Roger Whitley's Diary: June 1695

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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June 1695

June 1. Satorday, Kent, Mr Oare & Stodart came to visit me &c. Rounsiral came about Lapis Calamaris; widow Morgan about Rogers debt for his coach; Bromley told me he desired to stay in London; cosen Fairfax came & dined with me, Griffith the cook & his wife came about Rogers debt; my daughter spoke with them but I did not, Kate Morgan sent me 4 large eales & 2 bottles of cyder. Priscilla came at diner. about 5 I went to Mosiers; then to Foch & Gibson (they were abRood) then to Basoly, then to the St Johns Head; there was G.Mainwaring, his 2 sons, a Quaker, 2 Fishmongers, 2 Gerards, yong Pemberton, van=Burg, severall Chester men, Jackson, Baroby, Blackborne, Cokayne, Mainwaring, Bellot &c, we parted past 10; Foche sent his servant to excuse his being from home; Gibson came to the doore as we were taking coach & parted there; Bellot & Mainwaring came home with us.

2. Sonday, was not at church; Bellot, Pack & Mrs Woods landlord & his wife dined with us, went from me about 2 (Jones came to see me interl). past 4 I visited Lord Macclesfeild; found Bellot & Thomson at the Coffee House; then to Shales; then home; there was Lady Wood, her daughters; then to Crosse Keys; there was Wood, Maxwell, Bellot, Mainwaring, Rose, (Coling interl);Minshall came but sstayd not; we parted at 10.

3. Monday, (William Mainwaring & Mrs came to take leave interl) about 9 we took coach for the contrey; dranck a bottle of wine at Barnet; the man of the stables, the smith & William Mainwaring brought us so far; we came to Dunstable about 5. G.Mainwaring, Jackson & Salmon came downe with us; Colonel: Lee was also there (with his lady &c.) he came to our roome, we dranck 2 or 3 bottles &c.

4. Tuesday, we went out past 8. stayd 1/2 houer at Newport; lay at the Rose & Crowne at Northampton; there was Bellot, & Pack; after supper came Sir Thomas Cravell & Jeritt; I left them past 10 5. Wednesday, we called (but stayd but awhile) at the house on the hill neare the windmill; stayd awhile also at Morton; came to Coventry past 5. lay at the Star.

6. Thursday, we called at Basons Inne; stayd not long; came to the Harpe about 4. lay there that night.

7. Friday, dined at the Red Lyon at Newport; went thence at 3. came to Whitchurch before 8. lay there at the Red Lyon.

8. Satorday, went from Whitchurch past 10. went Chester Rood; parted with Alderman Mainwaring, Jackson & Salmon at Rowton; came by Stableford to Peele about 4. found my 2 sisters there &c, & all well. God be praised.

9. Sonday. was not at church, daughters &c. were in the afternoone; Cottrell came neare 1. dined in the buttry. in the evening came Bowker, Profit about the wood at Bechin; also Widens Manley, Davyes & Smith about carrying the pillars; supt with us; stayd past 10; Fletcher, Bostock, Jordan dined with the servants.

10. Monday, Angell, Grantham, Bruens chaplaine, Croughton &c. dined with us; after diner came the Postmaster of Northop; then Crew & Lancaster; then Jackson & Dalton; they supt; after supper came Salomon of Namptwich; he, Dalton & jackson stayd all night. Houseman went this day to Bechin, Brock to Chester, retorned late 11. Tuesday, Mainwaring & daughter went to Peover; Broster & Griffith went for coales; Lightfoote came past 11. went before diner; about 4 my sisters went to Chester; at 5 Tindall & Hickman came, stayd till neare 9. Mainwaring & daughter retorned about 9. about 7 I went & Houseman to consider of the trees in the Downesuch past 5 Davyes & Charles (the malster) came about scabbling the pillars &c.

12. Wednesday, Mainwaring went to dine at Utkinton; about 5 I daughters &c. took coach for Chester; came thither about 7. I went first to see G.Mainwaring; there was Johnson & Streete; left him in 1/2 houer; went home. Mainwaring retorned before 10. Macebearer, Cartright (Deputy clark of the Penthouse) came to me.

