Roger Whitley's Diary: July 1693

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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July 1693

2. Sonday, was not at church.

[fo. 160r]

3. Monday, Hoole, Abraham, severall others came about businesse; I hyred Gregory at 8li a years wages; Dutton & the dayry woman were discharged.

4. Tuesday, Mainwaring went about 9 towards Chester; my daughters & I followed past 2; Johnson & Deane came about 5, stayd not; about 9 (whilest at supper) came 2 Mainwarings, Parry & Streete, then Croxon; went past 10.

5. Wednesday, Griffith came from cole pits; Joseph, with provisions from Peele; went presently agen; Done went to see ground at Lach with the coachman; at 11, I went to the Penthouse to make 3 freemen, retorned before 1; Byron, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Cratchley, dined with us; after diner came Basnet & 2 others; went all before 3; Huson came past 4; at 5, I went to the Penthouse to make a freeman that came from Knotsford; at 7, I went to Reeves at Boughton; there was 2 Mainwarings, Deane, Cratchley, my daughters, cosen Mainwaring, &c. we retorned past 9; Murray came at 10; stayd not; 2 Dones were with me, past 10 about leasing; I left them to Huson.

6. Thursday, I sent Houseman early to waite on Lord Sidney; 2 Mainwarings, &c. went to meete him; past 9 Sheriffe Burrows came with a complainte against Coe, Strong came about his accounts; at 6 Lord Sidney came to towne; I went to the Penthouse & (with the Aldermen) to wayte on him; past 8, he came to my house (with Smith, Coote, Poultney, Governor &c.) & supt, went past 10, the rest at 12.

7. Friday, I went, past 12, to take leave of Lord Sidney; Byron, Paris, & Morgan came home (& dined interl.) with me; also G.Mainwaring, his wife, & family, Cratchley & his wife, Johnson &c. went past 2; Mainwaring went about 4, with Lord Sidney, to Whitechurch.

8. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse past 11; retorned at 2; G.Mainwaring, Streete, Edwards, Lloyd, Williamson, Adams, &c. dined with me; Byron came at the end of diner; all went before 4; about 5 came Johnson & G.Mainwaring; about 6, I & my daughters tooke coach; came to Peele about 8; Mainwaring & Ensign Jackson came about 9 from Whitchurch.

9. Sonday, was not at church; daughter Mainwaring went in the morning; her husband & Jackson in the afternoone; Huson came past 3, went (with William. Davyes) past 4 towards the Receipte at Conway.

10. Monday, Griffith & 3 carts went to carry hay at Lach; Gerard & his wife, 2 Granthams, 2 Wrights & one wife; Edwards & wife, Briscoe, Ely, Anker, Mrs Smith & sister & Ensigne Jackson dined with us; after diner came Jackson & Bradshaw; went to bowles; all parted in the evening; onely Ensigne Jackson stayd all night.

11. Tuesday, Mainwaring went to Namptwich; Houseman (& Ensigne Jackson) to Chester; Alderman Streete's brother came with a man, questioned for selling ale as a foreigner; went agen before 11; Sefton also came to the same purpose & retorned presently; sister Sidney came to Peele about 2; Houseman retorned about 9.

12. Wednesday, Houseman went to Lach about 7; stayd out all night; nanny Price came from Chester, about 11 sister Sidney, grandchildren & some servants went to church, being fast day.

13. Thursday, widow Cookson dined with us & paid 20 pounds in part of rent; Houseman retorned about 5; I went to Kent's past 6; there was Sydall, Rowe & severall others of the tenants, payd some money to Houseman; daughters & sister came for me home, about 8.

14. Friday, G.Mainwaring, Johnson, Deane & Cratchley came to Peele, at 11; dined, (bowled interl.) retorned at 6; past 8 cosen Whitley came; Houseman went & retorned, from Frodsham & carts, from Lach.

15. Satorday, I & daughters came from Peele past 12; to Chester before 2; dined at G.Mainwaring's; Streete came after diner; at 6, I went to the Penthouse to make a freeman but was not done; he not being qualifyed, the deputy Recorder came thither, took his oath of Alderman & gave us a treate; there was Streete, G.Mainwaring, Lloyd, Edwards, Williamson, Sheriffe, Treasurer, Coroner, &c. I went home past 9; Morgan came & stayd with me an houer & Parry.

16. Sonday, was not at church (Mainwaring retorned from Dedington interl.) Morgan dined with me; after diner came Byron, Belamy & Ensigne Jackson; went at 2; Gregory came past 5, went before 6; after supper came Recorder, Kinaston, G.Mainwaring, Johnson & Deane; parted at 10.

17. Monday, Mr Duncombe (one of the Lord Justices of Ireland) came to towne, before 9; I & Mainwaring went to visit him at his lodgings (at Jackson's) about 12; retorned presently; Parker came to me past 10 (being sent for) about taking the oath of Common Councellman; also Mr Sparks (past 12); Gray came to me & Dob & Johnson, &c. about severall businesses; Sparks dined with me; G.Mainwaring, Mercer & Jackson came after diner, went about 3; Lord Rivers' keeper brought a buck; another from Peover, a 3rd from Shotwick; Mr Duncombe made me a visit.

