Roger Whitley's Diary: December 1685

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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December 1685

Dec 1st. Tuesday, I went to the Tower to see Lord Brandon; there was his wife & her sister; Fitt: Gerard, Whitworth & Mainwaring went with me: we stayd neare an houer; dined at home; Wood, Maxwell & Every with us; they both left us about 4; I stayd at home all night; Humfreys came to speake with me about 10 but stayd not.

2. Wednesday, Lord Delamer & his unkle came to see us, stayd but awhile; I went to Humfreys; dined at home; Edisbury & 2 Glegs & Minshall with us; after dinner came Bedisford, after him, Sir Richard Atherton; Edisbury & Robert Gleg went first away; I left Mainwaring to enterteyne the company & went abroad to my sonne; stayd with him neare 2 houres; then to Lord Clarendon, then to Clargys, then to Robert Glegs house; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Edisbury, 3 Glegs, 2 Manleys, Cooper, Lee, Minshall; I came about 10, parted about 11; at the doore met Abraham Dashwood; took him & Bellot, in my coach, left them at Bellot's doore; Mainwaring & I came home.

3 Thursday, Fenwick came to me with a note from Roger; I went to Humfreys, met Mr Knight of Berkshire at Serjeants Inne gate; talked with him about the disbanding accounts; he having bin one of our Deputyes about reading &c. dined at home; went in the evening to Humfreys then to Roger, met Captaine Fenwick with him; came back to the Kings Armes; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Lee, Minshall, & Baroby, & Robert Gleg; parted about 11; found Mrs Pigot, her brother & sonne at home; I left them, went to bed.

[fo. 45r]

Dec 4. 85 Friday, Mr Whitworth came to me from Lady Gerard but stayd not; I went to Humfreys; thence (with my daughters) to Roger; there dined with him, Bellot & Mainwaring; after dinner Fenwick came, we parted past 4; went to Lady Cotton & Lord Clarendon, they were abroad; went then to the Mews Taverne; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Roger, Fenwick, his wife & Kent; stayd there almost 2 houres; then went home; there was Sir Michael Biddolph; we supt together & Baroby with us; parted about 10.

5. Satorday, Cosens brought 2 periwigs; I went to Duncombes, he was abroad; I went to Cosens to be trimmd; the goldsmith over the way (being a Tarvyn man) desired to drink a glasse of wine with me, I promised him some other tyme; I walked a while with Saladine in the passage; came home to dinner; Biddolph & Mainwaring dined with us; after dinner came Edisbury & Minshall & Baroby; Cosens trimmd me; went in the evening (with Bellot & Mainwaring) to visit Mr Offley; he was abroad; went to Towers taverne; there was Bellot & Mainwaring and another (a stranger to me); then came in two other strangers, then Biddolph; I stayd not either to sitt or drink; went home & there was Roger & Kent, they stayd all night.

6 Sonday, went twice to church; dined at home; in the evening went to Mrs Winstanley about Roger; came home; found Sir William Basset & Baroby with Sir Michael Biddolph; then came Lee, dranck 2 bottles of wine; went with Biddolph to Lady Wood; then to Lady Gerard; then to the Fleece taverne in Fleet Streete; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Edisbury, 3 Glegs, Cooper, Lee & Minshall; we parted about 9; went home to supper.

7. Monday, Minshall came for some money on Roger's account I payd him 15 li.; I dined with Roger; after dinner Fenwick came & sate awhile with us; about 4 I went home; about 6 came Mr Gleg (& his brother Robert) to take leave; stayd but awhile; I supt at home.

8. Tuesday, cosen Kate came to see us; I called on Humfreys; dined with Roger, 2 Kents with us; after dinner they went away; Fenwick came but stayd not; I left him about 5; went to the Greene Dragon; there was Sir G.G., his 2 sonnes & Basier; we discoursed Basier about his disbanding account; he was a little in drink; forward to begin healths, amongst the rest Lord Maxfield; I told him I would pray God, to bring him well out of his troubles; it ended there; Basier payd all; we parted before 9; I went to the Mews; there was Roger & 2 Kents; Fenwick came up and dranck one glasse; I left them neare 11; went home.

9. Wednesday, I called on Minshall; found Roger there; I went with Sir G.G. & Basier to Branford to Player about Basiers accounts; dined with him; his landlady and one Richardson with us; left him about 3; came back to Minshall's chamber; Roger & another gentleman was with him, then came yong Kent then my daughters; we supt there; came home before 9.

