Roger Whitley's Diary: November 1685

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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November 1685

Nov 1st. Sonday, went twice to church; received the Sacrament, dined at home; went in the evening to Humfreys then to Sir John Arderne's lodgings; he was abroad; then to the Fountaine in the Strand with Mainwaring; there was Sir Edward Wood; we stayd above an houer; brought him home in my coach; dranck a bottle of Rhenish with himselfe, Lady, daughter, sonne & Mrs Langton; called on Lady Gerard; there was her aunt & Mr Herbert; stayd but awhile, then went home; whilest we were at supper Lewes came but would not eate; he stayd till about 10.

2. Monday, cosen John Lloyd came about binding some books for me (the whole Duty of Man &c:) then came a French man in a red coate about the Lady Lincolne's bill from my sonne; I promised to write about it but would give no answer till I heard from him; Mr Heron came to see Mr Mainwaring & dined with us; after dinner Minshall came; they parted about 3; I went with my daughter & Mainwaring to visit Lady Aston & her mother; they were abroad but the sonne & 2 daughters were at home; then to Lady Cottons, she was abroad; her daughter at home & with her Mrs Lloyd, her sister & Mrs Williams & another; the 2 first went presently away; we soone after; I & Mainwaring called at the Bull Head, there was Bellot, Baroby, Minshall, Price & another stranger; the 2 last went presently; we all parted about 10.

3. Tuesday, elder Kent came to speake with me about Roger; I told him I had businesse soe his stay was short; I went to St Lawrence to heare Dr Tillotson; dined at home; about 3 o'clock Mrs Pigot & a gentleman came to visit my daughters; after her, my Lady Cotton but stayd not; Minshall & Faireband came to speake with me about Roger's bond; I went with my daughters to visit Lady Griffith, she was abroad; I went in to see Sir Thomas; Auditor Philips & Done were with him; I dranck 2 glasses & left them; I went to Humfreys then home; found Mrs Pigot & her friend there at cards; they supt with us; after supper I & MinshallI went to the Common Serjeant & Boroby to the Kings Armes; parted past 11; Minshall came home with me, Mrs Pigot & her friend still at cards; I left them, went to my chamber.

4. Wednesday, the next barber trimmed me; I went to Garoways; there was Gulston, Sir Thomas Griffith, Sir Edward Wood, Skottow, Bellot, Mainwaring & many other acquaintance; the 4 last dined with me at the Ship in Gratious Streete; I went thence to the Temple; spoke with Humfreys; went to the Devill taverne; there was Wood, Bellot & Mainwaring; Bellot left us, then came Sir Fr: Clarke; stayd a while; we all parted before 8; I came home, Humfreys came to me, but stayd not; 5. Thursday, I went to our Parish church; the Deane preached; dined at home; in the afternoone; Jones & Saladine came to see me; in the evening, I went to the Kings Armes; there was Bellot, Mainwaring & Baroby; at last came Lewes; we parted past 10; Lewes & Baroby came home with me; dranck a bottle of wine, parted before 11.

6. Friday, Browne the cook came about Roger's money; I went to heare Dr Calamy at St Lawrence; then to Humfreys; dined at home; after dinner came Lady Aston, her mother, sonne & daughter; Mrs Offley, told me, Sir Willoughby Aston, had once thought of coming up; but was sickly [fo. 43r] Nov: 6. he found it inconvenient & uneasy to lye out of his owne bed but if he could be usefull to his brother Offley, he would have come up with them; & to have payd his dutye's to the King: I sayd, every subject that could be admitted, ought to doe soe; & to endeavor to be as well with his Majesty & the Government as they could; & Sir Willoughby was in better circumstances then many others; that he had not bin imprisond, & disarmed as many of his neighbors were & doubtlesse would come up if it were expected from him or if they had anything to say to him or enquire from him he would not scruple a winter journey; he is a wise man & a good subject & a personne of great honor; she asked my opinion; I sayd, no one was soe able to advise as her Ladyship & his owne judgement; I should be very glad to kisse his hands here since I could not yet doe it in Cheshire; she then enquired, how my owne businesse went on about the Post Office accompts; I told her I had absolutely submitted it to his Majestys will & pleasure; I knew him to be a gratious Prince & doubted not but to finde the happy effects of it &c.; they stayd about 1/2 houer &c; then went away; Sir G.G. sent to me to meete him on the Exchange; we walked there neare 1/2 houer; there was Heron but no discourse, only complemts; we went to the Sunne where Sir G.; dined, we had 2 bottles of wine; Mainwaring & Lewes came to us; we parted at 6; I went with Sir G: to the Temple; his businesse with me was to discourse of our disbanding accounts; we agreed to goe the next day to Auditor Done; I went to Humfreys then to Browne; he told me he thought a Bill would be found against Lord Brandon; we talked of Mr Erskyn &c. I went thence to the Bull Head; there was Bellot, Mainwaring & one Mr Pigot; as we were parting Lewes came in; they had drunck 5 or 6 bottles before I came, we parted past 10.

7. Satorday, I dined at home; Mr Wright, his wife & kinswoman & Bellot with us; they parted before 5; the next barber trimmed me; neare 8 I went by the Crowne in Jury lane; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Minshall, another (a stranger to me), 3 Edisbury's & 3 Glegs; we parted about 11.

8. Sonday, went twice to church; dined at home; in the evening came Humfreys & his wife; supt with us; parted neare 8; then I went by the 3 Tunnes; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Minshall, Bedisford, Dyas & 2 other gentlemen (strangers to me) they went away about 10; we all parted at 11.

9. Monday, I went to the Rummer in Chanell Row; there was Player, Birch, Corbyn & Sir G.G.; Player & Corbyn left us; the rest dined there (Birch's cosen & Sir G. his eldest sonne with us); we went thence to the Fountaine, about 4 Done came to us; we discoursed our businesse; Done & Birch left us; Sir Edward Wood came to me & Sir G: then came Sam Gerard, Dr Moore & another, dranck a glasse of wine & left Wood & me together; I stayd the taking out of his pipe, then parted; left Wood at Somerset gate & came home.

10. Tuesday, Lady Wood, sonne & daughter came to see us; went away before dinner; Mr Edisbury & Mr Gleg dined with us; Capt Langley came before dinner but stayd not; after dinner came Bellot then Mr Pickering; Edisbury went before 5, the rest before 6; about 7 Baroby came to see me, hearing I was not well, stayd almost 1/2 houer; I stayd within all nighte.

11. Wednesday, I stayd within all day; Lady Cotton came to see us in the afternoone, stayd 1/2 houre; the next barber trimmed me.

12. Thursday, I stayd at home all day; Bellot dined with us; after dinner came Minshall; he, Bellot & Mainwaring went abroad about 4; Mrs Tovey came to see us, stayd till 5; Lady Griffith came to see my daughters, stayd but awhile; about 8 Baroby came to see me, stayd 1/2 houer; about 9 Bellot & Mainwaring sent for Baroby, they dranck a bottle, took a pipe; I left them past 10.

13. Friday, there came a gentleman to me from Colonel Leg about the Plantacion office; I told him my brothers concerne in it; I would send him to speake with the Colonel about it; I dined at home; Lewes & Mainwaring came at the end of dinner, after Mrs Tovey; after dinner came Dr Jeffreys to get a retorne of money to Chester; he stayd, but awhile; the rest went soone after him; about 4 I went with my daughter to Mrs Cooper's; saw her & her daughters; I called at Lord Clarendon's, he was abroad; went to Clargys, he was abroad; I called on Lady Gerard, onely asked her how she did; she was busy, had a gentleman in discourse with her, a stranger to me; I left them; Mr Whitworth told me Lord Brandon would be arraigned next day, that a Commission was going downe to Chester &c.I called on my daughter at Lady Gerards; there was she, Sir Edward, her daughters and Mrs Gaunt; we presently went home.

[fo. 43v]

14. Satorday, cosen John Lloyd brought me the Whole Duty of Man, it cost 20s, all those works, bound up together; I went to Humfreys, he was abroad, spoke with his servant; went to the Sunne taverne in Holborne to aske for Minshall, went by the house of office there; met Troughton as I came out; no discourse but howdee yu; went to Pontacks, sent for Cosens to trimme me; there dined, Bellot, Mainwaring, Edisbury, Gleg, Dyas, Dashwood, another gentleman (a stranger to me) one Mr Lane; Mr Ken. Edisbury came in whilest at dinner; after dinner came Mr Lee, Dashwood & the other man left us; the rest went to the Bull in St Nicholas Lane; the 2 Edisburys went away about 7; the rest parted about 10; I came home; found Minshall there but he went presently away.

15. Sonday, went twice to church, Lee dined with us; Humfreys came in the afternoone; I went to see Sir John Arderne in the evening; he was abroad; called on Sir G.G. stayd awhile with him, in his chamber; went home, found Mr Turton there, then came Dr Jeffreys & one Williams, about retorne of money from Chester; they stayd not; after supper came Bellot & Baroby; then Lewes; Turton went about 10; Baroby after him; Bellot & Lewes before 11.

