Roger Whitley's Diary: March 1694

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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March 1694

March 1. Thursday, Cratchley came stayd not, then Shelley about his rent ; the coachman went to Soughall, Houseman to Brombrow; after 12 came Thomas Griffith about the Sword Bearers place; sister Lloyd & Key dined with us; in the evening came Hand, Johnson, Gray, carter, Cratchley; they did not goe all till neare 10. Houseman came not back from Brombrow.

2. Friday Sir John Crew's man brought me a Bill of Exchange (from Smithers)on the account of Boltons seisure; sister Lloyd & Sidney dined with us; about 4 came Jones; past 5 Jackson; both went in a short tyme &c. Houseman retorned from Brombrow; Sparks (& Croughton interl) came; stayd not.

3. Satorday, Brereton came about a place in the Customs House; Salisbury to get a tree of me; I went to the Penthouse before 12, retorned past 2, Streete, Edwards,Lloyd, 2 Sheriffs, sister Sidney dined with us; all went past 4. Profit came from Dyssart; past 6 came the Recorder & Deane; then the Stewards of the Bakers; they stayd an houer, brought my wheate; the others stayd till meare 10.

4. Sonday, I was not at church. no company at diner; about 12 came Williams (a drawer) & Baskervile; stayd not long, past 4 came Captain Shales & Payne; went before 5.

5. Monday, Houseman went to Shotwick; Hemthorne came to speake about copper; Palin about Lord Macclesfields Shotwick rent; sister Lloyd dined with us; past 4 came the Sheriffs son & Jackson; stayd 1/2 houer; about 7 came Sparks & Croughton, stayd not long. Houseman retorned & coachman came from Peel.

6. Tuesday, Broster & Profit went to Dyssert; Bostock came about works in the new Hall; James the brewer was enterteyned by us againe & went to Peele; Danold trimmd me. Captaine Shales, Payne, James Mainwaring & Key dined with us after diner came Griffith; parted past 2. went to G.Mainwaring; I left them; Sir William Aston came to see me; I went with him to G Mainwaring's; Lady Bellot, daughter & neece came thither. all parted before 6. I came home , sister Sidney supt with us.

7. Wednesday, Captaine Burke came to me about prest seamen; Adams to shew me a letter from Comberbach; Sir William Aston, his chaplaine, Hunt, Angell & Burke dined with us; parted about 3. Brereton came about toll corne; Sparks & Croughton about Mr Farington; sister Sidney & cosen Kate supt with us.

8. Thursday, Houseman went to Bechin; the coachman & Brereton to buy horses at Wrexam. Dean & the Collector of the Customs dined with me; then came hand & Baskervile; they went 12 past 3. Croughton came but stayd not; about 5 I went to visit Shales, there were Mrs Frith, Mrs Paine & 2 other woemen with him; then I went to the Coffee house; there was Charles Griffith, Danishiffe & another; I went to the Recorder; then to the Feathers; there was Lloyd, Edwards, Baroby, Bayley Baskervile & Meredith; I left them past 7; came home; Houseman retorned from Bechin & coachman with horses from Wrexam faire.

9. Friday, Brereton came about buying a horse, Brock & madamiselle went to Peele; Nat; Lee & Morgan dined with us; after diner came Walton & Borows, then Wolsey, then Gerard & Yong; all parted aout 5; I bought a horse of a contry man. Hand, Treasurer, Johnson & Deane came about 7. went past 9 [fo. 171r] March 10, Satorday, I went to the Penthouse past 11. retorned before 2 .Streete, Lloyd, Edwards. Nat; Lloyd. Morgan, Key, sister Lloyd dined with me; parted before 4. Griffith came from Peele & Burges from Shotwick, I discoursed them about cattle, husbandry &c. at night came the Aldermen, Stewards of the Bakers & Lee with them; stayd 1/2 houer.

11. Sonday, was not at church; daughter M[ainwaring] went in the afternoone; Tom Whitley dined with us; the Doctor & sisters were with us in the evening.

12. Monday, Houseman & Burges went to Shotwick & to Sir James Poole about the wood; Jones came with a letter for G.Mainwring. Gibbon to be excused being collector; Taylor (I sent for) to give Roger's Letter of Attorney; Sister Lloyd & Sidney dined with us; Taylor, his wife & others came with complaints after diner; I sent them to Lloyd & Edwards, seing I was going out; Morgan was with me in the morning; he was going to Wrexam; Adams came with examinations about Lord Macclesfield (words spoken against him &c.) past 4 Smith & Hales sonne came about money owing by Wilbram & Salsby. then I went with daughter & Sidney to visit Mr Bunbery at Boughton; stayd there an houer; called at the Bars on our retorne but did not light; them I went to Mr Burrows; there was Streete, Lloyd, Edwards, Recorder, Treasurer & Deane; we had oysters; parted at 10.