10. Thursday, Cosens trimmd me; I went to Humfreys then to Minshall's chamber; there dined, he, Roger & 2 Kents with me; I left them about 4; went to Mrs Offley & Lady Aston; stayd about 1/4 of an houer then home; then to Cosens barber, there saw Saladine; then to Garoways; there sate an houer with Gulston; Jones came thither to me, then I went to Duncombe, sate with him till past 10, then home.

11. Friday, Baroby came to tell me he had spoken to Oneby about the house; brother Peter dined with us; I went in the evening to wayte on Mrs Offley; stayd not a 1/4 of an houer, then went to Mr Williams at Grays Inne; met Sir G.G. & Carnaby at the gate; went with them to the 3 Tunns to discourse about the disbanding accoount; dranck 2 bottles of wine; Minshall came to speak with me (at the doore) from Roger, came not in to us; we parted about 8; I went home; Roger, Minshall & Za. Kent came about 9, stayd till past 10; Roger stayd all night.

12. Satorday, Minshall, & yong Kent came to us; about one they went with Roger to the boate; Cosens trimmd me; I went, past 5, to see Baskervile; then to Baroby; & with him, to the Kings Armes; Biddolph came to us; then Baskervile, Minshall & Oneby last of all; we parted past 10.

13. Sonday, went twice to Church; Baskervile came with me & Biddolph from church; then came Bird, & Walley; we dranck a bottle of wine; then Bird & I went to Lady Wood; they were all at home; Sir: Edward went with Biddolph & me, to Jones; dranck 2 bottles, went home.

14. Monday, I went to Lord Clarendon, spoke with him & Mr Price went to Sir Roobert Cottons they were abroad; spoke with cosen Lee; went to Humfreys (at home) spoke with him, dined at home; they parted past 3.home; Minshall with us; after dinner Baroby came, gave me Oneby's answer about the house; [fo. 45v] 14. Sir G.G. desired to speake with me about Corbyn & the disbanding accoount; I went to him to the 3 Tunns neare Grays Inne; there was with him, his sonne, Carnaby & a lawyerr, his name Swinborne; then came in his sonne Sam; they eate a dish of tripes; Sir G.G. told me of a debenter which he thought was forged; I dranck 2 glasses of wine & left them; went then to Exchange Alley; met Jones, went with him & Saladine to the Halfe Moone taverne; Saladine fetched Mr Moore (a Goldsmith) to us to bring a Tarvyn man to make us acquainted; we dranck 2 or 3 bottles; parted about 9; I came home.

15. Tuesday, Points the upholsterer came to me; went with me to the doore of St Lawrence; I went in, heard Dr Tillotson preach; I went home; Zacary Kent came to tell me that he left Roger well a ship board & undersayle; then came Lady Wood & daughter, stayd prayers with us; then came Captaine Fanshaw about Basier's businesse & money he pretends to be due to him; Alderman Lewes, Wigley & brother Peter dined with me; they went past 3; then came Points about the goods; then Baroby about the house; I went to him, Oneby & Mitton to the 3 Tunns; Richardson came in; about 7 I left them; went to Sir Edward Wood about going (the next day) to wayte on the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland; his Lady & daughters were with him; came home before 10..

16. Wednesday, I called on Sir: Edward Wood; went with him to take leave of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland; I set Sir Edward downe at St James; called on Mr Wright; came home to dinner; the next barber trimmd me; in the evening I met Sir Edward Wood at Collins shop; went with him to the Fountaine, there came to us, Rogers, Maxwell & Biddolph we parted neare 10; came home.

17. Thursday, Robert Gleg came to speake with daughter Mainwaring; I enquired how frinds did in the contry; he stayd not; Sir Robert Cotton, Sir G.G., Minshall, brother Peter, Mrs Tovey dined with us; they parted past 3; there came a merchant about Mr Arthur's Bill of Exchange; in the evening I went to speake with Mr Keck; then to Mr Mottershed about seeds &c; we went to the Vine taverne; Saladine came to us; stayd 1/2 houer; then came Sir G.G. to discourse Mottershed about seeds, plants &c; we parted before 9; before 10 Minshall & Biddolph came; dranck a bottle of wine.

18. Friday, I went to St Lawrence; then to Humfreys; then home; 2 French people came with a bill from Roger; I dined at home; Alderman Lewes & Biddolph with us; I went about 6 with Biddolph to the 3 Tunns; Jones came to me with his accoount; stayd not; Jones the Scrivener came to us; and Baskervile; we parted about 9; came home.

19. Satorday, dined at home, Biddolph with us; went in the evening with Biddolph to Lady Cotton; then to Mr Wright; he went with us to the Fountaine; parted about 8; came home.