18. Tuesday, I went to the Penthouse; past 10 to the Assembly at the Common Hall, past 11 dispatched & retorned past 1; the Assembly dined with me; about 2 Lord Capell came to towne; I went to the Penthouse & with the Aldermen to wayte on him, past 6 sent hime a present of wine & sugar from the Citty; his Lordship entertayned us very obligingly, we left him past 7, retorned home.

19. Wednesday, Lord Capell, Duncombe, Steward, Compton, Byron, &c. dined with me; Lord Orrory came after diner….

[fo. 160v]

19….they parted neare 4, first Capell, then Dunsomley, Steward went with my daughter to waite on Lady Capell, that night, at 7; I went (with G.Mainwaring )to the Ship; there was Colonel. Monroe, a parson that was in Berry, Boccust, Mainwaring, Minshall, & another; I left them at 10.

20. Thursday, I & Mainwaring dined with Capell; then I went to visit Boccust; there was his wife, Anderton & his wife, Havers, &c. I went home before 4; past 7, Boccust, Bucknall, Havers, Ayleworth, G.Mainwaring, came to me; we parted past 11; Colonel. Munroe complained against Denson.

21. Friday, I & Mainwaring dined with Duncombe; there was Steward, Byron, Orrory, Compton, &c. we left them at 3; met Lord Lanesborough (2 Blackbornes interl.) in the streete with others; saluted them, stayd not; came home before 4; Huson came past 6; past 7, I went to Lord Capell's (he was abRood) then to Boccus & with him went to the Ship; there was 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Deane, & Johnson; Mainwaring & Johnson went first; them came Norris, his brother & Clayton, Francis inshall, parted past 10.

22. Satorday, went to the Penthouse at 11; settled the businesse betwixt Monroe & Denson &c. retorned past 1; 2 Norrises, Clayton, 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Minshall dined with me; parted at 4; Bakers came at 6 for example of corne; Lord Capell sent a gentleman with his newsletter; I went to wayte on the Bishop; then home; Adams came past 7; then Recorder, Johnson & Streete; parted about 10.

23. Sonday, I went to church, no company at diner; about 4, Lord Capell & Landsborow came to visit; then Mr Duncombe, Lord Orrery, Steward, Compton, Byron &c ; I wayted on Lord Capell & on his lady; Mrs Hurlestone was with her; I went to the Raven & to Jackson's; saw Jackson at the doore; the Lords & Gentlemen were all abRood; came home before 7; supt at G.Mainwaring's with Mainwaring, Johnson, his wife &c. after supper Bochust & Bucknall came, parted at 10. G.Mainwaring came in with me, stayd till neare 11.

24. Monday, Lord Capell came to take leave of me; I afterwards went to take leave of him, his lady, Duncombe & Bochust, &c. Foulkes, Morgan & Huson were with me about 9 (about sister Whitley's businesse); the 2 last went to Mold; I went to the Penthouse past 11; dined at home; Byron came after diner, took a pipe with Mayne, went before 3; at 6 came Browne, Colgrave, &c. about constables of Handbridge; then Streete; he went with me to Alderman Ince's & Mainwaring; we went to see the monument at next doore, then to the Alderman's; there was (besides us) Lloyd, Edwards, Williamson, Prescot (& Sharpe for a while); we all parted about 10.

25. Tuesday, Streete, Hadley & a Plommer came to me; then Fernehagh & Jordan; Gray came at 12; no strangers dined with us; past 2 Adams brought the Assembly to shew me the entry of our late proceedings & orders; Morgan came about 4, stayd awhile; past 6, I & daughters & sister Sidney took coach; stopt awhile at the Crosse; Johnson, Kinaston & Deane brought us wine; stayd not; came home before 8; Mainwaring came at 10.

26. Wednesday, Crew, his lady, Manley & his, Lancaster, Wheateare & a frind of Crew's dined with us; went before 4; at the same tyme Mainwaring, his wife & 3 granddaughters went to Peover; Jackson came from Chester after diner; went when the others went; Houseman came from Mold; Morgan Whitley came at 6.

27. Thursday, Huson came at 7; Nixon went to Shotwick at 8; came back at 7.

28. Friday, Morgan went early to Chester; also Griffith & his 3 carts to Lach (or interl.) Shotwick soe to Dysert; S. Hussey brought me Hatherton rent; dined with me; Hales & Anker dined with Huson in the buttry & went to view the lands at Moldsworth; Anker desiring a lease &c.

29. Satorday, the coachman went early to Lach; Hardwar's man brought me a letter about the money my son owes him; yong Grantham came for money for corne, dined with Huson in the buttry; in the evening Adams & Cratchley came from Chester, went about 7; past 8 Mainwaring, my daughter, &c. came from Peover.

30. Sonday, was at church in the morning; Huson came in the afternoone; then Jordan; then Gray; they went in the evening.

31. Monday, Huson & Houseman went early to Shotwick; Mainwaring, about 8, to Chester; 3 or 4 neighbors came about Mr Davyes' businesse; Thomas. Wright from Hatherton about a leese; past 11, I, daughter Mainwaring, her daughters & mayde went to Chester; they stayd at the Bars; I lighted at Penthouse; there were 3 or 4 Aldermen but no businesse; I & Mainwaring dined with Streete; Edwards, Lloyd, &c. came after diner; I left them about 4; (Jones came about his businesse interl.) went in the evening (past 7) to the Ship; there was Mainwaring, Streete, Edwards, Recorder, Deane, Kinaston, Johnson, Jackson, &c. we parted neare 11.