13. Tuesday, my sonne Roger retorned from Ireland about 10 of the clock; spoke with Anderson about his leases & with Selsby about Hales debt; Mrs Mainwaring, her sister & daughter, Cratchley & his wife, Roger, Key & Sidney dined with us; past 6 I went to Gerards; there was Cratchley, Bolland Mercer, (Hand interl), Streete, Deane, Murray, Adams & Gerard; we discoursed about the Revenue of the Citty; parted about 10.

14. Wednesday, Ince, Richardson, Adams & Colston came about Tonnas & his wifes informations &c.then came 2 Mousons, Hall & Davyes about the Whites money in Mouson's hands; Mosse came about wood for building a barne; Richard Lightfoote came with Holland about a lease; Sherley the L[ieutenant], Morgan, Roger dined with us. Sefton & his brother came about the serjeant's place; Jones to see Hugh Stopport, against Barwell, but went sudenly away; nothing done; Kinaston (with the Captaine) about trusting? the soldyers for theire subsistence; all parted before 4. Proby came about 5 from Holmes for Eyton's pedigree; at 6 I went to the Penthouse to the comitte about citty revenue; past 8 I went to the Ship; there was Streete, Edwards, 2 Treasurers, Hand,, Deane, Bolland & Roger, parted at 10.

15. Thursday, Wilbraham came about the money he owes Hales who desired leave to sue him; Gill & Clare from Peele for money for thrashing; Houseman went to Shotwick; after diner came Jackson & his wife about Roger's debt; then Lee of Booth, then Taylor; after they went came Murray, Vernon & Lownes (a Taylor) then Aldermen of the Taylor's; Gerard, &c.then Touchet (about Roger's debt) all parted about 5. Angell came but stayd not.

16. Friday, Touchet came stayd not; Lightfoote & Holland about a lease; Houseman retorned from Shotwick; the coachman went to Peele; Jones came with a letter from Alderman Mainwaring; past 2 came Touchet & Birket about Rogers debts; I promised (on sight of the bond & reasonable consideration of interest) to see him p[ai]d at midsomer; past 4 I went with daughter M[ainwaring], Sidney (& took Roger with us by the way at Jacksons) to visit Lady Bellot; then to Mrs Warburtons; I & Roger in our retorne visited the new Collector of the Customes, Lieutenant Seawell was with him; thence we went to the Recorders left him at 9. came home; found cosen Whitley & Morgan there; parted at 10.

17. Satorday, some of the Skinners came to me to write to Sir John Mainwaring in theire behalfe; Tanners &c. about the leather tax; which my daughter did accordingly; Comberbach came to see me, Ormes & Mouson about Whites money in Mouson's hands; Griffith came with his cart from Peele; I went to the Penthouse neare 12; retorned neare 2. cosen Whitley, Morgan, Streete, Murray, Key, Cumberbach, sister Sidney dined; they went before 4. Palin & Jonna came about Jonnas businesse; Fletcher about land he would sell &c. (another of Stewards office came; also Allen &.Sheriffs about quarters interl);, Colonel Hussey, Vaughan &c .

18. Sonday, was not at church. cosen Whitley dined with us; went about 2. some of the Stewards came to me; also Kinaston..

19. Monday, went to the Penthouse past 10; there were (besides some Aldermen) Booth & Venables about getting carts for the soldyers; Hussey & other officers were there; past 11. I, daughter, Morgan, Roger & his daughter went to Peele; retorned neare 7.

20 Tuesday, Allen came past 10 with a Bill from Warburton on Roger's account; then 2 men with a letter from Trugarne about money Roger owes him; Flint came; I agreed to entertaine him at Lady day 6 pound wages, Hussey 5 officers also Lt Generenell & Streete dined with me parted past 2. past 4 I went to the Revenue Comitte at the Penthouse (with Streete ) past 6 to Jackson; there was Madox [fo. 171v] March 21, Wednesday, Sparks came with a letter from Mr Farington to let Mr Croughton carry the sword at present; then came Streete, Edwards, Adams & 3 others about collection of the money (on the Letters Patents) for St Bridgets church; Houseman came late last night from Bechin & went about 10 to Tarperly; Alban Gray came to me; then Bond, then Mr Taylor, about Roger's businesse; Taylor dined with me also 2 officers of Colonel Stewards Regiment. with Roger, they went past 2, past 4 came Lieutenant Colonel Hussey, some other officers, Streete &c. parted neare 7; Morgan came after supper; stayd not; Houseman retorned.

22. Thursday, I went past 8 (with my daughter) to the funerall of cosen Dod; retorned home, past 10 Gregory came about his accounts; Houseman went to Hawarden; Minshall, Morgan, Key, Roger, & Sidney dined with us; after diner came Jack Johnson & Cratchley, told us of Mr Farington's death; then came Sparks & Croughton on the same attempt, then Mr Griffith about the highways in St Mary's Parish, all parted before 5.

