Roger Whitley's Diary: July 1688

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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July 1688

July 1st. Sonday, we went to church, Minshall went to Chester; Bedisford stayd all night.

2. Monday, Parson Davyes & another man came to offer land to be sold at Frodsham; Huson went towards Dysart; the smith went to Chester with him; Bedisford, Biddolph, Mainwaring &c. dined with us; Hardware came about 3; Mr Gerard & the clark came soone after, about the collection for the French Protestants; about 5 Biddolph, Mainwaring & I went towards Chester (Bedisford with us) in order to our journey to Dysart; we lighted at the Talbot & had a tankard of ale; there Holland trimmed me; we went to Jacksons, supt there with Minshall & G.Mainwaring thence I went to Angell's; Biddolph & I lay there, (2 Mainwarings went with us) Angell gave us a bottle of wine, sister Anne stayd a while with us.

3. Tuesday, we called at G. Mainwarings went thence before 7 towards Dysart; G.Mainwaring Minshall & Jackson overtook us on the Sands; we called at Flint; had a bottle of wine in Malby's Court; thence went to Holiwell, dranck at the well, gave money to the poore; dined at the Starre; there was one Chamberlaine (an old Cavilier below in the hall) he entered into discourse with me about the war &c; he went about 12 towards Mostyn (as he sayd) past 3 we went towards Dysart; came thither about 5; supt with Mrs Hughes & Mrs Edwards &c; one Mr Hughes (a neighbor) was also there &c; I went to bed about 11.

4. Wednesday, Sir John Conwey sent to invite us to dine at Bodrythan; I excused it; promised to see him in the afternoone; we went up to the lead & copper mines; we dined with Mrs Hughes &c; went about 4 to Bodrythan; Sir John met us at the gate, brought us into the garden house; there was (besides our company) Sir John Morris, his chaplen, another minister, Parry & one Price; we dranck above and below & walked till 8; then retorned to Dysart, there was also Mr G. Williams; we supt, I left them about 11.

[fo. 94r]

July 5. Thursday, I went into the Taverne & to the church, spoke with the church wardens & Price (Mrs Mostyn's or Mrs Langford's steward) about theire encroachments on me in a seate in the church; also about a small dispute about a way; desired all things might be amicably settled among us; went thence to see what stock of copper oare there was in the warehouse; then went to my tenants (an ale house) to discourse with the miners, Parry, Williams & Hughes (we 4 dined with Mrs Hughes & Edwards) Biddolph, Mainwaring &c. dined with Sir John Conney; about 3 came Mr Wonne of Cop; about 4 came Sir John Conney, Biddolph & Mainwaring &c; we took leave & parted (homewards) about 7; Williams went with us, gave us a bottle of sherry at his house by the way; we dranck a bottle of white wine with G.Mainwaring & 2 or 3 others, (strangers to me) in Holiwell; but did not goe out of the coach; hasted away to Flint; came there about 9 (to Malby's) one Lloyd & an Excise man (both strangers to me) supt with us; I left them about 11.

6. Friday, Hugh Middleton & Pierce Baxter came to us; we had a bottle of wine & egs & butter to our breakfast; Middleton prsented me with a coppy of verses; I gave me a crown; the guide hasted us away; we past the ford & dined at Shotwick; Mrs Jackson brought us some provisions from Chester; I went to view the parke, wood, ground &c. in the afternoone; the rest went a hunting; Hocknell & Captaine Melsh came to us; we had 2 bottles of wine left; we dranck them & parted about 7; called at G. Mainwarings in Chester; had a bottle of sack; there was wife, sister, & Mall Ravenscroft; we went away about 8; came to Peele before 10.

7. Satorday, Ball of Burton & Dicas came to me; Ball offered to sell me his land; I told him I would consider of it; they went about 11; Bolton came for money for marling (& one Whitley with him) to measure the pitte; Whitley went away past 11; Bolton past 12; Huson went to Cotton & Chester; Biddolph & Mainwaring went abroad (they sayd) to fish at Trafford; came back at supper.

8. Sonday, we went to church in the afternoone; the Deane came home with us; stayd till past 7; no other company, onely Dr Angell dined with us.

9. Monday, I sent Houseman to visit Sir William Aston; cosen Powell & her sister came to us; Hardware & his wife dined with us; the bricklayers & a slater came from Chester; also Wrench was here; Bolton & Whitley came againe about measuring the marle pit; Swetnam sent his man to visit us; G; Mainwaring, Minshall & Bret dined with us; after dinner came Salisbury with a periwig for Biddolph they went to bowles; G.Mainwaring & Minshall stayd all night; the others went about 7; then came Crew, Bedisford & Lee; supt, went away about 10.

10. Tuesday, Biddolph was not well, sent for Dr Angell, who dined, went about 4; G.Mainwaring went past 6; Minshall stayd all night; Sherlock & Robinson brought some sheldrakes from Wallesy, stayd all night.