13. Thursday, Alderman Edwards came to see me; then Ince; then Flint & Brereton; then Warmingham; he & Hickman dined with us; went before 3. at 5 I went to the Penthouse; there was Mainwaring, Streete, Lloyd, Edwards, Ince, Holand, Cratchley, Sheriffs, Blag &c. we ordered a summons to be poste up & also to be sent to the severall constables to meete in a General Assembly on the 15th to choose a new Common Councell & Aldermen &c; then we went to the Ship (all but Blag) I called at Angells; there was sister Lettice & her neice; I went then to the company at the Ship; about 9 Warburton & Hickman came to us; I left them past 10; one Smith came to me to be hyred.

14. Friday, was trimd by Donals man; Salisbury came to see me; also one from Aston. some goods came from London; James Mainwaring was with me; Angell & Sidney dined with me; G.Mainwaring & Johnson came after diner. stayd not long; Smith came to me past 3. I bad him come to the faire week; I thought I should hyer him; I gave the Macebearer order to summon the Aldermen to the General Assembly tomorrow; Cartright came to me from Adams who was then come from London; then Adams came &c. the Captaine of Invalids came to see me. I went about 6 with G.Mainwaring about the Rood Dee &c. 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Johnson, Deane, Kinaston &c. came past 7 to advise about choosing an Alderman & Common Councell next day; parted at 10. Morgan Whitley came to me that evening; stayd with us past 8.

[fo. 189v]

June 15 Satorday, being the Anniversary Day of our election of a new Common Councell I went to the Penthouse at 11. to the General Assembly in the Common Hall where Murray was also chose Alderman and a new Common Councell elected; we dispatched by 2, dined at home; Streete, Alderman Murray, Sheriffs, Adams (Hickman interl) &c, with us; parted about 5; went past 6 with G.Mainwaring; about the Rood Dee the Bishop and Deane came to visit me past 5.

16. Sonday, was not at church; daughters &c were; about 6 Mainwaring & I went to visit Lady Bellot, then sister Whitley, then cosen Ravenscroft, then home; Bennet was with me about Mr Gardiner's money; G.Mainwaring came to, us after supper.

17. Monday, I went to the Penthouse past 11; Murray & 2 of the Common Councell were sworne; then went to the Court; retorned about 2, the Recorder, Streete, G.Mainwaring, Lloyd, Edwards, Sheriffs, Kinaston dined with us; a man came from London (another with him) for a warrant to search for goods he lost 2 yeares ago; he was informed not to search above 6 houses, Jones was with me in the morning & Cook of Bromberow about a lease; Houseman went in the morning with Johnson to Shotwick; Payne was with me about paying Mr Thomas Ravenscroft money & James Mainwaring about paying the money to Bennet; Brereton came at 6 about oates for the horses & Colston for leave to shew a strange girle at the faire; I went at 6 to the Penthouse; there a comitte met with Carpenters &c. we agreed the new modell of the Shambles; went to the Cesterne to view the ground &c. then to the Ship; there was Mainwaring, Recorder, Streete, Sheriff, Murray, Adams, Baroby &c, parted at 11.

18. Thursday, I dined at Salisbury's with the gentleman that came about the cooking; we went to the Penthouse at 4 & thence past 7 I went to the Rood Dee in coach, retorned past 8. White came to me past 9 in order to goe the next day to Bechin aboot wood.

19. Wednesday. Houseman & White went to Shotwick; it being fast day I went to church; we dined alone; Mainwaring came in the end of diner; I went in the evening to the Bishop; then to the Deane; then to the Rood Dee; after supper I went to G.Mainwaring; there was Deane & Wright & Angell; he went first; we parted past 10. Houseman came back from Bechin, 20. Thursday. Danals man shaved me; I went to the cockpit at 12; dined with the company at Salisbury's to the cockpit againe, at 4. to the Rood Dee past 7; then to see G.Mainwarring & home.

21. Friday. Adams was with me. I went to the Penthouse at 12 (there was Edwards, Lloyd, Hand & Murray) about bringing the faire drapers to the Common Hall; then to the cockpit; then to the Bowling Greene. stays not. then home; Colonel Williams. Recorder, 2 Lloyds, Grosvenor, Egerton, Bellot, Warburton, Kinaston, Dod came at 6, stayd till 10.

