Roger Whitley's Diary: February 1692

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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February 1692

February. 1. Monday, Antwisle (minister of Barrow) came past 11; then came Crew, Sherwood & Wheatyeare; dined, went about 5; also Betty Hoole, her father & husband came, dined in the hall; went about 2; Huson came in the evening 2.Tuesday, Mainwaring went before 9 towards Northwich; John went with his cart to Chester; Cadwallader retorned to Frodesley; William Buttler & Humfreys dined with us; a man brought Runcorne rent; dined with Huson in the buttry. all went about 3, &c. Houseman went to Cotton; retorned at night betimes.

3.Wednesday, Jackson & Gray came about one; dined in the buttry; after dinner came one Captaine South to see Roger; stayd awhile; they all went past 3 (with Roger) to Bromley's; soe to Chester; past 5 came cosen Whitley & Morgan, stayd all night.

4.Thursday, Bolton & Fletcher came at dinner time; dined with Huson in the buttry; Burges brought wheate from Shotwick; Tomkinson & Houseman went to Chester; retorned about 7.

5.Friday, Nixon went to Chester; cosen Whitley & Houseman (about 10) to Mrs Chetwood at Whitley; retorned about 7; Roger & Morgan went out after dinner; retorned late; G. Huson came from Dysert, stayd all night.

6.Satorday, G. Huson went early to Dysert; the gardner & Arnot to Chester; Huson went to Chester about 12; Morgan & Roger went before dinner; stayd all night; cosen Whitley went at 2.

7.Sonday, I was not at church; Bidolph & his daughters were; Huson came about 2, went about 3 to Chester.

8.Monday, Bolton came with oates; Mr Lancaster came about 5 with Mr Waltholl (to be my chappellaine) & S. Hussey, stayd all night.

9.Tuesday, Bidolph, his daughter, Sidney & Eustace went to Chester (past 11) also the gardner; Houseman went about 2; Lancaster & Hussey went away about 2; Huson came before 6. Houseman & gardner retorned about 9.

10.Wednesday, Huson went to Chester (& Mold interl.) past 10; & Tomkinson to Chester; retorned past 7; Roger came home past 7; Mosse, Profitt & Dutton came to discourse of the businesse at Dysert; the tenant of Houghton came about sending Assessors to Tarporley.

11.Thursday, Tomkinson went abroad about 11; G.Mainwaring & Jackson dined with us; went before 5; Mosse, Profitt & Dutton went in the morning to Dysert.

12.Friday, Houseman went with Hawton tenant to the Commissioners at Tarporley about being assessors for the tax; (retorned at night interl.) the postillion went home; Mrs Astrey came in the evening about her accompts & wages,&c. Mainwaring & Roger went out after dinner.

13.Satorday, Broster went about 10 to Chester (came back at night interl.) & Houseman to Aston; Mrs Astrey retorned in the morning; after dinner Mainwaring went to Utkinton & Roger abroad; retorned about 6 (soe did Tomkinson interl.) a woman, (one Roberts) & her sonne came from Banger to speake with Huson; stayd all night.

14.Sonday, I was not at church; Mainwaring & Roger & Walthorne went in the afternoone; retorned betimes; a man from Shrewsbury brought a letter for Huson, stayd all night.

15.Monday, the woman, her sonne & the Shrewsbery man retorned; Mainwaring & Roger went to Chester (Roger came back with Fairefax & Comissary; they dined with us went about 4 interl); past 10 a man came about making malt; another to make a weete ? to take fish; Foster came to work; (Bolton & 2 more came about a lay at Tatenhall interl.) Lord Warington's buttler with a letter to Mainwaring; Mainwaring & Morgan came about 8.

16.Tuesday, Huson came early; a man from Tatenhall about the Lay there; Savage, Craven about taking a lease (Cartright with them) dined, stayd all night; Lightfoote about paying his money; (the postillion's father came with his sonne interl.) yong Cookson about the money his father owes me; Minshall & Daniell came about 6; stayd all night.

[fo. 142r]

17.Wednesday, Savage & Craven went before 8; also the postillion's father; Daniell, (Angell interl.) & Minshall dined with us; about 2 came Crew, Sherwood & Wheatyeare; they all went about 4; a man brought a letter from Jackson that Scranmore would dine with us tomorowe.

18.Thursday, I sent my coach before 7 to waite on Mr Scranmore at Chester; he came past 11 with Colonel. Mathews, Streete, Gray, Morgan, Jackson, Mercer, Fernehall, &c. past 12 came Crew & Sherard; they dined; the first company went neare 5; the last neare 6; cosen Whitley came about 5; Minshall past 6; Roger went (I think interl.) to Chester in the afternoone, stayd out all night; Tomkinson went away about 12; one Booth came to Crew past 4; went with him; Huson went home.

19.Friday, Huson came before 9; went about 10 to Shotwick & Houseman, & Cartwright; after dinner Mainwaring, Minshall, Morgan & his brother went to Bromley's; retorned before 7; I sate up with them till 11; Houseman retorned.

20.Satorday, Morgan went to Chester about 8; his brother went past 10; Lee & his sonne Nathaniel dined with us; Yates came about 2, dined in the buttry, went past 3; the other 2 past 4; Mainwaring & Minshall broaght to Kelsall, retorned about 7, & Roger from Chester about 8; also Cartright from Shotwick.

21.Sonday, I was not at church; Mainwaring, Roger & Minshall went in the afternoone; retorned past 6.

22.Monday, the carts went to Shotwick with Burges, &c. Huson came past 9; Akerley came about a lease, Finchet with him; they dined in the buttry; Newcome, Bolton & another came about the tax of Tatenhall, they dined with me; another man of Tatenhall came about Capper's moores; Davyes of Shotwick came about his herryot; Hall of Chester, about Cooper's wood; Jordan & Jackson, about brick; Minshall went about 3, Mainwaring & Roger with him; Huson went to Chester past 4; retorned about 12.

23.Tuesday, the husbandman went to Shotwick early; Morgan came about 12, (& Catterall interl.) Harison when we were at dinner; Vernon about 3; also Jackson, Minshall, Jones, Danot, Bradshaw, &c. they all went about 4 to Bromley's with Roger, Morgan,&c. Totty came in the afternoone; Hickman & Hodges in the evening; stayd all night; Akerley came with 30 li about 9; Roger & Morgan came late home.

24.Wednesday, Mainwaring went past 8 to Tabley (Roger went after him past 10 interl.) Morgan to Chester; Broster to Dysert about 9; Hickman & Hodges went about 12; also Huson went with them to Chester; after dinner came widow Cookson & her son about her rent, &c. they went in an hower.

25.Thursday, no company, &c. Huson came late past 11 after I was in bed.

26.Friday, I sent Nixon to Chester; Bills came to see us from Bidolph at Chester. Mr Cokaine's & Mr Wright's daughters dined with us; Mainwaring & Roger came back about 7.

27.Satorday, Huson went to Chester about 10; past 11 there came Mr Sanders, his wife, sonne & another gentleman to recommend the sonne to serve me; they dined, went past 2; also Streete & Jackson dined with us, they went past 4; Mainwaring & Roger, they stayd out late; the husbandman (& Burges interl.) came from Shotwick.

28.Sonday, I was not at church; Mainwaring & daughters went; Roger went to Chester; Huson came in the afternoone; also Morgan with Mainwaring from church; Huson went home about 11 at night.

[fo. 142v]

29.Monday, Roger sent his man to tell me Colonel Fairefax would come to Peele in the evening; Huson intended to goe to Frodesley that day; past one came yong Fowler, dined below, stayd with me till past 2; in the evening came Merry of Houghton to settle accompts for bacon, corne, calves, cheeses,&c. about 6 came Fairefax & Streete & about 7 came Roger & Donald; we supt & sate up till past 12; some till past one.