11. Wednesday, Biddolph, Mainwaring, Minshall &c. dined with us; after dinner came Adams of Chester; went with them a fishing in the evening; retorned about 7; Hardware & his wife came to see us; stayd not.

12. Thursday, cosen Powell & her sister went early; also Mainwaring to Namptwich; past 3 Biddolph his wife, daughter Charlotte &c. went towards Elmhurst; Minshall went with them towards Namptwich; Mrs Done went home.

13. Friday, Mr Lloyd came about 4, stayd till 5; his businesse was to desire my sonne to stay proceedings against him for a month; Mainwaring retorned past 10.

94v July 1688 July 14. Satorday, I went to Chester (after dinner) with Mainwaring, his wife & sister Sydney to the funerall of cosen Doll. Ravenscroft; we lighted at Angells; there Holland trimmed me; I went to G. Mainwarings to speake with Taylor & Huson; thence to the next doore to the funerall; thence to the church; after sermon I went to G.Mainwaring's; we had a bottle of wine; his wife, sister, cosen Morgan, Mrs Birkett, Mrs Cratchley being there; then came daughter Mainwaring & sister Syd they stayd not, we followed them to Angells, took coach prsently, soe home, (past 9).

15. Sonday, we went to church in the afternoone.

16. Monday, we dined at home, no company; Bills came at night from Elmhurst.

17. Tuesday, dined at home; Alban Gray & Bostock came about my work in the cellar &c; a bayliffe brought me a summons from Maders about the Row; Stanleys servant Neale came about my sick horse.

18. Wednesday, Mainwaring went early towards Peover & Buckstones; Huson went to Tatenhall.

19. Thursday, Taylor & Garensier dined with us, stayd till past 7; then came Parry.

20. Friday, sister Angell retorned to Chester before 9; Parry stayd all day; Bolton, at night, came to tell me he was satisfyed for marling & I made him drink.

21. Satorday, past 9, Mr Parry went away & Huson with him to Chester; Huson retorned after I was in bed.

22. Sonday, I went to church in the afternoone, my daughter & Wood with me; after sermon they stayd in the coach, whilest I went with the Deane & Gerard into the Grayhound to reade the Deane's news letters; I left them at 5; ???? came for Gray's money; sister Angell came to Peele about 6.

23. Monday, Huson & Griffith went to Mold faire; about 3 came Lady Crew, Spurston, Harleston & Done; about 5 came Sir John Crew, Stephens, Bedisford, Mainwaring & Minshall; the women went after 6; then Bedisford; past 7 went Crew & Stephens; Minshall stayd all night.

24. Tuesday, Mainwaring & Minshall dined with us; past 3 they went abroad; about 6 I went to Ashton, met them & Traverse there; went with them to Bromleys; stayd there 1/2 houer; Mainwaring came home with me in the coach; Minshall walked after us; Traverse went home; Mrs Robinson & her daughter came to Peele; she supt with us; stayd all night.

25. Wednesday, Mainwaring went to meete Lord Delamer at Altringham; Robinson & her daughter went to Chester; Minshall went after them, about 10 a bayly served me with 2 writs from Maders; Neale came to look to my lame horse; no company all day (but the masons wifes to see them) Mainwaring came home late after I was in bed.

26. Thursday, about 9 came Jackson with a letter from Morgan Whitley for a 100 li. for the Major of the Irish Regiment which I deliverd to him; he retorned (Kent with him) past 10; G.Mainwaring dined with us, retorned past 6.

27. Friday, Mainwaring went early to Chester; no company all day; Mr Leeke came about 7 at night.

28. Satorday, Leeke went with me to Chester (sister Angell & Sydney retorned thither the same day) we alighted at Jacksons, there was Streete, Wright, Mainwaring, Minshall, Harleston in the parlor; I went up to Huson who was sick; there was Roger Brereton, Deane & others; Holland trimmed me; we dined in the big roome; Mainwaring, G.Mainwaring, Minshall, Wright, Traverse, Leek &c; after dinner came Streete, Balsh, Taylor &c; Major Connaght came to speake with me below about a bill of exchange &c; he gave me a bottle of wine; stayd not long; Mainwaring, Leeke & I parted about 7; came to Peele before 9.

29. Sonday, I went to church in the afternoone, daughter & Wood with me; Mainwaring & Leeke on horseback &c; retorned before 5, supt.

30. Monday, G.Mainwaring & Kenrick (with theire wifes) dined with us; also Streete, Edwards, Leeke, Travers, Balsh & the Irish major; the men bowled till 7, then went away; Kenrick & the women went at 5; Leek, G.Mainwaring & Balsh & Jackson stayd all night; I left them at 11.

31. Tuesday, Mainwaring G.Mainwaring, Balsh, Jackson, Leeke went to Badely; the butler to Shropshire; Davye, Crosby & another Chester shoemaker dined with us; went about 3; then came Nurse Presbery & her husband.