512 Perkins v Forster

The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640.

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Francis Perkins of Ufton Nervet, co. Berkshire, esq v Sir Humfrey Forster of Aldermaston, co. Berkshire, bart

No date


Perkins, a recusant, complained that Forster, along with his son and servants, had illegally shot fowl within Perkins's royalty on the manor of Ufton and Padworth, Berkshire, and endeavoured to provoke him by verbal insults and threatening to shoot his hawks. No further proceedings survive.

Initial proceedings

EM325, Petition

'That whereas your petitioner hath for some time past bred and preserved store of wildfowl within his royaltie belonging to the Manor of Ufton and Padworth for the maintenance of his desporte of ryver hawking there.

Soe it is may it please your lordship that Sir Humfrey Forster, barronett, sometimes by his servants, sometime his son, and last himself in person with eight in his company, have with gunns and other weapons, at severall times of late, come within your petitioner's royalty, and there very often shott at the fowle, and in an affronting manner disturbed your petitioner in his hawking, and otherwise provoked him by words and other outrages, and threatenings to shoote at his doore, and to kill his, your petitioner's, hawkes and the like, on purpose as your petitioner conceiveth to stir him to some violent resistance.

Humbly therefore beseecheth your lordship to take such order as to your wisdome shall seem fitt, aswell for your petitioner's redresse herein, as for prevention of such future inconveniency as may ensue upon such violent affronts. And your petitioner will ever pray and c.'

No date.

No signatures.


Francis Perkins was a convicted recusant and the son of Francis Perkins of Ufton, co. Berkshire, and Anne, daughter of Mr Plowden. He appeared in the visitation of 1623 as married to Margaret, daughter of John Eston of Catmore, co. Berkshire, esq.

Sir Humphrey Forster of Aldermaston, first baronet (1595-1663), was the son of Sir William Forster (d.1618), Knight of the Bath, and Mary, daughter of Sir Mark Steward of the Isle of Ely. He was high sheriff of Berkshire in 1619 and was created a baronet in 1620. In 1616 he married Anne, daughter to Sir William Kingsmill of Hampshire, knt. He was a royalist during the civil wars and compounded for £1,000.

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  • Initial proceedings
    • Petition: EM325 (no date)

People mentioned in the case

  • Eston, John, esq
  • Eston, Margaret
  • Forster, Humphrey, baronet
  • Forster, Mary
  • Forster, William, knight
  • Kingsmill, Anne
  • Kingsmill, William, knight
  • Perkins, Anne
  • Perkins, Francis, esq
  • Perkins, Margaret
  • Plowden, Anne
  • Plowden, Mr
  • Steward, Mark, knight (also Stewart)
  • Steward, Mary (also Stewart)

Places mentioned in the case

  • Berkshire
    • Aldermaston
    • Catmore
    • Padworth
    • Ufton Nervet

Topics of the case

  • civil war
  • firearms
  • high sheriff
  • hunting
  • office-holding
  • Roman Catholic
  • royalist
  • threatened violence