20. Sonday, went twice to church; dined at home (Mr Carre with us); Biddolph, Eywart & my daughters stayd all the tyme in the roome with us; he went away before 2; Humfreys called but stayd not; in the evening came Oneby & Baroby then Biddolph & Baskervile; they stayd till 9; then we went to supper.

21. Monday, Tench came to me about sister Whitley's businesse; then Kent about Roger's money; the next barber trimmd me; Mrs Norman sent her sonne with a letter to get some money; I went to the Wardmoote at Brewers Hall; spoke with Mostyn, Jones & Baskervile but stayd not; Lady Aston & her 2 daughters dined with us; Jones came in the evening, stayd awhile with me; I went about 6 to the Green Dragon in Fleete Streete; there was Sir John Talbot, Sir G.G., his sonne, Sir John Ivory, Basier & Carnaby; we parted past 10.

22. Tuesday, I went to St Lawrence, Dr Tillotson preached; I called on Baskervile but stayd not; dined at home; went in the evening to Duncombe, he was abroad; then to Humfreys; then to Lady Wood; saw her & her daughters; then to the Kings Armes; there was Biddolph & Baroby; Baskervile came a little before we parted which was about 9.

23. Wednesday, Mrs Norman came, to get something; I gave her halfe a guiney; I dined at home; Minshall with us; he went away about 3; I stayd within all day.

[fo. 46r]

Decr 24. Thursday, I dined at home, was trimmed by the next barber; in the evening Mr Mainwaring retorned & Lee with him; they supt & Biddolph about 9, Minshall & Bedisford came (they had bin drinking) I left them & went to my Chamber before 10.

25. Friday, I went twice to church; received the sacrament: Mr Lee dined with us; in the evening I (& 2 daughters) visited Sir Edward Wood & family; called on Mr Wright; went to the Fountaine; there was Wright, Mainwaring, Biddolph & Lee; we parted before 9.

26 Satorday, I went to church, then with Mainwaring we visited Lord Brandon; there was his eldest sister, Sir Miles Wharton & Mr Feilding; Matthew Ashton in the next roome; we stayd about 1/2 houer; he was under the barber's hand & dressing himselfe; we had no discourse with him; he asked us to dine; we refused, went home; the sexton brought us verses to get money; Lady Biddolph's man came with a how doe yu from Combe; I dined at home; Humfreys came to speake with me after dinner; then came Jones with his accounts; I met Minshall at the doore as I went out; I went to take leave of Lady Aston; saw her mother, daughters & Mrs Betty Crew; retorned presently home.

27. Sonday, was not well, went not to church; dined at home, Minshall with us; in the evening, Baskervile came; stayd 1/2 houer; I continued at home all day.

28 Monday, Hilman the taylor came to me about his accounts: I dined at home; Sir G.G. came after dinner, stayd neare an houer; then came Minshall as I was going out; Mainwaring & I went to Lutwitch; there was Mr Barington (a lawyer) with him; we had 2 bottles wine; then came one Lloyd and another (both strangers to me); we left them; went to the Kings Armes; there was Baroby & Baskervile; Baskervile left us; we parted before 10.

29 Tuesday, I dined at home; in the evening Mr Wright came to see us; we dranck a glasse of wine, went to visit Mrs Baskervile; saw her, her daughter & husband; we had a bottle of wine; went to the Kings Armes; there was Wright, Baskervile; then came Manley & Barington; about 9 came Crispe & Baroby, Manley & Barington, then parted; the rest neare 11.

30. Wednesday, next barber trimmd me; Tovey came to visit us; then the pastrycookes man about making some pyes &c; Mr Buckley & Mr Vaughan came & dined with me; about 5 Mr Offley, his wife, & sister came to visit us, also a Mrs Vanbrug; they stayd neare an houer; after they went Buckley & Vaughan followed them &c; then came Dr Shatford about the money Dr Jeffreys desired me to pay, stayd but awhile.

31. Thursday, Mr Williams came about Dr Jeffreys money: this being my daughter Biddolph's wedding day some friends were invited to dine with us; viz: Sir Edward Wood, his Lady, sonne & 2 daughters, Baskervile & family, Vanham & his; Baroby & his wife; Mr Crispe; Sir G.G. came by chance; in the evening came Mrs Pigot, her sonne & daughter then Lady Gulston, Hon Gab. Gerard & Wood & his family, went betimes; others afterwards; some stayd and supt on cold meate; then went Sir G.G. & his sonne, then Baroby, his wife, Baskervile & Crispe; the rest were at cards; I left them & went to bed.