22, Satorday, I went to the Penthouse at 12, retorned past 2. Streete & G.Mainwaring & Key dined with us; Lightfoote came after diner & his wife; past 6 the Sheriffe came about quartering soldyers, cleansing the streets &c, went to the Rood Dee, Broster came from Dyssart & went to Peele; I went to Mainwarings to give his son & another theire oaths for office in the Custome house; there was Vicars, Herle &c. I came home before 9. that night I applyed the 1st fomentatiion to my knee, 23. Sonday, was not at church; daughters were; Bellot dined with us. Houseman went to Neston to visit Sir Cyill Wich & Mr Duncombe, retorned at 6. I went to the Rood Dee. after supper G.Mainwaring & Herle came to us; parted past 10.

24. Monday, William Davyes brought some provision from Peele; Broster & Griffith came about selling the cattle &c; about 12, one Parsons came about leasing, he dined with me & his daughter in the kitchen after diner a Lancashire man sold me a horse; then came Houseman, Broster & Griffith from selling cattle in the fayre; about 6 I went into the fayre; ordered a Londoner to change the brasse money he had given a contry woman; then to the Rood Dee; about 7 the Deane came with some foreigne Protestants (retorned out of Ireland) to help them with some charity for theire journey to London; then came Mrs Kinaston of Penly her daughter & another; supt with us; went at 9.

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June 25. Tuesday, Danal's man trimmd me; Mr Taylor brought me a General Release from Mr Harleston & had one from me to him &c. past 12 came Parker, Norman & another from Dyssart; they dined with me, also Bellot, Wilbran. Masterson, Goldsmith & Angell; after diner came an officer of Lord Rumney's about raising men; all went before 4. at 6 I called on G.Mainwaring; Key was with him, I stayd not, went to the Rood Dee; went agen to G.Mainwaring; Vicars was with him; Penker & Norman came past 8 (about Dysart mines); went past 9.

26 Wednesday, Walsh was with me about his being chose of the Common Councell; a Captaine about mustering his recruits; then a serjeant; then Mercer about his being a Common Councellor; about 12 past 11 I went to the Penthouse; retorned past 1; after diner came Cratchley & G.Mainwaring; then Flint & his son; they went presently; all went about 4. past 6 I called on G.Mainwaring; there was Johnson, Parsons & others with him; then I went to the Rood Dee; then home; Minshall came past 7, supt with us; then he & G.Mainwaring went with me to the Ship; Bellot, Wilbram, Mainwaring, Warburton, Parrry came to us; I left them (soe did G.Mainwaring) past 10 27. Thursday, Key dined with us & sister Lloyd; I hyred Smith (in the place of Flint) am to give him 6 ? wages & 20 s. for washing abroad; I went to G.Mainwaring at 6 ; there was Cratchley; then to the Rood Dee; then home; Swetnam came past 9. stayd not long.

28. Friday, Broster, Brock & Madamerselle went early to Peele; I sent for Mr Cokayne about his taking the oath of Common Councellman; Minshall dined with us; after diner came G.Mainwaring & Morgan; went past 3. Lowndes, Warmingham &c. came to get the salesmen shut up shops according to the custom of the fayre; I sent Porter with them to require the observation of out usuall cusome & orders; past 5 Sir William Aston & Dr Norris came, stayd an houer; I called on G.Mainwaring; the Treasurer was with him; I went to the Rood Dee; retorned about 8.

29. Satorday,, Deane & Jackson (the hatter) was with me to get leave to arrest a man &c. also Salmon about his his sister; I went to the Penthouse before 12; retorned past 1. Sir William Aston, Streete, Minshall, Key, dined with us & Salmon; past 3 came Lancaster (& Angell interl) all went past 4. onely Angell stayd to see my knee; Houseman went in the morning to Hope about the tythes &c. retorned at night; I went in the evening to Rood Dee.

30. Sonday, was not at church; daughters &c. were; Baroby, Mitton, Baskervile dined with us; went about 2. I went to Rood Dee in the evening, supt at home, G.Mainwaring & Baroby came afer supper, parted at 10.