severall divisions have hereby power to settle the same as they shall think fit. And it is further Ordained, that if any person or persons shall finde him or themselves agrieved, that he or they is or are over-rated, and shall within six dayes after demand made, complaine to the Commissioners who signed or allowed his or their Assessment, shall have power upon Examination, within eight dayes after the demand as aforesaid, to relieve such person or persons as they shall see cause: and the said Collectors and every of them are hereby required from time to time, to pay such summe and summes of money as shall be by them collected by vertue of this Ordinance, to such person or persons as the Houses of Parliament shall afterwards appoint for the receiving of the moneys to be leavied by vertue of this Ordinance. And be it further Ordained by the said Lords and Commons, that if any person or persons shall wilfully neglect or refuse to performe his duty in the due and speedy execution of this present Ordinance, the said respective Commissioners, or any five or more of them, have hereby power to impose upon such person or persons so refusing or neglecting their duties such fine or fines as to them shall be thought fit, and cause the same to be leavied by distresse and saile of goods in manner and forme aforesaid; provided that no fine to be imposed by any of the said Commissioners, shall for any one offence exceed the summe of twenty pounds to be paid for the forces raised by vertue of this Ordinance, and that no fine to be imposed upon any Assessor, Collector, or other person to be imployed by the said Commissioners in the said service, shall for any Offence exceed the summe of forty shillings, which said fine not exceeding forty shillings, shall and may be assessed and imposed by the said Commissioners, or any three or more of them, and that no priviledged place or person, Body politique or corporate within the Cities, Counties, and places aforesaid, shall be exempted from the said Assessements and Taxes. And be it further Ordained, that the said severall and respective Commissioners, and every of them shall from time to time give a true and perfect Accompt of all their doings and proceedings in the execution of this Ordinance to the two Houses of Parliament or to such persons as they shall appoint, Provided alwaies that such rates and assessments that shall be made by vertue of this Ordinance upon any Peeres, Members, Assistants, or Attendants upon either of the Houses of Parliament, for any Rate or Tax made within the Cities of London and Westminster or Lines of Communication, shall before the same be Leavied, be presented to the respective Houses, where any Peers, Members, Assistants, or Attendants shall be concerned therein respectively, and by such respective house allowed, and approved of, anything in this Ordinance to the contrary notwithstanding, provided also, that every Lord Lieutenant who is not disabled by Ordinance of Parliaments to sit in the House of Peers shall in their severall and respective Counties be Commissioners now appointed by this Ordinance.

Exemption of both Universities; and of Winchester, Eton, and Westminster; of Hospitals, Almshouses, etc.

Provided alwaies, That nothing contained in this Ordinance shall be extended to charge either of the Universities, or any of the Colledges, or Halls within the said Universities, nor any the Rents and Revenues due and payable to the said Universities or Colledges, or any of them, nor to charge any Master, Fellow, or Schollar of any of the said Colledges, nor any Reader, Officer, or Minister of the said Universities, or Colledges, or any of them for and in regard of any stipend, wages, or profit whatsoever arising or growing due to them or any of them, in respect of their said severall places, and imployments in the said Universities, and that nothing in this Ordinance contained shall be extended to charge any of the Colledges of Winchester, Eaton, or Westminster, or any Hospital, or Almes House, or any free Schoole, or any the Rents and Revenues due and payable to them, or any of them; and that the Tenant, and Tenants of all and every the said Universities, Colledges, Halls, Hospitals, Almes-houses, and free Schooles respectively, shall be charged by vertue of this Ordinance, for so much onely as the Lands and Tenements held by the said Tenant, or Tenants respectively are worth by the yeare, over and above the Rent and Revenue therefore respectively due, or payable to the said Universities, Colledges, Halls, Hospitalls, and Almes-houses, or any of them respectively, anything in this present Ordinance to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding.