Roger Whitley's Diary: May 1687

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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May 1687

May 1. Sonday, I went to St Lawrence church; then to Humfreys; he went with me to Hogsden to Alderman Lewes; we dined there with my sonne, daughter; T; Lewes, Wrigby, a stranger, D.Minshall Morgan & Mason; I left them about 6; Lewes came with me; went out at Bishopsgate; then I met Lumley; he talked awhile at the coach side; Woods man brought me a note. I called at his house; saw Mrs Wood; the rest abroad; I went to my sonne; stayd with him an houer; the Captaine came to me; I left them neare 8; called at Woods; found them at home; dranck a glasse of wine; went home.

2. Monday, Hilman came to me about clothes; Mrs Masters about Lady Elli's money; then brother Peter & his sonne, stayd not &c; I & my sonne dined with Roger & the Captaine & D.Minshall; Kent came to us there &c; in the evening we called on Edisbury then met Carter in the Temple; also Humfreys; talked awhile with him then went with Carter in the Greene Dragon; my sonne came to us; we had a bottle of wine; parted about 8; came to my lodgings; D Minshall & Baroby called.

3. Tuesday, I went to the sermon at St Lawrence's; then to the;Change Alley to speake with Saladine; dined with the Bishop of Chester; there was himselfe, Lady, sonne, daughter, Dr Cunstable & Fanshaw; about 3 I went with the Bishop to Westminster; went to the coffe house in the Court of Registration; there came 3 or 4 to speake with the Bishop there; he went to the Common Pleas to be witnesse in a cause; I went to Roger; Kent came but stayd not long also the Captaine I went about 7 to Lady Wood; saw her & her daughter's; went home; had a bottle at my lodgings with Baroby, Minshall & Baskervile; parted past 10.

4. Wednesday, Captaine Journo came. had a bill on Jones for 60 li; Sir Edward Wood called; stayd not; Cosens trimmed me; Mrs Jones & cosen John Lloyd came to see me; Minshall, Baroby & I dined at Russells the Cooke; then I went to Claytons, saw him, his Lady & Keck; there was Mr Newport & one Witherongle with him; then came Mr Maynard; we had a bottle of wine & tea then parted; I went to Roger, stayd with him till neare 8; came home; Minshall & Baskervile came, had a bottle of wine. Diary (draft ff74v to 95r) Simmons [fo. 74v] 5. Thursday, Captaine Journo came agen about money; I went to Baskervile's & Minshalls; called on Chandler & then went to the Parish dinner at Brewer's Hall; there was the churchwarden, Dr Stratford; & severall Parishoners; I retorned before 5; Alderman Dashwood, my sonne & Swetnam came to see me; we had a bottle of wine; they went away about 7, my sonne & D.Minshall went with me to the Sunne; I met Sitwell at the Exchange, enquired how frinds did, parted; went with my sonne to the Taverne; Mr Cook came to us (behinde the Bar) then came Jarrat, Alderman Dashwood, one Prickman, Morgan, Gleg & Baskervile; my sonne left us betimes; we all parted before 11; Minshall & Baskervile came home with me in a coach.

6. Friday, Journo came agen to me about money; a woman that lived with my daughter Biddolph (she had bin at Tangier) came to see me; stayd not; I dined at home with my landlord; went away at 4 with my son's wife to Lady Woods; saw her & her daughters; went to Roger, I found & left yong Kent with him; came home about 8; Saladine & Jones came to me; then Baroby & William Minshall; they had a bottle of wine & parted; then my landlord & Baroby came to me; had another bottle of wine, wen to bed.

7. Satorday, Lord Brandon's servant came to see me; also the taylor's man with clothes & the barber (of Aldermanbury) to trimme me I & my sonne dined at Sir James Langham's; there was Lord Delamer, his brother, Thomas Millington, Mr Blaney & 2 gentlewomen; after dinner, one Pickering came in we parted past 8; my sonne & I called at Lady Gerards; they were all abroad; called at Lady Woods, saw her daughter, went to Roger, stayd with him till past 7; there was the Captaine Kent &c; called on Humfreys, came to my lodgings; my sonne went home; I went to the Kings Armes with Baroby, D.Minshall & Dee; Baskervile came to us; parted before 11.

8. Sonday, went twice to Aldermanbury church; dined at Baskerviles with D.Minshall &c; in the evening called agen at Baskerviles; Mitton & Jones were there with us; had a bottle of wine, parted; D. Minshall & I wwent to Hogsdan; supt there with Mainwaring Nickley, &c; Morgan went to London before supper; came home about 9; had a bottle of wine with Baroby & Minshall; parted past 10.

9. Monday, Kent came to me, then the Captaine about Rogers money; then Sir G. Gs man to visit me; I dined at Rogers with my sonne, Captaine & Kent; after dinner Captaine went abroad; yong Kent came thither; also Hughson (Houseman dined there) my sonne left us about 4; before 7 the Captaine came agen; then Mr Fen (the man of the house) came to us; I left them before 8; they resolving to go towards Flanders that night; I left Hughson & Houseman with Roger; came home; had a bottle of wine with my landlord & Baroby, went to bed about 10.

10. Tuesday, D.Minshall came but stayd not; then Davyes (I think his name is soe) about money, he pretends Lord Maxfield owes him since the sicknesse yeare; then came Sir G. G. man, sayd his master would see or send to me tomorrow; then Saladine with a letter from Hunt of Chester; I dined at home, Minshall & Baroby with me; stayd in all day.

11. Wednesday, I dined at home; Minshall & landlord with me; stayd in all day; onely went to prayers at 8 at St Lawrence &c; Edisbury & Swetnam came to see me in the morning' 12. Thursday, I dined at Baroby's with landlord & Minshall; came back about 5; Keck came to me about money; I went with Baroby & Mr Becham to the Miter, had a bottle of wine; went to prayers & home.

13 Friday, Sir G. G. came to me; stayd not long; Bechamp & 2 Beadles brought me a greene staffe for the hospitall; I dined at home; my sonne with me; went with him to the Temple; Humfreys was abroad; went to Browne; had a bottle of wine; then went to the Fleete; met Garratt & Houseman at the gate; spoke with Hobson about the money I payd for him; retorned back; went with Garratt, my sonne & G. G. to the Miter; Baroby, Baskervile & Minshall & landlord came to us ; then Morgan; we parted about 10; Jones & Saladine; was Hughson & Houseman in the next roome; Sir G.G. went first; the rest of us past 10.

[fo. 75r]

14. Saturday, Hartcourt came to me about Dr Beaueford's money; then Fowler about harnesse; then the next barber to trimme me; then Mrs Dresser's brother to speake with Houseman; I saw him once there before; then the taylor's man to try my clothes; I dined at home; S;Hughson went that day towards Peele (in the morning about 10) I stayd at home all day.

15.Sonday, went to Aldermanbury church to the Sacrament; dined at home; to church in the afterrnoone; then home with Baskervile; there came Bird & Mitton, we had a bottle of wine Baskervile, his wife & neece with us; I left them about 5; I went in my son's coach with Humfreys & Mrs Baroby to Hogsden; supt there with my sonne, daughter, 2 Minshalls & Baroby & Morgan, Alderman Lewes, his sonne & Wigley, did not sit downe; there was one Bartlet & another there before supper; dranck a glasse of wine but stayd not; after supper we had a bottle of wine; about 9 I went back with Humfreys & Mrs Baroby; went home & to bed.

16. Monday, Mr Jones came to me; then Mrs Francks, then Captaine Lloyd; discoursed about Mr Mainwaring's money; Lady Dunganon &c; there came also one Mrs Owen's of Shropshire (& her sonne) about money Roger owes here; Mr Hunt of Boreacton sent his man to know when I wold be within; I dined at home, D.Minshall & Baroby with me; Mr Tovey came in the afternoone but stayd not; past 4 my sonne came then Captaine Lloyd's wife to discourse my Lady Dungannons concerne; my sonne & I brought her home to St Martyn's Lane; then we went to the Bishop of Chester; he was abroad; we saw his Lady & sonne; then we went to Sir William Astons; saw him, his lady & Lady Colchester with them; then called on D.Minshall at the fencing schoole; there were 3 or 4 others there, all strangers to me; we came to my lodging; thence to the Miter with Baroby; there came to us Baskervile, Fernaugh & Radford of Chester; then came Buckingham with a letter from Lord Brandon; I answered at the table; he stayd not; we all parted before 10.

17. Tuesday, I took phisick; Tovey came & dressed my leg; Mr Hunt came to discourse of Frodesley & of money Roger owes his neighbor; then came Foche but stayd not; Sir G. G. came about Lord Brandon & Lady Gerards money; stayd an houer; my sonne came to us; we parted past 12; afternoone Mrs Martyn & her sister Clara came to see me; when they went the Bishop of Chester & his sonne came, stayd awhile; then came Mr Foche about raising of money, stayd 1/2 houer; I stayd within all day.

18. Wednesday, came Keck; then brother Peter's wife; then Tovey about my leg; then Sir G. G.'s man to let me know his master would come to see me in the evening or tomorrow morning; my sonne & Minshall dined with me; Bretland came before dinner about money Roger owes my Lady Lincolne; Pickmore came to see Houseman; Sir Edward Woods man came to see me; Baskervile came with Mr Ewart; then my sonne came, but stayd not; past 9 Morgan came; went away about 10.

19. Thursday, my sonne & Humfreys came to me; stayd but awhile; then came D.Minshall; then Beardmore Brereton; stayd not long; I dined alone; about 12 came my sonne & Humfreys, stayd but awhile; about 5 came Adams with a Doctor of phisick (who is going to Chester) & Baroby; he went presently away; the other 2 soone after; then came Sir G. G. (before 8) stayd not long; past 9 came D.Minshall, went away past 10.

20. Friday, brother Peter came to see me; then Alderman Chandler; then Sir Robert Cotton's man; then Sir Edward Wood, he, my sonne & daughter dined with me; about 5 my sonne & I called at Bourne's Coffee house for Sir Edward William there was Dee & others; then came in the Common Serjeant; then Baroby; Sir Edward William, my sonne & I went together to the Temple; Sir E; Wood went into Collins; he & Sir William Cooper were talking; I left them & went to Mr Childs; Humfreys & my sonne came to me; I sealed a bond, &c; then came home with my sonne; he left me; I went to Baskevile & with him to Chandlers; supt with him; as I retorned Mitton was at his doore; he would have had me drink a bottle but I refused; went home, sate awhile with my landlord in the shop; went to bed, &c.

[fo. 75v]

21 Satorday, Tovey dressed my leg; Duncombe came & stayd with me till one; Cosens trimmed me; Minshall dined with me; my landlord came & dranck a glasse of wine with us; I went up to my chamber; Eywart came to see me then William Minshall; they stayd not; then came Lewes & Alderman Dashwood; Lewes discoursed of my sonns debts &c; went away neare 5; then came my sonne, stayd an houer; I went not out that night.

22. Sonday, I went not to church; dined at home, Tovey dressed my leg, Eywart with me; about 3 Morgan came to me; about 4 Jones came; stayd awhile; then Morgan & I went out; I called on Page; found Moses with him; stayd neare an houer; Moses went first; then I had a short discourse with Page & left him; Morgan stayd all the while in the coach; we went to Hogsden; there was Swetnam, G. Manley & Gleg; we supt; after supper came Alderman Lewes; stayed awhile with him & retorned, Morgan with me; I went home & to bed.

23. Monday, Tovey dressed my leg ; Kent came about Roger's money & Manley about the money he owes me; I dined alone; about 5 came Captaine Journo with a letter from Roger; then my sonne; then Lady Wood, her 2 daughters & Mrs Shales; they stayd till neare 9, then came my sonne, stayd not.