16. Monday, Fowler the coachmaker came to me, about his money; I went to Done's, spoke with Pigeon; went to Lady Gerards, Lord Aran with her, saw Fitton, her Ladyship & aunt; called at Woods, they were at dinner; to Westminster, spoke with Lord Oswaldstone about the Post Accounts; met with Birch & Corbyn in the Hall; discoursed them about the disbanding businesse; met with Bedisford, enquired for Mainwaring; called on Lord Clarendon & at Wright's lodging; he was abroad, spoke with his aunt; dined at home, Mr Wood with us; after dinner came Mr Booth & his sonne, dranck a glasse of wine; he enquired for Mr Mainwaring, went presently away; Lewes came but stayd not; I went to Westminster; found Sir G.G., his 2 sonnes & one Mr Wren at dinner at the Dog taverne; Sir G. gave accoumpt about the comitte for disbanding; I left them, came home; spoke with Baroby in the streete, stayd at home all night.

17. Tuesday, I went to St Lawrence to heare the sermon; a stranger preached; I met Sir James Langham there, he asked whether I heard of his sonne Delamer's businesse; I told him I could give him no account of it but hoped & wished well to him & his family; dined at home; went to Westminster past 3; walked awhile with Mr Bickerstaffe & Captaine Fanshaw; went into the Coffe House with Sir G.G., his sonne & Swinborne, then to the comitte with Sir G. Birch & Corbyn (Hussey was with me) went to Clargys, he was abroad; then home.

18. Wednesday, Fowler came to me to make up his accounts; I payd him all that was due; George Puckeridge came with him; I gave them a bottle of wine; the next barber trimmd me; Bellot dined with us; I went in the evening to Chargys, he was abroad; soe was the Bishop of St Asaph; also Mr Wright & Lady Gerard; I spoke with her aunt to present my service &c; I called on Lady Wood & daughter, stayd not; I went to Humfreys then to Lutwitch, dranck a bottle with him; Serjeant Birch came in, afterwards other company; I left them, went to the Greene Dragon; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Sir G.G., his 2 sonnes, Swinborne, the sister of the house; then came Minshall; he & Bellot left us, then came Leeming; we parted past 9; I went to another roome; there was Bellot, Edisbury, 3 Glegs, Mainwaring & Leeming; Minshall went first; we all parted about 11; Leeming came in my coach with Mainwaring & Bellot.

19. Thursday, I went to Westminster; spoke with Sir John Talbot, Duncombe & some other members, about disbanding businesse; dined at the Dog with Sir G.G. his 2 clarks & Mr Swinborne; Birch came after dinner; I went to the committee; Player & the other Comissioners & Corbyn came also thither & some of the clothyers; I went away past 7; came to the Bull Head; there was Bellot, Mainwaring Edisbury: 3 Glegs & Lee; one Mr Leman came in & went first away; we all parted past 11.

20. Friday, cosen Thomas Manley came to speake with me about the disbanding businesse, he having bin our Deputy at Rochester; I went then to Westminster to attend the comitte (according to the summons I receivd in the morning) I found the Parlement prorogued; called on Lady Wood,, saw her & her husband; called on Lady Gerard; met Mr Herbert at the doore; called on Sir G.G. at the Coffe house by Grays Inne gate; there was with him his [fo. 44r] 20. sonne Sam & Captaine Carnaby; then came in Minshall; I discoursed Sir G. about the comitte apointed this morning about disbanding, left them & came home; Mr Pickering dined with us; I went about 7 to the Shepheard; there was Bellot, Minshall & Mainwaring Lemman & 2 friends of his (strangers to me); the 3 last went first then Minshall; we all parted about 10.

21. Satorday, I went to Done's; there was Sir G.G. & Birch, we discoursed our businesse with Done & Pigeon; then came Sir Philip Egerton; I went into the parler; dranck a glasse of wine with him, Done & his wife; I spoke to him about my back & brest coates taken from me; that I wanted them for my militia horse having sent my buff coates for my horse in Flintshire; he promised to doe all he could to get them agen; I went home; one Price (an Exchange man) came to me & another man with him (one Bird) about Roger's debt; I would promise nothing; bid him make a proposall I would consider; he proposed to pay or secure 500 li. of the debt and would free him from the rest; I sayd I would consider of all; Bellot dined with us; I went in the evening to christen Mr Barcrofts child; there were severall women, Sir G.G. his sonne & Irish Lord (that marryed Lady Warwick) & 2 ministers; they went first; we had a collation; Mainwaring & I left them before 8; came to the Kings Armes where was 2 Edisburys, Bellot, Gleg, Lee & Baroby; we parted past 10; came home.

22. Sonday, went twice to church; Bellot, brother Peter & cosen Lloyd dined with us; went in the evening to Lady Gerard, she was abroad; spoke with her aunt; visited Lady Wood & family, they were all within; stayd not; called at the Bull Head; there was Bellot, Mainwaring Bedisford & Minshall (he came with me from my house); I stayd not, onely spoke with Bedisford about Roger's debt to Ayres; I supt at home; Bellot, Mainwaring & Minshall with us; Minshall went about 9; we all parted about 10.

