Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1684

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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August 1684

Aug. 1st. Friday, we dined at Alderman Mainwaring's.

2. Saturday, we dined atMr Jackson's; at night Sir Thomas Bellott, Mr Mayor, Mr Cartwright, Warrington, Farington, &c. drank 3 or 4 bottles of wine at my house.

3. Sonday, night, Sir Thomas Bellott, Cartwright, Alderman Lloyd, Mr Mayor, Alderman Mainwaring, Roger Mainwaring, their wifes, &c. supt at my house.

[fo. 16v]

4. Monday we dined at home; about 4 I went to the Raven to meete Mr Mayor, Alderman Lloyd, Alderman Mainwaring, Mr Peter Moreton &c. Commissioners for taking my answer about Feilder's businesse; about 6, my daughters called on me in the coach & we came to Peele; there Mr Dod pressed me much to forbeare suing his bond for money he owes me; that afternoone Mr Huet came to me to buy some hay at Sougham Massey, Mr Pickering to make me a visit & Alderman Symson about the money he owes me; we drank a glass of wine & parted.

5. Tuesday, Alderman Lloyd & Mr Robert Lloyd came to me about 4 o'clock to get credit at London for 50 li. for the aldermen. Mr Hall came to us to welcome me home; he dranke a glasse of wine, we all parted immediately.

6. Wednesday, Sir John Crew & Mr Sherwood, Alderman Lloyd, Mr Garancier & Mr Taylor & Alderman Mainwaring, Roger Mainwaring, their wifes, Mr Lee &c. & Mr Cokaine came & dined with me; they played at bowles till about 6 & presently after parted.

7. Thursday, I was at home, no company as I can remember.

8. Friday, my sonne, Mr Mainwaring & Mr Dudley dined with me; about 5 o'clock my sonne & Dudley went towards Elmhurst.

9. Saturday, dined at home; in the evening Mr Mainwaring & I went to take the ayre towards Mr Davyes' enclosures; called at Mr Hardware as we retorned.

10. Sonday, were twice at church; no company all day.

11. Monday, Dr Angell dined with us, went away past 3; that evening Mr Mainwaring & I met Sir John Crew & Mr Sherwood at Kelsey Hill; stayd together till past 7, then went home.

12. Tuesday, Mr Borrows came in the morning to trimme me & Mr Mainwaring; retorned againe about 11.

13. Wednesday, at home all day & alone.

14. Thursday, at home & alone.

15. Friday, Alderman Streete, Alderman Mainwaring, Mr Swinton, Mr Minshall & Mr Walley came & dined with us; stayd till neare 7 & then retorned.

16. Saturday, I dined at Alderman Wrights, Mr Mayor, Alderman Mainwaring, Mr Minshall, yong Mr Wright & Mr Cokayne with us; then went to Alderman Mainwarings, thence to the Sunne with Alderman Mainwaring, Alderman Wright, his sonne & Mr Gleg & about 6 o'clock went back to Peele with my sisters.

17. Sonday, went twice to church; no company.

18. Monday, Mr Minshall, Mr Gleg & Thomas Bennet dined with me, after dinner went a setting; Mr Minshall retorned & stayd all night.

[fo. 17r]

19. Tuesday, Mr Roberts (cosen Robert's sonne of Barbican), one Fox, a Chester tanner & another (a stranger) came to Peele about 11; I gave them a bottle of mumme & sent Howseman to shew them the gardens &c; there was also Robinson, the painter, & Mr Cokayne's brother; about 12 came Mrs Booth, her 2 daughters & Mrs Swinton; they all dined with us (& Dr Angell); after dinner Mr Robert Davyes came, took a pipe & a bottle in the compasse then he, Mr Minshall & Mr Mainwaring went a setting & the other 3 men went away to Chester, also Robinson, Cokayne &c; Dr Angell went back to Oulton & Mrs Booth &c. to Chester; after supper cosen Whitley came to us (about 9) sate up till 10; then went to bed; he had bin drinking.

20. Wednesday, cosen Whitley dined with us & cosen .... Salusbury (who hath bin at Tangier & says he is an ensigne in Ireland); they sate drinking a bottle of wine in the compasse all afternoone (Mr Eyward with them); went away a little past 5 to Chester.

21. Thursday, Mr Mainwaring went to meet his father at Namptwich; Mr Swetnam came to us about 11 o'clock, retorned at 5.

22. Friday, Mr Burrows came in the evening to trimme me; he brought yong Mr Radford with him; they went away about 7; as they came in one Mr Heath (a stranger to me) was walking about the house to see the buildings; he told me he came from Mr Davye's & was going there agen; onely came to see about the house &c; I asked him to come in & drink a glasse of wine, which he did (with Mr Burrows & Radford) & went presently away; that evening Dr Angell came to us & stayd all night.

23. Saturday, Mr Mainwaring & Dr Angell went to Chester together & retorned at night; in the evening cosen Minshall came to Peele.

24. Sonday, we went to church, in the forenoone.

25. Monday, Mr Mainwaring & cosen Minshall stayd at Peele; Dr Angell went to Holford.

26. Tuesday, Alderman Williamson & Mr Price, also Mr Dicas & his sister Anderton, came & dined at Peele; stayd till 6 at night; Dr Angell retorned that night; Mr Burrows came to let my daughter Charlotte blood.

27. Wednesday, Mr Meredith & his sonne came to Peele to cleare old accounts & to treate about buying wood at Shotwick; they dined with me, also Dr Angell, Mr Minshall & Mr Burrows; they took 2 or 3 bottles & pipes in the afternoone went away (after they had settled theire businesse & talked of Sir G. Booth's engagement, where Mr Meredith was &c.) about 6 o'clock; then came Mr Basnet the grocer (thinking to have found Alderman Edwards here); he stayd about an houer then went away with Mr Burrows; Dr Angell & Mr Minshall stayd all night.

[fo. 17v]

28. Thursday, Dr Angell & Mr Minshall dined with me; the doctor went away in the afternoone & Mr Minshall went a setting.

29. Friday, Mr Minshall dined with me, went away in the afternoone; that night Mr Mainwaring retorned.

30. Saturday, we were at home & no company.

31. Sonday, went twice to church; in the afternoone my sonne, his wife & children & one Mr Crosse of Loughborow came to Peele.