23. Friday, Trugerne came about money Roger owes him, Treasurer Cratchley about revenue concernes; Streete about Roger's businesse with Harleston; Angell to see Charlotte; the coachman, Griffith & Burges for orders to sow at Shotwick; Houseman went to the Glasse House about the taxes in Broxon hundred; Streete, Minshall & Roger dined with us; went all before 4. about 7 came Gerard & a woman about the wheate money; then the Treasurer & Macebearer to get him leave to goe out of towne for a few days; then Johnson, stayd 1/2 houer; about 8 came Streete & Taylor, went at 10. Broster retorned. from Dyssert 24. Satorday, I went to the Pentife about 12, retorned past 1. Streete, Cumberbach, Adams, Key, Minshall &c dined with me; after diner came Lee & Bradshaw, parted past 3. past 4 I went to the funerall of Mr Farington; then to Angells (with daughter) then home; this morning I delivered the sword to Croughton in the Penthouse; Coles came from Dyssert to see me.

25. Sonday, was not at church; Lee, Captaine Bradshaw, Minshall, Morgan; Jackson dined with us; went past 2; Burges & Griffith from Shotwick; Coles came in the evening; I sent writings (of Cotten Hook) by him to Mainwaring.

26. Monday, I went to the Penthouse past 11, to the Court past 12; retorned home past 2. Recorder, Shales, Streete, Minshall, Lloyd, Edwards, 2 Sheriffs, 2 Coroners, Cumberbach, Adams & Alderman Williamson dined with me; Taylor & Cratchley came after; all went before or a bit past 6. Johnson came to get a gowne for Venables; about 8 I went to Johnsons there was Anderson & Johnson; then came Minshall & Cratchley; we parted past 10..

27. Tuesday, Houseman went to Utkington; Johnson & Deane came about a Petition to Parlement for payment of the transport ships; Flint & his father came about the yong man's being hyred; they dined;(& John[ston ?] I reteyened him for six pounds wages interl ), a complainte by Gouther & a man of Ince against Boswell for keeping asern ? from him; Griffith & Deusbury came with an old man for a Gowne; Bingley &c. with another old man; I went the Coffee House past 4. then to the Penthouse (about Appeales) then to Danat's with Streete, Edwards, 2 Treasureres , Mercer; Roger came to us, then Taylor, parted about 10.

28. Wednesday, Streete, Taylor & Lee came about Hurleston's businesse; Jones with a letter to Mainwaring; I sent for the serjeant to forbeare beating his drums for volunteeres without permission; Alderman Bennet came about a ship of wines to agree for her coming into this port; Johnson & Cratchley came about the wine ship; I went to the Penthouse about 1; there were severall Aldermen; we agreed with Mr Bennet for 12. retorned before 2. Streete, Taylor, Coker, Mercer, Morgan, Roger, Sidney dined with us, parted about 3. Lieutenant Seawell came, dranck a glasse of wine, went after the company. Llee & Mrs Hurleston came past 4 about Roger's debt to demand security &c. stayd not long. Griffith & 6 (more interl) carts from Shotwick came with coals; past 6 Bingley, Buckley & Sefton came & paid ten pounds in part of 20 li (Buckley & Sefton being to give bond for the remainder) for Sefton's place of Serjeant in the place of Bridge departed.

29. Thursday, past 11 came Sparks & Croughton & paid 100 li for sword bearers place; then I paid Sparks 11 li which he lent my coachman to buy a horse at Wrexam faire; Key, Roger & sister Lloyd dined with us. Broster went to Peele & Griffith from Shotwick; Sefton & his Brother sealed a bond for the rest of the money for the serjeant's place. Deane came with the Recorders consent for Venables to have a Gowne; about 4 I went (with daughter) to Warburtons; came about 5 to the Penthouse; Alderman Bennet & Hand was. there we apointed another meeting with the rest of the Commission (about the Hall) at 6 on Satorday; I went to take the Ayre on the sands; retorned at 7; Angell & sister was with Charlotte; Bromley & Houseman retorned 30. Friday, Sheriffe Ward, Allen & Adams called about quartering soldyers from Ireland; Pack to be excused from quarters; Hurleston's man to excuse Tydder about Harlestons money; Lightfoote, Holland & his unkle about Hollands lease Saywell & sister Sidney dined with me. I went to the Penthouse about 4. then with Streete to visit Colonel Coote; then Streete & I went to visit Mrs Mainwaring, parted at 8.

[fo. 172r]

March 31. Satorday, went to the Penthouse at 12, retorned past 1. Colonel Coote, Captaine Bellew & Pigot, Key, Streete, Roger dined with us; after diner came Murray &c. all parted about 5; Crew's man brought me a letter; Richard Hughes some money, Eaton & severall others about businesse; an Attorney of Derby came about raising men for Colonel Russell, sent some away; I desired him to dismisse Cooper (because of his wife and family which must lye on the Parish) however he sent him away unless his wife would provide another man or give him sl?; I went at 6 to the Penthouse; the Commissiion met about the Hall, parted at 7. Bakers came (at interl) night.