23. Monday, I went to the East Indya house; saw Serjeant Price there but had no discourse with him; Sir John Bancks & I talked awhile in the committe roome about the affaires of the Company & the Post Office businesse; I went up to Mr Portman for a bill for the last divident; dined at home; went after dinner to Sir Thomas Clargys; there was Sir William: Petty; I spoke to Sir Thomas about Lord Clarendon, Sir Philip Ricaut &c; I went to Pontacks; there were Lady Bellot, her kinswoman & my daughters; Bellot, Mainwaring & myselfe; Dashwood came in but stayd not; we supt, were at home before 10.

24. Tuesday, there came one Mrs How (a stranger to me) to propose Sir Lyonell Waldens sonne for my daughter; I told her I could give no answer but at any time would drink a bottle of wine with Sir Lyonell & heare what he would say &c; Colonel John Leg came to me, about the Plantacion office; I discoursed the whole matter to him & my brothers interest in it; would resigne all to the Kings pleasure; desired they might joyne together; he sayd he was sorry the K was offended with me; I told him, it was my greatest affliction; but I know the King to be a Gratious Prince & doubted not but in tyme my innocenncy would appeare; I had always bin loyall, would live & dye soe; it were not onely wicked but madnesse to doe otherwise; I desired him he would soe render me to his Majesty & possesse my Lord Dartmouth with the same; Sir Edward Wood dined with me; Baroby came after dinner; parted about 3; I went in the evening to the Vultur; there was Sitwell; we dranck a pinte of wine; I called on Humfreys; my daughters supt there; I stayd about 1/2 houre; I went to the Sunne; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Mr Thomas Mainwaring of Calverly; Lane, Lee & 2 other gentlemen (strangers to me, I think, they called one of them Hays) they went presently away; then came Dashwood; we parted about 11.

25. Wednesday, Minshall came to me; sayd he would goe see Lord Brandon; asked if I had any service to command him; I told him I had nothing but wished all well.

[fo. 44v]

25. Cosens the barber trimmd me; I dined at Done's; there was Sir Philip Egerton, Sir Thomas Griffith: Sir Thomas Norton (I think his name was), Mr Leeming, Dr Standish, the Serjeant of the House of Commons & Mr Done; we parted about 4; I brought Leeming in my coach to the Temple; went to Humfreys then to Tarts Coffe House by Pye Corner; there was Bellot, Pickering, Mainwaring & Lee; we stayd about an houer; Pickering went first; Bellot & I went to the Castle Taverne in Paternoster Row; Manley & Baroby came to us, stayd not long, afterwards Mainwaring; we parted about 10.

26. Thursday, I went to Westminster, met severall acquaintance in the Hall; dined at the Bacchus with Bellot, Mainwaring & Lee; then Sir G.G. & his sonnes came, we all dined together; Pickering & yong Mr Aston called on us but did not stay; we parted about 5; Bellot, Mainwaring & Lee came in my coach; Lee left us at Fetter Lane end; we went to the Bull Head; there was Bellot, Mainwaring (Nat Booth, for a while, Baroby & Edisbury), 3 Glegs & 2 Manleys; we all parted about 10.

27. Friday, I went to St Lawrence; Dr Calamy preached; I called at Baskerviles to see the daughter after her retorne but stayd not; I dined at home; after dinner came Thomson, took a pipe of tobacco & dranck a bottle of wine with Mainwaring & me; he went before 4; I stayd within all day; in the evening came Deane Stratford, stayd about 1/2 houer; about 6 came Mrs Oneby to see my daughters, stayd about 1/2 houer; I supt at home.

28. Satorday, Mr Tovey came to see us then Mrs How with a message from Sir Lyonell Waldon; I promised to meete him on Monday evening; I dined at home; went in the evening to speak with Minshall; met him in the streete in Holborne; went then to Clargys then to Lady Wood (saw her, her sonne & daughter); called at Lady Gerards; saw her Aunt & Whitworth; went to the Castle Taverne; there was Bellot, Mainwaring, Edisbury & Gleg; Dr Edisbury came to us about 9; we parted past 10.

29. Sonday, went twice to church; Bellot & Minshall dined with us; in the evening Sir Robert Cotton, & his Lady came to visit us; then Bellot, Mainwaring & I went to visit Lady Delamer; her mother & brother was with her; her Lord abroad; we went to Lady Wood; Sir Edward, Lady & daughter at home; we stayd there till 8; went home; Baroby came to us; we dranck a bottle of wine; (Bellot with us), parted at 10.

30. Monday, I dined at home; went in the evening to the Greene Dragon to meete Sir Lyonell Walden; he came not but his sonne Captaine Beale & one How (a stranger to me) were there; we dranck a flasque of wine; I left them, heard Sir G.G. was in another roome & asked for me; I went to him then came Mainwaring, Sam Gerard, Dr Moore, Woodart & Wren; I dranck 2 or 3 glasses of wine; Mainwaring & I left them, came home.