24. Tuesday, Mr Eywart came to see me; then sister Whitley & her sonne then Tovey to dresse my leg then D.Minshall; then one Ridge (an attorney) about Roger's debts; then William Minshall about the same businesse; Ridge left us; Minshall dined with me; Baskervile sate by awhile; after they were gone came D.Minshall then came Foche; went soone away; past 4 my sonne came to see me; then Edisbury & Swetnam; a man brought me (in the morning) a bill of exchange from G.Mainwaring which I accepted; Lord Brandon & G. G. came in the evening; had a bottle of wine; stayd about 1\2 houer; about 7 Housman's unkle came to see me; stayd 1 2 houer; at night Baroby & my landlord came then Morgan; had a bottle of wine, parted past 10.

25. Wednesday, Mr Mainwarings French man's uncle came to see me to enquire after his cosen &c; Tovey dressed my leg; D.Minshall dined with me; my landlord came after dinner, dranck a glasse of wine with us; Mr Eywart came to me for 5 li.; he went to the Bishop of Chester about the living at Owens; S; Hughson's brother dined with the servants; about 6 the Bishop of Chester came; had a dish of Coffe, stayd not long; past 8 came D.Minshall, Baroby, Norton, Baskervile & Ferneaugh; also my landlord; he stayd but awhile; we had 2 bottles of wine; they all parted past 10.

26. Thursday, Tovey dressed my leg; D.Minshall to see me; one Mr Hawson about Lord Danby's rents, wich my brother & sonne receieved, Captaine Journo with a letter from Roger; D.Minshall & Eywart dined with me; after dinner came Baroby & Wright; dranck a glasse of wine; left me about 4 (Baroby went first); about 9 Scotto came to me about my concerne in the East Indya company; stayd till past 6; neare 8 Minshall came to invite me to the St. Johns Head Taverne to meete Wright (who had tokens from Chester) with Baskervile, Baroby & Swetnam; my sonne came to us but stayd not; Morgan came; I left them past 10; Morgan brought me home.

27. Friday, Tovey dressed my leg; D.Minshall came to see me; he dined with me & my landlord; after dinner Leeson drew out one of my teeth; Scotto brought me accompt of the East Indya businesse; Sir Edward Wood came to see me, took a pipe; stayd about an houer; I had no company afterwards.

28. Satorday, my sonns man came to see me & Mr Scotto's landlady called to enquire after my leg; Tovey dressed it before 11; past 12, Cosen's man trimmed me; D.Minshall came to me about 1; I sent Houseman with 10 shillings to one Mr Woodnoth in the Counter; he is stranger to me; but writ to me to desire releife; D.Minshall, Eywart & landlord dined with me; my sonne came after dinner; stayd awhile; Lady Wood sent her man to see me; William Minshall came about 8 about Roger's businesse; stayd 1/2 houer.

29. Sonday,I went not out; dined alone; about 4 came Jones, Mrs Miles, Morgan then came my sonne, his wife and Swetnam then Baroby; about 8 came Baskervile; about 9 he & Baroby came agen, supt with me.

[fo. 76r]

May 30, Monday, Tovey dressed my leg; Mrs Owens came about the money Roger owes her; Eywart dined with me; Zouch came after dinner, stayd an houer, then came my sonne, then Edisbury; they went away together before 9; my sonne came agen about 8, stayd awhile; about 9 Baroby came & supt with me also Jones; Baroby went at 10; came agen presently & Crispe with him; Jones left us; they stayd till pas 11.

31. Tuesday, Tovey came past 10; dressed my leg; brother Peters sonne came to see me; brought me a little picture of his owne doing; his master (with whom he tables) came with him; stayd about a 1\4 of an houer &c; he is a stranger to me; my sonne & Eywart dined with me; then came Baroby; my sonne & they went together; then came William Minshall about Roger's businesse, stayd not long; cosen Baskervile's wife came to see me, stayed about 1\2 houer; she went away about 6; Morgan came past 9; stayd till past 10.